We need a thread about the patriarchy. I'll start.

I went to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and I arrived home feeling heartbroken. It was the last way I expected to feel.

I had spent the morning sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with my 16-year-old daughter, Katherine, whose silent tears on election night in 2016 had marked the beginning of this national nightmare for me. She had insisted we drive from Charlotte to D.C. this year so that we could "protest in front of the president’s house." We heard all of the inspiring speakers; we relished the creativity of the posters and slogans. Being among so many like-minded people was comforting. I heard one woman say, "I love being here today. It makes me feel less alone."

I wanted to be with people who shared my anger. Because I have been so angry about Donald Trump this past year. I have been angry at my country for electing this man, angry at my neighbors who support him, angry at the wealthy who sacrificed our country and its goodness for tax breaks, angry at the coal miners who believed his promises.

My fury has been bottomless. I drink my morning coffee from a cup that says, "I hate to wake up when Donald Trump is President." The constancy of my outrage has been exhausting, yet I have not yet found a way to quell it — nearly each day has brought a new reason to stoke the fire. But a day with my daughter, communing with the angry and the aggrieved, seemed a good way to try.

After the march, Katherine and I hit the road in the late afternoon, feeling good; we had done our part to express our outrage. We were about 90 minutes south of D.C. when I heard a terrible popping sound. I assumed I had blown a tire and headed toward the nearest exit. The popping was followed by screeching — were we now driving on metal? Luckily, there was a gas station right off the exit.

Before I could do anything but park my gray Prius, a man rushed over. "I heard you coming down that road," he said. Before I could say much he started surveying the situation. He didn’t so much offer to help us as get right to work.

It turned out that I hadn’t blown a tire; a huge piece of plastic under the front bumper had come loose, causing the screeching as it scraped along the road. After determining that he couldn’t cut the plastic off, he ran over to his car to grab some zip ties so that he could secure the piece back in place.

He did all of this so quickly that I didn’t have time to grab the prominent RESIST sticker on the side of my car, which suddenly felt needlessly alienating. As this man lay on the ground under my car with his miracle zip ties, I asked if he thought they would hold for four more hours of driving.

"Just ask any redneck like me what you can do with zip ties — well, zip ties and duct tape. You can solve almost any car problem. You’ll get home safe," he said, turning to his teenage son standing nearby. "You can say that again," his son agreed.

The whole interaction lasted 10 minutes, tops. Katherine and I made it home safely.

Our changed the day for me. While I tried to dive back into my liberal podcast, my mind kept being pulled back to the gas station. I couldn’t stop thinking about the man who called himself a "redneck" who came to our rescue. I sized him up as a Trump voter, just as he likely drew inferences from my Prius and RESIST sticker. But for a moment, we were just two people and the exchange was kindness (his) and gratitude (mine).

As I drove home, I felt the full extent to which Trump has actually diminished my own desire to be kind. He is keeping me so outraged that I hold ill will toward others on a daily basis. Trump is not just ruining our nation, he is ruining me. By the end of the drive, I felt heartbroken.

When my husband and I first moved to Charlotte eight years ago, I liked to tell people that our neighborhood represented the best impulses of America. In our little two-block craftsman-home development, we had people of every political persuasion from liberal to moderate Republican to tea party, and we all got along. We held porch parties in the summer and a progressive dinner at Christmas. We put being a cohesive neighborhood above politics.

But this year, I realize, I retreated from my porch. Trump’s cruelty and mendacity demand outrage and the most vigorous resistance a nation can muster. Yet the experience with the man at the side of the road felt humbling. It reminded me that we are all just people trying to get home safe. It felt like a sign, that maybe if we treat one another with the kindness and gratitude that is so absent from our president and his policies, putting our most loving selves forward, this moment can transform into something more bearable? I want to come away from the march with that simple lesson, but it begs this question: How do we hold onto the fire fueling our resistance to the cruelty Trump unleashes, but also embrace the world with love? I wish I knew.

Ruth Mayer is a development and communications consultant in Charlotte, N.C.


What have you fuckers done to enforce the patriarchy today?

Admitted hate criminal

> (((Ruth Mayer)))

every time

The mental gymnastics this woman goes through to maintain her hatred and holier than thou attitude is hilarious; at least it would be if she wasn't influencing her child to become just like her. What a waste of human genes.



Matriarchys don't work. Patriarchy is the only way.

Amazing, she almost managed to draw the correct conclusion and at the very last minute veers back into blaming trump for everything.

Because if she came to the correct conclusion, she'd be ostracized from her group, lose her social status, and because she's a useless cunt who can't even ziptie a piece of plastic, would probably be dead within a year.
Useless people are scared shitless of losing social status because they know it's a death sentence. All leftists follow this model, and so do most psychopaths. to kikes, cunts, commies, cucks, etc, social status is the be-all and end-all of their realities. There is no reality outside of it for them. Because they're fucking useless people.

Pot Mek

I sure do miss the old male privilege threads user, those were simpler times.

Yeah if they had put that shit at the top they could have saved that 5 minutes of my life I spent reading their stupid op-ed. Godamn kikes, of course they can't comprehend reality, because they're all mentally ill.

You might say I was inspired.



I wonder how much health damage they are causing themselves. I wish there was a way to measure this

Some people will never get it

Now in png form.

You know, we should be writing rebuttals to each and everyone of these stories. Because they do prove a point: women are inferior.

This woman, despite utterly depending on her car for every aspect of her life, did not understand simple emergency repairs. She probably does not know how a light switch works, what each circuit breaker in her house is for, or how her computer communicates with the Internet.

This is the magic bullet against the feminist bullet that is not used: They are ignorant, and we need to rub their noses in it. It is a willful ignorance. They screech and holler about needing to be taught life skills courses in school, yet they can't be bothered to read a book, watch a youtube video or learn on their own. They are fools with more independence then they know what to do with, and they have mistaken that independence for freedom.

This is in a way our fault. We have failed to take the actions that we should be taken. We are not fighting the meme war long enough. The meme war is not over. War only ends when the enemy says it is over.

Nah, more of when the enemy is dead and their ashes scattered to the winds I'd say the war is over.

She could always consider swallowing a handful of pills and not waking up. Nothing of value would be lost.

How do so many women go live day to day without understanding how the world around them works? Just like my girlfriend this morning:

I think I'm going to leave her over a piece of shit Mr. Coffee machine…

My mom had to ask me if subtracting one number from another is the correct way to find the difference.

Humbly requesting more examples of women being fuckin dumb cunts.

Mine doesn't stop her car fully before shifting from "R" to "D". It hurts to watch. It's still going, though. Chevy did a good job with the 4T45 transaxle.


What he said. How does one not see that the problem lies WITHIN after such an encounter? She keeps blaming Trump… Peak of idiocy.

[pic related]

I can't imagine being that person. She is so butthurt that she actually went shopping for this mug (or one like it), paid good money for it, waited for it to show up at her door, and now she sits drinking from it every day, stewing in her own misery, just because someone she doesn't agree with politically won an election over a year ago.

How long until lefties start having ministrokes and heart attacks? Being that angry for that long and carrying it around with you in everything you do can't be good for one's health.

These people are bonafide crazy
No you are keeping yourself enraged. Silly person. These cunts can't name a single thing Trump has done that actually effects them.

The slew of lefty health issues will gum up the health care system for decades.