New rascist Australian senator

New rascist Australian senator

Fraser Anning is from Queensland (far Northern Australia) and recently broke away from One Nation because Pauline Hanson was hanging out too much with fag James Ashby.

He is posting pro white memes on his fb page and is calling for the immediate liquidation of all Chinese assets in farming and mining immediately as well as a cessation of all foreign students.

Check it bros its for real. Ok he might be a lone voice in the senate but he's federal and he blazing the overton to the right atm. Yep he might crash tomorrow but who cares.

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Bumping for interest

I like him already. About time someone like this came along. Long overdue.

Seems like a top bloke so ill bump

We have this guy. We have Bob "There are no poofs in North Queensland" Katter. And then there's vid related.

Why can't Americans elect based politicians?

Bernardi is co-oping with the jews. Frankly we are much better off voting the politicians with no strings attached to the jews. The picture is related.

Of which there is almost none

Wait, what's wrong with foreign students? Do they degrade the Australian schools, economy or society? They just go back wherever they came from once they get their degrees, right? Are schools loaded? Do they get any gibs? Paths to citizenship? I'm not caught up on this and it doesn't look like a problem to me, so what's going on with them?

There are more than 35 federal parties so I can believe that it is possible to vote the politicians without the attachments.

There are far too many of them, which has caused the tertiary education system to completely sell out. Yes there are paths to citizenship, that is kind of the point particularly for Asians. It's like a carrot on a stick dangled in front of them.

Many, many chinks sneak into the country on student visas, drop out, then disappear into the chink underground never to be found. The cunts end up running with chink drug cartels (some student visas are used intentionally to gain access from the outset), which are major players behind the the ice epidemic in Australia. Just check the news re: high-profile drug busts - the biggest ones are all chinese - yet still the government permits these filthy yellow cunts access to the country. I fucking loathe the chinese.

Because the chinks are cash cows to be milk by the govt.

Students are forced to do group work projects and are generally forced to accept a foreign student into their group. Invariably the foreign student contributes nothing to the group and free rides on every one else's work. So this effectively devalues the qualification by increasing the number of students with it and reducing the average quality of knowledge. The foreign student uses this completed qualification to to get permanent residency and then citizenship, then centerlink (welfare) so once again they can free ride on someone else.

Foreign student contribution to society? basically nothing after tuition fees are paid.

In America there are schools where chinks vastly outnumber native students in certain classes. Imagine a class, taught in English, to a body of 90% chinks that can barely speak english. The obvious consequences being

I see what you did there, ya git.

Inb4 someone tries to shut this thread down because "a politician handing out redpills MUST be controlled opposition!!!111!!!1"

its not just America where it is like that.
The consequence for Australia is that a lot of IT work is going to Indians and IT systems are beginning to break down. Sydney had their mass transit system shut down last month due to Indian incompetence. Its being kept quiet though.

Get a load of these shitlords.

Professional shitposters in office? Kek.

well i'm a burger not a 'strayan but if i was he'd have my vote for sure,

Forget the ropebait who'll never bring us National Socialism.
Join, Antipodean Resistance, faggot.


Nordfront has recently held an interview with Antipodean Resistance, anyone who is a serious NS follower would check it out.

Wow, ASIO sure has been busy from what you're implying.
Unless, what's this, can it be that 4b2944 is a jew?

Have a bump for based Fraser Anning.


Allowing shitskins into your country for any reason what so ever is a problem.

take the redpill goy

'Racist' is the Marxist word for 'Realist.'

Why nobody checked OP's dubs i haven't the foggiest.


The percentage of Australians descended from convicts is in the minority. Australia, with the advent of the White Australia Policy, only let in Europeans primarily of British descent and or if they were desirable immigrants.
Besides, what the British thought of as criminal was extremely draconian, stealing a loaf of bread because your boss at the factory didn't pay you enough to feed your family and keep the rent on your house hardly qualifies a person as a degenerate criminal.


Niggers would not have intact and painted fences.

My opinion? I think the British just wanted to find an excuse to put people into Australia and keep the colony alive. So pretty much any person at the mercy of the law got sent to Australia where they worked for a few years then became citizens. They wanted to get a sizeable population and tame the entire nation as quickly as possible, so they made up any excuse they could to send a person to Australia. Compare how Australia was colonised to how America was colonised.

Europeans spent a hundred years doing fuck all except subsidising failing colonies in the Americas, before getting their act together. This gave the natives time to form an actual resistance and doomed the American colonies to two hundred years of struggle against a far larger native population. Compare that to Australia, where the British basically tamed the entire continent in a few decades and secured an overwhelming technological and demographic advantage over the natives. The entire process was far easier because the British got their foot in the door far quicker, having self sustaining colonies only a decade after discovery.

We have been granted more Nobel prizes than South Korea, China and the entirety of Africa. 1% of all the worlds inventions are Australian despite being only 0.3% of the population and only existing for 100 years. Our nation has the second highest standard of living, and has the capacity to feed 3 times our population. Does this sound like shitskin to you?


Chinks are the kikes of the east.

wew lad. It still looks like 1930's Berlin though compared to the last time I was in Toronto.

The natives were never a problem, against only a handful of organized resistance, they'd be toppled.
Aboriginals are beyond retarded, stupider than some gorillas, even.

more like ape-x.

Not just natives, there were other Europeans to worry about. When colonising North America, the British had to worry about other Europeans claiming land before they could or supplying natives with weaponry to hinder their colonisation progress. The Dutch could have supplied the abos with guns to keep the British confined to east of the dividing range which would have not only cost Britain a potential colony but also many lives to secure land. Abos alone would always have been a pushover, in total only 2 thousand Australians have ever died in frontier conflicts (a number far surpassed by Abo murdering whites in the modern day) so for them it was easy.


Niggers, kikes, and womyn that vote. I really wish we would repeal the 15th and 19th amendments.


m8 the Tasmanian Aboriginals forgot how to make fire, they regressed into being literal apes.
They are the Pandas of people, their birthrates are declining despite being given free money and housing, the problem will resolve itself.

Are you triggered Pajeet? You have to go back

The Tasmanian population was nearing extinction before Europeans even arrived. The combined population was just 5 thousand all clinging on to life on the coastlines. They didn't even know how to properly make clothes, so many of them froze to death. They were quite literally the least advanced people on Earth, even Pacific islanders cut off from civilisation be a thousand kilometres were more advanced. The modern Abo is barely an issue for Australians. They are too stupid to even ask for gibs properly, then need Melbourne and Sydney hipsters to campaign for them. Aboriginal "civilisation" was not just a failure, it was a laughable failure. Even Africa has a few technological achievements to their name, abos quite literally have nothing.


A lot of abos are stateless because they don't know how to register the births so that means no benefits for them.

I dunno you could say they had gangrape, burning down all the trees and being a savage detriment to themselves at every conceivable turn down to an art.

One thing we need to keep pushing as an idea is that all white first fleet aussies are descendants of slavery, its a massive redpill when you realise all the convicts were slaves shipped by boat and they ended up making a stable country.

On top of that australia day is the day to celebrate the emancipation of their slavery, so its just racist to change it because of aboriginal supremacists

Controlled op.

He's controlled op. The whole point is to have your own person go completely overboard with restrictions so that when an actual right-winger tries to get elected, those voting for him remember your "raving nazi" controlled op and dump the real candidate.
Has happened before, check out the interview given by sleeper agent Stephanie Bannister (One Nation), just prior to critical elections, wherein she claims that Religion of Cuck™ is a country, mislabels Halal food "haram food", claims that Jews "worship Jesus, like us" and many other nonsense statements designed to make the right look like morons.
She was also publicly caught placing stickers on halal food.
The entire party and anyone associated with it is a controlled op pressure valve.

Give an ape even the slightest increase in IQ and they will do the same. Their actions are little better than those of wild animals.

Sleeper agent? I wouldn't quite go that far. That woman like Hanson is just extremely dumb. That's what happens when you have no real vetting process and let anyone in. Why did Abbott try to take down One Nation? Obviously he saw it as a threat.

Anyway, I think it's good someone is speaking out against the Chinese takeover and all the foreign students. That message needs to be vocalized and needs to get out there.

Green, Labor and Liberal saw the nationalists as a threat to them. Once they get replaced then they have no power over Australia so I can understand why they fear the nationalists becoming a majority party.

Fucking called it

Problem is, though, Hanson is no nationalist - not even close these days. Even though I wouldn't describe her as "nationalist", her rhetoric back in the 90's re: chink invasion was closer to the mark. But nowadays she's sold out on that message and just peddles a watered-down, anti-Religion of Cuck™, kosher nationalism, just like the multitude of other worthless "anti-Religion of Cuck™" parties in this country.

Yeah, back when they got started it scared the absolute crap out of the establishment. They didn't have control, that was my point, not even behind the scenes.

One Nation was never realistically an option to begin with, unless say Hanson handed over control to someone more capable back in the 90s already.

True but she's slowly gaining popularity again. I am worried that the jews will be still in power even if the Liberal, Green and Labor are no longer in power. Any nationalists will be forced to work with the jews and they (((they))) are quite deseperate enough that they wanted to change the constitution so we need a solution to keep the jews out of nationalist groups or parties at all level to ensure that jews don't cling to the cliff and grab the arms to climb over.

Why not be more honest?

Showing a anecdotal video of a single incident, and showing it out of context in the first place, does not prove any point against any particular group.

But it was fun to watch.

Cute women, by the way…

I'd like to see more from Blair Cottrell. I went to one of the UPF gigs back when they were trying to form up a political party, around the end of 2015, and from the speech Blair gave that day, it was obvious that he's hiding a power level greater than he lets on. I reckon Blair should have more involvement with Australia First, because both would benefit from cooperation. Jim Saleam has been around a long time and knows his shit, AFP being pretty much the only Aussie nationalist party out there; but AFP lacks presence. While he's managed to hold AFP together over the years (no small feat given the hostility towards nationalism in this country), Jim's an intellectual, and not charismatic enough to win much popular support. Blair has that street-level charisma, but for whatever reason he's decided that he wants to go it alone. I think he could benefit greatly from Jim's experience. It's a fucking shame.

highest HDI in the world. Colonials are the master race. Only the cowards stayed in Britain. East shit, pom.

I love that song. An Aussie taught it to me when I was in my early 20's.
I especially love the "You'll never take me alive!, says he" part.
I think there's a little Aussie in every true American. If you don't have any, you're not American, get out.

There was a tribe of them that haden't even discovered fire, yet, when the Brits came over.
The Brit soldiers used to hunt them like animals, because they were little better.

Because they did not try hard enough to attract the young people. I think they should focus on the rural people only because the rural people tends to be nationalistic so it's easy to win their hearts.

Yes I agree however he need to be strong politican with more than five federal and state seats first before he make AFP his ally to avoid from getting crushed by the major enemies. The political game is much darker than military game.

That's a tough challenge to win more than one seat. Barnaby Joyce is an adulterer degenerate and he really upset the nationalists. It's a very embarrassing sandal for the national party and his wrecked family so I don't see how will the nationalists fix this problem. Media make this a big deal so the nationalists get the bad reputations to sway the voters away from nationalists.

Mate, look, if you've not joined already, just fucking join and stop shilling on Holla Forums. For fuck's sake.

Thw National Party is in bed with Liberal party so it also damaged the Liberal party.

Tasmanians. They are now extinct. I posted something on them in this thread.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party can bring the gun rights back and are right wing.