Gangs and niggers

I've began trying to understand street gangs and came to the conclusion that most "African-Americans" at liberty in the west actually deliberately break themselves down into smaller, tribal hordes, because they feel uneasy in and unaccustomed to a larger society. bands of twenty to fifty niggers assert their rights to "tag" other people's property through gang violence, but fail to co-operate otherwise.

For instance, a 15- or 20-strong horde of niggers was recently filmed by a security camera inside a London bank they were robbing. Once they had terrified the cashiers into handing over the money, they then fought each other for it, in the middle of the cashier's hall, like hyenas fighting over an antelope.

Having stolen from the bank, they instantly started to steal from each other. The idea of escaping first, then sharing the swag, was just too complex for them to understand, never mind implement. And so it goes on.

You cannot fuse blacks into existing large societies or standalone nations because they are just plain not adapted to it. I'm sorry for you niggers and for your savagery, and I'm sorry you were born a violent aboriginal savage in a civilized society, but I'm more sorry for the white societies that are having to tolerate all your crime while we try to absorb you.

This is why all black nations fail economically and sink into corruption, civil war, and permanent dependence on the white man's generosity. And presumably this is also why you pathetically allowed yourselves to be enslaved even by your own kind and sold: you're savage enough still to be angry about it long after it ended, but you were too backward to stop it at the time. No black Spartacus, is there, niggers?

Why no slave uprisings among blacks? Hey Mr. Pattyroller, don't catch me, catch that nigger behind dat tree? White slaves and serfs repeatedly rose against the Romans even they knew they'd be crucified for it, when captured. They cared enough about their freedom and liberty that they were prepared to risk everything they ever knew. So what's different about the negro?

Why did you all sit there complaining about how you were kangz a long time ago, and how the whites owe you compensaion but are STILL enslaving each other even today in Africa, until a kindly but misguided white benefactor sets you free? Is it because, as slaves, you were fed, watered, and housed, and that you as a race had no ambition beyond that if it entailed doing any work or taking any risks?

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Niggers are dumb and don't understand consequences of their actions, but breaking off into smaller, self-sufficient tribes (or "gangs" if you will) with values and white children is something we should be doing if we want to survive. The government fears this and this is why they always crack down and want to shut down any groups when men have more loyalty to each other than to the government. There's no future in this beautiful (((civilization))) of yours… And I understand that it provides many comforts without which it would be much harder for you to live, but ask yourself this, is comfort and vanity really what you want? Over your people and tradition? It's jewed to the core, and this is why it will fall. The only question is - will we manage to get out of this period of destabilization as the victors?

US Blacks don't know what they are. Probably the same for many of the Blacks in the West who aren't recent migrants.
Most don't even know what region of Africa they derive from, what tribe they came from - they just know that they're "America niggers" or some such.

Its a weird thing, not to even know what you are… But they don't seem to care, at all. It doesn't even occurr to them, yet it fucks with them.
Its peculiar.

Most common excuse that (((progressives))) give for their subhuman behavior is that they are poor. Well I grew up in poor white neighborhood but we didn't nowhere near clime levels that are in black neighborhoods all of which are 3rd world ghettos. They simply haven't evolved a concept of living in orderly society. That's why in Africa they either live in small tribes in mud huts or in cities with very high crime levels. Once they migrate to white cities they rely on white people to provide for them while at the same time constantly bitching how constantly oppressed they are by evil white supremacist neo nazis. This is the only thing they have to give back- constant, never ending bitching and asking for more, more, more.

With all due respect, but I have to disagree. They are not advanced enough to grasp the concept of a society, or any sort of a mental fundamental required for higher thinking. African mind is simply too underdeveloped to comprehend their actions have consequences. The average European man makes the false asumption that since we are all intelligent creatures (Hah), we can all comprehend that if you stab yourself with a knife, you are going to bleed out and die. The nigger doesn't know this. Nature is lazy. It doesn't keep what it doesn't need, and it definetly didn't need human intellect in Africa. However, harsh European winters required a lot of planning, cooperation and simply being prepared from us, thus intelligence was an absolutely necessary trait. You can spot admixture by this. If someone's an idiot, his genetic make up would cause his ancestors to not survive the winters, ergo he must be a mutt or a genetic mutation. In both cases he should be excluded from the volk.

Whenever blacks achieve a certain numerical critical mass in an originally non-black society they start to exhibit their natural feral behavior and to turn their environment back into a recognisably African stona age one.
Africa got da jungle; black enclaves got da hood

I don't think they bitch as much as we're used to. Don't forget (((they))) are controlling the media and pushing the racist narrative.

I think the NAACP was formed primarily of Jews as well. Back in the good ol days people kept the nigs in line. Now they are allowed to chimp out because everyone is so scared of the (((media))) and the (((HR Department))) at their job.

That's not really true, I mean there are many large African cities built by arabs and then upgraded by Europeans with millions of blacks living in one big ghetto. There are also small nomad tribes.
If that was true then they would have died off but unfortunately they haven't.

The knife-stabbing was a metaphore for their self-destructive behaviour.

Seriously? Link plz.

"""reparations""" must be offered as free one way first class (blang4kang) tickets back to African """country""" of their choice and 1 year of living expenses for that """country""".

A free cruise to africa and a year's worth of living expenses paid for would be far cheaper than what the average sheboon costs the American taxpayer.

Seconding this, I fully believe it and would love a laugh.

There were uprisings, just not any successful ones in the United States. The 1715 New York uprising was promising, but it was eventually put down with tremendous force. Nat Turner's 1831 uprising was actually stopped by a half-black/slave militia, which filled out the ranks of the regular white militia and met the rebels on the road.

The only successful uprising was in Haiti, where the real rebellion was among the mulattoes and the black slaves were canon-fodder. After the whites were driven out, but before the foreign invasions could be beaten back, the blacks turned on the mulattoes and killed all 60,000 or so of them too.

Otherwise, good point.

This thread is pure excellence

Western civilization is from moderate Mediterranean climate.

What is r-selection breeding strategy?
Gee cockroaches must be smart because there are millions of them.

The bottom line is they are, without a single doubt, the most destructive force the history of mankind has ever seen. Much like the "refugees" where you notice many are from Africa.

You want to completely destroy an area for good? You don't drop a nuke, you unleash them and in a very short amount of time (just look at South Africa) they will have drained all the local resources and completely shattered the area. There is simply no greater force for destruction than they are and there is simply not a single example throughout many thousands of years of history which tell us different as this has been happening for a very… very long time. You import them and your society WILL eventually be destroyed. It will happen to America eventually sad to say. There are no exceptions, at all.

Absent a father figure, young men form groups centered around a patriarch.
Weaponized feminism was deployed against the Black community before being fully rolled out against Whites, thus Black boys lost their father figures 15-20 years ahead of Whites. Naturally they seek the male role model elsewhere, usually on the streets.
There's no mystery, it's feminism in action. Whites are already going the same way now that feminism has been taken up by White women and the White family decimated, we just lag Blacks but we are catching up.
Already White boys are becoming sissies, emulating boy bands (emasculated little men) or Hollywood actors and turning gay in record numbers. They are also taking up women as "gender" (sex) role models.
Do not confuse recognition of the weapon being used (feminism) as ignorance of the hand behind its use (the jew).

That seems too dumb even for nigger standards


Only if you have a concious. Drop them in SEA or china and they'd be slaughtered in a matter of time

China is colonizing Angola, and you?

Not really, nigger standards always steep to new lows. Low standards are cool, my kang mane.

Anyone who has even the smallest experience in nigger gang shit from living in a city notices something. Niggers, by far, are the most unorganized and retarded of the ethnic gangs out there. If there's a driveby and some baby is killed, 100% of the time its niggers. Spics may be shit, but theyre fairly organized, from what Ive noticed. Sure they can act like subhumans too, but niggers take being subhuman to levels hard to truly understand.

Typing on a computer. What about you?

Are you implying that Romans were not white?

It’s really just best if you stop thinking of them as human but as orks from Warhammer 40k. You may laugh at first but the idea is quite apt.

We are really more orky than niggers are orky.
Waaaaaagh for example is basically meme magic, we for the most part never fire actual bullets but our inherit psyker abilities make the dakka, dakka and hit the targets despite seeming indirect and nonfunctional.
If niggers were to be attributed to a 40k group it would probably be the random wildlife on jungle planets or a particularly disorganized chaos cult.

Orkz are smart enough to be able to achieve space travel, even FTL. Though looting is common among them, a lot of their technology comes from themselves.
No nigger can into space without whites putting them up there.

It’s insulting to Orkz to compare them to niggers.


Well if they are like those bastards than we will need space marine knights to handle this issue.

posting for lulz on youtube comments

Oddboyz weren't a programmed development and without them orks as a whole never would have existed past their initial use.


WAAAGH’s don’t magically travel from star system to star system. They build plenty of kroozaz and other capital ships to travel in. Don’t forget, the red ones go fasta applies to space as well.
I am not saying orkz are greater than humans, just that they are smarter than niggers.

You niggers too much credit WH Orks are ultimate biological space-faring weapon. Niggers are more akin to Tolkien orks. Dumb and evil, can't rise above primitive tribes themselves and can be easily defeated because of that. Unless some jew uses them as slaves for his cunning shemes.

is there a single decent black neighborhood in the world?

Is there a single decent black neighborhood on the sun? Same answer.

Neighborhood? Fucking neighborhood you ask!?
Has there been a single decent black country, county, continent, city, town, village, farm, bowling ally, or 7-11 under the sun in the thousands of years of history of mankind? Can you name one? Seriously try to do it.

Liberia and Hati, oh, wait…


Wakanda is unironically a National Socialist socielty. except for the niggers

Reported to a local Inquisition office.

You're correct but I like to think that they were inspired by niggers



Actually, WH40k Orks were inspired by British chavs and football hooligans. Makeshift weapons, retarded jibber-jabber slang, huge numbers, love of fighting just for the sake of fighting.


Gangs exist to distribute narcotics, OP. Period. Are niggers more susceptible to recruitment? Probably as they have chimp brains, but who cares? There's only solution to the menace they pose to White people. Kikes fucking know this, which is they've started deportations in Israel.

most drugdealers are unaffiliated, being a part of a "gang" in any official capacity has been a RICO predicate for over a decade

I've been looking for this article. Thanks for posting!

leftypol you need to face the facts and realize race and genetics are everything

It's a case of both. Nothing is "black or white" heh. You have to actually have use your brain and stop taking memes and any form of media unironically to get this.

You'll find tribal niggers STILL living in shit mud huts, shooting arrows at any outsiders and not giving a fuck about not having potable water, proper sewer system, etc. They are simply content with their lives as they don't have anyone to look up to except themselves and their families, and not fam/homedawgz but actual families with dedicated fathers. They are happy playing in the mud caring only about sex and muh next meal instead of the thousands of degenerate activities engaged by niggers in the west which have been heavily influenced by (((you know who))). You probably understand what I am saying

What happens when people from harsh climates migrate to the Mediterranean? Rome and Greece happens.

Children love power fantasies. If they have no father disciplining them (and no nigger does), they go for bullies, gangs, crime or police.

this is true for all races though
niggers just happen to be prone to senseless violence

No, it's not. Although fatherlessness is a huge reason why African Americans are so fucked up it doesn't begin and end there.

Feminism deployed on nigs equals roaming violent "youths" and horrible cycles of poverty.

Feminism deployed on whites looks like current year soy boys, passive aggressive men with mommy issues, and the occasional Elliot Roger the archetype, I know Roger wasn't white Big difference.

The canary in the coal mine argument about black problems being white problems is overblown because whites aren't niggers.