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The curse is real.

nigger with finger pointing at his head.jpg

a nigger catching a bullet is the proper way of things
of course, I would never suggest that anyone should go out and shoot niggers because that's illegal and immoral

Oh look it's 9:30 am at the shareblue office.

Bump cuz this made me literally lol. Let's get some salt mines from this shit.

The only way it could be more natural is if were eaten by a cheetah.


Just because it isn't a great OP doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy this.

Apparently he was shot "while out riding his bike". I guess that's code for dealing drugs.


Look at the headline. It makes it look like the person whose flag he stole is the one who killed him. That’s not even remotely close to what happened.

checked, it is a subliminal to equate what is likely nog violence with the evil whitey racist kilt a dindunuffin


Shiggy. Check em.

He probably stole the bike. It's what they do.

(checked) x6

Some very strong digits in this thread indeed.

==S== he wuz guna be astronaut n sheeiitt



Muhiyyidin D’baha fucking kek
If anyone finds my sides please let me know.



Probably shot by one of his nigger brethren

New Orleansfag here. This city is 68% nigger. The BLM nigger ridin' his bike at 1:30 in the fucking morning gets shot by another nigger. CNN on suicide watch.

Dubs confirm some inter-dimensional frog is cursing people.

New Orleans local news on the matter. Even the local news is trying to downplay who shot him and only talk about the "victim's" activist roots.

Why can't anyone just say that a thug nigger shot an uppity nigger without motive because that's what niggers do?

Tic Toc

The cirrrcle of kaangz

If he only he had believed "Black Lives Matter" more strongly he might be alive today.

Nigger shooting a nigger, nothing new here.
Enjoy Satan's cock in your bunghole, dear nigger



He lived like a nigger, he died like a nigger, & nothing of value was lost.



let me guess he was chimping out, tried to steal something and when whitey wouldn't "gibz" he decided to take fists to a gun fight

He was just out on a healthy bike ride….. @ 1:25 am & was shot by police, but police have not given a motive or suspect.
Niggers can't into journalism.


Muh-yid-in ??? Is that how you pronounce his name? The memes jack

maybe if you're retarded

He did not know da wae, he did not have ebola.

we wuz ay-rabs, aloha snackbar an sheeit

Never underestimate the lack of comprehension skill with non-whites

Oh dear. When is the inevitable chimpout?

And for the love of g*d do not hang out flags on your private property to provoke them into having you invoke the castle doctrine.

No chimpout, just white guilt libtards donating monies for the noble kangz family.

Seems like a clear case of dindu nuffin and da po-leese being racis. das rite.

did they just hit the keyboard randomly to name him?

I have a hard time believing we'll ever see a chimpout ever again considering the left is now on the defensive. There's going to be just as much theft/murder/arson/rape as always but they aren't going to go all in for the spectacle anymore I don't think.

I guess he was coming back from his night studies.
Did he have any internal organs in his thigh?
How the fuck do you die from that unless you escape from the police?
Are we sure it was his?
Is this the best picture of him they could find?
Making a profit from their relative's death, fucking scum…


There was an oldish story of 4 niggers robbing a store whose names all sounded like a D&D party of dark elves. I wish I saved it.

I think i agree with you user, unless there is some spectacular rodney kang shit. BLM is over they just after cash now.

ayo hol up, popeye's chicken aint free nigga

If the femoral artery is opened up, it's easy to bleed out


Wrong neighborhood kike.

Wrong FundMe, here's the correct one:

Do niggers make GoFundMes for everything now? I didn't think they were that clever. Is there an app on their Obama phones that automatically makes one when they press pic related?

a halfbreed could be smart enough to do it for them in exchange for a cut of the gibs.
potential profit opportunity here, we could trick cucks into giving US their money by posing as nigs with sob stories supported by fake news articles.

Don’t compare noble orangutans to niggers!

I think people have tried this and the gibsmedat website shuts them down. I'm temped to try it the next time some antifa shit kicks off. "Please help fight white supremacy and anti immigration like we saw recently at XXXX. Your money will go to support those most oppressed…"

The eternal boiling lake of kool AIDS is the fate of all niggers

That's nice. This isn't half. Put some effort into your posts or stay where you belong.

t. gaylord

I sincerely doubt the soyboys at whatever trendy site handing out gibs are smart enough to do basic research. Just create a website, optimize its SEO, lease botnet traffic from some friendly vodkaniggers, buy faceberg/instagram likes and boom instant credibility for a fake news platform. Link our article and put in a little cash to start with and now we can rake in some serious shekels.

this; the last thing you want to do is to wind up in a self-defense situation.

I read the five fast facts. While facts #1 and #3 indicate he is a habitual law breaker, nowhere in all this information does it say what the guy did for a living.

reported for defending blm


There was an effort to coopt the S. Does someone have the images?

Shots to limbs being necessarily nonfatal is a film/TV convention. In reality it's very possible to quickly die from blood loss after severe trauma to almost any part of your body, thanks to major arteries and veins.

Limbs do have the advantage of being far easier to stop bleeding from. Since it's simple and safe to apply plenty of pressure and a tourniquet is an option if it comes to it. But that's unlikely to happen in time with a violent offender who has to be properly searched and restrained before first aid can begin. Can't blame cops for not wanting to get close when there's aids blood squirting around either.


The cops should have figured out who it was and left him on the ground. Fuck em

Cops should just shoot niggers on sight

motherfucking S



That's the niggerized version of "Mujahideen", so likely the mother implying he ever met his father thought she was being all badass naming the ape after some dunecoon warriors

that is not a safe part of town for anyone


Is this a spin of the odst or cod Holla Forums funeral meme?
I remember seeing it first on 4/pol/ and don't like it.

BLM Darkie killed by another darkie while riding a bike? It's interesting when niggers kill themselves.

I believe so. Triggers me because S is the key for moving backwards, and if it's emulating cod it should be F regardless of the action.

It's S because you are supposed to fall backwards on your ass laughing at this

checked and heiled. dank pic also