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I want to believe

What are the odds she was soaking wet while writing this?

One hundred percent. Jewish women love dominant goy men.


It reads like a made up story tbh.

Jews aren't known for being exact with the truth. A lot of details to be totally made up. No doubt highly exaggerated.


But that’s true of literally every story a jew has ever told.
Since when do we waste our time with women? Since when is truth gaslighting?
That’s not what the ovens were for, you stupid cunt. Her limited womanly knowledge is betraying her.
I like this sentence because it implies that even SoCal queers can become one of us.
So she didn’t read anything redpilled.
This is how retarded jews actually are.

Is this what happened to Mick Enoch? kek

Top Fucking Kek.

Well no shit he turned. Anyone with common sense would ask "Why do Jewish bankers control our money and not us?"



Was this written by Mike the kikes peinovich wife?


Holy shit this is from my town.
That publication is pretty cucked (like the city more or less)
I have to walk around seeing this shit all over, in front of local businesses and such. Including the one I work at.
Kind of nice having swastikas all over town regardless of the reason though.

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I live nearly every waking moment consumed by hate, but at least I am not ruled by neurosis 24/7 like these pathetic cucks.



Except I'm not. Get fucked faggot

there is a reason why 4/20 is also Hitler's birthday


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No U kys.

you going to cry, buddy?

Reported. You started doing this right after shareblue was banned from reddit. That’s extremely telling.






All women even inbred jewish whores want to be dominated by powerful men and given the fact all other races of men have accomplished absolutely fuck all in comparison to the white men its only natural they want our semen blown in them.

You must resist the hook nose harpy especially and all non white skanks.

Sounds made up but kek'd anyways.

hilarious tbh.
For sticky

Reads like an erotic novel

It looks to me like the kikess is learning tricks from the rabii.

Read the holohoax survivor stories. Many of them clearly have a sexual bent to them. Masturbation machines, the female commandant who strode around naked sexually violating inmates, Anne Frankenstein's fingering. Jews are notoriously perverse, this is a fact.





user, this is jewish female sexual fantasy come true.

If she writes a whole book of this, I swear it'll outdo 50 shades

This is 100% what she flicks the bean to.

Also fake.

This is now a Jewish Chicks crave Nazi Dicks thread.

Bethany Sherman's full response to the allegations:
December 6, 2017
An article was recently put out about me, my family, and my company by Eugene Antifa, a local chapter of an extremist, domestic terrorist organization. I would like to address these claims head-on. I am not, nor have I ever been, a "Neo-Nazi" or affiliated with any "Neo-Nazi" group or any other extremist organization.
The accusations made against me and my family are very upsetting to me, and I want to make it clear that this is not who we are. The contents of this article are very twisted in their portrayal of events.
My only crime is a thought crime, akin to 1984. I believe that the world is tapestry of beautiful colors, each one full of a wealth of cultural heritage, and that each culture has a right to be proud of their heritage, and an obligation to protect and preserve that culture. I believe that this tapestry is not exclusive of European Americans, and I find it extremely disconcerting that it is admired and revered to have "Gay Pride," "Black Pride," "Asian Pride," or pride in any other cultural heritage, but if you have "White Pride," it automatically makes you a Nazi, and you are ostracized, attacked, and lynched by your community. I admit, I am proud that I am white, and I'm not ashamed of my heritage. And I admit that I have been so conditioned to feel shame about this pride that I discreetly sought community where I could. Knowing the potential ramifications of my actions, I did my best to keep them incredibly discreet. I did not share this activity or my believes with anyone in my professional community. I further admit that I also quickly realized that this was not the supportive online community I had found was not the right community for me, and somewhere near half a year ago I withdrew all communication with that community. To be clear, this community was NOT any faction of ANY "Neo-Nazi" organization. The community I'm referring to is comprised of hard working, good-hearted people like you and like me, who are forced into secrecy because they share similar beliefs, which Eugene Antifa is now proving to be true: that being White and having pride in your cultural heritage will make you the victim of hate crimes. I learned a great deal from this experience, and have learned even more in the last 24 hours since this article was published.

My hiring practices, my business partnerships, and my friendships should say enough about the fact that neither myself, nor my company has in any way acted in a discriminatory fashion against anyone for their race, religion, politics, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, disability, or other. We just hosted our Company Christmas party and I gladly welcomed a wealth of diversity into the joyous occasion. I have donated thousands of dollars to support organizations like the Human Rights Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Red Cross, and The MS Society. I have created jobs for 15 people, I've volunteered hundreds of hours to organizations like Good Will, CALC, and The State of Oregon to help build and establish regulations. I have founded organizations whose aim to bring people together for the betterment of our communities. I am a human being, just like you, and I've worked very hard to give back and to create a safe and accessible industry for ALL Oregonians. I am the victim of a hate crime, perpetrated by an anonymous organization whose primary aim is to ruin other peoples' lives. I have never made any such attempts at hurting any other human being, in any way (including via defamatory articles or social media posts) for any reason, nor have I EVER made any discriminatory overtures. Let's be clear about this: Neither myself, nor my company, have ever, EVER practiced, preached, or recruited anyone to practice or preach hate or hateful rhetoric in ANY way. I hope that my community can find it within themselves to see beyond these hurtful claims at who I really am, at the work I've done in this community to help build it, and trust that these claims don't fit me; that I am a good, loving person, committed to my community, and that this commitment has no shred of hate or discrimination in it.
The remarks made in this article have had a devastating effect on not only me, but on each of my 14 hardworking employees who are completely unrelated to the contents of the aforementioned article. To be clear, I still have yet to receive a single dollar in profit from OG Analytical, instead diverting the company earnings to better support my employees for 4 years in a row. I am proud that we launched a full benefits program this year, including health, vision, dental, and vacation time, and have elected to payout employee bonuses each year instead of paying out profits to owners. My employees have been dedicated to our mission of building a sustainable cannabis testing industry, which, in odd contrast, requires that we remove all bias from the work we do. By boycotting OGA, you're not hurting me, you're hurting the 14 hardworking people unrelated to this accusation who rely on OGA for their living.
This being said, the devastating impacts of this article are clear, regardless of any statement I could possibly make about them. Abhorrent racial epithets have covered our social media pages to the point that I took them down to save my employees and clients from further harassment. I find it difficult for me to find a path forward with the company while salvaging the hard work each of my employees has put into OG Analytical. Without these people, I could not have accomplished all the successes this company has seen in the last 4 years. In effort to save my team from further harm, I am resigning as CEO of OG Analytical effective immediately, and offering up the company for sale.


What does this mean? Seriously, I do not understand what this kikess is saying. Her computer is a jew turned nazi? Wtf does that even mean? How inbred is this oven dodger?



Even today most PCs are 100% IBM compatible and we all know how SS programmers used IBM Hollerith to locate jews from census data along with keeping the trains running on time. Perhaps her computer remembered its original function.

Why do jews sexualize everything?
It's disgusting.

Ads displayed on basis of search habits

Kekd hard

*Browse habits /search inquirys

It's funny because Bethany Sherman is such a jewish sounding name that it broke the gauge on my coincidence detector.


Pretty mousy looking. Kek, some (((white supremacist))) there.

Yeah me too. Although ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=sherman


I found the Jew Lies Matter man!

Maybe we should do something about these Eugene antifas.

I wouldn't object this idea

Meanwhile prepare for




More like sewerage, have these kikes never seen a rainbow?

Is this the intro to the hot new book, "50 Lampshades of Grey?"

"Trigger Truck''

Gotta give these guys some credit for being jew wise but god fucking damn I wish "Kekistan" or "Kekistani" was never a thing. Hell I fucking hope the quadroon fatass (Sargoy of Mossad) will die of a heart attack one day.

either written by mike's ex or completely false
Who is this new Hitler passing energy to his followers that we have not heard about, to start? I believe it was the Führer himself who said to follow the man who came after him.
He's clearly here! The jew-husband aryan hitlerjung übermensch radicalized by a botswanan sound effects design imageboard.
Amazing or usual pilpul.

Bwahahaha, that's how you do it.

Grats user, on extracting yourself from that failure of a woman.

Oy Vey! The hateful Christian anti-semites! Good on you for being the one to pull the plug, user.

Eventually he relocated to another state with a new wife in tow.
Bonus points for using her as a meaty fleshlight while getting your life in order. I bet it felt great to use that kikess instead of being used by them.

Such "victim blaming" tolerance is wonderful, isn't it?

Wow, what an awesome fanfic. 10/10, many keks were had. user, if you're reading this, Godspeed, you mad bastard.






…Aaaaaand she ends it with an "smh tbh fam", the dumb jewish cunt. Hope her ex-husband found the white woman of his dreams.


OK, so she's not cooking, she never cleans anything because she's a slob, and she can't even do her number one job as a wife and have at least one (1) child. Sounds like she wasn't actually bringing anything to the relationship, she was expecting to enjoy the resources he worked for and then raising a litter of cats and adopting a niglet in old age. And that's without even bringing up the Jew problem.
She had one job and refused to do it. Marriage comes with certain duties and responsibilities. If she wants to be an urban Jew socialite and LARP as a "Sex and the City" character she can do it alone.

I used to have a pickup line that would always work with the Jewish girls. It went something like this:
If she starts walking or running away, just follow her start shouting
Works every time.


It's time to start reversing the pejorative back to its originators.
The synagogue dwellers are AshkeNAZIs.


Cannabis removes the mind control, which is ironic since most of the "activists" are pretty kosher.


toppest of keks

The divorce-rapist she-hebe cries out in pain as it strikes you.

They cannot help themselves, sexual deviance part of being a demon.

What are the odds she asked him to do it for some weird sex fetish she has.

Why is there a man standing in front of a giant shit pipe that is spraying out tons of liquid peepee poopoo?

Yeah, i call this a hoax.

This should become official Holla Forums doctrine.

Behold, this is a masterpiece of cultural Marxism. Near the middle of the article, there is this passage:

Then at the end:

Confirmed Holla Forumslack

Lol, the jews are really afraid


Drake is jewish.


Daily reminder:

This, LOL

Bettter than any shriink!!!


50 shades of goyim, the top selling book among feminists.


sociopath jew #123421343232423

She really thought the goyim would gobble this story up because it is real in her mind

its a jewish thing ##

I kept waiting for a particular rhyme. It never came.

Pepe told him that it was a coffee fountain.


Did the rabbis at least tell her to wash the paint off her hands before reporting the swastikas on the synagogue this time?

Indeed. There is this jewess that has been trying to fuck me for a while now. It's amusing as I don't hide my power level IRL, at all.

Thank you for not mixing with that trash


It would be a shame if people started to know what the crime breakdown was like in the great state of Oregon…

I would never touch it user. It is entertaining to lead her on all the while going on about how her family are liars, there was no holocaust, Hitler did nothing wrong, etc. She'll ramble on about her dreams of sex with me. mega lulz Honestly it's too much fun to get rid of her….yet. ;-)

Post pic

we have IDs you fuckin newfag

Of the jewess? I don't have any of her. and it would be weird if i did, gross I suppose i could take one next time I see her or look for one from faceberg.

Maybe with this we can exploit kike fracture lines between the various tribes.

Its reads like some pol fan fiction to me. Sounds like this is the way she WANTS her cuck husband to be.


Lol one thing to note….the wachowski brothers, are now the wachowski sisters. they got the chop.

Holy shit, maybe that's why they haven't made a decent movie since Speed Racer. Fuck, I thought you were joking, how did I miss this?

Can we meme a #metoo campaign out of this?

This reads like a bad 50 shades fanfic.


Hilarious. but the kike's lying, you know…


Yeah. Kikes are allowed to lie all the time. That's why they go into the news biz. They're allowed to lie, so they don't really have to try.

Got some Oregon newspaper sites that allow comments? :^)

< don't save the whites! kill them, fellow goys!

Muh imaginary nazi husband is a great way to sow the seed of doubt among lefties that their fellow whites are the enemy while in reality they'll be the first to go to the gas in a jew led commie revolution…


She just had to sneak that semi-auto in there, didn't she?
Nofunz country here. Isn't every pistol semi-automatic these days?


Literally shaking

I like how she says the stuff just "surfaced" from his wallet, as if she wasn't rummaging through it along with his other stuff.

oh yeah very real

Northwest meadhall for any area anons


it's almost like saying
triggers them something fierce and they're trying to condition the masses to resist against the resurgence of the old truths


Did you read Spoony's Donald Trump slash-fiction where dressed like a woman he gives that ebil nadzi Drumpf a blumpkin. The left has lost its mind.

Now I want a jewess to Deus Volt on

Marrying a "white supremacists" is going to be the next 50 shades of grey thing, we will be all diving in pussy.

PS: Does anyone read all that wall of text? Only kikes i bet.

Since this thread is a fucking shitpost and the OP's source in anonymous, could we get permission to talk about what the fuck happened to these guys? Jokes aside, the entire metaphor of the matrix is a literal red-pill in itself and it makes one wonder if these guys were somehow MKultra'd or some shit? The whole sex change shit makes absolutely no sense. Either they're the puppets and didn't write it or some fucked up shit happened before or after there work.





>When I behave well and tell them what (((I))) want to hear

Hell of a freudian slip there, jewess.

In low quality pussy most likely.


HA. I get it, because they're made out of cremated jew.

Meant to 11253039.

Reminds me of the way Gersh tried to shake down Dicky Spencer's mom. The company will probably be bought cheaply by some scheming kike, I wonder if anyone has been pressuring her to sell?

Yeah, and I bet you drive better after a few drinks, too. Cannabis is stultifying and you are a moron.

Copy and paste the entire article on here, don't clickbait us

Checked and kek'ed

its archived you twat


The entire plot of the matrix is a giant anti-christ metaphor. These guys were like that from the start. This is their way of defying God, by refusing their original nature.

It's genetic. According to Two Seedline theory, muh jewdick started with rebel angel fucking everything on Earth. Whatever offspring they made (niggers from apes? sandniggers from goats?), they're all bastards of creation, so they get the lake of fire like a good bastard should.

Also sage for this shit tier bread slide bread.

See my email field how 2 sage

user I've seen some fails in my day but you just took the cake





Goddamn, a couple years ago there was a jewess who semi-seriously threatened to follow me home to find out where I live because i wasn't showing any interest in her. I wonder if these she-bagels can detect us or something.

could be German


go back to cuck/pol/

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Trigger Truck

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