Operation Madman

Urgent need vermont with car and spare time to act on this operation discord : honeypot/tW4cKvy

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you don't belong here

this aint a fucking honeypot, its a cry for help out of desperation


dammit here is the real link honeypot/tW4cKvy

Are discord links filtered now?

I think so….

What's the point of this?

ahhh…. im starting to think there isnt really any point anymore tbqh…. everyone was hyped yesterday, now its just dead in the water….

Hyped for what? What the fuck is this?

some people put up a blm flag at a highschool in vt. and more are going up around other campuses, but we decided to focus on this one. our next HWNDU capture the flag hunt. but I think its gonna amount to nothing without a stream going

Oh okay well I'm not even from the US but you gotta a couple bumps. I hope you guys succeed fuck those cantankerous niggers.

Are you planning on flying a hakenkreuz from that flagpole?

we have a lot of plans. but nobody avalible in the area to get to the flag

Holy shit op is retarded. sage all fields.

Yea, I would imagine finding an asset in Bernieland is going to be difficult…

>hey kid wanna trespass through the woods on a more or less predetermined route to high school property to rip a blm flag down read: be photographed in the comission of what the media will portray as another ebil nazi hate crime?
you should just skip third period and take it down yourself instead of announcing your intentions on an imageboard of peace

You want some old user to go pick up a highschool kid in his car?

Fuck off, Bernie. Call a cab you kike.


top kek

Finally someone acted on discord being an actual botnet, don't faggot read their terms before using it?

In any case, feel free to use >discord

Total botnet. Use riot.

When you sign on for it, riot.im, which is video+text messaging software, essentially the result of Slack+DIscord. The software is open-source and you can run your own distribution. We have our own dedicated server (paid and owned by a Holla Forums+Holla Forums user) named banter.city.
When registering your account, make sure to use matrix.org for authentication server, but for the actual matrix server, use banter.city. Join #general:banter.city for fun and shitposting. Or make your own specific rooms for your own specific needs.

you fucking crack heads never cease to amaze me. you have a perfectly good opensource chat like mumble and irc but you dumb sons of bitches still need dickcord and fucking slack
niggers and jews arent killing this world, you are.