WARSKI STREAM with (((Halsey))) spitting (((Pilpul)))

It's BloodSports time!
Get in the chat, boys!
Time to flood this Kike with HATEFACTS!
Fuentes is coming on later, but Enoch can't make it.
It's sad that those two are the best that the Alt-Right has at the moment.
I wish that Paul Nehlen would jump on.

So far, they have IGNORED how the JEWS let the MUSLIMS into SPAIN intentionally, and how the SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE was a JEWISH design to promote ZIONISM funded by (((Samuel Untermeyer))), etc. …

But no one actually educated has come on to counter this fool, who likes to 'take on' White Nationalists on the JQ on his channel.

Now he's saying:

"Oy, Vey! We're the only minority who (((succeeded))) in (((finance))) and yet still aren't considered White!"

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Whatcha sludin


These fools aren't necessarily great, but they have a HUGE audience.
Let's face it–the average dude nowadays is constantly on (((JewTube)))… this is a great way to show slimy "right-wing" Jewish tactics for what they really are.

Andy "Six Million More-ski" Warski

This Nick guy is really laying down fire.

who is this jew?

damn son

I don't know but he sounds gay.

eat a dick schlomo

Our boy Nick did alright. I wish he would have mentioned a few specific issues, but on 90% of the topics, he was spot-on.
Andy is seriously getting redpilled on the JQ from all these Jewish guests.


(((Halsey))) is just some Kike who's recently agitating the Alt-Right to try and get famous and earn some of those e-shekels…

status = gassed

Halsey got roasted relentlessly, thank god they brought Nick in to speak the truth without Canada arresting anyone. Jim really did a great job with his Liberty question, rustled the fuck out of the kike.

Upon hearing that his opponent was actualy Jewish, Nick the Spic had a rare moment of clarity when suddenly, everything made sense.

I've been enjoying watching these streams lately. Some of them are pretty bad but most of them are at least entertaining. I'm surprised they haven't been shut down yet.

Too bad. Previous engagement at one of his wife's drag shows?


eat a power surge, bot.

Can somebody give me a quick rundown on this Fuentes guy? I've heard the name before but always thought people were talking about some beaner. What's his story?

Even though he is shilled against here I have always thought he was ok, a shame him and allsup stopped doing their joint shows as they were better than most other shows around. His biggest problem is his arrogance. He's well read for a 19 yo but not as informed as he thinks he is. Another ten years of hard studying and he would be unstoppable debati g kikes and their tricks.

I did find his Hitler reference last night pretty hillarious. The kike picked up on it instantly. See

Holla Forums is always right.mp4

The jews' argument that yes there's over representation but that it doesn't matter, that it doesn't mean jew influence for jew agenda and not detrimental to America or all the other countries they're in is desperately needing the Holla Forums response of a flood of info that completely destroys this claim. Basically it would be great to package up the Holla Forums response for such debates. Instead of 3+ hours of "uh-huh, you're a poopy head, no you" it would be spent reading Holla Forums info graphics and audience becoming rather unplussed with jews.


I could have sworn Halsey was a girl.

They moved on the the ss liberty, the jew is saying he believes the official record, fuentes brings up secretary of defense or naval whatever, and the jew then goes it's just one guy! as if that's all there is.. again, jew would be destroyed with Holla Forums info.

Halsey news is jew owned. The kike pig has EIGHT babies. I saw a pic of the shitbag wearing a jew beanie and his wife is covered head to toe like a muslim cunt. All she does is shit out jew babies and dumb goys are paying for it all. Classic alt-kike. All the e-celebs you see are either agents or whores.

I wont lie to you, I wish I was this cool at 19.

Get back to me when Jim's on.

He's too busy planning the faking of his own death atm.

Fuck off, nigger.

Nick is okay, he's got a good radio voice, the biggest problem is that he is severely unlike able…so annoying sometimes. But, he's on our side so…I guess theres that.

You forgot the part where he got into an autistic stiff with his fellow eceleb James Allsup over not using enough company money to buy him a fucking computer for streaming and doxed the other business partner. He decimated this shekelgrubber but he's plenty retarded in other ways.

No, really? A jew is jew-owned? What a stunning revelation user, thanks for enlightening us.

>>>Holla Forums
If Terry A Davis can get a 750 post thread over getting arrested, a jew melting down on live stream is perfectly fine.

I've been loving this show the past few days. I just wish Andy could learn how to read, and we could somehow get rid of the 'two people start talking at the same time' phenomenon. Why does that happen? Is it just the nature of communication when you're not in person, reading body language? Is it a n internet/tech/lag thing? I notice it all the time when calling people with cell phones.

>(((redneck american)))

fucking boomers

Anybody who's buddies with Kike Eunuch can't be trusted. They're on the same level of the handful of hosts who stuck around with Hal Turner after he was exposed as an FBI informant, or the people who read Frank "Joseph" Collin's books.

Any online communication has lag, but you're being autistic. People do that in in-room conversations as well. It's not unusual human behavior. Also I'm pretty sure the story is that Andy legitimately has brain damage and is also a stoner.



He was also molested at a young age. He said that during one stream.


Stay vigilante, user, divide and concur is real. If you allow yourself to be isolated it will happen, and instead of making allies and sliding the narrative to your goal, you'll be isolated without any allies and marginalized into obscurity.

It is becoming difficult for us to determine where the shill is and where user begin. Hence my work.

We've made some progress but if the above is not a trick you will not win anything. This is not a war. It is a series of battles. It is attrition. Do not forget that their most effective tactic is to create infighting. This is what they have always done. This is what they will continue to do.

Stay focused.

Fuentes dropped a lot of redpills about the USS Liberty, and apparently this stream was the #4 worldwide livestream that day. brettygud/10

Lurk a lot moar

Not to the same degree. Clearly. You dumbass.

Huh. Well that makes sense re: Warski. He's a hero for doing this show, regardless.

The focus is the jewish detrimental influence and manipulation being discussed and the audience watching it. The significance and good of that being discussed in more pleb tier waters is washed away because there are e-celebs there? I think not.

He's not white and not American. If he actually believed the stuff he talks about, he would have self deported already.

Can someone counter Boomerkike's Israel talking points? Nick was starting to and things detailed to another subject


I don't like Fuentes, in that he's not really White, but that was highly enjoyable.

I don't think that's gonna cut it, kikel.

This chart would seem to indicate that Jews are smarter than whites per captita, I'm not sure that's accurate

I have to give Nick credit. He did better than I thought he would although that smile needs to be checked because it gets awkward quickly.

Also: voat.co/v/politics/1941692/9559841

A good thread died for this.

Thread on exposure of jews jewing in the plebosphere is a good thread.

Got a good laugh out of this, but that one donator was on the nose, this guy looks like a Tunnel Snake

warki is just promoting subversive TRSodomite aut-rite entryism. Waking up people to truth is great but flooding us with ignorant plebs from reddit is a huge problem. Nick Fuentes generally is Ok so far but I don't trust e-celebrities

Nick is sharp for a 19 year old but he is still a 19 year old. His hubris will mellow as he takes on responsibilities and no doubt starts a family of his own. If political careers were traded on exchanges I’d buy shares in him, that’s all I’ll say.


Pyramids is at 1:13:30
Renaissance was to save whitey 1:18:30
Ancient Romans and Greeks were mixed 1:19:30
Hispanics are Hu-White 22:00

It may be true, it may not… The point the graphic SHOULD demonstrate to you is that it doesn't matter.
There are so fucking few of them, 50% could be IQ130+ and there'd still be like twice as many non-Hispanic White geniuses in the US alone.

why in the fuck would I want to waste time watching this?

Fucking purityfags.

Yep, here you are again, resurrectedreplayer, you miserable kike. Terry A Davis getting arrested is ok even though it's the literal definition of irrelevant eceleb shit, but somehow this is bad and needs to be shut down. Fucking kill yourself.

Probably because you spergs couldn't help yourselves and started making more threads about this faggot.

(((warski))) looks related to jew.
Mystery meat tier

Warski is not really his last name, his dox is floating around somewhere and he has mentioned his real last name from time to time. He is Portuguese.

Tariq is a 65 IQ nigger, so it isn't surprising that he gets races confused. What's Jerry Taysachs excuse for thinking jews are White?

George Zimmerman is a half-spic Kike, by the way.



It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say Warski Live in particular and the Bloodsports format phenomenon in general has taken the cultural establishment gatekeepers by surprise.

Following the debacle of the attempted disruption of alt right personalities by Kraut and his cronies, Andrew Warski, JF, and other former libertarians broke with the leftwings Skeptics and called out and ridiculed their former associates.

This moral failing of a portion of and subsequent division of the YouTube skeptic community, a community that had gained definition in the post Trump election year in going after social justice warriors and feminists, was stark and important.

It was the final keystone in the arch that would go onto provide a strong free speech foundation for an emerging race realist position within the principled YouTube skeptic community.

Bolstered by an incredibly insightful JF scientist who had an incredible insightful and biological position of human biodiversity, complemented by the incredibly skilled visual and video creator Mouthy Budda, Andy Warski emerged as the consciousness of this new movement: not quite Alt Right in the traditional sense of trolling, Holla Forums and the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack, but brimming with genuine intellectual curiosity as to the concepts hithto unexamined concept of race realism and bursting with a willingness to test the bearers of White identity in open debate.

The debate of Sargon and Richard Spencer was a watershed moment in the history of intellectual ideas. Hitherto Sargon had debated and bettered intellectual pigmies – rote learnt social justice warriors who had regurgitated barely formed buzzwords and half baked theories of human equality with no basis in reality poorly remembered from cloistered high school and university employees we won’t grace with the term academics. Here he came up against a fully formed and cohesive worldview of identitarism based in a collective race realist position with numerous contemporary resonances in current and past world.

Sargon opened with his well recognised tactic of claiming to only want to engage in a discussion: which made him seem weak in comparison to a present and obviously well prepared Spencer who appeared on camera well groomed and sporting the latest in headphone and speaker technology. The late arrival and anonymous participation behind an avatar of a cartoon signalled a distinct difference between the participants. Spencer early established the autistic premise of Sargon’s basic argument: No state in history has been a voluntary association of individuals (sargons position) but has always been made up of groups with rights over individuals. Against this Sargon employed a narrow variety of frankly disappointing responses: a thin laugh, a childlike appeal to Spencer, the attempt to derail, the strawman argument (23:15), before cracking and 24:20 mark: “Richard shutup for 5 mins”. From then on the discussion deceanded into definitional fallicies around Whiteness: eg or the concerns around the establishment of the ethno state: But the general character of both particpants had been established: Spencer the aggressive assertive victor and Sargon the bitter, spiteful defeated intellectually dishonest loser.

But already signs are emerging that the current media authorities are beginning to take notice.