Infowars vs. secretagentwars vs newswars ?

Alex Jones has been the main gate keeper of conspiracy information fed to the mass population to keep a measure of control on things.

Because, get it, INFO information war. A war about spreading information in a weaponized way. Companion to regular conventional warfare.

Then SECRETAGENTWARS comes out a few years ago and takes half of infowar's audience, because they argue that the infowar is only a symptom of the larger hidden secret agent war, so vast, that human trust has been destroyed and nobody can be sure who is or who isn't a secret agent. They compete like an anti infowars, and take the empire side in the classical empire vs republic type thing.

But this isn't enough kinds of wars, because Alex Jones responds last year by creating Owen Shroyer, who launches and The War Room Radio show.

So apparently its not an infowar anymore, its a news war? What kind of war do you think we're living in pol?

What's that picture of the god emperor from? It's the one they post trumps face on all the time.

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Emperor of Mankind aboard the Vengeful Spirit fighting Horus during the last days of the Horus Heresy.
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Owen is the only good reporter for infowars tbh. If he wasn't such a cuck for the kikes he would be top tier sucks. But Shroyer isn't so bad for a talking head piece if we have to have one.

and went down randomly for like a year, but got put back recently. it wont have any influence until people slowly find out its back. good. jones needs competition.

He's a shabbos goy traitor. You faggots need to move past this idea that our enemies aren't enemies if they say nice things about Trump.

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i dare say there are some that are not controlled op and i think owen is one of them

Reality Wars

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Anybody who works for Jonestein at this point is controlled, and anyone who researches conspiracies and claims to be ignorant of the jew is a liar. Jews aren't a big secret, up until people like Jonestein hijacked the movement, they were (correctly) the primary target for most conspiracy theorists.


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Owen Shroyer is Jewish.


Newswars is the same as infowars/prisonplanet. It's a separate site in the same network with a different coat of paint. Straight from the source: made to get around (((google))) and faceberg blocking links to

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