Showed my powerlevel at a Superbowl Party

Holla Forums, you warned me, but I didn't listen. I've read many stories of guys losing out on girls and friends over this shit. Holla Forums was right again.

I'll probably see her tomorrow. What should I say to her? I can't let her get away. She is the one single attractive girl who is into history, philosophy, politics, and guys who argue on the internet for a hobby. If I can't have her, no other girl could possibly compare.

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Nice blogpost. But in all honesty you should not give a fuck. She probably got weirded out because you spilled your spaghetti everywhere and had no physical confidence. Seriously. Don’t give a fuck.

What you did was not necessarily bad. But there are long game ways to just red pill a girl over time instead. Granted I firmly believe there is normally no such thing as a truly red pilled girl, just a girl that has become so wrapped around a mans dick she will think she understands and agrees with what he says.

However there is such a thing, albeit rare, as truly red pilled women and that is technically how you find them. However as said, you need to be more confident. Just dont give a fuck and work on your self confidence game if anything. You know what your saying is correct, assert it and come to the table with the basic knowledge proving it memorized and ready to be provided in a calm and collected fashion.

Or just forgo that and pick up a nice girl and subtly turn her over time.

It would not have mattered what you said, you're a needy faggot. You will have no success with women until you are capable of achieving greatest satisfaction without them.

Fucking idiot

You already spilled all your spaghetti no amount of damage control will work now.
Instead of playing the long game you tried to push it in 15 minutes and now if she sees you pic related will pop into her head.

I fucked up once and brought up race mixing.

I was drunk, and it didn't go well.
Most people didn't care since they know I'm somewhat racist anyway, but a few people were pretty mad.

As for you,
I've seen plenty of spergs go off and say
And shit like that, only waiting for someone to call them out so they can clarify that they mean only for Germany, and for the military, and then cucking on the holohoax.

That's what you need to do if it gets brought up

I usually force the Zion pill down people's throats but I'm a Mischling so I angle it differently
Slowly and surely people get pissed by this, but they can't blame ME since that would be "anti-Semitic". Usually around the time they start mentioning the kikes themselves that's when you go full 1488

I love starting the day with a fucking blogpost.

eat shit

This is not as bad a line as it seems. Chicks dig guys with the confidence to go outside the lines a bit, and irreverent quips about Hitler can really break the ice. Unfortunately, the rest of your faggy blogpost story makes it seem like you fumbled like an idiot later on. Advice from an oldfag who sadly suspects you might have already blown it:

Don't reach out to her in any way. Be super casual when you see her next, as if nothing is wrong. The worst thing you could do now is show weakness. Leave things tense, and if she actually likes you she'll engage you in conversation about your aberrant beliefs later, if only to resolve her normie dissonance between what you're like and what the Jews have told her Nazis are like. When that happens, speak with confidence and make zero apologies for not being properly brainwashed. She's a woman, and this firmness turns them on like a Maserati.

It is also possible she's on the phone right now, telling her friends what a fucking creep you are. That's possible too. In that case, you've blown it for sure, and this is a learning experience for you to not be such a fucking spaz next time.

Anyway, I like the part where you fucked up a niggerball party. You're out of the closet now, so at least enjoy the sunshine until your company's in-house kike gets you fired

Get out.

You may not have given her your seed but you planted another seed in her mind that will grow soon and that's what really matters.

Is this a new form of shilling or am I just too new?

That's not how it works with women.

topkek. Normally I disregard blogposting but that alone was worth it because I can relate. Had a similar thing with my whole family whose now all practically on der Fuhrer's side regarding history.

Good weekend all in all. Niggers chimped out was icing on the cake.

I love the blog posting. Let me help you a little bit.

You call her perfect, but she does not respect your deepest beliefs.

How do you pretend to marry her? wearing a goodie-goodie mask all your fucking life, thinking that with time you will redpill her?

Your romance died long before it even started, OP. You think you have done wrong, but that time you have done the most honest thing a person can do, reveal your true self to those you call friends and the one who would be your love.

There is a difference in showing your powerlevel in social meetins, in work etc. But hiding it even from your family, friends and companions, like a sheep bowling in accord to the flock?

Just ignore her.

You stupid nigger.

Make me, faggot

It's called the power of suggestion; lead people to believe they're coming to their own conclusions. I act like a huge Zionist kike at first, and people end up taking the ZOGpill themselves, they practically beg for it

I once got drunk at a party and denounced the Holocaust. Some half gook ran up to me and tried to do the nigger "let's rub nipples together so you get scared or something" body intimidation deal, but I'd had far too much to drink and didn't really notice.
Turns out that he was actually an amicable guy and he, along with the seven or eight people watching that thought a fight would happen, instead got this guy asking me questions for 30 minutes about the Nisei battalions in Europe, the political reasons behind Jews supporting the Holocaust (he actually didn't know Israel was founded a year after WWII), and the authentic German translation of Hitler's speeches.
If you just don't give a shit and can provide reasonable explanations for why you think things are the way they are, people will listen. At least in Burgerland, most people are so historically illiterate they don't even know events from a decade ago happening. Too busy fucking around on their phones or zoning out. If you can construct a narrative that actually makes sense to them, you'll be able to win over a lot of people you'd assume were hopeless.

I like to use analogies that appeal to the listener's self interest.
I would have said:
"imagine in the future, you have a big happy family, how would you feel about keeping all your kids safe from harm?" Would you do ANYTHING to protect them? Whatever it took to keep them safe right?"
"Hitler saw ALL germans as his kids, he was their 'father' not just like a president, something deeper.
He saw his people and his country being ruined by enemies and did everything he could to help his kids and create a better future for them."
"Would you want the father of your children to be a coward that doesn't do whatever it takes to protect his kids? Thats all Hitler ever did, he tried to be a good father to his people and stood up against people that were trying to harm them"
"If you wouldn't do the same for your kids, you would be going against every natural instinct in you"

Autism is a bitch sometimes, but if you're going to try to talk any serious politics you have to ween your way into it with humor otherwise the discomfort will become overpowering. The only reason people have bad feelings is because they all think he killed 6 billion jews. You just have to let them know all the good things he did then mention the only negative aspect about him you have is because of this one teeny tiny thing. If you can't go full holohoax exposure at that point then just remind them that hitler never started killing jews until after the war started. The war that France and Britain declared.

Holy shit, you autistic faggot. You could have just said, "I think people don't learn the whole story of the situation", and she probably would have responded 100x better and you wouldn't have looked like a sperg. If anything you probably just made her even more against it with your spaghetti-tier response.

Overpowering is a nice word, because that is what you do to autists. Dont talk to any girls about hitler or frog shit, examine your own believes to a certain degree and convince the animals.
Reminder that females like strong males, i wonder how autistic females preceive that. I assume through a certain bandwith.

Nobody cares faggot.

I once saw a kid with autism which had a little diamond in his hand and his eyes would get captivated by the little perceptions and sparklings. He was a true autist and i wondered if autism is similar to that., i wonder if your right half brain likes your half side of brain a lot and so it gets to be a little whole in your mind with all that is within.

I'll not shit post, and give an honest opinion before the thread is pruned.

The thing about redpills is that you can't really give them to someone. They have to be willing to take them. Well, how? How can you convince someone to take one. I guess the first thing is to get them to ask the question. So, "What do you think about Hitler?" The Weimar Republic was in such a state that it was almost inevitable that someone like Hitler was going to rise. It is a really complicated situation, and to do such we would really have to discuss all the things occurring at the time. Either she dismisses it or keeps asking the questions. You can still spill the spaghetti at that time as well. The point is to get the other person to start asking the questions. I mean for fucks sake man I have got an open borders dude of Mexican ancestry to start siding with tougher penalties by slowly bringing up shit that happens in America as a travesty of justice, and then talking about situations in Europe. 6 months ago the guy was calling himself a liberal, and a month ago he interrupted to correct that is isn't a liberal.

You want to get people on your side instantly, but often the best thing is to give them discussions that end in "we will agree to disagree", and give them space. They often come back, because they actually may research some shit. Then start from there, and another "agree to disagree". Space, come back; start again. That is the reason why powerlevels are not always shown. Even on Holla Forums. When I first arrived on Holla Forums back in the 4chan days if someone would have answered my "shit I didn't know that Trayvon Martin wasn't 12 when he was shot" with "Yes, and by the way agree with all of this too!!!!" I might have ran. But simply being like, well the media is manipulating this for a narrative, well, that started me asking questions. Getting people to ask the questions is the first step, friend.

Why are you looking for that in a woman you stupid thirsty faggot?
Fucking Christ dude. Stop looking for masculine personality traits in a pretty thing you wanna stick your dick in to make babies.

So i conclude that autism is more like deep reflective unnecessary way of perception. More like throwing a lighter down a tunnel with edges.

The amount of cringe is giving me anxiety right now holy shit what a fag

Same happened to me, so i normalfagged the arguments as much as i could. Basically it should go like this.

tbh i pill them on the freemasons first, then mention that hitler was the only leader to kick masons out and also he had some cool uniforms, funded adidas, and built the autobahn.

I'm in the process of trying to redpill my older, rad fem marxist sister. I shit you not. She was shocked that human zoos existed and even more shocked that Hitler was the first to ban them. I then move into how the plan was to relocate the kikes and pay them good money for their possessions in the process. Women LOVE sharp clothing. Nothing like watching cute kids run around in Hugo Boss while adoring nazis look on. Show the humanity and the love. Hitler playing with dogs. Good stuff happy stuff. Lots of german women of all ages twirling around with flowers and shit. At some point drop what happened to german women and girls when the mongoloids showed up in berlin and shed a tear while holding back your visible rage at the inhuman treatment of such beautiful women and how it should never happen again. If it's starting to turn a zogbot like a rad fem marxist then it should turn most proud white women into putty.

Alot of his half jews really hate the current establishment of jews.

t. Mischling

Autistic blog post gtfo this board is about politics not fixing your beta ways.

I never new that either.


She is going to tell everyone at work that you love Hitler and they will all have to pretend to hate you even if they really don't. She'll do it because girls love to gang up on people and you just made it easy. Just laugh it off and don't appear intimidated or embarrassed.

Americans are beyond pathetic
might as well have cuckold porn watching parties

nice blog


I'll also take things that didnt happen for 500 alex

Pretty much this. I bet he pays Hollywood kikes to rape kids too.


better start talking OP

Girls don't care about politics, user. You should have just talked about other stuff. But the best thing you can do is just continue on like nothing happened. Talk to her normally and neither back down or bring up politics again for a while.

Yeah, girls don't fucking care unless they're already in love with/heavily invested in you. They will change their beliefs only because they trust you, not because they can into logic.

I've made this mistake too
On tinder
But now my waifu is redpilled because I have spent a year revealing my power level incrementally and she trusts my judgement.

Some real dating pros here.

A woman knows within five minutes whether or not she's going to fuck you. Playing the long game just gives her an opportunity to get bored with you and move on to someone else

You're a pathetic little shit but I don't see anything here that 'It was late, I'd had a few beers' won't solve

I like females because they have big tits and they are into shared interests.

I told a group of blacks their race is inferior and that I love Hitler. What I did it with is confidence. I didn't say it with hostility. I said Hitler "was a great man, often slandered." But then again I know my Holla Forums holohoax and Hitler facts by heart so it's not hard to appear as a subject matter expert on this topic. I can rattle of justifications for Hitler's actions against the jews just as easily as I can cite justifications for lying about Hitler. Your goal should be to be so proficient in this topic you can do nothing other than be confident since it sounds like you aren't confident naturally.

I can naturally bash your head in for talking jackshit, but then again that wasnt your aim, i really dont know if you are just fucking retarded or a rat, that is the cool shit.

Hopefully he did the right thing and killed himself already. Retards should be euthanized.

Run for your life analmouse. Not for hitler n shit but because you know why.

It wasn't the Hitler line that drove her away, it was your weakness after.
Also you sound soy AF, fam. Go learn jujitsu.

nice fanfiction leftypol!

You are one saucy goose.
Never step aside.

So you agree on feminals.

You should’ve just raped her instead

Reminds me of this tbh.

Why, so he can roll the dice camouflaging himself in some other man's pheromones?

Gotta be fake.

In the off-chance it isn't, is a good post.

That’s not how you do that OP, you make them like you first and then redpill them slowly.

Polite sage for blogpost though.

DO NOT APOLOGIZE! Double down, only this time include the volk-loving aspects you missed last time. You responded with your hate of your oppressors, which is justified, but you must educate her on that over the long haul. What's more important is the clan building, culture loving aspects of the Nat Soc lifestyle. This is how you'll draw her to you. A woman needs a group to care about, that she feels cares about her well-being, in order to thrive. Women who run on hate generally end up Liberals/Feminists. But these guys are right. You simply have to not give a fuck what she thinks of you or your beliefs. A man must stand strong, never bending to the whims of a woman, or else he will be seen as weak and incapable as a protector and leader. Which is what most women want, no matter what they say.

Double down, don't back down. Only pussies back out of things after the fact.

Subtlety is the way to go IME. Over the course of a year I redpilled my GF completely. You cannot go from normie to 1488 overnight. It takes years usually.

Ah. So you have no self control. You don't deserve to marry or have children yet. You'd be a terrible father and a worthless husband. Drunkenness is degenerate.

Hey man, before this thread is anchored, i'll drop my own 2cents in.

I did the same thing. I was nominated for some full scholarship to a private college during senior year of high school. Part of the process was a phone interview where they asked various questions. One of the questions was, what historical figure do you most look up to and why. I am terrible at thinking on my feet, and I had just read a book on Erwin Rommel. He was the only figure I could really think of at the moment so that's what I said.

Uhmmmm i realized I just told this academic roastie that the person in history I most looked up to was a Nazi then got nervous and wasn't able to articulate all the reasons why, even from a normalfag perspective, he really wasn't a bad guy at all. Cared about his men, insanely competent at what he did even when under supplied. Commanded respect and (again from a normie perspective) had nothing to do with anything involving the hollohoax and even was sympathetic to the movements against the fuhrer. But yeah, in less than 30 seconds I wasn't able to convey all that information very well. I didn't get the scholarship.

I'm torn between saying
and giving some advice.

In the off chance white babies will come out of this - you messed up by backing down. Next time be confident and unapologetic, but make sure to mention your love for your culture.
"If a black can be proud of the skin color they see in the mirror, why should I hate mine?" or some similar logic to screw with her irrational brain.
Women dig the bad-boy-give-no-fucks-doing-my-own-shit kind of guy, be that guy. If you show fear you're fucked.

Nice advice and checked.

You drop redpills like a dumbass, real redpills are seductive as fuck.

*Twenty something year old

and that includes fear of losing her.

Clearly you are a fag. But for anyone else wondering, the solution here is simple: If you are going to state your beliefs, do so with conviction and do not act like a pathetic faggot.

This. You have to break with the bullshit you've been taught since grade school, that women are just like men and should be treated as such. They are not your equals. You will only find an intellectual equal among men, as they are the ones biologically capable of deep introspection, understanding, and forethought. Couldn't find the article I was looking for but this one has enough info to get the point across. Does anyone have the article/screencap of the study that proved men's brains have more neural connections?

You do realize that you can support Hitler without coming across as a fanboy. Presenting your info from a seat of impartiality makes you seem less biased to some people. Sage for blogpost.

Be a fucking man. This is for everyone here. What kind of sissy approval seeking shit is this???


I wish people in my country talked so much about politics and philosophy as much as you Americans. Talking about such topics on a fucking Superbowl party is close to unbelievable for me.

Also you had a really bad chance because you were probably a bit drunk and had less restraint saying shit. Bad move.

politics is not a matter to be discussed with women

Dumb dumb. That's why you only stick with the facts at first. I read the entirety of The Programme of the NSDAP to my mother, going in from the angle of purely historical interest, and it worked better than expected. For her, it answered a few life-long questions about why NatSocs hated the Jews, and why Germany willingly followed someone who is an alleged monster. The similarities between then and now also disturbed her, but not in a "Omg we must stop the Naht-zees now" kind of way, but in a "What was the point of all that back then if it's happening again now?" kind of way. She even nodded along with a few things, like the NatSoc's vision of economic freedom. And this is a woman who is really salty about Hitler because the NatSocs deported her grandparents from Germany, who were Swiss Catholics.

You got your screenshot, now fuck off, faggot.

I recommend checking out Hitler for any normie red pilling attempt. He faced the same problems we do, but he conquered them and won the people over. Any issues relevant today he has already covered; war, nation, feminism etc. His speeches and statement are perfectly tailored to the normie mindset.

Wish you better luck next time. Don't expect to get invited anywhere anymore from that circle of friends though.

good for you faggot, now go post this on your reddit ! YAAAY

Your soy estrogen talking.

Your chad testosterone talking.

Just normalize your belief.

OP, stop drinking. Drinking causes cancer, makes you retarded, and increases your estrogen, hence it is for niggers and not for a self-respecting dedicated white militaristic about saying no and then tell them what I just told you. I don't know what sort of line of work you're in, but get a business or something and get rich so women don't give a fuck what you believe. If you've got money or big ass arms, their fuck giving goes down-hill from there.

Some people call him a crypto-kike, but I thought that David Deangelo guy's Double your Dating had some grains of wisdom. Go torrent that shit in the meantime, all of it.

P.S. If you're ever in a situation like this, start off with 1917 to give them context and tell them who started the bolsheivik revolution. (((95%))). Then proceed to their mass state orchestrated starving of the Ukraine and how all of the so called death camps were only found in USSR occupied territory and that what bodies and starving people there that they had Hitchcock film could have been easily shipped in from the gulags Potemkin village style. Brush up on your facts if you're ever going to reveal your power level. Or here's an idea. Just don't reveal it! Know how all those sand-niggers advocate for "Taqiya"? We can practice 1488-Taqiya. If you keep most of that shit to yourself and you notice that after getting to know a woman you can then evaluate rather or not she's worth keeping around and making some kids. I advocate the financial aspects because we're not niggers and we should provide futures for our kids so they don't have a shitty upbringing like what happens with mudsharks. With mudsharks, they leave their kids and then those kids are more prone to being fucked up (more than they already are with having a lowered IQ) by having to live under single parent with less resources, health, education, stress effects, there's a lot of factors.

But don't stress out about this, just take it easy and focus on improving yourself. Good luck to you!

You blew it. You are no doomed to dry humping Waifu pillows the rest of your life.

You've got the right of it. I see a lot guys bury themselves in these sorts of arguments because they let themselves get heated and blow their whole load two minutes in. If you can take a step back and argue with it with careful deliberation you'll usually enjoy more success. Number one mistake people who aren't used to arguing this stuff in real time tend to make is trying to drag the other guy down the rabbit hole too forcefully.

sage, report, hide

Why is this slide thread not deleted yet?

I know this isnt exactly what you were looking for, but its what i got…

brown subhuman spotted

Are you fucking retarded?

I showed my power level at a superbowl party and now a good friend of mine in listening to Christopher Cantwell and jew podcasts. OP is a faggot.

This is a slide thread.

Stop replying you fucking noobs and lurk more. Everyone who replied go back to fuckin reddit.
Also forgot to sage.

Bumpo! ;^)

I would suggest to stop talking to her entirely. If she comes back to you after you divebombed all of that spaghetti, she is differently the one

OP is a faggot. Pivot to the Havara/Zionism/3OathsTalmud1kYearsInExile meming next time.

This is a well known fact. Before she finds a strong man her family male figures will decide her political "stance". If they are men. Otherwise the MSM and social networks will.

You stupid, stupid fucknut. Women are *not* red pilled. They are neither capable nor inclined. They are not your friends, colleagues, or associates. They are not to be involved in organizing society, production, or securing a future for white children. Those are the providence of men.
Women only follow power. All she wants is to submit to a dominant man. Your job is simple: take her to bed, fill her womb with your seed, and provide a comfy nest to raise your children.
You can still salvage this. Forget all this head shit you started and gauging the feels, and fuck her brains out.
Protip: Beat the shit out of any non-white and she will instantly follow you for life.

Except for organising home life,children's social/athletic activities and actually bearing children. A wife will be a husband's greatest confidante in life or are you going to share your deepest feels with your "bros" like the electric jew to you to? homo.

Poor user doesn't have any friends.
Way to breed resentment moishe-kun.

How am I breeding resentment? A good wife always has her husband's back. I didn't say to burden her with things she doesn't understand or comprehend. You incels who have never been married, had children or even been in a long term relationship should learn to shut your mouths sometimes. Hitler would be ashamed of how some of you talk of our womenfolk.

I was actually quoting Hitler there, well paraphrasing I suppose, you might want to do a little reading before you continue this rabble rousing. You don't even have to get into second hand or hard to find sources, it's right there in the pages of Mein Kampf.

Try this, OP.

You can't run full steam ahead with the bait about dur Furher. For her to pull that out of nowhere would show she is probably inline with your thinking. That is a pretty weird question to ask at a party. After you say he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, she can't say "great, let's go back to your place'… She is feeling you out…Her friend is probably in earshot listening as well.

Next time you should respond with your best german accent ' Dur Furher?! or Frauline Merkel?" and see her response. Or, say something like 'Why, are you related to him (sarc on)?' or Did you know he lived in Argentina….Those all give you the ability to talk about him, but not openly saying you idolize him.

user you can be the next Hitler, don't waste it like this.


Freak shows, user.

Who the fuck calls those "human zoos"? I was imagining a literal zoo with humans in place of the animals.

It's hyperbole, no one actually calls them that

This great stuff. It's important to think out these arguments before hand so you can say them in an intelligent, calm way. I am a history buff and am engrossed in (((current politics))) guess I am in the right place and many of my friends know it - so similar conversations come up often.

When talking about the holocast, Kike subversion of our institutions particularly (((universities))) and 21st century (((Communism))) I always make a point to say something like:

Then, with a rush of memory chemicals (seratonin / dopamine) feeling superior they look down. And what do they see staring back?


Listen. Put your own pursuits towards furthering human interests first. I've all this. Maybe she was quality

Not freak shows but human zoos that juxtaposed native lifestyle and european standards. And yes, Hitler was the first to ban them and some filthy fucking kike amended the wiki page to erase the fact.