Enemy State Clause

Most unknown but fatal fact:
UN's "enemy state clause" is still active. Only peace-treaties with Germany (Deutsches Reich) can end the world war which has become a total and global war.


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Another fun fact:
The UN blames the Germans for Katyn massacre victims,
Moscow Declarations belongs to UN founding documents:

The Moscow Declarations were four declarations signed during the Moscow Conference on October 30, 1943.
Declaration on Atrocities
The Declaration on Atrocities was signed by the U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin. They noted that "evidence of atrocities, massacres and cold-blooded mass executions which are being perpetrated by Hitlerite forces in many of the countries they have overrun and from which they are now being steadily expelled".
The Statement on Atrocities was largely drafted by Winston Churchill,[3] and led to the setting up of the European Advisory Commission which drafted the London Charter.

The government of Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1943. When the London-based Polish government-in-exile asked for an investigation by the International Committee of the Red Cross, Stalin immediately severed diplomatic relations with it. The USSR claimed that the victims had been murdered by the Nazis in 1941

on 24 April 1943, Churchill assured the Soviets:

"We shall certainly oppose vigorously any 'investigation' by the International Red Cross or any other body in any territory under German authority.

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It is true, in a roundabout way. Our governments signed executive power over to the forerunner to the UN until the war was over. So, the war never 'ended', officially. We're more or less under a state of global martial law. Couldn't really say much more than that without stepping outside of the realms of my understanding, I'm sure there's anons here who understand & can explain it better than I.

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In the event shit actually flies off, using said piece of legislation would be a nice piece of paper work validating our cause as the true legal successer to the German state.

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Actually it was WW1 that has never ended. It was stopped by cease-fire 1918 and the Versailles "treaty of peace" wasn't signed by the legal German government. The constitutional German state (Deutsches Kaiserreich) was couped by jews and social democrats after POTUS Wilson stated "There won't be peace with constitutional Germany" and called the Germans to coup their Govt. Hitler tried to fix that, so called "invasion of Poland" was only a break of the cease-fire from 1918. On May 8th 1945, only German Wehrmacht surrendered, but the Government (Das Reich) never surrendered. The last official leader, Admiral Dönitz, was arrested by allies which was against international law. Up to today, there are o peace-treaty. This has been the second 100yr war in human history. Btw: The American Civil also never ended by official peace-treaty, as far as I know. (((They))) keep the world in state of war to conquer it.

All this is true.

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It's true: Peace-treaties are "just" a formality, just as declarations of war are. A war started by a declaration of war is ended by a peace-treaty. That's international law. Have you ever wondered why haven't been official declarations of war in the past centuries (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan or the latest invasion of Turkey in Syria)? There simply is no need to declare war anymore as it's been on for 104yrs now and international law has been violated eversince. Germany is the key to peace, that's why Germans are being eridicated by mass-immigration right now. Germaniam esse delendam for (((reason))).

^^ Replace centuries with decades. Sorry.

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Thats indeed very intresting, but i don't see them surprisingly start caring again about treaties.

That's why it is important to make THE PEOPLE aware of it so they start caring about peace-treaties again. There's this painting at Denver airport, showing a blonde German boy destroy all the weapons. Only Germans have the power to end the wars and bring peace to the world. Unfortunately, most Germans aren't aware of this as they've been tricked, disfranchised and enslaved by the occupants' vassals. "As long as 'Reich' stands for the German national unity, we must do everything to eliminate the word 'Reich' and it's meaning." (POTUS Roosevelt at Jalta conference 1945) Today, every awakened German demanding justice and peace-treaties for the Reich, is being defamed an Nazi, disarmed as dangerous subject and hunted as "Reichsbuerger".

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We are all been tricked, disfranchised here in Europe. Lets hope for all our sakes.


Romanians, did play a part with the Axis in WW2 though, in reality, they should try to fit all Axis flags in there. Don't shit on a countries good history, because of how they are today, otherwise no countries are worth fighting for.

They stabbed the Third Reich and Hungary in the back and got a communist famine in return, but they're still part of the enemy clause list so I threw them on. But to add to what said, Cordneau is still influential around this circle to this day.

They are backstabbers of the worst kind, and there are far better choices out there.

Are they? The article in OP only mentions Japan, Germany and Italy.

The enemy clause thing is already well known on the Japanese net

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So that's why declarations of war aren't common anymore. The war's still on… poor Germany.