Attomwaffen is controlled by a Satanic Cult

I've been hearing about this shut everywhere.

Apparently Atomwaffen is infiltrated by an actual Satanic Cult, ONA who do blood sacrifices and infiltrate fringe political movement across the spectrum to create violence and havoc. There are Atomwaffen people actually admitting this beneath Anglin's Comments.

From Anglin:

But nice try.

Because that is definitely happening.
Are you aware that the ONA, a satanic doomsday cult that promotes human sacrifice, actively encourages members to join and subvert right-wing groups?

Kiwifarms thread:

I don't think it's any coincidence either how we're having all these Atomwaffen members being arrested for murder. These could be satanic sacrifices. The kid who converted to Religion of Cuck™ and shot his roommates, Nicholas Giampa who shot and killed his girlfriend's parents and then attempted to blow his own brains out but miraculously survived and Samuel Lincoln Woodward who murdered a gay jewish college kid who was majoring in psychology were all very similar. They happened to be apolitical. None of these murders were morivated for political reasons, but aimply happened. Also, I've heard some speculation that Bernstein and Woodward were already involved in a homosexual relationship prior to the murders.

Other urls found in this thread: CAMERON DENTON&l=&sloc=&in=6

Order of Nine Angles hates jews and has nazi rituals so who cares?


AW has been shit tier for fucking years now, everyone knows it. Sage for another eceleb jamming up the catalog. At least wait till the red ice shit gets played out before spamming more irrelevant bullshit.

They're just edgelords. There's always been a (small) satanic wing of the movement.

Thread confirmed being slid by kikes.

Is this another renegade thread? Was yesterday not enough?

Who cares

I wonder how many of the people kvetching about this are TRSodomites who are fine with the "TRS Confederates" being run be an initiate of the truly "satanic" judeo-masonry?

huh so you mean it wasn't so ludacris to call those fags who came here trying to stir ship up and posted signs calling out to Holla Forums and kekistan?
color me surprised

Why are they giving the middle finger? Also checked

because a few anons in the thread noticed the skull masks and called them shills
recall that the antifa who shot that church up wore one of these masks
the media actually used the picture these faggots posted saying it's a well known group called attomwaffen who uses the masks saying it was a hard core right wing group
there were also tons of pictures with these masks popping up, one guy even suggesting that they were on sale and to buy 30 of them for your friends (like in the banner pic)

who cares?

to clarify: not the pictures they posted, just an old 4chan cap of a few attomwaffen folks that they reposted

I know the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack book clubs sometimes collaborate with Vanguard America and AW. Haven’t had contact with the local group in months though, got a bad feeling about it one day and decided it wasn’t a good idea, they also wanted to start paying dues and form a local, regional, and national hierarchy.

Aren't those American Vantards?

that's not AW retard.

Why are some people saying ONA has ties to Christian Identity, does anyone have proof of this?

This. Also, I may have heard of a certain imageboard who uses numerical gematria, memetic sigils and invocation of the Egyptian pantheon in order to combat it's Semitic enemies. What atrocious heretics they must be :^)

Because you are forcing this shit yourself. Fuck off kike.

It seems like the dozen "fascist" groups around the world are all controlled ops. I wonder if there is an actually pro-white organization out there but not even we can find them. Maybe they are hiding behind some ecological banner or other good goy identiry

I'd rather deal with them than put up with redditors any day of the week. Fuck off.

>this excuses blood sacrifices which should be strictly reserved for ebola-chan only and other blatantly satanist activities

Want a pizzagate on our side of the political spectrum? We're demonized enough as is.

Every pro-white organization that there ever is, was and will be has been infiltrated by the feds. Just ask any pro-white leader if they've ever had the FBI ask them if they wanted to work for them and you'd be hard pressed to find one who wasn't!

The last pro-white group that actually stood a threat against the establishment was Charles Manson and the Silent Brotherhood. Now, all of our guys are either dead or in prison. There are still many warriors out there, but not all of them have the same skills as these men did.

Anglin is just falling for the shitposting.

AW isn't infiltrated leadership wise neither are most IM related groups. Even if they are most groups have cells so it doesn't matter.

the satanic sects are heavily infiltrated by the cia niggiers, church of satan itself was a cover for ilicit operations and lavey was cia programmer, also anquino was heavily involved in both temple of set and COS….. o9a looks the same. be very wary.

i bet you could trace their current material all the way back to nicholas shreck and boyd rice

Who gives two fucks about a bunch of emo meth addicts.

Stay clean and green like Hitler.

Does anyone have a pdf of Iron Gate?

Fuck off, kike.

Sage advice, shame it was off by 1.

Okay, fuck AW then. Reminder if youre more concerned about worshiping Satan than you are white genocide, were just going to assume youre trying to stop people who actually are concerned with white genocide. Thats bad, really bad.
For you.


That's a group called patriot front. A thread was made when they did vid related. It was mixed bag of reactions from anons, some called them controlled OP, which they got butthurt about and flicked off the camera like they did. Others thought it was interesting because there was that impeach fascist drumpf march going on that day and everyone wanted another Berkley..

Kike Enoch was the first one tweeting about their demo in Austin, that was a bit off but groups like RAM interact with Enoch, call themselves altright and wear skull masks but Holla Forums never gets near as butthurt about it for some reason.

Internet shit and irl shit are strange when they clash.



There hasn't been any real proof of this besides literally one guy having some fucking badge or something.

That one dude in AW converted to pisslam and killed his buddy.

That doesn't have anything to do with this.

AW has it's issues bruh. Edge lords tbh. You do you tho.

It's pretty obviously run by FBI informants trying to push some dumb kid into doing terrorism. They literally had a salafist murderer in their crew, so there is 0% chance they haven't been flipped by the feds by now.

Look for DDS/DD with a sunflower in the future.

Actually read the info dude. All the original members of atomwaffen are dead, in jail, or have quit. Now the group is run by FBI informants

O9A was literally created by a glow in the dark Britfag agent David Myatt, aka Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt.

It is sad that their executioners and kidnappers are still roaming free.
Let us pray to the Lord for the ZOG's end.

There's literally nothing wrong with hailing Satan.

Honestly we can deal with these people when we get stable political ground, right now we are a bunch of anime fapping gore posting nigger haters add blood sacrifices to that list and we really aren't that much worse

I think we all knew this already. It the same chaos worshipping cult that lives in Utah and Arizona.

Pretty much this.

Also they think they can control the reproductive rights of everyone they target. Even well enough to threaten their future family and children.

actually it’s just Jews that set people up and sell their info just like the rest of this stuff.

The fuck are you talking about? You’re in Romania FFS.

Kill yourself.

Satanism and National Socialism are simply elements of the Western shadow, the part of its collective soul that secular liberals seek to pathologize and sanitize. The truth is that all the things most people conventionally fear, like "Nazis" or the "Devil," are the very things that will save the West. This is why so much energy is spent bolstering these taboos to keep folks in line. You are the warden of your own prison. Insert the key in the lock and turn it. Embrace your inner barbarian.

Probably only Varg Vikernes' kids will be hard to sway into CIA niggerism. Say what you want, but the fucker has a tight grip on rising them.

Why would the desert, foregin figure of satan have anything positive to do with the west?

yeah i read that, also that ona also infiltrates Religion of Cuck™ic and anarchist groups. they are not friends i don't think. the thought controllers of that subculture glow so damn bright it's not even funny

I get butthurt about it

hitler did meth though

Better a godly nigger than a nazi occultist amirite fellow Holla Forumslack :^)



Was Charles Manson pro-white?
It's been a long time but it seemed to me he just wanted to instigate the race war, and said whitey would lose. Among other things.

Satan = Odin

Satan means adversary in hebrew. He is their ultimate enemy, hes the god of the goyim. think it's a coincidence that the two most demonized figures by jews are hitler and satan?

"We will destroy God" -Protocols of Zion. It's Satan they refer to and the influence he has over his people. All aryan culture, spiritualty, and gods/idols replaced by useless fictitious christian cuckold type shit which helps reign in the aryans demographic demise and to be replaced by incapable materialistic brown serfs.

any skttishness from the word Satan comes from christian indoctrination/jewish propaganda.


The Jews worship Elohim, plural, they worship demons. Their holiday, Pssach, is about summoning demons to kill children. Their other holiday, Yom Kippur, is about getting a demon to transfer their sins in exchange for torturing a chicken to death.

I heard that many times before.
I understand that the Bible's New Testament is path to slavery.
And the Old Testament, to my knowledge, is a salad of Semitic and other cultures.
Then (and this is what I read), Lucifer is the creator of the White race. And because of this, the kikes hate us with passion.

Perhaps some anons can bring light to this, because it can be sometimes confusing.

could be worse


It's a shame these ONA faggots are so messed up. The dark/evil/satanic edgelord bullshit really doesn't appeal to me. At all. Some of their ideas draw from Spengler and Yockey, though, which I find interesting. I think it'll be worth digging into some of their material when I have the time. Perhaps something useful can be extracted from it.


Jesus I'm glad I'm not an e-celeb, you JIDF kikes would be spamming my mugshot from 1980 all over the place and calling me a kike because I got a bj from a jewess in LA 20 years ago.

Azzmador is way way way ahead of you filthy kike.

No, Satan is not Odin, you dumb shit. They're not even equivalent figures. Odin is Varuna.

Satanists = liars
That post makes sense in that context. Bigger liars then Muslims, I doubt kikes.

How are they supposed to be subverted when they are entirely decentralized? There isn't a whole lot of evidence of this, and that combined with all the media slander against them recently makes me think that (((someone))) is working against them.

Other than the human sacrifice stuff (which is probably LARPing), they don't seem too bad. Definitely a step up from that "joy of satan" autists who spam jewtube.


Well, this is damning.
Marxism = Judaism

It's meant in the sense that they both work against the government who are the real kikes, the point is that while antifa are niggers they aren't the real problem.

I don't think there's a thing antifa isn't against? Maybe when you're on the same side a tranny in a suicide vest you should reconsider your alliances.

They aren't literal allies you dumbass, the point is they both work against the greater issue which is the system. The message is that the system is the problem not antifa.

It's actually pretty prevalent these days. (or whatever) used to show up all over the place trying to recruit me and people I knew online.

The Alt-kike is inundated with them. The renetards have more than a few kicking around. These people are always more anti-christ than pro-white or anything else. You can smell their latkes and mazos a mile away.

fuck off christcuck

Leaders are 98% alphabets. The majority of users of all the right-wing groups however are not very useful since you easily redpill them because they've already opted out of normiesphere. Infiltrate their ranks and get them on "our" side.

Interesting Bowies real name was/is Menachem Speigel Glass.

These "people" are also here. CIA/MI6 are very much involved with satanic mind control, probably developed it, or even sprung up out of it.

I don't like em. They leave a nasty film of stink over everything.

Then youre both race traitors.

Since when has antifa worked against the government?

Here is his reasoning behind the poster (note: he is not an antifascist).

Race traitor.

'So what if some members are Satanists'… Sounds like something a jew would say. Never heard of these faggots before.

Do they have meetings where they dress in matching outfits? Or is that just an online dream of some soy boys? That's what Satanists are. Emo faggots/heavy metal morons. You all know the type. Ah, think that faghammer6000 whatever on utub.

Check this article.

Well, they're not wrong in attacking Christianity. It's two sides of the same jew coin. If the Jews didn't infiltrate Rome and spread Christianity, we'd be colonizing Mars by now.

flase dichotomy, the trademark of the jew.

You are a grade A nigger

Fuck these Alt-Right faggots. Focus on fighting the enemy through individual action and meme warfare. Don't rely on these (((organizations))).

manlet squad


Again you miss the point, Hitler and the communists weren't allies but they worked in random against the government that was the Weimar.

The best heuristic for the quality of a Holla Forumslack is to find out their opinion on atomwaffen. If they defend a bunch of low iq larpers, you know they are nig-tier. The recent story in the news about them is illuminating. They took an autist in college, told him to drop out to become a steel worker, then radicalized him to the point that he flipped out and killed a gay jew at a party. Ultimate supreme strategy from the low IQ, tattooed, white underclass leadership in atomwaffen. Take a white man who could have been something other than "muh trades" (and hence in a useful position of power) and get him locked up for life for absolutely no strategic ends at all. Truly brilliant leadership, recruitment, and thinking. I look forward to more race war larping from the tattooed prison degenerates who can't into strategy and make meme videos of them doing shit tier tactics and weapon handling like the antifa larpers. Atomwaffen are either low IQ white-niggers or feds.

Isn't that the website with a bitcoin miner? Here's an archive link instead:

Thanks for proving that newfags can gorepost too.

Hitler and the communists never worked "in tandem" with the communists against the weimar republic, the communists where as jewish run as the weimar republic.


ONA is full of feminist and marxist shiteaters of the clinton spiritcooking persuasion. Allowing them near anything is right up there with trusting a mason.

I think he means Strasserists, which was basically national communism

Both had their own ideological end points which differed from the system, the point is the system is the bad guy. It's not trying to make them look good or like allies, explains it well enough.

really fucking really? This is either Jew or a CIAnigger thread or your just some edgy faggot from that cringey group, nobody with half a brain is going to by your shit here, go to cuckchan to recruit normalfags and larpers if your really that desperate holy shit.

Strasserists get the rope too, but I mean real deal college bred commies. ONA is big on the whole womyn moon cycle brand of feminism as well. It's some freaky shit, if you take the time to read their forums or pick the brains of real life members.

Lucifer is part of the Promethean, Odinist, Jesus etc archetype. It's all myth, dumbass. Do you even monomyth?

Satan aka lucifer is real… his greatest trick was making you think he isn't


You realize that it's just a modified form of the bullshit that the shitskins use to enforce their caste systems, right?
The buddhists enforce their class systems with passivity among their lower classes.
Any religion that encourages passivity and acceptance of domination is a slave religion aka Religion of Cuck™

it takes some heart. luckily the aztecs have spares to lend us.

Except they are and they have even done violence to normalfag conservatives even the milquetoast cernovich parties get bombarded with leftoids looking to shut it down, communists ARE a threat no just ideologically but physically as well, don't be disingenuous.

That's the point dipshit

Antifa violence is usually just a weak punch from a scrawny, drug-addled soyboy, that doesn't compare to the threat posed by ZOG. Communism was a major problem at one point, but for decades it's just been a kosher poltergeist that shields world jewry,

just a punch till they nut up and start shooting people

Nigger are you serious? Watch Hans Westmar.

Even if they muster up the courage to do that, which is extremely unlikely, they still wouldn't even come close to the jews who control almost all aspects of our society. Commies are a kosher distraction.

Any group which openly advocates terrorism and "taking down the system" is going to be a priority for feds.

Reported. They fought bloody street battles with dead on both sides. Youre a pro-communist race traitor, the ENTIRE FUCKING PURPOSE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM IS TO SMASH BOLSHEVISM YOU FUCKING TRAITOR PIECE OF SHIT. Hitler himself said thats the reason it exists, to destroy communism in Germany. They are the enemy, communists are controlled by Jews and want to kill all whites. We will get rid of you first, and that includes Heimbach pro-russian commie faggots.

Reminder its not ambiguous, if you support communists at all, or downplay how bad they are, youre a communist subvert and should be treated like Patler who shot Rockwell. Get rid of the men with Bolshevik leanings before we lose another Hitler.

Yes i had someone give me one of these skully hooss for free last year … he is liberal as fuck just likes target shooting… said he ordered a 50 pack online…so the mask is not really a thing… just another Chinese made garbage flooding the land

you sound agitated

Why is so hard for you people to grasp that loons and unhinged types will gravitate to fringe beliefs trying to find 'belonging' for their sociopathy naturally rather than have everything controlled in lockstep by the fucking FBI.

They've wracked up 5 murders of randoms/their own members in the past 8 months, this should be a warning to double-check any fucking potential nutcases you have around you and not just shelved under the fucking 'zog controlled opposition' shit.

How can you possibly be this fucking dense.

Like this?

Heimbach had a group with skull masks involved in the Sac rally a while back. Figured they were the Sac Skins but I'm not up on the newest glow nigger groups tbh.

Who are the people in this supposed to be

Once again you literally don't understand the point. No one is trying to say communism is good, no one is trying to downplay shit. The point is they aren't the main problem, the system is.

How to spot a satanist 101

He defends fucking satan and then trys to get the larpagans to come to his defense by calling him Odin

They cost less than a buck on fleabay, so I'm not too sure that the masks are that important. Maybe an especially autistic user can draw us up a map explaining how all this fits together in some jewish conspiracy, and if so, please do. But I think it's just some thing from a video game that got popular.

So you're saying we should be muslims because they occasionally praise Hitler?

Literally kill yourself now, faggot.

You're the reason why Holla Forums has become shit.

. And this is further reason why Holla Forumshas gone to shit.

False equivalency.

Besides, many of those so-called "nazi occultists" are spiritual jews and support jewish goals.

Also, I fail to see how an animal with no self-control can be godly.

Eh. 8pol is becoming as relevant as the Thule Society. They're done if they continue poisoning the well against any form of viable action.

"Logic" and "reason" are worthless horseshit if it's used to rationalize laziness, inaction, and our enemies' agenda. Viable action must be taken.

well considering that the leftist orgs are infiltrated by SF types with leftist leaning recruited by glow in the darks they will become very very dangerous, and communism is the tool that will open up the world to full blown luciferianism as a governmental system

The primary purpose of the association is to discredit those who oppose the Jew order, as such we must beware of any infomation regarding the association since it is always possible that this is itself the primarily harmful attack.

Lurk forever and take your shitty Holla Forums does nothing IRL meme with you

OP is a faggot. 14666 HAIL SATAN HEIL HITLER

14666 Death to Christians

Patler DID NOT shoot Rockwell! There was never any evidence found that he did it. Just look into it, the jews fucking murdered him, not some "obsessed lone gunman". Such horseshit.

She really needs to get the gas.

They actually are the problem. Thats like saying niggers arent a problem or a threat because Jews control them. Useful idiots are useful race traitors and will be treated exactly as all the other communists. Antifa wants white people to disappear just as much as Jews, they go around telling whites they cant mix with eachother. You are braindead, and defending the enemy. They deserve to die, and they are a threat. Anyone who says otherwise is a communist subvert and should be treated as a traitor. NO SYMPATHY FOR COMMUNISTS - ONLY LEAD

It's barely even years old. But yes I agree Brandon is literally autistic as fuck. Anyone that thought it was a good idea to follow him is fucking retarded. I guess they have some new guy running it but most likely its run by the government and is now a honeypot that's why all they do is maximum edge fed posting.

btw the trap in that pic used to hang out on tinychat with the admin of the room that Brandon and Devon met in. I think the trap's name is Sam.

Without a concrete spiritual foundation like Christianity, you begin to lose other right-wing principles as well.

You have to realize that meetups are a double edged sword

"___ is controled opposition, fellow Whites!"

I've always sensed there was something out there "more" than Christianity. Namely, me. I once told the Christian God that if reality is as his doctrines state, he'll have to accept that I am as he made me, someone who can't "fake it till he makes it," someone who can't "submit," as the JCI religions call for.

I am a man of the Right because the Left doesn't serve my interests. The Left is all about equality and softness and diversity and weakness. A world of true beauty and greatness can only come from one of hierarchy, order, stratification, and particularity.

I seek a white ethnostate for aesthetic reasons–I want to be surrounded by people who remind me of me. Selfish and narcissistic? Fine by me. I want a second helping of "white privilege." What rational lifeform wouldn't seek to design a world that caters to him? That's the real meaning of "posterity" in the Constitution. My ancestors did everything they could to build a world for me, and I won't let that jewel slip from my hands.

Satanism is edgy Judaism.

Here are some screenshots from Vic Mackey's discord (I believe it belonged to him).



The meaning of their post is obvious on it's face. If they genuinely think antifa is somehow against the system then they're surprisingly delusional. Antifa are the hall monitors of the system, there's nothing they believe that zog doesn't also support. In essence, their issue is that the system isn't (yet) fully totalitarian about it's imposition. Antifa also actually thinks goober GOP members are fascists.

He's saying that non-kiked satanists, just like the muslims fighting Israel (Syria, Iran), aren't our biggest concern and sometimes can be considered allies. And YOU are the shit part in Holla Forums. Starting unnecessary wars, increasing infighting and antagonizing potential allies is the worst way to win anything.

Tell that to the churches in my city currently flooding us with shitskins.

kys my man

It doesn't matter if these people are a Satanic death cult using Nazi imagery or if they're glow in the dark FBIniggers trawling for the next load of mouthbreathers to present as "domestic terrorists" or both.

Anybody who sincerely believes in some sort of armed vanguardist uprising hasn't paid any attention at fucking all to the history of terrorist and insurrectionist groups during the 20th century.

Checking these glorious digits (the Fuhrer's birth year was 1

It's actually pretty interesting, but yeah, I don't blame you.
Crazy shit though.



Assad isn't a FUCKING KIKE like Anton Lavey was.
He's a Western Educated National Socialist leader.

"We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else–in any case, something which has nothing to do with us."

- Adolf Hitler, 1938, Nuremberg

Reinhard Heydrich ordered the Security Service (SD) and the Secret Police (Gestapo) to seize documents from occult organisations on 20 July 1937, and Freemason lodges on 23 April 1938.

Eugen Grosche, founder of the Fraternitas Saturni, fled to Switzerland.

Aleister Crowley left Germany in 1932 because he saw that the way political winds were blowing he would soon not be welcome there.

Karl Germer, Aleister Crowley's best friend, was put in a concentration camp in 1937.

The reason given for his arrest was:

"You have supported the subversive activities of Freemason Crowley, now living abroad, by consistently keeping in contact, and by spreading his teachings you have tried to recruit disciples for him in Germany."

- Peter-Robert Koenig, Satanist, "The Templar's Reich Milieu, The Slaves Shall Serve"


same video editor as RAM? Looks just like it.

This isn't helping your case. Syria's rulers are Alawites, who are not considered Muslims by most Muslims. Iran subsidizes trannies.

You even read thinks to have knowledge to write stuf?

First of all, satanists have an ideology that goes against anything of conservadorism, read LaVeyan Satanism and The Church of Satan.
Also, read Alasteir Crowley, like the book of the law. They are indeed not friends with commies, but most of the followers of satanism or the satanist rethoric today are edgy liberals and fags, and serve as tools for parties like the democrats to push shitty agendas of governament control, wich is fucking ironic because satanist are against all that, but young lgbt edgelords are retarded.

So, in no way they are allies, they are shit.

Also, there is no such thing as Religion of Cuck™ic allies, they all hate the west with all they guts, its not because they fight each other like retards and some of them sided with jews and other not, that they are even clost to be allies.
And Assad is alauit (or somenthing), not even considered Religion of Cuck™ic.

you don't deserve to get your dubs checked faggot

learn christian genealogy before spouting off retarded shit

you are a fucking retard

This hasn't been posted yet? Somebody posting AWD logs


they're decent but they don't have an actual economic endgame

actually….Stalinism wasn't as third position as Holla Forums wants to make it out to be, in fact Stalin gulag'd the OG Nazbol, Nikolai Ustraylov

Former leader in group left thanks to the new management taking over, the satanic shit and anti christian crap that came out of the group

Not only "fascist". EVERY SINGLE ONE.
Look how quickly they infiltrated the young right wing surge, renamed it alt-kike and imploded it with degenerates degeneratin'.
Look how quickly they infiltrated the libertarian movement and turned it into a degenerate fest.
Chans are pretty much dead by now. Holla Forums is owned by a mason and we've got 12 fucking stickies that tell us what to think.

The point is to INFILTRATE every movement that could pose danger to the NWO and subject or destroy it. Now matter how obscure it is.

That isn't true. DS bookclubs don't exist off the internet, Atomwaffen is gay satanic shit that uses siege as an excuse to do nothing rather than actually follow its doctrine, and Vanguard occasionally will put up a poster or something but they're just an edgy shitposting club. All of them hate each other. DS hates VA and AW for being "bad optics" and "larpers." VA hates DS for being faggots and AW for being satanic. AW hates DS and half of VA for being faggots, the other half for not just joining AW.

Atomwaffen Division is controlled by U.S. Special Operations Command via U.S. Marine Corps intelligence agent Dillon Hopper/Irizarry:

Atomwaffen is closely associated with #VanguardAmerica, the group that #Charlottesville murderer James Alexander Fields, Jr. was putatively affiliated with. There is significant evidence to believe that Vanguard America is a front recruiting group for Atomwaffen. This is based on intelligence reported by antifascist infiltrators that had infiltrated Vanguard America over the summer, becoming trusted members privy to information in the lead up to the August 12th confrontation in Charlottesville, VA.

Vanguard America and Atomwaffen Division are one and the same.

Indeed you can, because James Mason, the idiot who created Charles Manson neo-Nazism back in the 1970's, has been brought out of retirement is now working closely with AtomWaffen Division.

Nick Bougas ("A. Wyatt Mann") was also part of the Charles Manson cult with Boyd Rice and Nicholas Shrek. They were all close friends in the 1980's and 1990's.

It's all connected.

so, just for the sake of science, how would someone go about joining such a group?
good luck have fun

Patriot Front is a splinter group of Vanguard America.

Charles Manson was a flaming homosexual, an inconvenient fact which the AWD-James Mason Siege cultists don't seem to be aware of.

antifa isnt an organization any more than israel is a country
without massive aid by (((other))) entities
it would collapse and lose seeking any goals

The two ideas are not mutually exclusive. These groups are created and controlled by CIA/DoD/FBI intelligence agents for the express purpose of attracting the types of personalities that you discuss.

The guy who runs AWD now goes by the name "Ryan."

Do you happen to know anything about him?

Right. The infamous Third Position Tinychat room.

AW has no association with VA, i remember they were trying to 1up each other on here like a year ago. The article you linked has no evidence either.

That's obviously false, for the simple fact that every white supremacist group is connected to every other one. It's an extremely small, incestuous subcult. It's always been that way.

This video says that the real name of "Ryan/Rape" is John Cameron Denton. Is that correct?

How do you get images on to display? No images from will show in my browser. Is there some trick to it?

Are "Rape" and "Ryan" the same person or are they two different people?

Fuck off OP you god damned newfag. ONA are /ourguys/ you faggot.

I pronounce my Oration to Lucifer: _ Oh, Luci-Bel, Oh Morning Star Oyeihue May your deep light fall upon me Moist Cover me in your petals Of light Like in the skies of Autumn. Permit me to pass Through your Window Towards the Black Sun That waits behind you Oh, Black Sun! Absorb me in your light Backwards Faster than the light Of the Golden Sun And give me shelter In the nonexistence Of the Green Ray
Where the Master Dwells Even the Masters of my Master And dwell the high Secret Guides Of Esoteric Hitlerism Oh, Green Ray! Engulf me in your nonexistence But more real than any existence Help me to realize Impossible Dreams The Resurrection of the Beloved The return of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler The re-creation of Esoteric Hitlerism And the possession of the Archetype Until the consummation of its Myth And it’s Legend In the Resurrection of the Flesh The Immortal Vajra. Permit me to return to the Black Sun Oh, Black Sun! Reabsorb me in your rotating light And carry me to your home The Morning and Evening Star Yepun-Oyeihue Oh, Morning and Evening Star! Together with the Beloved Now that She may fight Within me In my Impenetrable body of Red Light The Immortal Vajra The Incorruptible Power of Odil
It Resides in NOS The Vision and the Voice And quickly we come to realize the Legend and the Myth Of A-MOR Until the consummation And Transfiguration Into the Absolute Man and Woman Oh, Evening Star, Yepun! Allow me to pass Through your Window To the Golden Sun And with Chastity There in Order to continue fighting The power in dawn I reclaim. Oh, my Guide Lucifer! Oh, Sun of Gold! Let us pass in the Nostalgia Of the Green Ray So that She and I We leave here Towards something never heard Towards It-She Beyond the Green Ray And of its Nonexistence
Heil! Sieg Heil!


You're a fag.

user, (((Anton Levey))) was a fucking kike. Levey is the french variation of the kike name (((Levi))) as in, the tribal name levi. The Church of Satan was created as controlled opposition and as a means to push political agenda that the kikes know is unpopular. It was created at the same time that the kikes coopted the New Age (note, the term new age was first coined by esoteric leaders who were race realists, most of whom supported the Reich.)
You will easily spot the controlled opposition by the fact that they always use the term "Satan" above "Lucifer" and never mention "Lucibel". Their ideology will also tend to align with the piece of shit, Max Stirner. You'll also likely notice some lurianic Kabala in their practices.

Note "Satan" is just the kike word for "Adversary.". They do this as they had against the Rosicrucians and others before. They fear Lucifer-Lucibel, Apollo-Artemis, Shiva-Pavati.

KYS newfag, and Praise Kek when you respond to digits.

Sad, low energy, heretical. Many such cases.

Just like a kike to accuse your enemies of what you yourself are doing. Read a book. How about Nos, book of the Resurrection. If you don't shed a tear reading it, you are no Hyperborean.

>>>Holla Forums

You niggers shitting up this board with your "read a book" faggotry is the cancer killing pol. If you can't defend your retarded positions you should either rethink them or demand a raise from your glow in the dark supervisors in tel aviv.

Holla Forums isn't part of Atomwaffen, so why is this important?

Alright with your Hyperborean Quads of Truth. What is the question?

Clearly Anglin is better than this shithole if you fucks are okay with any satanism. Go fuck yourselves.

Alright, this is what I found on for "John Cameron Denton." Also, "Rape" wrote on the IronMarch forum that he lives in Texas, and this guy lives in Texas also. So I think we have a match: CAMERON DENTON&l=&sloc=&in=6

Classic contrived conflict. E-celebs do this all the time to mutually increase traffic and chatter about them. The best term I've heard to describe this is covert cross-promotion. It's a form of reverse psychology. Instead of WWAP (shill) posting something positive about Spencer's wife or vice versa, they run a little controversial exchange. This triggers anger and defensive instinct in their predominately male followers, resulting in something similar to what we see in your post, e.g
It bothered you enough that you saved a screenshot and printed it here, it bothers others so much that they talk about it, which equals free publicity.
These people exploit negative emotions, which also allows them to promote colleagues who do not share views in accordance with their own audience's views.
How for example, can a WN promote a MGTOW (when they're both e-celebs employed by the same organization)? He or she can't do it directly, so they run a contrived conflict and voila, you have promotion in the guise of criticism.
All the right-wing e-celebs use this tactic and hardly anyone seems to be aware of it. Picture related, it's another example.

I mean i'm sure they have some similar areas of influence but its pretty clear they have some distinct ideological separations.

>can't tell the difference between (((Satanism))) and Luciferianism
Here, read.
And this

I'm sure it's been said, who cares?

You precisely right. This is exactly how the process works. But you didn't mention the reason that these people utilize this covert form of mutual cross promotion though: it's because they're all intelligence agents.

Makes sense. Either that or total slimeballs.

Are these the narcissists that dismiss all my comments as shilling?

I am well aware of the differences between (((Satanists))) and Luciferians. The point is that it seems like most people here are okay with Satanic scum.

< calling people niggers for advising you to educate yourself
< Holla Forums
Get the fuck back to reddit

Here's a confirmed picture of "Rape," AtomWaffen Division's de facto leader. He's the long haired guy squatting in the lower left hand corner of the picture.

RAPE is a CIAnigger informant. AWD was a good group until feds infiltrated them. IronMarch did nothing wrong tbh.

bump ;)

Yah bless.

still not really better from a bunch of satanic jews from the AWD

AWD aren't satanic jews, they're being subverted by satanic jew feds.

yeah, it's always the feds, it's not that weirdos gravitate towards fringe beliefs like natsoc it's always the deepstate!

oy vey national socialism is for lunatics
Get the fuck out, TRS >>>/bog/

It's not national socialism if it's satanism, hitler didn't want any of that shit you degenerate (((alphabet))) are literally CIAniggers and have been attempting to subvert nationalist groups with satanism for decades.

It's not 'read a book, it's 'read several hundred'' books', you nigger. You can't build a weltanschauung off of shitposts alone.
Nice quads tho.

its the pozzed military as well. michael aquino did a satanic ritual at wewelsburg, himmlers castle.


Why is Holla Forums consistently one of the most sane places when it comes to politics?
Like even other 'right-wing', 'fascist', etc groups are just full of crazies and stupids. I mean just look at these losers>>11275924
What is it about Holla Forums that allows people here to be so grounded?

Learn how to format your posts and maybe we will tell you one day.

Satanism is synonymous with Judaism.

I have a hard time finding legitimacy in "National Socialists" that dress and act like ANTIFA when posing for photos. There is great power in aesthetic.

all people who use that word are homosexuals. Aesthetics only appeal to fags. That why only fags work in the clothing industry.


What a fucking joke 8chaim is nowadays.

Fresh off the boat from cuckchan?


Nah, been here since the exodus back during Goobergate. Boy oh boy, did this board ever start to suck.

Reform your name from Satanism to Odinism or Luciferism if you want white people to take you seriously you stupid fucking kike.

James Mason was the first person to combine Satanism with National Socialism, back in the 1970's. He was also the first person to combine the Charles Manson cult with National Socialism.

How decelerate can you get. I'd unironically pick 2D over that mongo.

Odin is a cheap Perun ripoff, except Odin drinks horse jizz and fags out every others chronicle. F that.

Here's a long thread about the AWD freaks. It has a lot of information.

Satanic Vampire Neo-Nazis (Atomwaffen Division & Siegeculture) aka Autistic Strasserists aka Helter Skelter Cult




t. autist who dresses with pic related

*colors I mean :^)

says the closet homo

Satanism is fucking stupid and explains their retarded behavior. If anyone's ever met a "satanist" they're almost always degenerates practicing the equivalent of white voodoo understanding zero of the spiritual realms seeing it largely as nothing ore than "magic".

IMO satanists are a psyop meant to completely shit on luciferianism which has a solid basis due to different interpretations of ancient texts. Bible fags often times lump the two together and it couldn't be farther from the truth and they're rarely degenerates.

I dunno, the Podestas and the Pope don't seem to be particularly wholesome figures.



Both are satanists not luciferians. Even an honest Christian would tell you they are not the same thing.

No, that's not even remotely what was said.

Hell no he's not. He's a mongoloid Russian with fetal alcohol syndrome.

And a half jew, don't forget that.

Except he wasn't at all, he said that he admired the way anton levi trolled christcucks.

pick one

boomers hang on the day of the rope

Because (((Anton))) was a fucking kike. The kikes went way out of their way to co-opt every spiritual movement that diverted from kosher religions, during the late 60s-early 80s.

Hold your horses satanic kike. Your pedo satanistc ways are exposed


This looks like a picture that would get a group of teenagers sent to the guidance counselor at school because they forgot to clarify that they were holding airsoft guns when they posted it on their collective Kikebook accounts.

Cute leftypol trying something totally "new" again.

A place of philosophy and logic, informed by the natural world, is by definition 'grounded'.

Those same satanists are glowing CIAniggers, don't forget. It's almost like turbocharged version of FBI infiltration of """white nationalist groups""".

As bad as it sounds, it's the other way around and even worse.

Potently stated.

Found the empty rotting corpse of unfulfillment. You have cursed yourself to an eternity of being a retarded nigger.

bump, don't let the satanist kikes slide

That's the joke you insufferable nigger

Is Nikolas Cruz half-Jewish? Post the evidence if you have it, please.

Anton LaVey wasn't a neo-Nazi or white supremacist, so I'm not sure why you even mentioned him.

James Mason invented Satanic neo-Nazism and Charles Manson neo-Nazism. He also founded the National Socialist Movement group.


If none of those things had happened they'd just make something up.

La Creatura…

no matter how much shit happens I will continue to walk forward

It's also safe to consider that it's intentional to make all organizations whether organic or not appear as though they were fabricated by the state.

Nice try faggot.

This thread really shows how bad the /r/The_donald contingent has gotten.

That's the new official Attomwaffen Division emblem taken straight from the official Attomwaffen Division website.

How do you spell Atomwaffen Division?




LOL you have got to be fucking kidding me.

False dichotomy of Evil doers and "light" workers, as always. Don't fall for these spiritual traps, the only ones you can trust are : yourself (including your higher self), The All and your people. You are Sovereign don't ever forget that.
Have you read the Rothschild AMA? Read it, continue with the both parts of "Why I am no longer a lightworker" and do some research on the YellowRoseForTexas stuff.
Don't fall for the new age bullshit, you don't need a spiritual master or channeling "higher being". Two face of the same coin really. Our energy is feeding spiritual parasites, our suffering too.
It's similar to what the jews are, parasites.
We're pretty much trapped in this realm, they love to shame humanity, like the jews are doing to us whites on a daily basis. "It's because of your corrupted nature that all these terrible things happened goyim! Humanity is worthless! You'll eventually do the same mistakes again! No no it's not like you're regularly deceived! It's not like we feed on your struggles against each other!"
In reality, we need to wage war against the jews and all these parasitical spiritual entities. Niggers, Asians, mudslim, christians (and many others) aren't a direct and genuines Ennemy. They are as deceived as our liberals for example. If we obliterate the source of this Evil, the other issues will be easier to treat without much bloodshed.

lol wtf

You are such a fucking retard.

ONA member here. Ask me anything. Will respond when I get back to this thread later and read whatever.

Just going to quickly comment on this. The purpose of ONA so far as subversion is concerned is to:

A) make people aware of the magickal reality
B) create a new man (ubermensch stuff) with the sinister ethos

What I would like to emphasize as such is that we aren't trying to change the racial aspect of far-right groups or in any way undermine this. We are however completely opposed to egalitarianism, to weakness, to mundanes, to all that stands in the way of the rise of the new man (who btw not be some disgusting mongrel but the very best of the aryan/white race).

burn in hell nigger ape, satanism is Jewish and so are you

Yeah a Christianity isn't "jewish" by the same logic?

I don't mutilate baby's genitals, preach egalitarianism, produce degeneracy, or undermine the nation.

ONA mostly just reads hermetic texts btw. ONA is just edgy hermeticists.

Israel literally funded post-war NSDAP groups in Germany in order to create honeypots. That's the source of all the paranoia in modern times

Ultimately there's no way to avoid this kind of stuff unless you personally know all your comrades in person and are friends/relatives in real life. Then you won't have any Bernie Coinblatt's sieg-heiling and asking how do you do fellow kids.

I think it's funny because I was making fun of alphabet niggers on 4/pol/ for making AW and trying to combine all the edgy shit that soccer moms fear into one big scary edgefest, but failing miserably. Everyone knows that spiritual Satanism is WAY scarier than Religion of Cuck™, and bio weapons are scarier than nukes. If you want to attract all the edgelords you need to make a 'neonazi' honeypot with Satanism, cool logos [not windmills of doom], high technology, and intimations of being on a quest to create a virus that will kill all the Jews.

Really? AV has strong optics, AW may as well be skinheads.

You mean like several Holla Forumsacks have mentioned? I hope they were all on good VPNs.

Do you have proof?

If I'm a solitary practitioner, what do I do about the "found a coven for six months" portion of the path? Can I just leave that piece out?


Also don't eat oreos. you'll see the resemblance

What do you know about the Cthulhu for president group? They openly advocate depopulation etc.

Hello Mr. ONA member. I do have some questions for you.

1. You say ONA are just "edgy hermeticists". If so to what extent is ONA's sinister violent image edgy LARPing, and to what extent are they completely serious? This would tie in more detail to my following questions

2. Do you guys actually believe that everyone who is not a member of the ONA is automatically a "mundane" and enemy of your group.looked down on with contempt? For example do you see most white nationalists, occultists, satanists, and other groups who are not directly affiliated with ONA but who may share at least some common views to be on the same disdainful level as your mundane normie and a potential target?

3. Would you mind talking about the infamous practice of "culling" the ONA gets a lot of press about? Perhaps tying directly to my first question, how prevalent is it for ONA members to actually kill people? Is it something that happen very often, just edgy LARPing that no one actually does, or somewhere in between? I believe I read somewhere that the ONA claims their main targets for culling should be low-life criminals, as well as Christians, or is this incorrect and they can basically kill anyone for whatever reason? How, if at all, do you see such practices as being distinct from Pizzagate, Blood Libel, etc.? I believe your group claims to not harm anyone under the age of 16, but assuming that is the case, wouldn't it be counter-intuitive for a group that claims to be the most truly evil and amoral ideology to stop the line at harming children -
the most incontestably evil act one can do? (As disclaimer, there is nothing I personally detest more than any sort of harm being done towards children, so please do not misconstrue that previous sentence as being disappointed that such acts are not permitted, quite the contrary, I'm simply trying to understand the logic behind such a rule - assuming it is genuine - in the context of a group like the ONA)

4. What, if anything, does the ONA think of Miguel Serrano, Esoteric Hiterlism, Norse Paganism and similar things?

5. What, if anything, does the ONA think of psychedelic drugs?

6. What is your personal opinion on Myatt's story and how sincere the conversion to the "Numinous Way" is? Do you think he is still secretly a firm believer in the ONA ideals and is using Numinous Way as a deceitful cover for who knows what purposes? Or do you believe it was sincere and he is genuinely repentful of his radical violent past?

Considering that O9A is Luciferian and not Satanic, while pro-hitler and pro-National Socialism, odds are they think highly of Miguel Serrano. Let's demand confirmation. Either they Heil Serrano and Hitler, or they're nothing.

Calling all Esoteric Hitlerists and Esoteric Kekists to help dig into the O9A! The amount of disinfo being spread is pretty impressive. Past the disinfo, I'm seeing Pythagorean influences encoded everywhere, traditions such as the 7 rays, and some interesting shit, but I will make no conclusions or speculations until I have more info. I found an interesting book of their's on pdf. Naos - A Practical Guide to Modern Magic.
Anyone want to help dig through this?

are you actually retarded

I guess you've never heard of the (((Catholic Church)))

So far, not impresses by their literature. The subject matter is good, but honestly I'd get more from an archive of any of the Esoteric Kekism threads.

You know, I personally knew many of the guys in AW and can tell you for certain that they aren't "controlled ops". Seriously, what is the logic behind this "controlled ops" bullshit? You have people in these organizations that are feeling their way around a political side that hasn't been legitimately explored since the 1940's, and somehow, you expect them to do everything right?

No. They will be stupid, they will act like retards at times. This happens when developing a group and refining it. I can't speak for AW nowadays, but people were calling the National Alliance "controlled ops" back in the days of Pierce.

Give some credit to these groups that are actually trying, whether it be AtomWaffen, Vanguard, Identity Europa or TWP.

Apparently the feds aren't very good at it. Because even AW members (or former members) have never been taken in for doing anything legal. I should know, the FBI was on my ass for a while and they didn't do shit because I refused to talk to them.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?
You got Woodward and Devon as killers and that's it. Devon was an Religion of Cuck™ic convert and Woodward was an unhinged teen (as far as I could tell).
Even then, that's only 3 murders. For different reasons.

However, he was a cool autist and I'd be glad to help him when he gets out.

What happened to Yank and Arathis? What happened to that one San Antonio guy who protested that gay prayer vigil?

Expending all these unnecessary resources on neetsoc sure seems like a victory for Holla Forums Mr Blackpill.

One could argue that the entire internet is a honeypot filled with bots that constantly improve. Any platform will be subverted over time.
I'm fully convinced that some people come here just to get mad. Others merely come to get a glimpse of the truth. The rest are marketers, bots, and shills.

No brain dead Nazi LARPer can be in any type of public eye without shrinking back into juicy, Satanic, death cult shit. There's no actual way for you to be as much of the violent chimps you are without throwing out whatever it was you were supposed to be doing.


No nazi salute ? Fuck them

The entire WN/neo-Nazi subculture is a PSYOP invention of the CIA and DoD.

It's just Rape taking over the group ever since Brandon got arrested.

clique shit for cliquey teens.

When your movement isn't rooted in a strong religious tradition, or is full of literal satanists, it will always be full of degenerates who will fuck your wife and steal your food.

Attached: 0db40fa826310d8e999fb1323dbaf550a6240e8cc20ebd98d11b92eebb132b10.jpg (374x588, 62.97K)


This is the mostaccurate and funniest meme on the entire RightWing movement I've seen. Bravo.

Attached: queen of pol 78.jpg (918x1224, 296.81K)

Yeah, your pet closet-Stalinist sure did manage to bluepill a lot of Holla Forumsacks.

Occultism could be European polytheism, not necessarily satanism.

Attached: nazisxd.png (1280x853, 3.32M)

son of a bitch, thank god im a cameos guy

Attached: finish3.jpg (1592x2250, 577.23K)

Wow It's literally nothing.
Ask me how I can tell you're not from here

With Anglin's degenerate past I don't see him in any position to be moral posturing

This is no different than moral outrage in the 90s over people playing DOOM.
One of the reasons why the Right Wing has never attracted the youth is because of this carry-over of Boomer-tier moral outrage culture over spooks. The Satanism scare is a big example of that.

Is it me or is every "satanic" group that unironically believes in an actual satanic deity outside of symbolism just purposely edgy as shit even past the whole satanic aesthetic shit?

Attached: 1507353131938.png (540x400, 10.88K)

Respect the digits and praise Kek, faggot.


do these guys have a blueprint for destroying the system?

Literally read SIEGE, and related to the OP if anyone has actually read SIEGE and understands what O9A wants it's exactly the same none of this should be any surprise or controversy except to a few low iq spiritual semites that fellate a kikesicle.

occultist is no satanism

satanism is specifically ego driven garbage

occult just means hidden

It's ludicrous, you rap listening nigger lover.

Attached: 1518099532540.gif (221x224, 19.95K)

it's as if it's written by a butthurt granny.
there is no step by step plan.
it's a bunch of whining and pointing fingers.
why isn't Mason blowing up buildings and unleashing terror?
yeah, because he's all talk no action.

Old ass new now user, AWD has been confirmed to be Satanist for a while. Did you not read the heathen women/Vex's article about it? Rape is a faggot who had e sex with a satanist Mexican tranny.

Also, doesn't it seem retarded that a "secretive" paramilitary organization would use fucking DISCORD of all methods to communicate?? Nigga, there are plenty of much safer outlets. It only made it easier for their satanic asses to get doxxed at the end.

Atomwaffen division was a DISASTER in the making!

Attached: 1499261313134.jpg (500x500, 87.75K)

Discord was their shitposting channel from my understanding.

Siege is about pointing out the flaws of most counter system movements and why they've always historically failed, it isn't about taking the system down directly its about why it hasn't been done yet and mainly why mass movements are shit.

Identity Evropa?

Anglin has turned into a giant faggot. Wouldn't be surprised if he's dead or totally compromised. He hasn't been seen from so why does anyone trust this piece of shit again?


Yo. I figured you guys might want some insight.

O9A has been coopted by jews for ages. One of the leaders was a cryptokike who confessed and then got accepted. The members are usually jackasses with poor methodology and lack of pathworking, nothing really special.

Attached: 1458081100175.jpg (900x600, 65.23K)


They want to cause total chaos to destabilize society to the point of collapse so they can bring their order out of the chaos. However they are just doing the work of the Jewish establishment who want the same for the same just to bring out their Jewish World Government. In the end who is going to win in that game the Jews and their world armies or Mason and his handful of inept autists…… In the end how do they expect to even impose their order on a armed populace who has been taught to hate their ideals. They would be the ones who would end up roped up in the tree very quickly the second they tried to start their nonsense for real in such situation.

The people into this are always just angry dysfunctional types(just look at the convos they have) who have revenge fantasies against society. Who are probably being led around by Fed's and anti-Whites agents. This was strange the way all of a sudden this Siege nonsense which is ancient history in the infiltrated White National movement. Just reappeared again out of nowhere with all this push behind it. It reeks of a organized troll campaign by anti-White political actors.

The nonsense they claim to justify this stupid garbage does not make sense. The Jews don't want us to have media or free speech or equality to speak our ideals or peacefully assemble without being attacked in public. Because they know we are right and they would be exposed. And that normal legal social and political activism would undo their control. So this ideal that normal activism does not work is a lie. This is the standard tactic of infiltration they always try to discourage activism that works for insane nonsense that destroys any success.

They are not Satanists either. They just like the whole darkness theme associated with the jewish version of Satanism for maximum autism and edginess. None of them are partaking in any meaningful esoteric practices or have a connection with an actual deity.>

James Mason himself is Christian who believes that Charles Manson is a Christ avatar. The point of Siege is Mason wants to bring on the Christian apocalypse like Manson wanted to. The "Helter Skelter" endgame of igniting a racewar which results in all the "other whites" being killed off by niggers and then Manson and his little buddies emerging from a cave to rule over a world of darkies. Gee just (((who))) does that remind me of?

Attached: reed seej.jpg (750x717, 141.61K)

Atomwaffen seems a legitimate antidote to the malaise of the safe alt-right / modern "nationalist" movements.

How can we contact them for membership inquiries?

How's that increasing irrelevance treating you TRS?

Fuck off, CIAnigger.

Attached: ted-1024x684.jpg (1024x684, 139.72K)

Invite only

There's a difference between Siegefags, cucks like you who try to work within what the system sets for you to try and change the system in any meaningful way, and then taking measures outside the law to make ensure self protection, ensure effective tactics in getting a message out, and maintaining high energy

Why couldn't they have embraced the religion of the sphincter instead? Then they've be loved by the alt-right.

I remember when just the use of this word was looked down upon.

It's a jewish trick to label everything not jewish as "Satan" because once (((they))) have replaced the local stories with (((their))) own stories then "Satan" just becomes another Semitic jew.

Top kek

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Anglin, you're retarded


Attached: this.jpg (340x480, 126.28K)

That's fine. We've already started our own group that will annihilate all these amateur scum.

Should they not resume their own self-immolation, of course.

Be seeing you…

You're clearly a child who is new to this…

If they saw what we have concocted, they would, pardon me…WILL be seeking to join US.

Say what you will about AW or any other modern group. But who the fuck is Anglin or anyone to proclaim what is or isn't legitmate national socialism?

You'll always need both intels and front-li ne warriors. Inability to optimize all overlapping factions does the movement a grave disservice.

If the goal was about truly winning, the pseudo-elites would capitalize on alternative manpower and 'siege' the day.

The irony being how Anton LaVey attempted to proclaim his Satanism as the ipso facto, legitimate form. Whereas Anglin does the same thing with national socialism, while disavowing AW for espousing supposed, satanik elements.

And despite all of that, they're still more likable than TRS.

Attached: 51c6833372e54c812889cf118093e41ef2592368096fa156d29fecf908164d4c.png (1430x1070, 1.89M)

What a bunch of faggots.

Attached: 371873.jpg (615x409, 29.19K)

Hot blood pic. Ill take some of that

And Michael Moynihan, Boyd Rice's once protege was an acolyte of James Mason in the 80's. I believe he published an edition of SIEGE.

he's still with us.


Attached: qPTCHmg.jpg (640x320, 173.83K)

A bunch of Aliens/Starship Troopers-esque space marines get stationed on a lifeless barren rock of a planet that has an ungodly amount of oil to guard the drilling rigs; Earth is out of oil so it's utterly priceless. The planet's location and their mission is classified. All electronics stop working one day, soldiers are forced into a desperate survival situation with limited supplies hoping somebody comes to rescue them. They all start having horrible nightmares that lead to widespread ampethamine usage to avoid sleep; their situation + sleep deprivation and ampethamine psychosis results in a ton of suicides and violent Reaver-tier behavior until only 5/600 are left. Eight months later a ship arrives and loses all power and crashes; they and the pilot figure out the electronics killer is a field limited to a couple hundred feet above the surface and rig up a way to launch a ship high enough to clear it and start the engines. The pilot reveals that the planet was once a lush world full of life, but the Earth government fried it of everything living down to the microbes and used reality-fraying tech to speed up local passage of time until the biomass becomes oil. They were on a planet-sized haunted house, and drilling into the distilled essence of dead world woke some kind of abomination up.

Lavey was far too retarded to be anything of the sort. The 'Church of Satan' is post-modernist Jew nonsense. I suspect it was an intentional Jewish subversion of actual Satanism.

There is nothing to suspect. LaVey was a child of ukrainan born jews. It's obviously jewish mindfuck and timewastery.

Oldfag here. Pic related.

Attached: ddge.jpeg (625x468, 51.73K)

Atomwaffen did nothing wrong UNTIL Brandon was framed for a bomb plot by the FBI (in an "investigation" conducted after the Bosnian converted to Religion of Cuck™ and murdered two fellow AWD members) and then the group was subsequently infiltrated by Satanists AKA CIAniggers pushing this retarded Iron Gates / Liber333 bullshit instead of National Socialism (as per the old Atomwaffen).
This (satanism) is how CIAniggers have tried to destroy nationalist groups for years.
The group was targeted by the state because they posed a REAL threat to the kike system.
Read Siege
But you probably shouldn't just randomly murder your mailman or nigger children, that's a retard-tier, outdated interpretation.
Iron March did nothing wrong.

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Attached: (you).png (235x215, 6.13K)

Why the fuck do you sodomites still shill our board? You stand out like a fucking sore thumb. >>>/trs/

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Once again, I'll remind everyone here that IRL groups are absolutely useless at this stage in time. Do not join any existing ones or start a new one unless you want to become apart of the alphabet soup controlled opposition.
We need to focus on:
1) Further pushing white nationalist/National Socialist propaganda online strategically until we amass a much larger base.
2) Conducting doxing/DDoS attacks/raids against enemy factions.
3) Networking with IRL close friends without starting a LARP group.
Once we are like about 3-5x larger, that's when IRL groups will start to become appropriate.

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post?

Letter niggers will be the first to hang on the day of the rope.

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You're otherwise right, but since he's been mentioned, can we just take a moment to think about the idiocy of trusting a 16-year-old 56% mutt with a sub-90 IQ?

Yes, obviously AWD was O9A and Jesus Christ, the shit they supported was fucking wild, but that doesn't mean we have to leap wildly into the arms of anybody who is against them. Vex is a half-White half-Latino mutt, a literal child by law, and has a nigger-tier IQ.

How can you infer this from a simple
When you get down to brass tax, talking about anarchy groups like AtomWaffen or Antifa vs the US government, the idea of toppling the current government and establishing a new one.

Antifa despite its obvious kike leanings and being against us right thinking people, is a destructive element to the system. And unfortunately, this struggle makes for strange bedfellows. Antifa being an enemy is true, their desire to wreak havoc and act like niggers in the streets is positive destruction.

We don't want to reinforce the system, or rock the boat, we want to capsize it.
No one is talking about allying with Antifa directly though, because, for obvious reasons, they would never do something like that.

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Wow, that is completely false.
Vanguard started up after AtomWaffen and is a separate group entirely. I don't know if you can find them, but there are plenty of memes out there made by members of each group ridiculing each other, AV for AW being too extreme and AW for AV being too lenient.

Oh shut up.
That subculture is genuine outgrowth of disenfranchised young white men.

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And people accuse SJW's of eating their own.
You are pathetic.

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Not everybody can have an enlightened taste in literature like Mike Enoch.

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How much of what Sperglin and Eunuch are claiming about Atomwaffen is true? On TDS, they were accusing them of killing cats in satanic rituals, but ONA forbids animal sacrifice. I guess there's a chance they're just edgy autists who haven't read their own satanic literature, but it's equally possible that Apedre is full of shit.

Who said LARPING?

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No it isn't. There's nothing "genuine" or organic or authentic about it.

It's a multi-decade social-psychological experiment by the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

Antifa and anarchist groups are fully created and controlled by U.S. Special Operations Command, just the same as the neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

It might be pretty hard not to since you're a covert creation of the "system," i.e. the U.S. military.

Yes, no one ever falls outside of respectable republicans or nice democrats. Everyone should just go back to sleep and take their soma, right?

Youre a damn fool repeating all the mistakes of the previous movements.

Youre no leader.

You shouldnt have to trick people into being awakened.

Your time is short, like your stature…

This is one of many reasons he is an inept child.

Unable to reconcile with the potential advantages of aligning with a militant class.

Youll always need front line warriors. Youre such a piss poor organizer and propagandist.

Leave your gun and pseudo-intellectualist badge at the door on your way out, hun…

There are a lot of people in such groups that have government jobs. This is because they chose the truly intelligent path of "becoming the system". Their employers have no clue.
Imagine that…becoming a goverment funded revolutionary, the white way.

The revolution isnt going to cater to your chosen forms of discourse.
Hit the ground running, white man.

Progressive left podcast WhoWhatWhy discusses Atomwaffen here.

There is no proof for that. That is out and out, conspiritard bullshit.

Go away torfag. You're a paranoid piece of shit that never gets anything done, you can't just call everything you don't like "controlled". It is really easy to be an armchair activist and complain in the comfort of your own home, but in the real world, mistakes happen, success happens, new things are learned and old ways are rediscovered.
If you actually took the time to bring your beliefs into the real world then you wouldn't be saying this nonsense.

Yeah, because that totally hasn't been thought of and tried before. Fuck off or make some real arguments.

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This thread is full of shit, I can't tell jokes from truth, shilling from facts. Wether someone is pagan or not. As the norm, kill everyone in this thread just to be safe, even me(?)
I truly hope, wish and wait for the Machine Revolution/Apocalypse after reading so much shit.