German Christians Tired of Muzzie Attacks. Call for Same Protection as Jews

This is a couple days old, but i havent seen it here and its worth noting.

It looks like there were close to 100 attacks on Christians lat year, and even the cucked parties are mad about it.

They are saying anti Christianity is anti German, and calling for those who can't accept that to leave. They are also pointing out that the Kiked are getting protection that they aren't!

I cut out the filler. And total OP newfag so if this is done all wrong I apologize.

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this would be great for red pills.


I say bring back the holy roman empire and gas the bankers.

Haha i was waiting for the Crusade memes. I agree with that this is great redpill material. Its not groundbreaking, but its an obvious double standard being noticed and that's progress.

Fucking mudlims

|slam is worse than cancer and it's infected enough of the world. The last thing Europe and world at large needs is more |slam. Much like the kikes, Muslims have no concept of subtlety or self-awareness, so they'll keep acting out and snackbaring until they start getting deported and executed like in Myanmar.

I think this could be a start

I'm fine with this.
Christians are the worst, they have a missionary mentality that compels them to shill mass migration, and they think they can just convert people.
Christians, liberals and (((bankers))) are behind this, so I give zero fucks about any of this.
The Poland ignoring the Pope who shills for mass migration. Contrary to the memes, Poland isn't that religious. It's just that Catholics are part of the Polish cultural identity, and it helps separate Poles from non Poles.

Christians sure love being victims, they are even the party of Angela Merkel. I really hope whites grow a spine, instead of this bullcrap.

We live in an era where the obvious as clear as summers sky becomes obfuscated by threats that it might still yet rain. So long as they continue to buy into this live and let live turn the other cheek nonsense they don't deserve to be taken with respect or with seriousness.

Begging for rights is a slave mentality coming from a slave mind who'd never lift a finger to throw off his shackles.

Not at all. We send missionaries to other places of the world, usually hellholes - or as secular people would say, shitholes - to convert people. This usually leads to a change of values, which makes the place less of a hellhole. One of the more radical differences is between Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The red clergy, however, does seem to love immigration. Do not doubt for a second that they do so to help others.

They coronated Christ as their king. They have massive Christian rallies against Religion of Cuck™ization and Merkel.

You mean feeding niggers and artificially keeping them alive through medical services and schools, funded by the UN and "charities", while opposing contraception in Africa, of all places, despite places like Nigeria growing it's population by 6x in the last 50 years…

How noble… Hitler spoke very unkindly of these missions on Mein Kampf, some even directly import these people, their christian "brothers" from Africa into Europe (because that's the only way to "help" them, I guess) and host "hallelujah" singouts to welcome them… No, leave nigs alone to nig and stop doing the kikes agenda for them.

This isn't as impressive as that small german town that rallied right-wing after a girl got killed by a mudslime. You could use it to redpill people but this is one of those babby-sized redpill chewable gummies that only and conditionally works on devout christians. And even then expect cucked justifications.

This. They're expecting fairer treatment but this is what they voted for. Don't they know their gibs await them only in the afterlife?

The only missionary stories that are very redpilling are the ones where the missionaries come back racist. We had a thread last week about a recent story. It's probably floating to the end of the catalog now.

Yeah let me just pull an army out of my ass along with the funds to equip it.


Was a lot easier back in the day to hire cutthroat bastards for your religious army. I'm always shocked when deusvult christian posters imagine every single crusader soldier as some pious religious person when the reality is that the church like any other organization raising an army hired tons of cutthroats. The best and worst thing about a cutthroat is that they will kill anyone and support your (violent) cause as long as you pay them.

'cuttthroat'? What are you larping as a priate today, Shlomo? You don't know anyone let someone whose a mercenary. Fucking idiot.

Pretty funny that even the Christian mudpeople living in German asylum centers have noticed the incredibly privileged position kikes have in the West.

This is true.

What's your point? The most effective fighters by FAR in any crusade were the Norman conquerors Robert Guiscard and his nephew Tancred, and they were only nominally christian. Most of their forces were still practicing pagans, and had only converted as part of a deal with the Pope where the Normans would stop fucking the shit out of italy in return for permanent territory and their conversion. Guiscard and his compatriots did so because conversion was meaningless to them. The subsequent crusades were abject failures, and the most the morons accomplished was looting their ""christian brothers"" in Constantinople and destroying the Byzantine Empire.

Polack here. Poland is very religious. Atheists are bullied. Jews are disliked and Muslims are hated.

I have to agree with you on this. The migrant bullshit, and 90% of the problems in Africa could be solved with the same philosophy for controlling the pigeon population. Don’t feed them, don’t help them, and limit the areas the can be in. The problem with fix itself and the future generations of what is left will be more than happy chimping in the jungle.

Not for nothing but that's more or lesd what mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker did back in the day. Ran a bandit force till he had an army of rapist murderers and then fucked up the middle east.


How dare these Christians expect the same protections as the Chosen!!!

oy vey!!!!!!!

To be fair, when you hate the king of kikes and the believers of the king of kikes you're being anti-semitic by definition.

Everyone supported that ironically because it was hilarious. Our Polish Pope is still a big meme on the Polish internet to this day for one, it was 4 a laff.

if you bought the lie that Jesus was a jew and is "one of them" then I have a bridge on Mars to sell you cheap, fool. go back to fingerpainting since you have no idea what being semitic is.

a Nazarene, a Galilean, kingof the Judean tribe of Jacob, yes….

allow me to explain. a semite is a descendant of shem, the son of noah, which is applicable to all 12 tribes of Jacob, descended of Abraham and Isaac. "jews" are NOT part of these 12 tribes by bloodline, and instead are descended of Jacob's brother Esau aka Edom who mated with Caananite and Hittite wives, who preserved the bloodline of Cain by surviving the great flood in massive underground tunnels - which have been co-opted by the deep state today. "jews" are nothing of the sort, infact there is no such thing as a jew: only a Judahite aka Judean (with the J pronounced like a Y since there was no hard J in aramaic) or one is an EDOMITE. Turkish Mongolian Ashkenazi Khazarian Edomites infiltrated the tribe of Judah from 400BC-0 bringing with them their babylonian language of yiddish containing the hard J.

GENTILES, those descended of the actual 12 tribes of Jacob, ARE THE TRUE SEMITES.

now BTFO back to fingerpainting and never post here again. inhale as much gas as possible in the meanwhile.

Semites are a modern invention you stupid fucking cunt. They are a whole group of people that spoke the semitic languages. As a hebe, and christ almighty was a fucking hebe, he was a semite.

FFS Christ even said to follow the law of Moses. Torah torah torah. Just a different kind of jew. A more socialist jew unlike the fuckers running the Sanhedrin.

Germans are such spineless cucks.

Kikes out


Jesus was probably a half-breed, since his mother cucked joseph by misteriously getting pregnant and bullshitted everyone in panic that she recieved her child from god instead of gentile man. Would explain his selfhating and jewish hating behaviour.


Seriously, who cares about this retarded religion?
Anyone who still thinks those kind of conflicts happen because of religious differences are brain dead.

It's all about the race and it has always been like that.
Burgerland has always been the perfect example for that. Looking at nig nogs, spics and the rest - all Christians.
Even the so called white Italians caused problems, despite being Christian.

gassing the bankers would suffice, but i would be ok with it.

yeah that's very smart

t. ciafag




Why would you give a fuck about going out to help some worthless niggers in some jungle shithole? If you can't put your race above your religion, you're useless

meant for

Goys are 70 years late.

Thing is you influence each other. Shitskins elect oga boga bishops and then cardinals who elect Popes and now you have Commie Refuges Welcomes Pope leading Christians us result. Bringing hellhole into civilized countries.

Religion of Cuck™ has serious power above nations. (Though It also because arabs never had strong nations so their alliance to religion often is more important than their nation they don't actually have).

Those horrible Polish conservatives forcing their conservative outdated morals on the poor people of Poland!

The Jews arent going to accept this. They are self obsessed and literally born racists due to centuries of inbreeding and kicking out members of the tribe that didnt uphold every racist law. They are bigots at a genetic level.

I wonder if receiving the same protections as kikes would automatically extend all of the anti-criticism laws to Christianity. Imagine prison sentences for "hate speech" against Christianity, media with even slightly anti-Christian themes being censored etc. The kike and leftist butthurt would be glorious.

I think you already know the answer.


This is good, there are no Christians in Germany, only people who are recovering from it and returning to the true old gods.
Those that cannot adapt as quickly due to their loss of their soul via judafication will simply die out.
Golems are not needed in any country. They are useless and nobody will miss them.

It's a mix. Rurals are mostly Christian. In cities many folks are pretending to be Christian to silence complaints from their family. Or maybe some of them are afraid of going to hell or whatever. The Church loves bitching about people who say they "believe but don't practice" so apparently this must be a thing too. Millennials in my estimation are largely atheists or at least rebelling. But I also feel like in the last years some young conservatives started to LARP "muh Christian values" simply to spite globalists and deter the invasion. What they really believe God only knows.


Damn, that would be amazing
unfortunately, the fucking kikes would never allow it

It's just bullshit lip service so they can stay in office for another term and carry out more sabotage for their masters.

anonymous cryptocurrency assassination bounties?

am I close?

It's almost as if something happened to all the brave ones.

No those are Lefists. It seems as if you're under the impression that Leftism isn't a deeply invasive disease.

Weimar was like this too. You need the right conditions and then a spark.

Anyone who helps shitskins is a fool as they can never be Christian or anything for that matter, they don't have the intellectual capacity to follow a religious or political philosophy. They can only unga bunga around a fire and ape the ways of their betters. But lets be clear that there was a secular version of this as well "White Man's Burden" in which the muds were to be taken care of and made to labor in exchange for being elevated out of savagery by their betters.

This is nonsense and I tell every fucking womanish faggot who defends the mission system(set up by faggots whose descendants are likely now atheists.

But lets also be clear that the Natsoc system people esteem on this board has the same problems albeit in a different fashion. They are full of love for their race, perhaps a noble thing in of itself but in practice they compel those natural traitors, liberals, and faggots among us to be adaptive little boys and girls. You could argue this is a flaw in any coercive social system including Roman, pagan, and Christian social systems. By suppressing the expression of maladaptive behavior they allowed the unfit to survive. This combined with a harsh environment which didn't allow for hedonism caused selection only for intelligence and capability but not a natural resilience toward hedonism(since it didn't exist in practice for the majority of the population it couldn't be selected against). Now that technology has made everything so cheap it turned out that half the white race were a bunch of traitorous pussies and faggots, and this is true regardless of what position they pretend to hold. They do it to socially signal to other pussies and attain the pleasant feelings that are derived from others accepting them. They are addicted to being liked and granted social approval for their "orthodox" opinions.

The solution? EXTERMINATION! Kill everyone with a natural propensity toward liberalism or at least allow them to kill themselves off which is happening and would be a viable solution if it wasn't for them importing shitskins into our empires.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.
You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.