The Hum?

South shore LI user
Hear a low frequency hum coming from outside but nowhere in particular and it sounds artificial and constant, been going on for like 10 minutes and seems to be slowly traveling north. Sounds like those binaural beats but coming from the sky. Anyone else hear it?

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It's gone now, lasted about 15 minutes NYC and li anons report?

Canadian user here, about three months ago I heard an almost musical series of beeps come from the sky, the only thing I can relate it to would be a radio chirp from an EMT, but it was extremely distinct, and I could hear it travel across the expanse of the open sky as each chirp was made.

Wtf is going on user?

no clue, I woke my brother up just so I could make sure not only o could hear it, he did. No good info on this online besides "what is this what could it be??"
Also note the sound had audible fluctiations, although slight, every so often.

Another thing, considering it's midnight here and most people are asleep, I have to wonder what effect this kind of sound can have on the unconscious mind, especially people who are dreaming. Sounds a little tinfoil in my own head but I know those frequencies can affect the mind, the only question is (((who))) is putting them out there

Deep Underground Military Bases? InfraSonic MK Ultra?

Hate to overly bump my thread, but at the time I noticed this sound, I hand my headphones in watching car crashes on my phone. My window was closed and I could still hear it clearly, this was when the hum was strongest
It wasn't really loud but it had a strange penetrating quality to it

Simulator attenuation signals to keep the matrix properly synced? Who the fuck knows.

Remember user, the whole planet is constantly vibrating at a specific frequency.

True, but I don't think that one can be heard or travels across the sky
What I'm thinking is that it's a high altitude plane with some sort of emitter that projects these frequencies in a large cone onto the surface, that might explain the longevity of the sound as well as its travel, and even the fluctuations, as the plane travels over clouds that slightly warp the sound

NJ fag here, I'm close to NYC but didnt hear shit. Maybe I tuned it out since I've lived near JFK flight paths my entire life.

I feel you, but this was very unlike a passenger planes sound, that one you can clearly hear it move across the sky, this sound went very slowly, and only listening closely for a few minutes could I hear its travel

I should mention that I've seen and felt military helicopters flying really fucking low for the past month or so, the trees would sway from the rotor wash and my windows rattled when they flew overhead.

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In Queens we had a high pitched sound that can be heard around 10 block radius. No one could figure out where it was originating from. It stayed constant at times and changed in volume other times. It happened a few nights randomly during a 2 week span.

Bumparoo 4u I've heard the hum too, out at sea, not in your area though. "Penetrating" is a fantastic word to describe it. Fucked up brainwave manipulation and subversion is another good set of words. Stay safe

I think it's acoustic-gravity waves.

Checking unchecked trips and timestamp seconds

Its from a train.

Is this what you heard?

Is a feckin humminburd, go back tae slep

Shit. I've heard that sound before. It's like a constant humming, and it wasn't the electric pylons singing. My dogs constantly lost their shit over it. It felt very penetrating, like you could feel it vibrating in your chest. It kept at a very steady constant frequency, you could sort of block it out consciously and 'ignore it' because it wasn't really loud but it was always there for hours at a time and you could constantly feel it.


so your going to just discount what could be un revealed tech…… maybe our military or the glow in the darks know something we don't.


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Either way i doubt my phone would've picked up this sound, but i didnt think about it at the time, only contacted friends in the area to see if they heard it as well.

sounds like what i heard, but mine was low

Interesting, idk how you'd get signals from montauk all the way to me tho. Im like a 2h drive from there

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