Little Ice Age 2035

Is Holla Forums aware that a Little Ice Age is just starting and will reach its full potential by 2035-2050. We'll be able to skate on the Thames again!

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We're going to need more information and please archive your links.

We need to reduce carbon footprint NOW to stop coming ice age! Trump is gonna doom as all abandoning Paris Agreement!

So nature is also on our side. You know who thrives in the cold, and (((who))), and (((whose))) pawns suffer.

Let it snow.

Quickly lads, increase carbon footprints!
cuts muffler & cat converter off car, right on

Hopefully it'll freeze some shitskins.

Come to us Skadi, nordic goddess of winter. Bring us your freezing winds, your darkened skies and blinding snow fields.
Drive the invaders out from our lands, and strip the weak from this Earth.

It will do more than that, negroids become infertile without massive amounts of sunlight. Even in temperate climates, they are only surviving because of vitamin D being artificially supplemented as an additive in various foods, cheap bread etc.
Once that is shut down, and an ice age starts to come, they will all die out very quickly. From rickets, other bone diseases, blindness and so on.
The ice age coming is our true victory. Nothing can defeat nature.

g-g-guys it's getting real cold in scandinavia, and government dismantled emergency corn/food supplies because of EU directives a few years ago …
… and remember that nords didn't evolve into nords in the north, that's a kike meme. All of northern europa was covered in ice 10 000 years ago, we moved, evacuated or expanded up here after it was gone.

so maybe ease down on the winterchan-summoning abit, eh?



this is my analysis as well. Whites know how to grow certain organisms that synthesize vitamin D in darkness, so we will be fine, regardless of solar output.

IQ is a hell of a drug.

Come home ice age chan!

Even if Europe were to go completely dark for some reason and turned into a deadzone, we still could use electricity to grow plants with artificial sunlight and produce Vitamin D. Meanwhile niggers can't even live in normal conditions without gibsmedats from tax payers or nature itself.


Don't forget how much more niggers are vulnerable to sickness and disease on account of the cold, than we are. Their nonfunctional apefrican immune systems and the enormous numbers are the perfect ingredients for a new strain of superflu, something on the level of the spanish one. And with the devastated economy across all of europe right now, there simply aren't enough niggerian doctors to go around, especially once the nigs start nogging and burning all the major industrial hubs down.

I love you ice age chan

Let it snow.


You're wrong, we all Come from Hyperborea, the magical holy land of the North. The greeks described its population as divine, with blue eyes and hair the colour of ripe wheat. The land north of the northern winds and where the sun never sets. I'd say northern Norway or the North pole idgaf. We certainly didn't become Nords in Egypt, that I do Know.


Battlefield 2142 when?

Good. Whites thrive in the bitter cold while the lesser races wither.
I curse my ancestors for leaving our beautifully cold homelands for this giant fucking sandy desert down under. My soul longs to go back to Europe every single day

numerals indicate tut was norwegian, i see. tho all above arctic circle have periods during the summer when the sun never sets, so i'd think whitey is from anywhere in northern norway, sweden, finland and north-western russia

Come home, white man.
Only gods can survive and thrive in the north, the beauty and quiet dignity of the frozen world belongs to us, leave the throngs of gibbering monkey-men behind.


No, fuck you.
Let the ice age come and purge the niggers from Europe. Those fucking niggers literally won't be able to get any D-vitamin without sun and even supplements won't be good to cover it, because they have too much melanin. Also most of them are too stupid to get the vitamins anyway.

Not to rain on your parade, but this really won't change much. Central heating and clothes do away the cold, governments will absolutely invest in Vitamins for shitskins. Worst case, they're a bit uncomfortable but will never actually leave willingly. They won't die overnight, lack of Vitamin D will take decades to manifest in them.

But I want an ice age now.

I disagree. Remember that as of right now our agricultural productivity is still on a knife's edge. If the climate cools, especially if it cools rapidly, our entire agricultural system will collapse. Just as it did during the Little Ice Age (1300-1850) the Little Roman Ice Age (535 - 700) the Bronze Age collapse period (1100 BC) I assume the agriculture collapsed due to all the Cuneiform tablets that cry out for food aid that have been found (often times hardened in the fires of the burning cities)
If this happens, we get global chaos and at this point, I'll take anything that throws a monkey wrench in the jewish NWO.

No it won't. At least European systems won't due to modern agriculture.
We still got barley and the rest of the cold resistant crops. And don't forget modern mechanized agriculture and tech gene editing is still a thing.

The ones that WILL be collapsing are every primitive agricultural systems outside temperate zones that won't be getting dat sweet sweet water, captured in ice and snow. The cold air also doesn't help with condensation.
Aka shitskins that we don't give a shit about will be starving.
The biggest problem with Ice Ages isn't cold but above all dryness.
The main problem with the coming ice age is that our dear leaders will try to save the 3rd world from massive starvation. Aka moving the locust into temperate zones and redistributing the already depleted stores of food.

Well I should point out that during an ice age, Europe is not in a temperate zone. At least not northern Europe.

But more importantly, switching from one agricultural system to another is a very difficult thing to do. Which is why I point out that this will cause global chaos.

But the cold hurts my ears.

I want to agree with you, but the kikes will have backups and plans for these type of things. They cannot allow the agenda to stop or slow down. They will do everything they can to accommodate for the shitskins.

Would love to. Unfortunately I'm not brown or jew enough to receive (((refugee))) status, nor do I know anybody willing to host me for a while. Looks like I can only come over in several years after saving enough money and learning a valuable trade instead. Still, the struggle to get back home and defend it from marauders and parasites will be worth it.
I'm sure there are millions of other whites that yearn to go back to their yid-controlled homelands, too.
Polite sage for my blog-like post

Listen goy, its called fucking climate change! Never mind we were calling it global warming for decades before that

I don't know if you're gypsie enough to do it, but Romanian women will sell a week long marriage for citizenship, going rate is about 5k eurobux. From there, you're in schengen. They've got that shit up like a company, and the government either is in on it and paid to look the other way.

Then why over the past five years have we had three of the hottest years on record?

Wear a warm hat user-kun

But then I will be too warm.

Fuels won't last forever.
And they will be better spent on producing food anyways.

Nope. And niggers can't stand it for extended periods.

They left their lands willingly for an easier living. I'm pretty sure we can trust them to do the same again.
In the cold, you have to keep moving to keep warm. These lazy fuckers don't work. They will freeze to death or go back home.

Just wait until these fuckers get osteoporosis by the dozens and we won't be able to fix it because they literally can't ingest milk and even if you find an alternative source of calcium in a low-food society, you need vitamin D to make use of it.
Which niggers are not good at producing without extensive sunlight.

The 5000 year old skis they found under a retreating glacier tell me you are wrong. And enjoy the snow! THANKS WINTER CHAN!

Maybe we can take advantage of this to slyly get cold-hating shitskins to move south, out of white countries.

I'm dreaming of a snow-white future.


yea, i want freezing death to come. this meme needs some work.

user if they move back south theyll just breed more then come back in even greater numbers when the thaw happens

Well I guess youll just have to choose between freezing to death and being a little too warm. Tough choices. Really activates the thinking emoji.

Do not fear the winter.

Don't give attention to that faggot.

You should see how much traffic going southbound on the interstate is for the southern states during Christmas and Thanksgiving

Will the forest be okay? I don't want all of them to turn into canadian tundra, the pwn isn't so corrupted it needs to be crushed under a glacier

And what good does that do us when kikes will still be slaughtering whites?

you are forgetting car/plane travel, I don't live in Europe but I do live in Florida, I've seen almost every single license tag from the entire Eastern states from Illinois to New York to Texas to Georgia and every thing inbetween during the winter. If they build bridge connecting Africa to Europe no doubt a huge chunk will set up snowbird houses then move back in March.

Solar Activity and Climate
- Nicola Scafetta, ACRIM & Duke University

22:53 "there may be a cooling"


Earmuffs are a thing you faggot.

debatable, maybe not hotter than the Medieval Warm Period
also, those were El Nino years
it happens sometimes, and we can't do anything about it

Let big ag collapse. We whites will survive but all the parasites and shitskins living off us will die

Because (((scientists))) are lying

Full on yes. But not the little ice age that we're talking about.
The big one isn't coming any time soon.


Where are you at? Because South Africa IS a white nation.

Ice fishing.

I want me a Rhodesian homestead


can you show me how this was normal 20 years ago?

Heh already ahead of you brother. Spewing soot since ‘15. don’t worry earth chan it just falls to the ground

Can't you remember?


I guess you're too young to remember, but temperatures slightly below zero were quite normal. Only niggers think this is cold.

*normal this time of year.

Our problem would still be cucks trying to give our shit to them. It's not like they are capable of creating or sustaining a civilization in the current climate either, but that doesn't stop them from leeching off us.


Food or rather money scarcity is how weimar republic got national socialists into power. The moment normies hit a certain roadblock that's below the belt, the majority of them will become more susceptible to hardline politics and strongly outnumber the cucks. I can't find the link right now but there was a study where they took a bunch of liberals, put them into fictional situations and the harder life was the more conservative their decisions became. Cold reality overrules their invincibility complex once their safe spaces are gone. Cucks only exist as long as life is comfortable enough.


Niggers are literally allergic to cold and are the only race to be that way.

What you said isn't wrong, but you wildly underestimate how much the typical nigger is a creature of comfort.

Fuck that E.D.N. III when

Yeah, I'm pretty much a Euro Joe Dirt myself.

124 more years.

It'll be easy to poke floppies into the snow drifts though, and no cunt will ever find them. It'll be a winter wonderland user! Simply cutting someone's power in the middle of the night could doom them! Make some transformers go poof in neighborhoods you don't like, problem solved. Winterchan will be amazing. I only worry about feeding my animules.


-19 in siberia
+5 in london

We are about 2000 years overdue for the real deal

Way ahead of you. Even plugged smog pump with old shotgun shell and rerouted the belt around it. No smog pump, no cats, no muffler, and plenty of V8 roar.

Vitamin d does more than keep your bones healthy. It is vital to higher brain function. And guess what… there have been studies done on niggers cuz 90%+ of them test as severely vitamin d deficient. Turns out that even though they are deficient they don’t show the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency, such as digestive issues, depressed mood, etc… those studies, of course, stop short of the obvious conclusion: they dont show deficiency symptoms because their bodies don’t use it.

They can try when White families are forced to make the choice to either allow their children to starve or man the fuck up and lynch these foreigners. I welcome any opportunity to force White lemmings into a corner. Either fight or starve!

True, but even a small scale ice age will interrupt the already precarious agriculture inc system.

What an extremely interesting time to be alive. That is what I think everyday.

if you can read this, you are not a nigger. did I pass?

The cold north returns to tell the white man it is time to harden yourself, your family, prepare for tough times and be tough men.

These things are cheap, user.

a lot of it is fear porn. Kikes think they can conjure up some kind of dark entity to help them if they make enough people irrationally fearful.

Fuck that, i know indoor low waste farming. I will hire you to help feed those who survive. Why hire an employee when you can hire someone who can learn and go and produce themselves, hopefully teaching more who can do the same.

Feed the Kikes to the Niggers.

they probably can
remember our meme magics is powerful because it doesnt need such help
kikes are weak

I was just thinking about this today.
My question is what about nuclear reactors? The glaciers will destroy and power plant in its way. We are absolutely fucked unless humanity keeps the glaciers back from the power plants with flammenwerfers or some shit.
This is srs tbvqh

Death by winter is far better than death by infinite niggers.

checked and kek, yes.
this Holla Forumsack bought shares in coal, which are currently gaining as stock markets collapse.
CO2 increases COUPLING between EM radiation and kinetic energy. That's a two way process…

It's not the Greeks. A lot of cultures have a myth about fair skinned gods or divine beings.é_Danann

Scandinavia already has the highest number of birthdefects (especially autism) in non whites in the world, and it correlates well with vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.
It -could- just be the inbreeding, though.

You're making shit up unless you live in Siberia or something.

Also almost all babies produced from race-mixing require a Caesarean section.

Data I've seen indicates enough to make a statistical difference but not "most" - do you have a source?



'Muricans using fahrenheit won't understand.

obviously Australia

I am so fucking ready for this anons you don't even know.

120 papers in one year? That's quite a lot. I've been hearing about this for a while and now sunspot activity it's looking more and more likely. Funny how all the CO2 level measurements make for terrible temperature predictions. Yet the solar activity ones match up quite nicely. It makes sense that solar activity would be a primary driver of climate on Earth. But I want the cooling to happen much sooner as I want the global warming scam to come completely undone.

I think he is making a joke about climate change advocates. A few years ago the narrative was that climate change was going to turn the whole world into a hot uninhabitable desert, now that the temperatures are decreasing the narrative is that it is going to cause an ice age. He is basically role playing as a liberal complaining about how it is Trump's fault but also mocking most Liberal scientists.

So, what? 20 degrees?

Honestly, I doubt it. Cucks will preach about helping them, but when they can barely feed themselves their instincts will take over. There is no room for charity in times of hardship, this is a fundamental rule of nature.

(criminally unchecked digits)

Fuck that. Our race thrives in freezing temperatures, this has always been one of our key traits. But we are also incredibly adaptable, having tamed all environments from tropical jungles to barren deserts. Australians are proof of the white man's ability to adapt. We have created a civilisation out of a barren wasteland, despite it being a polar opposite of out homeland. The Australians and South Africans have carved out an entirely new version of white civilisation, one that thrives of heat instead of cold, inhabiting places that even the Africans wouldn't touch. Can the same be said for non-whites? The Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Rhodesians have carved out new land for Europeans to call their home, we shall not abandon it.

At least you don't have a diesel.
Early DPF's would almost halve the fuel economy of some diesel trucks, its a little better today but still absolute shit. I never quite understood the logic behind burning twice the amount of fuel for cleaner exhaust. Its no wonder gliders are so popular here.

Good. I love that pakkanen.


We're currently having -5 in Copenhagen
It's not enough
Bring the snows winterchan!

Diesel filters are very efficient and only reduce fuel economy by a couple percentage points. It's clean, gives you great mileage and it's cheap. If you don't drive a diesel you're getting scammed.

it'll snow a bit this Sunday

This has nothing to do with "MUH SEE OOH TUUH EMMISSIONS"
You have to understand that global warming is a hoax. You need to check the youtube channel "adapt 2030" Shit is going to freeze and its coming fast and coming strong. The Sun is going into a grand solar minimum which is actually a normal thing but mainstream science gives zero fucks about because the global hoaxing is a big money sinkhole. It happened during the middle ages and it caused mass starving.
I don't want to get into the details but Stars don't get their power from inside but from outside source. Stars are like giant anodes. I've come from a "long journey" of studying this and the main thing is that you have to forget Einsteinian physics because its a big lie based on math that doesn't even add up and have been proven wrong. Check the "electric universe" channel on youtube. There are a lot of scientists who have passed the understanding of mainstream science by a lot.
Get ready for a mini ice age my friend because its coming.
Don't believe me if you don't want to. Times will change, the truth will always prevail. I/we won't let science be jewish kabbalah for long which actually is right now. One day…


Here are some very important charts where you can observe the shorter and longer solar cycles and predictions of them based on periodicity. This has big historical relevance. The elites actually know about this and the use it for their benefits. Every time they "ride" these waves to gain profits.

freeze all the non whites, Ice Age Chan!

I look forward to winter every year and every year I'm disappointed, no a single cm of snow here and every day was 30 degrees warmer than average, now it's over and I'm stuck with another several months suffering

doubles for mini ice age, now.

Brainlet spotted, how fast do you think those glaciers move 1 mile a day? It's just a little ice age it's not THE ice age. Just means few degree global fall in temperature, shittier and harsher weather.

Nice to have a thread about this here, this is something that definitely has me slightly spooked living way up in the north and not having the privilege of growing my own food. Also i'd like to shill out for suspiciousobserver and adapt2030 relevant channels for this topic

The cold never bothered me anyway.

the food will be a problem

no girls in miniskirts and swimsuits during summer is something that can bother many around here :D

your digits

yeah, but those redheads
naked on a bed covered with a blanket made out of rabbit furs
can't even find a pic
for my little winter fantasy

Good. I live in Canada and im getting tired of the lightning storms in january. Bring on the longer ski season.

Hell, I might even move south of the 45th if the nogs and zogs start freezing off.

I am talking about an ice age on par with that of those passed. It's going to happen. Maybe not to us but to generations in the not so distant future. Yes, glaciers move slowly, but it would take a tremendous amount of energy to melt them out of the way of nuclear power plants.
And what happens when shit hits the fan? Who's going to pay for the superfund in order to avert nuclear disaster? nigger.
webm is a bypass

January mean temperatures for Germany have been cooling over the past 31 years.

There are repeated cycles of ice ages that show up in the geological records, he says and these include the Solar Retrograde Cycle (every 180 years), the Little Ice Age cycle (every 360 years, related to minimal sunspots), the Milankovitch Cycle (every 11,500 years), and the Orbital Stretch (every 105,000 years). He’ll explain that every one of those cycles is due to hit.

With whites once again in charge of our nuclear program, we could simply build fast breeder/liquid fluoride reactors and burn up all the nuclear waste at those sites.

you are looking too much at the alpine style glaciers

the extensive glaciers during an ice age are just made by compacted snow; if a place gets 3 meters of snow, and summer fails to melt all of it, you'll get 3 new meters of snow the subsequent winter on top of the old one, which will compact; suddenly the glacier will be all around you; of course on a flat terrain it'll not move an inch; it'll melt a bit during summer, then accumulate more snow and so on; permafrost regions will extend etc.

as it was pointed out multiple times, food will be the major problem: if you plant seeds 2 weeks later in spring and you are forced to anticipate the harvest too, that just means less food, much less; more snowstorms and precipitations means less sunlight, which means less photosyntheses, and again less food

Contact details?
God DAMN this anonymous finngolian drumcircle. I want to go home.

Yes we're going to be hit by many simultaneous events, also earths magnetic pole reversal is firing off at the same time. Ya'll better start learning how to grow your own potatoes and get ready for the hard times to hit. This century hasn't even started yet.

Ice age glaciers don't really grow at the fringes. You're right about compacted snow, but they grow way up north and the sheer weight alone forces the ice sheets to the south. Where the temperature is warm enough to melt the ice completely the extent of the glacial line is then created. I feel like my words don't give an accurate enough picture. embedded is a video that gives a good representation of what I'm talking about.

Unless you're referring to living way up in the northern lattitudes like Canada or Scandinavia the glacier will come to you, not form around you.

that's thousands years in the future
the amount of water trapped in ice will lower the oceans by hundreds of meters; more land for us, but by then we'll have depleted all the fossil fuels, and maybe all the trees too…

Back to my first point, the fact that nuclear reactors would be bulldozed and subsequently destroyed with tons and TONS of nuclear material polluting the lakes and rivers that will be formed by said glaciers will be an absolute catastrophe.
Human kind has royally fucked up this planet. God help us.

That's why you need someone to lick them and keep them warm.

ffs these are grown ass men flirting with each other avataring as anime grills

I'll be ok with more of this

we'll burn all of it by then too
the planet will have only 500 million people fighting tribal wars over the last fishes and potatoes remaining

people always forget how many things are based on oil or require electricity

You better get used to Australian porn stars if you want that user

I guess you’re too much of a faggot to be literate, since all you’ve done is lie.

They look kinda used.

They're women, so they probably have been

Thank you, user. I was thinking of just this image when I posted that. top kek


Every time a photon hits calcium oxide it creates calcium carbonate. This is a process whereby sunlight gradually and forever freezes carbon dioxide into rock. This process is continuous.

When life first evolved on this planet, CO2 was at 20,000 parts per million. That is two billion years ago or so.
At around a billion years ago and 15,000 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide, plants first evolved.
When life as we know it was most prosperous (Cambrian), CO2 was at 7,000 ppm, around 500 million years ago.
At present it is at 300 ppm (((they))) claim 400ppm, but their collecting instrument is literally above a volcano at Mauna Loa and plants are starving to death, greenhouses need to light fires inside to provide carbon dioxide.
In another 100 million years or so the sunlight NATURALLY destroy carbon dioxide levels to 50 ppm of CO2, and all plants will die, all life will die.

By reintroducing carbon into the atmosphere, humanity is actually extending the possibility of life on this planet by millions of years and saving the world!

If that pic is OC can you create a larger version and fix the typo please?

Current Snow Water Equivalent vs. 30-Year Trend in Northern Hemisphere

Maybe if we free ourselves from the kikes our future children can get off this rock to colonize new worlds white the mulatto rabble can revel in the ruins of civilization.

we cant
we need to put things n order

That is the 11 year sun cycle, where the sun completes 1 spin around itself, try again.

Meanwhile, it’s fucking 50 degrees here and raining for a week when it should be 20 and a blizzard.


Tell me more user.

Will the Ice Age be mini or global? I am thinking that we need global so there will be many big lands for us to colonize earth and throughout the solar system.



This. Comfy capitalism is the biggest roadblock to recruiting.

Sprouts and algae lad.
Check here for semi buried greenhouse plans: >>>/polk/25631


This. Eric Dollard agrees so invest in wind and geothermal for your water and greenhouses lads.

winter is coming. to stay for a while.
let's see which civilisational evolution copes best with prolonged cold.

both, as explained in

I can't listen to the podcast

Welp. Guess I better learn how to hunt reindeer.

Turkey aren't going to be happy that the white people will reclaim their country one day.

I totally challenge that anyone can take temperature readings on < 3% of the surface of the earth and determine an average temperature for the entire planet.

You can breed more reindeer to have even more meats.


Here is today right now in burger land so somebody just add up all the numbers and divide by the total and and and we have the average temperature.
make sure you post the temperature to .00 precision so you are really scientific and shit

For "this" you used a wunjo for w, it needs to be a thurisaz for a th sound.

what do they jews get out of lying about global warming? if shit is going to freeze why are they trying to convince us that its the exact opposite and that its gonna be hot as fuck?

It all boils down to carbon tax it dont fucking matter wtf the climate actually does they have been sowing the seeds of CO2 = POISON so eventually they will scheme up everybody on earth breeves out 1kg co2/day and that is billions and billions so pay up mutha fuckers.
you 20 year old anons will live to see the day they start trying this shit

I don't know user, do (((they))) really need the tax monies right now? Rothschild family owns like 80% of the wealth already. I think the intentions might be more than money but with jews you cant really tell sometimes.

>I don't know user, do (((they))) really need the tax monies right now?
Give me one other concrete reason to promote CO2 = POISON than shekel grabbing.
FFS every school kid should know the carbon cycle is what promotes life on the earth trying to equate that to a miniscule fraction of earths average temp is just plain retarded.

If you'd pay any amount of attention, you'd know the UN has publicly stated the point is to destroy the industrial capacity of the Western world and only the Western world.

So they get white genocide out of it.

The sun rotates in ~25 days. The first image refers to the 11 year sunspot cycle, which fluctuates as a function of changes to the solar magnetosphere.

Because you're a kike shill liar.

Niggers can't stand even a cold breeze.

Checked, this user is wise.

it needs a more scientific approach imho

charts and forecasts:

Great Lakes total ice cover comparison as of Feb 12 of each year:

2016: 12.2%
2017: 13.5%
2018: 63.2%

Go back about 6 or 8 years I can't quite remember the yearand the lakes were were 95%+ frozen. Which meant you could walk from Muskegon to Milwaukee across Lake Michigan.
All 5 of the great lakes froze all the way across.

Yeah. Wasn't it the first time some new wolves made it to that isle Royale in a long ass time? Michigan weather is always sporadic

I am pretty sure it freezes from the main land to Isle Royale almost every year but maybe not all the way across Superior. The island has a 1000 deer a few moose and 20-50 wolves and they kinda switch out with the mainland now and then.

Be ready for it to be used as an excuse for NATO JWO then. Do not assume your enemies will simply die off. The propaganda leading up to the crisis and the minds of the people are even more important than your/our ability to survive from scratch. Also, we will be blamed for it.

I love you Ice Age Chan

And skin the reindeers to make the wintet clothes. It is light and warm.


North Atlantic sea surface temperatures should drop from now until 2035 or 2040; England weather will be affected by the drop

AMO (Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) follows a ~60 years cycle; it's probably connected to the ubiquitous 60 years Sun cycle explained in

I thought about this as I was driving in the snow to work today, peaceful and comfy tbh. I think (((they))) have known about the coming ice age and are trying to counter-meme since it would kill most of their golums and the systems that protect them.

> I think (((they))) have known about the coming ice age and are trying to counter-meme since it would kill most of their golums and the systems that protect them.

I am conflicted back and forth on this point. I think all the long term weather shit is just SWAG scientific wild ass guess
We only really have data for a century at most and it is very sparse at best when you consider they are going for the whole planet. Plus the whole weather temperature moisture study is quite complex and they never take the sun into consideration. So we are stuck with computer models that are never released for at large scrutiny and an admonition to trust us we be science and shit.

Mossad original motto is "by way of deception"
the current version is "Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety"

Basically: keep the truth for yourself, tell lies to everyone, especially to your enemies; eventually the goy will make a mistake that gives you an advantage; this is particularly effective when you own 70% of academia and 95% of the mass media that make only certain studies popular; ultimate goal? nobody knows, but I suspect that it's getting their hands on the promised land, which is the entire world.

collection of lies:

good luck ice age chan




I took the weebshit off. You're welcome

Don't mean to derail with /x/ type stuff but I'd like to mention it is rumored the so called "Pleiadians"(nordic aliens) entered our universe 20,000 years ago. Very peculiar. Also interesting to note, many ancient texts speak of the gods coming from the sky and mixing with us

we don't know shit about what happened 15,000 or more years ago
and nothing will remain of us if tectonic plates continue to swallow things for millions of years

Civilization happened.

Oh no, three separate civilizations built the easiest possible building in the world, and they all used a stair-step structure, the most obvious pattern in the world, to do it! Clearly they must all be connected!

Not him, but most people don't believe that. It's more of..

I'm inland in Florida. Hopefully a little ice age is enough to wash away the coasts and make more northerners move here for the relative warmth. I'll make so much fucking money when my inland land becomes coastal land.

How will the world ever recover?

Uh, meteoblue?!

I can see a caveman sitting around the fire in the evening singing to pray for a good hunting in the coming day, and creating some figurine with the little he has available

if you find roads, coins, fortifications around houses, mass graves, containers used to store food during winter, hundreds of the same amulets in locations distant from each other, etc. then you have found a civilization

that's the opposite of how land works when it gets cold.

also there are never double consonants in runes

That's not how it works. When it gets cold the sea levels fall, therefore making all coastline property inland property. They may fall far enough that Florida may be connected by land to Cuba.

It is coming.
And we are not preparing.
Civilization expand during a Warming, and collapse during a Cooling.
pic related.

As the sun goes into a quite phase, we will see extreme swings in weather.

I'm finding it quite interesting that more and more of the solar activity being linked to climate talk is happening and there isn't a massive effort to shut it down. In the previous years if you dared to question the global warming 'consensus' you were shouted down quite loudly. But now even the advocates of GW are admitting their models are too warm and the targets aren't going to be met. Not to mention that there's a lot of talk that the sun's output is decreasing and that the planet is actually starting to cool. That would be heresy previously.

None of the predictions from 20 years ago have even come close to being true and now the cult of CC has thinned out considerably. I'm wondering if they are starting to slowly back away to save face in the hope people will forget about it all?

Here in Western Australia I'm noticing a pattern over the last 3 years. Two years ago, winter was intense with it raining every weekend for 3 months without fail and it was pretty cold. Last year, the winter was unusually long by months. While this year the hottest month (February) normally gives us 40+ degrees (Celsius). But the weather bureau said we won't get any 40s this year. Only half way through Feb and it feels like summer is starting to end already. My next door neighbour says her vines are already developing autumn leaves and it's not even April.

actually you're forced to advance your technologies; those greenhouses in the south of Spain will have a boost in value:ía

on the other hand, the cold could aggravate pandemics of every kind; it'll be a mess to defend regions that are important food producers if they are already overpopulated:

and what about large cities? I imagine that Tokyo will have to convert skyscrapers into vertical farms attached to nuclear power plants :D

You're not going to convince me of random bullshit just by coupling it with something that's true.

The sun rotates on its axis about every 25-33 days, dumbass. You're thinking of the solar cycle.

Not sure if thats an upside down caravan or a sled-hut to be towed over the ice

Fuck off, you stupid fucking liberal. You don't know =/= no one knows. Your relativism is bullshit.

Except they're not separate, you cocksucking faggot, and it's not the easiest shape.

The exact opposite is holding true.

I love you Iceage-chan

Oh shit, thanks for reminding me of that. Been considering going into the vertical farm business on and off for a few years now.

global cooling is coming to central Europe



It is called winter. Nothing new.

B-but my Southern European ass doesn't like cold…

You need to learn to embrace the coldness by having cold showers daily.

global cooling is unironically real

i take snow nigger as a compliment tbh.

Good! Non-whites can't survive in the cold.

I used to, but exposing yourself to 5 minutes of cold water, isn't the same as being forced for 365 days a year.

No one really can. Pic related.

Besides the blatantly obvious answer of money, and having come to deeply understand the relentless pathological mind of the Jew, what they are hoping to do with climate change hysteria is to approach their global world from yet another angle, laying the legal framework country by country for international cooperation, legislative committees, governing bodies, all ostensibly for "working together to solve our environmental problems", but really just one among many of their attempts at creating global government, which they can cleanly departmentalize and integrate with any other attempts that succeed.

They're just throwing a bunch of different plans out there and seeing what sticks. This process was first tested and proven with the League of Nations morphing into the UN.

The game for them will always be centralizing power more and more so that they can use their relatively small numbers to focus their efforts on subverting the apex of the governmental pyramid, control larger numbers of people.

If any anons fear the cold you have to
now start training your body to love the cold. Look into the Wim Hof method - basically cold showers and breathing, get tough and embrace the cold and the bloodshed.

Alaskan here. It gets down to -50 Fahrenheit where I am for about a week every year, but for 5 months the weather is between 50 and 90, with 24 hour daylight for most of that. It's paradise.

Munich -10
Iceland +7

so unfair

Our ancestors survived at least one ice age, if not more.
We'll survive this one.
Technology may die, our enemies will perish, but we'll survive.

I'm worried about the number of whites that will die.

Most our agriculture isn't done in closed hydropnics, but in vast open fields that are VERY susceptible to such extreme weather changes

An ice age last a bit longer than 3 months, an0n

where did you learn this?

Seriously, living in colder temperatures isn't that hard. We are genetically evolved to do it, after all. At best it's a minor discomfort, and you look like a dickhead wearing a sweater all the time, but it's not that bad. I live in the hottest part of the hottest country that is majority white (straya). I am comfortable living in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. I have been to areas where temperatures have gone below zero, and all you have to do is wear warm clothing.

It's not just "colder temps".

There will be disruption of global food supply, substantial food price inflation, from crop losses ( this is already happening). Not only will these losses be cause by sever weather events, but also from growing season changes or instabilities, & reduced growing areas each year.

That's just one of the disruptions.

Just read the history and study the artwork of the 1600s-mid 1700s to see the kind of thing to expect.


fuck no, i've been working my memetic magic towards this end for a decade.

you really want to know?
CO2 is a homeostatic gas. it operates through increasing the coupling between IR energy and kinetic energy.
This is a bi-directional process, with a net cooling (this is the bit the climate scientists have got wrong because they don't understand statistics and incorrectly compared mean free path length to the relaxation time from full saturation.)
as the planet warms, due to solar/internal/local space effects, CO2 is released from seas. It inhibits the warming, maintaining a livable climate.
When external heat goes away, same CO2 causes rapid cooling, triggers ice age. high CO2 is a response to external warming, always precedes ice age. every single time. go look

there's a lot of meme magic in this one!

They'll die in their homeland, when the aid stops.

Global, and not mini. it is going to get proper cold. misunderstands what means

jews cannot long term plan. This is beyond their corrupt minds. They just see the scam tax money.

checked. Kek is truly with us.

Turns out, anthropogenic carbon emissions are prime for agriculture and attenuating a cold spell accompanying a shift in the magnetic poles – no wonder they want to reduce them.

Don't bring you migrant pets or else. The prospect of a huge number of new archaeological sites antedating the first Egyptian dynasties is sexy

America exports most of her food. The dependency places like Africa have developed (probably with nwo considerations in mind) will be worse than any AIDSBOLA outbreak. Africa's going to be prime colony territory once again.

Kikes have women taking that for osteoporosis, rather than magnesium (required to retain/bind it). Eat assloads more leafy greens and get sun folks.

Anons ought to check out van Rensberg's prophecies, if they have the slightest interest in the fate of the Boers

Marginal gains in cold's hostility to certain pest insects, possibly

Climate change is a myth.

I love you ice age chan

Im ready for civilization to fall
in the meantime i will prepare myself for when SHTF

if it's a little ice age shouldn't we be summoning the loli version of ice age chan?



bump for global warming getting btfo

The posts I was replying to suggested people living in the hot should try to become accustomed to cold temperatures by taking cold showers. I said that temperature itself isn't a problem. Obviously the other stuff associated with ice age will be a problem.

This. It always amuses me when I think about what will happen to the Jews after whites disappear. White civilisation is the only civilisation advanced and altruistic enough for the Jews to leach off. They see us as a threat but somehow don't see that they are destroying the only race who's system they can survive in. The Jewish system needs the white system to survive, everything they have is dependent on what whites have created. Once whites are gone, non-whites will naturally need someone else to blame for their problems, and who do you think they are going to point the figure at? On top of this, they look white to the untrained eye, so in a race war they will be targeted by both sides. Even a slight loss in white percentage could spell disaster for the Jews. What happens when the US becomes non-white and thus a failure? Israel looses all their protection and the Jews loose their most powerful and influential puppet. If whites disappear, the Jews will quickly follow, and the world will be inherited by the Asians.

TL:DR Jews need whites to survive.

Oh well, then my perception of Alaska is pretty distorted.

Don't worry, not gonna happen.
They couldn't build a bridge between Sicily and Calabria, imagine trying to connect Sicily and Tunisia.


I've actually spent far more time cold in the lower 48, where houses are not properly insulated. With warm clothes and warm enclosures, Alaska is cozy as fuck even in -60.

looks pretty comfy

way to go user, way to go


Winters here are never long enough. Side note, invest in Quore Performance Ice Plates.

Please excuse my autism

varg talked about this
he said this ice age will keep europe european
just wish nature was a little harsher on australians and americans in giving all the invaders skin cancer

I'm starting to doubt it: what if the Europeans with money will migrate to warmer places like Singapore or the Philippines? Those that remains are likely more leftist then them.

No way would anyone on the right leave Europe. It would be the millionaire city lefties that leave. People on the right are more experienced in hardships and have a far greater will than those on the left. They are the definition of strong men. They will stick it out even through the worst of the winters. Like they say, hard times make strong men.

Those 6 foot spiders aren't harsh enough?

Due to the ease of modern living, many people haven't had the required hardship to test their mettle. You may see ultra-lefties have their inner "right" activated through necessity. Attending school into one's twenties is a means to infantilization. Video games, and passive entertainment both keep reward centers activated, so as to prevent a desire to accomplish anything greater. Once the hardship comes, however, people are either gonna die, or become "right".


This. Once times get tough, survival instincts kick in. Those altruistic cucks will be the first to stop feeding the refugees once their own source of food is brought into question.

An ice age will effect America just as much as Europe. In fact, maybe even more. Apparently it will draw in air from the Arctic to the East Coast. Pretty much everything east of the Rockies will be blanketed in snow.

Being a nig in Europe will be suffering

Keep me and my family and friends warm and comfy during your loving embrace.


snow cover

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Exactly. The world (((they))) have planned for the planet doesn't favor the lazy nigger. Innaforest bred will win out in the end.

Riddle me this. Say this mini ice age hits, what kind of temperature drops are we looking at here? I'm generally ok in the 0 to -10 range but below that starts getting troublesome.


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FREEZE THE KIKES (and mudslimes), ICE AGE NOW!

actually we are having an ice age since millions of years, its an ice age when the Holla Forumses are frozen, which was only the case in 20% of the earths ages if I remember right, and what is described here is a glaciation period (not sure about the exact english term)

Do you guys even know what will happen to the "refugees" in Europe?
They'll be ripped to shreds and deported. Ice Age chan will unleash the true European.
When food production is reduced, the gibs will be shut down and we get a chimpout of major proportions.
And what has been the European doing for the last 2000+ years? Fighting for it's dear survival in the winters of the most fertile area on the planet by far.
Rejoice anons for the rest will know what happens when the Eternal winter comes.

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im guessing about -35c for scandinavian and northern germany

I think Europe is the least hospitable major human center, isn't it? Coldest/shortest growing seasons and all.

Very good for the crops though since winters do a yearly real holocaust on the entire pest population.
And don't get me started on the effect on the soil due to the thawing and freezing up of rocks, humus and shit.
Plants literally shit and recycle rock like being on steroids.
It's no coincidence that the Big Blue Blob dominated medieval Europe, due to perfect agricultural conditions. Up until natural production stopped being relevant and the sole provider of power manpower.


He needs that idea of an ice age apocalypse to maintain a shred of hope.