Purple Treason

Why was trump wearing a purple tie?
Why were people shitting on Gowdy for wearing a purple tie?

ffs what are you even talking about?


Shills wear purple during concession. Trump explicitly mentions smashed phones, treason, and death while wearing a purple tie (has he tied up with purple since the campaign started?).

Is there a reason we are being flooded with low quality shitty OP's tonight?

That's pretty bad news. I never thought he was more than a puppet, but it's getting deliberate now.

Should've saged.
This isn't a research post. Just want to know what the polacks think about this purple tie'd speech. He mentions smashed phones, treason and death (in reverse order). Was he sending a message to the purple traitors?


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Not bad news. If shills wear purple for SOLIDARITY then why not use their color against them while listing their offenses and the punishment thereof?

It's to symbolize Soro's color revolution in America(red and blue mixed into purple). traitors wore it to show allegiance to soros's plan, Trump wore it to say "I know what your doing". The revolution was set to happen soon no matter who won the election but seems trump is resistant to the idea.

Its a color you fucking autist.

this is modern day (((journalism))) everybody

Care to state the number of times he's worn a purple tie since 17_1_1? Honestly–I'm not sure.



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He mostly wears either blue or red. Don't recall him wearing purple that much. Probably doesn't have any meaning to it.
In ancient Rome purple was reserved only for the Emperors. Now niggers want to be kangs, that's why it's so popular in their culture.

Trump is literally a white Jesus

Wasn't the two handed water bottle drinking on purpose as well to make the word "Fiji" stand out, nodding at the pedo haven there?

the fags already took rainbows now you want to let the kikes take the color purple too? dont give any more validity to their attempted monopolization of an entire sixth of the visible light spectrum

also it's very good that trump used the word "traitor". hopefully with the normalization of that term we will also see the normalization of a shared desire to see traitors face appropriate justice


Do I have to throw away all my blue, purple, and red clothes so I'm not mistaken for a democrat, anarchist, or communist?


Why does any white man wear a tie? Its just a noose you parade around.

Memo digging, garbage truck crash, riots over handegg, the few thousand secret indictments, and the major crackdown on human trafficking. The left is shitting itself, and trying to shit this place up.

This post is re: trump letting the left destroy itself. Are you dense?

I'll admit, I'm on the fence about whether OP is a fag or not. But it is a break from his usual choice of tie color. OP, can you provide the video where that image came from?

every greentext from OP is in the speech made today. phone←treason←death. mentioned in reverse.

purple is the color of this and last years "color revolution" you should learn about color revolutions user


You wish bro.

Implying Jesus wasn't White Jesus

I see you drank the propaganda koolaide

Checked and kekked for delusion.

is that Jesus is not Lord, thats the koolaid the kikes want you to drink

Nah m8. We've been over this already - Jews dislike Christ, view him as a traitor… But they get great joy at how they've managed to turn the Semitic faith of treason, known as Christendom, to their aims, with ease and efficacy.
There's only one group the Jews hate more than their traitors, and that's their betters.
Pic related.

Are you fucking retarded, OP?

If that's true, why hasn't he had them arrested and tried for treason?
Why wear a purple tie, whi h has contextual relevance, as the economy begins a kosher nose-dive?
Just saying.

I'm not going to derail the thread with fighting about whos kike on a stick is the best version. Enjoy the your night, user.

Oh yeah, he's mocking the fuck out of them.

Does subtlety always escape your net? Did you not read OP in full?

To spell it out for you: the purple tie was a message. Trump is wise to the shill game (reference second image in OP). Trump used, amidst the usual 'rah, rah, rah, go America!" rhetoric, a few select sentences, gestures, and facial expressions. The OP alludes to these. Watch the speech again, kike.

The color of his tie isn't the significant part of that speech, you absolute retard. Mocking the (((deep state))) with the color purple is insignificant compared to what he actually said.


Can't say I didn't see that coming.


He's mocking them because he has the goods to put them away in GITMO for life (or even a date with the hangman).

Kek, phone guy is wearing a purple tie too.

Now we're cooking with gas.

The real question is how to sell this to the american public and to the world?
If you don't punish them, they will keep doing bad things. If you do punish them, the brainwashed public will go into a panic.
The strategy seems to be to let them tie their own nooses very slowly, day by day, by constantly forcing them to defend themselves against things that Trump does or says.

If you took the time to read and internalize Art of War and Art of the Deal you might probably be 10 steps ahead of 99% of people when it comes to figuring out what's going to happen next.

Seems pretty clear that he is making fun of Soros' purple rebolutionz

The purple tie isn't meant to send a signal to the public. It is mean to send a signal to us.
no. act local (up and up political action. run for fcking school board for all anybody cares). meme your friends. meme your enemies. meme everything.

this signal is a beacon: don't lose your heart.

re: punishment. is due. probably not the time yet. if that time comes it will be obvious.


speaking of punishment due.


I've never been so thoroughly misinterpreted before.
You deserve a prize for this feat of magnificence.

didn't mean to imply that you wrote anything i disagree with beyond the "sell this to the american public[…]" thing.

i didn't interpret (let alone misinterpret) anything. everything (excepting above) agreed. case in point: we knew that the "dossier" WAS what the "dossier" IS months ago… did that change anything? no–normies need normie news. this is trump's battle.

we can help in that vein via research threads. not threads like this. maybe this one will inspire you to start some research.

we can't sell anything to the public. we can only plant seeds. kek may have already ordained the fact that the rope is coming, but it'll take more than Holla Forums to let something like that happen without lefty revolt (even if we pretend that fracturing the nation would be fun/funny)

Purple is a color reserved for royalty and nobility, not a bunch of communist kike cocksuckers and their pet whores.

Is that a yes?

They are already trying to spin it that he is doing/saying it because he didn't get personal applause. He's making a point about their lack of wanting good for their country.

it's a threat on trump's part you stupid fuck

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You forget that Trumps is a reptillian demigouge who controls the masses like tendrills and he and george soros 69 each other every night

Middle-East used to be white. Arab invasion is 7th century stuff.



They think you’re a homo if you wear it and have noble blood though.

Shoo shoo, goon squad.

Your stupid kikebook says hes a jew right there. He led HIS people out of egypt
His people were jewish.

Why did he make them walk in circles for 40 years?

O god forbid Trump used a different tie
Kill yourself, OP

To kill off all the ones from the generation that worshipped moloch and offered sacrifice to him and were doing sex magic. He nearly killed them all via plague until this one guy ran out and shoved a sword through both the backs of the last copulating couple performing said ritual sex magic, killing them and ceasing the Lord of Host's righteous indignation.

you are a grade A glow in the dark.. mmkay

Jesus was a good man who called out the establishment for being titanic and corrupt pricks taking advantage of the common man for their own gain and amusement, abusing and willfully misinterpreting the law and its intent to further their own power. He gained a large, predominantly Jewish following through this, because many Jews were completely fucking disgusted by the current establishment. Over the next few centuries, he went from an obscure Rabbi who shat all over the old establishment to the leading voice of a new religion. Why? Because in the following centuries, non Christian Jews revealed themselves to be utter monsters with one massacre and rebellion after another, and so every moral and righteous Jew fled Judaism, and many Pagans listened to the Christians who were openly dsguted by all of this.

Not to mention that this was the only branch of Jewish religion which had a chance or surviving the Roman purges.

He was a good man who called out the establishment. And they killed him for it.

If Jesus was nothing else, thats what he was.

Sound familiar? Thats the reasons the Jews hate him to this day, and its half the reasons these Pagan retards despise it. Theyd rather wallow in woad and much than admit they are a bunch of fuckups.

His tie is navy blue, not purple. But the material of the tie catches the light, as it moves, and highlights the red hues. Have you ever looked at silk as it shifts in the light, how it seems to change color? That's all this is, a trick of the light.

As to the speech, nice low-key, gentle pacing. Super comfy.

How are you even capable of dressing yourself when you have the writing ability of a microcephalic nigger