Pentagon says Trump ordered military parade

Pentagon says Trump ordered military parade

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When was the last time a U.S. president gave the country a military parade?

When was the last time the US did a parade like that? You only ever seem commie dictators doing it anymore.

After the first Gulf War, I believe. Tanks at 36:40.

At the actual White House? Probably this one for WW2:

Holy shit, we must harvest salt from this. Rolling for Trump to observe from a huge balcony and the soldiers to goose step in revue.

I recall Trump seeing a military parade in France and telling Macron he wanted to do one. Maybe some user with better memory can confirm.

He was there for Bastille day and said that, though I recall him wanting one in NYC

mfw the parade takes a detour on wall street

Holy fuck! Sticky this and start memeing lads. This could be huuuuuuuuuuuge. What date would trump do it on?



What a pathetic looking parade… I bet Trumps will be much much greater!

Thats more like it!

Why even live

Dubs say Fourth of July, trips say May Day, quads or more for Cinco de Mayo.

April 20th
check em

That ID.


Unfortunately that particular parade was for celebrating the Communist Jews + Allied victory over Germany.


what a lovely piece of gear

tbqf I think they've forgotten how to march.

I'll Heil your id dubs and fuck yes let's do this!!
It's a birthday bash to remember

Potential days. 4/20 for obvious reasons. Memorial Day 5/28. Independence Day 7/4.
I vote Memorial Day.

Why not? There are parades for sodomy.

Help me!
I'm whistling marching band music and can't stop.

For you

Checked *HH*

Almost wish I was back in, but only if I could be on the sub that gets the first execution order.

If anyone gets to fire a slbm, I want to be in the room where it happens

Oh, so typically in moments of zionist triumph. Uninspiring to say the least.


Meme it

I hope this military dick-wagging leads to bringing back shooting as a publicly-funded sport.


Could you imagine the screeching if gun safety and maintenance was a mandatory class in schools?

Trump wanted tanks for his inauguration too. Imagine the liberal butt-hurt as they see orderly columns of soldiers and powerful war machines rolling down the street. They would call any such parade fascistic, but right of center people just see these criticisms as more liberal bullshit. All and all it would be great optics and politics.

A military parade would be a great way to make a sort of competition out of domestic manufacturing and engineering, but good tell getting that kind of idea through the "LOL WASTED TAX DOLLARS WHERE'S MY FREE BIRTH CONTROL" faggots.

BASED. Green niggers sacrifice everything for Israel, it's about time they got some recognition for it.


Having 10's of thousands of soldiers and marines in Washington D.C. for a parade would be a good time to order the military to arrest traitors in government.

As well as the perfect opportunity to bait retarded lefties into rioting elsewhere thinking everyone with a gun is in DC.

It''ll be interesting to see how it affects the elections this year. The lefties are going to kvetch up a storm calling everyone involved a fascist, and it's almost certain they'll start making comparisons to the military parades in Red Square. They're going to completely divorce themselves from any soldier/pro-military votes they still have left. There'll also be protests during the parade, so I'm hoping we can see antifa protesters beaten by zogbots. Expect to see lots of retards trying to larp as tank man and plenty of news articles about how someone "stood up to evil drumphy's tanks".

Id dubs confirm.

I was once detained because I was allegedly plotting a school shooting. The admins cited my mentioning going hunting with my grandfather to some classmates as evidence for it.

Don't be surprised if the dems "protest" it by flying to some shithole where our Military can't reach so easily.

this is how you know trump really loves kim jong un. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

tldr: putin-un-trump gay train

Yeah, that sounds exactly like something they would do. And we can all laugh and taunt them.

Go Home Share Blue. You are drunk.

Vive President Trump



At least you got hitler dubs

Let's get the astroturf going and convince antifa to directly attempt to block the parade route.

Oh yes, WWII victory. We sure won that one boys!

Well that's one way to get the streets repaved. Maybe they can take it cross country and we can get our infrastructure fixed.
I would love to see a grand parade every memorial day. Like Macy's Thanksgiving parade. But worth watching. They could run different "themes" during different years etc. because we can't show it all at once obviously. All our shit takes up way too much space.

There should be a veterans contingent, but we should march like we have some fucking dignity. Every single swinging dick in a suit and tie, with our full size medals and ribbons on. Everyone clean and squared away like the Brits do it. I’m so sick of seeing veterans show up in bits of old cammies and biker vests and fucking looking like dirty ass Vietnam longhaired hippies, pissing and moaning.

Fuck that. Let’s strut down Pennsylvania Avenue like we fucking own it in style, instead of looking like homeless bums.

Pics related. Who looks like they

Other nations are always trying to measure dicks and they keep getting bolder. Sometimes it is a good idea to pick yours up off the floor and put it on the table for the weigh in just to remind everyone you're still there and ready for all comers.
Besides, not everyone lives near a base that has public events and airshows etc. and being able to "participate" in something like this is good for their morale.

this is a great idea. as long as they are in dress uniforms with as many metals

It would be nice. I get the guys that are fucked up and can't march and a specialkek detachment can be set up for them to ride perhaps in some of the antique jeeps etc. but presentation goes a long way.

Military parades…. is the US starting to get uncucked or is this a one time thing?
It's excellent for inspiring pride and nationalism!
We should have had the biggest military parades than any other country!

It's a piece of junk that didn't even see service in WWII.US tank design was pretty poor during WWII (although it was superior to the Brits).

First he is Hitler, Mussolini, then Robert E Lee/confederate, now Napoleon.
When will they say he's acting like a US president?

Let the tank run them down and let security round up the rest and execute them for subversion and treason.

I’ve never understood why in the fuck we still think it’s acceptable to march in a parade like we’re going to Walmart, because the Vietnam vets wanted to look like homeless bums. Me and my buddy did a Memorial Day parade in our suits, with our medals because we refuse to fit the stereotype of vets since the Vietnam era of us being broken losers.

And we had hot women swarm us too, cause we didn’t carry ourselves like beaten men or beta cucks.

Nothing wrong with marching songs

I said that cameras wouldn't stop a school shooting and everybody acted like I wanted to shoot up the school.



American toxic masculinity is problematic.
If the parade isn't carrying the israelí flag, they are anti-arab, I mean anti-semitic.


Who was your outfit? Why is your badge upside down

Pity the american dick is shriveled from soy ingestion and the remaining stub hidden under eight rolls of blubber.
Maybe a military parade will be a testosterone injection. Unless of course they parade the fucking trannies. If that happens, consider nuking congress.


I suggest accompanying marching music. Der Königgrätzer Marsch would be great in triggering libshits.

Oh I want to see pantifa protest in front of a tank

reminded me of this warning, incoming feels

You posted it before I could.

Why is that faggot burping over the track, though? My version doesn't have that.

i noticed that too, someone stuck it in on the last second. fucking degenerates


Fuckin (((BASED)))!


That's right you fucking yid kike, go take your D&C shit back to Tel Aviv. I want a military parade that young boys can look up to and see strength and vigor. Oy vey, they won't see a bunch of soy boys on the electric kike.

So they too can die for Israel?

Having a military base in your country means you got cucked by that nation. That's why the US has no bases in China, Russia, Iran, etc.

Yeah, Israel got cucked bard letting all those American "bulls" fight its wars.

ZOG parade

So they can be men, instead of the open mouthed proto-faggot soyboys you kikes have tried to engineer and normalize.
When there are enough men in the society things like foreign wars for foreign nationals like israel won't be possible as it would result in a coup hence why you feminized men as much as possible in the first place to get to this pont.


God fuck Brits. They were so shit in that war.

that hurt

JIDF certainly isn't sending their best.

Is that what it means?


This fucking tranvesty should never be forgot.

The army needs more women of size.

If boys look up to strong men there will be more strong men, strong men are not afraid of pointing out truth or fighting to remove corruption. Military people by and large know what going on add to this the growing amount of people that understand the jewish problem and you have a recipe that should topple jewish power within the united states in a few years especially if the right people become officers.

Meanwhile what we have now only promotes weak and or homosexual males basically the typical nu-male Carl the cuck types.

Thread theme

Surely a birthday to remember

wew Triarii
upboat user

Every single day since 1945 has been zionist triumph

when he does what the kikes want
like after he bombed Syria
that was "presidential"

Yup. Regardless of the kikes trying to drag us into shit, the boys still do their duty and are necessary to protect the nation. I hate these jews.

March 9
March 10
March 11
March 12
March 13
March 14
March 18
He has been fortunate enough to escape his pursuers
March 19
March 20
March 21
March 22
HIS IMPERIAL AND ROYAL MAJESTY arrived yesterday evening at the Tuileries, amid the joyful acclamation of his devoted and faithful subjects

So this is how he plans to burn down Congress - right in the open. Absolutely based.


"Who will tell my legions who love me more than they love you that your PC bullshit is not over and done with?"

- Trump

Won't let me post the mp4.

Trump wants more hellmarch videos




So Trump is most definitely playing 4D chess by getting leftists to remove any support they have from military or military families.
Excellent move.

I fucking wish for the day some military parade actually plays Hell march during the parade

(Dat ID)



I bet they'll screech about the costs and how it's a "dictator move" if you wanna fuck with the inevitable screechers I suggest finding figures of America spending alot of money on far worse shit and video of past lib presidents having parades.

My entire school thought I wanted to shoot the school, and even had my locker searched, all because I allegedly said "gun".

This school shooting hysteria is fucking indefensible.

Would I be wrong to reenlist just so I can march in this?

tanks in 30 minutes

will they fly Israel or US flags?

I'm no blackpill but here is another take on the story instead of the "Emperor is setting up the Empire" theory.
What if as America turns less white it requires military parades to show off the power of the state to the plebs?
The theory of power display to non whites is simple, all they understand is show of force.

If this theory holds true then it would have applied to Rome which had a large portion of slaves from arabs and nigs. It would explain Russia which has a large portion of nonwhites in the east. It would explain why India has such huge parades despite being pathetic militarily. And it would explain why most military parades in white countries are not as showy.

In a hwhite countries military pride can be instilled in many ways because hwhites can simply read history or observe a few pieces of military equipment then correlate it to recent victories/skirmishes and conclude their country is powerful.
Nonwhites lack abstract understandings of time. They need to see a significant portion of the military displayed to them to understand it.

directly copied from another thread, because I think you're a faggot
Nice theory, but it falls apart when you consider the fact that the vast majority of Hitler's speeches were given in front of paraded military forces. Modern, industrial, and renaissance military discipline and parades were actually entirely developed by western, white powers. "Drill" which is an English adaptation of the French "Escadrille" is the process and technique of moving your assembled military forces in pattern and sync with one another. Ask yourself if you think a bunch of spics and niggers are going to do it well, or even develop the practice on their own. they don't, I know from experience It was based on the Roman column marching approach, and if you weren't retarded you'd know that for the vast majority of it's history Roman legionaries were citizens of Rome, and it was only towards the fall of the Roman Empire not the republic which preceded it numbnuts that the military was intermixed with barbar mercenaries.

Military Parades are inherently white. It's a shame our mixed race forces will be sullying a proud European tradition


Wow sounds shittacular user
Me and my hs friends all had .22s and rifles in our trucks AT SCHOOL at would go rabbit hunting at lunch all the time. The principal knew , the in school cop knew , parents knew - not a big deal
Funny too , there was a pipe bomb from our rival school 30 miles away that blew the mascot off the wall - kek I got questioned because I was the pyrotechnics guy for the drama nerds and they knew I had powder and igniters and all sorts of goodies in the prop room. The principal had my back and flat out told them nope if user did it there wouldn't be a wall left hahahaha funny shit and pisssssss


Was that the asshole in the truck at the border?

No, the kids will see a bunch of niggers and spics marching around with guns… Our military is completely fucked. The only predominately white component left are the combat arms units, but do you think they'll let them march? FUCK NO, they'll call in some nigger and spic poges and dress them all up. Trust me, the grunts get NO recognition from the PC liberal officers running the shitshow that is the modern US military. Nah, they're too busy brown nosing for the next promotion to actually be bothered with trying to WIN a war.

Speaking of which: You also normally only have military parades after you've won. We haven't won anything and the best we've done is hand Iran half of the middle east while simultaneously pissing off every country in the world that isn't Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. What a fucking disaster.

That may indeed be the best thing we've done. The Kikes' scheme is poised to backfire hard when the West uncucks itself and cuts Israel loose.


you sound kinda mad

It's the full retard TRS kikes.

Chucky Schumer aside it would be nice to honor the Iraq and Afghanistan vets as opposed to a general military parade. Maybe a mixture of both even.

If I were Trump I'd hold it on the day we killed Bin Laden, force the loonies to stand and clap for once.

Good and trolly, but that date reminds people of Kang Nigga boasting like a Sumerian warlord. I say we stage it for the anniversary of that hospital we blew up in Fallujah. Sends a nice message to the white-guilt types out there.

the webm delivered by webtowebm is terrible but i cba to learn right now so here's the added raw mp4

wrong choice
everyone reveres napoleon but the most hardened kikejew commies


meme it

Yeah, before they got a US military base. Now we keep beating around the bush here, call me when Trump actually engages in a ZOG war.

Meanwhile… A ZOGwar hasn't been fought since Trump took office…


You know who else made military parades?

This needs to happen.