Redpilled Child Rearing

Greetings, Holla Forums. With my first child (a daughter) on her way, I thought I should start a thread discussing how to raise redpilled children. My wife is currently 7 months pregnant and we are getting things together in preparation for inevitable day that we finally get to take her home.

I have a job that pays well enough to ensure that my wife will be able to stay home and raise her properly. We've both agreed that homeschooling is a must, but we need to find ways to socialize her while still keeping (((corrupting influences))) at bay. Doubly so, as she's a girl, we need to keep her from becoming a thot and on the straight and narrow. We don't want to be too overbearing because she'll naturally try to rebel as a bitchy teenager, but we don't want to be too lax and end up with her getting knocked up by jamal at age 12.

What's the best way to raise a functioning, redpilled member of society?

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Throw away her TV, and homeschool her.

What Holla Forums thinks of …

More shilling again.
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Hope the mother hasn't been drinking floride or high fructose corn poison. Thats already one IQ cut off.

Don't cut the cord until its done pumping blood

Don't vaccine until puppies are atleast 6 weeks of age.

Proceed to homeschool and go /out/ often

Not homeschool, but private school. If you try raising her in a vacuum, no matter what parenting tactic you try, she will start rebelling the first time she learns of those corrupting influences, perhaps all the more so because it's like a forbidden fruit. If you want a guaranteed redpill, you need to let your kids redpill themselves–or at least feel like they redpilled themselves. To do this, they need social exposure, i.e. private schooling, but it's a controlled exposure–you teach them just enough cynicism and just enough about the value of family and tradition that when they first encounter lefty shit they become suspicious and distrustful of it all on their own. When your daughter reaches this phase, she'll feel like this is "her" idea. Then, when she comes home from school and tells you about what she encountered, and relates those little bits of proto-redpill that she came across herself, you start being a little more explicit. You see, now that you're agreeing with something that she brought up, you look like a "cool" and caring parent. Instead of being this source of authority from on-high against which a child will naturally rebel, you appear as a comforting force that validates her own ideas. This kind of interaction, while a bit harder to pull off, makes your children infinitely less susceptible to propaganda than any amount of homeschooling ever will.

This kinda thing has to be guided and not forced. Happy to see threads like this more often on Holla Forums

Exactly this. I have 4 kids, oldest at 14 is totally red pilled and arrived there himself with private school and bit of gentle steering from me. If you clamp down too hard you'll have a rebellion.

Pretty much what they already said. Our job as parents is to ensure our kids have the tools to face (((corrupt influence))) and we can't achieve that by completely shielding them from it like it doesn't exist. Be there for your children and help them make sense of the world, if you're not there (physically and/or emotionally) then they'll subconsciously seek that guidance somewhere else - and that's (((their))) opportunity to interject.
Also homeschooling can be tricky, seen it work well in some families but not others. Try it out for a while but don't force it if it's not working out, otherwise you can do a lot more damage yourself than public school. Having kids exposed to real interactions with other kids at school is invaluable experience and hard to substitute - that's where a lot of homeschooling fuckups happen.

Yeah yeah, gratz, we just had a thread like this.

I gotta agree with these faggots, you can't shelter your kids because eventually they will be let loose into the big, degenerate shithole that society is and it will be a big shock to them. Instead you should try to limit the poz by sending them to private schools, get them into real hobbies, and install good morals early on.
You can't be a faggot either, you have to be upstanding and someone your kids can look up to and trust. They respect strength. You can't be too strict either.

Hopefully thins will help you

I have 1 daughter (2.4), and apparently another bun is in the oven (kek). We are living in Eastern European country. What I'm planning to do is to explain her my every decision about her life, watch good, redpilling movies with her, and be a good husband, so she can use me as a benchmark for evaluating boys. I will tell her about self-sustainability, love, trust, race realism and mixing, and will aspire her to become a good wife for a white, self-sustained trustworthy man. If she chooses a "career" path after school, I will help guiding her into something she can easily cut off at 25 and turn into a hobby / family-owned business later (most likely no uni - fuck uni; possibly trade school) to have 5 solid child-bearing years if she decides to have several kids. After she becomes a wife, provided her husband is red-pilled enough, I will finally have a year or two of rest, before she gives me grandchildren.

You do not give details like her pregnancy age or anything else that can identify you two!

What does that mean? Are you and your wife not acceptable role models? You should not try to normalize ALL people to your child, because most people are shit. Socialize your child by demonstrating with your own actions what is acceptable, then she will choose her friends wisely.

People here may call him a meme (which is not an argument), but Stefan Molyneux has S-rank advice on childraising. Teach principles, so your kid can handle any situation. Negotiate. Do not threaten death (this can be done with mere neglect). Model the behavior you wish to see in your child.

Pay good attention to the stories you tell here or music you allow her to listen to. These are the seeds of a child's world view what a person consider admirable and happy.

No, she won't. This is a phenomenon of shitty parenting. Kids often lose respect for their parents before their teens, and begin rebelling when they realize they're strong enough to not die without mom and dad. Be someone your daughter respects, and this shit won't happen.

Jesus Christ…

Something to remember is that parenting is only a small factor in how somebody turns out. I have seen great parents raise kids that rejected everything their parents told them and turned to shit, and have seen shitty parents raise kids that turn their lives around and end up pretty great in the end, and everything in between. I see a lot of people on here who think that it is a 1to1 thing, where if your kid turns out shit, its because you are a shit parent. In reality, you can do everything right, and it may not matter in the end. On the other hand, you can stress over the little things to the point of misery and your kid may have already been on track to turn out well regardless. I've seen good parent's faith in their values shaken by shitty kids, and shitty parents gloat that their kids turned out ok in the wash. In the end, it is the kids that make the decisions about who they will be in life.

tl;dr in the end, how your kids turn out is out of your hands, because they have free will. Guide them rightly, but realize that there are things out of your control.

I think it doesn't matter. I don't think I absorbed any of the values my parents tried to impress upon me because if I did I wouldn't be an internet nazi.

All of my siblings are totally different from me and each other too. I think the key to good parenting is probably just giving your kids a place to live and food to eat until they don't need it anymore and not fucking them or hitting them too hard.

congrats brother, sounds like your doing a good job as is. keep it up!

From what I have seen, providing positive models for them is definitely helpful. But in the end they will chose whether they reject or refuse those models. Honestly, you cannot guarantee that they will even take away the right lesson from the models you provide, even if you try to explain things.

There are things that were explained to me growing up that I never really understood until I came to know them directly through experience. Only in retrospect did what I was told growing up actually make sense in those cases. Everybody kind of speaks their own language, and things are often lost in translation, especially between generations.

There are definitely things you have to experience for yourself to understand. When I was young my parents seemed really strict and boring but now a lot of their dumb rules make sense.

One thing I have no idea what to do with my kids is what should I teach them about pot. Where I live it's legal and I don't see anything wrong with it more than I do alcohol and I know from experience that most kids experiment with drugs and alcohol in school and don't turn out any worse for it. At the same time, I also know that all our parents were very against any of us doing it even though they had, for the most part, done it themselves. I worry that the perception that it was this big cultural taboo that we were breaking when we smoked pot is what kept most of us from going way too far with drugs.

I have no idea how to approach that, and if family history indicates anything my kids will be smarter than me and they'll see through any bullshit I throw at them.


head on over to /polk/ for this one

do you have the version for boys?

OP one thing I do know is teach your kids how to shoot from a young age. Buy them a .22 rifle for their 5th birthday or Christmas and make time to take them shooting regularly. Teach them to clean and maintain their rifle and make sure they keep it in good condition.

Shooting is a wonderful tool to teach young children responsibility and self-sufficiency and paves the way for their first hunting trip once they've learned how to use and maintain a rifle.

No, that user never wrote it. But he did say that physical punishment is fine, and you should use spanking because it causes no harm and the pain is gone quickly. When they are young you have to administer it instantly, and as they get older you can punish them later.

Limit use of internet, children's programming. Don't be a lazy and go with 'yeah let's give a ipad to the brat and play youtube on it'.
Good imaginative audiobooks and aesop's fables are a must

One of the main ways a parent can guide their kids the right way is to make their kids want to have what their parents have. Being open about important things in life and being a valuable advisor and source of help is probably the two best ways to make sure that when your kids are teenagers they will choose the stability you give them over any misguided traps that lead them to bad influences. Unfortunately one of the places where this occurs is public school and if you're in a shitskin area then that's where they will be surrounded by bad influences, guaranteed.

One of the most overlooked areas in adult life that children sometimes reject what their parents stand for is early adulthood in the event where they feel as if their parents can't understand or wouldn't be able to help. This is a big challenge because this puts their level of trust in you to the test. My advice would be to be as open on as many subjects as possible with your kids so that when they're old enough to understand major things, they feel like they're on a team with you. Even in a world without jews, there are perilous things that can happen and being able to rely on each other and remain honest is a guarantee that as long as your system works and provides stability, your kids -as long as their intelligence isn't genetically expressed by some recessive gene from a shitty ancestor- will most likely want to emulate you - yes this means setting the example but I took this long to get to that to show that it means more than just that.

I've saved some advice from anons in similar threads. Pics related.

Make her read books.

Seconded. Your children will look to you for everything. You start as their hero and first love by default. If you simply provide them the love, respect and attention they deserve, they will not stray.

Spend time with your children, that is the most important step because without doing that you cannot do all the other things like teach them good morals. The easiest way of getting more time to spend with them is by introducing them to a hobby that you can do together, and has the added benefit of good hobbies teaching good morals and traits as well. Take a weekend out with your daughter to go hunting, spend the afternoon repairing something with your son, have a family getaway camping and hiking together. Talk to your children. Even more important: listen to your children.

Many homeschool groups now have great networks for socialization. However, if you don't have one then yeah you need to put them in private school. Socialization is important esp for girls who have a very strong mating instinct.

Such an important topic. Imagine a world where white parents weren't shit and didn't break apart their families. We'd be probably be colonizing the galaxy. Was it always this bad?

As far as the homeschooling goes, I went through that as a kid until I entered a private high school.
Honestly I think it made me what I am today in terms of redpilling and knowledge, but I was a complete asocial autist in high school. I had no friends for the first two years, I didnt know how to defend myself verbally and became an edgelord punk/metal guy after the 3rd year once I switched to a public high school.
I also got bullied a lot, sometimes physically. At least at the public school, nobody gave a fuck about me because I looked like the typical edgelord school shooter.

Everything went better when I left school, without finishing my high school diploma. I got my first job, actually interacted with people, found cuckchan, bought my first truck after getting my drivers license, first gf (fatty but hey whatever i wasnt too picky at that point).

tl;dr : There is no substitute to hands-on experience that school delivers. If you deprive your child of social interaction, he'll grow up and have a really fucking shitty childhood/teens because every time he'll interact socially he'll be a loser.

I have a 3 month old son now, and I will homeschool him. Fuck, i'm already making him learn his vowels and household objects.
No fucking pozhole daycare, no pre-school. I'll make sure to sign him up to sports and activites once he's old enough, something I never had beacuse I was living very rurally as a child.

Anyone got more tips for a new dad?

My daughter is such a daddy’s girl. You have to be the man you expect them to marry later in life. My daughter knows I want her to marry a man with his shit together and make me lots of grand babies. Her favorite things to play are shopping at the grocery store and taking care of her babies. I didn’t force her into that direction, she just sees how functional mommy and daddy are, so she emulates.

First you gotta give her anti commie books, then teach her the Jews were backing the government Then make her join kanna gang and give her vr chat so she can fuck peoples day up and spread redpill memes.


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I have several daughters, at different stages of developement, I'll do my best to pass on to Holla Forums what works and what doesn't here.

1.) Private School - We did this for a while, I grew up in a private school myself, so thought it would be ok. I was wrong. While the common core sjw kikery isn't quite as bad, it's still there in it's infancy if there are any minorities present, as they tend to force the issue, and the school has no leg to stand on against the liberal indoctrination system. By the end, all the white kids left until my girls were the only white kids in a sea of niggers and spics. Immediately removed from school at that point.
2.) Home School - This is the way. Do Not Stick to just the curriculum given, introduce things that are important. My girls also receive physical education, Bible, Latin, self defense, marksmanship (both archery and firearms), survival, gardening, husbandry, woodworking, advanced mathematics, programming, penetration testing (you can start early, puzzle solving skills and creative thinking skills), literature, white history and culture, philosophy, psychology, and the beginnings of national socialist principles. Emphasize work ethic above all else, that is the foundation upon which everything is accomplished. None of these things are taught in a structured, formal manner. Instead, we may go on a hike, and I'll spot a plant, and explain how to harvest it and it's uses, whether as nourishment or medicinal. The important part is that you are consistent, and you don't just teach something once and forget it. Reinforce, let them experiment, follow up later with further lessons, etc.
3.) Discipline - Both for you, and for them. Always, always, be consistent and follow through. Do not be afraid of corporal punishment. The trick there is not to spank hard, but to spank long. Swat, do a 5 count, swat again. Make it last. Effective spanking means you will hardly ever have to do it. I maybe have to spank my girls once or twice a year.
4.) Work Ethic - Again, for emphasis, this is the most important thing you can teach them, and they will not learn it from anywhere else.
5.) Throw out the tablets, don't allow them to play games, limit media consumption to things that you Know are good and wholesome. If you haven't watched it, they don't get to watch it. I made the mistake of letting my oldest play games. (I did, so why shouldn't she, couldn't be a hypocrit, right? I hadn't learned how insidious they are yet.) Games, at least modern ones, don't teach anything. All they are good for is robbing your children of their potential, because instead of reading, playing, or learning, they are playing a video game that at best is a waste of time, and at worst is sjw propaganda. The same thing applies to all media consumption, if it doesn't teach, then that is time they will never get back. Children learn at an incredible rate that adults are simply incapable of.
6.) Get them engaged in things outside of the house. Enroll them in art classes, music, sports, dance (ballet, if they teach nigger shit, it's a no-go) martial arts, whatever they are interested in. This is where they get to socialize with others their age, and get exposed to the outside world, with all it's negative influences.
7.) Do Not Shield Them - especially from negative influences. As they are young, they look to you for guidance and with respect. Teach them why the things they've encountered aren't good. Make the effort to show them, give them examples, take the drive through nigger town and watch the nogs. This is how you teach them to resist indoctrination in the future, by giving them the tools to think critically and challenge everything they learn. My favorite is when they come home with nigger music. Bust out some vile gangster shit, then some classical, metal, opera, country, etc. Show them the difference in the way niggers think compared to whites, just by illustrating the differences in what the songs are about, and the complexity of thought involved.
8.) I don't hide who and what I am. My girls know I love the Fuhrer. They see me read and educate myself. One of my girls absolutely loves listening to Pierce, and Rockwell is her hero. I explained to them that the outside world hates me, and the things I believe in. I tell them that they should keep those things private, and learn to gauge whether the people they are talking to would be receptive, or hostile. Certain things are naturally above their ability to comprehend when young, in those cases, I promise to explain things to them when they get a bit older, and can understand. I try not to make them feel stupid, or inadequate.

That's the core of it, really. If I've screwed up, I guess we'll find out, but thus far, I don't think I have. My biggest fear is that they won't find a man worth having. Good luck user.

Buy a dictionary you semi-literate moron.


I envy you.

Just be completely honest with them about it.
Tell them it has short-term upsides like making them more creative, but long-term downsides like making them lose their motivation and fucking with brain development.
"One hit will make you smart like a kike, but doing it constantly will make you dumb like a nigger."

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good luck when a kike laywer tries to take away your kids for ((child abuse)))

Not bad.

I think he's spot on about encouraging them to read pre-WW1 books. A lot of what we consider "adult" literature (not adult in the sense of dealing excessively with degenerate topics; but in the sense of being literature that a degenerate person would never touch, since it's overly challenging), has historically been seen as accessible to a juvenile audience. I'm not sure why that's changed, but I suspect it's due to integrating the schools, with standards having to be constantly lowered in order to accommodate ever increasing numbers of minorities.

It's great that his spouse is out there being successful in her career and his kids made the honor role & stuff, but good luck limiting their access to radical egalitarianist propaganda while the kids are attending school 6+ hrs per day.

I wouldn't throw the baby out w/ the bathwater. Self defense training and some kind of increased socialization could help get around that stuff.

Which types of offenses typically merit spanking, and are there other punishment tiers? The modern approaches to discipline don't seem to work at all, but some dads seem to think that spanking = she brings Tyrone home in 8 years.

I concur. Kike confirmed.

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Okay anons. I need some serious help in this field.

I have a girlfriend and I am and have been building the groundwork for our marriage, having secured a career in HVACR, everything is coming together. Both of us want children. Her and I are very serious about each other. She is a faithful church girl who cares for people.

There's just a few problems.

I was raised by shitty parents who 'loved me so much they did everything for me', as well as spoil me in my infancy, and as a result I know jack shit about being an independent adult. I've been progressing but I am still pathetic. I also have ADD with a seriously short attention span, which conspires against me every waking hour.

She on the other hand has been raised by an ideal father and mother. Her father is a tradesman and raised her properly, and her mother is a very knowledgeable woman in regards to music, medicine, history, science, and others.

I was never taught how to cook. I was never taught how to think for myself. Despite my father being a mechanic in his early life he never taught me a thing about cars other than how to drive. My mother is, in some regards, stingier than a Jew, but she never taught me financial responsibility or how to file taxes/pay bills/sign a check.

Many things I have taught myself, many more people have eventually taught me, but.

I still can't cook and have no idea where to start.
I have always had a hard time coping with my ADD. I heard fish oil helps me retain more info for longer, but where do I start?
I don't know how to budget/other financial stuff.
I am computer illiterate, all I know is how to open a browser, how to navigate my folders, but no optimizing because I don't know what I don't need.

My major problem is that I simply don't know where to start to help me cope/learn. If anyone could set me on the right path, I would be very grateful. I hardly trust anything on the internet besides what is posted on Holla Forums.

Only the nigger way. Only should be used like once for times where you as a parent are NOT caught with your pant down and lose it, but if your kid is so set on disrespecting you there is no other way to get it right(keeping a kid ojt of a gang). That being said, dont be a weak faggot and live in the right area, all should be fine.

Only Idiots believe in sheltering their kids. When I home-school my children. They will be exposed to world and how it works. They will be taught about the degeneracy of the world with a critical eye.

Exposure is the only true way to inoculate your children to the corruption of the world.

Do you have children?

I'll give you the worst, but accurate, response.
Think of the meals you enjoy, then google how to make them.
Tougher one. You can't trust jew doctors, and the internet might be full of b.s. This one, I'd have to leave up to you.
The first one is just google (actually, it's just writing down all the cash flows of your life. I.e., when you will receive your pay checks, costs that occur during the week, etc. Consequently you can figure out how much money you're left with/without at the end of the week). The other financial stuff (taxes, etc.) google.
like? Define optimizing. For most normalfags, optimal enough would be: windows 7 (for compatability), a browser (with ublock + adblocker + etc.), a media player (e.g. VLC or something else), and maybe a file archiver (7zip/winrar). Beyond that, you would just install as you go what you want. Of course, when you install software you'd actually read it carefully so that you don't get tricked into installing crapware.
Google. Even if it can't make you an expert, it can make you sufficiently good at something so that you know what you have to do as your next step (e.g. read a book on X).

If you want to learn how to do things, just use youtube. Guaranteed you'll find a relevant video for things like car repair, cooking, etc. Varg said he was in a similar situation in terms of not knowing how to do anything handy, and just used videos to help until he could do it himself.

Ketodiet plus vitamin D and C. Get your gut fixed. Good gut -> good mind. Mind will stabilize with time. Biggest thing with ADD is training your mind to focus. It's like a muscle. Medtitation on the breath is like strength training for your mind's ability to focus.

There are two ways of solving your problem:
1) Create massive spreadsheets documenting each and every individual expense. This method will work. It is also autistic and time-consuming.


Whenever you are presented with an opportunity to spend money, DON'T. I mean, you need a house, and food and shit. (But even with those you're probably making them more expensive than you need to.) Challenge yourself to, by default, NOT spend money. People that can do that and simultaneously hold down a job will never, ever fear running out of money when it counts.

I'm somewhat computer illiterate myself, but I can provide some feedback for cooking and personal finance.

I was raised the same way; my parents and my sister did a majority of the cooking when I was growing up. I learned a lot by trial and error, using online recipes. Cooking is very much process oriented. If you follow each step of the recipe correctly, you'll end up with a nice cuisine at the end. You will mess up your first couple of attempts, but that is ok. Start with something very simple such as spaghetti. Don't go too extravagant on your first try. There are a lot of helpful videos on youtube for cooking various dishes. In time you'll find cooking to be very fun and rewarding.

Personal Finance
I understand you have ADD, but if there are two books to read, I would recommend "The Richest Man in Babylon" and "The Total Money Makeover". They have a lot of overlapping financial strategies that have proven to be successful for many others. If you are uncomfortable with reading these, I can summarize a couple of key points:
1) For every paycheck you earn, store 30% in a savings account (not checking, put this money out of reach until the time is right to use it). If this is not enough to pay rent, food, and utilities, go 20%. The principle is that you want to pay yourself before you give your paycheck to others (the landlord, the grocer, or the electric company). Save until you have at least enough to pay for 6 months of unemployment in the event you lose your job. Once you have reached this mark, keep saving so you can make a down payment on a house for you and your future family.
2) Once you have stored away part of your paycheck into savings, make a budget with the remainder of your paycheck. Breakdown the budget into estimates for food, rent, utilities, and some set aside for fun/entertainment. I typically make my budget for a biweekly period. Remember that a budget is a road map, so don't be discouraged when you deviate from it. Analyze where you got away from your budget and make the appropriate corrections the next week (i.e. spent too much on groceries this week?, aim to spend less the next biweekly period).
3) Make sure that your gf is on board with your budget and spending habits. You two are a team with a same goal. If she isn't willing to go along with your budget, you will be dragged down away from your goal of personal finance success.
4) Whatever you do, avoid using credit cards to pay for big expenses. Use saved cash when you can. The only exception I can think of is a mortgage. Avoid any other loans when possible.

I hope this helps user. Best of luck to you and your gf; it sounds like you have a good catch. I hope to find someone like her one day. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Hey, friend. Can't help you on the ADD front, but I'll give a whirl at everything else:
Basic cooking is very, very simple. Things like pasta, rice, meatloaf, noodles, and such are quite difficult to mess up if you follow the steps of the recipe. You won't be char-broiling steaks or baking pies on day one, but one step at a time.
Take a good, hard look at what you need for that month: usually food, gas, car/house payments, utility bills, and insurance. If you're having trouble making ends meet, cut stuff like soda and things like that out of your food budget. The sugar Jew is unhealthy and addictive anyways. Also, avoid hobbies and such that are expensive and have no practical application like the plague. I spend a good amount on maintaining my firearms collection and buying ammunition, but I would never dream of spending that money on video games or something.
I'm guessing you want to dig deeper into understanding your OS and working with things like Excel. For that, turn to Youtube. I'm not a codefag so I can't help you on that front.

Watch anime which instills feminine values instead of watching pozzed disney shit.

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Fucking low impulse control niggers everywhere. You probably believe children "naturally" rebel as teenagers, and that it has nothing to do with losing respect for their parents who couldn't universalize their standards. Kill yourselves. At the very least, don't procreate.

Yeah, it's a bummer.

Spanking have been always a legit way to correct children and women.
And because times have changed and it is illegal in some locations, it does not mean is not valid.

Congratulations brother, my first is due in September. We're trying to meme twins for 9/11 or 9/22.

As far as rearing goes, get her in martial arts as soon as she can. I started young in Brazilian ju jitsu and in high school was an assistant instructor to the kids classes 4-18yo. In addition to the obvious self discipline it instills and self defense, it has the social aspect of team sports but in the ring you're on your own. Also, it's addictive af so the best disciplinary tool I've seen parents use was threatening make the kid skip class. 4 year olds with (((adhd))) will snap to right away. You should and your wife should start after the birth so it'll be good family bonding and social time with other good parents that care about discipline.

If Girl Scouts is pozzed get her into a team sport or hobby too. That way she can also learn the lesson of trusting and relying on peers in the situations that call for it. Plus peewee sports will show her examples of shit parents and make her grateful for you.

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I know, I can't expect niggers with their sub-90 IQ to stop beating children in favor of more mentally taxing solutions that actually solve problems instead of create them.

there is a difference between wanton violence and disciplining a child. perhaps if your parents had taught you better you would understand that.

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im sorry your mother didn't love you and your father loved you the wrong way.

Nigger-user, I sorta feel bad for you not because your parents didn't raise you right, but because you're asking how to make yourself a better man instead of staying on topic, which is how to raise your children redpill style.
However, I'll be my brother's keeper and offer some advice simply because I had a similar circumstance as you and overcame some of your problems. Some.
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I am in the exact same upbringing boat as you, user. I'll try to assemble some more thoughts on how to pull yourself out of it (I'm still working on it myself), but in the meantime, here's an excellent channel for learning the basics of how to cook.

He usually just does a cooking show where he recreates dishes from TV and movies called Binging with Babish, but he's semi-recently started a subseries called Basics with Babish where he explains everything from kitchen tools, to the basics of sauces, to how to work with various meats. Best of all, he's a filmmaker himself and started the channel entirely because he was fed up with cooking tutorial channels being "30 minutes on how to cook a burger and the first 15 are the maker talking about themselves". So it's really snappily edited and information dense without wasting your time.

Extremely highly recommended. He explains what he's doing in all of his episodes, too, not just the Basics subseries. I've learned as much from them as I have from the explicitly instructional videos.

Men cook better than any woman.
And it is highly rewarding.

wew i did exactly this with my son. it seems appropriate but at the same time i'm afraid it could fuck him up psychologically somehow
and feel like a fuckup of a parent for it tbh

Great post, thanks!

This shows that other white parents won't stand for this. It's encouraging!

Hi Derrick

Spanking is reserved for disrespect and direct disobedience. Most things are resolved with a simple talking to, others with time in the corner, or manual labor.
Never, Ever, spank a child while angry. I've had my wife spank them for me if I'm mad, and vice versa, Do Not Do It.

What happens when you take away the only thing keeping a man in line?

If you go in to a relationship considering yourself inferior and unworthy, then that relationship cannot have balance, and you create exactly what you fear. The answer lies with yourself. You know what the problems are, so fix them. ADD is a buzzword used to control male children, the cure is discipline. I don't cook, never have, that's women's work, but if it's something you think you need, learn it. Quit blaming your parents and take responsibility for your own problems. You have a laundry list of faults, now what have you done to correct them? Man up and do it, or you will always blame others for your problems, perpetually the victim of life. Where to start? Pick something easy, and do it until completion. When you feel yourself being distracted, force yourself to go back. When you hate doing it, and don't want to do it anymore, force yourself to go back and finish. Let nothing stop you from victory, the only thing in your way is yourself. Something that really helped me, is to immerse yourself into something, and to include positive imagery. (You'll see threads like that on here sometimes, families, aryan women, wheat fields, nature, natsoc imagery) it may feel wierd, but use it to push you harder, find what inspires you to be a better man. (A picture of that gf, for example?)

(Yes, ADD does really exist, but far more rarely than diagnosed, and the odds of op actually being one of the real cases is small. There are numerous herbs and remedies that can help.)

He gets it.

Youtube isn't ideal for truly learning a subject. The information presented is typically more jumbled, lacking a clear progression, ie: crawl, walk, run. Where kiketube excels, however, is in adding a visual demonstration to book learning. For example, I've watched plenty of kiketube vids on woodworking. The guy will build something, lets say a box. He makes it look easy, although maybe he'll make a mistake, and show you how he fixed that mistake. That's all well and good, but do you know what he didn't teach you? Wood selection, common problems like cupping and bowing, and how to fix those. Did he show you all the work that went into getting the wood into a uniform thickness? Did he explain the design of the project, and how and why it works? Does it allow for expansion, or is it going to blow apart with moisture change? I can go on for hours, I hope you get the point I'm trying to make, in that kiketube gives you only a superficial look, and does not go into the depth required to truly understand and master a subject.

Whatever you do user, don't raise girls, we don't need more roastie nigger loving whores.

Okay I understand all that, but I really don't think I have what it takes to spank my kid.
I agree that spanking has benefits, I also agree that it's neccessary sometimes, because some values can't be instilled through reason, but through dominance,however I was beaten as a child severely and I have a hard time doing the same.

I would also feel like a giant pussy if I told my wife to do this for me.

My dad was like that, his father beat him and his brothers and sisters till the bled regularly. As a result, I think he only ever spanked me twice, leaving my mom to do most of the heavy lifting there. I remember when he did spank me, it was weak, and over quickly, and really did nothing to dissuade me. Of course, I was quite defiant anyway, and would regularly look at my mother during a spanking and goad her on, "is that the best you can do?" etc. I would not have wanted to be my parents trying to raise me.

More to the point, though, if you don't have the conviction to do it, and do it right, it isn't ever going to work for you. On the contrary, I think it would be damaging to both you and your kids, and that all of you would be better served with alternative punishments.

There was one time when one of my kids did something particularly bad, but I didn't feel that it was quite justified to spank them for. Instead, I gave them a choice, go pull weeds, or get a spanking. They chose the spanking, because they knew that it would be over quickly, and that I wouldn't hold a grudge and continue to make them feel bad afterward.

I'm the user in , just using Ouroboros on mobile since I'm away from my computer

In recent years I have weaned away from Jewgle, it's hard for me to take anything they say because it's either got kiked sources or the usual "lose weight while eating like a fat asshole"-tier results. I do agree to some extent that Google CAN be your friend, so I'll do more of that.

That's what I was thinking would really help me, but I get overwhelmed by the bullshit and 5 minute long intros that end up not teaching crap that I get lost. If anyone could recommend a few channels like in >>11241799's video I'd appreciate it.

I'll look into the Ketodiet, could you give me a quick rundown on good sources of Vitamin D and C that aren't kiked? Also, how long should I meditate for? I've never tried it and know nothing but the definition of it.

Y'know I've heard 'just don't spend money' so many times and it's not like I don't agree with them, but I've never seen it phrased like this. I'm going to start thinking like this.

Thank you so much. This really narrows things down for me. I tried to save a certain percentage but I only have a checking account and would always lose track of things in the grand total. It's pathetic, but I never thought of saving JUST for unemployment, just saving in general and unemployment or other things that would come out of said savings. I'll start amassing towards that and continue saving upwards.

My girlfriend would be on board with any budget plan I present, she has her own way now but I understand it'll be combined when we're together. I doubt she'll object to a plan built off of your example.

Thanks man. I am a very blessed person to have her. And she feels the same, despite my patheticness.

I am already off of soda almost completely, with one every several months. I have grown to hate it, it messes up my stomach and it is kiked. Water is the source of life. Unfortunately, despite nearly cutting off all fast food, my HVACR career has made fast food a regular part of my day. I am clueless on what I should prepare for my lunch as literally everything is stuffed full of hormones that I get overwhelmed and end up not buying things for a packable lunch.

Anime and gaming are my hobbies, sorry to say. I'm not a filthy weeb, it's just what I like. I don't really spend money on games at all anymore… it helps that all modern games are shit. Watching anime is a lot more comfortable now that I am able to manage my time with it. However, my guilty pleasure is buying collectable figures, but I don't have anything lewd. A lot of them are from series such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Steins;Gate, Gurren Lagann (shows that don't star a big breasted miniskirt-clad skank and are considered by many the best anime out there) Though, I would like to get into guns and I fully plan on buying some to protect myself with. Florida doesn't really have any backyard forests though, so I can't have fun hunting unless I travel. Speaking of which, my father has only ever taken me to the shooting range once. I had asked him many times if he could teach me more but he never followed through.

I meant to mention this at the end, but I want to be a better man so that I can raise good children like anons ITT are doing. I know that the way I am now will not cut it.

Thank you very much for the recommendation, I will check him out.

I did go into this relationship a wimp, but since then I've really grown so much and my girl respects me for it, she completely trusts me the way I am now. I'm not selling myself short, I'm just being realistic about what my faults are.
This is really good advice, thank you man. I'm not trying to become a victim, but I know why you're taking this tone. I need it, too.

Thanks anons. I'll continue to work on myself so I can prep our future generation.

Good for you on the soda part, user. Quit that back in high school and immediately felt better. As for lunch, you cannot go wrong with a salad with lean meat like tuna or chicken. It's cheap, healthy. and very customizable. Stay away from sugary dressings and you'll be on a good road.

I'm in Alaska so I never have issues with finding somewhere to shoot, but I'd check local ranges for prices, or find a friend who has a home range in the back forty.

Yep, r9k kike "wisdome".

Check here for more self improvement: >>>/polk/27556

Tuna is extremely high in mercury and pollution. Switch to anchovies for trad ceasar salads; same price but higher in omegas and much lower in heavy metals. Also look for organ meats at butchers, not frozen foster farms. Cheap because most people don't want them but much more nutrient dense than muscle meat.

Tailor their media selection to your own tastes. Don't let them get pozzed by Talmudvision.
I'm running all of my old favorite cartoons for my son, and I often watch them with him after work. His sense of humor is coming up exactly like mine and its great. Much better than other parents who can't stand the annoying shit their kids watch and parrot. They can't stand their own kids by extension.

Positive female role models other than childs mother would be a good start. Stay away from princesses etc. A good example would be the main character from "Secret of Nimh", a recently widowed mother doing everything to get medicine for child. Instills mothering virtues early on. Good virtues etc will help prevent bitchy fuck jamal cock carousel stage.
But most importantly assuming your wife is a good woman find out how she was brought up as something probably went right there in the end.

Private school rots your kids minds just like public school. You just often get to put them in a uniform and pay a little more so a few less nigs join them, these days it just means more asians join them instead.

Pretending like home schooling means you never let your kids go to the playground or join in any clubs and teams is a kike lie. Fuk kikes and anyone that peddles this shit.
You can make time enough for your kids to home school them and you can make time enough for your kids not to leave them with jewtube unattended because a 5 year old with an ipad will stumble on some real messed up shit.

Here's what you do to keep them pure:

Was going to make a topic on this but this thread seems appropriate.

How do we keep children shielded from kike propaganda without turning them into social recluses? inevitably the more open contact children have they'll be forced into believing the opinions of their generations majority due to peer pressure and needing to fit in. Private schooling won't fix this either, so long as kids have internet they're going to communicate with each other.

Anyone got that capped image about child marriage & raising with this in it?

I was spanked way to much and it was the worst thing for me it made me loathe my father at a young age and reject most of his teachings and most things masculine ….. "disrespect" being able to formulate better arguments then your fucking parents at 4

Excellent job, user–more so on your life than even the post. Raising children properly is one of the most important things. Most of us probably had a messed-up upbringing. I think it is okay to have these threads periodically.

this user is correct, rebellion is not guaranteed, especially if you ban tv and shitty movies that push the idea of rebellion via (((anarchic))) humor.
The whole "rebellious teenager" thing is a jewish invention pushed since at least the 50's maybe earlier.
The term "teenager" didn't even exist until a jew invented it to drive a wedge between the generations and destroy family unity.
I mean for fuck's sake, we used to live in clans, large extended families for thousands of years, could that have happened if "rebellious teenagers" was a thing?
If you bring your kid up right and keep them away from jew media, and peers who have consumed jew media, they will be fine.

Thanks user

The only rearing children need is a big fat dick.

Lurk more faggot

Tell her stories whenever you can. My parents always read or told stories about knights and adventures and stuff as a kid. I loved that shit and it really influenced my worldview.


But user, reading bedtime stories to your kids is racist, and you shouldn't do it cause the niggers don't!
Proof of improved neurological development for children who are read to:
Dads reading to kids have increased benefits over moms:

How were you spanked?

Keep her away from the internet.
That's my one important tip, although frankly I don't enjoy discussion of children, knowing the world it makes me sad knowing what they will need to deal with and I don't like it one bit, make sure they know how to deal with this trauma before it happens.


Seems like he needs more spanking.

For the love of god, less tv, more books, less pop music, more classical.
That’s all it takes, raise her smart and she’ll work things out on her own, make her realize that most of her friends will only do this to move up within their social circle and that, that makes unsuccessful egotistical people who just take selfies. That’s all it will take. Baby steps man.

high IQ rick and morty viewer detected.

Read to her every night. I forgot the name of the study, but their conclusion was that children that have been exposed to a greater amount of words tend to have better reading skills in the future. I, personally, recommend the KJV of the Bible and for full red pill measures texts like: The Creature from Jekyll Island, Art of War, The Prince, Utopia by Thomas Moore, The Divine Comedy by Donte, Washington by Ron Chernow, and The Wikileaks Files. All these are good to have in your personal library and reading them aloud will be mutually beneficial for you and your child. Also look into playing classical music with a earbud in your wife’s bellybutton… my aunt did that with her first two children and they are both pretty gifted… not sure if that had anything to do with it, but worth looking into. God bless and congrats btw.

Make sure your children learn LATIN. Make sure they PLAY a lot. A child can play pretty much from birth, a wonderful thing. Physical contact bonds. Let them WONDER/WANDER around. Do NOT allow tablets/smartphones/social media. Teach DISCIPLINE and longterm success. Give them KNOWLEDGE, especially relating to Natural Laws and Nature. Make them GROUNDED in Reality and as INDEPENDANT as possible.

Nutrition is important and GREEN is the key along with traditional vegetable oils. School system indoctrinates and produces worker bees according to the needs of the elite. Family is what matters. When your children are older teach them the dangers of Government (and Organized religion and Banking system).

get her into reading, non-degenerate music (no RnB, hiphop, any of that shit), and blacklist shit like tumblr and instagram using browser filters.

dont even give her the opportunity to sully herself.

My GF is plannig on having Kids in about 3 years,She is mainly concerned about the modern education in Schools,We live in Saxony and it's considered the biggest Nazi State in Germany but yet we still have a bunch of retarded Liberals running around.
I just don't want any Leftie Teachers to indoctrinate them by saying refugees are good.Also she is against Home schooling.

oh, but they weren't playing dominos on pasta, they were cooking and eating kids. anyways, goodnight sweetie!

In 3 years? That is a lot of time, sounds like a delay. You need to fix that.
As for not homeschooling, you can fix that too. Get harder. Be bolder. Be patient yet move fast.


Great png user. Many thanks to other anons for contribootin. Such an important topic.

Nobody posted this so far.

Get a library with the most diverse range of topics possible. Get communist, kike and libtard books of some sort as well. Kids are naturally inquisitive. When the time comes they will ask you about it and attempt to read a title or two. If you raise your kid to be curious (you should, so he can learn truths more quickly) he/she will be drawn to it.

Then you can give them a generic breakdown of the book. For example. I have a copy of the Communist Manifesto. If my kid decides to read it and ask me about it, ill teach him how this was a stupid idea and why it was, and give concrete examples of countries where it is being attempted. You have to teach your kid that knowing how to be corrupt is good, you draw the line at actually doing it, like cheating in an exam.

Disagree on games, but understand on video games. It's a pain in the ass to find bits worth a damn that doesn't teach things that you already can find elsewhere. Better challenges would be a case of seeing them design their own games rather than working within already formulated frameworks. I'd recommend tabletop over video games any day.


She is 19 and want's to finish nursing school,The last Girl I had wanted to breed earlier,but I later found out she was cheating behind my back with my Childhood Friend.Good Women are hard to find these days and I'm kinda happy that the Girl I have now is a modest sweet Soul who values Traditions.

Before getting into ideological theories it's best for small children to get introduced to traditional folk tales and fables.

want to red-pill them all the way ,homeschool with family values and your own chosen curriculum, and lots of knowledge private schools dare not talk about, like the JQ

The book is about US foreign policy, not so much about whether or not one should put walnut sauce on their pizza before playing dominos.

This user is on point.

Okay, I can do it!

This'll be fucking tough…

not if you show them something better

remember you immediately thought he meant sex when the meant sweet talking you to get her way degenerates

Until you get her pregnant any delay of "years" is as good as a "no kids".
Once she finishes nursing school she will want a career. You have a lot of work to do.
It might hurt your feels but she sounds devoted to being a career woman, if she is already in school doing the abomination of becoming a career women then you might need to find another.

Ask yourself, will someone throw away their investment of years for nursing to then become a full time mother?
Then ask yourself, is a part time mother that doesn't even breastfeed for a full 2 years a good mother? Will the baby develop from primarily artificial feeding instead of breastmilk?

Feelings aren't a factor here. Do you want to 14 for your nation or just feel good that you have a "life partner"

Next thing you know both of you are over 35 and you can barely push out 1 healthy kid if that.
Consider this while you have not yet thrown away years of your time and resources.

Red pill them the same way you got there, make them think it's the edgy rebellious thing to do.

Animal Farm dude. Then "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich", then "200 years together".

Ideally your child should see 99% of anyone, including peers, who consume the electric jew as plebs. Take them to a chain restaurant with a bar and lots of tv's; sit with your backs to the tv's and show them the peopleconsequences of (((media))) addiction and (((GMO's))) in one lesson.

Don't forget lads, Steve Jobs wouldn't let his kids have an smart phone.

I don't really have anything to contribute, I just wanted to say that I'm glad Holla Forums still has time for threads like these.
Warms the heart.

What is wrong with you and your wife? This bizarre jewish idea that you need to lock your kids in a prison with other kids for their benefit is completely wrong. Kids learn to be shitty from being around other kids. Kids should be socializing with adults, so they learn how to become adults.

Private school is no better than public school, what kind of retard are you?

So were tons of kids who went to private schools, and tons of kids who went to public schools. Home schooling didn't make you an autist, god did.

Not the poster you were replying to, but I've got some thoughts.
The Eastern idea of meditation, Christian prayer, the Aristotelian ideal of contemplation; they all loop back to the same thing, and in large part that's simply conscious thinking in its many forms. The problem being addressed by engaging in this kind of thing is the bugman existence, where one constantly goes through the motions running on instinct like an automaton or worker drone; this is the starting point for many people.

Generally speaking, the first step is simply to set aside some time in the day where you don't do anything else at all; where you don't actively need to be doing anything else, you're not with anyone, and you don't have any distractions before you like checking social media, or even listening to music. Just sit by yourself in silence, as this allows you to access your inner voice - you can truly 'hear yourself think,' as the saying goes. If you're not really used to it, it might be kind of painful; your mind might call out for distraction, and you might feel bored, but this is something you need to work through. Don't shirk away from the abyss, but rather just relax and gaze in.

This is cited so often it's almost a bit of a cliché, but Buddhist scripture recommends that new initiates simply take a reasonably comfy position one can maintain for a while, close their eyes, and focus on their breathing. Consciously contemplate the rhythmic inflows and outflows of air, and focus, rather than allowing your mind to skit about as you might be inclined due to your aforementioned ADD. You could think of this as a bit like a mental fidget, like a smoker fiddling with a pencil to fool the brain. Breath is something eternal that always allows you to quietly turn inwards. However, this is by no means the full story of meditation, prayer, contemplation, and what have you. Despite what the popular conception might have you believe, sitting down and focusing on your breathing is very much the very first step, designed no less for people with attention issues (inclined to delusion/discursiveness, as the texts I've read put it).

The next thing that needs to happen is you need to start examining yourself. One of the reasons many people opt to live the bugman life of pure instinct is that self-examination and self-awareness can be extremely painful for you if many of your beliefs are self-contradictory, especially at the beginning of this journey when self-awareness begins. The examination of who you are, what you want from others, what you believe, what you want in life, etc; many of these ideas can be picked up from disparate sources, and so when compared/contrasted, you might find they clash with one another. Plotinus placed great importance on the principle of non-contradiction. In this case, it is necessary to the formation of a coherent weltanschauung that all your ideas be reconciled with one another. Despite the effort, thinking about what you think has great returns, as this unification of spirit offers an avenue to be true to yourself and to the cosmos in a way that offers a great lightness of being and a much greater sense of meaning/purpose.

Getting beyond these first two pieces of advice requires a dip into more esoteric waters, but you'll likely find that having done the last two things, the natural inclination is to keep advancing. Having got your 'house in order' in regards to your ideas, this allows you to finally explore everything else with a clearer mind. Everything from politics to metaphysics. Perhaps the ultimate form of this is embodied in Aristotle's conception of God, which is sometimes described/translated as 'thinking thinking on thinking,' which is not to say 'thinking ABOUT thinking,' but rather 'thinking without an object;' pure contemplation. This is very similar to the ideal described by the Buddhists as 'nirvana.'

Ideally, you should ultimately reach a point where meditation/prayer/contemplation is not an activity for which you set aside time, but rather something in which you engage constantly. This is something that takes a lot of mental training, but if you can achieve it you'll reap great rewards. The Buddhists talk about this as 'walking meditation.' It's even described in Christianity in Romans 12:12, which says to 'be in constant prayer.' What does that mean in practice? Look to the practice in Eastern Christianity called the 'Jesus Prayer,' which according to some is meant to run through one's inner voice at all times.

In any case, this is an endeavor that very much requires baby steps. Just start by taking it easy, and setting aside some time to yourself with no distractions. Best of luck on whatever path you take, brother.

I'll point you to pic related, user. This is an excerpt from Starship Troopers on the value of corporal punishment, among other things. Give it a read.

why dont you give me a copy paste or something similar, reading on white background is cancer

These threads are always pretty good, I've posted these two in similar threads as well. The books are about the brain development of males and females and offer a better look into the psyche, behavior and perception of children as they grow up to become adult. The author is a neuropsychiatrist and has come under fire for stating that there are actually distinct biological differences between men and women in terms of behavior, emotional processing and general perception of the world. The books are a good and quick read, the pdfs are embeded into the respective images, just open them as an archive



You don't have to hit your kids to get them do despise kikes.

Didn't mean to sage

Gold star quality post. I couldn't have written it out better.

Praying is a divine tool of sorts. Miracles happen, because, as Douglas Adams put it. The Earth on a grand plan is a machine that makes up the meaning to life. Most of the work lies on letting go on whatever rigid thinking or contra-dictionary thoughts we might have come up with, or something that's been told to us endless times, and collects in the ego pool of lowsy energies, we might have to let go off to reach better pastures.

*Evil* stuff, truly, just is >really< bad stuff/energy. Energy in itself can be viewed as neutral, but if we let it be directed by the greater powers - or collective powers, the highest intelligence can be let into action and create what we call miracles. So. Just by meditating it's impeccable to remember how baby steps are important, everyone. Because, baby steps are safe.

People have gone mad on some drug intake together with reckless kundalini yoga for instance. Nature fucks up, natures learns from its mistakes and nature heals itself. But you can't controll such energies. That's what the people who do spirit cooking believe they can. Plainly it's just black magic. And you're not really helping anyone by doing that. You're mistreating your own energies to send chaotic shit along some path directed by will. Cursing. Draining energy. It has many names. Energy, done for the sake of good and the well being of atleast your self you can only observe it and let the energies play temselves out. This is why praying is such a powerful tool. It's like cleaning your house, only to be pleasantly surprised you got company right after. If you feel like shit, ask for it to pass in peace. If you feel remorseful, ask for forgiveness. If you are full of hatred, ask for the best outcome to pass without you needing to destroy your self from hateful energy in your heart.

So don't open yourself completely unless you're feeling for it. Some people just went straight for the source on a sunday afternoon under a tree. The natural mystics cracked everything they might have been working with (or aligned themselves accordingly) in a afternoon. And dare we guess it was something out of the ordinary that happened? It was probably something incredible, just like out of the old texts, like the sky split open and God said 'Sup'" or something. Right?

I've stumbled upon a very helpful way of looking at conciousness in myself. It's like layers. First you got your basic instinct. Nothing new, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. Next level is how the energies sprung to life is manifested in us, and that's our feelings and emotions (feelings are more on the 'observing' side, than emotions, that are chosen by will and such, that are 'played out'.) Next level is our thoughts that try to take perspective on these energies we can recall and 'go back to', if needed. And the highest level of consciousness is our intuition. What our whole being is set on. Directionally. Belief. All the layers combined and most obvious to our selves. It's not just what we are brought to be handling this life, it's also how we observe our sum of actions in ourselves and how we percieve this in the present.

If you never take time, how can you ever have it? Just breathe.

Godspeed, anons. Blessings, too.

So what would be good sources for homeschool?
A heavy focus on physical education is a given and I've heard good things about the trivium.

Book recommendations would be helpful.

Can't recommend the works of G.A. Henty enough. They cover historical eras from Egypt to the Boxer Rebellion with amazing accuracy, and have characters that are intended to be heroic and virtuous examples for children to follow. Henty's main characters are usually courageous, resourceful young men who prove themselves in tumultuous eras in history, and typically marry a woman who is virtuous and brave as well as being feminine. There is some degree of race realism, in the British colonial sense.

The works of R.M. Ballantyne are good too, a bit less formulaic and more gritty.

Are you looking for educational materials as well?

Yes please. My son is still learning to read and write, but I'm looking for future materials and info.

Contemplation is not meditation. Meditation is about absence of conscious thought, not indulging in it like a pig.

I was homeschooled, so I'll go off what I remember (and am collecting for future kids.)
Beatrix Potter stories are great. Ditto the old Winnie the Pooh stories (Christopher Robin has a nice little piece about better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it.)

A fantastic resource for history is anything by Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire. They have great picture books about historical characters and concepts. In particular I recommend their Greek and Norse myths books. Great for younger kids to begin learning history.

For actual historical books, there's far too many to list, but just stick with anything written before 1960, before the Cultural Marxist plague really hit education. Some highlights

That's a lie. Teenagers don't naturally rebel if they're treated properly, especially treated as the adults that they are and not children. Once she's started puberty treat her as an adult.




Bump.fellow nazis

user, watch the shit out of this guy to learn basic finances.

jpg-embeds is one of those lost black arts distinctive of image boards that we see far too seldom these days.

Thank you for these books

That's a perfect excerpt since it so completely demonstrates you are wrong. The analogy to dogs is exactly right, and hitting dogs and rubbing their noses in piss has been repeatedly shown to make it take LONGER to house train them. Idiots repeating the idiotic shit their idiot parents did is not constructive. Learn to differentiate between what works and what is bullshit. Also, if you have to resort to quoting an anti-white, pro-degeneracy lolbertardian to back up your belief, you might want to reconsider your belief.

I could not recommend Dave Ramsey more. He is an excellent resource, but he tends to cuck for women sometimes, in the vein of “men need to take responsibility for their actions but women do not”. I actually once heard him tell a husband he needed to “clean up the mess” after his wife went on a shopping spree and racked up $50,000 in credit card debt. Something along the lines of, you have to pay her debt or you’re not a real man.

Other than his chucked position on women never accepting responsibility he gives wonderful advice.

Women can't be responsible, they are women He's not cucked, you are brainwashed by feminist nonsense.

Personally, I'm creating a personalized style from myself to my children so my approach will be different than yours. However here is the general outline of what I am doing:
–alphabet(s) (multiple languages) then oral work and basic reading as well as combined use of video and actual 3d objects for learning additional words
– +-/x maths then exponents and the visuals of these
–Paragraphs and context, focus one language per day and a review on weekends
–complex math problems where the child figures out what best to use to solve them
–Introduction to chemistry and physics
–Then Biology
–Introduction to history and archaeology
I find and review books myself, and use my oral knowledge to give to the kids and let them write out their ideas
Creativity doesn't need a special class or focus, they get it in the assignments and how they choose to finish them
Once we get past basics(III) There will be lots of room for them to write essays or design science projects.
I'm still debating on when to introduct programming languages into the schedule

I'm not sure that is even possible for a hwhite.
Consider that if you are capable of it.

1. Introduce kid to martial arts at the minimum age. Choose Tai kwon Do, it doesn't require physical strength, they teach you how to kill.
2. Introduce kid to running and athletics. Get them to compete. Athletes really look after themselves, the earlier you start, the stronger and more resilient the kids body will be.
3. Always learn to understand when a kid needs attention, guide to wise decisions by looking at both outcomes. Kids rely on wisdom when they don't have any, getting them to think thorugh a problem helps in all sorts of ways.

I suggest a focus on physical health than athletics, sports teams are kiked these days.


Most private schools are just as kiked as the public ones, just more expensive. Sure theres less niggers and the kikery might be more subtle, but its still a golem factory. of course there are a few exeptions

Homeschooling isnt about sheltering or forbidding degeneracy, but explaining it and the backgrounds that we all know about. Your kids might make a mistake or two, which is natural, but if you give them a good foundation they will understand much quicker than most of us did.

The way to stop rebellion is to help them come to their own conclusions.

TKD is garbage as a functional fighting art.

I had a chuckle at this.

Teach them that our higher communal powers of glory and infinite beauty have as their foundations individual free will manifested through creative (in the active sense) struggle and willed abstention, not hedonism. Never let them forget Our Myth.

How do you explain sex to them

I see a lot of people talking about rebellion
That only happens if your kid has lost respect & love for you

You need to be seen as both the authority AND the friend
You need to be seen as a FATHER

Those who rebel don't see their parents as their parents after that point
Rebellion is from shitty parenting, and sometimes just a shitty child

I also see some Anons talking about schooling
Depending on where you live, just make sure the "education" curriculum isn't just a program to turn out some more zogbots

I almost got fully fucked by commoncore, but was luckily taken out in time

Go to Something Awful - the goons are a lot better at helping people with things like ADD and How To Adult than we are. You'll want to lay off on hitlerboo maymays, they don't like it there. But they are a LOT better at life advice - anons can say whateverthefuck we want with zero consequences to our reputation. Also, I had zero cooking training and I've learned some recipes from SA that are quite good.

Also, don't be afraid to ask your pastor for recommendations on adulting tips - there may well be a church group that does combination cooking lesson/potlucks that would love to help you!

The short version is 'figure out how much money you make every month, then figure out how much money you SPEND every month'. Rent, utilities, internet, food, etcetera. Subtract the mandatory expenses from your income and you get your 'disposable income'. Keep in mind that some expenses occur at irregular intervals. Whenever you're unclear on what an expense should be, assume it's going to be high. For instance, if your water bill is usually $40 a month but there was one month where it was $80, your budget should be $80 a month for water. When your expenses turn out to be under budget, save the difference or spend it on something fun. Wait until the END of the month (or pay period, or whatever) to buy stupid fun things - don't celebrate pay day with a party and then wind up broke at the end of the month. When an expense will occur only every few months (taxes!), save up the money budgeted for it.

Tax-wise, if you have a W-2 you're in easy mode territory. If you're getting 1099s or self-employed it's hard mode. You can get accountants to do your taxes for you whether you're in easy mode or hard mode, though obviously it's more expensive in hard mode.

Ideally, you should save most of your disposable income until you have enough of a comfy cushion to pay for your life for six months unemployed.

For best results, get a normie therapist's advice.

99% of adults don't need to worry about this. You can't even start unless you know what you're TRYING to optimize - what are you doing that's slow?

I'm impressed by how full of shit the tor poster at

Is. Knowing how to cook can only benefit you; women go through life on hard mode financially speaking, since they get paid less on average, so their advice is on average going to be better; ADD is real. And you can tell the torposter doesn't have a clue about parenting if his reaction to 'we're starting a family' is 'woman does all the cooking'. Even if your girlfriend wants to do all the cooking, and you're fine with that, there are going to be times when she can't for whatever reason. Like illness, or sudden commitments, or work, or I don't know maybe BEING PREGNANT. Pregnancy can be extremely debilitating, and there WILL be times when the man has to do absolutely everything around the house or it won't get done.

Off yourself, kike. We've shouted at each other to breed ASAP for years now, can't leave the poor clueless fuckers stranded now. The family unit is the backbone of civilization.

This one is always overlooked but helped me grow up redpilled. I grew up in an area where there was a racial mix of people that self-segregated to some degree. All low income to low middle class people. I grew up in a white neighborhood, a rather safe and clean one. When my parents would take me out sometimes we'd go to more of the Mexican part of town where things were all in Spanish, things were dirtier, more abandoned buildings, and I was taught street smarts. You learn about gang signs. You see sketchy looking people walking around. And so on. Black neighborhoods were to be avoided but sometimes still necessary to show your children. This is the part of town with tons of dilapidated buildings, the part of town where you don't stop for red lights, where gangs, drugs, and murder is common. Let you kid have the chance to interact with some of these kids. Make sure they know what the difference is and why. Keep them safe, always, but do expose your kids to the different walks of life, and make sure they learn from it. Why does our neighborhood look nicer? Who was more behaved? Etc…

idk good luck

Tbh, child rearing is kinda gay, if you want to toughen up your kids fight with them, when they grow up hold monthly sparring sessions, child rearing is just projecting today.

My kids favorite bedtime story used to be the fable of the duck and the hens by George Lincoln Rockwell

For non-degerate cartoons I would recommend looking at the "Veggietales" show. Especially the older seasons.

Religious propaganda kike show.

He's right you know

Add to this list the Elements of Euclid, the world's oldest mathematical textbook. It is extremely uncucked.

No spanking no circumcision you cover half the sources of childhood trauma right there.

OP said he was having a girl you fucking idiot, don’t bother posting unless you actually take the time to read.

Enforce very clear rules to your child when and how it will be spanked. A great example is lying big stuff; if he/she gets caught lying when not doing homeworks, activities, or something, spank when it is caught repeteadly doing it.

Warn her/him when it is caught lying, second time ground her/him, third time spank.

NEVER spank your child out of your personal frustrations. This is the source of childhood trauma; spanking when the child doesn't know why it was spanked.

female circumcision is removing the labia, user.

There are 4 recognized degrees of "FGM" (circumcision) for women.
The majority of female circumcision is less radical than male circumcision.
less tissue is removed, if any is removed at all.
Contrary to feminist propaganda, the clitoris is not cut off in the majority of cases.
One of the most popular methods involves nothing more than a symbolic (literal) pin prick to draw a drop of blood from the clitoris.
Is one of the most pernicious lies told about FGM.
Since the visible part of the clitoris represents only a tiny part of its total mass, even if visible clit is completely removed, a woman is still perfectly able to experience orgasm.
The difference is, she won't achieve it through fingering herself, only from the deep thrusts of her husband stimulating that region of the clitoris which lies beneath the skin.
Diagram related. You can see that completely cutting off the clitoris bulb is actually fairly close to male circumcision, perhaps resulting in even less loss of sensory potential.

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Bumping this thread to counteract the sliding going on today.

hurr durr

and they say shitgoons are just a bogeyman around here
fucker even thinks negatively of hitler

true, and great infographic

Way ahead of you.

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Davy and Goliath then.

If you want to get her going, put your fingers in and play with the forward wall about two inches inside her pussy. The clit is overrated.

Spanking is the number 1 way to ensure your kid ends up low class. Upper class families do not spank their kids. They reason with their kids. And kids learn WHY to behave and also to use reason to get their own way in society.
Certainly teach your kids how to hunt and stuff, don't treat them like pussies, but spanking ought to be off the table.
Number 2 way to ensure your kid ends up low class is moving them around every year. They need to learn from a young age how to form close, lasting bonds of friendship with real people face to face, not internet friends.
But you definitely don't want you daughter hanging out with public school girls. And probably not even most girls in church these days.
Homeschooling is good but you have to monitor all her media intake, especially the internet. If she's reading at all it needs to be classics and solid red-pilled philosophy. Teach her how to identify (((propaganda))) and why people spend billions and billions of dollars to manipulate her, and only then can you ease off the reigns and let her start interacting with "the real world".
If she starts talking about she wants a tatoo or a nose ring, then you failed utterly. You let her befriend some thot or admirer some trash on tv. But the biggest general rule to remember is this:
When this shit happens, if your response is to just yell at her, then just turn in your fucking parent card because you're going to drive her into Tramp territory at that point. You need to stay calm regroup and reimplant core values and principles and moral precepts and get that bitch thinking right again.
If she refuses to listen at that point, then your only option IS TO BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF HER. Not spanking. Literally beat the fuck out of. At this point she has a personality that thinks that the world belongs to her and everyone has to bow to her caprice. The only way to end that is to give her a shock she hasn't had to deal with before, and that's a solid beating. That beating will have so much more impact if you've never spanked her before, and she will learn what the real world means.
Even if you go to jail or some shit you will have taught her a lesson with that beating that will save her life.

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teach her to shoot niggers, lol

What's it called when mods are beyond kiked?

Fuck off Schlomo.

It's pretty much either that or the satanic propaganda shows isn't it?

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