So I didn't know this, but four days ago the Chuck Grassley memo was released after the Nunes memo. However, the original version was a heavily redacted document. Tonight the much less redacted memo was released that reveals a ton of information including that Christopher Steele is recommended for charges. CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified Steele Referral).pdf

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Jesus. Yeah, this is about to come crashing down on the Democrats' heads. If I was a betting man, I'd put money on at least one more important person getting suicided before the day is out.

On a more analytical note, does anyone else think the gov't. recommending Steele for criminal charges is another layer of the Deep State attempt at damage control? The more this shit keeps happening, the more I think that someone in the bowels of our diseased system of government REALLY doesn't want this shit to come out, but the longer this whole charade goes on, the less and less public support they have to keep going through with it, especially as more bullshit like these memos keep coming out.

Theres at least one more memo, this one dealing with the state department involvement in this whole thing. However, the sticky claiming that Carter Paige was a FBI undercover is the most damning.

Ho Lee fuk
This is the better memo
FISC was informed the dossier was "political in nature" in a footnote
Never informed that DNC/Clinton paid for the dossier
The FBI should have known Steele was lying, perhaps they did and lied to FISC. This is getting juicy.


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Fucking Sticky this goddamnit

The very first page says that material contained in Steele's classified documents is potentially materially false

I was saying the FBI should have known at the time that Steele was lying, or that maybe they did know and lied to the FISA courts on the applications



It really needs to be pushed that the DNC/Clinton campaign financed a fucking foreign ex-intelligence officer to spy on a Presidential candidate, and the FBI was working with him to. There is no clear act of sedition, that in itself is crazy. It's already been known to Holla Forums, but it's been hushed up for normalfags, break it.

*no clearer. Fucking type


No shit because this memo was written NOW retard. At the TIME THE EVENTS REFERENCED HAPPENED, the FBI is claiming it didn't know the info in the dossier was false despite knowing that the Democrats paid for it and that it was all unverified. I don't buy that they didn't know the info was false AT THE TIME.

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Mods scared away most of the oldfags by letting 4cuckers and redditors post uninhibited. Separate issue though.

It is amusing that we (here) knew that much, before these clowns started publishing the memos.

I feel like one of the ents that lost the wives:'(

So the FBI fires Steele, but DOJ doesn't.

Can't pin down Y/N on FBI pymt to Steele.
I have a feeling it matters.

Also, why is Gowdy on telly looking sick like Jobs and saying DNC was hacked by Russia. wtf; when was that proven

There's also The FISA Review Court which all 3 members were appointed by Bill Clinton.
Posted this accidentally in a wrong thread. No bully, please.

None of what's happening now is actual news to any of us. Holla Forums was always right. The government is corrupt as fuck and has been abusing their power for decades to keep themselves in power and all their opponents down.

Now, however, there's not only concrete proof of corruption, but legitimate criminality. A few questions come to mind, much of the thought analytical.

First off, what EXACTLY does this mean in a legal sense? Yes, most of us are aware of the implications in a broad sense, but what laws have been broken as proven directly by the information that is in the public eye so far? Some people are already recommending Steele for criminal charges, a couple people are already banging the war drums of "treason" and government corruption on FBI/CIA/DNC/Clinton over this, so that's a good start.

Next, where does this go from here? What links are we still missing to prove everything that WE have been saying for years? We're missing the FISA warrant being made public, subpoena'd testimony from any/all of the people involved, and appointment of a special investigator to look into this whole matter which, depending on how deep they're willing to dig, would easily uncover things that would completely destroy faith in America's system of government and could possibly trigger serious protests.

Finally, how do we abuse this? The memes from this year will undoubtedly be the stuff of legend, but how do we exploit the release of this information for maximum effect? The government works for THE FUCKING PEOPLE, so they deserve to know first and foremost if these assholes are working against their interests.

Yfw the
meme will be fucking unironic and 100% serious. This is going to be a staple of murikan meme banter for years, no, DECADES to come. This is a permanent mark on our history and it's fucking hilarious.

I'm right there with you.

we should just kick up the partisan thing and get both sides to keep releasing info on each other until they destroy each other


Let's make it happen!

OK, Chris Steele seems like a reasonable start.
He skipped a court date yesterday in London, so whatever he's running from is worse than a contempt charge.
NSA knows exactly where he is.
Send some white hats out to extraordinarily rendition him, and lock him up somewhere that will put the fear of God back into him.
You're up, I'm up, and it's time for whatever spooky boys are in the UK to be up. Let's go.

She won the popular vote.
Undocumented Immigrants have constitutional rights.
Communism has never been tried.
Anyone not liking the latest Star Wars train wreck is a Nazi.

please God, let this happening actually just happen

This board slowed down because of the spambots, shills, and dumbfucks like yourself who probably argued with them, all the while derailing quality threads

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You don't have to respond user.
You can control your autism for once.

This will be a permanent blow to blacks too, a mark of Cain if you will. They will move en masse to Canada and Germany and Liberia.


You say "obvious sarcasm" but with the retardation that some ppl ooze, it seemed like a legit anti-trump post.

Gowdy seems compromised. Not to be trusted anymore IMHO. Not even sure if he was ever more than controlled opposition.

Him calling Comey a good guy and basically trying to make it seem like Comey's hand was forced instead of the reality has always made me wary of Gowdy. That and the fact that he seems all bark no bite.

you just need to look faggot.

100%. An outspoken globalist pawn like Graham wouldn't be behind this memo otherwise.

Niggers are going to fucking riot when Obama is aperehended

Gowdy is a grandstander who will never accomplish anything at best. That's enough to not like the guy for me.

It's maddening that they've redacted the names of Clinton's cronies

If it's anything like Watergate, throwing Steele under the bus won't save them

Disagree. Gowdy has already accomplished much by being the character he appears to be.

Imagine trying to remain calm when he is given free reign and more than 5 minutes to question you and you definitely have something to hide.

I hope he is a painfully honest man who has no choice but to call things as he sees them, even if doing so makes for awkward situations.

Did you not check the stickies? What is a British fag crossing party lines compared to the FBI planting an undercover to lie about him in order to wiretap the incoming president?

They sure are.

They will.

Not for long.

Are you ready for total war?

Posting war face.

10 bux gowd is a grids ridden bisexual like Billy boy. Along with all the chickenhawking and pay for play that that entails.

Oh my sweet summer child. The govt is an agency of power, it works for itself. To damage it we must meme at it, not with it. Eat at it's support base of normies with digestible memes, like pic related. Make better memes for more educated embeds. Lastly meme action plans for /ourguys/ like mark gaetz and for future candidates who wish to unseat current congressmen.

People desiring to enter Congress are our best short term bet, make them publicly say what we want in order to gain legitimacy, make it popular to make accusations and back them up. We need to delineate what charges can and should be brought against whom and then make public lists of electable people who have called for such charges. Make people want to get on that list for their own candidacy purposes and you have an incentive program to expose corruption.

This is shaping up to be on the level of 9/11 or Kennedy, except the plan did not go off as wanted. A special prosecution if done in accordance with the law would find every crime in the book to throw at these people. Solution? They won't. Like the Warren Commission or the NIST report, the investigation will be staffed by flunkies and purposefully fucked up to cover everyone's ass.

The FBI showed a level of corruption so deep that there probably aren't any senior leadership in Congress NOT implicated in it. They won't appoint someone to get themselves in trouble. Like the old adage, borrow a little the bank owns you, borrow enough you own the bank. Right now the FBI and doj are counting on mutual interest to prop them up and keep them out of trouble. Correction has to come from outside. We could theoretically see an investigation by state legislatives forcing oversight on Congress, or a federal judge sticking his nose in and raising hell, but realistically the pressure has to come from voters.


Remember that congressmen are the ultimate wannabe Chad's and Stacie's, they live on a dopamine rush of being somebody while having no real responsibility. Losing the dope gravy train is worse than death to them. But only through the power of memes can this be done.

I don't see many people spitting on the negro legacy. It could be beneficial to throw shit on him. It would make it harder for the next negro candidate.


It's more likely to be an attempt to flip him against them. In order to avoid going to prison, he has to testify under oath that it was actually the FBI / DOJ that knowingly lied about his material to the FISA court. (Technically he might still be convicted of "lying to the FBI" process crime BS but that's looking very shaky right now, given that it rests on 100% trust in Feds that have been exposed as massively political biased and accordingly "selective" in what they included in their FD-302's.)

So king nigger wanted to know everything, huh?
Finally we got his actual name mentioned even if it is only between various braindead sms of emojis and pillowtalk between two goons.

The absolute audacity of these fucking alphabet faggots.

So even these fucking plebbitors realized how big this would be.
Looks like the clintons don't get a moments rest.

All the kikes horses and all the kikes men couldn't bring deep state back together again.

I feel like I've read the exact same comment here on Comey before we knew for sure what a shitbag he was (a.k.a. before the firing).

That's what I was just thinking today user. The media is going haywire over Trump being slightly overweight, while Obama and Hillary get away with murder as the GOP goes after deep state finger men.

Let's not forget who the fuck Lindsey Graham truly is, how that fudge packing punk gets reelected every year is beyond me.


We will tell our grandchildren we memed this into reality as they prepare for space exploration.

Only the moderately intelligent ones with no ties to Hollywood actually have the initiative to leave, which means we'll still be left with a good 99% of the bastards . We could always just forcibly remove them though.

It's time.

This is pretty big actually. These two idiots have directly implicated him

checked and true

Yes, I'm fully aware of that. What I mean, if you care to look a little more closely, is that in concept, our government is intended to work for the people, not for special interest groups.

Also, if you read the spoiler more carefully, you'll see that what I'm saying is that the longer this continues, the more likely the public will be galvanized to speak up with demands for action. If the government magically decides to let these obviously corrupt individuals go free, then people who see this as what it really is will step up and make their voices heard – by ballot or by bullet. pls no bully fbi

If the government isn't willing to regulate itself, the people will regulate it for them, as is their God-given right. The memes only help that along if, as you say, they make it truly toxic to be associated with any name listed in these memos or investigations until they step down or get outed as the corrupt, lawless traitors they are.

At the end of the day, the memetics are all about the optics of how diseased and broken our government is. Don't underestimate how willing white people are to avoid a violent uprising; how the system corrects itself, and how willing the people are to accept the given solution, are still up in the air, but I get the feeling that, as it always is, it will be a straw that breaks the camel's back.

Despite everything else it is actually quite satisfying seeing people on Fox still digging into this and continuing to ask question and bring in relevant guests.
This might not suffice to implicate obongo yet but his nigger shield of 'muh scandal free president' is starting to fail and the next pieces of evidence might actually start to get us something more tangible to work with.

You haven't been paying attention, user.

The FBI is now getting bullied by us.

I think you mean

Trips of threes show us the way.

Good. Martial Law will be declared. That will be our time to meme a race war. We will start a psyop convincing non-whites "Now whitey is REALLY ohpressin us! Fight em to the death nigguhs!" Then we will be able to take to the streets and mow all shitskins down in righteous justice. The result will be the greatest ethnic cleansing we have ever seen. Get /fit/ and prep up now user. Soon it will be time to make our ancestors proud.

This memo smells like an attempt at a coverup to me. They're blaming everything on this useless stooge Steele and sending the referral for prosecution to, of all people, (((Rod Rosenstein))) who is one of the major conspirators in all of this.

Plus, this is Grassley and (((Lindsey Graham))) we're talking about here. They want nothing more than to harm Trump and coddle the deep state.

So is this the democrats counter memo to the last one that came out?

Russians (and others) almost assuredly have most/all of the private email server contents (which are the Weiner/Abedin laptop's as well.) When it comes to prosecution, the 'reconciliation' and disclosure process might exculpate enough of the lower level swamp scum to justify plea bargains that don't entirely obliterate the function of our institutions – given they were potentially 'blackmailed' by foreign powers (and/or DNC administration that were themselves, which seems to be the Awan Bros. deflection, and Netanyahu's current corruption scandal. Money's on the two being intimately related.) Same for his comments on Comey "dong the best he could with the information at the time … I think history will look kindly on Mr. Comey." – All of this cabal goes back to Benghazi as well, Comey back even to Kenneth Star's special council (see Comey's participation there.)

Them, and their 'allies' – with the lowest black unemployment rate ever – have another thing coming. Let them eat cake.

We could only be this far along and winning with military intelligence finally pulling its head out of its ass. The alleged SAPs on the private email server, and Weiner/Abedin laptop could start wars, on top of fucking our institutions. The highest rungs and most egregious violators will be indicted, the rest will have the out of being blackmailed and subsequently plea bargained/counter-jewed the rest of their lives.

IF he was an FBI asset - memo seems to state - 'then' there's doubt whether that was before he retired from UK security services – espionage is espionage, even if its allies (likely why he avoided appearance in the UK court, so far.)

>and sending the referral for prosecution to, of all people, (((Rod Rosenstein)))
More rope for them to hang themselves with. The writing's been on the wall. Even the merchant will have to have his come to Jesus moment (the amount of blackmailing by potentially so many sources muddies bog water.)

This is my warface!

Well, we all know how well that worked out for Nixon


It should also be pointed out that Great Britain was helping Obama to spy on Trump.They could be doing a lot more to clean out the corruption around the Western world, I have a feeling that their involvement in this could become a big issue if they don't put some effort into a good housecleaning.

A coup against our sitting President is still ongoing and Britain helped set it into motion. Other countries had agents and of course dual citizens helping as well but we already knew they weren't very loyal to the USA. This is very saddening.

The FBI was paying the dude who wrote the memo, of course they knew at the time.

US sepoy status to the Anglo-ZOG empire was at stake. This Steele status as both FBI-asset and UK intelligence agent escalates things enormously. As if 'regime change' operation within the country by its own intelligence services wasn't bad enough.

Lyndon LaRouche was right about the Brits and the Clintons and Obama this whole time.

(((B U M P)))

user my goy…


Look at this fucking shit

So they had Jason Chaffetz under their thumb.

What were they watching? Nothing on C-Span is tagged with Gowdy, on Monday, September 12th. Perhaps a replay? Or maybe they were watching Rachel Maddow or something?


9/12/16 Oversight hearing on Hillary's emails.
The "Jason" they are referring to in the texts is Jason Herring representing the FBI at the hearing. They refer to Chaffetz as "Chaffetz" a couple msgs earlier.

That's some hawt Jason-on-Jason action.


where did they go dubsman?

I Dub thee, servant of Kek

Perjury / obstruction of justice, at the least for several individuals. That's a felony criminal charge and a quite serious one that carries a jail sentence. There may be a conspiracy charge that can be stacked on it given the number of people involved. That will allow anyone who may have possibly aided the perjury to be prosecuted. Intent isn't necessary to conspiracy, so that opens the door to a wider number of people. Accomplice or accessory liability may be available provided intent can be established, which is always tricky. Especially in before-the-fact cases.

espionage is inappropriate. Treason only if we formally accuse them of trying to stage a coup, which would be "making war on them"

Checking your trips in agreement. I just added them because many anons who don't really understand the law go on about both of those charges.

Arrest the nigger.

how about sedition?

No, treason does not mean “making war”; it means “aid and comfort.”

Perjury and Obstruction of Justice are nearly guaranteed. Given all the evidence in the public sphere of knowledge after the release of the memos, emails, text messages, and basically everything on Wikileaks, there is more than enough evidence to establish guilt of falsified statements and documents beyond a reasonable doubt.

I feel like RICO would be possible, but incredibly difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but how hilarious would that be to use that sort of charge as bait to prove other charges like spoilation of evidence?

"How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday"
look at the juxtaposition between rantingly and

People need to get on spreading this. The MSM is just going to write this off as some rogue agent breaking the law. Steele is being set up as the fall guy. They're going to try and make this whole thing about DNC and Clinton using the FBI and DOJ to spy on Trump look like one agent tricked the DNC and Clinton into supporting it.

"adhering to their enemies" means hostile foreign powers. There are none. "aid and comfort" means supporting agents of hostile foreign powers.

"levying war against them" easily includes attempting a coup, and in the non-legal sense, accusing them of treason does mean accusing them of attempting a coup.

The future is ours

Well maybe if you would stop whining and request that a thing be put on another thing, some OC may emerge.

Dubs of deception. You are a liar.


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Reading comprehension has sadly failed you, as they are saying what the nogs will likely do, not what the user wants them to do.

Hi Oliver.

How can we get them to move to Israel?
They'd certainly like the climate more.
And if the Jews reject them, the whole world can see Jewish racism for what it really is…hypocritical, with an enormous bias against anyone not born Jewish.
They've already tried sterilizing black Jews that immigrated there, but the entire world ignored the story.
Just as Alinsky said, they accuse the Germans of doing to them what they have been doing to others. So transparent, but so hidden by their slave-media.

blessed triple nine

>reliability of Steele's previous reporting to the FBI
Could have been done at the pleasure of the Queen, still opens the question of rope in his own country. Spying for a foreing powers is spying ….

not only that, but perjuring himself about the facts and Russian contacts used to do it – judicial woodchippers are too good for these people.

potentially spying against his own country (for (((us))) using Russian contacts

And when they chimp out, they'll have to contend with the cognitive dissonance after PRESIDENT TRUMP commutes KANG NOG's sentence to life in prison. Meanwhile, with his Nobel Peace Prize revoked taking political asylum in Sweden his co-religionists destabilize the country so much he can't even stay in exile.

Spying (against Britain)
He'll be in Guantanamo before he can make it to the Ecuadorian embassy, kek

Dems are assiduously avoiding mentioning him/his memo authorship. Either he's an asset, or they're avoiding the optics resulting from poking the bear. (((Chaffetz))) deserves that criticism. In the other's favor, Gowdy's potentially been considering Presidential runs, or setting the groundwork. If he is appointed as a prosecutor, then it's guaranteed barring Samson option nuclear winter. Post-Trump succession will be as dangerous times as now potentially. There has to be continuity. If he's team blue, not the worst option in the world.

>There may be a conspiracy charge that can be stacked on it given the number of people involved. That will allow anyone who may have possibly aided the perjury to be prosecuted.
McCabe's "grossly neligent" transmutation to "very careless" on the un-oathed Hillary 302s very, very spicy in this light … Then there's this cabal's integral actions in Benghazi and all that lead(s) to . . .
#metoo, every Woman's March, BLM cop hunting or riot, Ferguson or Charlottesville police stand down, media coverage coordination, to all those psychiatrists declaring their 'diagnosis' of Trump as a "Narcissistic disorders Personality" in lockstep …
McCabe and Obongo lawyering-up is auspicious indeed
Valerie Jarret/Obongo's DC 'command center', Hillary/Podesta's crypto currency/banking company in DC (a stone's throw from the White House), and Syndey Blumenthal all glow like Chernobyl at midday.
Under the assumption that "7 SAP (secret action programs) were on both the private server, and the Weiner/Abedin laptop, it would appear that - and Benghazi - were egregious enough to undertake the farce-enterprise to the point of unseating POTUS

It's a matroyshka doll of a bear trap no matter what they do. The harder they struggle, the worse it is. If they could go far back as Vince Foster, or the two Arkansas boys that saw too much of a cocaine airdrop, then we'll know justice has fully been meted out.

==Like Kenya== – or, if it turns out the Awan brothers are Chosen assets. Netanyahu's corruption trial apotheosis is nigh (on the back of Vegas/Saudis going Salman over Clinton-Wahleed.)

I wish Trump would sue the government and the MSM for Libel. The DNC is on the verge of bankruptcy, wouldn't it be nice to fund trump's 2020 campaign with the DNC's death?

Guess the board did die. Where did everyone go?

Dem's were smart to put enough classified material into their memo that it could NOT be released as is. Now they get to squawk about "double standards", even if their memo was mostly full of CNN-tier "sources" and "facts"

No matter what anyone says, link them here:

Remind them this is what the DNC/deep state/Hilldawg crew was doing:
“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” he stated.

Didn't see this anywhere else on the board and thought it'd fit here, Trump sent the DNC's memo back to the Intel committee. My thoughts are that the DNC is trying to get Trump to out sources and methods (as Gowdy and Nunez said this week) and also, he's probably banking on some turd like Schiff leaking it.

Are you going to bitch again like usually?

If I post on a board and there’s no one around to read it, is it really bitching?

Guys I have been experiencing this on anything/everything having to do with certain topics lately. The moment they are posted an auto spam pops up and removes it despite nothing derogatory or disrespectful in a post.

FB is, literally, auto zapping anything on this topic and this isn't the only topic they are doing it with either.

They're in full panic mode.

Let me show you what I mean as this has been happening a lot for awhile now about certain subjects and is, literally, an auto delete from an automated system (even on private friend profiles and messages).

FB literally must have a system in place to auto delete, from any page/profile, the bringing up of specific subjects. I mean, shit, look it even deleted one from fucking CNN! They must have something in place we don't know about to assure facts don't get out.

You deserve it for using goybook. What in the fuck did you think was going to happen?

I wish I could leave it my man, really wish I could but given what I am currently planning politically I, unfortunately, have no choice but to use it or I would not be able to take on baloney personally.

In terms of local races the left refuses (literally) to debate and they refuse to face certain issues so you are forced to play this moronic social media game. So, yeah, wish I could leave it.

Yeah, pretty much. People are not always playful.

Yeah, pretty much, people are tense.

All the fun people are having fun shitposting elsewhere and all the dreary people are putting on serious faces. Thus the lack of quality contributions.

Get fucked.

US state dept official mentioned here is John Winer, did a WAPO oped today.

didn't the stock market crash the day after the memo was released?


I sold off all my fake news and glowdark stocks and funds the Friday before it was released. Bought SLV and GLD.


>become aware of how (((white))) Jews operated the slave ships and the liquor stores all this time
Could blacks be the ultimate weapon against the Sabbatean Frankists?


I'm a light spazz and I must hand it to her, to be able to feign a smile in the grip of seizure is a pure act of will.

Lisa Page talks about Gowdy like he's her dad forbidding her to go out dressed like a whore.

Yeah and for some reason this makes the shillop against Gowdy ring especially hollow.

Amen brother.

We need to start the proceedings asap. Keep this justice ball rolling.

If I were a prosecutor, I'd stack it. There's a reason it's a popular charge whenever it looks slightly available. Works wonders in terrifying defendants. Life in prison is a possible result.

Also, hey, maybe another good reason to keep the coffers at the DNC empty. RICO can result in asset forfeiture, which is hard to do if there's nothing there. That said, RICO-ing the DNC is just a fantasy anyway.

I lurk 95% of the time. Not trying to bother anyone.

Where the fuck did everybody go?

Based Dan Pena