Quentin Tarantino defends jewish child rapist

Another Hollywood degenerate bites the dust. BLM/blacks at a whole already turning on him after years of sucking their dicks.


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Lurk more, nice topic though.

Thank you

Given that there are pictures out there of him sucking a child's toes it's clear why he's defending a statutory rapist.

If this is true. Spread those photos on twitter with a hashtag or tweet them to Breitbart or infowar journalists.

I gotchu famalam.

shocking that someone with this sort of strong moral fiber would defend child rape

It's an autistic infograph made by somebody who doesn't understand perspective.

Wtf Im a Killsry missile now

Incredible politics right here.
Totally not a slide

You're supposed to call out OP for trying to get those clickshekels and pageviews for a kiketube video.

Tarantino is completely degenerate. Look at Inglorious Bastards.

The "statutory" part is irrelevant, she could have been 25 and it would still have been rape. He plied her with alcohol and tranquillisers, then when she was too zonked out to resist, but still saying no, he just went ahead and butt-fucked her.

The girl's testimony was so devastating, the judge was about to throw out the (((completely inappropriate plea bargain))) and give him some proper jail time. That's why he absconded.


your video is not the interview and it is very misleading to post it alongside your opening paragraphs.

Just popping in here to remind you guys that you can count the number of Hollywood directors who aren't sodomizing pedophiles on a single hand.

check out pic related. what is it about Howard Stern that lets him catch these sex pests? is he /ourovendodger/? or is he just surrounded by degenerates and doesn't do anything about them? fucking "13 year old PARTY girls", what the fuck Tarantino. I'd honestly be surprised if it turns out he didn't rape a bunch of underaged girls.

Mel Gibson, that's it

fucking vile Jew scum. you deserved those digits for posting that report user.

Why does Tarantino talk exactly like Eric Paddock?


jesus fucking christ. i guess we know why him and harvey get along so great. they probably caught one anothers eye from across the room during the 13 year old sex orgy that harvey was hosting.

i guess we know who is up next in this whole hollywood takedown.

His grandparents on his mothers side are interestingly named shaffer… is mothers maiden name magically became mchugh …

That harpy.

You sound surprised.

Sure thing yid.

Stern is a jew. He's helping to normalize it. He doesn't "out" them for the benefot of whites.