How much misogyny is good enough? It's hard not to overdose on it, but it's a healthy thing to have. I remember when I used to be the biggest white knight in the world. I used to shower women with my attention and praise, considered them equal to men, and genuinely cared about what they had to say.

Now that's all gone and all I see are a bunch of opportunistic parasites that use deception and manipulation to get what they want. I genuinely don't believe in women's rights anymore and I have a hard time seeing them as anything more than bums looking for a meal ticket, auctioning off the only thing that makes them valuable - a moist hole between their legs. They don't even act like they have wombs, just a used up smelly pussy that gives them power over men.

I pray for the day I meet a woman that I would be proud to call my own, and proud to make the mother of my children. I still haven't given up hope, I know she's out there, but how much longer must we endure this suffering?

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I'll be completely honest and say that it is very unlikely for you to ever be in a healthy long-lasting relationship. Holla Forums likes to D&C against people who point out how shitty women are by saying you are doing wrong by not having more white children. (as if everyone breeding wouldn't be a dysgenic nightmare) Your best bet is to hate women as much as you'd like. If I had a mother I loved it would be unthinkable to advocate men beating their wives, so most of people's views on women's rights are subjective and personal. In regards to the laws and society, we should just do whatever is best for the country. This might not be very comforting, but this is a really important subject that Holla Forums doesn't talk about enough. Instead of focusing on women, you should focus on making your life worth living, on its own, without a woman. Funny enough that's also a great way to attract women.

Jesus, the shills are out in force. What is being slid today?

I smell tuna.

Spot on, user. Only thing is after not needing them for so long, you crave them. It's torture. You miss their sweet and affectionate sides, but after a while, you're too smart to ignore the knife they always hide behind their backs. I know, I know - female nature. I understand that. Still, this shit is out of control by design and we're the ones who have to suffer for it.

Holla Forums used to be filled with meta threads - from high philosophy to nigger hate threads. It was the epicenter of genuine counterculture, and now everyday it seems to become more and more of a news aggregator. Chill out, Holla Forums is more than happenings.

You fucking glow in the dark. Did you read what Holla Forums was about from a manual?

I know exactly the torture you're describing. One minute you're perfectly fine, the next you want to scream and punch a hole in the wall. You have to be fairly successful in order to even catch their attention, and even if you manage to catch a girl it's so much effort to keep her. It just doesn't seem worth it. Just imagine in past generations where you were basically given a wife and she HAD to stay with you except in the most extreme conditions. I think the two of us would genuinely start to love each other. In the same way that two people stranded on a deserted island will either kill each other or become extremely bonded to each other to the point that life without the other is unimaginable. How unfortunate to be born in one of the few generations to never experience love. At least we will be able to spill the blood of those responsible.

Did you try to time your post to get quads? Kek doesn't like that, CIANigger.

its either a retarded clown or is an Incel

The best advice for men tbh. Strong resourceful men who don't pander attract women like flies. The main upside to this increased attention is that you now have options and can have your pick of the litter.

Don't even consider the thought, it's kike D&C.

Doug Ford campaign is scaring the bejeezus out of the Ontaricucks, for one. High comedy ongoing when the biggest non-offensive (((reporter))) in the province was accused of harassment by a certifiably insane perennial mayoral candidate… and the press took it seriously.

Peak cuck. A lot of the "fuck you feminists" votes are going to stick with Ford, and the cucks are terrified.

It's nice that we agree, but I don't want to give any anons the wrong impression. You're not going to get a 10/10 blonde-virgin housewife just because you clean your room. Your "pick of the litter" will amount to being attractive to the average girl you see and kind of like. It won't fix the problems she and women in general have. It's really important to remember that giving your life a purpose is something you should do because you want to, not being you're chasing women. If you were using it to chase women, you would find out that it increases quantity, but not quality, and you'll wake up to find that you've solved none of your problems and wasted a bunch of time insincerely "improving yourself." I think this is part of the reason monastic traditions often involve celibacy. You live a life with its own purpose, ignoring women entirely. Getting a bit /fringe/, /christian/, or /asatru/ might be something people should look into. Spiritual growth is probably the best form of finding purpose we have as it practically comes with instruction manuals on rejecting worldly things due to how long humans have been doing this.

It's a double-eged sword, user.

I've just acquired my first gf. First, let me say this: learn game. And apply it. A great WN-oriented blog you can read is Heartiste/Roissy (heartiste.wordpress.com/). Trawl the entire archive of game-tagged posts. This will give you a good building foundation for *truly* understanding women, and how to outmanipulate them.
More Holla Forumsacks should read Heartiste.

But why I said this knowledge is a double-edged sword: your own cynicism will encroach any natural trust you have of your woman, once in a relationship. This is a personal problem I'm working on now. I swear I'm always envisioning how I would react if she confessed to me she was cheating.

They say even being preferential about a woman’s appearances is misogynistic now.

This shit will kill your relationship. It was definitely a big part of why my last relationship died. It started out as her always being afraid I would cheat. She treated me better during this phase, always had sex with me, could always do whatever I wanted with her. Then insecurity set in and slowly deteriorated me from the inside out. I started getting worried what I would do if she did something like that. Shit gets to you and starts to show physically. Anyways, long story short, the power dynamic shifted and it turned into me always being the one trying to please her. I lost my #1 spot. Chicks don't like this and will take advantage of it, it's not the natural order of things.

What I find best is envisioning the best reality, feeling it, then expressing it. Anyways, things turned out for the best, in the end she wasn't worth it in the long run. Her other half was a piece of shit normie bluepill college skank. It sucks knowing she wasn't all bad and that parts of her were actually very loveable. What hurts is I let myself falling for her good half and man was it good while ignoring the red flags. I was much younger and not nearly as redpilled though.

Appearance is overrated, anyway. It's better to pick through them like you're trying to find a work truck. Though you do have to have a baseline for appearance or you end up with a bitch that looks like a Fiat Multipla.

I do think some misogyny is definitely a good thing. Without it, we loose control of women and we get what we have today; record rates of unhappiness in women due to lower marriage rates and more women working, and women wasting resources and distracting from important societal issues with petty demands.

Another point is that men are unhappy with women because their idea of them is not reality and they don't understand how women work. It is not a fairy tale, women do not care about men as much as men care about women, they have no innate concept of loyalty or honor. The only things they know about loyalty or honor are from societal pressure and guilt, it is learned and not natural to them. That's not to say that men can't have fulfilling and happy relationships with women, but the problem is that many men replace their friendships with other men with relationships with women and expect it to be the same.

One of the best sources of knowledge on how men should interact with women is TRP subreddit. Say what you will about reddit, but that community is a goldmine of information, and I think every man can benefit greatly from it.

Probably the Weiner leak of contacts that no one here seems to give a shit about anyway. So yeah whatever.

For the good of the nation women cannot have any rights. It's as simple as that. Some gullible guys here seem to disagree for one reason or another. They kvetch like libshits defending niggers when those apes rape, steal and kill. They even use the same talking points. It's the Man forcing Tyrone to hold up a liquor store, he a good boy otherwise. It's the Jew that made her have an affair behind your back, she dindu nuffin. At the end of the day it all boils down to making a right choice. Women proved they are fully incapable of doing that. They will chose to be a slut every chance there is. Every wave of feminism was bad, but the first one was definitely the worse. It undermined male authority and as a result all hell broke lose. Men are virtuous, women are promiscuous and we can now see the effects of that.

Do you hate children for being unfinished humans? No. Same deal with women. Respect them for their capabilities even if they are lesser but do not let them rule you.

Appearance is not a useless filter (I know that's not what you said). There's a strong correlation between physical attractiveness and IQ, because high IQ men get lots of resources, and can therefore get physically attractive females to mate with. Also, do you really want to curse your children with fugbeast features?

I feel for ya I guess, but this is trash.

How the fuck do you "time" your ID?

Also, to add to that - genes related to facial symmetry correlate with genes for intelligence, from what I remember. In general the better looking someone is, the more intelligent. Europeans being the best makes even more sense now.

MGTOW must be the flavor of the month in shillsville.