Sarah Silverman: Pro-Life Law ‘Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus’

Sarah Silverman: Pro-Life Law ‘Makes Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus’

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Post-ironic blood libel. Timeline keeps getting weirder.

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a dead sarah silverman can't say dumbshit

She's just trying to stay in the spotlight

An aging jewess is one of the ugliest things on earth.
I dont watch movies or tv, but I'm pretty sure she isn't doing either, so let her fade.

Filthy fuck kikess
Chop this bitch up and toss in ditch

Every time this woman says anything I hate her more.

No… you mean:

She's not the smartest kike in the oven, I take it.

Sarah Silverman, the (((atheist))) """comedian""" whose sister is a rabbi?
What a shock.

Do they actually think that saying repulsive drivel like this is funny? No wonder the overton window is shifting in our direction.

This has been her act for 2 decades now. It's really stale and she's not ageing well in the looks department either. Desperate attempt to get attention, won't work. Sad!

Sites like truepundit are sketchy at best.

Take her up on her promise? Se her hang herself

Synagogue of satan etc.

Women can't be rabbis tho.

Someone should inform the feminists about this.

Also can't be imams.

Atheist Jews have the most disgusting sense of humor

It's funny to them. That's all that matters. Most of these fucks we're fighting against grew up in their own little bubble, pampered and sheltered. It's the same reason Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz think that thousands of dollars in bonuses on top of higher wages are nothing more than peanuts and crumbs; all they know is their own little world, so they look at the rest of the world and think they're a misinformed, bigoted minority who has no control over a world that's shifting away from them.

The reality is that they're so disconnected that they have no idea about the world outside their echo chamber. They receive adoration, applause, and encouragement from their friends, managers, and like-minded drones that endlessly praise them as 'heroes', while the rest of the world rolls their eyes and ignores them because the shit they're saying makes no sense or is just willfully ignorant.

All that said, why are we focusing on this dumpy, unfunny whore? I mean, as amusing as it is to watch her burn, there are much more important things to focus on. Though, I do see the value in turning this stupid cunt's words against her.

Its just a joke, c'mon.

Isn't she that jew rat comedian I see in anti talmud youtube videos?

Has there ever been a funny female comedian?

le edgy generation x


No, but some women do make funny jokes every now and then.


don't give this repulsive jewess attention. Not even on Holla Forums.

Back to the Tabernacle!

Never witnessed such an event, noy even from famous female "comedians".
That being said, I assume some soyboys would pretend to laugh at a woman's joke to make her think she's interesting.

My cunt of a sister, and a friend of mine. Mostly their jokes suck, but every now and then they get it right. Best comedy is situational. As for comedians, I haven't seen a funny female one.

It's unfunny but not triggering.

She's that old? I thought she was in her 30s. Also nice devil quads

Every joke has a grain of truth in it, yes?

Underrated post.
I really dislike Sarah Silverman.

Not intentionally.

She was just saying she was hungry for her daily snacks, all of you goyim are just overreacting :^))))


She's 47, to be precise

They were first to drop FBI internal shenanigans, and have completely been borne out, diaphanous alphabet negroid

Is male.

vile creature

His sister is an Israeli Rabbi who adopted a niglet from Africa


*Her sister is an Israeli Rabbi who adopted a niglet from Africa

Nah, jews just lack sexual some dimorphism as one of their racial characteristics. That's why they have effete men and butch women

Oh geez. She really stands out. It's not like there are depraved jews running around.

Margaret Cho?

She's not kidding either

I'm getting some strong Kathy Griffin feelings from this event. Are we witnessing another career suicide?

Didn't Sarah Silverman recently make a series for Hulu where she attempts to "sincerely" (probably not really) connect with red state Americans in an attempt to convince them to consider voting Democrat?

A pro-abortion joke about eating babies won't play well with those people she was trying to convert to her side just a couple of months ago.

Now how can her career be hurt by saying something tasteless and perverse when that is the whole basis of said career?

holy trips

some quadcopter drones could be gainfuly employed by randomly flying molotov cocktails through bedroom windows

Can someone please explain to me why they always go to the most disgusting and most shocking version of whatever they're mad about? Like, it's not even using TRUMP "Any publicity is good publicity" strategy, because he's smart enough not to attach his name to things that 90% of people will experience revulsion to.

But seriously, what the fuck? I don't think that most of the racists here think that eating black babies is a good solution to their anger over whatever. I mean, when you're more radical then the KKK what the fuck is the problem? How does she even get to "Yep, lets eat some aborted babies".

Saying gross things seems to be the peak of women comedy.

no moral compass whatsoever, they're all sociopaths, always preying on each other as well as the random goyim walking nearby
for her and her circle, this is a funny joke, she just made the mistake of failing to hide her "power level" in degeneracy because she felt herself surrounded by kindred spirits

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

All this talk about sarah silverman makes me want to take a shit in sarah silverman's mouth

lurk for two years before posting newfriend
someone post that "fecal fixation of the chosen" screencap

oh hey, its tuesday.


Stop breaking links.

I haven't been that damn edgy since I was a 14-year-old fedora-tipping libshit. What's her excuse? Oh that's right, she's a fucking kike.

does anyone want to tell her?

Also a lot of the 'white' serial killers are jewish, like son of sam.

you don't start with that, you start with the portrayal of whites as being the only demographic that has serial killers, bring up (((who))) pushes that narrative and how they benefit, and then you keep pushing

Jesus man, all of these jewish female comedians are all the same.

The moment you realize feminists could be meme into cannibalizing unborns in public as a protest
Mainstream media & Democrats will praise them for being brave

You forgetting something?

They all owned by Jews. You don’t have to name a Jews when that obvious. Also Lindsay I ha fa abotion for a film school projects Ellis Would cream her graveyard pussy.

Good post.

Seriously, you'll niggers don't even check digits.

Have some webms, user.


Kek, thanks.
Second bitch is extremelly unfunny I would never give money to witness such cringe.
No one in the audience is laughing

That's exactly how I feel driving around college campuses. God I just want to knock these stupid whores to the ground. Women should have to earn their vaginas.

>implying (((they))) need any reason to eat human flesh

Her sister is trying to keep niggers in Israel :)

Fist bump.

Saving that.

I got quads the other day and nothing was said…

maria bamford, and that's literally it

Are we sure she isn't one of /ourguys/ in deep cover? The stupid yenta is doing an amazing job of advancing the cause of jewhating with her rants about how jews have an instinctual revulsion towards patriotism or her deep lust for the flesh of babies.

Check out this far left jewess fighting for open borders for israel.

Have we memed too far

Blood Libel? No, Blake Leibel!

I see more clearly every day. We must cleanse ourselves of these parasites.

She be brangin' down the (((RACE)))!

Why are atheist "comedians" such cancer? So unfunny and crude.


Fact check: TRUE

Oy vey.

A Lady fart
Holla Forums describe female comdians in four words or less

Only so many ways you can shit into a fedora.



How far could you guys make it? I got to :45

Joan Rivers

Margaret Cho is total shit. Gooks aren't funny.

Since you asked pleaded nicely I wont post the revolting cunt's nudes.

I don't care what she does with aborted niggers.

She's like the female version of Tim Wise- attention-whoring, malignant kike that spews the most provocative shit he can think of whenever he feels like people are forgetting about him. (((Wise))) focuses on vicious loxism whereas (((Silverman))) likes to blaspheme every moral principle.

Loxism is the hatred of White people by Jews. It is the most pervasive form of racial hatred on the planet, and yet it is never mentioned by the mainstream of society.

(((Atheist))) Sure Schomo

i made it to the end but it ruined my night.
the fag that saved that webm sucks. its not even good, she didnt once mention nigger fucking or dirty anal

Funny and called out Michael Oboingo, then got wacked for her bravery.

Don't forget it's Kang history month and most dindus blame us for shit (((they))) do.

Somebody should hold her to it. She should be forced to eat an aborted fetus on live broadcast. Making these types of pronouncements without following through should not be allowed. Free speech should be limit to what you are willing to follow through with to limit on this type of celebrity political attention grabbing.

It just illustrates how the kike media allows kikes to say whatever the fuck they want.

Implying a jewess doesn't happily do it behind closed doors ever sader.

It's not a matter of whether she could personally do it, it is a matter or whether or not her image could do it and withstand the inevitable blow from the revulsion of normal everyday people. This type of pronouncement should be the type of thing that a reputation is staked on.

Even if she is the type to actually do this behind closed doors, exposing that to the light would cause the rest of society to reject her. If she is not and this is all just stimulating shock appeal for press, which I think is the more likely scenario, enforcing follow through would put a definitive end to this type of acting up.

Remember the story from ancient Greece where the young girls of a polis kept killing themselves, and would not stop. The elders came together to come up with a way to end the hysteria, and they made the pronouncement that anybody who killed themselves would me displayed nude in front of the entire town. The young girls stopped killing themselves.

This is why somebody needs to make sure people like Sarah Silverman are forced to follow through. If you are not willing to stake your reputation on an action, you should not open your mouth. People should be forced to endure the terror of the world they create with their own words.


3rd pic is good propaganda. Saved.

That’s a stupid suggestion that removes the concept of jest from any and all public discourse.

We don't have jest in public discourse.

"Free speech" and "humor" are nothing more than the shields that allow subversion to constantly drag society to the left, decade after decade. Getting rid of the ability to use these excuses as shields does not mean getting rid of free speech or getting rid of humor. What it does is encourage a certain level of sincerity and responsibility in the way it is used. You can call somebody a faggot all you want. However, you should not say somebody is such a faggot that it makes you want to suck their dick unless you are willing to follow through. Of course, I don't know why you would say such a thing in the first place, anyways, you filthy degenerate.

You say that you will move to Australia if Trump wins? You should move to Australia. You say policy makes you want to eat fetuses? Eat fetuses. Don't say you will do things you will not do. It's that simple.

Yep. "Freedom" just means faggots and sick crap. It never means anything cool or important, or fair.

I guess she was funnier than Jay Leno but she was no Johnny Carson.

Jew run media.

Sarah Silverman is one of the worst comedians I've ever come across. The only funny thing about her is the way she keeps embarassing herself.

Signal boost this. We need to show normies how insane libshits are.

Even the best girl I ever dated couldn't resist making childish sexual innuendos. Either they never move beyond sex jokes, or they remain oblivious to all humor. (I prefer the latter)

She is going to end up in hell

Why don't all (((pro-choice))) pro-child murder >poeople sterilize themselves instead?
Don't answer that, a rethorical question.

Women and their fucking abortions I swear. Willing to kill their womanhood, motherhood, and another life just so they can keep being drunk whores.

Her whole schtick has always been to openly state the horrible things the J-left actually believe and flaunting their media power (pic related) with an innocent smile on her face, like she can't see what the problem is. The "joke" is in-group signalling in a plausibly deniable way, combined with the fact it trolls people on the right. Her act must be suffering in Current Year, since the mask is largely off and those formerly outrageous positions are part of the MSM narrative.

Yidney fanfiction really is getting only worse and worse, which is quite impressive when you consider it was shit when they started.

Why would you do her the favor?

Keep in mind that any system you come up with, if it is at all legalistic, will be used against you. Hate the game if you want: but make sure you also hate the player.

Go fuck yourselves.

Can that kike get any more disgusting?

What do you mean, "her" act? That is 99.9% of all female comedy acts turn into sex stories within 2 minutes of hitting the stage.

They're called Rabbitizen or something like that.

What happened to your oven?

The point is instead of getting offended, which is what she wants, the way people should be responding is saying: "OK. Do it. So what?"

People here seem to be getting soft with age or something, such that they are reacting with disgust and shock to something like this. Remember when some faggot would come around talking about suicide or some shit. You didn't see people commiserating with them, did you? What kind of responses do you get? Stuff like "Do it faggot" and "make sure you livestream it." The only way to deal with this type of person is use their momentum against them. Otherwise, you are feeding them.

I just finished the Thrawn Trilogy last week. For a person who hates Star Wars, that was a decent series of books (a little heavy on repeating motifs like Han's "Don't worry", but otherwise pretty good).

Timothy Zawn put in real effort to make sure that all characters acted and spoke like they should.

Going from his work to whatever disney shits out is like starting at the Louvre and then jumping straight into a burning garbage truck.

Funny female non Jew? Not even one.

We need to meme the term loxism into the public consciousness. If that is accomplished, then people will easily see the truth right in front of them.

Nah, if that were true she'd be capable of humor

One thing Muslim gets right. They know how to get women in line.

Even 1st post JIDF doesn´t like her.

Just looked the term up and most links state it's a 'whie supremacist' contheory/hoax.

I think she is once again doing us a service (not the kind r9k dreams of). Pretty hard for the christcucks to defend that greatest ally of theirs!

"Its women! Just women!"
(((Your))) women, schlomo.

Is dat a legit Milo quote?

"She was just pretending to be retarded!"

As Haretz stated clearly, the Jews consider her a genius comedienne.

yep, their argument is "this word doesn't exist, goyim"

the counter for normies is simply to state that the existence of the concept is denied by all jewish-controlled media, and they will have to evaluate if it is real on their own


I'm sure she imagining eating a healthy, white fetus. But a randomly selected abortee would probably be a negroidal crack fetus.

Filthy kike

Do christians even have jokes? Besides bible i mean.

so what's the issue?

Could you be more specific? tbh NT's pretty boring overall ‒ not humorous, intentionally or unintentionally, unless your standard is to take any pre-modern text containing provably untrue assertions, as humorous.

Kill this kike whore.

would be awesome to put on some thick work gloves then take this ugly wretched rat face kike at beat her to death OR duct tape her to a chair and beat her over the head with her own shoes until her brain became liquified and started running out of her ears.

Holy shit thats some low functioning autism from that limey retard.
I wish someone would through her in the fucking thames.

Sarah Silverman, helping make the holocaust real. -)

She doesn't want to get AIDS.

> And yet (((she))) still isn't commented on by mainstream news regarding her statements. Pathetic.

It's a legit Milo quote. He said it on the Rubin report. Rubin didn't touch on it at all and just awkwardly moved on.

You faggots realize that she was given the topic (shoes) just before walking on stage, right?
It's funny that a bunch of social phobics who choke up if the checkout assistant is female when they go to buy hot pockets, has the gall to criticize someone - male or female - with the balls to accept a 5 minute gauntlet on any fucking topic.



Where were virgins mentioned anywhere in that post? Oh right, they weren't, but of course that doesn't stop you inventing shit to bolster your non-position, like a kike.
You know that the point is exactly correct, most of the social misfits who post here would crumple and fold or have an "anxiety attack" at the prospect of talking for 5 minutes, on a stage, in front of a group of critical/hostile (that's why they're there) strangers and millions of TV viewers, about a topic dictated to you or chosen from a small list 10 minutes beforehand.
The fact that you'd even deny this is ridiculous. You know that the NEET/social outcast/comfy meme is one of the favourites used here to represent the self? It's not even a criticism, just a statement of fact. Don't attack someone for being good at something you fail at (public speaking), woman or not, it just broadcasts your insecurity.

You're not funny either Dane, you dead eyed pill addict, kys.

Women are ruled by their emotions and hormones. Those come from their vaginas, hence why they spend an inordinate amount of time talking about bodily functions. Add to this the Jewish obsession with shit they all share and you get people like Silverman.


I saw that you corrected it but I wouldn't be surprised if that were a male, she has a masculine face and a masculine body. Transvestigators might be full of shit most of the times, but this one is plausible.

What I hate about these transvestigators is their blindness. It's all illuminati satanists and many of these idiots are flat-earthers like this one and of course, they quote the bible as proof of that, because all those hebrews were astronomers and not a tribe of chronic liars.

lol but really its a joke

youre trying too hard to fit in

You're trying to shame someone for being (in your estimation) socially awkward. Guess what, this isn't where you'd fit in either.


I love it when chads randomly come on here and claim people don't fit in.

Finally the pro baby killing faggots are taking their masks off and reveal their true form of pure unadulterated evil. I don't think there's any position one can hold politically that is more reprehensible than advocating murder by abortion.

Let's say you work as a plumber and you're a bad plumber. A car mechanic can tell you that you're a bad plumber even if he, himself, isn't better at plumbing.


This is hilarious. You're acting exactly like a faggy SJW, whining about shaming and fee fees.
At no point did I say that it's wrong to be socially awkward, nor did I even imply it. What is wrong is to lash out at people who are better than you at something, on account of jealous fee fees.
You're clearly triggered because what I wrote applies to you, but rather than recognize it in yourself, you prefer to lash out at yet another person.
Stay miserable and afraid.

Sorry for being 6'2.
Sorry for attracting women 20 years younger than myself without even trying.
Sorry for having primo genetics which women desire to have in their children.
You remind me of the 18-year-old checkout boy in my local supermarket who couldn't handle the jealousy of his female workmate wanting to stop and chat with me whenever she served me.
His solution: instead of watching and trying to learn why she found me so attractive, he started following me around the fucking store every time I went to shop, then sniping me from the fucking checkout queue by opening another register and calling me over so the girl wouldn't be the one to serve me.
The really ironic thing is, I wasn't even interested in her.
Keep embracing the hatred of physical excellence, despite it being something which all NS should promote. By the way, it's not the fault of "chad" men who aren't short and/or ugly that you can't get laid, it's the fault of the kike who has made social mores and laws which allow women to slut around instead of getting married.