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they are starting with the real pressure on Trump to cuck on everything that he hasn't already

Pure coincidence.



Well, time to get buying.

until you see more than 2 weeks of decline it's probably just a hiccup

Hope so. I just got into the market. What timing…

They would be making a mistake if they crashed the system all at once, since the average blue pilled goyim may wake up and see reality. The slow and steady path works in their favor.

1,000 points is nothing these days. It would need to be five times that for it to be considered a real happening.

Guess what have been free falling since the end of January too after starting to recover.

I am sure it's just a (((coincidence)))

In one day, thats a lot, goy

Checked and heil'ed, but until bitcoin can be processed in actual time for real-time transactions it's anti-white (((speculation))); if you want money, make products and sell for your fellow whites.

BTC was heavily overvalued. Normie publicity is whale dumping time. XMR and to a lesser extent ETH are the real coins to watch.

Aren't they getting crushed today too, all crypto currency?

True, for one day but it's all just a fake market anyways and the stock market is never a true reflection of the economy. Things are tanking long before these events.

Considering that the stock market is also twice as high as 2008 before it shit the bed I need to see a good 9,000 or so drop that's lasting to get excited, and that excitement is only at watching baby boomers lose everything nothing else.

All crypto is. But XMR offers an actual advantage over BTC in that its actually private and secure. See the leaked army paper kvetching about ring sigs.

those coins are to do what?

It's the first of the year, a new tax law is in place. The market was at historic highs, people are taking profits. These two things make this a reasonable occurrence for me.

Don't forget to donate to the (((starving syrans))) goy


Nobody is making money right now in crypto. But XMR has utility as a private and secure coin and ETH is a better BTC replacement in regards to being used as a framework.

ETH is run by commies and that alone is enough for me not to risk any more capital on it. Even though in the past I took a piece here and there.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


fucking lying kikes

Literally nothing. The market cannot and will not ever crash again. It’s not possible. They’ll just print more.

except if (((they))) want it to crash to make an example of someone
if it can be controlled to not crash, it can be controlled to crash

Crashing this stock market… with no survivors!

the fuck is wrong with you. dont go long you fucking mong.




Two months ago I predicted we would have a crash within 18 months. Hardly anyone was listening. Now, after a week straight of sliding markets maybe some people will begin to look at what I've been saying. The market is not backed by anything solid anymore. It's running on pure speculation and the big players know this. I don't believe we've entered the real crash yet but considering how fragile everything really is all it takes is for the big players to exit their positions and it comes falling down. So this could be the beginning of the end. A cynical person might believe that Trump's tax cuts were actually a engineered by the financial elites to allow them to close their positions before crashing everything. My best bet is that we enter a short period of "consolidation" in which prices go up and down for a bit before finally crashing in the near future. Based on treasury yield curves and interest rates, we still have a bit longer to wait. But again, considering how the markets have only been expanding due to speculation, the big crash could easily come at any time now.

The beginning of the crypto-currency market crash was actually the tip of the iceberg, since, like I tried telling people before, it was actually just a sink for excess capital with nowhere to go. Once that market peaked, other markets were bound to follow since they had already been oversaturated.

Good thing Holla Forums banned me just before last Friday's downturn, right?

if you cant short (i cant either as i dont use margins because i dont want to get caught in a market wide rugpull like this) invest in inverse etfs for the major indexes. thats what im doing all week since friday. if you got mega balls you can short 2:1 or 3:1 on some of these leveraged inverse etfs. just dont get caught in them when the market rebounds.

DOG- inverse dow
SH- inverse S&P
PSQ-inverse Nasdaq
RWM-inverse russell
good luck user. dont let the jews have all the fun shorting everything

Would now be a good time to get into silver or other PMs? Platinum is sitting bellow $1k and silver is hovering around $16.50. If this is the beginning of a crash, silver could jump to $30 again.

Someone claims something will happen every day.
You just have to pick the 'big winners' who happened to be right, point and scream: "LOOK, I/HE/THEY WHERE RIGHT ALL ALONG DUMBFUCKS"

btw these tickers i listed are 1:1 inverse etfs so they track the movement in these indexes, but directly opposite. so DJIA is down 5% and so DOG is up 5% etc…

sorry for double post

1. Keep buying Bitcoin
2. Keep HODLing.

Heads: up
Tails: down

< uh breddigged it

Why not run a psy-op to trick normies into selling as well? A lot of trading is automated so perhaps there is a way to exploit these computer systems into exacerbating the situation. Perhaps get a real crash going. Economic instability is Holla Forums's best friend after all. Nothing wakes Whites up more than having their bread and circus's torn away. Que lemmings info-graphic. In short go forth and sow Kek's beloved chaos unto the world.

If the kikes are desperate enough to crash the market and try to bring about a revolution it won't end well for them
(((Yellen))) calls stock market, real estate valuations 'high' in last interview before exit as Fed chief
Wasn't that nice of her? Took a big steaming shit on everything as she heads out the door.
Pure cohencidence that a goy is taking over as Fed chief for the first time in decades.

Itt: retards that don't know shit.

Buy fucking bitcoin.

Too much shit to figure out for me. My portfolio is diverse enough as it is.

This is what killed Bitcoin in the first place.
It was never meant to be an investment it was meant to be a currency that was not dependent on the establishment then as always the establishment took control of it, and people undermined it's real use.

Literally always someone predicting a crash in the next 18 months.

Post in in r/redacted, not that they own atock anyways. Maybe they can make their boomer parents freak out.

Why? Crashing the markets and wrecking the economy is exactly how the kikes took control in the first place.

Hi Carlos.

Someone predicts this daily on here you literal faggot.

Yup the House always wins.

Since they are in crisis, be nice and donate a few doges. I do not have to take advantage of the dip, at least 1 dogesito are not bad guys where I'm from, I'm very hungry and in need, I have a family to support and I just have to give my children

i am from venezuela


Its the only thing holding back mass civil riots, which in turn escalate into wars, and unlike the last time, they dont have the luxury of hiding places with intercontinential weapons.


It's fucking simple. You just buy them at coinbase (the biggest) or any of a number of others. You don't have to do jack shit. You just log in and you can deal with it there. If you ever decide to get more sophisticated you can.Pic related, not mine. It's easy as Facebook to use. The only thing that might happen is your CC might get locked by your bank, as a fraud prevention measure. Typically they just call your cellphone, with an automated thing, and you just hit 1 to say you wanted to go through with the transaction, then you try again on coinbase (or wherever).

Bitcoin is very much alive, and I am not suggesting it as an investment, but as HODL. See my actual post, and stop being a tard.


< not cyber-begging for food for doggo

Hodling is still undermining it.

The jews never cared before. They love seeing goyim killing each other in the streets over a bag of rice.

< gook video. Filtered.

This isn't what that is. Not even close.
And we got a gentile in the fed that has a kike free record.
Nafta to be renegotiated. Companies moving back looking to invest. Tax cuts.
user that are not in the market NEED TO READ UP AND GET IN NOW. Even $800 as a start. Get with a firm or attend a seminar if you have to, get on this train before it picks up steam.

brah don't do it


No. You are a kike. You just are forming sentences that are negative, but are utterly without intellect.

Worth a try user. I'm going to hit up some normalfag and boomer sites. I'll call a few traders I know and see how paranoid I can make them as well.

maybe when it goes down to $400 or so

True, but they will be dying this time too, especially if they run, since they planted into their golems minds "rich people are teh evils that must be destroyed." they dont have the luxury of slinking away in the night this time.

Hmph. I just don't like the idea of investing in something that I cant fucking see.

I think it's a kike. It's a manipulation angle without any evidence. Worse, it's not impressive to "predict" an event that has a 50% chance of occurring (it can only go up or down, so there are 2 possibilities. staying the same never happens, for various reasons).

please ;_;


We're below the trendline. You're welcome for this free advice.

In what way.
Bitcoin is a currency turned into a meme.
I'll buy if I'm rich and don't want my money taken from me.


You should have not been a nigger.

That's a dangerous game for them to gamble its a win or lose all situation. Add that to the fact that the US is becoming divided by political beliefs, it won't end well for them.

But the people saying "eat the rich" are in fact funded by the rich. The Protocols said they'll give the goyim their leaders.

Look at all the poor sops who fought for these commie revolutions only to end up in the gulag themselves. Happens every time.

Next time try not to be born a Nigger

I never understood how this fucking thing works.
It changes completely depending on where you decide to start the fucking line. How do you decide when to start the line without being completely arbitrary?


You forget the golems are selfish and between them and their masters they choose their lives first.

Open DJ30 Chart.
Change to weekly.
Notice development over past years.
Have tea.


Bitcoin is an amazing hedge against inflation. If your money is in dollars, then you face constant inflation, by design.

I don't get why everyone is fighting me on this when there is a historical record of kike behavior.

They betray everyone and sometimes it backfires, but rarely. Even so, the kike is the destroyer of civilizations. it's what they like to do. Don't ask me why. It's like asking why niggers like to play basketball or why spics like to get into knife fights.

Fucking do it then.

Trump ties the success of the economy & stock market to his presidency.
Kikes laugh and crash the market.
Hubris is a hell of a drug.

Its not fighting you about what the kikes do, but what the outcome would be. Looking at the western world during the 1920's-30's it doesn't always end well for the jews They got lucky last time gaining power over US and Russia

No ones arguing except you, you even arearguing your own facts, kikes betray everyone including other kikes and they lack the luxuries to do it safely and covertly this time. And the golems were trained to attack white people and the rich, and anyone fitting the description to them, which surprise, includes kikes who are pale fucks with money.

Just buy Bitcoin.

You'd have to be a liberal or a drooling retard (Same thing, really) to not notice the (((correlation))) here.

Hubris is a hell of a drug.


You think this is to do with the memo and mccain pushing for a no wall daca deal?

No they can't, tardness. It's not possible.

Checked. Kikes, ovverplaying their hand since 250 AD. Unfortunately I don't think Trump has the leeway to end our bullshit foreign aid. The (((economists))) will equate austerity to financial contagion. Buncha neokeynesian bullshit.

Memo, yes. DACA, not so much.


Amazing digits, but they kinda can. It just involves them using their money to pump & dump it, but, in the process, they need to hand you money. We've kinda got them over a barrel on this one.

this is sound advice. and i think you are right. in the long run, this will be great getting stocks back to reasonable buyback prices.

but first i am going to short the everloving shit out of everything and daytrade volatility (UVXY and TVIX).

Yes, it's entirely possible, and it happens. More than 50% of bitcoin is owned by around 130 whales. Its unregulated nature allows for their pumping and dumping ad infinitum.




These "whales" are white men. :^)

robinhood app, zero commission stock trades.

Thank you.



i suggest not shorting, especially leveraged short positions - they will fuck you over.

instead invest in american companies or, companies native to your fatherland, especially those who are significantly involved with automation tech. there are even thematic etf's for automation now, to invest broadly in the industry. given the number of threads we've had on coming automation tech eliminating jobs, investing in automation seems like a good bet and a way of hedging against the advancing tide of automation.

pure cohencidence

Most investors benefit from having an advisor, to the tune of 3-4% a year on average long run.
This, from the biggest proponents of 'buy and hold' indexing available in the market today. The bulk of the value comes from behavioral helping you keep your cool when the market goes down and you have the natural inclination to pull out, but also from managing taxes and keeping your portfolio in line with your risk tolerance.

Trump just a pointed a goyim to the head of the federal reserve. Cohencidence?

that's called >>>/biz/ and Holla Forums hivemind and not being a retard who trusts jews.


Call it whatever you want but the vast majority of investors buy high, sell low, and sit on the sidelines during the best trading days of the year.

Where is the best place to get into the stock market for an international investor shithole country

idk i don't invest internationally.

Shit was worth a shot though. Such is the life of a white in a third world nation.


I have an advisor. But I also have shit on the side.

wtf i love bill clinton now
See above, try that approach.

it's almost as though dems jews mortgage the future for short term gain and when repubs jews take power the chickens come home to roost.

he had the best formula for success, you just have to choose to be president when the internet happens.

Dow falls more than 1,000 in biggest daily point-drop ever

that is some world class (((spin)) )

fucking kek'd at that one. thanks user, saved.
check'd and kek'd.
No, they can, but like said (((they'd))) have to be willing to loose a chunk of (((their))) money. It's a prickly situation for a yid to be in, either let the goyim take away the power of your globally linked "currencies" or loose a significant portion destroying it.
Only to have it return under another name a few months later. Man it's almost have if some divine being has it out for them….
Pic unrelated.

Checked for old meme.

Cool site thanks user

I too love Nafta. Best thing to ever happen for this country.

(((someone))) threw a big kosher wrench into the works

Np, glad you like it. Favorite investing blog hands down.

t. Epstein

Hope you faggots have commodity. We're about to see crypto go down further into a dead cat bounce, and Nikkei was up about 20% the other year and its been declining, already at guessing -7% if it hasn't opened already.
We're gonna see the crash that 08 was supposed to be and was never allowed to do.

You are legit retarded.

08 was never allowed to crash fully. Hear what GE is doing now?

I just want to see everything burn

Dang the S&P went down what, 37% in '08? The bottom actually falling out would have to be more like 70%+ from where we are now.

Why is this retarded? I'm not saying it's going to happen, but 08 definitely should have been way worse. QE kept most everything afloat.

Link to what GE's up to please.

GE is breaking up due to 'reasons'
Thats Jan 17…word on the street is they are full Enron-ing…lied to investors, going to completely collapse
have some more normie links, between the lines of course

Holy fuck.

Fuck GE. Kike controlled piece of shit needs to die off already along with all its bullshit media.

It retarded because its simply not going to happen. Its yet another attempt at stumping Trump, specifically his plan of making America wealthy again. It simply cannot be done. Can't webm vid related but its from his speech in Ohio today as the market "was crashing".

Wow it is almost like it is preordained or something. I wonder (((who))) could be behind that kind of coincidence.

Good. Fuck GE. I hope people that love this country buy up the lot of it.


Hell it's about time

We're all going to die


No buddy, its capitalism failing again

Bingo. Ding ding ding.

Time to bet half of my bitcoins that this will drop as low as 5k

if I fucking get rkt, I only lose a portion of half my bitcoins, and it's not like it's going from 7k to 20k in a night

Dow plunges 1,600 points at lows, marks worst intraday point drop in history, on computer-driven selling

archiving for posterity. the kikes did this

Shitcoiners are actually this smart

I'm told that an agency…an agency that focus on national security…pretty closely monitors cryptos to analyze when "bad guys" are moving money through them…My source on this is reliable. Cryptos are totally controlled. You can make money, but the market ain't free…and ain't really a market.


Sell all your bitcoin retard, the meme is over

PPT isn’t going to rescue them? Seems most consumer products sell make now are made in CHINA.

Are you impliying it isn't? You don't even know how to imply.
Fo back to T_D

capitalism always crashes. it's designed to crash and burn and then recover, costing lives in the process. you can't just blame EVERY crash on muh jews.

~36 hours from now we will probably know what direction this is going to head and if its going full tits up or not

funny how capitalism's failures are still paradise compared to socialisms successes.


We live in the United States of Weimarica.
That is to say, this country, the US, is worse than the Weimar ever was.

The only thing we're missing is the economic component.

… And now the Jews are trying to crash the market to attack "Donard 'Adolf' Drumpf"…
… What could go wrong?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Why do you spam this everyday?

This is not paradise user, and a comfortable hell is more dangerous than an unpleasant one, because you can convince yourself that living in it is a paradise.

capitalism has actually been doing damn well. this is entirely because of FED fuckery and a coordinated dump across all markets of massive hedge funds. and this is being done because the russia narrative has been put to bed.

combine that with a bull that is 9 years old, tons of new money and new investors, rampant speculation, falling dollar, rising interest rates and you got the perfect recipe for a major crash/selloff.

the nice thing about this, is that even with the market crashing in a major way, everything stayed online and all the ETFs were tracking just fine. i made out fucking big trading 3x leveraged shorts on the dow (SDOW) and flipping the S&P volatility over in UVXY.

bear markets are fun as long as you go in flat and arent margined up to your eyeballs. besides we need a good selloff so that we can all hedge our equities against all the awesome infrastructure projects that trump is planning.

Buy crypto
Buy gold
Buy guns
Buy food


So what? Honestly, markets are predictable. Everything was at ATH - no genius is need to see the rug will get pulled out. It's a giant pump & dump scheme. We had the pump, time to dump.


Which one though won't (((they))) just create a new one.

XIV got liquidated after hours due to greater than 80%
means VIX spike first thing in the morning, probably to '08 levels in the 50s triggering big sell offs

Fucking right on.

Short that shit people - and don't try to catch the falling knife.

Also apparently SEC digs crypto….

dont buy anything in this market. i dont know if you looked but gold and silver both just took a serious hit as well. and crypto will stay down until chinese holiday season is done (1 and a half weeks i think).

you dont buy shit in a bear market unless you plan on holding like a motherfucker for the next couple months or years. you short anything and everything and go long on things that track volatility like TVIX and UVXY.

dont go long

its not gonna recover. when you study this stuff and not just here word of mouf from harvard bizzz, you know that this is the crash we've been waiting for. its like the great depression.

find a flaw
protip: you can't

Lol we were at new ATHs for 2 years running. Understanding we'll see a downturn someday isn't exactly the same as predicting the when.

Yes, because humans will stop creating wealth and acting in their own self-interest. Sure thing, user.

Here's the high res

I see no America First position for such a thing. Ain't gonna happen,.


i bet this is going to be another 10 year crash. everything will fall and shit will be whacky for a bit.
nobody is really talking about it, but they will be affected.
notice how ebay and paypal just had their little feud.
anyone have any more big trends to make note of?

Blackpill fag, get out.


I'll spit some theories right now.
GE breakup will go sour. Keep in mind they get gov money because they make military stuff. No doubt this will affect a lot of other things maybe unexpected.
Paypal and Ebay are restructuring. I expect Ebay to go bad but Paypal is very conservative so I expect them to stick around as people want middleman. Amazon is going to eat up more companies, theory is Target or Dollar General, I think DG has more leverage behind it. Amazon is buy now sell fast hold short so don't play if you don't want to do that.
Target is restructuring. I don't like it. I think its too wacky for a shifting conservative culture. I expect them to need to change focus again in 2-5y or die.
Theres always backdoor Roth for people wanting to go more conservative on IRA scopes anyway.
BTC is having a normal crash n' bounce. A return to sanity is needed and will be about a month out. People will see this instability and become more conservative with it, causing less extreme investments and pullouts, allowing a more normal price flux. No one really expected such gains to be the norm…right? :^)

Told you fuckers. The Jews have been setting it up to fuck the economy under Trump. I think they originally wanted to do it before election time, but had to jump the gun because of the memo.

Thats ok, I have invested in plenty of precious metals. copper, lead, brass and cold steel. Its all good.

Other than the year, is there anything else going on with that cover?

Dubs of truth my man. Today's society fulfills everything in Maslow's Hierarchy except the top three. Today (((they))) are attacking Safety. Then again name a day when (((they))) don't.

Oy vey Moishe you remind me so much of pics related. We can't let the goy know that they actually do have powa, idda be anotha shoa!

Because the special snowflake has a problem probably got banned for something a couple of years ago and can't into fixing it a la create an alternative and let the marketplace of ideas decide I mean fuck is it so hard to start your own board… anywhere? So instead of building something new and better, like the rest of the ilk it wants to tear down and cast doubt on what it can never have**

XMR is the true Nazi coin.


I think Trump actually held off on releasing this info until he had his own guy in the Fed. To limit the damage that could be done. The shit in the memo was know for months but he couldn't release it until he had secured the Fed.

That's a super spicy hawt take. Cool theory.

which markets are trading/selling/buying XMR right now?


Hitler could rise from the grave and the edgy mutts that infest this board would sell him out for a few pr points.


This may not be the right place for it, but I've been wanting to get into investing and I'm tired of seeing good opportunities pass me by. I am in my early twenties, out of college, and have a few thousand dollars to invest. Does anyone have some good suggestions for getting into investing? There is such an over saturation of information that I don't trust anyone's opinion on /biz/, and I certainly don't trust the media to tell me how to invest either. What can I read or where can I look for information on investing that is not Jewed or written by autists?

Holla Forums is a board of truth. Anyone who doesn’t comprehend this is either a shill or a redditor and needs to leave. Recognize shilling when you see it. Fact is not a blackpill.
So when are you going to rise up? When will you kill anyone? Federal Reserve Act. False flag of WWI. FDR’s unconstitutional marxist policies. False flag of WWII. Children being taken to the White House to be raped. False flag of 9/11. Patriot Act. Illegal immigration. Democrat Party openly admitting to stealing elections for 50 years.
When will you rise up? You realize the Founders rose up for less than even just the Federal Reserve was, right?
You won’t do a damn thing. You got your feelings hurt (read: you are a liberal) when you read someone tell you the truth about this. Either grow some balls and kill the traitors, you, personally, yourself, with your own guns, or shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and keep letting the genocide happen to you. Like you already are. Fucking coward.

Partially related: Roughly 100,000 deported last year. Except we needed to deport 3.4 million. How about that.

Implying the market is actually crashing.
Implying the market CAN crash.
Implying anyone is going to take the Fed down.

You rise up against the FED first. Others will follow. I promise.


MFW still made money ina crashing market.

Eat a dick Jews and cultists.

In unrelated news, Newsweek’s top editors and staffers have been fired. The magazine might have just suffered the Trump Curse entirely.

Shit, I meant to redtext that.


Yes it is. Therefore its not a board for planning. Planning anything here that leads to physical fighting in the streets is stupid and myopic.

How many people do you think post and read Holla Forums? Not enough for action. Openly planning things literally anybody can read, therefore your enemy gives them a chance to prepare. If anything does happen it will likely be small pockets of resistance at first with a growing movement behind guerrilla warfare fighters. Literally the dumbest thing you can do is openly discussing it on a public website and I do mean literally.

Fuck me I wrote that like a nigger but I am sincere in what I wrote.

thats what im thinking as well. this is good news for us. it means they are running out of things that they can use to cover themselves if shit continues to go against them. its funny too, because this is such a shit-tier distraction for most normies who dont give a flying fuck about the market.

sheeeit son. Fine. They could, but they are too stingy.

It's being blamed on Machine-trading.
Wait for 7 more days, expect another aggregate 5% drop through that.

machines are only doing what they are programmed to do by their masters, so this is a pretty retarded blame.

that's what I thought in 2008, then helicopter money and bank bailouts stopped it whilst average americans lost everything. they'll just print money for the elite again, and let everything else work itself out through starvation

you dont want to invest in anything right yet. wait for it to find the bottom. im not going long for at least the rest of the week, maybe longer.

as to using a small account, being an educated young man, and trying to get something out of the stock market, your best bet is to learn options trading. you can get a lot of coverage trading options with a relatively small amount of capital. you can easily (once you begin to understand the mathematics) adjust risk/reward with these types of trades if you get good at it. and the best part, by learning the various spreads, you can make trades which have your desired amount of risk, have a much higher probability of succeeding than owning just regular stocks, and you can use them in whatever market you wish (bullish, bearish or sideways). you should obviously still learn to trade stocks. im simply suggesting to learn options because it is helpful to get more bang for your buck in a small account.

they are much more complicated than just buying and selling stock, but like i said, due to variable nature of options spreads, you can make it as safe or as ludicrously dangerous (and rewarding… if you make the right call) as you want. there are a bunch of resources online that are quite helpful.

also, one last thing. look into "paper trading". as the market is likely going to take a serious tumble right now, it might be better to watch from the sidelines for a bit and paper trade. paper trading is basically using "funny money" on your brokerage account. and its helpful to learn the mechanics of trading. it is however, totally useless in regards to learning how to manage the whirlwind of emotions that comes with risking capital on the market.

>yfw it's an AI that slipped its collar setting up a war fund for itself

forgot vid on options

these guys actually have a lot of very good tutorials. i would suggest starting with some of their vids

have this oc I just made

Actually, with AI it's a black box.

That is, ANN.

Your entire argument is flawed. Thank you for serving as a perfect exemplification of how a comfortable hell is more dangerous than an uncomfortable hell, in that those who live within it can justify a comfortable hell to themselves on the basis of their meager comfort, even as they watch their society gradually sinking into the mire of historical failures.

Want me to tell you how I know you don't have kids and a wife?

tbqf he probably does, in Haifa.

Appreciate the sentiment user, but a better version would be to remove NEXUS' head in the middle and put it atop the sunwheel.

Thanks for the well thought out and intelligent reply. Options trading sounds like just the thing I am looking for, and I haven't heard of paper trading either.

Do you or anyone else have more good sources (books, youtube videos, podcasts) for learning basic market principle and concepts that can be applied to a wide variety of investment strategies?




Nikkie 225 down 4.5% as of now.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence goy.

I've skimmed the thread but can't into finance. What's the play? Are (((they))) crashing the market wish no survivors to kill Bitcoin/crypto? Seems like nuking the world economy to weaken Trump would only embolden him.

Reminder that the day Trump took office, the Dow closed at 19,827.25. Today, after the "plunge," it closed at 24,345.75. That's about where it was last December 10. In other words, le Drumpf the Retarded Orange National Disaster has fucked us all over economically until our 401(k)s are back to. . . six weeks ago; 20 percent higher than they were after eight years of Obama.

Perspective is good to have. Remember this when you bump into a normie or lefty fuckface online somewhere. Memorize these figures and throw them at the humanities grads who suddenly became economists yesterday afternoon.

By the way, in the three months after Obama was inaugurated, the Dow plunged to 6,600.



CIA chatting with its sockpuppet:

(((They))) must be desperate. Now we wait. The markets should pull back up hopefully soon. Unless they double down which has not work for them recently!

There is no play. The stock market is 100% gambling for common plebs like yourself.

Purple Tie?

Buy while you can :^)

Read the turner diaries like everyone else and shut up and wait. Going on random killing sprees isn't going to win over the public. Killing people for the white man is the last resort when your future legitimately tied to hopelessness. There is still hope, and when there is none like
said, form pockets of resistance within your area and work on a network connection to allies.

Lol k

Distraction from the Sharia Law legislation in the UK which would have set Americans into a fury?

Genocide’s happening. We can’t afford to wait.

Reported for ban evasion. Kill yourself, redditor.

Fucking do it kikes!

We're all waiting, just fucking do it. Crash it completely, bankrupt your paypigs. The last depression kicked off something wonderful, I can't even begin to speculate the level of happening this will one will bring.

Don't need those pesky white nationalist acquiring more resources.
Fuck off shill.


You have absolutely no idea how markets work. Congratulations, you're retarded.

Also a CIA agent :^)

You’ve been sitting on your ass for 70 years, shlomo.

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enlighten me, chaim. I'm an honest man and don't play with dirty money like yourself

Buy Bitcoin while can.

Why are you saging? The thread is a habbening.

Silver and gold are bouncing nicely. Just As in ‘08 they stumbled at first then as the market shat itself people hedged with PM’s. If you had a brain you would have already stacked a neat pile, i see silver at $130 by end of year. Which is barely a start for silver, it deserves to be well over 1-5k. And it will get there. At an 80-1 price diff from silver to gold, silver is pulled out of the ground at a 9-1 ratio, thats 9 ounces of gold to 1 of silver. Silver is also a widely used metal in most electronics and batteries and what not. The demand for silver is unmatched by any other metal, and yet it is this savagely held down. The show is only starting, I would be buying silver like there is no tomorrow if I was in a position to and hadnt already.



XMR or ETH tbh
BTC a shit

I'mma predict that there will be a full moon sometime within the next four to six months.



then explain why are all my $1000 HDMI cables i invested in, being an audiophile, made of gold wire, not silver?

If silver is so undervalued, what would be the reason for that?


I have to agree, bitcoin is old, outdated, and over speculated. There are so many different coins with so much better technology that several coins are going to surpass bitcoin's price, and probably this year too.

Dont you get banned when you demand the precious metals to be delivered in physical form.
I assume once that becomes common knowlege, the metal thing just because another virtual trading commody and i assume that there are other more profitable ways to invest.

No, you can absolutely purchase physical PMs.

I once read about that you get banned from the trading platform once you want the precious metals in to be delivered in physical form because a lot of the PMs only exist on paper/certificates.

i think is talking about silver futures. i don't know if they ban you for demanding physical delivery but it's like with the hunt brothers when they bought up silver driving the price up and then the regulators for the chicago silver market started changing the rules illegally to raise premiums on futures which forced the hunts to begin selling. and the regulators did this because they themselves had short positions on silver.

and now if you actually demand physical delivery they'll refuse. and they use this paper market of precious metals to keep the price suppressed for physical.

Thanks for giving me your money Schlomo.

The only things I'm buying are commodities like lighters and tooth paste, fucking Jew.

Seems to be working, down 20% in 24hrs is kinda huge.
I have some luxury tickets on an ocean liner called the Titanic I'd be happy to sell you.

Personally I'd also suggest BCH, though XMR is very much high-tier. ETH a shit though, fuck those niggers.

Dont know much about that but my train of thought is rather like this: lot of cheap helicopter money with no actual value going around so then i would assume since also a lot of the stock market is overvalued and due to diversification i would invest in PMs. But once the PMs arent there in physical form it rather defeats the general idea of diversification (for a failsave) because PMs then are just like any other stock.



I am starting to learn a bit about bcoin.
(((They))) are worried about it because they can't control it.
1. decentralized - not able to manipulate crypto in your favor
2. limited amount of it - limited to 21m coins. This eliminates inflation.

Those are the two biggest advantages and its something that could tank the Fed if its not kiked along the way.
My worry is that worthless fiat money that is laundered or fake will be used to buy and sell a significant share of bitcoin supply. Is this what is going on?

I can't even tell if this is a joke any more, there's too many genuine retards about.

Bait, but I'll bite: because silver oxidizes rapidly, and gold never oxidizes. Pro-tip: silver is actually the better conductor, but for these applications where you think gold is superior it's actually just to prevent rust.

uhh… you don't need a secret squirrel friend to know that bitcoin is not anonymous and is trackable
just pay your taxes if you ever convert it to fiat and you shouldn't have anything to worry about

alternatively exchange your BTC for Monero, which actually IS anonymous

The gold shit is just a gimick, and silver also has a slow oxidation rate.

Crash with no survivors? Yes.


So what are you supposed to do, go down to a pawn shop and buy up physical silver? That removes one of the huge advantages of silver and gold investment if you cannot demand the physical object.

no, you buy from any of the reputable dealers online. and you don't get involved with the (((scam))) paper metals market.

Wells Fargo seems to be behind this.

That is exactly my point. If you could demand the physical exchange of PMs at any point their value would be much higher, it isnt because once you only hold certificates of them it the similarity of regular investments outweights the diversification purpose.

(((Drudge))) has even gone so far as to name the FED as the reason behind the crash. This is getting interesting lads.

When you begin to understand that whites are the only race that can be considered human and that we are the only creators of long term wealth, you might get concerned considering we are a far smaller portion of the global population than we were just 25 years ago. This may not be the "shitskin crash" but that is coming no matter what you believe.

You missed a couple more of those echoes with buy my gold (((Peter Schiff))) and everything's fine (((Janet Yellen)))

Just buy options like a normal person.

This is a good post. Good work. I'm stealing your infographic; hopefully one (you) is sufficient payment.

DJIA will go back to 20k.

I know of a Local Funz Store that uses Bitcoin. There you could get yourself set up pretty good with one coin.

is it a good time to invest fellow Holla Forumsacks?

Robinhood will be listing BTC and ETH for trade soon. Perfect time after the massive correction that's occurred to 2x (or more if we begin to go parabolic again) your money in a few months. The Robinhood app is quite easy to utilize and has 0% trading fees

Is this face natural?

Jokes on you, i got no investments to lose.

I thank them for their contribution to my war chest.

Welcome to Gas n Gulp, how may I help you?

Why the fuck do we still allow the Federal reserve to be independent? It should have been taken over decades ago.

trump's going to end the fed all together. Wait & see.

Also after the stock market correction, (try to buy the near the dip after we appear to be returning to normal) US Steel is going to see another likely surge this year. Years ago back in 2008 it was up to a ~$170 stock but after the bubble popped it has never truly recovered (tumultuous ups and downs) until Trump was elected and has risen from $7 to $34 from one year ago. Dow has gone up 5000 points in a single year (never happened before), and has now retraced. New tax bill was passed, US companies have 14% more capital to invest in their companies this coming year. That means more in investments, ads, supply and jobs. Then if Trump's infrastructure bill passes (I think it will) we'll see billions injected into construction sectors which will generate trillions in revenue. Invest this or next week anons, now is the time. I want as many white nationalists to begin focusing on their finances. Anyone who does trading as a living will know better than I on this front though and how to find suitable entry points. I am simply an amateur investor. But we all share something in common, we see events unfolding objectively from an outside lense which gives us a sense of "foresight" through using our own common sense. For example, I made money during the BP oil spill when everyone believed the company was doomed, as the media was shilling this non-stop, but I knew better than to believe a global corporation would fail so easily from a single spill. So I bought it at the lowest price it had been in years and the sold when it reached ~$50. Utilize your skills.

Look at this retard

So someone tells you to do it first yourself.

Unless you have a body count shut your mouth when it comes to calling anyone here a coward

In the meantime stop trying to bait anons so you can get arrests faggot

This is pretty likely, people went crazy in speculating after Trump was elected, so this is just a course correction back to the norm. Expect it to bottom somewhere between 20,000 and 23,000 in the next few weeks and then resume gains.

The other half of it is people realizing the free money train is over since interest is finally going up a bit, so people are investing in less volatile things,.


Is this why the Rothschilds are selling the Black Forest? Liquidity needed?

Holy fuck, so much this. Enjo kosai is pretty much accepted as a rite of passage for the pretty ones. Sick.

Bruh my bank wont let me what banks allow purchasing bitcoin?

Anyone with half a brain knew the markets are rigged. Just with Jerome what's his face Trump may have a chance to fix things without too much damage.

Severely underrated post, wtf anons no checks for this bro?!? Dubs of truth going unnoticed….I am disappoint son.

What kind of unholy fucking cesspool of a subreddit did you climb out of?



Guys the world is ending and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. I'm incredibly lucky and blessed to have a good enough job to support my family.

I'm self taught with no degree and I'm doing help desk. They're going to move me into development since I'm self taught. I'll eventually get my degree but with the way the world is going its pointless to try and hoard wealth. The Satanic false Jews run everything through their banking system.

Idk how much time we have left. I'm 30. Will I live to see 40? Will I get to build my house?

What does it matter? If my family and I die we can't take it with us.

Just enjoy the time you have. Live for today. Solve the problems of today. Try to be a better you tomorrow.

But above all give your life to Jesus Christ. I don't care that you hate me or mock me. Without God you have nothing.

I always wondered about that atheist vs chirst discussion.
My thesis however is that "god" exists in the subconsiousness, and once the environmental circumstances overwhelm the the realms of rational control they become "god" on the outside which means more religious friends contrary to the atheist memeworks where god is within.

In that way the fedoras checkmate themselves aswell as the christfags.

The idea that the world is imminently ending is cancerous and vile. Investment, caring and protecting are only efforts that are undertaken with hope for the future. If you don't plan to get there, then you never get there. Just look at what's happening to Cape Town. This world is worth protecting and saving. We can make it better. It will be hard work. We may not live to see these trees bear fruit. But our dreams alone are worth fighting for. And that is how they will become reality.

So, bury your head in the sand and wait for your savior to come. Tie your hands and bemoan you doom. Meanwhile the rest of us will work to be the saviors of our children.

The ones that aren't owned by jews user.

Jews are absolutely sabotaging the market.
The positive surge has been a feather in the presidents hat.

I'm not sure what the fuck to make of this.

As much as I hate commies, you blindly glorifying the current system and ignoring all of it's flaws is equally as disgusting,

Yeah and which ones are those?

You certainly aren't working very hard, the jews still exist. they are still allowed to use us like cattle. they are still allowed to killus, violate us, and what do we do? nothing. less than nothing. The sleeper won't awaken. The sleeper is dead.

Why did kike always crash the market at the year ending with 8? is this number significant in Talmud or something?

u wot m8?

Ruble collapse in August. Asia crisis.

They don't. The Wall Street crash was was in 1929, and the plunge of the '80s was in 1987.

guys i think we're onto something


The Ogdoad.

user, I..

Basically kikes crash it every 10 years ?

Don't neglect your most precious metal, lead.

Buy gold. It's about to take off. Kike stocks are crashing and the only survivors will have Au.

Don't buy bitcoin if you're going to buy cryptos. You have to understand the value of cryptos, the only thing Bitcoin had going for it was that it was the first alternative to paper shekels and was the most famous (and thus most over speculated) because of it.

I'm guessing the kikes thought the really did still have all likelihood of keeping Trump under their thumb. Now, in a panic, they are realizing he really is a bad goy and willing to risk their own bottom line to take him down.

If so, then it's the clearest sign possible they are in an absolute state of panic & disarray and they are at their last stopgap effort left to them to try and derail the madness of Trump. Jews love money, so you know it's bad for them now.

(((high finance))) infiltrator here. 100% (((Market Correction))) is 90% Hedge funds / Institutional Money locking in ridiculous gains from the last 9 months 10% Market herd mentality I think we call it lemming mentality here

The question is - where is the 'locked in' capital going?

found it :^)

Well color us shocked. Ofc we all know where the shekels are kept. The basic issue is why are they cutting their own throats cutting off the gains gravy train right now? Surely it couldn't be that Trump is actually coming after them, the absolute madman.

Funny how the only argument you can find is to actually attack others to promote the false dicothomy narrative

Bring it kikes, this is one CIC with expertise in handling bankruptcy. Fiat money has to die, the only variable is in manipulating the devastation.

For whom? Actually, it seems Trump is starting to feel empowered by Kek. Let the chaos reign, as this is the surest path to (((their))) destruction. Es Ist Zeit Für Rache.

Underrated post

Sieg Heil

Do you have any opinion on the different cryptos, user? From the little research I have done, all of them have either too many flaws or too large of a flaw to be sustainable in the long term, at least none of them seem to be the crypto to revolutionize currency and lead us into the future. Then there is also the fact that many of them are controlled or owned by people who can't be trusted as far as you can throw them.

The kvetching is literally echoing all around the world.
Some kikes are very very mad at the Russia narrative going bust, leaving them with no weapons whatsoever.

Luckily the stronger the industrial base becomes with industry coming back, the lesser of an impact financial machinations will have in the future.

So I was at work all day, is the market still shit or is it recovering?

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b-b-b-but the shills told me Trump was controlled by the kikes!

True. But eternal vigilance is the price of freedom user. Keep track of who owns the means of production. Remember the chinks are no better friends to us than the kikes.

Youtube: Invest with Sven Carlin Phd

Best place to start.

This ain't even the case for everyone, and like said, there's a catch to each one of these.

Gotta agree with you here. Doesn't this shit typically happen around August/September/October/November anyway? I know it won't be like that every time, but it is a general trend. I have no doubt it'll crash in the long run, it's just the nature of the system, every time there's a massive rise in the market there's a massive downfall soon after, but I don't think this is it, I just don't.

(((ROUND 3)))




Monero is the way to go, it's the black market coin.


Le edgy ledditor detected. Fuck off fedora.

Kikes just told the media to drop stories saying the market is recovering. Seems like they are trying to avoid a total crash. Shot over the bow maybe?

We're doomed! We're fucked! There's no hope now, it's over and it's only going to get worse from here. What's the most reliable to commit suicide (asking for a friend)

as long as the kikes own central banks, the Bank of International Settlements and the IMF, then they're risking nothing. Money isn't real.

Kikes run giant banks that give money to the government via the fed and therefore control policy via purse strings.

The US has a series of bubbles that are is kike bank money pumping backed.

End the fed and the unconstitutional federal government.

Fuck you, you propagandist fucker.

Whites are surrounded by filth in this country and it has completely destroyed the quality of life and will only get worse. Only moron whites in a complete bubble believe anything like this.

Until whites grow a ballsack and kill, no, literally kill, slaughter, murder, all kikes who manipulate government via the big bank purse strings in the fed, as well as force every single shitskin to leave or die, this situation will only get shittier and shittier. Morons and pro-govt propagandists like you are what brought down whites all around the world. Europe taking it up the ass with migrants, South Africans getting murdered in their homes, you name it–all because of lying propagandist and pro-government scum like you. You are very likely a fucking nigger working for the government, so fuck you, and if you're white, fuck you too.

I just sold all my American stocks and invested everything in trustworthy Chinese companies. Fuck Drumpf!

Anyone care to compare King Niggers stock market numbers? We're still waaaaay ahead and doing just fine. You're jumping the gun. Now, if this happens for a few weeks, then something Jewish is probably afoot. But until then, nah. Take a chill pill.

What's IND? Where's the money going doge?

its just a correction. the stock market isnt crashing, in fact, the kikes have it rigged where it cant totally crash. this is nothing. prices need to drop here and there for it to work the way its designed to. we go through this every fucking year..

sell low, buy high

In the (((shemita))) Jews nullify loans between Jews. Debt goes unpaid, that money that otherwise would have gone to another Jew possibly employing goyim. That money stops circulating and the one who had the loan cancelled either saves it or spends it on something else. It keeps the money from circulating continuously. The shemita is allegedly only an agricultural phenomenon, but most Jews don't do that sort of work. They take money out of economies when the money supply is peaked and make it impossible for goyim to pay loans/work because money has been taken out of circulation or moved somewhere else. The role of (((reserves))) remains to be seen though, other than causing inflation there is something to it we aren't aware of I'm sure.

dude, imageboards are supposed to be Japan friendly
there are Asian funds that specifically says if Japan is included or not
I've one of those of course, few hundreds bucks only cos I'm poor
it'll be a nice ride from here to the Olympics in Tokyo

how comes this isnt sticky. mods pls



Audiophiles sometimes use silver cable for high frequency speakers such as tweeters, and copper for bass frequencies. If you spend a shitload on a cable that transfers 0/1 s you're a cunt.

December's Economic Terrorism Executive Order should be handy in that case (pic related)

The chosen monetary system has an occult aspect dating back to Renaissance Italy and the advent of double-entry booking, ect.

IF military intelligence has its head out its ass, there will be no second 'Bailout' scenario without action.

Go back.

are you listening to yourself user?


Spx is S&P 500 which makes sense since it going down. What is the other line??

Nigger are you even trying?

It's not control per se but the president literally appoints the fed chair and can select someone that's nominally his guy.


Judgeships require the same thing, so that means they don't have any influence on appointees? Lol choke on your blackpills, faggot.

Fuck Japan honestly.


Maybe if we ask the Jews for forgiveness they won't crash the economy

oh (you)

Why do they make covers that make Trump and Nazis look good? Isn't that the opposite thing they want to portray?

^ this

In numerology, 8 is the number associated with money & karma.

Shit, I meant

According to my phone, the DOW is rising again. At +492.32 right now



Reported for spam

It's Dead cat bounce user. The DOW is dead.

"Reported for spam!" he says, patting himself on the back, while spamming the thread with his self-congragulatory cuckoldry.
+1 Goodboy Points

I don't think you understand what spam is, faggot.

Kikes aren't even being subtle anymore, crashing the first 666 made me spit out my drink.

DJIA closed up at +568. Cryptos back up too.

it was soon changed to 665. Suspicious as fuck

Sure I do.
It's that shit in a can that you're not allowed to eat.

i got blown out pretty early. no biggie really

yeah i cashed out as soon as i saw that too

So does that mean that it's Trump's economy now?



Bitcoin crashed to 6667


gotta get to a thousand so i can buy all the NEET tears. i was thinking it would happen before chinese new year

I got in at about 6100 and it found its actual low at about 5950 on a spike for a split second. Its back up to 7500-8k an hour or so ago, so that may be all she wrote for the crash bud. Should have got in, too late.

< day trading
gas yourself

< not daytrading while holding a normal occupation, collecting precious metals, keeping an eye on car-boot sales for things to flip online et cetera et cetera
good goyim

fine where should I day trade smdh

I was into Bitcoin about 3-4 years ago, but I decided that it was a huge waste of my time compared to more productive activities
(I still have a few thousand dollars' worth sitting around on various exchanges)

Depends, heaps of the fags on 4/biz/ use an app called Robin Hood to trade Normalfag stocks, personally I trade cryptoze on the NXT chain, Poloniex & Bitfinex. Really couldn't give any suggestions in good faith considering I just had my arse torn like a Subaru's tailpipe. Still well above my initial investment, but got knocked back several months.

What is the meaning and origin of that expression

Sorry :/

Basically Nadex is so kiked it closes on Saturday, so fuck that shit.

Video related

Meh I'll live. Got a masochistic streak, I love watching spreads bleed out.

eh i think she will slide some more. we will see.

Capitalism doesnt work.

Trips confirm.

Capitalism at its best is savagry, at worst, slavery. Checked.


haha nice try kikel

All investment trading is non-productive money shuffling speculation. The stock market is the Jews' game.

It has been perverted. Investing in a startup that lacks capital to get off the ground is risky, and people willing to 'put their money where their mouth is' are providing a service that should cut the jew out of the equation - you've circumvented a usurious bank loan, kept executive power of your company etc.
But everyday Joe Polack can't get his Mongolian mouthharp manufacturing company listed at the New York exchange! Oy vey! That's madness! It's our game you filthy little goyim, and you can't play.
Enter the ICO. Using cryptocurrencies to issue stock, provide startup capital & keep track of everything! It promised to free us all from the tyranny of the kikel markets. there was an ICO for investment in a military grade ceramic refractory factory I was interested in a while ago, for example
Unfortunately, it descended into waves of ponzi schemes, no doubt spurred on by (((Ethereum's))) developers. "Regulation!" the (((people))) cried. "(((We))) are at risk, protect (((us)))!"

The tl;dr et cetera blah is it is near impossible to have a truly honest market when it is still pegged to the (((dollar))). It doesn't matter how decentralized bitcoin is or isn't when the metric we use to define it's worth is the very financial instrument we were trying to circumvent.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions..

what a fucking great idea that was, fucking hell.

Now that I've bit the bullet, gonna keep that money as fiat cash in case it falls once again

1000 point loss again today

How quickly did things drop in previous crashes? At what point do we call it "significant?"


We've been at historic highs, user. The market is still higher than it has been for years despite the drop. It's a correction and nothing to chicken little about.

This. We have record highs under Trump, corrections should be about 5000-6000 until things pick up again over the summer.

meanwhile, trillions in (((value))) evaporate and America is left holding the bag

How much is that in real money, because I heard today was 15trill…..

Nah. The market won't ever crash again.


kek, it's one of my dad's jokes fam. My car doesn't sound much better tbqhwy

dont any of you niggers remember the cover of the economist in the late eighties? this shit is being planned. do not be deceived.