Carter Page was an FBI Agent

These people really are not equipped to continue their level of subterfuge with the internet around.

Other urls found in this thread: CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified% Referral).pdf

If he was a double agent working under Trump but actually under the FBI, he could have been FISA'ed as a means to easily leak information, which happened quite frequently during the election

Huge if true.

Why would they need the pee-dossier? Page was already set up to look like the perfect Russian spy, so long as the FBI forgot to tell the judge he worked as an agent just a few months before.

The issue though is that he was FISA'd under Title I because it provided the most broad level of surveillance to everyone that he was in contact with. In order to gain that classification it requires that he was actively working as the agent of a foreign power, not merely in contact with russians or whoever. The problem though is he was an FBI agent, not a foreign spy. So not only was he deliberately planted in the Trump campaign to spy on behalf of the government, they decided that he wasn't getting enough information on his lonesome so they called him a foreign operative in order to wiretap everyone around him. People calling this scandal bigger than watergate are correct. This is the party in power using the state apparatus to spy on the opposing party during an election. Watergate was teenage hijinks in comparison.

I fuckin knew it. They sent him there for that sole purpose. He will not sue the FBI/DOJ cause hes a plant.

As Trump said: "They never thought they were gonna get caught"

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What I find most interesting about this whole thing is how Trump himself on the campaign trail claimed they were spying on him.

Shouldn't this be stickied?

well from Snowden we know that they're spying on everyone, which is why when trump claimed he was being spied on I wasn't surprised, but I figured it was directly related to everyone being spied on. no it seems like they went above and beyond with him


This user has nailed it. The only other major wrinkle to include is that through a set of placed operatives, an intelligence laundering scheme was put in place, involving the FBI, doj, dnc, fusion GPS, the Brits (why else would Hannigan resign), the state department, and a few curious characters (Blumenthal, Shearer).

They really didn't think she'd lose.



Federal agencies have been disbanded for less in other countries…

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How dumb are they to use an agent whose cover is already blown?

Watch as this all gets swept under the rug and no one is is wiser, eh goys?

This needs to be broadcast out, but how can we verify it's true?

Anyone know where the rest of this list is?

That's what I thought as well: if he's an FBI agent, that means the fedniggers stuck him in with Trump (remember, he was always a very peripheral character in the campaign) as an excuse to use surveillance against everyone… fuck if this is true, someone, SOMEONE in government needs to talk about it.

Spread it and have faith in the truth. If it is false it will be discounted. But you already know it is true.Absolute faith in the conquering truth is required. Spread the Word, there is no shore that does not know your memes. Who can deny you the justice?

Belvin, Robert S CONTRACTOR 202-651-4332 US [email protected]
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They'll continue despite the internet bc they already hold all the power. Just wait: this will go down the memory hole

pretty dumb. jewish nepotism is one hell of a drug.

Not one of you fags actually read the article, then? Because the article in the OP is literally nothing but a walk through of the logic that comes to the conclusion that Page was FBI. Just for fun and maybe as an incentive to read the thing, here's an image of Carter Page's testimony to the House Intel Committee, which was used in the article and links directly to the pdf from the domain, where he directly states that someone illegally leaked his identity to the media as a person involved in the 2013 Russia case FBI the was pursuing.

They never thought she would lose.

Judge Napolitano went into this the other night on Fox, – effectively, memo language opens the possibility of him having been an "FBI asset"' while still working for GHSQ, before he tendered resignation.
And yet another failure to disclose, should it be the case that he was not indeed still a foreign spy rather than ex-foreign spy.

>on top of the surveillance already taking place with FBI asset Carter Page (undisclosed, yet again, to the court.)


Fucking get this fags.
Carter Page was recommended to the Trump administration by Edward F. Cox. He's currently chairman of the NY Republican State Committee.
Cox said he referred Page to Corey Lewandowski as a favor to someone he knew from JOHN MCCAIN'S 2008 Presidential campaign
Cox is the son in law of tricky Dick Nixon

Everybody involved in this farce, from the DNC to the State Department to the FBI to the CIA to the media, should be shot by a firing squad after a quick trial by military tribunal.

If they aren't utterly destroyed and made examples of, they will just continue this nonsense. This can't be permitted if we are to have a country.

The British are partly behind this attack on our nation. We should immediately suspend all intelligence sharing with that Muslim nation.

If all this is true, the underlying logic is that the government at it's most deep state levels is a brand of retarded not even Dr strangelove contemplated. I am prepared to believe this.

This is partly why some normies refuse to wake up. They think that they'd never make a conspiracy so obvious, because that'd be too stupid and risky.
Little do they realize how dumb these people actually are are.

If this was all known ahead of time between Trump/Flynn, and consciously greeted, with Roger Stone as that "someone" from the McCain campaign.
Last Rep. Senator (Kennedy, plane crash) – in the Podesta emails there was another former NY Republican representative's aide killed in a 'freak' helicopter-on-Cesna crash. Alludes to seeing an old film screening during which Obongo was also briefly in NY; asks about whether the flower shop in-film SF being related to Podesta at all.

Kek but sadly so true

Power corrupts absolutely. They thought they'd never get caught and I'm sure that now they are caught they probably think they will get by with it. I'm slightly still optimistic so I think at least a few will get some prison timeor the pitchforks and torches come out

So I just had a look at /r/conspiracy for the first time in months, and it's been completely raided by shills for God knows how long.

The top threads are literally articles from fucking THINKPROGRESS/SHAREBLUE, LOL.

Someone made a thread about Carter being FBI and it's getting downvoted hard, shilled hard, and anyone who suggests that Carter is FBI in the comments gets downvoted and hidden.

Meanwhile the top voted are shill comments saying it's impossible, funny how they're old accounts. Maybe they were bought? That only proves that Reddit is in on this.

CTR admitted Reddit was captured years ago, they’re owned by big DNC donors so I doubt it was difficult.

Soyboy country over there. The thing about this is that it doesn’t matter, the lefties don’t get to vote on whether or not shit is happening. It’s happening regardless. I hope they chimp out en masse and get pinched for sedition and rioting.

Best places to find retarded conspiracies

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Very interesting

Only 37 replies as long has this has been stickied sure is suspicious…almost if the shills don't want to draw ANY attention to it whatsoever

Couldn’t be just because the site is completely dead or anything…


So let me get this straight, they hire a spook to spook like a bad guy, then use the bad guy spook to spook on their domestic target, then use bad guy spook behavior as justification on spying on on bad guy spook associates in their spook court and then they stand around with their dicks in their hands "Oooh that bad guy just happens to be hanging around our real target .. how serendipitous!"

This is the IC equivalent of "dropping burgers" and eating em because "why waste it"
Congrats alphabetti spaghetti, you are the equivalent of the acne riddled teen with bad work ethic…

So why would you need a FISA warrant on someone the FBI could already have surveillance on 24/7?

Does a FISA warrant enable the FBI to tap & spy on everyone in the person's network?

Hahahahaha. WOW. It just gets worse and worse, doesn't it?

The best thing that could happen is for the pendulum to swing back, the damage control would be unreal. Although at the rate this stuff is coming out, we might not even need that.


researching FISA warrant procedure….mainstream media articles pushed to the top of the search: "What You Need to know about FISA Warrants to help"

You know those people you run into when playing Holla Forumsidya online? Those fucktards who feed the middle or step in the fire or go AFK because their cat distracted them? The kind of tryhard faggot who would rage and mic spam when you rekt him? These are the people who used to run our country.


Yes, a Title 1 FISA surveillance warrant allows surveillance on anyone and everyone the individual comes into contact with. I don't know how many degrees of separation are allowed but they've played so fast and loose with the law up to this point that I guarantee they justified direct surveillance of Trump and his family based on him and Page being in the same room at some point.


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All the threads on this over at cuckchan have already disappeared. Like 6 threads about a fucking meme car in space, but nothing about this.

Uh, how does /article/ us-russia-usa-espionage/ fbi-penetrated-new-york-based-russian-spy-ring-using-hidden-recorders-idUSKCN0WB2NM prove that Cathy Page was a UCE up to May of 2016?

Why do the deep state cronies who run the chans think they can stop this by deleting threads? Pure desperation.

Seems plausible…

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AKA how does the reuters article prove that Carthy page was a UCE 'till May 2016?

I don't know. I'm not a kike banker. Ask a rothschild those fucks put it there


That article alone doesn't prove it. But between it, an NYT article from April of last year, and Carter Page's HPSCI testimony in Nov of last year, the story unfolds.

Page 19 of

But Watergate was just cheeky banter by /ourguys/ like pic related.

Hannity made a big deal about breaking news but blacked this shit too. Appears the play is to talk about the legal particulars until you fall asleep. Effective tbh.

I might be missing the elephant in the room, but I don't see how these documents prove that Page was a UCE *till May 2016*. He definitely was a UCE, I'm sure, but I'm not sure if he was in May. Please spell it out to me if I'm not seeing it.


Can these faggots be any more pathetic? Minerva's dead, long live Kek.


Putting aside the commonsense understanding of once an FBI agent always an FBI agent, Page was a critical witness for the state's prosecution and would have been put on the stand in order to convict. Hence while the trial was still ongoing he would have been kept safe by the feds in order to actually make it to trial.

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So I'm wondering, is this a possible RICO case? I know that the people that personally signed the FISA application are mega super fucked since the amount of perjury they committed was absolutely ludicrous. dotgovs is the password 20k or so FBI employees in case anyone wants to start checking names.

About to read this… CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified% Referral).pdf

I made a thread


that's the problem, psychopaths don't learn from failure and don't feel fear

why yes, yes it does


Not true.
They feel fear, this is why they learn at an early age to mimic human empathy, so they can hide what they are.
It is empathy for others they lack. To a sociopath or psychopath. other humans are just furniture. Their mental dysfunction precludes them feeling anything for anyone other than themselves, even their children seem like nothing but objects to them…no love, no sympathy, no consideration, for anyone around them, ever.

It is a pathological disassociation. They could be given a puppy for their birthday, and torture it to death, while it howls in pain until it, thankfully, dies. They would feel utterly nothing, it would be the same as taking apart a toaster, as far as they're concerned.

When the banks are brought down, and the Treasury issues REAL money (not corporate scrip), there will be a Pepe designed into our bills.

I'm very excited about that
I'll spend non kiked greenbacks all day

trump was informed by the admiral who headed NSA at the time. The very next day he moved his operation to NJ where he has another very big house. So Insider white hat

Please let this future be real.

carter has ALL of the earmarks of being a planted FBI / Demonocrat shill. as soon as he was "in with trump" all of his communications could be followed under the FISA warrant. they used him to get in then threw him under the bus…nice fellahs

I was looking into this yesterday. Page says his identity was illegally leaked as Male-1 in the Buryakov case. It seems Male-1 is a distinctly different person than UCE-1 who passed the bugged binders.

at the bottom of the article is the actual court filings. It goes into their attempted recruitment of Male-1, which doesn't really make it sound like Male-1 was actually an undercover agent, just an unwitting target who then cooperated with the FBI in their investigation.

This could of course all by Page trying to protect his actual identity, but at this point I don't see why he wouldn't just blow their who narrative the fuck up.

Male-1 and UCE-1 are the same person. From the court filing Sporysheva and Podobnyy discussed the use of Male-1 as an intelligence source for Russia. In the DOJ release the FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee ("UCE-1"), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company.

The one question I've rarely seen addressed is thus; if you were 100% confident you were going to win (they had to be this sloppy), why spy on Trump at all?

It doesn't make sense in the context of the campaign but it does make sense in terms of post election politics. They spied on Trump and his family so that they could find something to pillory him with after he'd lost. They wanted to punish him and humiliate his supporters for daring to challenge their supremacy to such a degree that it would break the back of the far right. They wanted to make sure that anyone who ever publically supported Trump would be forever shamed and ostracized.

Just think of all the innocuous information they collected which could be turned against Trump, his family, and their business. Think about how many details of future business plans they collected and could silently sabotage without the risk of repercussion should the Executive be held by these traitors. Think about how easy it would be to fuck over the grandchildren when you know what private school their mother plans to enroll them in next year. I can keep coming up with scenarios which are damning to Trump and Co. that are completely untraceBle back to this surveillance but I think you get the poont.

An undercover informant is considered an employee or partner of the investigative body from the time they first start working with the investigation until the end of the trial. Page may have only physically performed his role as an undercover informant in 2013, but his relationship with the FBI had to be maintained through the end of the trial in 2016 in order for him to serve as a reliable witness.

The FBI simply cannot maintain that a tenured informant (3 years of close association) like Page was a reliable witness in a trial against a Russian spook, then say he was actually a Russian spook all along just a few months later. They had to have known Page was a tainted informant (they have no evidence of this) or that he was clean, either way they are legally fucked.

Good question and good theory, but I'd argue that it could just be that with that level of surveillance they could simply either find something to blackmail him into taking a dive with or they could have thought information they'd gain through the FISA surveillance (and leaked to the press through intermediaries) would be the nail in the coffin they'd need to tank Trump's campaign.

in the transcript from the Buzzfeed article i linked, it looks like Podobnyy and the other guy were basically laughing at Male-1 and talking about how they were going to fuck him over. Carter page in his letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee saying his role of Male-1 related to his "brief interactions in 2013 with Victor Podobnyy. Te Press release from the SDNY said it was Sporyshev who was handed the binder. From the transcript in the buzzfeed article it doesn't seem that Page ever met with Sporyshev, only Podobnyy. Like I said I could be reading into this wrong, but it does seem as though they are two different people, but I also wouldn't rule out that they would cloud the details to protect their asset.

Has Page admitted to being the one to hand off the bugged binders?

The only confirmation we have from Page is his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee where he states that the US government had illegally leaked his status as being Male-1. All we have are context clues.

In that Buzzfeed court document 33. we know that Page had Sporyshev's contact information and in 34 we know that Page started providing Podobnyy with documents over the following months. Page was also involved in the energy industry. In the DOJ release UCE-1 was in the energy industry and UCE-1 provided documents over a long period. Is it possible that these are two separate people, maybe, but I am inclined to say no because the court filing would involve the people who they were going to use to testify. How else would the court know that the recordings were authentic without the testimony of the person who gave them the bugged documents. Tho looking at the court document I'm not actually seeing acknowledgement of Sporyshev meeting with anybody aside from the other russians.

I find that the answers are usually much more simple. They so sorely underestimated and utilized all of this bullshit precisely because they assumed they were never going to lose. All of their plans had no contingency. There were no orders to scuttle the ship in the case Trump took over and was able to change the course of history. Every single one of their plans had no way to cover tracks or abort in the case that something went awry.

Marching orders to paid protestors were never cancelled, which only made them look worse in the public eye. Democrats never accounted for having a leader that actually wants a wall and strong border security. FBI/DOJ/State/DNC never imagined that their transgressions would become public. Nobody ever imagined that the public would start to turn back towards nationalism, egged into being angry over the shit they never should have known about, given back the money they should have had in the first place, worried about the future they never should have been promised to begin with.

With that mindset, why not use every tool at their disposal to ensure their victory? I mean, it's not like these people ever think ahead beyond the immediate few tasks they're currently working on, so to believe that these people are capable of understanding the concept of a contingency plan is just dumb. On top of that, there's no realistic way, in their minds, that they could ever get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, so why bother with process when everyone around them is being just as shady for the same reasons?

>Trump probably has some sort of skeletons in his closet just like they do, right? If we dig all that dirt up, we can make him so unpopular that nobody will ever vote for him.
>I mean, it's impossible for him to get past the voter fraud barrier because he's simply not that popular, right?

Funny thing is they'll have found a fair bit of criminal activity on Trumps part. I mean he developed real estate in New York, he's guilty of associating with organised crime.
But they can't get him on that because to do that they'd have to prove the ones he associated with were mobsters and prosecute them. Which would mean they'd be fucked when said mobsters went and snitched on the politicians.

The hardcore true believers on the left are never going to change their minds, no matter how damning the evidence is that they are presented. They have shifted the goal posts to rioting if Mueller is fired, to rioting if Nosenstein is fired. The only way sanity is restored is by not giving them an inch and make their insanity drip out more and more into the public light. Then when they snap and we get DotR, it will be completely justified in 80% of the publics mind.

Oh, I'm sure there's SOMETHING there. Who knows? At the end of the day, though, we are up against two kinds of people.

They see the legacy media as the end-all, be-all of media where the internet is simply an extension of that. They think they can control public perception by pointing fingers, calling people conspiracy theorists, publishing fake news, and trying to divert attention away from illegality. When all of that fails, they use assassinations and false flags to silence people, but the more they have to do it, the more likely they are to get caught.

These idiots are so closed-minded, brainwashed by everyone they surround themselves with, that they convince themselves that they're immortal and infallible. They don't understand the internet because they imagine that the people arguing with them are simply wrong since they have no exposure to the outside world, no experience with poverty, sickness, or despair.

These idiots only know how to lie, cheat, steal, and oppress to get what THEY want. They have no desire to sacrifice for an ideal bigger than themselves, and they wholly believe that they are simply better than everyone else simply because they were somehow "selected" to be better. They're entirely willing to break laws and legs to get what they want because their divine right justifies any means to their ends.

Never fight an enemy without putting yourself in their heads.

Yeah can we go ahead and make sure this isn't fake news? Because they absolutely plant things here on purpose to discredit us, it's only good due diligence.

One of the funny estate parts of the general debates was when Hillary started up off the cuff saying "want to talk about bankruptcy what about all the companies don bankrupted with his contracting practices?" (Don was notorious for stiffing his contractors and putting them out of business then getting Jew lawyers and bankers to let him off, my guess is the mafia connection was to provide muscle in case pissed off blue collars wanted revenge).

Don basically shouted her down with nonsense and she shut up, my guess is her earpiece told her to drop it. There was always an uneasy agreement between them both that they could never venture into the truly vile allegations against them.

Yeah too much risk of it biting them.
Since to prove anything against Trump they need to prove who is and who is not a mobster.
Which means they would have to prosecute those mobsters Trump was involved with.
They'd never tolerate the betrayal and dump every dirty deal they've ever done in the public sphere.

Pretty much every US politician who has ever been involved with New York would be fucked.

I think its pretty clear its accurate given the sloppy glow in the dark FUD being peddled, that and the censorship on cuckchan, leddit and goybook.

Holy shit. Either Page was an FBI undercover or he’s lying to House Committee which can easily be disproven and him thrown in jail for perjury.

Page is a total glow in the dark type.

Page's surveillance + unmasking work-arounds before the FISA warrant approval is even worse than furnishing the Steele dossier to itself as evidence.


Recall another advisor (named Mike Rogers as well) was fired immediately following that meeting.

White House user on halfchan suggested Don jr. dumping the secret service detail was based on a plot to jack (or worse) his kids.

Still more if you believe you can get away with treason, you're inhibitions are so lowered that you'd believe that was evidence of being untouchable, under any circumstances – just like now, as the walls close in on them. Lying and mendacity is all they have.

As Steve Wynn's interview in the aftermath of Vegas seems to show, it's been an asset. The Russo-chosen enclave in NYC probably is the original inspiration for the collusion narrative (even as they count it in their own toolset.)

5% of all his business ventures, total.
Probably had people lined up at the trough for the subsequent civil asset forfeiture reprisals against him, because that's what Clintons have always done best.

Page has been used for years as a color of law reason to surveil anyone.

There hasn't been a 4th Amdt for a while, anyway, when you have five workarounds with GCHQ spying and passing along info, anyway, so even using a guy like Page is sort of unnecessary. There's no law, period. That's the bottom line.

They also completely suppress speech online and in person, and they rig every election, so I guess those options for expressing political will are gone, too.

Oh, and it was republicans, of course, who created totalitarian surveillance with 9/11, patriot act, endless war. The massive nukes and classifid intel for cash scheme had been going on for a while with megatons for megawatts diversion/sales and all the classified intel sales when Clinton was SoS, and what we're seeing here is the absolute culmination of not just treason but also the surveillance state covering for its own treason.

People need to understand the problem is the instiuttions and incentives. Not a particular poltiical party, not a person, not an agency–the entire system works like this and has for some time.

Yeah, so what they've done with Page not just here but in other investigations is have him tag along with whoever, then use him as a hook to get shady FISA going. The basic problem is institutional. FISA itself as an institution approves some 99% of secret warrants. It's pure totalitarianism/1984 surveillance state we're in. You wouldn't know it just looking outside or something, but we are.

I mean to reply to your post with my post here

Do you know what an owl is?

The entirety of the federal policing structure needs to be revamped, it’s obvious that it’s allowing too many snakes to hide in its cracks. No snakes allowed.

You’ve got nothing on me Mike.

If I remember correctly there was a Brittish national listed as a unique type of employee in the FBI employee data dump awhile back. Might be worth pulling up.

Don't be naive. Don might have only bankrupted four of his own companies, but his actions purposefully fucked over hundreds of small businesses, most in the sub-10 employee range. The play was simple, put up your own money to play with the big boys little contractor man, then poof the GC (dons company) goes bankrupt and shtf. They couldn't detail it because of the gloves really came off don could detail pay for play of the cf, or just start talking about her body count to her face.

At the end of the day they all have to agree to it or shit like pizzagate, so you have to assume an element of "elephant in the room"-itis with every national political action.

Goodness you really are out of place here, try to blend in better. They didn't detail it mostly because of a truism in politics - if you're explaining you're losing. That and democrats (and republicans) think of the average voter as borderline retarded. They're not wrong. That's why they went with horrible memes like Donald "Duck"ing his taxes. They could have come up with something better but they're leftists and leftists can't meme.

Everyone in the New York area knows Trump's history, that he walked all over people in order to get rich. That's a pretty common story tho tbh. In addition to what you said he also screwed investors by taking their money and having his construction companies build buildings that ultimately went nowhere, screwing real estate agents out of commissions and everything else. That is how billionaires become billionaires and not just well to do millionaires, they fuck everyone over that they can. So your bullshit statement that they all agree to keep the kid gloves on, citing the example of Trump fucking over contractors which is well known anyway, is bullshit. A body count like Clinton's or selling access, contracts and classified material via your secretary of state position is an entirely different level vs fucking over people in business.

Go fuck yourself.

Donald Trump could be a placeholder. What matters is that he's an actual outsider who is capable of running and winning, and his sole job is to take down you evil traitor pieces of shit.

Anything Trump may ever have done, even assuming every single thing you traitor murderous pieces of shit accuse Trump of is actually true, nothing Trump ever did, nothing is even .0001% as bad as the tiniest crime committed by you, the treasonous cabal. Selling nuclear weapons material and classified intel for cash, running drugs and guns, blackmailing everyone in oversight positions, murdering people–that's a very general overview of thousands and thousands of extremely serious, many death penalty-eligible crimes.

Trump is the cleanest possible outsider least connected with scum ever to run and actually capable of winning. He is up against you, the most evil, powerful mob syndicate of all time. If you stand up for traitors and evil pieces of shit, that's your problem–it makes you an enemy just like they are.

The issue now is simple: who is an enemy traitor cockroach and who isn't. Political debate is done. Nobody gives a fuck about your little smears on Trump.

This image is making the rounds. Problem is, no one will ever do anything. In before “blackpill” because you have no refutation for objective truth. In before “You’re FBI because you’re inciting people to revolt.” You shills never have any response other than this. You have no actual solutions to your claimed problems.

>cuckchan is this way:

How do you get “isn’t married” from “has a daughter”?

he's some dumbfuck who things the best way to nurture a loving wife and mother is to whore her out to some pervert before her 7th birthday like some haji goatfucker

I was just thinking this. I want to educate as many people as possible as to the actual involvement of the government in all of these shady practices. But none of us actually have the power to change anything because there is an asymmetry in information dissemination. For a successful revolt to take place there must be an organized armed uprising. This is unlikely to happen unless the people see an upside to it. Americans live comfortable lives and simply do not care enough to go out of their way to change how the federal government works in any meaningful substantial way other than the presidential election. You could have irrefutable evidence of CIA child rape broadcasted on every network tomorrow and NOTHING would change. Just more dumb fuck memes posted on social media to redpill normies. Information is half the battle. The other half is the willingness to follow through and make changes. It can be overtly with armed uprising or covertly with sabotage operations. Team Trump seems to be proceeding with the covert approach by appointing key patriotic policymakers in important positions. Their legacy will affect government operations for a long time to come. Take it from here

Found the glowing darkies

Thanks for proving exactly what I said you’d do, paid shill.

Of course they did. That's their job to cover for undercover agents…

This is the problem, there are so many undercover agents now that when the government does something fishy to cover for them, it appears as though it is "corruption" to the public.
This is a huge hindrance to the US governments functionality. It's a mess of undercover agents and actual espionage traitors that get away with it because of the amount of undercover agents.

History doesn't predict a good outcome for whites in this country. Whites are simply weak. Weak people never survive. It's simple.

Until whites are willing to kill en masse–kill a lot of people and suffer a ton of death themelves–in order to survive long-term as a people, it will be a bunch of fat meatsacks sitting around typing shit into computers and bitching about SJWs and bake the cake while whites march to their own annihilation very quickly.

The descent into tyranny is hard to perceive yet it accelerates. Government becomes more white genocidal and authoritarian and imports ignorant violent shitskin voters and encourages more and more hostile filthy animals to be their hostile filthy animal selves and brainlessly support the white hating government to destroy whites permanently. It's clear what they're doing and how evil and murderous and genocidal toward whites they are. Nancy Pelosi stated the agenda today. No whites. The govt wants to wipe whites off the map.

Yet whites do not appear to be willing to end life–a lot of life–to preserve the white race, and that simply means the race will not survive. It's not hard to understand this simple historic concept. Any race that will not kill to survive will not survive. Simple.

You have a government that brings in populations that happily and easily kill whites, and before that final stage they manage to ruin white society completely, and a government has proven, very clear record and intent of destroying you, yet despite the sponsorship of a hostile army and despite clear treason adn tyranny, but STILL, whites cannot summon the courage even to make effective change in their own clearly treasonous government that clearly, overtly hates them and wants them destroyed, so what worth are whites as a people? It doesn't seem that whites, at least today's whites, are that great, and it doesn't seem like they deserve to survive.

Owls are also Athena/Minerva (wisdom).

Symbols can mean many things.

this is the most blackpilled post I've seen in a while. go get some fresh air, retard. write something critical and constructive or fuck off. you're just bringing people down you fucking kike.

most of the shit you are spewing is shit you see in the news, which only scratches the surface. there's plenty of good in the world and the shitskins will reach carrying capacity and die before whites come even close to extermination. just don't be a defeatist retard and ride out the storm.

That’s literally your post, you fucking paid shill. You’re doing exactly what I said you faggots do every single time you see truth that makes you feel bad.
Kill yourself.

Listen closely, retard. I didn't say to do nothing, I said to stop being a defeatist shithead. Just focus and make yourself as strong as possible. Mentally and physically. Get yourself out of the defeatist mindset and then fucking do something you whiny slut. Have kids, protect, preserve and expand your white community and kin. Stay diligent and crush anyone who gets in your way!

So: “do nothing.” Got it. “Run away from your problems and keep going for smaller and smaller communities.” Nothing you said is relevant since you refuse to campaign for proactive behaviors.

Ok, retard. please tell me more about how mass murder of more than 6/7ths of the world population is more proactive and realistic than what I suggested. I'm all ears.

And the shill outs himself instantly

it's logistically unrealistic to kill 6+ billion people. also you don't get to define what Holla Forums is any more than anyone else, retard.

also stop acting like you're being attacked and defenseless against le ebil shills. it's very kikelike to play the victim.

Guess what happened to you

By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be yungcattdamon, would you? Because you sound a lot like a kike redditor.

calling someone a shill is different from calling out shilling, retard. autistically screeching shill anytime someone disagrees with you is unseemly juvenile.

all I said was to fucking take care of yourself and your own. your initial point was defeatist garbage about mass murder that was somehow more proactive than self improvement. you have to start somewhere otherwise as you said, you'll just have a bunch of autistic internet kiddies screeching on the streets like the leftists and kekistani retards. you've gotta strengthen yourself. an army is only as strong as its individuals.

Yes, and?
Fact isn’t defeatist. Try harder.
Yeah, you’re illiterate.

And you're retarded ;^)

nothing was being discussed, I opened the discussion by stating that your post was blackpilled to hell and back because it contained no positive message other than "in order to survive, the white race must wipe out the other races cuz white people are weak"

which is bullshit. we just need to remind them that they have their place and we have ours. we need to remind them who we are. how? by being the best, as always.

I made the initial post. Feel free to open your stupid trap about self improvement all day while whites get annihilated. Any race not willing to kill to survive will perish. That is 100% the historic truth and will happen to whites, and you are a typical example why whites are not worth saving. They are soft and unwilling to liquidate threats to their people. The threats are definitely willing to liquidate whites. You are too stupid and naive to see this. You and other whites therefore do not deserve to survive.

You are stupid and responding to the wrong person.

I made the initial post. Feel free to open your stupid trap about self improvement all day while whites get annihilated. Any race not willing to kill to survive will perish. That is 100% the historic truth and will happen to whites, and you are a typical example why whites are not worth saving. They are soft and unwilling to liquidate threats to their people. The threats are definitely willing to liquidate whites. You are too stupid and naive to see this. You and other whites therefore do not deserve to survive.

And I, the person you are confusing with someone else, am not going to respond again to your bullshit. The truth is kill or be killed, and anybody who tells you otherwise doesn't deserve saving.

I realized this after I posted, but the point stands. you're both being retarded. who the fuck are you planning to kill if you are a scrawny autist with no strengths whatsoever?

No he screwed investors sometimes, but functionally not much. The people who "put up the money" were the sub contractors. Mom and pop outfits would buy the building materials themselves and work for no pay up front, them get screwed. On a big enough job that would out the out of business, this is pretty common knowledge to anyone over 30 who lives in or has relatives in the tristate. You sound like you don't belong, maybe you should go to 4cuck for /ptg/.

I wished I was cool enough to run guns and nukes but no, not Jewish either. I agree that Don is a placeholder, for whom is the better question. He has been in with Russian Jewish mafia for his whole life, that pedophile scumsucker Roy Cohn was his mentor and very likely his underworld sponsor. In the meantime Don acts from time to time like a guy dead set on improving the lot of the whites. Obviously we should help inculcate this. But when all is said and done him and his massively Jewish offspring must leave.

No it's the Jews, and we should deal with them very soon. But calling us weak is laughable. Jews are supposedly strong yet cower at even the thought of being exposed. Whites seem weak because they still believe they are in charge and thus are lazy. This will change soon, death will come for the many. Although I agree with you on one thing, those who cannot kill cannot survive. Those who try to skip the race war will be forcibly deported to Africa or the middle East (then liquidated).

We don't have to kill 6 billion but prudent policies would lead to the death of 3 billion easily. Maybe 3-400 million killed by us? Probably less. In short we need to move niggers back to Africa, then stop food aid and peacekeeping (we only protect the floors and fauna). The resultant warfare and famine would take the world's black population back down to precolonial levels, maybe what 100 million? Probably much less, like 30 million sub saharans. Then we need to brutally subjugate and segregate the nonwhite others including Spanish/south Americans and Slavs, to broaden the divide between pure whites and others and secure a clean global environment. In all 3 billion deaths in a decade is simple.

Meanwhile given two autists are having an endgame flammenwar in a short-term tactics thread about govt misconduct is probably evidence that there is something to Carter page being a glow worm.

It is very hard to give a fuck anymore about fucking arguing about this shit. Participating in the system anymore instead of just being a massive thorn in its side means you're playing the kikes' game trying to argue within their parameters. That's the game whites have continuously lost for decades and the reason for which whites are on the cusp of getting btfo in this country

As a purely historical note, and not advocating or suggesting, implying, encouraging, or otherwise calling for violence or any unlawful behavior in any way, shape, or form (and I'm a pacifist) guys like Dylann Roof have caused such a backlash against them, that the backlash itself then accelerated white nationalism, that they did affect serious change and acceleration. See Dylann Roof causing massive protest against Confederate flags and monuments, causing the insane removal of the same, resulting in Charlottesville, etc. All of it is connected. If there were (again, theoretically, NOT encouraging or inciting violence in any way–I'm a pacifist) a hundred Roofs over the course of a couple years, that would certainly accelerate into war. The only way to purge the United States of all scum is massive war. Everybody knows that. It's just a matter of time before they completely jew the system to the point where it is literally no longer possible to fight back. ALL THEORY here. NOT suggesting or implying violence can ever be good. Again–I'm a pacifist.

Anybody on here, though, who says the system as it stands works is either completely retarded, weak, or in on it. Still not advocating violence. Pacifist here. ALL of this is theoretical/parody and I'm non-violent.

Why are you using tor to post this?
Is it because you're actually banned already for being a shill faggot?

This, folks, is what leddit spacing looks like…

Whites also have to compete with systems far more powerful than shitskin systems. It's no surprise there is hesitation. Shit skin systems don't even have fucking carriers. The countries that have revolted in the past against their systems never had such large obstacles.

But that obstacle is becoming less of a concern as whites become full of rage. Some fucks may break down and bend over, but many do not know the word give in because they've been raised in hell from the start.

Stop being a cuck faggot shill.

You don't get it. The human race itself is at stake along with whites.
If whites go, then all go.

So what you are saying is that the human race is doomed, not just fucking whites you cocksucker.

Humanity is one giant free range brothel, and almost everything is window-dressing to cover this harsh reality. So we're fighting for whores and johns to survive to do what? They're not going to do shit, unless AI evolves and hopefully kills us off and creates a better world and explores space without all the bullshit.

Until then, let the world burn.

He also worked for the Clinton transition team, as well as for McCain's presidential campaign.

The guy is a globalist patsy.

It's hard to come up with a term that fully encompasses this giant conspiracy of scum (literal conspiracy in the agreement to commit crimes sense). Talking thousands of extremely powerful treasonous murderous blackmailing human trafficking drug trafficking nuke and classified info selling fuckers here. How does one even describe that?

Lining their pockets at all costs would be the key characteristic along with globalism (aka treason–using globalism as a cover for profiting off fucking over whites and America generally)

And yeah, he's been used over and over for all kinds of reasons like surveiling powerful people (of course all commonfolk can be surveiled with no excuse whatsoever since the Constitution doesn't exist anymore). Page is not really a patsy, but more of an active co-conspirator in the massive, massive treasonous syndicate


Everybody look a kike battle mage. Boy, I remember when I hit level 20. It felt like going through puberty. Only upwards from here on young Jezekiah, the moon for you.


You didn’t get me coke bottles

You still have to name this particular layer of kike smoke and mirrors to address it.

The key in general is eliminating the cockroach traitors the kikes use and the kikes themselves. This has to be done simultaneously.

If you only systematically disassemble one bit of evil along the path to the kikes, by the time you've made any progress with that approach, the kikes move on to the next scheme. The kikes keep layers of smoke and mirrors between them and any accountability and disappear completely by the time you've worked your way through even phase one (although you still have to work your way through these).

If you just name the kikes directly and go after them while failing to go through their layers, you will fail. The layers will stop you. That's why they're there. And to address the layers, you have to identify them correctly.

But the point is, you have to do both simultaneously. Go through the layers of bullshit AND go right after the kikes at the top at the same time. Whites in this country have to take extremely harsh measures killing all the pieces of shit in the kike layers of smoke and mirrors and the kikes themselves simultaneously. It has to happen at once. Hitler came the closest to multitasking the way it has to be done. The war (going after smoke and mirrors) and simultaneously killing kikes.

I got a shorter one Tor faggot. Kill em all. No more kikes, no more mirrors or smoke.

this is a larp that started on 4chan

Fuck you you stupid fuck. You can't dismiss everything as a "larp" or from 4chan. Let me guess, you are going to call me a Redditor? Fuck you.

You are typical deep state distractor shill fuck. Carter Page has been used for years as a hook to investigate high profile people.

You are a fucking cocksucking piece of shit.

Wouldn't it be funny to learn that some of our shills were taking time off from work to actually lie and try to save their seditious bosses' asses?

Digits and Hillary goes to prison only to die her first day there.

Show that Page is NOT UCE-1. I don't see the evidence.

"Sporyshev who was handed the binder"

Does not say that. Says he received the binder. Probblah could have handed it to him as they were colleagues.

That's crumbs. If the FBI lied to get FISA, THAT'S a big fish. Treason.

manufacturing fake evidence provided by an MI5 agent to sway an election for a globalist cabal Is treason and they should all hang

The dossier was used before Carter Page during June July.

I don't know if to laugh or cry.

does it justice*

6 Gaskin Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-5015

(212) 247-9035 - Landline
(845) 471-8634 - Landline
(212) 233-2225 - Landline
(518) 542-8193 - Wireless
(202) 550-9424 - Wireless
(914) 471-8634 - Landline
(202) 471-8634 - Landline

240 Central Park S New York NY 10019-1457
Neighborhood: Midtown Manhattan

this is a edgy idea start a partition to have geneva start a investigation into the memo and FISA mess because the american government is inept.

>oy vey goyim you should let (((globalist oversight commissions))) enter your country to investigate! They will surely be fair and just and obviously will recommend that the ZOG be deposed!

they are swiss.

Foreigners have no fucking business moderating the domestic affairs of MY country.

This is right.

combo of incredibly stupid, incredibly evil and sociopathic, and a bunch of incentives and lack of checks that enable both to thrive.

In the end, we get fucked, because they sold nukes and classified intel to terrorists (that is, when they weren't human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering).

(((MY country)))

Fuck the hell off, you illiterate sack of shit. Your idea is shit and reeks of kike.

the kikes fear the swiss.

The deplorables are asleep, so maybe an outlandish, absurd foreign investigation will wake more up to how out of control this situation is. We have thousands of traitors walking free and running dot gov and nobody's doing anything. It's insanity. Maybe something ludicrous like a foreign tribunal wakes more people up.

user, it isn't going to happen. Ever. Anyone who was going to wake up has already woken up. We're all there is, and the kikes have made it too scary for us to do anything because we can't even trust EACH OTHER. No one will be executed. No one will be imprisoned. No one will be convicted. No one will be tried. No one will be arrested. No one will even be fired. The ZOG will not arrest the ZOG.

There are plenty of good people who aren't stupid out there who don't pay attention. You seem to be sowing distrust when it's unnecessary. I do trust deplorables and people on this site. The answer is to keep getting the word out as much as possible.

Nothing can be ruled out strategy-wise. If it takes some outlandish thing like foreign intervention, something that insane will pique a lot of people's attention. The answer here is to do whatever it takes to make as many people as possible realize how fucked up this is.

No, I think it goes like this:
Carter is a ordinary Joe.
Get's tapped by FBI to be INFORMANT in this russian "naughy boy" case.
Carter, being a patriot, say yes.
Thing goes as planned and trial and whatnot.
2016, and the FBI want to wiretap Trump.
They know the Steele dossier is bullshit, bought and paid for by Clinton/DNC.
So, they say "we need something more than this we-know-it's-fake dossier, and what do you know: our former informant had some contact with mr.shady russian in 2013, let's use that"
and BOOM.
their case has a little more meat on the bone.
Bullshit meat, from their own "let's get him to work for us" files, but still… meat…

Snowden warned us:
they use it to spy on tertiary contacts.

Boomer posting

Checked. These are outstanding posts and right on the money.

They use Carter Page to hang around with people they want to surveil under color of law. For normies, they just surveil you because fuck you. For bigshots who might cause problems, they need at least color of law. In some sense, that means Carter Page is an "agent" as in instrumental in some way but not necessarily in the job title sense.

While it's kind of blackpill I agree at least that the govt will not fuck themselves. We need to leverage this against the normies, that's it's value.

Not true at all. It’s an ability to turn the emotions and empathy off.

No, they just don't have correct emotions at all. There's no on or off.

Show that Page is NOT UCE-1. I don't see the evidence.

Show that Page is NOT UCE-1. I don't see any evidence to rule him out as UCE-1 and plenty of evidence to suggest he is. e.g. If they flipped Male-1 EVERYTHING adds up.

How would you know, are you one?

So if FISA approves almost literally everything, it shows how very little they had for their first request (without the steele info). The denied application would be an interesting read for it's tryfail at bullshitting a judge that is usually totally OK with being bullshitted.

Page is Naval Intel. Boy Scout. He was groomed for this.

He attended the US Naval Acad.


During his senior year at the Naval Academy, Page worked as researcher for the House Armed Services Committee.

Page graduated in '93 as a Distinguished Graduate (top 10%) & was chosen for Navy's TRIDENT SCHOLAR PROGRAM.

His Project Trident Scholar report written 25 years ago is all about how SECRECY = POLITICAL POWER and the BALANCE BETWEEN LEGISLATIVE & EXECUTIVE over said POWER.

Post Grad, Page spent 18 mos at the PENTAGON, acting as Navy's working group rep on nuclear nonproliferation policy, focusing on negotiations with RUSSIA. (OMG!)

He served aboard an ammo ship and a frigate for 3 years.



In 94, Page got a MASTERS in NATIONAL SECURITY STUDIES at Georgetown.

In 1998, the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS awarded Page its prized international affairs fellowship.

What attracted the committee, was PAGE’S WORK IN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE with the UN in MOROCCO.


HE just "happens" to run into and be responsible for the bust of a NON OFFICIAL COVER SVR AGENT.
You try that shit someday.
Then he just "happens" to 3yrs later be embroiled in the largest FISA 4A scandal in history. By being TARGETED AS AN AGENT OF RUSSIA?! lol

lol some rando pajeet with newsweek figured it out:
t-minus 10 until the jews shut that down

So basically the odds that Page is anything but a US govt spook goes right out the window. I mean I'm not surprised. But this in conjunction with everything else is beyond damning.



There is only ONE "energy analyst" listed in the FBI/Court files. The analyst passed the wired "documents". That's fucking Page.

File the goddamn FOIA.
Page wants transparency for his FISA case.
File for his COUNTER-INTEL RUSSIA NOC SVR FBI case 302's!




No one is taking down the fucking cabal, you idiot.

That's where your wrong, kiddo. Holla Forums is taking down the cabal. one way or another

Great argument. I'm sure you're actually doing anything whatsoever. You realize no one will ever so much as be fired, right? No one's being executed. No one's going to prison. We have public admissions of treason by former administration officials, including the president himself. No one is standing on the Mall demanding their heads. No one is even protesting in any form. You're a fucking lunatic. You're living in a fantasy world. Yuri Bezmenov was right 30 years ago. You will never do anything, ever.

People are being fired left and right lying torpedo yid. I agree that isn't enough tho the lampposts in the capitol's streets should be decorated with traitors. Either the prosecutions come or they don't. And if they don't the government isn't worth a damn and you're a fool for obeying laws you don't have to.

Who’s being fired?
Fucking lol, you’re totally pathetic. You are the reason that nothing is ever going to happen. You’ve proven every word.

So you’re a member of the cabal?
Do you even know what the cabal is?

This, they're actually dropping like flies. Top CEOs of major tech firms and media companies and banks, Obama holdovers in various departments, it's a shoah.

Just don't engage with that blackpilling kike, it's pointless.

Truth isn’t a blackpill, you fucking kike. We have proof of treason. No one is arrested. Nothing is happening.

White Nationalism/Alt-Right is a Controlled Opposition Jewish psych-op whose sole purpose is to leave Whites defenseless as they slowly murder us.

Digits, and you don’t make a move on the cabal without making sure you have the whole picture. Trump is obviously a Mason, meaning he will know who and what the cabal actually is.

This was Barry O's exec order covering classified info. Look at subsections (1) and (2) of section 4.3 -

These officials shall keep the number of these programs at an absolute minimum, and shall establish them only when the program is required by statute or upon a specific finding that:
(1) the vulnerability of, or threat to, specific information is exceptional; and
(2) the normal criteria for determining eligibility for access applicable to information classified at the same level are not deemed sufficient to protect the information from unauthorized disclosure.

These subsections describes the level of information these traitor pieces of shit were regularly selling to enemies, including nations like Pakistan who work directly with actual terrorists (not fake terrorists). This type of information is so incredibly sensitive that it's restricted even among the most trusted personnel at the very top. These traitors were just selling this shit straight up, probably since 2004 when the Awans came to work in the House.

(note that prior executive orders used similar language like EXCEPTIONAL VULNERABILITY)

At the same time, among other things, these people were also selling nuclear material like plutonium and uranium to enemies. That's what Lambert at TLI got in trouble for.

Add it up. Department of Energy has a shit ton of special access program/very high level shit and is considered a super scary spook infested agency for a reason. Info on nuclear weapons etc is very very dangerous. A ton of people were (are?) compromised in relation to DOE, NNSA, some military, whatever. Across the board. Not to mention all the agencies who protected the traitors.

It's impossible to put all this together as an outsider in a nice little package, but it appears they were selling info on nukes and nuke weapons to literal terrorists maybe giving them the ability to dirty bomb our asses.

In the end, they'll probably hide most of the really serious shit, but it is truly up to the we the people to take action. They'll just hide everything with classification, maintaining deliberate complexity, disinformation, media spin, you name it. They'll even keep the trials/pleas hidden most likely. Look at even comey changing the fucking standard from gross negligence (legal concept) to "extremely careless" in public to get hillary off on charges that were nothing–the pathetic 10 years jailtime or fine or whatever for mishandling classified info. She even escaped that and it was TREASON SELLING TO FUCKING LITERAL TERRORISTS. Then you had the FISA bullshit and coup attempt. All part of the coverup. They've barely revealed any of that to the public, too, and that's just the tip of the tip of the iceberg of all this.

We the people need to recognize how they massively, MASSIVELY, completely sold us the fuck out in the biggest way. Treason across the board.

I don’t appreciate the name calling, especially from someone that is a borderline terrorist whom on any casual day I would talk shit to, just to provoke them into violence.

It doesn’t matter if they leak nuclear knowledge. That shit isn’t a secret anymore. It was maybe 40 years ago.

Now, any swinging dick with a few billion to waste on a lump of metal that simply has no return value can build one if they do choose. Pretty sure they could buy them for even less if they look hard enough.

The simple fact is that there are no crazies out there willing to actually use these devices outside of the cabal themselves. It’s why the cabal has it fingers in every nuclear engineering program on the planet and will go after anyone seeking to disrupt their death grip on the nuclear power game.

We know who the cabal is already. They aren’t fooling anyone. Old cults have a habit of leaving trails of bodies around. The longer in the time line you’re, the clearer that trail becomes.

Two headed snakes are rare, especially the ones that survive.

You faggots hiding behind Tor and larping as a patriot is hilarious as always. The apocalypse has arrived. Time for your kind to start handing power back to us.

Pol was right that it’s nothing but Jews sending fags to rape people into submission?

The cabal, fags being created to be used as weapons by Jews as Fags that have been abused all their lives have zero qualms about attacking anyone. Then the Kikes sit back and pretend that they run the world, not the cops and homos that do all the work for them.

Then the Jews treat the homos and cops like shit constantly furthering the Stockholm syndrome.

Making them constantly jump through hoops for no reason while their lives and families are ground into dust to further only Jewish interests, and the Masons go along with this whole situation because they have all these groups feeling guilty about the traps the Jews have laid out around them.

I used to live in 5 points.

I spent my childhood there.

Regarding your pic related…the Masons are Jews, their texts make it so clear it can't possibly be misunderstood.

Or at the least it's a Jewish structure and symbolism. I know plenty of non Jews are Masons, but…the organization as a whole is Jewish.

It's based on the combination of the gentile races' mystery religions and the philosophies of the upper Jewish caste. Their symbolism is the reconciliation of both groups' religions.

No. Fuck you. You are likely a deep state fuck shilling the "but what we did wasn't that bad, the terrorists already have nukes, ignore it goys!"

You are completely factually incorrect. The intel stolen over more than a decade was being shared with everyone and also covered satellite (nat geospatial) and port info. Navy stuff/NNSA along with DOE etc. It's the kind of stuff that if you have it, it specifically a rando rogue actor administer a nuke.

(To be fair, if you fucks already let some Al Queda fuck get a nuke, they still couldn't use it because they didn't have know how, they couldn't transport and deliver, and they didn't have all the insiders this operation had.)

It's not that hard to get a suicidal al queda/haqqani fucker to suicide into a building, and there is no way they haven't been working a way to get a dirty bomb to the US using the all the intel they stole and dump one on a city.

They also compromised so many people in DOE/NNSA etc. that there's no telling if officials responsible for oversight will do their jobs or not.

That means the cabal could conveniently allow (or encourage or assist) a dirty bomb, or a dirty bomber might be able to pull it off on their own, say, with a little Jew Mossad assistance.

Guess what? Then they use that to start a goddamn nuclear war. They use it as an excuse.

Fuck you deep state pieces of shit–including you, probably–trying to lie about this shit to the people you've put in extremely serious danger because you want to line your own pockets. You're all treasonous criminal pieces of shit who need to be lined up and shot.

Fuck you again.

I completely agree. traitors, and the (((deep state))) types are all traitors, deserve a bullet or the rope. This is the traditional, and, for what it's worth, legal punishment for treason. They have betrayed all that they were tasked with defending. they are a large part of the enemy of western (White) civilization. They will pay. no more secrets. no more lies.

truly I wonder how the working class deep state types can live with themselves. how do they sleep at night, knowing that they are complicit in unspeakable evil? how can those among them who are White justify their involvement in White genocide? why do they follow (((overlords))) who believe that they are cattle? how can they be so lacking in honor of any kind? Horrifying. Vile.