German Feminist Realizes She Helped Destroy Her Country. Plans To Emigrate to Poland

“It’s too late for Germany”

In 2015, her NGO had almost 300 volunteers who were giving German courses to the new arrivals.

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no, she's moving to infect new areas
if Poles have any sense they won't let her in

Instead of cleaning up the mess she helped to create, she runs away at the first sign of danger. Is anyone really surprised?

Stupid German whore. A tiger doesn't change it's stripes.

Hope the mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckerans tear her limb from limb after her asylum request to Poland is denied.

i give her a 90% chance that she is immigrating so she may talk more freely about what the fuck is going on. rather than being V& for antisemitism.

The weak, pacifist, cowardly liberal-marxist filth moves from place to place like their wandering jew mentor to avoid consequences constantly shirking from its moral duty to violently dispose of the problems they helped create. If Poland, or any nation for that matter, was wise, they'd reject these people if not outright throw them off the tallest structure near them.

People like her are living examples of parasites seeking to destroy the natural order of all living life in existence.

We were fucked the moment women were given the vote.

Again and again, the liberal virus retreats from the problems it has created and hides or sweeps them under the rug.

Read Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey. We were fucked long before that. I'm fully convinced by his analysis that the feminisation of the West began in the 1700's.

< " Oh no, that'll never happen! Blocked! HAHA, Look how PROGRESSIVE I am! "
< " Oh noooo, they were riggghhhht. What a twist! I guess I'd better emigrate out of here, and run from the problem I created! "

Like rats jumping from a sinking ship, they will run. To make sure this never happens again, I think the best course of action is for these countries to refuse THEM access. Let them sleep in the bed of nails that they themselves have made.

And spread it elsewhere

She shouldn't have even been able to do the shit she did. The fault of feminism lies with all the men who let cunts get away with these things.

Nice post from half chan. Other than that, good. Maybe those fleeing German feminists who still have working woman parts will turn traditional upon seeing the destruction they wrought and bleach the Poles and make them white in the process kek.

traitors hang first, poland should refuse the immigration

Not sure how much tnat will help. She'll still be in the EU.

Problem lies in that men have been tamed and raised to act like women since the governments got powerful enough to really control who he thinks. If men were men and acted like it women wouldn't have ever gotten voting rights in the first place.

As said, they won't. They'll conveniently forget all about the shit they did in their own home country, and spread the problem elsewhere.


These people need to stay in the shitpile they made. They can either fix it themselves, or drown in the troubles they themselves created.

also, how is this cunt planning to emigrate for "retirement" shes what, early 30s? did her jew backed NGO make enough money destroying the country that she can just run away and live carefree with a full bank account?

Do you really have to ask?

no it's more that this is the line of questioning to bring into the normiesphere, if this story ever hits it

retirement aka. to leech off some middle class 30+ incel soyboy workaholic with nothing else going for him.

The shitskins don't realise what they are doing though, once the lion wake up from this liberal age of regression it won't be simple colonialism and imperialism but full on extermination for them.

With her physical appereance i think she'll join an NGO in Poland that's generously funded by (((Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights)))

Are Germans the Mexicans of Europe?

its not about weather it would be effective i'm sure she sees it as joining the opposition more than anything else.

I doubt it will go down this way. People are lazy. With how I see it, once civilization collapses for whatever reason they'll have absolutely no skills, mindset, genes or connections to survive and will die en masse once the gibs stop. Sure, they'll be a niusance for maybe a month or two tops, Europeans won't have to do much, the foreginers will eat themselves alive.

Reported for D&C

This is like living in parallel universe. It's Poland that used to be Europe's Mexico and now Germans are immigrating to Poland.

Zluzuj troche, tylko banter.

Can Poland deny her emigration into their country?


How can you be Polish and joke that Germans will make Poles more white? Are you a jew or just jebnięty?

Surprise! Its a jewess.

The idea of Poles not being white is ridiculous enough in and of itself I wouldn't expect anyone to look at it unironicly… Also do you really think Poles should care what those (((Germans))) call them?

I found his image from webcam (^:
tfw musimy dzielić kraj z Polsko-języczną wspólnotą rozbójniczą i dopóki jesteśmy w unii albo unia istnieje to nie możemy ich pozabijać

Germans are Germans and Polish are Polish
there's more to identity in Europe then race
I said more than race

Gas yourself

As ridiculous as it is there are those who shill D&C on Holla Forums about X not being white.

So, is the Silesia the whitest place in Europe? :^)

German feminsit my ass, she's a fucking kike, look at her face. Look for pictures with different angles and you'll see it. Look at her fucking name. Of course she wants to go to Poland. Her people lived there for centuries.



go fuck yourself derailing faggot, filtered

The bitch should stay where she helped cause the problems. She doesn't get to walk away after all this shit.

Clearly she was trying to import the only men in the world who would fuck her

And I think I know why they target us. They realise there are still Poles who feel insecure as shit about 20th century war propaganda (Which even Hitler didn't believe). We need to get rid of this shit mindset asap.

There is no "degree" of whiteness. You either are white or not. Your mirror and behavior will tell you if you are. Kikes have been trying to splinter the whites with "muh but are X white enough" for too long.

One ways to start is to get rid of this cucked humor

Why not sell her to some rich Saudi?

Every time (except when they're enriched).

If ZOGermany kicks them out of the EU by then, yes. Otherwise I don't think it's doable without breaking the treaty.

"Maybe in Poland I will have a boyfriend…"

She needs to stay. This is the future she chose.

Also, here's a link where an ex-kgb talks about subversion by the soviets. The shit communists pulled off is still in motion through the people who were educated in the 60s. I marked the moment when he begins to talk about what the useful idiots like her are supposed to do. And what will happen to them if they ever get their little communist "heaven"…

Which is worse, that Holla Forums cannot identify the jew based on its tactics, based on its name, or based on its massive pointy schnoz.

Isn´t that the answer? Just like the upper Polish gov did in 39 when SHTF, all these cuckols will flee when things heats up.

Just make the Fire Rise. When there are tens of thousands of militants or more in the streets, they will collectively self-deport to Canada, making things easier.

The polish need to beat this cunt to death if she immigrates there.

Or at the very least keep an watchfull eye on her. And at the very moment she pouts lip, get slaped with incitement of treason, detained and deported back to germany - where she will face execution for high treason.

Ha ha ha

This. We should be doing everything we can to make leftist traitors afraid and alone.

They are not mud/nigger enough to enter canada.

You should know who is behind it by now but have a few clues
>Owns a (((News)))paper

This is part of the reason why I don't applaud california collapsing in on itself. The worse it gets there, the more these retarded fuckups decide to flee to other states. leftists are not smart enough to learn from their mistakes though, so the cancer spreads and their problems become our problems. Cali is a containment zone, if it fails then the poz spreads everywhere else at an alarming rate.

don't you cauterize after you amputate?

It seems like it is a prisoner's dilemma to me. Even if men were to unite politically, as more men were uniting, the benefits awarded to the man willing to sell the other men out in women's favor increases.


Hope she gets raped in a way she doesn't enjoy.

So then you hope she doesn't get raped?

Fuck no. In 1994, when Nigson Kikedela was voted into power, the entire crowd of kikes that supported him migrated to Australia within a year, most of them to Melbourne. It's been barely over 20 years, and look at Australia now. Especially fucking Melbourne.

Fake news, jews don't have souls

>German diaspora to Hungary

At first I was like
But then I was like
But THEN I was like
And finall I was like


>Natalia Osten-Sacken . Rebecca, you've worked for many years with refugees and immigrants, you're a well-known human rights activist. Already before the big wave of immigration in 2015, you were a known person fighting for unlimited admission of these people to Germany. What influenced the change of your views?

>NOSE. And what has emerged from your tracking of the progress of immigrants?

>That is why I am now helping primarily women and religious minorities who have had to escape from Muslim countries: political refugees, journalists, Muslims who have renounced their faith and are therefore persecuted.
She. Learned. Nothing.

Yeah, it was never her country fam

Ayo kurwa cuz we Pollocks don't be white.

>NO-S: You used the word takija. How do you understand them and how did you get in touch with them ?

>In this culture, what counts is strong and if you help someone just like that, out of a good heart, it does not fit in their understanding of the world. You're just stupid to them, which means weak.

2 years

I hope she gets raped with a knife.

>NO-S: You've also worked in refugee shelters. What caught your eye?

>NO-S: You mentioned the harassment of volunteers. However, no information can be found in the press. Why?

>RS: There is a constant harassment of volunteers, but none of us ever reported such a case to the police, because none of them wanted to be seen as an opponent of refugees and cause problems for the center. In this case, the same mechanism that worked for me works - constant justification: he is new, he has no idea how to behave, he does not understand our culture. And this is how this behavior is justified, not associating it with the sense of superiority that these men instil of Religion of Cuck™ in relation to unbelievers and women.

>NO-S : How would you describe the attitude of immigrants to women and broadly understood human rights?

Translation: Stupid whorish German women try to get some brown dick to social signal with and quickly find that Sharia is not a joke.

>NO-S .: What is the gender ratio and level of education among this new immigration? We heard that women and children fleeing before the war and highly educated specialists.

>During my work, by 2015, they were almost exclusively young men; I helped them, in a few cases I still help, bring their relatives to Germany and I know that such procedures are carried out intensively all the time. All the wives brought in are already either pregnant or have children in Germany.
>As for the level of education of Syrian refugees, who form the main part of the Muslim refugees who came to us from 2012, unfortunately I must admit that most of them have no appropriate education at all. I know that at the beginning the press reported that they are highly educated people and specialists in various fields, but it is simply not true.
>People from Somalia, from Nigeria, are also a very difficult subject when it comes to education. Added to this is the fact that many are extremely aggressive, religious fundamentalists.
>Of course there are also many positive exceptions.
>My mentor, a Syrian IT specialist, found a job very soon, currently earning 3,000 euros.
>However, it is worth mentioning that she is an atheist, completely disconnected from other, believing immigrants. Because, she says, she has suffered her whole life as a modern and self-thinking woman under the yoke of Religion of Cuck™, and according to her, "all religious Muslims are the same."

>NO-S: As I have heard, the influx of new immigrants from Muslim countries is also a threat to the liberal Muslims living here?

>RS: We have especially many women in Germany with an Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish background, coming from Muslim families who have lived here for many years, have won the right to self-determination within their Muslim family structures.
Oh Jesus… They really don't get it at all - this cunt is just upset that muzzies aren't into feminism. She literally doesn't really care about anything else, but the fact that these mudslimes weren't nice to her and aren't nice to women in general. That's it.

Thanks for the article dump, user. If the flame in my heart has wavered at all, this definitely turned it into a towering inferno. How fucking infuriating that someone will destroy everything good, claim they have learned but continue to do so and announce plans to flee once they think they've significantly ruined society. People like this are total parasites and don't deserve the benefits of modernity. How can we fight this?

She's a kikette.

>NO-S: I have heard from Seyran Ates from the Liberal Mosque in Berlin that in Germany, forced marriage is a very big problem.

>We have already reported such cases to the police, but the police and offices have a hard nut of cracking with such matters, there were even excuses that it "belongs to their culture". So suddenly we have two legal systems valid in one country! Sometimes the problem is also the fact that such a girl does not want to leave her husband because she knows nothing other than the culture in which she was brought up. They mean the offices saying: "That's how it is with them."
>I demand the separation of such marriages, the girl should first have a chance to develop freely, go to school and when she is 18, she can decide if she wants to live with her husband or not.
I'll be honest, the more I read of what this woman has to say, the more I feel the Muslims may be a good thing.
This cunt, this stupid stupid twat, is exactly the proble, is exactly how this issue started, and is exemplary of the issue all over Western civilization - stupid twats thinking they ought have 'freedom' to ride the cock carousel for years, and take all sorts of actions that don't serve themselves or their people. They wanted to be progressive twats, and in so doing, they brought in all these muds - and now they're realizing the muds were manipulating them, and have no intention of becoming 'progressive' and instead intend to impose their muddy restrictions - harsher and muddier than ought be the case, but more in the right direction than the present circumstances - and this upsets the twats. Not enough for them to support cutting off the flow, of course, just for them to cry "NAxALT!" again and again, decrying the non-progressive aspects of the mudfolk they brought in while hailing the pseudo-progressive behaviors of the few, especially the women, who themselves want to be 'free' to suck tons of cocks and not be stoned for a being a whore.
Notice how she doesn't mention the little boy who got raped and the guy got off because 'sexual emergency'?
Its because she doesn't care about the boy - she only cares about the twats.

>Many judges are pro-immigrant and there are cases where immigrants and Germans with a migratory background receive a "cultural and religious bonus" and are favored. Among them are also women judges and I consider them particularly bad - women who are against women. In one case, the judge was looking for reasons that could justify the Turkish rapist. The rapist thrust the woman's head between the rungs of the bed and raped her brutally for hours. Studies have clearly shown extreme violence, the woman could not walk almost two weeks, her body was covered with bruises. But the decisive factor for the end of this case was the question of the judge addressed to the victim witness: "Is it possible that the accused thought that the victim consented?" "It is possible" - replied the witness. She could not say whether with the mentality raised from her Turkish cultural circle, this event, which was perceived by the victim as a rape, he only considered the so-called "Wild sex."

>NO-S: What about crime?

Traitors die first

They're fucking children. Truly they are. Not much to add other than the subhumans were correct in describing them as stupid whores.

>NO-S: I have heard that the situation in German schools is quite dramatic. What can you say about it?

Its amazing how they think its just a Muslim thing. They just don't get it. Too much indoctrination.
And again, cunt just doesn't get it at all. She's just upset that the muzzies don't want to let her be a massive fucking whore, won't let other women do likewise, and so she doesn't like it.

>NO-S: What do you think is the biggest mistake in migration policy?


"Welp, I've fucked up Germany. Time to move on to Poland"

Kill this kikess.

>NO-S: What do you think is the biggest mistake in migration policy?

>NO-S: As I have heard, there are also family reunification plans. What do you think?

>On the other hand, I have truly needy people who want to stay with us forever and have the right to do so - who are persecuted in their countries, often for reasons of faith; they are Christians, Yazidis, ex-Muslims. These people have to wait far too long for their family to come, which is absolutely tragic and not right. Also because these families are often found in Muslim countries, where they can not live peacefully. They should be treated separately and should be entitled to a special accelerated procedure.
>And you still need to check who is looking for temporary protection and then he wants to return to his country. In this case, I think it is wrong to take down the whole family, because once this family is here, most will be here. What worries me about family reunification: the family means a patriarchally organized tribe in a Oriental-Muslim society, covering a large group of people.
She's literally crying about the fact that Muslims bring with them a strong patriarchal family organization. Fucking incredible.
She doesn't realize that the things she notes the Muslims viewing as weakness ARE, in fact, weakness. She doesn't realize, it seems, that she opposes the Muslims because they come with strength in all the areas her people have been made to become weak, and she doesn't LIKE that strength, that masculinity. She legit just hates men. Probably a dyke.
>And to sum up: I do not just want to extend the parallel society that is directed against us, women, oppresses, robs us more and more from freedom.
Literally just a buttmad twat realizing she's facing a death sentence by her own hand. Fucking incredible.

The naivete is astonishing. And the lack of self awareness as she now explains how everything went pear shaped. Does she expect everyone to understand that she just didn't know all this was going to happen?

Stupid whore

>NO-S: What do you think you should do with immigrants who do not integrate?

>NO-S: How should you deal with Religion of Cuck™ in Germany?


>NO-S: What would you like to convey to Poland and Poles?

There are many people who are still persecuted, for example, Christians and other minorities who understand our Western system well and could be well integrated with your help.

Giving women rights was a terrible, terrible mistake, and this woman - who cries about this phenomenon that she helped, and continues to help, transpire - is indicative of exactly how terrible a mistake it was.

Its amazingly feminine.
And finally
Its fucking incredible. Nothing learned. Nothing at all, just a twat upset that her new pets don't like her whorish behavior and her degenerate view of what makes a society good.

Of course. I was speaking more broadly to also include those who aren't kikes that work against their people.
Kikes are at the crux of the issue.

It's just like what Yuri said about ideology. Even when confronted with the shocking consequences of the reality they created, they will continue to reject the truth, to adhere further to their ideological cause

We have to evolve. Rather than just hating her - see her rather only as a pawn to be exploited to further our goals. Cherry pick her words and spread her story. Venting your anger is just a waste of energy. Channel it.

If the Poles don't tell her to GTFO I have lost all hope.

Chances are pretty high she made a couple of million dollars - others have.

nice hitler dubs

She's definitely getting blackpilled hard. We knew feminists and pisslam were going to clash sooner or later, and there were some hints of race realism when she mentioned the nigerians and eritreans.

HOWEVER, she also takes no responsibility whatsoever for what she's done. I love how she's able to play it off like she was doing the right thing but was also wrong and destroyed her country but it can't possibly be her fault because reasons.

Without any doubt.
There is not any other viable solution to all the damage.


No; Germany used to be the economic powerhouse of Europe. White women are the niggers of white people, though.

for fucks sake the absolute state of /pol
first 20 replies and nobody noticed she is a kike?

Where's the proof?
I can't find much info on her.

I suspect this is a Jewish lesbian, which would put everything into context, but can't find any info on this twat.

how about a screencap or something

Better pic here


Also, I don't think I've seen the full rub on this slut laid out:
VID RELATED… Very progressive.

See also

It's a special kind of bittersweet feeling knowing that if we lose all these progressives will be put under "medieval" shariah.

sage for shitpost

Well at least she came to her senses. That's good, I think it's a sign that even Germans are waking up. Too bad Americans I know that aren't conservative or more haven't learned enough of the migrant scourge.

Honestly, I dont give a fuck if shes a literal kikess or not, she functions like a kike so therefore shes a fucking kike. I hope her pet muds catch her and put her in her place, before them subhumans are genocided.

She is performing some epic levels of mental gymnastics trying to keep the context all about women needing protection and ebil patriarchy is why they need protecting. Stupid bitch dont get it, the patriarchy is what protects women from the subhumans. Stupid cunt. I hope Poland tells her to go get fucked.

Brother, if we win and I have my way, shariah won't be far off what I'd seek to impose on these wretches.

But she hasnt. Shes still pushing her gender war shit because shes a kikess dyke. She still doesnt get it, her gender war shit is why Germany is a sinking ship in the sea of mud. Fuck her, fuck her to hell.

She didn't though bro. Read the thread.
This is very-likely a Jewish lesbian who is only upset that the muzzies won't let her continue being a dyke and a degenerate, won't let women be degenerates in general, and she continues to push "NAxALT" to justify continuing to bring these people in, particularly the women, even as she says "the country is finished, i'm running someplace else".

That's the true horror of it - even when she becomes somewhat aware of the situation, either she can't break all the way through or she'll just pulling some semitic faggot shit because she wants to see White people bred into extinction but doesn't want her own degenerate feminist lifestyle to be imposed upon in the process.
Its literally "Oy vey goyim these muzzies aren't keen on me being a fucking skank who sucks a million dicks - or eats a million pussies - and they'll fucking stone me but its too late now goy sorry I'm going to Poland to preach to them that muzzies are shit but feminism is great and not all the muzzies are shit anyway (just the men)".

Ha ha ha she is not German. I hope the polish government deny (((her))) because Poland will get suck out of life like the leeches. (((They))) have been doing for quite long time.

Kinda ironic that kiked up feminists have been evoking shariah upon themselves with all their bullshit.

Women should never have a voice at the tables of governance, EVER.


Nah m8.
You can't afford to make that kind of distinction.

A White person who acts in this manner is a traitor - a philosemite, sure, but a traitor all the same.
A Jew who pretends to be White and acts in this manner is the enemy - a full-blown shebrew trainwreck, who speaks only ever out of the side of her mouth.

You have to be able to distinguish between the two, because a traitor is worse than an enemy, even if unconsciously treacherous.

She says it herself man - she didn't think that would happen. She legit thought - or at least claims as much - that these people would come in, see how much better her peoples' customs were, and immediately abandon ship on the ideals their kind have held for thousands of years and which these individuals have held since birth.
IOW: She was a retarded women, driven by emotion (or else an evil kikess, even now only playing both sides).

This, pretty much.
Its amazing how badly their minds have been poisoned, thinking this 'freedom to be a whore' shit is the epitome of import for them, but even at the best of times, they were in no condition to have a say in such a context.

I actually agree with that sentiment. As far as I'm concerned, shes needs to be put down regardless. She opened the gates tot he hordes of chaos, therefore, kikes or not, she deserves the wrath of Germany, as does every other fucking shithead who welcomed the invaders in.

Traitors and kikes hang together, burn in the ovens together, and choke on the gas together.

Imagine how things could have been if back then instead of giving women the vote too the vote was made per family (with at least 3 members). So only people with a stake in the future would be able to vote.

Agreed - but never make the mistake of confusing enemy and traitor, lest you be left with one shot and waver as to whom it ought be 'offered'.

Checked for what could have been.

The wisest of women are very aware of the weakness they have regarding emotions, and thus know it is not their place to be in positions of great authority. You usually hear them say things like "women should be allowed to vote".

And as far as kikes, well, we know how they all operate, male or female. Like snakes they slither into kingdoms and inject their venom.

She is a deep-state, secret service asset.
Deport her!
Don‘t listen to her, don‘t believe her, she is preparing a trap

She is going to hang…

Hello CIA

Kill it with fire!

LOL She is such a convincing example how stupid the (((Germans))) are, she must be the real deal.



It is so predictable.

Foreign agent confirmed, lots of travel, no real employment and credible income.
She is on the list

You don't have to tell anyone from the PNW that user. They started mass exodus here 2 decades ago and have been shitting up the area ever since. Demographic decline quickly followed.

From my travels up I-5 and a good chunk of Oregon, it looks like the poz is all along I-5. You get away from 5 and both Oregon and Washington are really nice. Seems most of the poz, as far as Oregon is concerned, seems to get bad at Eugene and gets progressively worse the further north you go along 5.

Its really a shame because Oregon could be a really awesome state.

Maybe she read or listened to Ted Kaczynski?

They are sub-humans. Just kill them. They wont put up nearly as much of a fight as you are afraid they will.

Fuck off back to the_cuckold with your pozzed mind you fucking shit stain.

sage for shitpost

Fuck me and forgetting tickboxes

She is a jew and it is likely she did that and this on the purpose so don't believe anything out of her.

That's weird. She doesn't look German. I guess she finished her mission in Germany and now wants to move on to Poland to continue the Kalergi plan.

You mean you. I don't see you out there illegally detaining women in your house to cook you meals against their will. Shut the fuck up, faggot. Why don't you be the first guy to go against the government and treat women how you pretend men treated them in the past. According to your dumbass we were just like these sand monkeys. I disagree with that. Apparently you skipped the part of history, before the whole house wife phase of more recent history, where women worked in factories like men. Same with children. You're talking about post industrial revolution, which wasn't that long ago. The whole house wife thing hasn't existed all that long. Women used to be more useful to society in a number of ways. What women are doing now isn't a result of men now raping them and forcing them to stay at home out of fear like some sand monkey, it's due to propaganda. During the industrial revolution women did their work and didn't spout off about the shit they do now. Why? These inane ideals never crossed their minds, because they're unnatural and stupid. Quit pretending to be a hard-ass you little faggot.

You should support their secession. It would dramatically change our countries demographics, and it would instantly cut them off from being able to come to other parts of the country. As it stands now, they've had a slow and steady stream of rats infesting the country for years. Instead of treating it like a containment zone, treat it like a limb with severe gangrene. Cut it off.

it makes perfect sense these cucks relate to rapefugees
they're both losers in their own countries
both cowards who abandon their people for better lives
both blinded by their failed ideologies to learn from their mistakes
both attached to their destructive ideologies to realize it is the very thing that's causing their suffering
both blame nonbelievers for their suffering

She actually looks very similar to a lot of British women I've seen.

I don't think I actually understand what they believe "Nazi" to mean. I thought I did. I thought they meant actuals Nazis, but they clearly don't. I'm really curious to know if the word actually has any historical significance to them, or if they just sling it around, devoid of meaning, to try to cause some sort of reaction in their favor.

Fuck off you retarded imbecile. What the fuck is there not to understand? OP writes "German Feminist" in the thread title and I say that's a kike feminist. Your assumption that I don't know that feminism is a jewish subversion tactic to divide the natural relationship of man and women like it was in the past, is you simply projecting. lurk more.

Women. They want to feel in charge. Like a naive impetuous prepubescent boy, they think they have what it takes to be king of the castle. They are gravely mistaken.

So much chutzpah to unironically believe that your worldview, your culture, your way of life is so superior to someone else's that they will throw their heritage, identity, religion, and biology in the rubbish bin and march alongside you like you're the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. It is not hard to see the folly in this, but it does require ceasing to consider oneself to be the center of the fucking universe.

Women lack reason and accountability.

t. not a misogynist, just speaking truths


Oh, thank god, I was almost triggered there for a moment.

I think its more like a forced united states of europe.

Story time:

My mom watches MSNBC especially Rachel Maddow every night. I asked her about third world immigration to Germany and even her bluepilled ass knows how fucked up it is and understands how badly they are cucking themselves.

Even liberal Americans are not so enthusiastic to be cucked by shitskins from shitholes.

Wrong. It's not a race issue with them. They blame "muh ebil religion." Maybe some blame culture. They never blame race. These rats are perfectly content to bring in all sorts of gutter trash from the third world, so long as they're not Religion of Cuck™ic.

Look at that fucking (((nose)))

Why would you save that second image? Did you not bother to read it?

Germanic peoples have a genetic predisposition to being natural cucks.

It's probably because Americans are somewhat "allowed to hate" muslims because muh israel.

Come on girl, even if you didn't want to believe in the claims of racists, you should be aware that the cream of the crop NEVER resembles the average populace. The reason why you had the smart exceptional non-whites who broke racial stereotypes is because old European immigration systems used to have high standards for those non-whites.

If you remove those standards, then you'll get a lot of backwards people who don't integrate well. Should be common sense.

Sure. Come on in, don't worry. Nothing to fear here.

In conducting my elderly parent's medical/legal/financial affairs I've run into quite a few post-menopausal office managers in the past few years who attempt to assert their moral authority over whatever business is being conducted. Have had to to tell everyone of them to fuck right off and of course much butthurt ensued. Fuck them and their society wrecking ways. They are completely unaccustomed to being told they are completely full of shit.

No, the enemy simply focuses more on Germanic people, and Germans as the centre. If Germany falls, Europe falls.



Good luck explaining to feminists whores who import men to replace you why they shouldn't have the right to vote. And don't say you'll tame them with your dick, that is /r/theredpill tier garbage from you shit hole you call a mouth. Like you're not a hypocrite who's unmarried or sleeps around with whores.

Won't happen. The modern neutered white man may be easily controlled by government and willing to take a back seat to brown people, but when it comes to other whites, all of that fury comes out. German men would have absolutely no problem killing other Europeans. Whites have been dehumanized by the same processes that led to our current situation. There is no empathy in this world for a white person. Not even from their/our own people.

Well it isnt that simple sneck, because every human motivation or belief etc. is caused by certain environments, education and whatnot.

The cunts do not want to feel in charge, they want their "bubble" to be filled by a dick, that is why they are acting out. They "disregard" the men in their own country for a better substitude that fills their need for being dominated to speak bluntly. But that only covers one fraction of the equation. In a way they want to be women but they do not get that in an intermediate way so they gather up and do boobanimalshit.
Usually men do shit in an hierarchical order whereas the females do the same thing enforcing it by lateral means.

Nice projecting there, Germanophobe.

No they don't, you faggot. They want to be put in their place.

And that's why you'll be a virgin forever.

Virgin shaming on 4chan is for women and newfags, here people should be held accountable for why they're not married and having children.
Go be a basic bitch somewhere else, preferably back on halfchan.

This. I'm glad at least some anons see the potential here. Yes, this stupid mindless cunt learned nothing from her experience - did anyone expect otherwise? - and deserves to be drawn and quartered. But her story here contains a wealth of good quotes; suitably edited, it would make great propaganda to scare other women off importing muds.

There's a difference between "virgin by choice" and "virgin because I know nothing about women". Kill yourself, permavirgin.

There should always be a healthy hatred for women to some degree on some level. But i assume that the frogs hate women on too many levels and the boobanimals will sense that.

I was rereading ‘’The Camp of the Saints’’ last night and this feels almost word for word from that book, a stupid bitch who undermines the society she’s in then trying to flee before she gets raped and killed.
She’s a part of a disgusting disease infesting our society and killing it off allowing an invasion from without.

That book was so prophetic and it keeps on being proven right every fucking day.

There's a difference between treating girls like dumb animals who only live for your affection and treating them like women. Try and remember this isn't a 3rd world country, remember that they'll mother our children.

This does not relate to the real word.
This way of talking was truthful 70 years ago, today is just a call to serve as slave to a parasitic female.
To get get married is a mortal trap.
How good is a man financially destroyed for ginocentric laws?
How good is a man in jail because is unable to cover court mandated payments?
Today it makes a lot of sense to have children without fall in a threesome with the government.
- Option 1: Impregnate and disappear without a trace.
You won't be held accountable for child support and the State will take over for you.
- Option 2: Be financially successful, go overseas, rent a womb, and bring your child home.

No they like being treated like animals on some level, which means respecting their sexuality.
For men that is even worse, i mean just look at their dresses, showing off tits and ass, it is playing mens sexuality to a much greater degree. But you fail to understand that.

Every time I vouch for a return to normalcy, I get jumped by those who have succumb to the system and fear it, and chose nothing but to bask in what they hate, their hate of women.
I have to agree with the other user who said it's something to overcome and learn to channel it, or it will destroy you.
Things are not a bad as they seem, that's the secret of it all.

The hatred is for when a women leaves her position as a women, and tries to enter the domain of men. Same for men trying to enter the domain of women.

That is exactly how to treat a woman, and why it is so shameful for a man to want that position. A woman is lesser. I have that picture too, and Hitler is wrong about the smaller world being entrusted to women. Women are garbage without men to train them. Only with men's guidance can the smaller world be stable. Women are essential, but they are not equal.


Look at these real men. Men are still men.

Primarily men. Men are the leaders. If they don't do their job everything collapses because women are incompetent.

No the hatred for women is the hatred for their sexuality, also women are much more disgusting in that case as a vice versa.

I wonder if the adrenaline gives him a half boner.

We have many good cops but they need to stop these bad ones. If i was there I would have arrested him after I have him disarmed.

Die MGTOW faggot.

Listen to yourselves, if you have it all figured out, why are you here and not with your happy wife and beautiful children. Why did you click on this thread? You're here just like me, and just like me you yearn to fix what you know is broken. I hate to sound so cheesy but you guys should have a moment of self reflection. You don't strong arm children in to submission, nor women. They have to want to come back, or the next generation will repeat their mistakes, again. It's the entire platform of the kikes. That's how society slips away.

Because pussies obey REAL MEN.

Bro, I made it.
Why? As further indication that female psychology is not suited to governance, nor even respect really - for all their claims, the truth is that women are ruled by what's between their legs, and if 1 in 10 to half the cunts who get raped wind up getting off on it,well… That's telling, on several fronts, especially this one.

Go suck dicks then, failure.

You're just making shit up. Simply do not give women power, and ridicule them when they ask for it. Praise them for being beautiful, and sweet.
They will if you act like a man, and not a pussywhipped loser.

I m here because i like to talk to people that are like me in some way, and i do not want to strongarm children or women, if you are child or someone that cannot take different opinions you shouldnt be here. That being said, i do not like my information to be gathered nor do i like being under surveillance. I also do not like being treated like a fucking idiot, because otherwise i then in exchange make you look like an idiot.

The fundamental issue here is you doubt your own masculinity, and there's nothing women can sense more then weakness, just look at the bible.
Instead of lashing out about your self hatred you really should consider some self reflection. You're anonymous, you don't have to double down to save face.

No thank you.

Fuck these cunts. I hope that the Poles stop her and her ilk at the border and turn their asses back around. There's no difference from a mental perspective between them and the Californians who've spread out to other states; you've fucked yours up beyond all repair, realized you didn't like it when your nice little neighbourhood got its dose of Diversity™ and now you'll do the same to your new state. Parasites need to be gassed.

Stupid German whore made her bed.

Now Poland should tell her to lie in it.

Holy shit you are retarded. The entire point of the left half is that it is made up. It is fiction. It is showing how you can make up random bullshit and claim "study by so and so shows" and people will buy it. Read it you moron.


I know this girl that dated this military guy. Thing is she has a heart condition and he's deployed alot. She needs alot of wealth to support her but this guy dose not have that. So, why is he with her? I think it's just a side fuck for him and he knows that she wont last. But she chose him instead of some guy who can support her. Now this guy is a macho guy and fucks other girls on the side. But he's basically restricted this girl from finding some one to settle down with long term. So in the end she will end up back with her parents and probably ding from not being able to afford a new heart. All because "the other men" she could "sense weakness" in. lol this is not some damn movie kid.

Depends entirely on this smug quote "what people say when they think their are anonymous", doesnt it? Has a certain smug spin to it.

>(((Rebecca Sommer)))

It's the captain that goes down with the ship, not the rats.

I don't think anyone was surprised by this.

You deny reality.
Any man signing a marriage contract will have a loaded gun on the head.
And it gets worst yet, the female holding the gun has the brain of a child.
What can go wrong?

She better be invited with a noose around her neck.

If dubs, she get's hanged soon.

The statistics only apply to the uneducated, and weak willed. If you know who to filter, and know how to lead a woman the risk is small.

It is what she and many more cunts deserve.

Fuckin mods are goddamn faggots. These filters are full blown cringe


Or maybe, just maybe, she was a normie like WE ALL WERE at some point in our lives. She saw what was really going on up close and learned, like we all did. We can't blame her for being brainwashed.

What I believe I'm projecting is my own inadequacy to fix these problems. I click these threads to resonate with like minded people, and I usually do, but I almost always find this foolhardiness about dicking the problems of society away in these kinds of threads. Tell me user, I want to know, are you happy? Have you fixed your small corner of life? Do you feel a satisfaction from the struggle or having overcome somewhere everyone else seems to fail these days?
I struggle to have faith that these problems can be solved, that we're not all fucked. Things aren't as bad as they're made out to be, but they're not getting better.
If the women issue can be dicked away, strong armed away, by appeasing a primal sense in women, then everything washes away?
I'm not an optimist user.
Thanks for reading my blog, I'm leaving the thread. Have a good night faggots.

Where are the MEN?!?

I smell tuna.

None of us opened the gates to 3rd world trash, even in our most bluepilled moments. So with that said:



Kill yourself

Everybody wave goodbye. Wish the fag good luck on his journey.

Since you'll still read this: stop watching anime/porn/any (((entertainment))). Don't masturbate. Don't eat sugar. Only eat fresh cooked food (not from cans, or plastic). Get exercise. Sleep well. Gain skills. You should be so fulfilled in your own life that you could not feel better even if you were bangin' a 10/10 babe. The world we live is full of challenges waiting to be overcome. Gorge yourself on them. Yes, I'm happy, because I prove my greatness to myself every day.

Someone should send her information to the Polish immigration authorities so she can be declined as being a radical immigration activist seeking to harm Poland.

Men do not have to take risks at all.
There is options to circumvent the minefield, greedy cunts, the State and its hateful laws against men.
Why do you insist asking NacSoc men to immolate themselves playing a rigged game they cannot win?
There are many ways to make children without a third party called State.

My mistake, I thought you were one of those mgtow operatives.

Yeah it's the WOMEN who caused all of this, just like the women opened the gates to Toledo, and started ww2. Fucking women. Kill them all. Only by killing every last woman of our species will be succeed.

Calling women stupid, and discouraging them from entering male realms is essential. Kikes convinced men not to do these things.

Literal definition of a wittol.
A wittol is a "witting cuckold", as in one who deliberately allows his wife to fuck another man, and perhaps takes pleasure from it.
Rather than stating that he himself would resolve the problem of a wayward female, he prefers to get for Religion of Cuck™ic third worlders to take care of his problem for him. He also doesn't realise that one sinner who has turned back to god is more valuable than a person who has been devout the whole time.
She is openly stating it was a mistake, despite 5 years of direct exposure to the matter. It is incontrovertible proof that everything we have said has been true, but while our words are ignored as "das rassis", hers will carry a lot more weight, especially with other brainwashed feminists. She is purposefully and publicly leaving the sect of self destruction.
Now imagine when there are dozens of people like her, there will be pressure, as the system will have no allies left.

Confirmed for not having read the thread. She's still pushing the same shit, because that wasn't REAL immigration. In her mind it just needs to be tried again, but better this time.

No pussy pass this time for her or any other female.
The enormity of their crimes against their men, their nation, their race, their civilization; has no paragon.
Their actions will cost the lives of thousands of men, who will have the task to clean the mess.
And in this case, death is a merciful punishment.

Not stating that the jew zionist is the primary cause of all of this, in a fully intentional and planned out form, is kikery.
Saying women are the problem is like saying poor people are the problem when it comes to the jews having money.
Our females are our most precious thing, the thing we have kept safe since the dawn of time, because they carry our biological future. If you look into it, you'll find that almost every behaviour is based around this.
That is exactly why the kike took them to twist our society, because we hold such stock in our females.
Yet you people think it is red pilled to discard the very thing that even the jew knows is most important to our future. It is incredibly short sighted.
I'm fucking tired of it as you are being manipulated just as much as these females.
Women are followers, that is why if one wanders back, she becomes worth something to our purposes.
Vlad Tepes as a boy was taken away by the ottomans, trained by them and fought in battles with them. He escaped back to Romania, and became the king there. He then kept the muslims out of Romania and Europe by doing all he could.
You would have called him a traitor and told him to "get ripped apart by muslims".
That is why you are fucking kiked.

You stinking slimey jew leech.
Brainwashed fucking short sighted idiot. I'd rather 100 dedicated and openly speaking returners than one of you hopeless fucking idiots.

First, she's a fucking kike, and second, she has not wandered back. You're an idiot.


Yes, wanting all the females raped and torn apart by niggers and arabs is completely sane, and is good for the future of the European people.
We the MGTOW may be resented for our part in this change, but it must take place for Europe to survive. The European female can not be the monolithic female of the past.

Well, deflecting women's responsibilities on the kikes do not make them less guilty.
Females are full aware of their crimes and the rol they have being the willing kike's soldiers.
But they rationalize this as just a maneuver to get personal gain.
Now the environment is getting hot, and their allies (white knights) try to excuse them.

I wonder what your reaction is to the op's post.
A. good, fucking cunt deserves to die I hope they all die fucking cunts I hate women fucking cunts are the cause of all of this
B. good, stupid girl has finally woken up and smells reality. this will cause a lot of other "metoo" to follow and weaken merkel's agenda

Sounds like you picked A. Time for you to visit the gas chamber for having a nigger level IQ and a jew level revenge fantasy.
I wonder if you hate Germans in general, or Swedish. I would think you're an american who takes pleasure in the downfall of Europe.

She's still doing it, you retard.

You dug your grave now lay in it.


I swore an oath to never be a nigger for the jews and i intend to keep that oath.


New question then, since you slipped around answering that one and choosing A.
What is better, a Christian from a muslim country, or a muslim from a muslim country.
Which is better, an ex-muslim, or a muslim.
I want no foreigners in Europe, but since her main gripe now is being called a german bitch by muslims, and that now she is anti-muslim, I would say that is a win.

Not at all.
I am really sad because we will have to assemble a XXI century Crusade to clean the mess.
Thousands and thousands of good White men will die.
Anyway, Deus Vult.
Now you sound like a SJW.
Why are you so upset about men calling out treasonous pussy?
Treason is a crime, and in this case, allowing the genocide of your own, of the worst kind.
Punishment is essential to a new beginning.

By the way, this is Holla Forums, and calling people names is lefty stuff.

Liberals are the catalyst of the "hard times breeds strong men" theory.

I assume a christian from a muslium country is a true believer whereas a muslim from a muslim country has a bigger chance of being moderate. So stochastically speaking for the individual they are equal cancer.

Liberals are more like a catalyst of creating a higher "comped" environment for "strong men", because the boobanimals rather cherish a strong man than a stereotypical man.

Culture is derived from race. Whites only. Kill yourself.

You aren't fooling anyone, kike.

Yeah deus vult but in reality you've done nothing at all, and never once spoken publicly about any of it.
You really are a kike, aren't you. As in JDF. You have nothing of value to say, you do not mention the jew, you just repeat memes and mgtow idiocy.
The "name calling", that your third world comprehension skim read, was taken directly from your pals, and likely some of your own posts, kike.
Keep working, are you paid by the post or the hour?

What Holla Forums Holla Forums promotes taken to plain public speach is idiocy. Which is part of the hugbox shit in a way.

Here have a titanimal.

Mangina spotted.

You have nothing else to say, kike.

I will die from laughter when importing rapefugees will undo centuries of subversion. Also, kick her from my country.

Real easy to say faggot, the fact that you defend this kike is pathetic.

You'll hang with her.

I'm sure they'll change if you white knight just a little harder.

our generation must become monsters for there can be no forgiveness or quarter given

Never said that, you're the extremists.
Then we are doomed to repeat history.

What quarter you want to be given? Just to play along arent they saying with have to be more efficiant? So what do you expect? Us, probably.

You speak like a nigger to such an extent that you are intelligible.

Stay healthy my friend, for the degenerates will start to weaken as sickness falls on them. They have lived unhealthy lifestyles and treat "STI's" as if it will not effect them. Those of them who cry how we are the unhealthy will do so as they spit and cough from their infections over a simple cold. They have robed themselves of an immunity they need for the simple lust over pleasure.

But nevertheless i speak directly from your soul.

The scariest thing is that the effect is not immediate, if the first thing feminist 1.0 did is to open border anyone could have stopped it. By the time feminist 3.0 happened the damage is done and irreversible since you have entire generation of nu-males raise by abusive single mom to be the perfect cuck.

Even if we successfully saved a few nations in the west, there's no guarantee that it won't happen again, The best we can do is document these events in detail and compile it for easy normie redpilling so future generations can always look back and learn from our mistakes

The non cuck has to learn about the boobanimal nature and how to make it work in his favour.
Similar to the stock market and everything else.
I guess why the "intellectuals" call for more risk taking is some deep exogenic knowlege of the nature of things, applied to regular males this works wonders.

I once watched a nerd price getting exhibition, the numale was asked to double his price by taking a risk and he hesitated whereas the atheltic cunt didnt hesitate (which i expocted). Somehow i saw this as a reminder.

in the middle of her face, just above her mouth

They're still that.

The germans are fucking stupid since 50% of their economic output is foreign trade, which is paid in useless dollars for the most part.
But then again a highly developed nation with no natural resources in the middle of a fuckfest is just like a trickling time bomb, in a away.

Holy shit brah, read it again, you moron.
See, the bits about the 'this study says this' and shit? That is indeed fake, yes…. But the article from psychology today is VERY real.
Here it is:
Here's the original of that half:
Its a funny little article: It cites a pair of studies that don't exist, and another 'study' that was more like a fucking book report
and at least one article from an actual journal that features actual content.
Its actually kind of an enormously retarded argument he's trying to make, but fair enough depending on the circles in question I suppose.
I'll probably edit his stupidity out at some point, thanks for noting it.

You really shouldn't post that trash here.

Checked for thats some pretty shitty proof m8.

newfag confirmed.


I really like the choosing of your words, sounds genuine to me.

The boobanimals really enjoy that rape fantasy because in some part of their brains they really like that godlike or immortal man that overpowers them physically and mentally. Like poking that with a stick.

Send them to Haiti because it totally isn't a shithole.

You know what would be interesting is to try and compare the % of women who have rape fantasies to the % of men who have rapey fantasies. I'd wonder how close it is. I myself have never had rapey fantasies but I'm sure a lot of men do.

meant for

Yes its like someone finally escaping a cult. This will shake all the other members and get them thinking. They like her, ignored everything in front of them for years until it was too big to ignore. Years ago this was unheard of. Going against the big feminism? I'm positive for the first time in a long time. It only takes a few bad apples to upset the whole cart. Women are followers, never forget that.

I do not have rape fantasies, but i assume 10-25% of the males have such fantasies.
Rapey sounds like you are fucking cuck, tbh. i would rape every female that would ask me to.

That's not how it works.

God bless them. What an incredible disgrace the German politicians are now.

ftfy user. kek.

What would you do if you know feminals that say "now he is blowing it"? Feminals, i want that to stick in your head.

This. Like HIV carrying burnouts from Berkeley moving to Portland/Seattle, then Austin, and now Utah, they are pathologically diseased, cannot be cured, and like locusts move from region to region consuming and destroying.


2016. Nearly two fucking years ago. I can only imagine now bad it is now.

I like the word feminals, i think that word is like HIV and i want to fuck your gaping mouth.

Dudes! Its not like this nobody had the funds needed for the shit she was involved in, she was obviously a puppet.

no you genetic disease lefty
your sick mind can not enter our gene pool
get the fuck out

That is the nice thing about the EU. They send their burglars and car thiefs, we send our jewish succubi.

God damn the sheer lack of self awareness of this woman is staggering. How she just fucks everything up and then leaves the mess for other people to clean up.

The more I read here, the more I'm agreeing with this. They're like children and must not be in charge of anything anymore.

Its hard to be a traitor when you are a jew.

2 sides of the same coin, shes a jew and jews are basically matriarchial muslims and she hates that in the end, jews looking at muslims is like having looked into the abyss only to see someone who is better than you at everything and has threatened to kill you.

Thanks for the lengthy posts user.

Reported for shilling

If the most hardcore fuckups can see their own failure, then the tide has turned in Germany.

How could Siener's prophesy come about of a german leader who is friendly to the whites in South Africa?

This is one way.

Not everybody with a German name is a kike, especially not in Germany.

Implying thats not all just Jewish media spin passing nigger crimes off on Polish people.

Well they are already trying to say there were 0 polish in the camps and were even more nazi than the german nazis.

The tide turns when the fuckups fix the mess, when they run and just pull the same shit elsewheres its no turning tide.

I like the word feminals what do you think.

No, the fuckups need to get enriched. They are cancer and we need to be rid of them. But if this useless hole can admit it, imagine what ordinary Germans feel like. They would be ready to do what is needed.

There are German names used by Germans and then there are Jewich names using German words.

With Rebecca Sommer it her jewish first name, her family name mostly used by jews using the German word for summer, her look, her nose.

Each single point might not proof her jewishness, but the combination does
There are many gentiles with jewish, biblical first names.
There are not many gentiles with specific jewish family names.
There are very few gentiles with jewish looks. Often people with semitic heritage, or relatet people like Armenians.

Just search for images for Rebecca Sommer, you will find some ugly US kikettes with the same name. What a coincidence. Look for people with the name Summer in the US and how many of them are jews.

They are Poles, they get caught, the Poles admit to it. The press in Germany has no interest in giving a bad impression of Poland and the Poles, they dindu nuzing


I have a really errect fullfilling dick waiting for you.

A thousand times this. Nowhere does she admit to making a mistake or being in the wrong, all she says is that it didn't work in this case.

I wonder why you are so diehard on she, there is no she.

No, she need not, the Poles can do nothing against her being in Poland. That is how the EU works.
What is going to happened, some civ-nat retards will use her as “witness” against the evil influence of mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker cult.
She will use that to promote based female refugees fleeing from oppressive Religion of Cuck™.
Incidentally that based female refugees are mostly nigger poping out one niglet after the other. So your children are not alone in class with opressive Polish whiteness.

No what? She needs to be killed. She is still a feminist. Actually, I would bet she is pissed off about muslims because they are evil males.

KYS, feminist trash should be given histerectomy's and then perpetually raped to death by the very invaders they brought in.

stop watching porn, fag

I wonder if that is up to you white knight, because i dont think so.

I have a really phat dick, i want to use it on some boobanimals. I like the word phat and thiqq.


stay away from goats

Copy that, i have a prison for you.

lel im a refugee now? Quite funny coming from the faggot unable to form a simple sentence and erroneously using the term white knight.

No, no. I think that was the gross incompetence and negligence.

I wonder if i should lay my dick across a nice face just like that slim little finger fiddles all across that meat?

TELL ME, green text gosu, who is the grandmaster.
I want to know.

Impossible because most people are idiots that learn from experience rather than history. Even then, the biggest issue to ensuring the cycle doesn't repeat is in governance since it means consistently keeping in people that cannot be corrupted and consistently make the right choices to prevent saboteurs from gaining ground.

There are tons of documents from rome's collapse detailing how women ruled rome yet none learned from it save for a small minority. Ironically the one to learn best from this was pisslam though they take it to an extreme that treats women like absolute subhumans. They have their place in maintaining social structure, the home and the family but not in changing social structure.

faggots dont hang, they get electrified.

Who is the grandmaster you tell me.


Rope cure before Poland gets infected.
Actively participating in genocide of a race used to be a punishable crime.

Do not let them in Poland. This is the future they chose, let them rot in it.

I really want to know ratjew WHO IS THE GRANDMASTER WHO IS IT.

I really want to know you disgrace of a man, i want to know, du stück scheisse.

I want to know du erbärmliches stück scheisse. Du missgeburt, i want to know.

Lead the way men, go to Germany and put this woman in her place if that's all it takes.

I assume your whole clan of clowns is a disgrace and a masquerade of what is usually called a man. Arent you? Ich hab euch schon immer gehasst du rattenkrüpple.

You should put this on the religious jews since they have more balls than you have in your entire life.

Don't speak yiddish to me, kike. Enjoy the diversity though.

I dont think you speak yiddish. And i dont acutally hate the yids, i want to see the face of the atheistic american jews, and so do you.



The German men who were supposed to protect their women from their own stupidity being exploited by foreginers and jews has already paid it's toll, there's little a traditional man can do now other than marry a traditional woman and homeschool traditional children, away from all this bullshit.

How convenient

All the time, these fucking bitches runs away from the problem they helped create.

I have this strange idea that I might know more about Deutsche Namen und ihre Anwendung than the average user and there is nothing inherently Jewish about Sommer and it's not all that rare of name either.
Rebecca was also a very popular name in the 70s and 80s in Germany.
Her behavior would match of course.

Holy shit that kike couldn't be more obvious

Yes, so why is it in the image you knob? Mixing lies and truth to push an agenda is very jewish. And why is the jewish race mixing propaganda cartoon there?

Holla Forumsand was right again.

The solution to Feminist 3.0 is Feudal 2.0.


This is the peak of what liberalism has achieved.


Breddy sure you run out of nations, continents and planets to ruin at that point. Assuming that they haven't killed themselves to escape anxiety

This is the most regular objection I encounter when bringing up the term. What solid evidence for the practice do we have from Sunni scripture?

At least while so-called EU citizens have the right to vote in local (self-government) elections, they don't gain rights to partake in parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as take part in referenda - the stuff that really matters as far as country's fate is concerned. That krautroach would be unlikely to fuck shit up unless she gained citizenship (and that comes with certain conditions that would have to be fulfilled if the normal way of going through the voivode is chosen)


Feminism is enforced by the state. You can't do what you prescribe without going to prison in a lot of cases.

Good luck finding one of those now.

FUCK YOU BITCH. If you come to my country I'll find you you stupid whore. Jesus Christ I'm mad. The fuckers you helped to bring here should decapitate you like all the other useful idiots.

They do this for 50 years.
Each new member of the EU gets the same treatment, just more intense and faster. In Spain, for example, the newspaper are full of articles against machismo. So with time females become more neurotic over time.
The new member of the east will be no different.
That slut is just a little part of the intelligence operation against Poland. Check for Barbara Spectre Sweden, a US kike send to Sweden to destroy the Swedish.
Summer slut came in 2012 from the USA to Germany. Just in time to prepare for the invader flooding in 2015. Now her operation area has changed to the east.
All little happy coincidences…

She's still accepting new cases. This bitch will never learn. Or, and this is probably more likely, she's a bullshit artist trying to mitigate her guilt while still accepting her 30 pieces of silver for selling out her people. Although, given that schnozz, I think we all know who her (((people))) really are.

What the fuck is Poland even thinking letting this cancer in their country? Seriously you let this bitch in and the chances of trouble raise exponentially.

there is no downside to killing her

>she's a bullshit artist trying to mitigate her guilt while still accepting her 30 pieces of silver for selling out her people. Although, given that schnozz, I think we all know who her (((people))) really are.

In 2012 she, the “human rights activist”, came from New York to Berlin, just in time for the flood of 2015: -menschenrechte-setzt-sich-fuer-gefluechtete-menschen-ein-d87108.html

Pure cohenincident, expect some happenings

Slay her alive and impale her body at the town square so everyone can learn from her mistakes.

Im only sad cause i may not be in my prime when the action starts, kill count wont be the same.

That thing looks like a kike to me.
This all goes according to the plan, you should go to the synagoge more often or listen to the rabbi talks on the internet, since you are too stupid for that let me enlighten you.
The end goal is a total war of christians and moslems while the jews "watch it all from afar", thats why you have this kikess bringing moslems and then complaining about them and leaving for "Poland" (Pissrael). This war is called the Gog and Magog wars, and the jews want to enact their prophecies because this gives their religion validity in their twisted heads and in the minds of gullible goyim.
Imagine if all the bible end times prophecies come true, then the jews would really be the chosen people after all, the ultimate priestly caste for 10.000 years at least. And the stupid evangelicucks will be telling you all along "see, i told you".



Yeah total legit German, Mr. Goldstein

Ron Sommer (* 29. Juli 1949 in Haifa, Israel, als Aaron Lebowitsch)
Sommer wurde 1949 in Haifa, Israel, als Sohn jüdischer Eltern geboren. Seine Mutter war 1943 aus Bessarabien (heute Moldawien) geflüchtet und sein Vater 1935 aus Würzburg nach Palästina emigriert. Nach der Trennung seiner Eltern zog er mit seiner Mutter und deren neuem Partner nach Wien, wo er durch Adoption den Namen seines Stiefvaters annahm,[2]

Léo Apotheker (born September 18, 1953, in Aachen) is a German business executive.
Apotheker's parents were Polish Jews who fled to the Russo-Chinese border after the Nazis invaded Poland at the outbreak of World War II.[6] After the war, they settled in Aachen, Germany, where Léo Apotheker was born on September 18, 1953. He later moved to Antwerp, Belgium.[6]

Totally legit Germans

Edgy MGTOW faggots will be thrown in the bog.

This one will be burned at the stake.

I think we could circumvent this cycle through our ideology if we could just get rid of the kikes first. We need civilization building systems to keep people strong and adaptable.

Make it fucking stop. I want them gone, I wanna build a wall around the coastal cities and the entirety of fucking Cascadia. We aren't Texas we can't take that kind of immigration for long, Salt Lake City is already rapidly turning into a shithole along with other parts of the valley thanks to beaners.

It seems that logic is not your forte… I listed a couple of criteria. If you combine them all, then it's rather obvious she's a kike. If you pick one of them and ignore all the others, then you're retarded.

I wish we fucking could. Fucking Schengen

we value our women. go back to MGTOW kike

< Women, fellow goyims!
< Totally not a kike incel!
< I'm not blackpilling you, goy!

Except some really have relationship issues and won't stop bitching about it.



I hope the polish/hungarian don't take this cunt in or even better, kill her.
She never worked a day in her life.

OUR women???

answering your pic, because this is not a violent quick struggle.

this is a social struggle that moves at glacial speed, women are social creatures. so every woman is an asset because this wont be solves by brain or brawn but by people's feelings.

How can something worthless be an asset?!
Women are weak, they are dumb, they cause suffering and wars, they are arrogant and ignorant, they are parasites. Calling a woman an asset is like calling a turd an asset
That's the only 'argument' you jewish cunt slave whiteknight desperate horny perma virgins can come up with. Everyone who disagrees with your weak submissive femslave mindset and actually tells the truth about the nation-wreckers known as women is automatically MGTOW because you say. I'm a lion, the woman is compared to me a sheep. No lion would ever surrender to a sheep.
It's womens 'feelings' that got us into this mess to begin with and no, womens feelings won't be the solution to get us out of it. No chick is gonna come crawling out of your PC monitor and wants to have sex with you, just because you defended womens online, my dear tumblrina/reddit/cuckchanner.

This. There was a very good reason all ancient cultures treated women like property. Nature intended for them to stay at home and for men to go out and tame the world.

She should hang on the rope with the muslims.

Read Spengler. Feminization is part of an early civilization's development. If the West survives for a few more centuries, then this problem will disappear. Of course survival isn't guaranteed, just look at how the Western Roman Empire died.

You're a retard. You accuse him of being historically ignorant yet you yourself can only reach back as far as the Industrial Revolution. Ignoring the fact that the higher your status the more likely the woman was to be at home, pre-industrial revolution it very much was the case. They never left the house because nobody left the house (hyperbole; they never went far from it). Most everyone worked in the fields and the women would do what work was necessary nearby rather than trying to do the same as a man; they certainly never went away from their husbands to work amongst other men nor did they not cook the meals and the like. This lasted all the way from Medieval Europe to the early Industrial Revolution. Or would you prefer to go back further? The Athenians certainly kept their women in the house. So did most of the Ancient Greeks. So did the Romans. The elite have certainly always kept their women at home at every point in history.

The '50s "trope" you are pretending is oh-so-recent is simply a modernization of previous norms, except labor-saving devices meant women had to do less and less work. They didn't make clothes anymore, they didn't grow food, they didn't tend crops, they didn't tend livestock, they didn't even raise children with the new industrialized school systems.

So no, the aberration isn't the mid-20th century; the aberration is the mid-Industrial Revolution.

The stupidity we're facing now is because women don't have enough to do. The idleness of the aristocracy has been spread to all women of society by technology, allowing them to take up their retarded causes. So yes, get that bitch back in the kitchen.

Have you ever seen a German from East Frisia?


Thinking about it for a moment, it seems the modern "family law" and other feminist movement adulterations are about moving target groups (us whites) away from social orders which promote states of Pareto Efficiency, and into ones where Nash Equilibrium is the dominant winning strategy.

Forgot to tripfag

She doesn't look East Frisian at all. Are you maybe retarded? Do you really think she represents the standard face there? Do you think East Frisians look exactly like kikes? Get a grip.

Edgy tradcucks will be forcibly educated on the joys of Atheistic Masterracehood or they get expelled.

She doesn't look frisian whatsoever

Fuck off you tripfagging MGTOWnigger


That's not how they work. None of these idiots have the emotional stability to come to grips with the fact that their narcisstic little fantasy world, that makes their "willing selves" into the right side of history, can possibly be bullshit, and their ignorant bigoted lessers can in any case turn out to be right.

Coincidentally the 18th century was when the Rothschilds gained their status in british peerage.

too bad she cant be forced into a breeding program where she must make at least 3 white babies.

i raged.

You idiot, that things is just ruined flesh at this point. You don't want this corruption to fester any longer, lest you will end up with something similar to pic related.

She is a stunner

Huhh? Breeding kikes? Her tubes should be tied and she be sent back to Israel.

hows the weather in tel aviv?


These whores should be put to death.

But those buttons do the same thing :^)

I love how people just cuck out and say "it's ova, germany/europe is finished!" Sure, purge every huwhite man there, we'll come back and make it again.

Tits or GTFO.

People shouldn't be allowed to commit to such awful decisions, and then simply go "oops" and fuck off to another country. She should be made to stay so she can fully appreciate the consequences of her actions.

Hello, KLM? One way to Friesland please.



Did you miss the whole fucking thread? Look at her nose, nigger:

This was a Jew, through and through. Any child she will have - forced or otherwise - will be a Jew, or at best, a mischling. Best case scenario: you keep the kids away from her, have them raised by a white family, and they get lucky and suppress the Jewish inbreeding that results in their typical greed and sociopathy. That's not going to happen, and it's not worth trying when that family could be raising their own children - or raising white orphans if they're unlucky enough to be infertile.

Yeah sure, the mudslimes and niggers etc. will just magically disappear…

No shit, chain her to a post and make her hoe cabbage and do laundry 16 hours per day.

National Socialism is a spiritual movement kike tripfag.

Spoiler that shit.

Maybe we can use those "magic" gas ovens that vanished all those millions of jewish bodies in the holocaust to make them magically disappear.

she made her grave


Ruins one country flees the next one. Gee wiz, there is this other group with similar behavior that has been doing the same thing for more than 5000 years. Germany is soon ending but that will not be the end of the Germanic race as the creation of Germany wasn't its beginning. Europeans can easily confront direct attacks and overcome them but not the slow bleed of the last century which might have been terminal if it was better controlled, I don't think that'll be our fate anymore because living liberty becomes more dangerous on a daily basis and spoken words to quiet such fears of the future can no longer calm our people. The nightmare is almost over.

Cowards get the >>>/bog/ too.

Any decent source for that data?
seems like a huge redpill potential if verifiable

She is not confused. She is working to control the narrative so that the social dysfunction the migrants bring is blamed on their culture and not their race. Christian orchs also do all the things muslim orchs do but she will never talk about that because it would undermine her spin.

Eeeeh I think we have an actual real christcuck whiteknighting in this thread. Just look at his analogies. Remember that which has been cucked cannot be uncucked.

Oy gevalt! Our (((German))) government should sue this goyette so that those filthy Slavs can hand her over, she needs to be locked up for hate speech NOW!

The German Whores that made this situation should all be pushed to the front line and take the brunt of the force these 'refugees' will strike them with when they are told it is time to leave.