Israeli police recommend indicting Netanyahu for corruption

Why ain't this posted yet?

I'm actually surprised

Israel's left wing has been trying to get rid of him for years. Remember, Jews aren't against Jewing Jews.

Looking forward to the jewish Comey reading off a list of his crimes but concluding that he didn't commit any crimes.

They are gonna get so enriched.. Funniest part is they're utterly surrounded. The leftist golem will be their undoing, my sides orbital.

High effort op

Soros making his move?

The kike police have left us with a case of the blue balls. How many times have they "interviewed" that kike?

I like the most recent one about how israel flung shit at soro's for being behind protests about them shipping the niggers back to africa LMAO!!

Jew jewing the jews for stock shekels,priceless.

It's all for PR. Bibi did irreparable damage to the "poor little Israel" image, so they're willing to throw him under the buss to create the illusion of change.

Israel is cracking down on "binary options". When will NADEX get shuttered, with their controllers imprisoned?

Wouldn't it be funny if the #openbordersforisrael meme came true when the leftists come into power?

sounds bueno :^)

Zionist vs. globalist Jews. The fight between "rule the goyim from a distance while we squat in Pissrael" and "establish overt one world bolshevik government."

Its not really a rule as much as it is a parasitism. They invest the highest paying vocations, that offer the smallest returns to society, and they've been this way for centuries. Throw them all in camps and let them live off the sweat of their brows.

Such political theater is not necessary. Israel's image is entirely dependent upon jewish control over foreign media. ZOGbots will believe the "greatest ally" routine so long as they hear it over and over.

Jews dont mind as long as they can hold the hill for a little longer than their enemies.

when it comes to bombing Palestinian school children there's no difference between the "left" and "right" in Israel

There are no /arejews/.

He didn't imply that in the slightest you illiterate fuck.

However, you don't say if you agree or disagree with this point. :^)


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