It's OK To Tell The Truth

I know I know. there has to be a phase two. or at least 1.5. But I think this has capabilities

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if this isn't a slide thread, you're going to have to be a bit more precise with what you're trying to do here, OP.

What is being targetted with this message? What is being addressed? The "truth" is as ambiguous to normies as "justice". We need something that leaves just the right amount up to imagination, but not so much where the point is lost.

Bump because I want to see where this goes and I'm too hopeful that this isn't a slide thread

I think you're headed in the right direction with this - but it's too vague to be useful. While it has to be innocuous to succeed - this is just too open ended.

Shit. All these attempt to make lightning strike twice are exactly the same as the the garbage alternatives to the original IOTBW that shills tried to push. Just post IOTBW again. If there was anything better we would have used that instead of IOTBW.

This, but also five words not six. It's okay to be honest.

Fuck forgot to sage. Oh well. Maybe something good will come of it.

its blanket. It shows no bias whatsoever anyone who has something to hide can and will take offense. who would argue against truth? this can be used in so many ways. oh the places we will go with this meme. ( this is chapter 2 of the "it's ok to be white" poster. )

wrong. this allows anyone from the president to a professor to you and me to use this tolet free speech flow. tell the truth. "Honesty is often very hard. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying." - Mr. Rogers

thats passive. telling the truth is an action.

Fair enough, but I like where this user was going–IOTBW was good because of the five-word thing, while other strings got more complex. Ergo, "It's okay to be honest" sounds better.

I think the concepts of Truth and Honesty can be useful here, we just have to choose our words wisely.

stop censoring. be helpful. learn how people work. if they aren't posting iotbw around then they need fresh words.

It's okay to be gay :^)

Something about the truth sounds like a good idea. Perhaps this isn't the perfect phrase to use, but we should brainstorm something.

If you don't post this exact image around your town I'm wrapping up my controllers and going home.

Ok, I have a good one to post that isn't total faggot shit. Pic related.

impressive death trips

"It's okay to be" seems to be good as a starting point, but I'm not sure how much this should keep along with IOTBW. If we make the thing more distinctive, it could gain more ground, but as the other user said, we don't want to try making lightning strike the same ground twice.

It's okay to be honest
It's okay to tell the truth
It's not okay to lie

I'm not too sure. If this doesn't work, we should just begin another IOTBW phase.

also, who do we target? anyone we want. meme dump this on any celeb. what truth are we after>>11238449
this one piggy backs and even backs up what IOTBW says and means. some day we will find the 3rd poster.

The problem with "truth" is that it's not controversial. Yeah, there are a bunch of nihilistic fuckups that pretend not to believe in anything, but when you tell them it's ok to be white they suddenly have convictions. This "truth" angle is fluff. It's not going to attract any attention. Everything that's been done to western countries was done to destroy whites. IOTBW hits the heart of the issue. It goes the hardest against the brainwashing.

this poster allows anyone to post red pills beside it. drop a iotbw or an IQ bell chart or a crimes commited by races graph or a modern efficiency specs of cremation furnaces.

Taking into consideration criticism of phrasing and passive vs active

It's okay to be truthful.


"It's okay to be honest about black crime"

In white on a black background.

I begrudgingly accept your alteration.

This is exactly right, which is why a second, more directed phase of IOTBW may be the best idea here. The only one of the phrases I was putting together briefly up there that I thought sounded remotely good was "it's not okay to lie" but as you say, it's pretty fluffy.

Redpilling the public sounds like a good idea, and believe you me, I want to do that too, but I think that most normals who would look at it would be in such a state of cognitive dissonance that it would bounce right off them. I think, though, that it would be pretty hilarious to have something like,

It's not okay to lie/It's okay to be truthful

followed by a that infograph of the black vs white IQ, with sources underneath.

I have a feminist stepmother (yeah, my dad fucked up). I never saw that cunt get so upset as the time my dad said "A boy needs a father". They actually came to blows the first and only time in their marriage. That would be my suggestion for the next angle for a flyer campaign. Tell people that men are good. Fathers are good. Men/fathers are the other equally hated element in the world that will trigger outrage from brainwashed lefties if they are suggested to not be awful.

Come up with something there.

Its ok to be a man
Thats actually pretty good , esp if you hang them on a college campus where you got nutjob professors denouncing the concept of being male.

I like the idea, could we try to evoke traditional family structure somehow? I like where this is going.

This. I'm a uni studentyeah, I know, shouldn't have fallen for the meme, I'm going for CompSci, and when cucks aren't sucking off minorities, they're trying apologize for normal, masculine behavior. I thought going to a smaller town college would stop that shit, but no, it's almost as bad as they say. "It's okay to be a man" sounds pretty nice, too.




Part of why it works is that the truth is that, by all objective markers, men are not just ok, but superior. We know how much they hate things that are superior. They don't attack weak, or neutral things. They only attack superior things. Tell them it's ok to be superior, and they'll shit themselves. I don't know that anything will be as good as "white", since it is the core target of jewish subversion, but men are a good follow up.

you have unlocked the third slogan.

speak THE truth sounds better


Second, the my borders one was made by a redditor that brought a large migration here to shill his idea, and stalled the date to oblivion since the dates he originally chose were "racist." Besides anons have been doing this stuff for a long while, the USS Liberty ones were not that long before IOTBW

not perfect, but this is what I slapped together

the formatting is wonky. im playing with it but i have to fall asleep.


If they aren't posting IOTBW, they are too lazy to post anything. Changing the poster won't help.

Oy vey only certain "truths" are okay to tell goyim.


I disagree, I think the 5 word format is best. Here's some variations anyhow.

I've got to be up in 6 hours myself, I'm also headed to bed. In the meantime, if any nightanons can play with the text and the placement of the words on each line, I think we might have something here. As says, it's not IOTBW, but it's definitely something.
Godspeed you bastards.

I'm liking that first one, as they can twist manly and male for the purposes of transgenders and what have you, but you've got something here user. Third one isn't too bad either.

first one accompanied with the IOTBW original and my idea. when libtards see the memefire has spread they will "plotz".

"Be a man" could mean multiple things so that one's my favorite

Tsk tsk tsk.


"To be men" absolutely.

too culturally diverse.

You know, on second thought, I don't want to a Round 2. I'm getting a MGTOW feel from this. By keeping our counter punch at the racial level, we're hitting a sweet spot of divisiveness and solidarity. Anons, we need to keep as many women from succumbing to feminism as possible. We need our women. Just implement Round 1 again as needed.

make one that says "its wrong/not okay/bad to be jewish"

I could imagine the college bros running with this shit , basically you got a ripe environment for this shit. Some bro gives these wussie professors a wedgie for being a sjw nerd ends up on the 6 o clock news heh.


Not to toot my own horn to much, but "be a man" as a phrase is particularly volatile due to history of usage. Whenever it's time for some shit to get done, what do people say? Pic filename related.

Subtle volatility is what you want.

"men" is too racially diverse. to be a man, THE man is to be white.

Its the best follow-up Ive seen thus far.

White People Are Great.
Everyone knows it… But if you say it?
Wew lad.
And that doesn't even take into account the subtext in relation to MAGA.

A shame we missed out on the opportunity for the bonus round.

This is good OP, have a bump

I can see it now, news stations from coast to coast saying its NOT ok to tell the truth.

WPAG leaves the realm of innocent statement, and enters the realm of being pushy. You could say that's a logical progression from IOTBW, but the success of IOTBW stems from the contrast between the message and the reactions it garnered. Seeing people lose their shit over "It's okay…" was eye opening. The closer you bring the message to "White Power!" the less effective it is at making lefties look ridiculous.

TL;DR: Poo on your idea.

was to

You're trying to argue truth with a population that was raised specifically to love the easy lie.

Everyone knows the Truth at a deep level.
They may deny it to remain in line with their indoctrination, or to manipulate others, but they know they are lying when they do so.
Our nervous systems are almost infallible lie detectors.
The ego may override the "hunch" (message from our older animal brain) but that gut feeling (did you know we have brain cells in our gut?) is always there, even if we choose to ignore it to fit in with social norms or because we see some short term advantage in ignoring the Truth of the message.

We need a new word for (((justice)))
justice means jewish law, which we know is not fair because it favours jews and jew philosophies above the goyim.

From this day forth I shall stand for the opposite of (((justice))): Ecitsuj.

Don't change the fucking message.

it's the logical progression from white.

"Its okay to be honest"

Naaaah, nonsense! "All people are great! People are great! White people are great too!".
Easy-peasy. This is a comment that should be applicable to EVERYONE in our society. That's the point.

As you say, the contrast is where its at, and I disagree with your perception as regards the proximity to 'bad optics', as it were. I think that's the right direction to go - not necessarily saying anything about self-empowerment of Whites, merely saying things about Whites which are positive and which can easily be viewed as applicable to people in general.
Why was it eye opening for them to freak out as they did? Because "its okay to be X" is something that should be, in this societal environ at least, able to be said about ALL people. That's the point.

And saying White People Are Great? It will have wonderful contrast - because how many Whites will hear people freaking out over saying White people are great and have similarly eye-opening experiences?
Many. Many.

And, again, that's not even getting into the MAGA meta-narrative. Think about THAT for a minute - its not direct, but you can ASSURED the media would run with it. They've have to. It'd be too juicy.
And what kind of reactions would Whites give to seeing people attacking the statement that "White people are great", eh? What arguments can they make, against that statement?

TL;DR: You sound like some kinda Nick Fuentes civnat brah.

Nice try.

Cringey as fuck m8.

Too vague, easily misdirected.

There has to be more to the message for it to go anywhere.
What comes after the idea that its okay to be White? Why is it okay to be White?
Because White people are great!
Prove me wrong ;^D.

This works if, and only if, the media catches on that it's the same people doing this that did IOTBW.

If the media picks up on IOT4 it'll wind up being hijacked into some feminist shit ala the meetooo trash, or some kinda "its okay to tell whites when they're being raycis" shit.

If your idea were any good it would have been used instead of IOTBW, which succeeded in its goal of making lefties look stupid for exactly the reason I stated. WPAG was, in fact, suggested by many anons with their heads up their asses the first time around, and it was rejected. With the great success of IOTBW it's pretty obvious that was the right decision.

Subtlety, user. A calm demeanor in the face of hysterics makes always wins in the public eye.

First of all, you couldn't start with my idea. Again, that's the point - you don't go from 0 to WPAG. IOTBW lays the foundation upon which WPAG can be laid.
Second, if dudes like you were behind it m8, IOTBW would never have made it out the door, by the sound of it. It would have been cucked down to some civnat trash ala .

That fact that you needed that first point explained to you suggests you don't have a good grasp on this shit m8; but then, really, it was laid out clear as day to you in the post you responded to - you just ignored it entirely.

A calm demeanor can be easily maintained by saying that people are great. White people are people. Therefore White people are great.
Maybe that's why its okay to be White?

The enemy of truth ain't lies, it's cowardice.

No, retard, it subverts IOTBW by associating the soft declaration of satisfaction with pride (pride itself not being a bad thing). You're a fucking kike if you try to chain IOTBW all the way to "White Supremacy". That's what (((they))) tried to do, and why they looked ridiculous, but you're being more clever with your subversion by trying to gradually walk it up.

Pride, and white supremacy are, of course, things I'm in favor of, but the message of IOTBW stands alone. Kill yourself, shlomo.

Well even if the next memery is found , no reason to stop its ok to be white. Whatever next message is put out there , the msm are still gonna associate it with its ok to be white and duh alt right.

All the more reason to keep the message soft like IOTBW.

How about something simple like:
"It's still okay to be white"
The small change in phrasing will force new attention to be payed
Maybe this time we can get more exposure instead of getting buried within 2 days.


what about:
no matter what (((they))) say

Pretty good, and funny if you post it in places IOTBW got removed from.

There's really no place to go from IOTBW (keeping its goal in mind: wake up normal people to the absurdity/intensity of white hatred), because white people are the central target. There is no next step to IOTBW, in my opinion.

Certainly new memes can arise from a new context, but they can't be forced through a thread like this.

This does make sense. Media will probably take the bait however because it's a follow up they would most likely give less attention than before. Just like explained in the Turner Diaries.

This should be it

my god
the dude is replying to a post advocating he tell the truth, which is vague enough to mean tell your mind
and you claim cencorship
fucking kill yourself

i like it

All you faggots or possibly the same faggot every time who keep making these threads need to let it go.
This user said it right here and I've seen him or others say the exact same thing in all these threads.
If you want to post something like this around town, post the original.
Do not bring your damp memes in and water down the magic.
You're like a "creative" wife who has "all these ideas" on what her husband should bring up in meetings at work.
If you want a meme conveying the importance of being earnest, then think of an original way to convey it. There's endless energetic material out there just waiting to be utilized, and you spicwits are just trying to relive shit that already happened.
Do better.

Guys i thought about something more subtle.


It's okay to be a white cis male

No. That's shit. IOTBW works because it gets inferior people riled up, because they know that whites are superior, only IOTBW doesn't say anything about superiority, so they just look ridiculous.



Is the ONLY suggestion any of you should be considering for potential. It is powerful. I got something in my eye when I read about user's dad saying that in a big fight it's not piggybacking off something else, it's its own statement.
But don't even think about doing the plain words on plain background thing again, you low-energy zombies.
Drop anything that starts with "It's OK to.." because it was a one time thing that worked SPECIFICALLY due to the message of the meme.








Agreed, but anything that isn't that is pretty expensive to print, so perhaps a uniform image is not the way to go with the "boy needs his father" sentiment, just meme the sentiment.

Also, I think my dad said something more like "A boy ain't much without his father", followed by his harpy wife screeching "THAT'S SEXIST".

It's okay to be male

that poster looks unironically pro faggotry

Just make a silhouette.
No words. Nothing to explain.
Even better if the child is ambiguous like this because girls desperately need a father as well.
Something like this starts popping up all throughout someone's day and it will stick out I guarantee you.

Yeah, very true. The central point should be the importance of the father (/husband?) in general.

Kek. Not just the male sex symbol but that godawful metrosexual font as well.

You forgot that the plebs are retarded, it may "stick out" but the braindead sheep won't have an idea of what is supposed to mean.

Trannies will love this–the female ones at least.

Checked. It's not meant to be some overt thing. As I said, seeing multiple flyers like that (not that exact image) all around with no words will stick out because it forces people to think about what they're seeing instead.
They won't think it's an ad because no fucking advertiser uses flyers like that.
They can't think it's a concert/event because it would have to have information on location, date, etc.
It's almost more of a subliminal message- with no idea what it's for, they are faced with only the knowledge that it is a father holding hands with a child.
And showing that without trying to sell winter wear or fucking Cheerios is basically in itself revolutionary.

this user gets it.

gay af tbh

It's ok to be honest.
I like this one, and it puts white and honest as synonymous.


It's OK to make others feel uncomfortable.
It's OK to gas jews.
It's OK to realize that jews are not white.
It's OK to be racially pure.
It's OK to not believe in the holocaust.

If you're going to put words on it put this:
A simple question which puts the only valid answer in people's minds.
The thought in their head is instantly
"Life is never better without a good father."
This functions on both the conscious and the subconscious psychology of every last normie out there to crack the bombardment of negative propaganda demoralizing and dehumanizing their fathers.
Every child's cartoon, every commercial, every sitcom, every comic book, EVERYTHING either devalues, cucks, or ignores fatherhood and its importance.
THIS question with THIS a similar silhouette puts the fact of good fathers being a GOOD THING directly into their minds with no defense. It's undeniable when you put it like this.
The math is good as well because the question is 8 words, both halves contain 6 syllables, same cadence for each set of 4 words. It all evens out, good numbers, dubs all around, bingo bango, meme magic.

The words are good. Fix the formatting and the font.

Gay as fuck







I think if this was launched right after IOTBW it would work really well.

Right now its a bit too vague.

The message is meant to be so vague nobody would disagree with it. But this is too much so it lacks context.

The problem with all of this is that we are trying to reach a population whois world, and whois minds are not quite like ours. If you would say this to even half red pilled retards at halfcuck, they would get it as to what we mean. But to a normie retard…saying that you want to fuck a woman at your workplace, or want to use weed is the very definition of "telling the truth". I also made this mistake, hoping that whatever we have here can wash over the retards like a snowstorm…but we too have our biases. Probably should leave it to whomever of us deals with these mongoloids in the first place.

Everyone agrees by this point that MBMC failed because of how long we waited between conception/agreement to actually putting anything up, right? Whatever is agreed upon as the next piece should go up in a week or so Valentine's day is coming up soon, are there any good related phrases there? so it has momentum and shock value.

Why not


for the ol' St. Valentine? Appropriate the left's use of love, should be triggering enough and very normie friendly.

Probably not specific enough, since it doesn't imply just white people.
It's ok to love your nation
I think this would rile them up more, since they hate nationalism and love to burn the U.S. flag

Arent we entering the area of marketing right now? The ones who advertise on billboards. It is funny to see threads like this evolve into something that may be very similar to a board room, of some PR department setting up a marketing campaign lol. Does that mean that we also have to use their ways of thinking, and their approaches/strategies?

but what was unique to our way of being is of course that we dont have to give a flying fuck about anyone (are non accountable to any gov or company thing). Hense the original campaign was a memetic trigger point made at provoking the left. It nourished itself. But you know, for fucking valentines…its exactly what some marketing guru would be doing right now lol.

Going from the theorization of the r/K selection theory, to that of finding one of those amygdala triggering points is also what made the original campaign so great perhaps?

I am not sure if that was the cause or not but one can find another one of these trigger points which the left wishes to suppress (like the egalitarianism which was attacked by the original campaign)…can one find other traits which they hate? Which are obscure? /fit/'s fat people hate probably already does it. Maybe high quality partner selection would be a good fit for valentines? Man I dont know, just giving my 2 cents.

This is sort of civic nationalist cuckery though. I think it's worth noting that context matters, too. If it's visually similar to IOTBW and perhaps posted in concert with IOTBW posters, and discussed as an OP ahead of time, the media (or at least university administrators) will be tempted to decry it as some sort of white nationalist dog whistle. Alternatively, just roll with:


this doesn't work because they can simply claim that a bad father negates any good they might do and the kids are better off with a single mother. the goal should be to make people admit that single mothers are trash, without saying it.

Idk wouldnt its ok to love white people kind of encourage racemixing?
Atleast with its ok to be a man it would encourage men to look toward their more conservative and traditional ideas, that seems more desirable outcome.

Not sure people are going to think about it that deeply, and non-whites are already chomping at the bit for white genes. All that's necessary to trigger the yids and golems is a positive message related to white people, and that triggering is the goal. Remember that the goal isn't to give orders to people because that sort of thing doesn't work anyway, it's simply to have the kvetchosphere spill their spaghett in front of normies.

This is not a marketing thing on its own, but more of a booby trapped message. While actually sane people would find nothing weird with the statement, the ideologically stained people would dive right in, letting them be revealed as the hate mongers they are.
It's not to get more people on our side, just less people on theirs.


No room for
if the wording is exactly:

These IOTBW are bad in idea because it desperately tries to chase the tail instead of doing something greater.

Back to the drawing board.

The phase two lies in your improvement.

Well, that's true too. But i also just realized the word "love" in general is kind of strong and might defeat the purpose of this entire thing being a harmless sentence to make lefties look stupid for hating it.

By the way, why not simply use a synonym for "okay" and continue with the same message?
It's alright to be white
It's fine to be white

Cuz it's just repeating the message and not anything new?

OP's whole faggot thread is nothing new.

I do not support OP's thread either.

To be honest, we shouldn't try to copy each other, instead we should think of new ways.

for the "It's not ok to lie", we should post those at news agencies like your local CNN (or their vans)

to OP the idea is use the marxist ideals against them right while subverting their message with a replacement? turn their own tools back on their own machinations? do that more that was the best thing about the first run. take something innocuous that the left hates and fuck them over with their own stupid ideas (pic related works better towards that goal, unless the idea has shifted as they usually do in that case I'll go back to lurking) hope this comes in handy

Fucking Christ
Why is this board full of newfriends?

"A boy need his father" which also emphasizes families to stick together. Women already look for beta males to pay for their mistakes, so to emphasize "His father" we're telling women to make efforts to select a good husband the first time.

Remember that most of the people on chans, Holla Forums boards especially, are lurkers. They read posts that talk about specific knowledge and facts that they know they don't have, and know they can't join in on most conversations here. These people see a thread talking about printing posters and hanging them up around town, and people talking about what 5-8 words should go on them and think "well I can write a single sentence, better go tell em what I think! Finally everyone will see that I'm a genius"

If you want to inspire youselves on the "a boy needs a father" theme perhaps it would be good to discuss and figure out what it really means to be father, and how you think fathers of today don't live up to that?

did not mean to reply to a post with this post


Having just woke up and checked this thread, holy shit. The faggotry is everywhere. On one hand you have shills trying to sell redpills that are way too difficult for normies to handle, and on the other, we're all just trying to make our fanfic-level versions of IOTBW. This reeks disgustingly of newfags wanting a piece of le ebin Holla Forums memery huehuehue.

These are some weak ass memes, with the exception of it's okay to be a man/a boy needs a father and a few of those variants–but, THOSE NEED TO BE THEIR OWN THING. There's some potential there, but we can't just ride the coattails of IOTBW forever. And if we really do want to push out some meme for/by Valentine's Day and potentially ruin some normies' dates with bolidigs, the meme needs to be something better, and/or it needs to stand on its own right, and actually mean something.

this one here is the winner






Rollin rollin rollin

that looks pretty gay

Implies the same thing.

Why is this stickied?

user why the fuck did you have that saved

How about we take a page out of Sam Hyde's book and play on double entendres?


"It's still okay to be White" seems like a good continuation.

No it don't ye fokin cluck.
That just sounds smarmy and passive aggressive.

The bottom test is unnecessary and autistic. You should not tell people how to interpret your message, especially when you're telling them "XDD this really means something else", instead of letting them think about the message. "Jews rule" works fine enough.

The fantastic, perfect thing about IOTBW was that it was a simple, nonaggressive, true statement that nobody wanted to argue with - but that drove all the communists insane. It's on the same level as "All Lives Matter".

"A boy needs his father" has a higher outrage ratio, but is another thing that everyone KNOWS to be true deep down, even if the media and schools are trying to deny it.

Speaking of schools, here's one that would probably upset them a lot, but they wouldn't want to explain why.

The problem with that is, it doesn't IMPLY anything. It outright says it, which allows the brainwashing to kick in and people to ignore the message. Ones that make people think are the most effective, because that's exactly what the powers that be are most afraid of.


Though the streams are swollen~

you're right

It's not okay to vote Republican, though, you cuckservative.


or alternatively


"It's Okay to Be Honest"

Best idea ITT. Some echoy sounding people are trying neutralize the momentum by redirecting it from being pro-white to no-race.

Traps are gay.

Most Black men are homosexual. All Jews are.

I've been thinking about instead of making the text large, why not make it small and put more phrases into one picture? So faraway it looks almost like a blank piece of paper. This would go along with "whispering" the truth because you're not supposed to question those who rule over you.

You could even just have it encoded like Cicada does and after someone spent a bunch of time decoding it or whatever the message would be, "Hitler did nothing wrong". Turn it in a chase including the media wondering, "why are all these weird encoded messages showing up in our towns?"

Small text is actually a pretty interesting idea, however normies will never understand that quote. They will interpret you mean criticizing "the system" and ebil fascists rather than the open and tolerant left and kikes aka the eternal victims and underdogs. Why do you think "read a book" lefties misunderstand 1984.

Too easily misinterpreted.

Reminds me of this

Checkin those dubs, but I'd argue Fahrenheit 451 is far more applicable to the (((tolerant))) left than 1984

yep. gay as fuck…It's okay to be male. faggy

That's why it's brilliant

That's pretty fucking brilliant

This is true.
Too often the only kids seen in MSM are just for advertisements of this or that overpriced shit brand.


Maybe "It's ok to be" isn't a good starting point anymore and it filled it's purpose with IOTBW. I am intrigued about the idea of being truthful. Perhaps something along the lines of "Stop lying to yourself" or "Stop lying to protect them" or "They can handle the truth" would be better? Tbh I think the blank sheet of white paper was an extremely successful memetic format that would be recognized again

Facts can't lie, don't lie


Check 'em

FAR can be interpreted several ways. All of which benefit us in one way or another.



How about, instead,

Are Facts Racist?

Opens itself up to have various statistics scribbled/pasted alongside it, could even be organic. It also confronts them with the question, rather than giving them some Orwellian non-truth. It also helps that the obvious answer is no, which is the conclusion we desire people to reach.

The intended message will probably be circumvented by coming to the the conclusion that what is labeled "racist" cannot possibly be a fact.

Something I notice on the board is the tendency to be perfectionists. If you have a printer and an idea, just start wheat-pasting and irl shitposting. The spiritual opposition to the truth has accomplished as much as it has by flooding the public sphere to the point that many people accept what they shill as a common set of values.

The boards are a great place to get feedback and hone your communication skills, but don't wait for a message from heaven to take action. Just go out and post



Plus all politics are local, so you might know a better way to argue a point in your own location than anybody else. Jokes people would hate in New York might go well in Denver, vise versa.


Let boys be boys.
Think about it.
Our opposition HATES masculinity, and any sign of it.
This is a phrase already somewhat commonly said, with very innocent connotations.
The key, like with IOBTW is for our Opposition to screech out at it.
Let men be Men.
Let women be women.
Maybe not the last one, but I think you guys got the idea.


Sure, I'll check this. Kek.

Good idea. another take.

Truth is Racist.

It's meant to be a provocative question for normies.

Truth is Racist


I think the standard IOTBW font is best because it is less intimidating than handwriting.

I chose a handwriting font because I think this is more subversive. IOTBW is ideally printed like it's office correspondence. Banal, OK. Plain. White. This idea goes to the heart of the person. It can be placed many locations. Its meaning changes depending on the context, especially now that izlam is considered a race by most normies.

I see where you're coming from. I still think that the appearance of handwriting would be associated with graffiti. The good thing about the orderliness and cleanliness of a typeface is that it makes us and our ideas appear more "official" or respectable.

I'll give it one more go because I should have explained it better.
- The two main things that made IOTBW successful were that any counter made to it exposed the fundamental intentions behind countering anything that is pro-White and quite significantly, people were comfortable disseminating the meme as it was non-confrontational. Many different memes can be successful, but if people aren't willing to leave their safe space to disseminate them, they aren't going to go anywhere.
- THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE WHEN WHITE PEOPLE EXIST is an objective fact. Even if only subconsciously, everyone knows it to be true. The majority of people make their decisions on a subconscious level. We need to be working on that level.
- Our race is our priority and we need to be responding accordingly. This meme does that.
- Any opposition to the meme will awaken in the mind of the normie the fact that the (((opposition))) is opposed to our existence. We can redpill on a subconscious level and bypass all of the (((conditioning))).
- The meme is low on the level of being confrontational. People are therefore more likely to disseminate it.
- We are literally in a battle for our existence. People often recommend degrading our circumstances in order to make people aware of this fact. This meme will help to make the masses aware of that fact without deteriorating or degrading our ability to correct our circumstances.

good post


Thanks, I was also thinking that the meme works well to instill a rather easy and calm sense of racial pride in any White people who come across it and does so on an objective level. Planting such seeds is a beautiful thing.

I like this a lot. It's clean. Objectively true. Looks good on paper. Not too crammed. I think we may have found a good candidate for phase II.

^ simple. It's tuned to eat into the normie subconscious.

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This but it should look more similar to the "IOTBW" poster



Again, if there was anything better than IOTBW it would have been used first. You're doing the same shit as this faggot You're gradually linking IOTBW to everything the opposition hysterically claimed it was: racist, white supremacist, etc. You subversive fucks (and retards who just don't understand what the point of IOTBW was) are not helping. I don't care what your mom told you.

Simple, effective and cuts straight to the point. I like this one a lot.

this is bad, you need something that triggers people but is clearly correct. IOTBW was a perfect example, but it can't be the only one. I just know OP's attempt at this sucks.

Thats eh, but how do you think the normies will like this?

Best one. It’s using the left’s rejection of facts against them and also repills normie who are are unsure if something can be objectively true if it’s racist.

This thread should die, IOTBW is it's own thing and should not have something piggyback on it's success until something truly sent from kek appears. But since some faggots want to try and ruin it, whatever is used should not be longer than 5 words (possibly not less than 5 words either), it should not discuss anything normies would be offended by(raycisst, heavily anti-faggotry(unless directed towards OP)), and should not be too forward nor too discreet

This user shows the very limits of how discreet the message can be. However, the exclamation mark should be the smallest part on the paper, everything else should be the same font size, and do not include anything in parenthesis. In the end, anyone that wants to change the message should first drown himself in semen.

fuck man i bet i had this idea an hour before you ( the idea to copy first lol) but i spent awhile picking out a nice font - gotta look slightly similiar but i was considering backwards russian R and possibly light faded red

man when i hear cnn and lefties talkin about MUH RUSSIA its like hearin white trash pregnant girls who are about to pop out black twins whine about niggers we could probably point out that they are being super uninclusive and non pc

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it doesn't work, because it becomes an argument. They'll see it as "you say I'm wrong". It's better to say it like:
because it forces them to internalize this question. It's not a question for public debate, but to occur internally, and it will, in white people (not kikes). It will branch multiple ways:

It was racial stagnation and complacency that led to the degradation of our race. You encouraging the same is what would constitute subversion and/or retardation.

This isn't about "better things". It's just about mining the normiesphere for non-fags who can think. Reach a mind, change a mind, with clear thought. but first, pique the interest.




Nice try, kike. Telling people not to subvert a successful campaign with their retarded suggestions is not the same as telling people not to do anything. Please DO do something. Just leave IOTBW alone.

Your argument is about as valid as someone saying that the Model T was an outstanding idea, way ahead of it's time, and should never be tampered with. If there was a better solution to public transportation, then that is what Henry Ford would have produced in the first place.

The collective thinking, action, and progress of the White man is what created modern civilization that led to the digital technology that is enabling you to communicate to me what a faggot you are. The collective thinking of the White man oriented towards ensuring our continued existence and restored integrity is what your blabbering is attempting to negate.

And you are calling me the kike?


Not edgy enough.

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Hey, stop trying to bite your ear for a second and focus. How is changing the message from "okay" to "great" or "better" conducive to maximizing the distance between the volatility of the flyer, and the volatility of the people reacting negatively to it? Do you even understand what the tactic of IOTBW is?

Alright, William Wallace, don't let me get in the way of your dick waving revolution. I'm sure a bunch of shitty knockoffs of IOTBW will break new ground.

Goddamnit, dude, I never would have looked at that if you hadn't replied. Fuck.

Well, who's fault is that? The image is spoilered and my webms should have been enough of a clue.

I can't be held responsible for my curiosity. You telling me you won't watch this webm?

You have saved on your hard disk, a video of some guy taking a literal shit bath and some sort of naval hernia, but a two-frame gif of a mangina is too much for you?

Feb. 14th


We're not "pro-republican". Neocons need to be gassed too.

It serves a purpose.

There needs to be some op against race-mixing genocide. White women have statistically the highest racial loyalty in dating, but even one mud shark is too many and the propaganda push to mix out of existence is always present.

"The settlers did nothing wrong".

Good idea.




the jewish bankers withheld money from corporations so they couldnt pay their workers?

^ kike or CIA

< don't try to do nuffin, fellow goy-poorfags

Why do this

Why dont we make posters to influence increased white birth rates by targeting women. If theres one thing women are influenced by its the need to look AESTHETIC. from birth thier very value is linked to how they look. An image like the one ive posted with text along the lines of "When you see yourself in your children" Is able to subconsciously influence women to have white children by playing on thier desire to look AESTHETIC. Anyone who questions the message would essentially look like theyre against white children (which they are) but it would show the normies they are too.

also the "when you see yourself in your children" Idea addresses your point user

Everyone in this thread is a new fag.


Step 1.Post on a college campus 2.?????? 3. Profit.

Adding facts along with it is the only way this can be any good. Just saying "truth" can be twisted easily, you need to explicitly tell them what that truth is. No one thinks what they believe is a lie. A shitlib could see the poster and think "Yeah, it is ok to tell the truth. I need to keep telling everyone about systematic oppression of minorities!"





This is the only version on this clusterfuck of a thread that I could get behind.
Don't like - I can see the mental shutdown because you're using TRUTH which can be fought over in the Leftist mind. They're okay with subjective truth and shouting down the opposition so they can enjoy their truth in peace. They reach that truth by selecting facts to conform to their truth, and rejecting others. They know they do this, but do the denial thing because of ingrouping/rabbit behaviour. AFR reminds them that this is what they do, which is a way of reminding them they are rabbits.

This is some subtle triggering.


Because posters aren't the medium for reflective feels. IOTBW is staking out public space and triggering lefties. Posting happy mums is best for FB/Twitter and other girls' smartphone waterholes.

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