Government Official

Leaked texts
"He changed president to 'another senior government official"

"I think it's the right thing to do particularly given all the talk of prosecutors"

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Could I get some sources on that user?

Watergate btfo


Oh shit Obama is well and truly fucked now. I wonder what he'll do?

Is he even in the country?

lmao wut

If I remember correctly, Trump said he had no intention of pushing for criminal investigations into former presidents. Something about maintaining the memory and honor of the name of the President of the US.

My question in that regard is, how can anybody see ALL of this happening, know that Trump was spied on using most of the tools the government has available, understand that MANY people were not only aware but were involved or complicit, and still think that Obama DIDN'T have anything to do with it?

At this point, this is all still rumor and hearsay. There's still technically no concrete evidence Obama had anything to do with this directly, even if we all know it to be the truth, but squeezing the right people will probably bring that information out.

With each passing day, and each new piece of evidence publicly released, this gets more difficult to hide. Very soon, people are going to start mysteriously disappearing, dying, or fleeing to other countries. Alternatively, keep an eye out for legislation mysteriously passing under the radar.

This is really outdated shitposting. Government should get with the current year.

Lock the fucking criminal nigger (redundant, I know) up then execute his nigger ass

That's the rhetoric. The real reason is because the President always has to do some really shady shit while in power. If you prosecute the previous President, expect to be prosecuted yourself by a future president. And then the cycle will continue. You can't have a game of compromised elder statesmen if you air out all their dirty laundry.


Page numbers of pdf for reference:

Page 3
Page 284
Page 23
Page 285

How appropriate.

Trump wont pursue? Will Trump stop it?

His position has always been let truth and justice prevail

Are you fucking retarded? NO ONE is being prosecuted over this treason.

Trump won't advocate for prosecution, but if we the public demand justice, he won't oppose it.

AAAAAAAA the ride never ends

You mean like they have at every rally so far? I got the chant started at one of the two I've attended. Trump dismissed it as Sessions responsibility so he could continue stumping for the neocon. The American people are going to have to get their own justice.
inb4 "muh blackpill" weaklings.

But he never said he'd stop anyone else from doing it.


Nice work putting words in my mouth kike. How incredibly jewish. Don't worry you'll all get what you deserve soon enough.

This needs a bump


Why is none of this getting attention it deserves here? This, the Carter Page sticky, and practically everything else related to this have been practically ignored by real anons and shills alike. We're still averaging the same number of active IPs as we had over the last month but the participation in these threads that really matter is practically nil.

Are there only a few hundred or so of us left fighting an army of shills or has everyone become so apathetic that they can't recognize this is the start of what we wanted to see (in terms of swamp draining) after election night? Iknow that is considered ancient history in internet time but come on, shit is going down and no one seems to care.

The file even includes Comeys draft and the revised drafty. Comeys include president, the revised doesn't.

The fucking TOP BRASS OF THE FBI gets to have input on Comeys draft exonerating Hillary in the middle of the investigation. Including Texty Teenager Strzok.

"The Director composed the below straw man in an effort to compose what a "final'' statement might look like in
the context of a press conference. This was really more of an exercise for him to get his thoughts on the matter in order, and not any kind of decision about venue, strategy, product, etc."

They all need to go.


derp is reddit, they are libtards remember? im suprised they aren't sending adviceanimal memes to each other between their treasonous messages

Nice dubs, but adviceanimals are awesome.

Suck my balls. I just got off work and the talmudavision was going on about Trump's ex-wives and rape while I was eating. It's happening.

pretty sure he's actually just a faggot. Also are they redacting their pet names for each other?


Maybe they call eachother Honeypot or Alphababy.

Where did he say this? I know Q-larper said some shit like this, but i don't recall trump saying such a thing.

If he did, i would not believe him. Trump has said a lot of things, then turned around and done something else. A good example of this was the last shutdown, when he played corporate hazing games with the dems. I have a suspicion that kang nigger will go to jail, and the entire democrat party with him.

You are assuming that the cucksertives are loyal to the deep state and the globalists. What you are not realizing is that they are on the verge of a huge government overthrow, a silent coup where they can get rid of their main opposition party and rewrite the ultimate laws of the most powerful country in the world. They could charge the ratshields with crimes, and take their money, and none of the cucks in europe could stop them. So i do expect to see a drastic change by march or april, and kang nigger facing serious charges. If we keep pushing, keep memeing, and keep the operations coming, we can see maximum chaos.

Because redditfaggots and halfchin niggers continue shitting up the board. Those of us that care about good theads understand the difference between a shitty post and an actual slide thread. This is the former. If you cared about the quality of the board you would not allow shit threads like this to exist or be stickied.
That's why duplicates are ok for brief periods. You only reply to quality and let the rest wither and die.

I think a lot of anons are just kind of sitting back and waiting to see what develops from all this. We've had some many "IF" threads these pat few weeks that I would not be surprised if there is a bit of "happening fatigue" going around.

What's Obabo looking at here for high treason? 10 years, 20 years, 88 years?

This is wonderful. If I do not see the action I want taken, I will simply say that it will happen one way or the other. These official gov't faggots better do what we want or they are just as guilty. Stock up, boys.

Rope, nigger.

There is operating as the Executive branch and then there is being a straight up criminal allowing secret police to run without checks and balances. Obama let them run roughshod and needs to pay for it as the head nigger in charge at the time.

derp is cuckchan circa 10 years ago

Go back to Digg and kill yourself.

surprised there isn't a word filter for that, are we vampires now?

What I wouldn't give to get a reaction out of the founders of this country right now lads. I don't think you'd be able to explain it all to them before mother fuckers are strung up in trees

You'd have them on board at: "our last president was a negro"

The Founders would have revolted in 1913. Hell, they would have revolted in 1868 when freed niggers got citizenship rather than being sent back to Africa where they belong.

Yeah, shady shit for the good of the country, not the good of your party.

It's stupid fucking easy to get lazy. Life has been improving. My life, the country's life, everybody's life.
We need to remember WHY life is improving. It's because we put in the effort to improve it.

because it’s kike infighting(globalist zionist neoliberals vs Israeli Nationalist ultra-zionist neocons) By now, most anons have figured that out. Still very interesting to see how it plays out. Just don’t expect any kind of real excitement from most genuine anons other than the reddit-Kikebart-Infowars-alt-light-babby tier anons.


Thread theme, well for me at least. Keep at it lads. Its only begun

They have awoken

Reminder that the "7th floor" was a secret society of deep state operators in State and Justice who met to plot and scheme how to undermine policy.

But Trump and Republicans are crazy conspiracy theorists for suggesting such a thing.

"You sound really crazy," says the Scientologist when asked about Xenu.

Treason charges, if pursued, have a Constitutionally mandated death penalty if the defendant is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I think the meme value of Obongo being behind bars for lesser charges would be funnier, but unless we get good guys as president going forward, he'd get pardoned ASAP.

cuz he was a good boy dindu nuthin who was goin to church and gettin he's life back together?

Friendly reminder that this type of reddit/SouthPark/tumblr speak is part of a concentrated effort to destroy intellectual discourse and the English language itself. It's all coming from the top.

I believe it.

Nothing New. Lisa Page …
Word Origin & History
whore O.E. hore "prostitute, harlot," from P.Gmc. *khoraz (fem. *khoron-) "one who desires" (cf. O.N. hora "adulteress," Dan. hore, Swed. hora, Du. hoer, O.H.G. huora "whore;" in Goth. only in the masc. hors "adulterer, fornicator," also as a verb, horinon "commit adultery"), from PIE *qar-, a base that has produced words in other languages for "lover" (cf. L. carus "dear;" O.Ir. cara "friend;" O.Pers. kama "desire;" Skt. Kama, name of the Hindu god of love, kamah "love, desire," the first element in Kama Sutra). Whore itself is perhaps a Gmc. euphemism for a word that has not survived. Some equivalent words in other languages also derive from sources not originally pejorative, e.g. perhaps O.Fr. pute, perhaps lit. "girl," fem. of V.L. *puttus (but perhaps rather from L. putidus "stinking;" see poontang). Welsh putain "whore" is from O.Fr., probably via M.E. Cf. also Bohemian nevestka, dim. of nevesta "bride." And Du. deern, Ger. dirne originally "girl, lass, wench." Among other languages, Gk. porne "prostitute" is related to pernemi "sell," with an original notion, probably of a female slave sold for prostitution; L. meretrix is lit. "one who earns wages" (source of Ir. mertrech, O.E. miltestre "whore, prostitute"). The vulgar Roman word was scortum, lit. "skin, hide." Another term was lupa, lit. "she-wolf" (preserved in Sp. loba, It. lupa, Fr. louve; see wolf). And of course there was prostituta, lit, "placed in front," thus "publicly exposed," from the fem. pp. of prostituere (see prostitute). Another O.N. term was skækja, which yielded Dan. skøge, Swed. sköka; probably from M.L.G. schoke, which is perhaps from schode "foreskin of a horse's penis," perhaps with the sense of "skin" (cf. L. scortum) or perhaps via an intermediary sense of "vagina." Sp. ramera, Port. ramiera are from fem. form of ramero "young bird of prey," lit. "little branch," from ramo "branch." Breton gast is cognate with Welsh gast "bitch," of uncertain origin. Cf. also strumpet, harlot. O.C.S. ljubodejica is from ljuby dejati "fornicate," a compound from ljuby "love" + dejati "put, perform." Rus. bljad "whore" derives from O.C.S. bladinica, from bladu "fornication." Pol. nierzadnica is lit. "disorderly woman." Skt. vecya is a derivation of veca- "house, dwelling," especially "house of ill-repute, brothel." Another term, pumccali, means lit. "one who runs after men." Avestan jahika is lit. "woman," but only of evil creatures; another term is kunairi, from pejorative prefix ku- + nairi "woman." The wh- spelling became current 16c. A general term of abuse from at least 13c. Whore of Babylon is from Rev. xvii:1, 5, etc.

The goal now is to push the narrative to the normies and destroy the kikes in the media through all means so that when the storm hits they will be open to hanging the kikes from the highest trees.


It will be sedition, not treason. I'd love to see that nigger in Gitmo though. Waterboard him and find out who he puppets for

It’s treason. They worked with foreign entities for the purpose of creating war with another nation (via the election of the cunt to the presidency). There’s one fucking thing in this country which is treason, and they did it. And no one is going to do anything about it.

Their ideals died in 1865, user.

I will. As an eagle scout I'm pretty fucking good at knots
Mark em dudes

Never tie a knot alone. Always, have a buddy peer review. Coming from another e-scout.

I sense a new merit badge achievement.

I really have to wonder if we'd be seeing any of this if they'd just shut the fuck up and gone along with Trump's presidency.

This timeline…

can't be criminally investigated if you're first sent before a military tribunal as an unlawful enemy combatant and fried.

The way this stuff keeps coming out makes me think POTUS has all of it in front of him but is slow dripping it into the public. A little at a time so the general public can digest it.
Which if true implies that if they just dumped it all at once it would be fucking nuts, and normies would lose their shit.
Literally no trash can would be safe. I'm literally shaking right now. smh tbh.

Eventually someone is going to get angry enough to see that justice is served, whether the government consents to it or not.

According to history it's only a matter of time.

That was 4D chess speak. He doesn't need to push for an investigation in order for an investigation to take place. That's a job for Nunes et. al. Also, Trump knows exactly how guilty King Nigger is. Remember his tweets saying the monkey had wiretapped him? He knows absolutely fucking everything and it's all going according to keikaku.


this was a Q-Larp talking point, but i'll humour you for a minute…
What if Obama wasn't a legitimate president?

my laptop is dead so im trying not to be a filthy fucking phoneposter. sorry lads

I want to believe but until I see charges brought against Hillary I can't trust Trump. This latest attack in Syria has pushed me over the edge. I guess I just don't believe in anything at all now. Trump can't be /ourguy/ and also be a neocon. And 88 dimensional chess is no excuse; there's never an excuse for being a neocon.

Of course he’s not one of us. WE DON’T COMPROMISE OUR BELIEFS. “Hiding your power level” doesn’t mean “going against your beliefs.” We wouldn’t do what kikes want. Ever.


How’s about you prove me wrong, moishe.

I don't know what would happen. As far as I'm aware, there is no clause in the constitution intended to deal with the potential of an illegitimately sworn-in president or other elected official.

That said, searching for it brings up pages of post-election anti-Trump screeching. Literary diarrhea. It's so sad to see just how delusion these people are.

Instant constitutional crisis BECAUSE there’s no law for this sort of thing. There may be precedent in a lower court that “all actions taken during tenure are invalidated”, but Congress wouldn’t let that happen and literally no one in the executive branch or US population would rise up to stop them, so the nigger would just go to jail (lol no, he’d just die with his pension intact) and all his court appointments and laws would remain.

You mean that stupid thing Nancy Pelosi threatened if Trump even dared to flinch at Rosenstein? Well, this whole fucking situation is an instant recipe for a constitutional crisis, anyway. The FBI, CIA, NSA, DoJ, secret FISA court system, and other government institutions in combination with the media and numerous powerful elected and appointed officials have actively attempted to spy on, work against, and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States by illegitimate and VERY illegal methods.

There is, at a minimum, serious evidence of criminality here. With every passing day, it becomes more obvious that these people honestly did not give a single fuck about the rule of law so long as it gave them more ability to get ahead.

They didn't fucking care. They only care now because they've been caught red-handed and EVERYONE is scrambling to sweep it under the rug: the problem is, there's no room under the rug anymore. The trash cans are full, the back yard has been dug up and repeatedly reburied, the closet is too full of skeletons, and there are so many bodies heaped on the bottom of the river that they're visible from the surface. These fucks have taken advantage of the laws for so long that there may not be anybody willing to actually deal with it out of fear of being murdered or outed as a child-raping kike.

I'm excited to see where this goes. It's obvious that the entire weight of the government bore down on Trump, and yet he's still coming up on top through ALL of this shit. Nobody has been able to Stump the Trump yet.

It’s treason. Proven treason. Proven treason by the entire fucking government. For those who didn’t directly deal with the foreign officials, it’s sedition. Both are punished with death. You’re absolutely right. No one will be executed. No one will be imprisoned. No one will be arrested. No one will be fired. EVERYONE is complicit, and so everyone will get a free pass. And no one will revolt over this. In before the exact same spam that is posted by shills every single time: “You’re a blackpill because you posted fact that hurts my feelings and which I can’t refute.”

user, I'm not calling you a shill. I am calling you a crybaby faggot, though.

You blitheringly retarded chucklefuck.
If nothing was ever going to be done about this, we wouldn't be reading this info, period. If (((they))) still had a complete handle on things, they wouldn't be fucking around so close to the sun like this.

100 years now. Has anyone revolted? No. Has anything been done to stop it? No. IF NO ONE REVOLTED OVER THE FEDERAL RESERVE, NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOME FUCKING WIRETAPPING. For fuck’s sake, you retards.

We're past the point of no return. Either they suck it up, throw a few high-level people to the wolves, and make some token gestures to turn things around a little bit to appease the people, or they'll keep on doing the same bullshit they've been doing.

Resist™ because fucking reasons. Criminality because why not, they are untouchable. Shuffling more evidence under the rug because they can fucking do so. Try at every turn to keep the flood gates open, divert trillions of dollars away from necessary public works to fuel their own bullshit.

It is always, ALWAYS the straw that broke the camel's back. The biggest difference in all of these issues? This shit has become publicized beyond belief.

Believe it or not, look at fucking GamerGate of all goddamn things. The gatekeepers made the mistake of just blatantly shitting on the one group of people that keeps them alive because they thought they were untouchable, and now the entire market has begun to collapse over their heads; none of the things that were five times were so much as made a single wave, but one whore sleeping with a journalist, not even because she wanted reviews but simply because she was a slut, still has people frothing at the mouth in a panicked fury to utilize it as a fucking boogeyman. At the end of the day, it was one stupid slut being defended by a bunch of kikes and cucks that started making the system fucking crack.

Now, here we are. Trillions, possibly quadrillions of dollars wasted. Millions of lives carelessly thrown away. Laws broken, laws changed to suit kikes and cucks and feed their horrific habits. Nobody in a position to make a change said a goddamn thing, and anyone who did say something was considered a dirty conspiracy theorist. What's changed?

A slut got stupid. People are talking. People with a position to spread information on a larger scale than ever before are talking about the issues leading up to this, so much so that even cucks are being forced to bend the knee and acknowledge that there are problems here that require investigation. The more that people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters keep pushing back, the easier it will be for people to look at them and demand answers. The longer this charade goes on, the more the media is FORCED to talk about it until it gets out of their hands.

Something will happen. It may not be what we want, but something will happen. The people will either get fed up and start marching in the streets. more high-profile people will mysteriously die in increasingly more visible ways, or somebody will finally incite the constitutional crisis that is bound to occur from this whole massive shitshow.

Stop fucking whining and bring the popcorn. You REALLY don't like it? Run for office or buy a gun and go out to the range.

Not really, since the jews control all media and literally no one has gone to stand on the Mall to demand executions. Publicized? The only thing publicized is “Russia stole the election.”

Is this why posting "Bill Priestap" was an insta ban on cuckchan months ago?

Glad to see you are so excited for the future, Satan.

ROPED when?

If nothing will happen anyways, why waste your time to desperately repeat (10) times that nothing will happen forrealthistime™?

What is outrageous to the extreme and far more condemning is that he isn't even a natural American citizen! They explicitly specified this requirement for a very good reason. The fact this illegal alien was also a nigger is of less consequence by comparison.

Probably going to get banned for blackpilling, but at this point I’m just tired of it all. How much more information needs to come to light before something is done about all of this? Bear in mind this is what we the public have access to, I’m assuming government and intelligence personnel have a much more holistic and damning amount of evidence before them. It’s maddening seeing these venal, corrupt demagogues going about their lives laughing and tweeting and lording it over the little man like nothing ever happened, with the full support of the fourth and fifth estates and their billionaire corporatist friends.

If I saw just some small action to put the fear of god into them - i.e. Clinton foundation being raided and all tech assets seized for inspection, bank accounts frozen, being issued with orders not to leave the country, etc, then I guess I’d be more inclined to believe these people won’t get away with it scot-free.

So we are exclusively going to refer to King Nigger as "Senior Government Official" Barack Obama and not as President anymore, right?


You know he's right

Nope Chaim. You have opened Pandora's box this time.

Top fucking kek



That is going to be stuck in my head all day now torpedo , thanks dick

Based twitch streamer

Some oldfags still pop in periodically. Right now the best digging on this subject is being done at the conservative treehouse (I have to imagine that guy has an inside Congressional source), and a few Twitter accounts. It is far less inundated with shills/noise allowing for quicker processing of info/ideas.

Truthfully most of us here that have been around already know most of this, perhaps not the specifics mechanisms of this cover up, such as the low level players, or FISA fraud (it was all fraudulent, but the weakest link so to speak). More importantly we know why this cover-up-insurance-policy happened, it was so that in case an outsider came in, they could be taken down before they found out about any number of treasonous scandals, topping the list is uranium one, resulting in US uranium going to North Korea and possibly Iran. Also on there is the creation of ISIS, fast and the furious, and the hezbollah-dea quashing.

I'm doing most of my "participation" on this in normalfag space, specifically with coworkers. This is essential to the process, we cannot really exact justice until the unthinking masses are spoon-fed details and will accept the truth. Funny how years of shitposting has led to me arguing for the sake of Justice during work breaks.

They must be concerned about this one. Already they have debunked it on CNN, renowned for they thorough investigatory skills.

Your work has helped more than you know. Keep going, user, we are all here with you.

*their. Fucking nigger speak getting to me. Sorry everyone!

Hivemind is fucking real
Greetings man in the mirror

You misspelled 9/11
Which I doubt any proof still remains, but still

Oh it still remains user.
We can obtain a small sample of the cracked steel if need be
There are markers and monuments like this all over the land. (( (they)) ) didn't get rid of all of it

I was speaking specifically to what happened under King Nigger, who these ideologues/sycophants in the DoJ/FBI were trying to protect. Don't mean to seem pessimistic, but proof on that probably won't come out until everyone alive during it is dead. So maybe in 80 years, it is far too big a pill to swallow for patriotic burgers, would absolutely destroy military morale. Imagine if every marine became as cynical as a shitposter, questioning why they should die for the ZOG that did this?

Likely because there's only one way to process the Truth (accept/embrace), and only so many ways to proceed from there.


They like to go there and do weird satanist shit, reliving the event.

Checked double truth dubs
They truly deserve to be hanged

Did we have the revelations we do now, then, though? We are tenfold further along in this war than during election season.

I'd like to be pleasantly surprised, I'm not saying it can't happen. Just that, from what I've learned over the years, highly unlikely. I take the Spengler approach in that optimism is another form of cowardice. After all, Hitler, Mosely and many others have told us that we can expect nothing but struggle until the White man can take his place in the sun once more. With the state of general and moral decay present in our civilizations I expect nothing less than insurrections will solve anything.

Checked, but you sound dangerously close to pessimism which is another form of death.

Stop fucking deluding yourself.

A few dozen. The rest of the PPH are shills.
It’s both.
Why should we care? No one else cares. How long has it been since this broke? Literally no one is killing anyone. No one is even standing on the Mall demanding that people be arrested.

Not World War II?
Not World War I?
Not every war since the authorship of the Oded Yinon Plan?

This is exactly right. Trump has access to all of the 702 queries and every other shady piece of evidence that didn't make it into a burn bag before Jan. 20 2017. He allowed the media and dems to dig their own grave with the way they reacted to the wiretapping claims, now after a year, there is still nothing solidly linking Trump and Russian collusion, but all of their lies for the last year are going to start coming out. Its a move to discredit the dems and the media that has been carrying their water all in one shot. Its being timed so the dems are going to be forced to defend the most damning evidence of treason/sedition right before the midterms.

Now if anybody will ever actually be charged is a different story altogether. I think there will be some low hanging fruit that gets pruned, but the big players like King Nigger, Hillary, Soros, and the Redshileds will all have insulated themselves from the dirty deeds to never see the inside of a courtroom *honestly I'm hoping for swift military tribunals, but that's a long shot too*

i understand that reasoning. The Conservative Treehouse is absolutely killing it right now with their detailed breakdowns on this growing situation. I've actually made more headway in redpilling my most politically aware friend tham ever before thanks to their Nunes and Page articles. The fact that everything in the Nunes article came true about a month after I sent it to him completely blew past his mental defenses against wrongthink.

So yeah, now is maybe the best time for IRL advocacy since the Republican Primary so keep up what you're doing. I'm still surprised that oldfags haven't come back to celebrate and newfags seem to only care about the fear porn garbage that makes up the rest of the catalog right now.

Ummm, how about as the president you dont break the law, then you can't be prosecuted?

That only works if the former President isn't trying to monkey ;^) with your current agenda.
I don't know why Trump feels like these "traditions" of corruption should be respected, or saved.
Cross the Rubicon and eradicate these treasonous fucks.

should be

Just add cables

you sound a lot like one of those feefees faggots.

Oh I'm not pessimistic at all. I'm confident victory will be ours. I'm just not going to delude myself about what it will take to achieve it and bring about the fourteen words.

And for another news.

user, please, I can only get so erect.

it may be unlikely that kang nigger will ever hang, but that sure as shit doesn't stop the massive hardon I have.

Anyone have the pasta with the 100 or so felonies/treasonous acts that were committed under the Obongo administration?

If we take that by the letter of the law rather than his intent, he could very well go after Obama for not being an American-born citizen, therefore not legal to hold the office of president, and have Obama stripped of his presidential status, and then strung up for all this shit, as technically he can no longer be considered a past president.

watching isn't ignoring
the dots are connecting themselves, at the moment

Haven't seen AWM in a while, no more Gex, 4pol is beyond compromised.

I do wonder how many oldfags have wandered off to infiltrate ZOG, how many started a family or business, how many have lost the faith. I'll never be blackpilled but the nu/pol/ influx is certainly a problem for board quality. Are they learning our ways or are we being diluted?

that's a shame. he had talent.

it is why prosecuting former presidents should NOT be a taboo.


(I'm b759fe user, phone posting)
I'm married awaiting my first child in a few months, tangentially working for ZOG, working stealthily to awaken as many as I can. My long term goal is to spread my influence (lessons learned from chans) far and wide without people consciously realizing what happened until they 'wake up'.

Think of the men like us through history who also had to write psuedonymously, and those that didn't like Dante were driven out of town. Once they figured out all they needed to, they gradually began trying to win over normalfags.

We're just bit players in this eternal struggle, the consolation is that we know without a shadow of a doubt who we are and what we are doing, and for me at least I derive purpose and meaning.

Eternal september is called eternal for a reason, there will always be an influx of newfags, but those who stay will learn Holla Forumsacks ways as long as the site owner doesn't sell the site and mods don't start manipulating the board like in halfchan. I would say 15% newfags, 35% shills and 50% anons is the current Holla Forums demographic.

Honestly, at this point, what difference does it make? No, in all seriousness we've had threads about this months ago, the info coming out is all stuff we figured out intuitively and definitively and now evidence has manifested which we can use to divulge truths. Personally, I spend less time here now and more time in normie comments sections discussing this stuff to try and breakthrough, and I know I see others too

So, you are wondering why proof is any different than allegation?


dont cast your aspersions on me that's not what I'm saying at all

That you think there is no meaningful distinction between rumor and proof is incredible.

Good luck redpilling normies.

Go back to 4chan, queer.


We all know that nigger, we're saying that plebbit is slow as shit on the uptake and that they copy cuckchan memes.


I have no doubt it's true, but I want a source that won't instantly get called horseshit by 95% of people. Surely someone is looking to cut a deal to save their own skin. inb4 suicided

Sage for doubleposting, but here are a couple more articles. Took me a second to look.

This is actually really big. Obama being directly named, the implications just changed drastically. Not that we didn't know, but this just became a redpill the size of Texas.


Watergate can't touch this.
Slammer Time!

Our government is

What part of "Crashing the plane with no survivors" did you not understand?

Trump would do this.

That is one ugly monument.

None of this is for you. The slow drip is to force normies to start looking into things and begin to realize how bad it is.

Do you think we can just rip off the band aid and tell the normies that Bush was behind the hit on JFK and the attempt on Reagan while he was running drugs with Clinton through Mena Arkansas and they both buttfuck little kids?

Or that the time that Obama was ostensibly at Columbia with Brzezinski (Operation Cyclone) or working for a known CIA front Business International, he was actually in Afghanistan portraying Osama bin Ladin?

We have to start somewhere, user.

FBI official texted 'POTUS wants to know everything we're doing'

He knew.

He lied about using Hillary's server. He used executive privilege to cover up Fast & Furious, and the IRS investigation was a fucking farce.

He knew.

he was to arrogant and confident that he would keep Trump out of the white house. "At least I will go down in history…as a President" HAHAHAHA. clocks ticking until he hangs.

Kek no wonder at least seven foreign nations hacked her machine.

This. "Q" said it, not Trump

Checked full house
Kek confirms q is a fucking larp (so does common sense for the non retarded)

Larp or narp, Q posting sure bothers the fuck out of shills so I'm going to allow it.

Yea that’s nice and all but they need to start hanging. Just merely releasing the evidence without doing anything isn’t enough

[Desire to know more intensifies]

I thought bathhouse Barry was just one of Brzezinski's literal CIAnigger aids when he was dealing with "Tim Osman."

The final solution for hunger.

Gonna need context on that image user

I'm still calling him King Nigger

Def has a good meme to it. Senior Govt Official Obama

Can someone provide insight into what that means?

"He 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘥 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘵 to 'another senior government official"

Are you a chatbot or something?

at work and have not read through the transcript, struggling to understand what that statement means, going through the comments in this thread no one else has asked so it's either blatantly obvious and i'm out of the loop or it's nothing serious

If you post a picture of you asshole I'll give you some in sight.

Yeah, you're a chatbot.

Look at OP's first image. According to the newly released text messages, and a little connecting-the-dots, an earlier draft of Comey's statement on the private email server said president, which was then changed another senior official.

So now read OP's second image while substituting president in your head. Everyone involved looks careless.

Oh some people will deny evidence even when it's in their face but that's not the main problem. The main problem is that people hate Trump so much, that they just don't care if a sitting president spied on him. They think it was justified because he is/was such a danger to this country.

This. When you make an OP and everyone has to pick up your slack by doing the research, posting links, and even elaborating on what the fuck OP is even trying to say it's not going to get as much traction as a well thought out, neat and informative OP. Stickies lately have been shit. Also many anons left for these reasons, among others, so there's less actual anons posting here.

Cheers mate

We're getting this information straight from Congress now. The sleuthing part is largely finished, this caper's busted by people who are drawing it out to its conclusion.

The public is being conditioned for greater and greater releases of information, which the media (a large target of this operation) as enemies of the USA will lie in order to downplay. This also triggers a flurry of communications between the leakers and deep state and media, all of which feeds into the Human Terrain System which was, ironically, designed by the Cabal to pick out and harass THEIR enemies.

All of Satan's tools will be used against him, have faith user. The biggest thing you can do is talk about this stuff in public now, because the social media has been clamped down upon, only true believers and bots post on Twitter and Reddit any more, and Facebook normies have blocked everybody who isn't on their political wavelength. This is also what they fear - real life interactions are difficult to track in real time and assign shills to counter.

Are you trying to convince us, or your self?

Hillary 2016 campaign speeches, remember she went off the rails and called us all those names - like "deplorables" for instance.

B-but it's okay if Democrats do it…


so what is this document from? who told who to change president to another senior government official in what document? and what is the significance of this document?

Comey's press release exonerating Hillary drafted long before the end of the investigation.

Thank you.
so this is something Comey put out to the press to explain why hillary wasnt guilty? during the investigation?

fucking wew… They really are all goons arent they?

>that redaction… Could the noun redacted be Comrad?

rollin for nobgoblin

i get the strange feeling that 8/pol/ is dead!?


They've made it so that it has to go back to him. Obongo and Valerie Jarret (with Syd Blumenthal) have been busy little bees in their DC command chateau.

and this
None of this would've been possible, in all likelihood, without military counter intelligence take the finger out of its ass finally. Treason. The plea bargain could be very well "either this, and civilian court, or military tribunal" – The Dec. 21st executive order establishes "a state of national emergency' = wartime.
==Why did Obama really want to close down Guantanamo== …

Gropin' Joe Biden will be so SAD

People will look back, and see President Trump being the most prominent and outspoken 'birther', all the way back then.

Same procedure as DACA – he just removed the executive order, Congress is the one that ought to act there.

It's almost as if the military is obliged to act when civilian authorities become compromised beyond their lawful remit – feelstribunalsman

There's no cause for crisis with perfectly good laws to enforce (that comes after.) There's zero question as to what is to be done by the letter of the law.

Today, money Obongo gave in the Iranian pay-off deal was shown to have gone to terrorists. (The Project Pelican conjecture looks slightly more spooky for it. )


Suppose dragging it all out over two terms is the necessary re-conditioning timeframe after the past three decades. Would just like to see things cinched-up before 2020 to guarantee 8 years.

Fear porn blackpilling is appropriate, for the younger newfag cohort. It's part of the process.

Most of the literature circulating in the colonies that spurred the American Revolution was written pseudonymously. We don't need to be Strassian with our message out in the world, speaking the unvarnished truth that - in their hearts - average joe is starved and dying for. (Congrats on the progeny my dude.)

Bad habits from engaging obvious b8 and low effort posting aside, usually a good thing in the end; more content, more engagement. Uptick in side thread rate's the biggest annoyance imo

And actual geopolitcal news pruned prematurely while garbage is allowed to float at 50 replies indefinitely. Only seen this recently.

Which she was removed for unethical practices (conspiring to deny the defendants council) by another democrat, KEK

This fucking timeline man, It's like I'm reading chat logs from some wow clan in 2006.

Her hanging must be livestreamed for the nation to heal.

They're dealing with thousands of evil treasonous fuckers, and everybody responsible for oversight who isn't directly implicated is blackmailed by CIA/Awans. The nigger was just one of many. They ALL need to hang. The system needs a clean reset.

Pretty underrated post here.

Unless you are a shill, you must understand the importance of the FBI director deliberately hiding the fact that a president was communicating using unsecure email with a secretary of state while the latter was in the terriotry of a nation that could easily monitor unsecure communications. That's extraordinary conduct, and it's extraordinary for an "investigator," not to mention the most powerful federal investigator, to hide this information from the public.

Get it?

You seem like a shill nigger. The context is obvious here. The fucking director of the fbi covered up POTUS using unsecure email to communicate with secretary of state while the cunt was in dangerous places where they could easily monitor her communications.

Are you stupid? Are you a shill? Off yourself.

What you are trying to do is classic cia nigger discourage participation/make it look like there is less interest in a website.

fuck you you fucking propaganda blackpilling fuck deep state piece of shit fuckhead

The problem is that goddamn bullshit like kike identification software fills up the stickies on the front page.

The series of happenings right now is insane

This is spot on.

Soy detected.

Whoa wouldn’t that just be juicy as fuck.

Fucking CHECKED!

You would like that huh shlomo

Pay per view, all proceeds go to wounded warriors.

This is good

What's the deal with this bizarre blackpill/discouragement trend re "pol is dead" right when shit starts to get really hot out there? Lot of shills shilling this theme across the various threads.

No, faggot shills. No, Holla Forums is not dead. But shills who protect traitors…well, you might be on borrowed time yourself.

Never forget. This is lurking in the background at all times:

Abedin/Weiner's 650,000 emails: "money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of
course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs [above top secret]"

Send this article to normies re hanging them all to help normies get why. Same deep state niggers who do shit like 9/11. Dark forces in our country.

Abedin/Weiner's 650,000 emails: "money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of
course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs [above top secret]"

this is the itch that I can't scratch and am most excited about. Combine that with the national state of emergency pertaining to human trafficking and an "eavesdrop proof" interview room with wheelchair access

and you have very interesting times ahead

Some of us are lurking, don't have as much time to focus on political matters during a relatively booming economy (still 100% for the cause though because it's all of our future), others are still banned or haven't come back other than lurking after bans were lifted. Don't underestimate the slow constriction of the board that has squeezed out members repeatedly as energizing threads like "self-improvement and reading" are removed and protests met with bans. Other than that we are here and support anons endeavors.

(Repeating checked)

It's actually not above TS, rather a layer of compartmentalization added on, and in fact can exist at the secret level. Think of it as codified structure built around need to know.

That being said, exposure of info within one of these compartments carries with it even higher penalties than standard classified info. All of this is publicly available information on DoD websites, if anyone ever cared to read.

stop that

This is true. I tapped into one of their calls to the USA embassy in Zambia once. They made it clear that the call was from the "7th floor". The fuckers acted like they were royalty.


Makes sense. The above-top-secret idea is easier for normies to get that very few people should have access, let alone taking all of it and selling it over more than a decade. Not to mention the nuclear weapon shit exported via Podesta Group and TLI, the internal spy ring, the massive blackmail through various means like Epstein's plane, massive weapons and drug trafficking, and massive money laundering through kike private funds offshore. And the fact that countless officials, congressmen, certain high-level military, you name it were all involved or had a duty to speak but were blackmailed, and many still are. It's the whole government engaged in massive treason and serious criminality, essentially.

I think most of that, including complex questions about classification, goes right over people's heads. But linking them to that Erik Prince statement and pointing out the child sex trafficking aspect can get even the most politically oblivious person extremely pissed off, so I think it's an effective article for that.

You /ourguy/ in deep state? If so, why didn't you or like-minded guys smoke the traitor fucks out one way or another and stop all the insane nuke sales/classified intel sales/fucked up internal spy rings/fucked up blackmail systems while they were happening? Not to mention the pedo shit, gang associations, all that crap?

No, just a simple techno fag.

Hi founders, so, there's a secret court with secret procedings and secret, unpublished or highly redacted opinions that allowed an incumbent president to read the private papers of a challenger candidate. Oh, and 85 IQ people non-Euros who hate Euros can vote.

Founders started loading AR-15s at "secret court" and didn't hear the rest.

Zog government will not do anything to hurt itself.

Never mind all the traitors and jews right?

Where do you think the extra insane muslims in the middle east came from. Guantanamo was for brainwashing to create "radical Religion of Cuck™ic extremists".

It's all rigged. The presidents are fall guys to take heat off of who is really doing the dirty shit. They are literal puppets, of puppet administrations, of a puppet nation. But darn that onigger and those pesky liberals. Just remember, not the jews!

And waste an opportunity for a jab at the Fresh Prince?

What do you think user?

that moment may have lost her the election. she was so certain of her victory - so sure of herself, that she felt she could really speak her mind.

VERY interesting post in light of what happened Sunday

as in…needs some context…would be funny if hilldawg actually said that…

I have to agree with you on this one. Personally I was shocked when I realized that it's not just the US MSM that is doing this, the same effect can be seen all over the west, especially in europe.

At the beginning of the election cycle it was subtle and the bias went almost unnoticed. As the time passed more and more media outlets started to push the leftie narrative and suddenly all that the info that was released was negative towards Trump. The more I started to look at things the more I noticed that all the things gives light to the shady business the Dem's are and have been up to was not reported and the anti-Trump narrative was pushed even harder. What pisses me the most is that even tho the claims were proven false in the US our MSM ignored this fact entirely.

Well I don't know what is going on, but I haven't been here regularly for the past year or so. Holla Forums doesn't feel the same. It's as if most of the old anons have left. Has this place gone the way of 4pol or am I missing something?

Fuck that Soros and Bill Ayer's funded retarded, muslim, commie, nigger.

What sort of seating arrangement is this? The front passenger should be the one who at least has an ability to read the map.
Sage for silly post, but I never noticed this before in that image.

Are you surprised these groups are so weak and limp now? They shot themselves in the foot as soon as they hired these people, and then wonder why the fuck stuff went wrong. Christ, the awareness level of these faggots is staggeringly low

Kripp is based.

Oh its one of these posts.

The 2016 campaign was 6 months of Donald Trump going to virtually every corner of the country, drawing record breaking crowds, with everyone chanting LOCK HER UP! like its Wrestlemania.

Now he's President. Now there is a public, fully legal, by the books investigation happening and Hillary and Oboma's nuts are in a vice. Its happening this way because Trump is trying to genuinely unify the country right now. And its working.

There’s no investigation happening. There’s a kike-run investigation into Trump’s nonexistent dealings with Russia happening, but there’s no investigation of the PUBLICALLY ADMITTED, GOVERNMENT PROVEN, LITERAL. FUCKING. TREASON. committed by king nigger and the bitch queen. They haven’t been arrested, like literally every last one of us would be even if we were just being brought in for questioning in RELATION to such a thing. And no one, anywhere, is DOING anything about it.

You sad little monkey, the investigation of Trump IS the investigation of Hillary/Obama. Its the only way it could have happened as well. These scum did indeed have a stranglehold on the Federal Government, real life is not like a comic book, Trump can't stand in front of Congress with some wikileaks report and scream "HANG THIS BITCH FOR TREASON!" and expect any of the corrupt/compromised officials to do anything.

He had to smoke them out, he had to get THEM on the record first, and the only way that was going to happen was when they launched their coupe via Muller. All the info about the FBI and DOJ thats come out now stems from the fact that it is tied to people working on Muller's investigation of Trump.

If he just tried to charge right at him he'd fall straight into the Literally Hitler trap and there would be no end to the Clinton Bodycount stunts pulled to ensure she's found not guilty and Trump would be a 1 term president. Hes trying to unify the country, and he's accomplishing that by letting these clowns hang themselves in public. All the escape hatches are being slammed shut one after the other. Its only a matter of time now.

Get out.
The officially released US government documents and memos have nothing to do with Wikileaks.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.


No one has time for your bullshit. You are trying to start a pointless, waste-of-time debate that will just sap focus and energy. Stop distracting with your bullshit. Nobody cares. The stakes are too high right now to waste time on you. Go away.

can we get Obama legally downgraded to a senior government official so he loses his secret service and pension benefits?

Says you’re a retard.

Those who came before wait, and watch. What's coming will be far more horrendous than you can image. (((They))) will not give up without a fight. (((They))) will attempt to destroy it all if it looks like (((they))) are losing control over the Western world. And there shall be blood and fire for (((their))) death god.

The silence is the metal preparation of the warriors as they await their time to strike. Prepare. Dehumanize YOURSELF, and face to bloodshed.

You get banned if you go against the narrative, so yeah, there are only a few DOZEN actual Holla Forumsacks left here, and we never actually talk about anything meaningful. Of course no one cares. When your last refuge of simple discussion is owned by paid shills, there's no reason left to care about anything at all.

You hit the nail on the head, user. I fuond this out the hard way and am riding out being b& currently for exactly (((this))). Based mods are cocksucking faggots who are afraid they might be wrong about the slightest thing. By all means, do not mention the 1934 Haavara Agreement, showing the absolute proof that Hitler CREATED the state of Israel. Do not show anyone that he was funded into power by (((Rothschild))) money. Secret Backers Warburg_djvu.txt

and for God's sake do not show any proof that Earth is not a moving globe - keep drinking that fluoride

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?


Jewish networking
Black networking
Hispanic Networking
Asian Networking
Indian Networking
Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Or perhaps he might be wondering why a mulatto woman would spam a board after a long shift at Dollar General.


Obama will never see the inside of a courtroom. The precedent it would set is too dangerous to the office of the presidency.

His legacy and his sources of income being completely dismantled so that he gets to live out his live in relative political irrelevance while acting as a warning to future politicians is probably the best we can realistically hope for.

Nice blackpill. He will be tried, it's the only way to send a big enough message.

You’re mentally ill. Take your fantasies somewhere they’ll be accepted.

I'd rather be mentally ill than be a shill like you.