Anthony Weiner's Diretory was Leaked!!! WeinerGate & D-Day

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Dozens of Anons contacted some of the most influential people in the world using the information that was leaked. The name D-Days comes from how some of them were sending Dick Pics to the political Elite's Fax Machines. I do not support nor condone this behavior.

While looking into the leaked information some people found somethings suspicious.
Check this out.
This address is from Weiners phone book.
699 N Vulcan Ave #37 Encinitas CA 92024
If you look it up on goolag maps it takes you to a trailer park main building.
Right across the parking lot is this place.
Montessori Children’s House
Goolag Maps of the location, if I did it right. Children's House/@33.0624185,-117.2989969,142a,35y,273.22h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x80dc0cf6dbeff593:0xdbc51bec312f3d2b!2s699 N Vulcan Ave #37, Encinitas, CA 92024!3b1!8m2!3d33.0625341!4d-117.2992856!3m4!1s0x80dc0cf6cc03aceb:0x37a0ff6dd6f4af10!8m2!3d33.0627772!4d-117.2988233
Why does big wig Weiner associate with someone from a lowly trailer park……….
I don't think the #37 is for the main building……
I changed the number to 38 and it took me to the same location…..
Anyway, I thought it interesting……..

What's your take on their work so far?

Other urls found in this thread:,!RiAFhIyZ!NFD4_iG1gZDJw-qghdCF3slEYeTRL9d7mf-ENNEmUt0

There has been shilling constantly in these line of threads as well as several media sites posting articles warning of "Right Wing Fake News"
Articles warning of "Right Wing Fake News" came soon after Weiner's Diretory was Leaked.


part 2

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You made it easy to spot you shill. You don't speak of any of the information given, rather you simply try to avert attention. Posts will cross pollinate between Holla Forums and 4chan whether you like it or not.

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Word is this was on the Laughing Horse Site on New Year's Day and found right after Julian Assange's tweet. It was sent to the mods of /r/conspiracy and /r/swampwatch that day but they buried it and ignored it. When someone complained about the pastebin link being deleted and the archive being deleted, the list was found in googles webcache and now that it has been discovered it is propagating normally. /r/conspiracy and /r/swampwatch are most certainly compromised.


Reported kike

You can see how badly they wish to divert attention from it

Try harder moshe. Links no longer need be broken since they don't fucking get turned into href's and has been like this for quite some time.

You kikes really do need to keep up.

Why the hell isn't this a sticky? I admit I have some doubts of its authenticity but it wouldn't be the first time the mods posted some dubious shit as a sticky and we are going to investigate regardless.


"Jigsaw Productions"

One of his contacts died recently:

She wasn't old that's for sure. No details on her death but her job was information gathering it seems:

Seems to be two of them. One is old but the other isn't.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

One, this laptop is supposedly in FBI custody as presumably has been since shortly after it was confiscated. Meaning it's very likely the leaker was FBI.
Second, before the FBI had it I believe it was in NYPD custody. Jonestien has an ex-Blackwater dude on his show a couple times around that time who was saying that guys he knew in the NYPD saw shit like CP on there and before handing it over made their own backup copies and told the FBI that if they don't figure this shit out, they will. Which, if to be believed at all means it could also have been someone with access to the info at the NYPD.
I think there's a message to be sent other than just doxing these faggots. The message being, I have access to what's on this laptop and will let everyone know what's here if something isn't done.

Also BUMP.

Both the Pastebin and links have been removed.

Here's some screens from the cuckchan thread

Also, this still works

Jesus, almost all of the names are yids.
Not a bit goddamn surprised.

Leak as a stratagem, omit names to lull ((()))) into a false sense of security – or to have them in doubt as to whether they were in danger as much as they ought to be.

The Dems have practically been threatening open revolution since just before this memo dropped. Even getting their stooges at the MSM to try and push it. This might be the counter-threat.


First thing you see once you're in the door?

Line number 431 is a social security number

I honestly don't understand why anyone would leak something onto leddit anymore. I can't even imagine the shit that has gone investigated because it was dumped there and deleted by fuckhead mods.

(((Don't you know we break links around here fellow anons.)))

Are you sure? That would be really strange..

I'm not familiar with heatmap, what am I looking at here?

Someone call Bill Murray. I don't have the balls to do it. What the fuck did he talk to Weiner about?

703-793-1728 Home 703-505-1788 Cellular

Where to store the bodies.

the stuff jews usually talk about?

basically a map showing the amount of GPS localization requests on a wide range of geo-located apps on several mobile platforms
it's a good snapshot of the frequentation of a place by phone-owners here you can see gps coverage in the country of Wakanda

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Cool, thanks mate.

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Hillary's as well.

where is huma's number?

Chelsea has it.


That’s the attorney Bill Murray.

You fucking newfag nigger, fullchan Holla Forums has been dealing with this already for two days

Love how you faggots keep making so many new threads of the same topic to try and dilute it, it's literally glowing in the dark obvious now.

welp, hate to piss everyone on off but Holla Forums was dealing with at the very least a large amount of this list a year ago.

check it.

someone needs to compare the lists. im too lazy and going to bed. that archive is from over a year ago

Snap. Forgot that, didn't realize they were the same lists.
thank you, user

neither did i til i saw a poster in another thread. he was stating there is new names in this info drop though so it needs to all be checked

and we also need to find out why the fuck we're they reposting all this shit? trying to target people who might rise up against the gooberment? there was another thread and one shill kept asking if a user was gonna go and try and shoot hillary or some shit. of course user was just like no

this is fucking suspicious. why the fuck would someone LARP this shit. pretty shitty move considering the amount of fucking shills will deal with day in and day out.

Bc the Q LAMPs have run out of shit to gas light

OP here. The reason I reposted from 4chan to Holla Forums is because of what they were investigating and found concerning the children's charity home.


In alternative schooling circles, Montessori is the name of a kind of curriculum in which emphasis is put on real-life learning experiences.

There is an American Montessori Society (, but this "Montessori Children's House" isn't on their site as an affiliated school. Anyone can apply the method and call themselves Montessori.

If the name is being used as a front to cover for shady dealings, I'd certainly want people to know. I don't believe in ((coincidences)).

Bill lives in SC. 843 area code.

I'll just leave this here!!!