Just like Secret Service (((accidentally))) left Trump Tower laptop in a cab?

>zerohedge. com/news/2018-02-05/dhs-employee-leaves-super-bowl-anti-terror-documents-commercial-flight
>archive. fo/IwGPG
>cnn. com/2018/02/05/us/dhs-super-bowl-national-security-documents-left-on-plane-invs/index.html
>archive. fo/y232t

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Operation American Gladio confirmed


Does anyone genuinely believe this shit?

does it get much moar kiked up than this?

(((pure coincidence)))

This is incorrect. The docs appear to have been left by Michael V. Walter.

This is a favorite tactic of (((the establishment))). It happened to FBI special agent John O'Neil in the summer of 2001, when his briefcase disappeared at a meeting of FBI and NYPD while he took a call in the hallway. The briefcase contained contact information on all the terror suspects in the NY area (this was in June 2001). The case was recovered later, unopened, sitting on a bed in a room in a totally different hotel a few miles away.

O'Neil, who had been instrumental in investigating the OKC bombing, and who had been the FBI's prime mover in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, was unceremoniously fired over this. In August 2001, he pulled strings with some guys he knew from his first terrorism investigation and got a job as head of security at the Word Trade Center. His first day on the job was September 11. About a week later, his corpse was one of the few to be dug out of the rubble.

I don't know anything about Kirstjen Nielsen, but if I was her I wouldn't even go home tonight. Just drive someone else's car straight to the airport and pay cash for a one-way ticket somewhere.



This is an interesting happening, however the OP's green text is a confused dumpster fire.

I'm mildly frustrated
The (( (pure)) ) of it all

Two possibilities, a traitor gave it to CNN or CNN stole the document.

Third possibility: A kiked supervisor took the documents and handed them off to an equally shabbos accomplice at CNN to make the target look bad and/or provide plausible cover for the next (((terror attack))).


Or in other words, the guy should be fired and go to jail.

Pretty sure it was a Woman, which is just fan-fucking-tastic.

Yet they were shedding kike tears over the memo because it "threatened national security". Really makes you think.

It's like a jew trying to out jew a jew. Jewception

God's work user. Rustles the jimmies!
The webm shows CNN had the documents as the lead cover story after a Deep State False Flag at the Superbowl, but Trump team offered them Gitmo for trying it.

Remember the terrorist passport found in the rubble the day after 9/11? I think this was the 2018 version.


isn't it criminal to even mention the document existed at all?

Recall Schiff's OKC dogwhistle the other day (just looks at those bugged-out eyes.)

He looks like he eats dem sweet sweet kids pineal glands for breakfast with eggs on the side.


The prime minister's department has launched an urgent investigation into secret and highly sensitive cabinet documents that were discovered in two old filing cabinets bought at a second-hand shop in Canberra.
Cabinet papers are usually not publicly released until 20 years after their production.
But the ABC has uncovered thousands of documents, some classified "top secret", covering five governments over a decade.

As a general rule, just because ZOG is evil doesn't mean it can't also be incompetent. But yeah it's hard to believe in this case, you'd think the intense false flag speculation that's been all over the place for days would remind everyone not to fuck up.

The fact it relates to anthrax is interesting. We know from the 2001 attacks that producing a weaponised form and dispersing it effectively are both quite difficult, basically requiring nation-state level resources, which makes it an unlikely threat. As such this might be a deliberate "leak" to scare the goyim, to be followed by fake news about a foiled anthrax plot from North Korea / Iran / Russia / Syria, necessitating military action to spread (((human rights))) and (((democracy.)))

It gets better. O'Neil was assigned to Yemen to investigate the bombing of the USS Cole. His investigation got cut short – and he and his team were kicked out of the country – by Ambassador Barbara Bodine. Here's what Kikepedia says about her career:

Sanpaku eyes never lies.

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well as far as i know airing parts of it on cnn are not the official use of it so maybe , not sure if and secret or classified clearence was breached

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Colour me surprised

What a coincidence. Also aren't those somalis in pic related often working in Airports too?