German car company 'used hair from Jews murdered at Auschwitz'

Try to debunk this one, Nazi fucks.

Holy fuck

So uh, where's the proof this happened?

Seems legit

Well perhaps we're wondering why someone would shave a man before throwing him into a gas chamber.
Stupid thread. Faggot OP.

The poor guy who had to shave jews. I hope his descendants get reparations for that trauma.

Proof and evidence are anti-Semitic.

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lel they're taking credit for german woman who cut their hair in WW1 for machine belts. Fucking kikes.

I would also gas the hair with ZB. To kill the lice. Before re-purposing

I think this is just an attack on some car company to destroy competition.



Why do they still invent that bullshit? It's so easy to disprove, just point to how they didn't even bother checking a single old car for jew hair.
Even if they were dumb enough to bother using kike hair instead of the cheaper alternatives, IBM actually helped run kike detentions and doesn't get any flak for it since nobody who worked for the company then is still working now.

It's like the collective IQ of this fucking board is falling to mexico levels or something.

He and they were mercifully raped, tortured, and cut to pieces by mongols. Possibly eaten.

Sage and report. Simple.

Why do I get the feeling you frequent /r/the donald more than here.

Lies from the Polish death camps:

For what purpose, wigs?

The eternal Pole

Hair shirt fabrication?

How many million people do you have to shave to get two railway wagon loads of hair?

Bizarre claims.

There is a reason why barber dump hair in the trash, there is no use for it. Magical Nazi science does transform them into high pressure fittings for uboats, another lamp shade claim someone told me.

Hair and shoes do not count as evidence of death let alone murder. I have many pairs of shoes that I am not wearing and my hair is everywhere, when I get it cut there are piles of it, and yet here I am, alive, not gassed, not cremated.

Man, Germans must be retarded. Why would they use lice infected hair as a fabric. :^)

Stop the lies… ehm… lice…

This all checks out.

>Against this backdrop, Berlin is in a moral quandary about further aid for the company's owners who are now being pressured to surrender control to the banks that financed the ill-fated deal Continental deal.
And lo, we discover what this is really all about. Schaeffler is in financial trouble; the kikes smell blood, and they're pushing this ridiculous jewhair narrative to scare the government off providing a bailout. You wouldn't dare bail out a Nazi company, now, would you, goyim? Oy vey, just imagine the headlines…
When the financial aid falls through, banking kikes snap up the company and its assets for a fraction of their value.