Agroforestry farming practices. The Future

I want to give my fellow anons a heads up on the future of farming. Silvopasture and ally cropping will change farming as we know it dramatically over the next 100 years. Get in early and change the world. This is the only answer to endless chemicals and erosion, the only answer to loss of habitat. These types of farming practices are the most important technology for the human race. I will spoon feed you faggots this to some extent.

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Get your shit together cucks. Its time to take back our planet and create a future for the white race.

Give more info.

I'm listening, waiting for OP

Keyline design is water management that will allow you to grow trees even during the worst droughts.

silvopasture and ally cropping will allow us to grow an exponential amount of food with the same amount of land, and grow food in areas that would be otherwise completely unfarmable like the side of a hill.

Got anything on extreme cold weather farming? I'm way up north.

Its pretty much just would you rather farm corn and give up on life as we know it.

Or do we want to get our shit together and stop the madness.

oo hell yea look up mark shepard, we are both in wisconsin and he actually helped breed chestnuts to become more cold hardy and it was apparently very simple. The first people to start breeding tree species to become more fruitful and adaptable will be like gods. Tree farming is the most neglected thing ever man. All we need is a few hazelnuts that can produce 3x the wild varieties and the human race eats for a thousand years.

got side tracked and forgot to answer your question. there is a company in canada that grows tart cherries in rows. they were a cherry orchard making good money from juice. But then they discovered ally cropping and started growing salad greens in between their trees. They became the biggest supplier of salad greens in canada and didnt have to buy any more land for the salad greens.

The is the most important thing you will ever read. Of course you cucks are passing it up. I am the greatest investor of all time. This is the only way we save the white race. I have ran all the calculations.

Until some GMO seed blows onto your property and Monsanto brings the Dept of Agriculture crashing down on your fucking head for "stealing" their seeds. Gotta get rid of companies like them first. And yes, they've actually done this to people.
Anyway, for any city dwelling anons, it's really easy to set up a small hydroponics operation if you wanna start to learn how to grow stuff. You need little more than a rubbermaid bin, a fish tank bubbler and something to float the plants. Good stuff until you can get some land to plant on.
Growing stuff and eating it feels amazing. There's a real sense of satisfaction having seen the plant through it's life and reaping the rewards of your work by actually feeding yourself with it.

More food means more niggers. This will likely be a detriment. Stop trying to help the planet, the only ones starving are niggers and chinks.

You grandkids will ask you.
"why did they spray chemicals on every square inch of land if they knew it was bad?"
"why did they destroy millions of acres of habitat and set biological life forms in a tail spin for a few gallons of ethanol?"
"what the fuck were you doing when millions of acres were being eroded year after year"

Your response. "well I was a low IQ and didnt care enough about you"

Can I at least beat a squirrel to death with a stick and have some protein with my revolting cherry salad?

your a fucking idiot if you think there is no food value in tree crops. Do you even know what a chestnut is user? have you ever heard of a hazelnut? One is high in carbs and the other is high in protein.

nigs wont be able to afford chestnuts and apple cider dude. this is white man food. I mean your literally fucked if you think its okay for white people to be force fed gmo corn/ soy from birth.

Yea im not worried thos i dont grow the same crops a traditional farmers so i dont have to worry about their shit pollen.

Na its fine. dont even worry about it user.

Wait, I'm extremely confused, how does silvopasture and ally croping work? Where do you get the materials, seeds and tools to do so? How can we replicate such practices with little land of our own? Where do anons even start?

Have you ever eaten a chestnut?
They taste like shit.


I'm talking -50(F) weather. Any method for growing in that environment? Walipinis with a rocket stove maybe.

How do you stop water erosion?

Damn are you way up in canada or a ruskie? I think you can keep a greenhouse hot in -20 celcius since those close to me are on all year but I don't know about -40 to -50.

You have to have a grassed strip of land in the vallies where all the water flows. see how in the pictures the land is all cut up in the vallies where the water rushes. You are spose to have grassed waterways to prevent that type of massive erosion. the shit happens all the time in the midwest and farmers just plow over it ever spring and fill the hole with more dirt. this shit will fuck over humans eventually.

really fast. Topsoil takes millenia to form.
we need smarter farming, which means anons need to own land and play.

not really dude i've had them out of the oven and they taste great. hazelnuts are great too and full of omegas and good fats.

jesus man. microgreens can be grown pretty well year round if you can find someone to buy them. there are some ukrainian apples that can withstand to cold I know of. could probably grow a lot of mushrooms in the warmer months. raspberries and grapes do fine in the cold.

I have a hard time accepting that logic, since it relies of complimentary crops which do not necessarily provide a calorie yield big enough to sustain the populations we have today.

Sure, small farming operations can create several revenue streams from this sort of farming and increase the share of ecologically sustainable food products. But if you want to convince me that it's the future, you have to very carefully explain how this method can churn out the several thousand tonnes of wheat that are needed to produce bread, an essential source of proteins and fiber in the western diet.

And how on Earth would that method compete with stuff like mechanized urban farming, where warehouses are converted into greenhouses that can provide tonnes of greens, grown under ideal conditions and within miles of the consumer?

From what I have heard, there's far more investor interest in automated and mechanized urban farming than in intercropping and permaculture. Though its applications are limited since modern farming still has a major cost advantage.

I fear greatly being where I am and not having access to imported food, but it's my homeland, and I'm not leaving.

This user gets it. nothing else really matters and the human race will never go anywhere unless we convert millions of acres from row crops to tree crops. silvopasture/ ally cropping are the only way to do this a a profit. We have to incorporate animals/ grasses/ trees/ and crops all together on the same parcel of land.

Yes i see your point but the numbers are really there. Imagine john deeres planting billions of chestnut trees (high in carbs) that could completely replace corn nutritionally and be made into breads/ pastas/ cereals/ etc.

there are also plants like hazelnuts and pecans that produce a lot of good fats and proteins. We need more farmers and we need more scientists to get involved with tree crops. Also think about all the millions of acres that can not be planted to corn or hay but would be perfect for trees like hillsides or rocky land. You could literally turn the entire appalachian mtn range into a chestnut orchard and feed many millions of people. this will all happen in time.

You need a greenhouse. I heard that the plant called Salix arctica and it can survive up to -70 F but I would be wrong because I am from Australia. I can't imagine how you live in that extreme cold weather!

What about, say, the middle of Kansas? No trees really grow there. Would areas around there receive enough rainfall for this to be viable? I'm sure you would agree that pumping in water from somewhere is not a viable solution, seeing how much the Ogallala aquifer has fallen. Also any tips for improving over-farmed land that has grown corn or soybeans for many decades?

One more question: I would love to see many families buy land and start growing their own food and herbs to feed and support themselves, if you had a few acres in decent land with enough rainfall, what would you grow to feed yourself and provide for your needs? Would you have bees, chickens, goats?

Fucking Sci-Fi cucks. It isn't enough to call different species of humans "races", but now you're grouping them all up into one "race"?

I like this more:
But that's purely because it pleases my autism.

it's up to the farmer how much chemicals they put on that, and in a controlled environment, you can be sure that the only insects are bees, therefore you don't need any chemicals, in theory at least

you can grow all kinds of shit on a small piece of land. Youll have to see what plants like the soil you have but you can grow all kinds of fancy tomatoes/ peppers/ and watermelons you never even knew existed. I say all of it man. get a couple bee hives, a dozen chickens, and all the best trees you can. mulberries are a great tree for pigs or chickens. they will gobble that shit up as it falls off the tree and its very high in protein for a fruit. hazelnuts/ chestnuts/ apples/ plums and shit like that will all pay off in the long run when your small farm is just dripping with crops.

yea they will never be able to grow shit indoors without sprays. there are all kinds of mites and molds that get out of hand when you grow shit indoors. normally the sun would just murder everything and only the strong plants survive. indoors the mites and shit get coddled and there is nothing to keep them in check besides chemicals.

we can be racist after we save the basic biological forces that are the basis for all life user.

Need reliable stats in increase in productivity.

Martin Crawford´s FOREST GARDEN on youtube

It looks really cool. He talks about fibres nuts etc but
Do you have an example of somone doing this to maximise fruit (sugar production)? eg apples/oranges as main crop
Birth of the elves?

Can you sppon feed me to some good reading on th agrofostery please?

green zionist alliance :O

Plant the Vicia sativa because it give nitrogen to soil.

if you can make sterile labs, you can make indoor farms without mites and fungus

Non-Europeans aren't human.


yes you will have to look up mark shepard. he is making 300k a year on 100 acres doing this shyt. he produces just as much food as a corn farmer with 100 acres but he is producing wayyy more human food. 95% of corn goes to feed animals or gets used as ethanol while most of the crops grown on marks farm gets eatn by people.

There are reliable facts around somewhere but its just basic math. the trees only take up a 3 foot strip and everything else can be left to corn. so your farm would be 3% trees and 97% corn still. do you really think that tiny amount of land that the trees take up is going to decrease yeilds? hell no. the problem is most farmers dont own the land so they are not going to bother planting something that is tied to the land for 15 years.

I am not talking to you but to other. Just convert F to C in your heard. It's not hard to do your damn math you lazy bum! Anyway the mulch and green manure can fix the ruined soils.

- Stop buying the fruits and vegetables from the shops.
- start your own mini-farm
- throw the food wastes into compost bin.
- No chemical or any posion that can harm the soil.
- The mulch must be higher than 10 cm.
- If you have surplus composted soil and mulches then share them with anyone or dump them on somewhere that is ruined.
- Get the meat from the home raised goat instead of cows.
- Find the free mulches on gumtree. There's always free mulches because well you can blame it on the storms. Aussies are sick of free mulches and they don't know where to put so they leave them it as piles until it become hills.

Nice digits treeanon.
How about you provide some research for us some articles.
Something tangible so you don't have to play the Nutty Professor this whole time.
Also I have a german friend who might be able to actually use this stuff if he hasn't alrady heard of it.

I meant head!

I wonder if it's possible for vertical bonsai fruit trees

It is more likely that ethnic Europeans go extinct before that happens, and you know the others aren't going to care about muh environment as much as they don't care now.

keywords to search into google and youtube are keyline design, permaculture, bill mollison, agroforestry, ally cropping, silvopasture, mark shepard, geoff lawton, allon savory, joel salatin, greg judy, university of missouri agroforestry.

I have strawberries in pots. They are nice but watchout for the animals because some animals have sweet teethes. I want to try the mango tree in the pots cause I like the mango.

Mango takes YEARS to produce fruit though, fair warning.

how the fuck is this planet even so fucked? I literally think the white race got into something, it must have been the leaded gas or mercury or something.

Actually, God is quite capable of not only sustaining the world's species – He can create new ones at a Word.

However, as He has plainly set us jars of clay up as pitiful stewards to this ranch of His, I'm willing to hear your suggestions OP.

mangos are tasty, but it's such a chore to remove the peel, as opposed to apples that you can just eat with it

Don't worry I can get the grafted mango tree from the shops. That shouldn't be a problem to plant them in the pots.

There is a lot of grafted mango tree because the mango is well loved by many Aussies. Farm is a very important part of the Aussie tradition.

Because we were too kind to share the knowledge with them and that is what happens. We mustn't let our kind hearts control our souls.

just look into ally cropping and silvopasture user. we are at the very beginning stages of this technology so this is like getting into bitcoins at $1 in essence. this shit will take over the commodities world at some point over the next 200 years guaranteed but the question is when>? when the fuck are people going to say enough is enough and we are ready to make farming work better.

That's easy. Just slice them in three pieces and push the back side of the mango cheeks up so the flesh pokes out. Cut the flesh on the pit and pull them around the pits. Who cares if the fingers get sweet sticky?

I like to believe take the future too, but I think it is too expensive for most businesses to make the switch due to their reliance on foreign slave labor, i.e Mexicans, which staves off automation and other cost saving investments for the sake of lower wages in the here and now. I am a Forrester, though these days I focus more on the politics and private advocacy, but I used to be really Keen on agriculture and nearly changed majors for it in college. I will say this, while the movement is full of neo-peasants and the like, who are by no stretch of the imagination ancaps or Nazis or whatever, they are extremely skeptical, some are, to neo-liberal globalism and the destruction of local markets.

TBQFH, there are dramatically more significant issues looming on the horizon of this' life than whether the cows you drink milk from had holo-organo-whole-homo-no-gmo'd-pedo-goatf… wait…

It's a good idea and I really like it. I'm a farmer myself. However, if you've somehow deluded yourself into the idea that agri-wisdom can in some way save this planet, then, imo, you have another think coming.

Human endeavor will never save you.
You CAN however, be saved.

that's the only reason I find peeling mango a chore, because I care

That's a great shame. I want to punish them with the fruity passions by inviting them over to the Aussies and see how much it is important for everyone to love the nature.

Shame shame shame! Nah I am jokin' mate. How about the banana? I have them at the home. It's nice and it is good for your gut flora. :D

also have them at home, unfortunately the variant that was planted is not as tasty as the store bought ones

Maybe you have a different type of banana than mine?

We may not save our lovely planet but we can save the plants by storing the plants and seeds in our greenhouses and seed banks.

Funny enough, I know someone from Israel that does this. Has the most productive field in the area.

You'd think planting a bunch of trees on your pasture would be common sense really. Not like we didn't have massive problems with soil erosion for a long time now.

there are a freaking billion types, all look similar but have pretty different tastes.
For instance, these are the 5 most well known here in Brazil
I don't know which type I have at home, nor which type is the I buy at the markets

Mine is little too small to be Cavendish so I would say it's Lady Fingers. Lady Finger is sweeter than cavendish so they are ideal for making banana juice.

The recipe for banana juice.

Just put them in the juice mixer and boom here you are! *slurp*slurp* BURP!!! Whoops please pardon my rude manner mate.

na man we can save the planet. agroforestry farming can feed 100 billion people for millions of years user. I can do maths. we just have north korea and nuclear power plants to deal with first yes.

wow great man.

ph a permaculture thread rad

Not if we make them vertical aeroponics and use speed breeding methods.

"The Communist Jews have brainwashed you into believing that using the word 'chemical' implies an absolute negative. The problem with that is it was imprinted upon you by the Communists. You learned nothing. You are full of chemicals."


What good will seed banks do in the face of an Extinction Event? Don't get me wrong I applaud the notion. Gud Jerb. However in the end – the soon end btw – it will avail nothing. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Later, He will show you how to colonize the shit out of the planets bro.

By God's grace alone. Don't conflate the gift with the recipient. Seek the hand of the Giver, not the gift friend.

Stupid Yuropiss it's -10F° this morning. Last night was so cold it's what you might call a "3-shitskin night."

Why would I leave our home planet that we have known our whole life? You realise that will take a big decision to make one way ticket and never return. Right mate? It's not easy to live the tough life.

i know right. its fucking insane. its the lack of anyone giving a shit. if the landowner doesnt know and/ or doesnt care and the farmer doesnt care then shit can get fucked up.

When you're dead, atp you will have zero choice in the matter m80.

I refuse to believe that will occur during ours, our children and grandchildren lifetime.

Those (((engineers))) have ruined gluten for me. >$2k in tests to find out I can't eat fucking bread anymore

Denial rarely plays any part in reality, friend.

okay, you are either terminally depressed or you know seekret nasa shit
when will the asteroid hit, according to you?

>Those (((engineers))) have ruined gluten for me. >$2k in tests to find out I can't eat fucking bread anymore
I ate a apple in USA and it made me very sick. My tummy felt like exploding so I agree that the GMO stuff is dangerous.

If you believe that the extinction event is a reality then I believe that the Ice Age is a reality that will reduce the population by half.

Shut up defeatist cuck. We will create our paradise here on Earth.

my planting time is on the calendar for this month brother.

Interesting concept

Well, If I ever get a big terrain when I move either to Italy, Portugal or USA, I will try making one of these

I see you are atoning for your sins by planting on this month. We should astone our whole life by planting non-stop until we die.

indeed man. add in some chickens and pigs and ud have food for yearzz.

we got land to tie down anons.

Of course. We can make soil fertile by leaving mulches all over the lands to rot but the smell like dead. Be careful not to make them large or they will catch fire. No I am not jokin. You would heat the hot tub with the heat from a big pile of mulch.

Ha, good luck with that. You'll be paying $5000 an acre for "good farm ground", which bullshit because what you're really buying is a raped toxic waste dump. Good luck restoring it to forest.
Good luck establishing markets in the economically blighted towns that will surround you in the middle of nowhere.
If you want a forest then move to the forest. I suggest somewhere close to the coast so you can have the benefit of seafood also. If you already own farm land in the midwest, I suggest you sell it before everyone else catches on to how fucked it all is.

yes I use mulch a lot but were talking millions of acres and mulch is only really good for small gardens or small tree plantings. I love mulch tho bro im a frickn addict. I cut down spruce tree just for their needles for my tomato garden.

regaurdless of how chemically fucked it is, there is still 4 feet of clay left in many areas and you can turn clay back into topsoil with trees/ animals/ grasses. So we are still fine its just going to be a rough road but we are bad niggers so we can handle it.

where do you suggest I move that doesnt have scorpions, snakes, spiders, and cockroaches?

Ag eng user here

It really depesna on your cliamte and biome, but proper water control structures and farming practises are both v important.

Currently drainage tile and groundwater gates and pumps are used to keep fields under optimal water conditions. A more Permacultural (bio-dynamic) approach would be to construct swails considering elevation and swamps.

Soil quality and farming practises also matter. Heavy machinery causes soil compaction, which causes more surface runoff. Tillage and removing residues depletes soil organic matter (carbon) resulting on poor soil structure which will lower soil water retention anong other things.

The third Reich switched to small scale organic permacultural practises to sustain the land and the rural farming class.

Heil obergruppenfuhrer Darre

You can build good soil organic matter very quickly. You can mix in lots of manure and cropbiomass, or just grow trees and brush for a century and then slash and burn the land back for ag purposes.


Pic is called "poly-culture

The character in that movie is fucking retarded by the way. All botanists know how to do is identify plants, and so of course he starves like an idiot.

It's incredibly easy to get a life support system running in space, I know people who have worked on these projects.

Research how topsoil formation works.

You can make almost any land agriculturally valuable if you know how soil biology works.

Topsoil is alive - it's basically Zerg creep. Focus on growing your topsoil and you won't have any trouble growing crops or grazing animals on top of it.

Ok, here are some books I'd recommend on gardening/farming that look to both fulfill the needs of the farmer and care for the needs of the land.
This book is a very good starter book for anyone looking to understand the natural rhythms of the earth as it grows and feeds itself. I'd read this before you dive into the host of permaculture book that are currently flooding the market.

A wonderful resource for all-natural, healthy alternatives for composting, fertilizing, pest-control, and weed-control.

This is a great way for newbies with limited space, funds, and knowledge to get their hand into the soil and start producing wholesome food for their families while they learn more about how they can build a more sustainable, all encompassing food forest.

Or just direct people to morgoths library on pdfs

Blocks your path


do you not eat the mango skin? i never knew. Is it bad for you? I feel ok

Opinion about Vertical and hydroponic farming OP?

I was going to post some pdfs but cant for some reason, fuck it check out

the first books posted have dead links, but they were reposted with new links just last week near the bottom on the thread.

The single biggest environmental problem whites caused was giving technology and handouts to the others. Now the oceans and lands are polluted with plastic from bottles and bags.

If the cucks truly cared about muh environment, they would make sure that no plastic is ever given to the 3rd world, and only biodegradable (wood and plant fiber) containers are allowed outside of the first world.

Well, I've never tried…

Good thread. Have a bump.

Checking them sweet doubledubs, fellow Wisconanon

We on that wavelength, OP.


this isn't permaculture, but its on the same vibe i guess.

did you know they figured out how to turn deserts back into grasslands? Turns out, all you need is livestock who trample grass and poop all over it. This traps moisture in the ground and keeps it from evaporating, and provides it with nutrients.

Do that on your fucked up farmland, let it grow wild for a few years, then start farming. I'm not a scientist, but I would think the toxins would be all soaked up by then.

Too bad niggers never figured out how to into animal husbandry aside from goats for fucking. The Sahara could be a lush jungle once again.

Nice Thread OP. As a kid i've always wondered about why there aren't more tree farms around. Another thing that i never understood is why we don't make more use of water plants which don't need any soil just access to a lake or sea and seem to be very nutrient rich.

If you goto an auction and you got a bit of luck you can get decent land for far cheaper per acre.

…and anchored.

Mods are truly retarded sometimes.

Gotta keep the cattle ignorant, Tel Aviv says so.

no worries, we'll speak about this again

Uhhh isn't the reason the Sahara is a desert because it is hot as fuck? Good soil is fine and dandy but at 40+ degrees there isn't much that could grow there.

Mods get the rope too

Okay, mods. WHY? Why does this thread gets anchored? I really want to know.

Because as entertaining as this thread is, it's not politics, nor news, nor happenings nor current events.
It's at best, self improvement

You're not wrong. But it is possible to turn the Sahara, or any desert, into grasslands simply by introducing livestock and making sure they survive. This would mean they need a large amount of human attention for many years, but given enough time and effort it could happen.

How do you think a desert farm or oasis works? If done correctly you could probably even speed grow shit with the intense sunlight.

If you're still here OP might as well take a chance even though its anchored

no, its lack of water from air currents
heat actually has nothing to do with whether or not an area is a desert; antarctica is a desert
plants don't give a shit how hot it is

Waste of dubs if you ask me

Isn't harvesting the produce an enormous bottleneck when it comes to silvopasture? Harvesting nuts and fruit is a terribly manual, labor-intensive process as far as I'm aware. Labor demand forcitrus and fruit harvesting is basically the root cause of America's hispanic (read: unskilled mestizo farm labor) problem.

Planting trees among row crops makes traditional mechanized harvesting methods difficult to nearly impossible and mechanizing the harvesting process for tree crops is still an unsolved problem. Grow all you want but if the white man can't harvest it without low skill shitskin labor, there's no point.

Fucking really? Why can't a white man harvest it?

one of my dreams of 'things to do after retirement' is making autonomous harvesting drones/spiderbots

especially spiderbots, because they would be the coolest

The labor is offset to a significant degree by the smaller scale and local and continual consumption. You're not going to be harvesting thousands of acres at once, and on top of that contemporary farming methods will still need to be employed to some degree to feed larger population centers. Larger cities could still supplement their consumption considerably via local production but there simply isn't the space not the impetus for a total conversion - even with vertical farming, which is pretty much a meme for the foreseeable future.

Considering that the only thing that this farm bot don't do is harvesting, I think it might come sooner than expected

take the damn redpill

There are nuts and fruits that aren't directly plucked from trees but taken after they've fall down, like chestnuts for example. They're incredibly easy to harvest since you just need to place a net or something else below shortly before harvest time, wait until they fall and pick them up in one go. There are hard and easy to harvest plants in every category, from ground to tree, if you're a lazy shit then just plant the easy to harvest ones.

I'd rather deal with shitty harvest than sub-humans too.

Am I crazy for liking the smell of mulch? Maybe we're talking about different kinds of mulch but the woody mulch I'm familiar with smells delightfully musty and rich. Maybe it's simply because I associate the smell with the importance of its role in nourishing the food that gives us life.

Side note: Did you know that science has yet to discover the exact mechanism behind mulch/compost fires? We know decomposition and fermentation produce heat but there is still no known chemical reaction capable of "jumping the gap" from the temperature where the heat producing bacteria die and the temperature when cqn ignition occur. Decomposition, this the exothermic reactions, should stop when the temperature kills off the bacteria but temperature still keeps climbing in certain conditions until the material ignites. It's clearly a runaway, abiotic chemical process but there is no explanation for it as of this point in time. I simply find that interesting because of how much research has been conducted in the field of mulching and composting as it related to agriculture and the potential applications of such a reaction that fuses the fields of biology and chemistry. Extracting combustion energy from organic matter without any outside energy input would be huge for many fields, particularly space colonisation.

Kansas actually had quite a bit of tree cover before the forests were cut for timber / firewood (and still does to some extent in eastern KS). Native species west of the Arkansas river consist of eastern/western redcedar, willows, elms, and cottonwoods - none of which are heavy food producers for you humans.

If you need to regenerate fields that had corn / soy, plant a legume of some kind (maybe clover - the bees love it) to pump nitrogen back into the soil then let native crops overtake it for a couple of years. The native roots often penetrate much deeper into the soil and prevent erosion while the matter above the surface will drop, decay & provide minerals to the soil.

That's my point, I don't want subhumans in my lands either. I also don't think wasting the white man's potential by requiring a permanent underclass of whites serving as agricultural day laborers is viable, nor desirable, either.

A white nation cannot be sustained without a society designed to empower whites. Empowering whites to extract our full potential requires heavy use of automation and mechanization, things that are very difficult to implement with this method of agriculture.

Also, if you have limited water resources, looking into water catchment system + hugelkulture.

thanks for the input, ai overlord

What about people who actually want to do manual labour such as orchard work and harvesting?

Implying that there WOULD be an underclass completely disregards the white mans autonomy and desire for working the land.

According to normal distribution, there will always be a mass of retards among any race, including whites. They can pick cotton

/zundel/ has so many resources on this topic collected into one place. One of my favorite boards I rarely see mentioned here.

trips & dubs

Gotta check that

how about extremely dry weather farming? Southwestern US here, i know some people dig underground for cooler growing temperatures. are silvopasture, ally cropping, etc. applicable in my hot and dry environment?

"AWOO" anime memes aren't politics, news, happenings, nor current events either. Didn't stop you niggers stickying it twice.

lol ive had squirrels dig up hundreds of sprouting walnut trees in hours. fucking cocksuckers. ive also had turkeys come by and snip my valuable trees in half with their beaks. you find ways around the fuckers eventually.

yup already researching keyline design. thanks tho user!

this, some shit will kill you to harvest like green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers. then there are crops like watermelons or potatoes where you literally only have to harvest 1 time.

GREAT QUESTION. No its really not a problem thats what animals are for. say you have apples, plums, and chestnuts. you go out and pick all the great looking fruits and sell thos for top dollar. then you send your pigs lose and let them take care of all the leftover apples/ plums/ chestnuts that didnt look good or whatever. Turn a bunch of pest infested apples into the best bacon on the entire planet. not a bad gig.

Also there is mechanized harvesting for apple trees and things like that. its called a straddle harvester and they are expensive but if you had 300+ acre silvopasture it would be worth it.

If the mods are so against the idea of home-grown produce, why do they keep insisting on activating my almonds?

you fucking retarded dude, whites are shit right now listening to rap music and worshiping niggers. they take drugs and fuck around on facebook all day. do you really think getting the white race back to the farm would do anything negative? Its literally the only thing that could save us, we need to get back to big white farm familes where white man can actually solve some big problems like monsanto/ poisoned food/ erosion/ degradation of biological life.

your basically just a cuck who doesn't see the big problems with "conventionally" farming corn until we all have diabetes and our land is completely trashed/ entire species go extinct via loss of habitat.

Id rather have a big family and a big farm with lots of different crops to feed my family with and to show them a better life than MUH HIP HOP.

damn what kinda faggots are trying to keep silvopasture from average anons..

your going to make it user. just be in it for the long haul.

We need to have small lake so the water evaporates to attract the rains.

OY VEY did this goy just make a thread NOT talking about trump?

Why is this important thread locked? Earth is in danger of dying if we don't take good care of the trees and soils.

Is it safe to feed the plants with hydrogen water?

/offgrid/ is your way to go, when mods play faggot again.

Yeah right. The yellow river has his name from all the soil being washed away, their Loess plateau and the once fertile cresent were treasure coves for farming - today only semidesert. The huge dustbowls in american history all go back to shit farming and your almond and fruit tree plantations are so fucking unnatural that you have an entire business practise to travel around with bee hives that polinate them nad then already die.
The entire system is fucked to the core.

Don't forget the mushrooms.

They're key to saving the bees, amongst other things.

Check out Paul Stamets' work.



no love?

Kenneth Schueler 211 Corrie Crescent Waterloo Ontario

A solution for the wasted bananas.

Thanks for trying OP. 2nd year NWF permaculture checking in. Everyone itt should grab a local foraging book before spring. It'll save money for poorfags that can't buy land, and newfags can glean what agricultural varieties of wild crops grow well. Most "weeds" are edible, medicinal, and draw nutrients into poor topsoil.
For those itt that want to learn more about volkish homesteading try: >>>/polk/25631 There is a lot of good info on cold weather crops and farming.

I've got lots of wild and 5 types of planted hazelnut saplings. Which ones are cold hardy? Also, get some ginkgos going if you have room, nuts plus medical leaves. Mango fans should get pawpaws, similar taste but are cold hardy natives. Seaberry bushes(sea buckthorn) is a very cold hardy nitrogen fixer that has omegas and amino acids like meat; I think it'll be the next meme-supplement for Vganfags.

Plays level 34 llama paladin.