800,000 children go missing a year in the US,wtf

This isn't just a few weirdos in a van.These numbers are systematic,and should be a national crisis since in only 7 years it would count as a show. How do we stop this and could it be related to (((them)))

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*7 years to reach shoa levels

It's the (((hollywood))) satanists. With the shit they pull off, the blood libel seems like nothing. Home-school you kids and watch them closely anons, those fucks are everywhere.

Gotta maintain a steady supply of gentile children blood.

The worst part is it's not a fucking joke. That's what all the CIA, FBI, SA etc. should be after, but they are just as controlled by (((them))) as anything related to the government.

I think the most important question to ask is this: What race are they?

*99.999% return home*

While almost all of these kids come home(according to stats) it is really hard to find the real number of child abductions every year. For some reason stats are hard to find if not impossible. Learned this when pizzagate started. They hide those numbers well it's sad that missing children are probably a lot more common than anyone knows

We both know which one. The race with the blood of the Hyperborean Gods.

Look into this as well my country states only 77% are found though.

Got to ensure that the white population is in decline do you not know? Anyway possible

Look up DUMPS and Dulce Based in New Mexico. Homeless people go missing all the time and end up being used as lab rats. I wouldn't be surprised if all those kids are brainwashed into becoming brainwashed assassins and Manchurian candidates. I know I sound like /x/, but a lot of tht shit starts making sense.

Yeah but that says nothing about how many of them are found.

It may not happen everywhere in the world for the same reason, I hope not atleast. I know that most people who go missing in my city are mostly foreginers who don't know how to not attract the local mafia. Obv. they never return.

Good catch. According to what I found, in the last 20 years, over 4 milion people went missing without being found, so shoah levels will take some time to be achieved. It is still a very real issue though.

It's not that much of a stretch of a theory. Probably not the bulk of the dissapearances is caused by this, but it's very realistic that it takes place.

Most of them are taken by parents and are later returned. The vast, vast majority of cases fall into that category.

So what happens to those who never return? Their organs gets sold on black (((market))) and blood transfused to old kikes? Sacrificed in Satanic rituals?

Most likely all three.

>Their organs gets sold on black (((market))) and blood transfused to old kikes? Sacrificed in Satanic rituals?

All of it, and some end in some brothel in Tel-Aviv.

You're a fucking moron. Most of these kids come from divorced homes where daddy gets into an argument with mommy, takes the kid for a few days before giving it back or getting arrested.

Or under pizza restaurant…

The jews need the blood goy.

meant for

Little kids like in OP's pic don't have the intelligence to run away from a divorced family, but rather get abducted by a 'nice man' offering them candy or something.

One time when I was about 6 I was fucking around alone in my neighborhood when some guy approached me and offered me a ride don't remember why or where I was smart enough to refuse. I get goosebumps whenever I think about this moment.

Not saying there isn't an (((industry))) for this kind of thing, but the numbers in OP's post include "baby mama ran off with the kids" type situations.

t. Process server that gets to go hunt the fucks down and tell them to be in court or else.

As bad as it sounds, the vast majority of those cases are kids who get separated from their parents accidentally, kids who run away or kids who get taken by a family member and almost all of them get found and returned. 115 cases of stranger abduction out of 800,000 annually is 1 in 6,957.

If anywhere remotely close to that number is the number of children plus children still not eaten that the pizzagate kikes have, then they have to have a lot more people involved. Then think of the pedophile sex rings that were busted last year in record amounts. Kikes have to have tons of people involved and that's a lot of loose ends.

You should read the sheriff report logs in your area, obviously not everything is reported but it will give you an idea of what parts of town this type of thing occurs (attempted abductions). Unfortunately sometimes the authorities can't or won't help (franklin scandal).

Yes but you can't tell me there isn't a bulletin board in every Wal-Mart with a board of 100 pics of missing kids….
My boss's employer does work for the military in Kuwait and other sandpeople areas and tell us about prostitution (((human trafficking))) over there in massive amounts,slavery,what have you
All the time,you can get what you want over there for the right price.i imagine Americans pull a premium. Remember the movie hostel? Its kinda like that but with kids being sacrificed to moloch in a mohel/libel sacrifice with moloch blessing the kikes with its unholy blessed adrenochrome gaining them vitality in exchange to bring him more children and subvert the will of God's real people.the hebrews,not (((jews))) khazars, what have you

That's 155 out of 2000 cases per day dipshit

The Teutonic race is the real Isrealites. (((They))) are just satan worshippers who've stolen the title.

No, I'm saying that the mom or dad takes the kid. I used to work for the Dep. of Children and Families in my home state and it happens ALL. THE. TIME. Mostly with shitskins.

You have fucking elite politicians pedo rings, cross country satanist cults, children eating kike moloch worshippers, biggest on a worldwide scale amount of serial killers, sasquatches and dogmen and a bloody commiefornia. And you're surprised children go missing, OP. Shame on you.


I highly doubt it's that low. Remember these degenerate fucks are much smarter now. They don't pick up kids from the streets anymore, they tell little Timmy that he will be sent to another foster home that they own but is never seen again. There is no outrage, no one even knows a crime has been committed.

Off topic, but I remember looking online for a list of the most widely banned books in the world, like the Protocols of Zion and 200 Years Together. There is absolutely no list on the internet, just websites stating "most innocent books banned in the US" or other crap like that.

Don't forget about what ever the fuck it is taking away people in National Parks

What even are those?

the center being referenced just links to the fbi datasets. pics related are the all ages numbers. most are found but there's still tens of thousands unaccounted for.

I wonder where the kids are taken

mostly those, I dunno what they are, there are couple of hypotheses but the sheer amount of eye witness reports and missing cases is too much too overlook and say they aren't real

I swear to God, native Indians fucked your country right over. Their burial grounds are everywhere. It's some sort of twisted deadman revenge.

Times like these are when I am very happy I live in Europe among our ancestral spirits and Gods. Good luck with the wendigo shapeshifting undead mullato indians ameribros.

Here is a map for the national park missing persons.

I sometimes forget how big those parks in the US are. It seems like you could fit all of the low countries in there.

they juice em like fruits to get high and live longer.

kikes call it blood libel, and antisemitic canard
never mind the pbeh metzeh, literally every single jew ever to circumcised in a SINagogue has had his rabbi felate his mutilated penis and suck out the blood.

jews deserve exile into the center of the sun

check this out northamericandogmanproject.com/encounters-.html

So are dogmen basically wendigos or skinwalkers?

That's a lot of American passports people can claim in ID theft.

I imagine some uses: (Yes, I'm sick minded)

But if I was CIA I would probably do this:

1. creating new agents in mindcontrol programs (trauma based mindcontrol, electronic implants)

2. creating agents with normal indoctrination raised in Agency families. Happy normal family… no spies! Easy to fool people with. Happens in Europe too.

3. sex blackmailing (pedos are few only. politicians are blackmailed, they are not the pedos! they are drugged and become victims too!)

only few people are perverted pedos, butchers, cookers
(think logical) these are your Specialists to recruit.

4. satanic killings and meat consumption. this is to keep the IDEA of satanism real. remember it's only an IDEA. satanism is not real. this is about fear mindcontrol on Illuminati recruits outside of the 'gene pool'.

4-b. meat consumption is used in various mindcontrol programs like Nephilim cover or angry-Alien cover
(like with satanism)

5. human trafficking. (sell for any purpose for cash)
for example: wealthy men consuming virgins

6. organ harvesting (adoscelent age) to keep the families healthy. also for foreign sales & blackbudget cashflow.

7. medical experimentation (all ages when agents are burnt and not able to get back in the field)

8. creating IDs with plausible deniability (if caught, they can say it was just criminal ID theft from the diseased)




Classic redpill. The CIA actually has a group called "the Finders" to abduct kids. They are killed or sold into sex slavery

Note that the 800,000 is the total number of kids who go missing. More often than not, they are found wandering around, parents overreacting and things of that nature.
I'm sure among those not found, we have plenty more kidnappings, simply not recorded.

115 cases a year of stranger abductions… no parsing of the numbers, no thought. OP, you are such a stupid idiot. Leave from here.

Seems like they're something else entirely(I mean - not of paranormal nature), I've listened to few dozen hours of witness audios and all of them speak about unimaginable primal fear. My guess it's just another wild animal but not publically cataloged, that lives in packs like wolfs, is strong enough to rip your head and arms off, eats deer, fights with big foots over territory, builds dens in woods, can use doorknobs(sic!), and run at over 40 mph. They aren't transforming from human to beast in a werewolf kinda manner like in films, just a constant animal.
Before XX century they were known as cynocephali and they're everywhere in medieval texts and sculptures, I'm not even joking.

Kek, Holla Forums is the best to discuss those issues, /x/ and /fringe/ went to shit millenia ago, there's only here to unload my curiosity of the unknown.
no bully pls

This has been going on for a long time. Thousands of years. Why do you think Jews are called vampires? Blood Libel has been practiced by Jews for thousands of years. They kidnap goy children, rape them then sacrifice them while drinking their blood.

The million dollar question is why do they do it. Some people say they do it to harvest "Adrenochrome" or sacrificing kids to Moloch or whatever God they worship. Personally I think they do it because they enjoy it. It's been a tradition of theirs for thousands of years, why stop now?

Also look up the Franklin Coverup and "The Finders".

It seems like all boards related to the paranormal go down the drain fast. Wonder why there's such a big pressure to run them into the gutter.

The kikes have demons to feed

Let's not forget the ones that disappear because there were "deaths" at birth. There isn't even any identification or record of that individual ever again. How many countless are never put into the system before being stolen?

I had some kind of similar idea. Do you think some Holla Forumsacks are one of them?

How? Sleeper agents doing everything the government doesn't want you to do?

Look into the various hospitals and clinics the Clinton clan are connected to through donations, foundation ties, etc. Look into how many pediatric deaths occur.

“Child reported missing” could also mean some mom calls the police because her punk 15 year old is smoking weed at 11pm and not answering his phone and she doesn’t know where they are. It would be extremely unnerving if 800k


also most reports are like if a snackbar snackbars or a shooter shoots they count everything BUMPING YOUR KNEE RUNNING AWAY AS PART OF THE STATISTIC

I did not know about the existence of these things. Thank you, user. Fucking furries, we'll wipe them all out.

The rape and sacrifice of children has several functions.
As skull & bones showed us, it has a function of keeping the inner circle of politicians and CEOs unable to resist. "Once you are in you can't go out". And if they do go out of those circles then they can't say anything or will get proof of them raping children in public.

In other function is Moloch or whatever false God they worship. Religion (organized one) has been (((their))) biggest tool in last few centuries and people in the top ladders are as just of human. They need some untouchable idol to push towards. Some kind of other wordly human figure that will guide them. Their evil intentions choose evil Gods.

Next, I sincerely think there is something to sacrificing children and other animals to gaining "energy". I keep reading how many of todays medical breakthroughs are just a ways of using stem cells or repurposing tissue from other animals or even placenta during birth…. Maybe there is something to this? I can't sincerely grasp it but it must be centered around the idea of soul and imutable energy that comes with it.

The real questions are how the fuck do they do it, why do parents not watch out for their kids, and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future. Let's stop talking about what we already know and start talking about how we can prevent or stop this shit from happening realistically on a small scale in our own lives.

While cops do understand it's a kid and will often begin looking immediately, reports aren't actually filed until 72 hours pass. They won't list every, "Aw MAH GAWD MAH BABY BE GAWN WUT I GAWNA DO?!" call as a missing child report until the child is actually declared missing.

There is. It's the same reason cloning adults works like shit.

You almost became a kike's fucktoy before being sacrificed to Moloch user.

Just a minor correction here user, but "blood libel" is the term Jews coined to counter accusations against them of blood/ritual sacrifice. Libel basically means slander and/or falsities, so when you say blood libel, you're implying (not intentionally) that it is inherently untrue. Just trying to help, Jews are masters of twisting words to alter perceptions, it's time we all got wise to their tricks.

My father is in military (higher ups), we live relatively close to 2 bases (one of them unonown to general public) and I always had a sense that my parents were "creating" some sort of situations to push me in certsin way of thinking and acting.

Wether it be my wishful thinking, and whatever the possible goal it might be. I have no doubt that there is a program that works in that fashion (military or spy agency personnel having experiment children), no matter if I am appart of it.

Holla Forums? Maybe, could be. Seems like a stretch to me. But even the most genuine organic shit nowadays (like hatred of the upper classes during Occupy movements) seems to be subverted and controlled, if not entirely fabricated.

I would assume that if some Holla Forumsacks are actually their experimental monkeys then the whole program went out of hand already, because we are working against them.

I think there's a good chance the /x/ stuff is being used as cover by the pedophiles for when they grab children. If they do it in national parks consistently then everyone just blames the Indians. Doesn't the (((Bureau of Land Management))) manage those sites?

Me too. Those are the known cases, though. I also find it fascinating that it says stranger. It says nothing about Familyfriendovicz, breeders who lose their kids, Muslim fathers who take their kids to 3rd world shitholes and such.

I didn't mention another side of "Moloch" part.
Could be that Gods exist, but only as in form of ideas. And that more we put our minds to conjuring those ideas that the more these ideas manifest in collective conciousness of humanity (the virtues and ideas behind God, at least).

Basically, the more we think about God, the more his ideas become implanted in our common day lives, the more we get closer to actually conjuring him in the real world.

Something imagined, like an idea becoming a reality just because we TOGETHER had that thought and then that idea living through our interactions.

So the only question I have is: how much face cream do these Jews actually make out of baby penises?

I remember reading some really interesting stuff about (((them))) creating a false, evil god through their hivemind and prayer with evil intention throughout the millenia. I really wonder how true the idea of mankind summoning things into existing by collective willpower is.

The center for missing and exploited children is run by these pizza eating assholes. There is ZERO accountability to that organization (just the way they want it). Around when pizzagate first came out someone investigating the organization, wrote a few things about it, but I never heard anything more.

Most of those are found. Heck, I'm one in those statistics (in another country, though). It's enough to be an adventurous youth who doesn't think that he needs to say he is going elsewhere.

You are more correct than you know. This information will come out in the next few months.


My sister and I were 4 to 6 years old, some man in a red truck said "Hey little girls, you wanna ride?" We ran for our lives.

There's a reason you never shake hands with a jew.


This, really fucking gay of OP to claim that almost a million white kids go missing and stay missing every year. Like others in the thread said, most of them are kids from divorced family where the father tries to save them from the slag wife. That being said, even a dozen children lost every year to the kikes is unforgivable, but claiming it's close to a million is a fucking major blackpill.

they're abducted by the synagogue of satan for these reasons:
-to harvest their blood to inject into older members of that synagogue and use it in satanic rituals and make money
-to harvest their organs to replace those of older people or use them in satanic rituals, and make money
-to cause the children to create negative energy because of their being tortured, which can power the non-meatspace machines of some negative creatures, some of which secretly work with the governments of the countries on this Earth for wicked purposes
-to try to force new people to become possessed(in a literal manner) so that their numbers grow
-to sacrifice them to satan or some other negative creature, such as moloch, ba'al, or mirvena(spelling?)
-and so that they have some kids to sodomize and such, because it satisfies their flesh, especially when the victim is a newborn

fortunately, you're actually allowed to discuss this sort of stuff on 8/pol/


Fuck, why doesn't an asteroid hit the Earth and kill us all already, I would rather we all die than those fucks live.

The details of some of the cases…like their clothing are found in extremely remote areas miles from where the abduction happened. Clothing sometimes folded, the person took their eyes off them for a moment and BAM they were gone. I got into the Missing 411 guy a few years back, interesting stuff. And frightening.

I know people are going to call you crazy, but whether or not you or the people who do blood sacrifices are factually correct is irrelevant.

Holla Forums needs to understand that they actually DO this, whether you think "negative energy" or occult machines are real, these actions HAPPEN. Be sure your guns are ready Holla Forums, because in the next 20 years it's all crashing down, one way or another. You're alive just in time to see a light cast upon it. You should be grateful.

Most, definitely.

Checked and heiled. When control of the world is in our hands there will be a purge the likes of which has never been seen.

It'll be reality if we aren't careful.

It takes a single lapse in vigilance just a moment to lose a child forever People are only human. Best bet is to do your best and have a large family so you can all help watch each others backs. Don't ever lose heart, the things preying on us, kikes, demons, ancient monsters or whatever the fuck they are will burn in the fires of vengance.

I wish Holla Forums had fewer niggers.
Stats from the Polly Klaas Foundation:


Your math doesn't check out

I feel I should clarify: Those "missing children" are all the kids reported missing, even if it's just a single phone call to 911. If the kid turns up an hour later, playing in an empty lot next door, the report still goes on the books as a missing child. This is not confusing to people with light-colored skin and European ancestry, but I can see how confusing it is for illiterate niggers.

Retards. 2000 children go missing per day, but only 115 are child abductions committed by a stranger. That's still way too high, but this means that the vast majority (885) are taken by someone they know, ie, mom divorces dad and runs off with the kids. Etc. Now, of the 115 that are left, how many are cases of non-white children getting gang-banged. You see my point? Tell me how many European children are kidnapped by the cabal of Baal worshiping politicians.


You're right to point out the exaggeration but abduction-to-order is real too. The main difference is that with the simplicity of international travel, the "stars" and the monied can more easily source their prisoners from countries with a high level of corruption.
This has several benefits:

Fuck you im too poor and mobile for a pc.
This says only 200k are reported stolen by family,where are 600 thousand children every year going off too? Certainly not the gingerbread house in the grandmas woods goyim

Absolutely MORALIZED me

"More than 25 percent of child abductions are by an acquaintance of a child. Fewer than one quarter of all abductions are by a stranger. 80 percent of child abductions by strangers occur within a quarter mile of the child's home. Only one in every 10,000 missing child reports ends with the death of a child."

Where are the unfound 9,999 missing bodies?

Only 25 percent of children are connected to abductors
so there's either a lot of fucking pesos out there of a systematic abduction set up to reach these numbers. Look at the people that never report that had thier 12 kids kept as slave,the oldest being 28.

Yea I'm a newfag who's lurked for over a year but this shit keeps me up at night it just doesn't seem right.fuck the rules I need to talk about this.

I've also read up on the finders and basically a bunch of pedo slave masters got busted with a bunch of pedo porn and torturing kids in a warehouse and were released by the cia on matters of (((national security)))


Wizard war now.

Calling upon the power of KeK for a power roll to avenge the murders of seth rich,chester bennington/(((podesta))),and Chris Cornell for exposing these sick fucks who heed the progressions of the greatest race to ever touch the dirt on this rock… *power rolls* Trump is going to have them all executed,treason will be the lightest charge. Let it be

Don't be such a fuckin' tryhard next time.


Fuck you,as long as this info keeps getting bumped and redpills dropped I'm happy,and Hillary's still gonna hang,the CNN footage of her legs kicking will be the pinnacle,the cherry on the cheesecake of the coming Trump dynasty.

Why shouldn't women be allowed to browse Holla Forums? She didn't make a big deal of the fact that she's a woman so no need to bully.

forget what all the anons ITT said. Jews sacrifice 800k little blonde haired children per year. the stats are a coverup falseflag limited-hangout

"Browse" means look but not comment
Keep it on track people,we know pedophillia goes far back into time,included with incest and slavery but we are above these animals and gather in the only way we can really now…so keep it on track and near the top. What else do we know about these finders? Epstein is a lost road,and we have dirt on podesta but we need a real sinker, a den minority leader or a Clinton involved directly with trafficking, (((prostitution))),or illicit purchase or movement of (((legal))) adrenochrome or narcotics, i.e. bill Clinton's personal landing strip in Arkansas that flew in planes of coke in the night,repainted them and flew them out the next morning….a result of this was two boys who commuted (((suicide))) found nearby who discovered the drug hub

I just can't imagine this goes on to any significant degree. Kikes may be depraved people, but they've lived in our society long enough to the point where I'm sure most would see this as incredibly primitive behavior. The only ones I could see doing this are Middle Eastern kikes, super rich kikes, and kikes with a mental disability.

Pay attention to the end of march, that's jew passover, missing children spike at that time, year after year like clockwork.

Got some stats that show that? I'd be interested in seeing that and using it in future conversations/debates.

Hahaha, boy, do I have some news for you!

Here's a better one, actually.

I was delayed in posting that because I was looking for the info graphic pertaining to it but didn't find it right away so posted as is.

what's all this meat consumption stuff, and what's the nephilim/angry-alien about?

Do a search(I used bing) of passover missing children.




I didn't realize anyone actually used bing. why not ixquick/startpage?

I just went with not google. I forget why I end up not using ixquick/startpage, one or more combination of slow, format, results.

Bing is actually a pretty nicely designed search engine. I recently changed browsers, and I keep getting thrown into google search, and it feels like a primitive piece of shit next to Bing.

I don't care for how bing handles images, google images is better, and video is delayed from them adding their own layer to showing youtube clips but search and map are okay enough for not google substitute.

you guys are slipping

lolwut? its none of those, as far as I can tell, and the results are ostensibly pulled from google. It also allows you to easily sort by date of publication

i guess i'll have to try it. but, i don't really see the point in not using google unless you're going to not be logged.

isn't that supposedly the DEA offing people, though?

Nice id
Go and look at a package of meat in any walmart,real muscle doesn't look like this esp. Sitting on the shelf saw a video can't remember the name on jewtube about Wal-Mart and human consumption.
Go to any fiesta store or bean market,the meat there is brown and not (((dyed)))

The missing 411 is a statistical and conditionally anomalous spike of missing people in and around national parks and government owned land.
The vast majority of those that are found are miles away from where they went missing, either stripped of their clothing or in pristine clothing that would suggest they didn't trek through the woods and the only ones that are found alive are either too young to talk or mentally handicapped to the point that they couldn't speak anyway.

I have almost died free climbing in Colorado in iced over shut down areas before so there's that…

Most of these cases are children that were with their parents on paved paths. One minute they are there, the next they are dead 40 miles away across three rivers on top of a mountain.

It's been awhile since I've tried them. I'll try out various alternatives and run into an issue and go back to what works for me.

Newfag detected let me spoonfeed you, all Tor posters have the same string of zero IDs

I would totally put trackers with a distance alarm notification on young kids.

walmart also pumps the meat full of water. total ripoff

but, you were talking about meat consumption as part of some conspiracy and also the nephilim or something. could you expand on that?

yeah, i heard the paranormies 411 show. its weird; don't know what to make of it. i didn't realize people have actually been found

i think Holla Forums has a list of nonjewed ones. if you're using a vpn and cleaning your cookies regularly (and spoofing referrer) it probably doesn't matter, though, I guess

This is true. This goes further than "perception=reality" and straight into the whole reason we "discovered" meme magic.
This is why their stranglehold on information and communication is so vital. They create figures to be believed in. (Actors/celebrities/brand mascots/fictional characters/storylines) and this aids them in bringing the world they want into existence.
Not to mention their religions.
This is why it's so important to realize and recover our belief in our people and original natural gods, and eschew this trash culture, because these gods and thoughtforms, these archetypes in our blood, give us power against their systems.

As stated i know I'm new I finally had discussion worthy thread material and it's getting slid by this b.s. and Bing pros and cons.stop the d and c and gimme redpill,everyone hates pedophilia so it's a good redpill to start normies on and slowly expose the jew baby cocksuckers.

Any other stories like the finders or how certain pedos are connected to the Clinton's like Epstein and podesta.
On a semi unrelated note, Did you know Epsteins wife was a victim of Charlie mansions killers while Epstein was away on one of his pedo binges


Your picture gave me another dimension of confusion.

freemasons are the ones who do this

The 115 kids abducted by strangers isn't even "per day", it's "per year".

500 thousand never return. There are 50 thousand masonic lodges in the usa. They kill kids every moon and divide 50k by 500k you have 10 kids locally killed by masons every year. When they abduct children they use the police to move them around to near towns. They never kill a kid snatched in the same neighborhood. Because there are probably masons who know that kid. So the move them around and sacrifice them every full moon.

I see the reading comprehension level of the board has taken a nose dive in the last few months.

NCMEC : missingkids.com/theissues/missing
FBI: archives.fbi.gov/archives/about-us/cjis/ncic/ncic-missing-person-and-unidentified-person-statistics-for-2014

you are clearly new, since you don't know what that word means

the thread isn't that great, tbh. everyone knows about all the missing children. /x/fags are going on about that shit all the time in connection with pedogate and whatnot.

As always you're a huge faggot. The main pizzagate thread is here

Here are the fbiniggers ncic stats.

Purged cases include found bodies which turn from missing persons to homicide. For 2015 it sites 634908 new cases, 634742 cleared/purged. Of those 579842 were "clears and cancels" and 54900 were "locates" which both dead and alive kids found fall under. I can find it but an user posted per capita stats from NCMEC showing that Virginia had nearly 5x as many abductees as any other state.

Now I want to trade bread, flour, and cotton stuffs with based dogmen in exchange for baskets of dried Siptakhora.

This is a special kind of autism and I like it

Sorry for late teply but
Is exactly true, in a more abstract idea.

For example, what does define a man? Some people say its his memories. And what defines those memories? How you reacted to someone or something in outside world. And what defines how you will react to someone in outside world? Your personality. And what is your personality comprised of? Habits and traits ingrained through thousands of years of evolution and your own willpower and a tad bit influence of culture.

You are what you think, in essence. You become what you think.

Ever heard of "homing misile theory"? The idea that humans dictate their own life in a subconciouss way, basically wishing upon your deepest unsaid desires by living it out and the universe will push itself out of the way to your way and let things just fall on your lap.

See vid related for more.

You're going to burn moshe.

Can't let kids out of your sight for a second



The OP is misleading. Almost all missing persons cases do not involve foul play and are solved within 24 hours of the initial police report. The number of annual child abductions in the US is much lower than 800,000.

just like how when you say antisemitic you are inherently executing an inverse implication that jews are the only semites, because according to the consensually defined meaning for this euphemism, one can only be antisemitic to jews.
yet semite simply means anyone who speaks a semitic language, which includes muslims and christians in the middle east.

therefore jews themselves are the most antisemitic if you go by its true definition.
they are a tricky breed indeed.


My neighbors kid was abducted by a special needs retard 2 years ago, took them 3 weeks to find the kid tied up in an abandoned house and another month to wrangle the tard.



checked. hardly news for Holla Forumslacks, but it's good to be said and spread

115 cases are strangers, 40% of those found dead, 3% unsolved.
Question is, 115 is what rate? I see yearly (sounds under) and daily (sounds over)

Yearly would mean medieval levels of unsolved abduction, but they are free to roam without question now, surely its higher.

Makes me wonder if this is a big reason white birthrates have been effected so much.

Follow-up, a 1997 study concluded only FIVE PERCENT of non familial abductions are EVEN REPORTED

Do you really not understand that parents are the ones reported as 'abducting' these kids are their own fathers? They just want to see their kids away from the screeching of their harpy mothers for a few hours, and the cunt reports him to the authorities as an abduction.

The actual real kidnappings that get so much press are much, much lower.

God fucking dammit OP. No sage because it's an important topic but learn how to make a real OP. This isn't cuckchan.

Well poisoner detected.

Enough. >>>/fringe/ >>>/x/
"Dogmen" is a meme pushed by people that can't get their own "let's make white men look retarded" shows like Swamp People/Gold Rush/Bigfoot Hunters/Ghost Hunters on television so they do it online and get guest spots near halloween on Coast to Coast AM, who will take anyone no matter how /fringe/ as long as they don't claim to be a psychic and make claims that are repeatedly proven to be false. There's an argument for other forms of spooks like skinwalkers, given knowledge of the old gods like Kek and demons like Moloch, but they're mostly just enjoyable stories on /k/ when they want to actually make OC and discuss more than fucking roleplaying threads and eceleb discussion.
Add >>>/reddit/ to the list of places you should fuck off back to.

/x/ got taken over by a kike that bans you for posting a happy merchant or similarly "fucking nothing" things. /fringe/ is run by a kike named Kenneth Schueler. /xpol/ is a dead board and is repeatedly stolen from whatever BO claims it because someone, probably Kenneth Schueler himself, wants it.

Report just came out today no link, just heard it on the radio that they made capsules for "stamina booster" shit in china that are 99.7% composed of human flesh, the flesh of infants in 2012. Don't think they're not doing it here. Why do you think abortion is being shilled for?

Watergate was named as such because that's the name of the hotel. All appending -gate to everything else does is discredit it and start making normalfags not care about it.

The word you are looking for is "Egregore"

It's also the source of the name Christoper, so if your name is Chris– you're named after a werewolf basically. The old story of Saint Christoper was bad ass, before the schism, used to eat people.


check out missing 411 stories on youtube
if you haven't already, the guy is a great story teller.

This Byzantine depiction of St. Christopher as dog-headed resulted from their misinterpretation of the Latin term Cananeus (Canaanite) to read canineus (canine).

Orthodox are just Furries tbh.

Son of a bitch, this explains why at least two people from /k/ have fucked them. These things are the additional origins of the Glaistigs as well.

Goddam hollow-earth cave dwelling Dark fey.

Very nice digits, user

"undocumented" meme
all pedos must be hanged

you need to realize kikery is genetic
and boy you better read up on the blank slate
behaviors and cultural norms are genetic too
you cant civilize a nigger or abbo, remember?

Fuck off >>>/x/fringe/ shill, where do you think you are? There are thousands of eyewitness testimonies, governments cover up any official records. Those things are real.

Does that mean that the average kike consumes only 0.1 gentile kid per year?

Maybe they aren't as bad as I thought.

Can you recall his nose?

Sauce plz?

Does this include missing children from previous years who still haven't been found?

It says "children" but a lot of them are 17 and run away or whatever. The "abductors" are typically the mother or father or a grandparent involved in a custody dispute. Basically, it's kike numbers.

The CIA, oddly, pushes the dogman thing.

You never know how many people in certain places might be camoflaging a redpill center. Think of how retarded some things are. Who the hell would strategize a system that way if they didn't want it to be found?

^ That is a CIA agent.

>well howdy there young vet, let me tell you who is (((behind))) your suffering

Agent status notwithstanding, why the hell would you ever draw attention to the goyim crushed in the kikes machine? That runs contrary to most Jewish strategies, especially the holocaust, as seen with the oy crying over Poland pointing out that Jews aren't special.

Nothing will. The only thing that will make them change their behavior is if someone rocks their own personal boat, for example, if the stock market crashed. They don't, cannot, care about others, for they are human trash. The churches are full of them, too, though they're the best of the best in terms of the trash. They at least believe in being nice. People who don't, you can observe their haughty faces. They look at the poor with the literal face of total hatred and superiority, which says "you shouldn't be allowed to be alive in my yuppy town".

Oh, and I'm forcing a meme that all people who post suicide images, if of a white, is CIA.

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That’s still about 50,000 kids a year tho

there's also a pattern of exceptionally smart and slightly retarded people being overly represented in this. also higher than per capita amount of people with german descent. A smart, occasional drinker, 21-24 year old ethnically german college student is a common example. the 411 author is now connecting urban disappearances to this mystery. Also, the parks services demanded a million dollars for a list of people who have gone missing in their parks.

if you match this description and are going to a national park or forest, don't be first or last in line.

Their girl looks eerily like one of the sandy hook shooting kids.

food for underground clown lizards and synagogue to mcdonalds meat

can this thread get sagelocked yet? Its made on a false premise and no source

Kids are reported missing but how many are actually abducted?