New Tomb in Old Kingdom Egypt confirms Egyptians weren't Niggers

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More pictures.

You know, I actually think this is fake. I really think this was created only to be released to push the narrative that niggers were in fact, not kangz (obviously) while niggers are being told that they were due to this fucking stupid movement and that black panther movie. Really convenient timing for this to come out, right before that movie.

Everyone knows niggers the lowliest race on earth, and this is just fueling the pointless conversation about it.

Believe me, (((they))) want control of what you think and talk about, and they want you talking about this. They keep fueling it. Remember, kikes have no qualms about playing both sides and rewriting history.

Just fucking ignore all of this stupid shit they feed us.

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Does it matter all that much? Niggers will believe whatever is convenient to them, regardless of evidence to the contrary.

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Or maybe the whites depicted are actually slaves.

Genetic evidence and other similar tomb painting already confirmed this. This is just one more piece of evidence on the stack.


Nobody with half a half a half a brain needed anything to "confirm" this.
It's been known that Egyptians weren't niggers since back in Ancient Egypt.

Sure leftypol.

Damn Holla Forums is either paranoid or 1/2 of posters here are alphabet/niggerpol shills.
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My first thought was 'might be fake to attract turists', but in that case the paintings would present nigger slaves and nigger kangz, no actual egyptians.


I don't know what to make of Egyptian threads anymore. On the one hand there's basically no evidence that the Egyptians were Bantu or Nilotic Africans. In truth the mere fact that the kikes are pushing this crap is proof enough that it's mostly fake. On the other hand, these murals depict what can only be described as a disgustingly multicultural society. These paintings will be used by the establishment to force their bullshit narrative that the ancient Egyptians were a multicultural utopia and proof that the races can get along.

Yet I have serious doubts that Egypt was a multicultural society. Not for any ideological reasons but from the simple fact that Egypt, as a state had fantastical cultural harmony. If it was a mixed up jungle like London, Paris, or New York, how did Egypt maintain such cultural harmony? Did they have some sort of ancient version of the alt-lite that actually convinced niggers to integrate into Egyptian society by showing them the based Egyptian muh-Constitution? And the niggers were like, "Yeaa! I likes me some o dat Egyptian culture. Imma integrate and be like y'all Egyptian kangs!"
Somehow I don't buy that.
So what is up with these paintings?

The brown ones are tanned. Not Niggers.

Jewish religious stories generally portray Egypt as the Pinnacle of Tyranny and is home to the greatest oppressors (until the Nazis) in their history. There's something about Egypt they REALLY don't want the goyim to know likely a multitude of things, especially since kek has their panties in a twist.

This seems plausible.
I mean look at op's post (archive didn't load for me btw so i couldn't see all of it)


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Friendly reminder Egypt used color as an information vector. There are blue people, green people, yellow, and literal black aswell. None of them were used to depict race.
(Except they didn't use brown as anything special)

Yeah yeah, they looked just like Kunta Kinte.

Trust no one. Even me Even yourself

It seems rare to see anyone young believing in 10 and 11


>I believe all people are created equal


We are, user. Have you ever thought about what that phrase means? Does it mean we are all equally physically strong? No. Equally intelligent? No. Equally attractive? Nope. We are created equally. We all start as helpless infants. We all start at the teet, so to speak.
Differentiate yourself. Stand out. Stand above and they'll be forced to look up at you.

That's the kike view :^)

Those CIAniggers say the darndest things.

Press was invited. Here's one video.

Peach skin. Now that's not one of the colors for "signaling", CIAnigger.

another video

How fucking new are you? This is literally ancient knowledge, that was confirmed years ago by dna testing.


Another video. The color is pretty good. You can see they had peach flesh, not white. :^)


I wish to underscore how amazing op's info is. We're talking FOUR THOUSAND YEARS AGO. 4000. Whites were important in Egypt this long ago. So what was happening in the world 4000 years ago?

So at 4400 years ago she would have died 100 years after mammoths went extinct.

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Yes goy, it's complete cohencidence that they depicted Libyans/Persians as light skinned, Nubians as dark skinned, and Egyptians as tanned

Anyway also from your own link

You're the worst kind of dumb, dumb with crumbs of knowledge

Did you even read the fucking article? It doesn't do anything of the sort, nigger. Just that they discovered more of the same crap in a different area from four thousand years ago.

No they didn't! You have to check the videos here:

And the stills, showing that the skin of some of these people was definitely peach:

And then there's the age.
4,400 YEARS AGO!!!!
Look at this timeline of the period in question:


Be that as it may, the apparently "brown" Egyptians will be used by the establishment to push the multiculturalism angle.

I agree.
Also on an historical note, some Egyptian queens would rule through their children after their husbands died. This was quite common in many large empires when weak boys "ascended" the throne.
Another thing that happened was due to the Egyptian policy of marrying family members together, if a boy was a weakling and a sister not, a cunning woman might take charge and rule through her brother/husband.

The redskins were Nubians (not to be confused with the Nubi people, who are black)!

lul wat r genes?

Which is still peanuts compared to the First Civilization, of which “ancient” Egypt is only one remnant.

Depictions of Egyptians have always looked red to me.

They ran away to Scotland to escape the Africans shortly after.

Try to do better, shill.

The Egyptians had a caste system like the Indians and it worked for thousands of years, but they couldnt protect their borders that well, so at one point the nonwhite migration overwhelmed them and from then they were a shadow of their former civilisation. This happened again and again until they were completely mixed. The difference between them and us is that we would be able to protect our borders, but because of ( ( (infiltration) ) ) we dont, and we even actively feed populations who are unable to feed themselves and who do nothing but shitting out offspring all day.

I too am suspicious of this find. What strikes me is that the paintings indicate times of wealth and a diverse cultural makeup. The tomb is from around the same time as the pyramid builders which means these were the good times. Guaranteed you'll hear the arguments "Diversity was good, look how fruitful the Egyptians were with diversity". What they will fail to recognize is that things were diverse because times were good. Notice how the knowledge of building pyramids is lost to us. Diversity is easy to maintain, you'd think their "diversity" would have guaranteed their success.


Nefertiti reconstruction.

We knew this for thousands of years. Only when niggers and kikes were getting their way did this fake history pop up.

I can't tell if the tinfoil is too tight or if we're getting into meta shitposting here.

It's obvious that the white paint is actually the remnants of damaged melanin caused by the melanin absorbing too many cosmic rays without being replenished.



I find it interesting that our oldest really detailed finds all come from Egypt and we have never found even a fraction of any advanced groups on their level. Makes me wonder if they were the only advanced group to survive after whatever happened 12000 years ago.


Whoah shit nigger mammoths existed 2500 bc. I thought theyd been long dead by then. Fucking history man

Black people repeat ridiculous rumors about history that white liberals dont challenge so they dont get called racist. The result is a huge portion of normies believe this stupidity repeated by prominent blacks in sports/media. Of course the Egyptians werent black. Anyone with a brain or who read the well documented history, knows this. Anyone who just knows modern Hollywood culture believes the blacks were Egyptians. Egyptians owned black Nubian/Kush slaves who themselves were a mixture of different stock than sub-saharan Africans.

You don't need a tomb to prove this. All we already know about the ancient Kangz tells us they weren't negroes, common sense tells us this. I fucking hate people sometimes.

I request some links.

I see it as a way to pre-empt our claims that we had a hand in many if not all the major civilizations in history.
If they equate surprising claims of influence or leadership over ancient cultures with "WE WUZ KANGZ" memes, any time we find or present any evidence regarding Aryan historical dominance, we will be tarred with the same brush and ridiculed.
This despite the undeniable fact that there is an abundance of evidence that a sun worshipping, pyramid building, swastika drawing, group of bearded, light haired and blue-eyed agriculture teaching, global travellers existed, they left the same marks everywhere in the world.

What a stupid nigger you are!

Accounting for their technology, the skin of the hieroglyphics are realistic enough. Not overly stylized. Well within the range of Levantines who don't have too much Nigger and Achmed in them

Plenty of sites that are mislabeled as the current inhabitants or just not escavated yet because they're under the water.

If you want some bread crumbs look up the vedic people, chinese (white tribes is one (((kosher))) documentary), or the non barbaric prechristan vikings.

I'm at work so i can't shit out spoon feeding sources. One artifact you should delve into is the stone head carving from the balkans (i think it was in the balkans) and the stupidly detailed artifacts out of china that are clearly white faces carved from alabastar

I was mistaken on the balkan head. It was found in Spain in 1897
Lady of Elche
Looks like someone from a weeb jrpg

Bumping this thread.

I looked, couldn't find anything remotely related. I know it exists, i think i seen a jewtube picture of it, but cannot seem to find it again.

…No shit.

No, whites and browns are drawn separate to each other, as opposed to mixed in a big crowd.

They are tanned. Not Niggers.

Lel, Egypt is for older then mainstream would like to tell you, even then its not really all that old.

There are pyramids bigger then the Egyptian one's and far older all over the place, there's one off the coast of japan, a part of japan that flooded just after the ice age.
A huge city state in the English channel.
Modern Human bones 1.7 million years old in Germany.


So wait, I’m not Black?



Was just looking into it myself. Apparently it's a 12,000 year old magician that was found in Iran. His name is Jaromir.

There's pictures of the supposed body coming back to life but, I wouldn't doubt those are fake to take away the validity of the actual find in Iran.

This. Plus in art tanning emphasized masculinity and whiteskin feminine purity.

Are the brown skins just from the scarcity of a specific dye?

Pretty sure that pic is fake. I've been reliably informed that the original Egyptians were Swedes.

Yes. It's also why all of the drawings on Greek pottery use black and red. It's the only colors they had. It's not like they could go to the arts and crafts store and pick up dyes and paints made out of modern petrochemicals. Seriously, people are fucking stupid.

It's the same with idiots who think the ancients couldn't move big stones because they didn't have modern construction equipment. As if they didn't have plenty of human and animal labor to draw from. Canals that were dug by hand thousands of years ago in China are still being used, but morons think you need heavy equipment to do anything. All modern equipment does is cut your required labor down to one dude when it used to take 100++.

So, anybody post any of this onto twitter or tumblr?

It's modernist arrogance. It's assumed the past was jut the present but worse with barbaric. morons.

mfw slave owning America imported unwanted Egyptian farming equipment

fuck this seems to be true, remember the illuminatis goal is to divide
most of the jew oppositon also falls into this. we all hate jews but they play off our hate and then go back to the jews and play off them

Every great societal explosion starts with a singular ethnic group (almost entirely pre-European travelers). That ethnic group eventually allows other ethnic groups to join their empire under a caste system, then that caste system is inevitably lost due to the overwhelming amount of foreigners flooding into the great society. Finally followed by foreigners taking up ruling roles, giving women more than symbolic power and immense amounts of hedonism. The society subsequently collapses and the original ethnic group is genocided (partially eliminated, partially moves away).

Except niggers. Dey Wuz Kangz

Plus the Egyptians wanted to distinguish themselves. As shown in various paintings posted ITT they portrayed Greeks and Libyans as lighter skinned as themselves - it's not like ancient peoples had modern DNA based science that allowed them to instantly recognize and fraternize with similar enough peoples, they would've still wanted to see themselves as distinct.

I'm a bit annoyed by anachronistic thinking, like thinking our ancestors were infallible on everything.

Regardless, the Old Kingdom hieroglyphics show Egyptians as peach colored. Male ones at that.

3 sarcophagus like nothing seen before
That one is of the dead King
The magician could still be alive, pictures of them touching his body
Where is the awake footage?..

So once again showing that jews and niggers ruin a nation.

There is an alternative theory on the construction of the blocks used to build the pyramids {Vid related).

Here are pics of urban Lower Egyptians of both higher and lower classes.

Lower Egypt fellahin.

Urban and suburban Upper Egypt.

Upper Egypt fellahin.

When you say upper and lower Egypt are we talking the classical sense.where the northern nile section is the lower kingdom?


And here are Copts.

Imagining that Egyptolgists would do something based on a d list cartoon character appearing in a jew movie in another country. You've gone full filterman. Nigs being kangz is an internet meme. It's a bad joke. It's funny because a full especially retarded niggers latched on it to. That's why it's such a quality troll. Fucking fix yourself.

Interesting. The boys in the First picture almost look jewish

They built shit, of course they weren't.

What's the status on this in social media?

Bringing thread back to show an older video with statues that aren't Niggers.


Bump. Keep these pics viral.

H-hey anybody else here remember when Fox and Maury went to Egypt for a "live" opening of Osiris's tomb?

What the fuck ever happened with that tomb? It was incredible!