Trump's philosophy on revenge

Trump's philosophy on revenge.
Starts out kind of petty, but quickly works its way to shocking and brutal.

Food for thought.

Perhaps the "Trump Curse" is not so hands off.

I had a friend link this to me when I was worrying about Trump not taking care of Hillary or CNN. Unless his personality did a 180, it's a pretty good excerpt. I expect that his list is quite large and he has all the vitality to pursue it in full.

I assume that trump really hates your guts because in the end he wants to make something better and all he sees is your fucking shitheads.
I think only way he comes to a certain rest is you niggers showing up in a group talking some sense in him, i assume that would work, what doesnt work is agitating him because then i will light you up. And do not give me the sob story.

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Trump is definitely a revenge guy no doubt about that. I am totally okay with that too as it stands as a warning to anyone who wants to play games.

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Im at 5 minutes, thanks for posting OP

It's a known fact around here that the Trump family is big on memetics and chaos magick

That's great. I'm sure he'll be very understanding after niggers pass a reparations law when they are the majority. And other insane revenge laws for uh taking them out of slavery in Africa to picking cotton in civilized America.



Seems quite petty that he would call a Mark Cuban a loser and a neanderthal when hes highly successful and worth 3.3 billion. Makes you wonder what he thinks about the common man.

You are fuckinng.retarded shill.
He says he doesn't like making fun of.those less fortunate. But with rich jerks like Cuban

Excellent video OP.
Visit /just/ to see the victims

settle down sperg

Cuban is extremely liberal and deserving of zero respect, so yea.

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Trump reminds me of a Roman politician

I should adopt this philosophy. Be merciless towards the people who fuck you over once so that others wouldn't do the same. They either walk over you or you walk over them.

Trump will be a title a la Caesar in the coming centuries

Good watch, user. I'm guessing Term 2 will be the revenge term.

I keep meaning to make time to read all of his books. Seems like it would really be worth doing.

I followed the opposite advice for a long time and it got me nothing but misery. It's never good to be a doormat, you have to be a landmine.

Audiobooks and long drives are a swell combo user.

If someone wrongs you, you should go after them and get revenge. It feels good and others will see you do it.

I'm glad you managed to break free, user. I know people who acknowledge that their lives were largely ruined by it yet still can't bring themselves to strike back when they're wronged.

I'm definitely stealing that line.

Good idea, thanks.

I always had a fascination with revenge, I don't have enough influence yet to really enact. You could say that my only revenge so far has been my relative success to my highschool and college counterparts who I didn't like, but socialized with. I would recommend a novel:The Count of Monte Cristo, was always one of my favorites. Could some anons point me towards any other worthy revenge themed books?

Street driving is most fun when you're unreasonably polite until someone cuts you off or tailgates you. Hard stop, head goes below dash. Come back up with psychotic grin and slam accelerator.

How the hell did I miss this reddit thread three days ago? He’s not your fucking savior. He’s not the god emperor. The fucking “punished trump” bullshit is fantasy. Get out.

was a good listen, thanks OP

Revenge is one of the most sacred, ancient rites on this planet. The Revenant movie was all about revenge and the sacred path of sticking it to motherfuckers who stepped up to your plate and took a huge steaming dump on it and then ran away.
Well known video related of a father taking revenge upon a pedophile that molested his son. Note the baddassery of his wild west draw and shoot style and the accuracy of his shot and then think about how loud this man's heart was with all that adrenaline.

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I never got revenge and was treated like shit. This chapter made me stick up for myself and fuck over my former boss. He was a type A Chad fucker who was an alcoholic "good ol' boy."

I got cell video of him wasted at a bar, slurring his speech and stumbling, then sent it to his clients and his boss – as well as rival firms. Posted the shit on JewTube with a link to a Chink YouTube clone (so they can't call to get it removed). He was forced to go to rehab afterwards by his boss, too.

Revenge is like fighting back in the schoolyard, people think they can walk all over you if you don't stand up for yourself. Trump is right, fuck the fairness shit. People have to pay a price for fucking with you.

I bet Trump is more active than he even makes himself out to be in this chapter. Like, he's been the target of so many attacks that I imagine he long ago started preemptively saving dirt on even people he liked because hey, you never know.

Maybe that's why his ex wives have such good things to say about him.

Probably why he's doing such a good job versus the deep state. He knows they're a bunch of snakes and vipers out to get him. We need President Revenge right now, not some cookie cutter turn-the-other-cheek christcon.

Isn't it already?

you're a little behind the times, faggot.

Not even remotely close to an argument.


Vid related is where this snippet comes from. It's a good thing for listening to.

Cuban made his wealth by creating a worthless internet company and then selling it right before the .com bubble burst. He knew it was worthless and sold it knowing so. I guess thats the "art of the deal"…


I wonder if that's part of the plan? To disarm people with seemingly half-hearted attempts at first. I wonder how much of this is from Trump's military school, and how much of this is from his natural instinct.

that pedo fucker was looking real smug right up till the end
I know white trash assholes that have that face plastered on themselves 24/7

nothing on the video was shocking or brutal; I was expecting way worse from the hype in this thread

So, Trump's revenge was to hire jew lawyers and sue people? Uh…. that's it?

I don't think we have witnessed his revenge just yet… it is playing out in real time which is not as fast as most would want

These things take time.
You've never built a house on land you own, have you?
Can't pour foundation until you've got the permit - usually that involves jumping through ungodly numbers of hoops and sleazy councilmen. Can't even put walls on until you get permit for the electrician to drop lines, can't even talk to that guy until you pay for the permit read: hire a kike lawyer to navigate the sea of shit that is law
The US is full of nuanced laws purpose built for their interests, it will take some time to use that against them.

Trap thread is trap thread.

My grandfather always had his own saying on the matter:

"when the going gets tough… the tough grab a chainsaw"
a sgt of mine said that when we were fighting demons on mars

When it comes to disloyalty, I don’t get into arguments, I demonstrate it to third parties. Eg. I’m getting someone jailed for stealing from me pour encourager les autres. I didn’t have to, already ruined their career, but it’s the principle.

This is excellent.

Make Revenge Great Again!

In leafland revenge targets sometimes make up “harassment” claims. I always tell the cops that there *will* be paperwork and the chief and IA are going to get involved if they press the matter, oh and did you know that person X was involved in an arson/had a historic pedophilia charge/etc.?

The cops never seem to come back. Funny that.

Non English speaker hear is this a play on words or something I don't quite understand it, could you help me please?



Argument status: not

"Getting even" means paying retribution or getting revenge. Even numbers are divisible by 2 with no remainder. Odd numbers are the opposite and have a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. Hence, odd is the opposite of even. Odd can also mean strange or unexpected. So the saying is a play on the numerical opposites of even and odd. Instead of getting revenge (Getting even), do the opposite: something unexpected as a surprise they're not prepared for to make you seem like the better person (Getting odd), as when someone wrongs you they usually are expecting some kind of retaliation.

Got the first part thanks for explaining the last part much appreciated.

Don does not fuck.around.

I'm okay with this.


Do you?