I need a girlfriend? How can I find one?

I need a girlfriend? How can I find one?
How to get girlfriend I don't have one.
I am male.
How to get woman as a friend? I am 18 yrs old don't have any friends
I am stalking woman on FB. I don't have any friends.
I love to stalk every woman from 18-26 on Internet. I am doing this from 2014 and I was 14 age. I do alone secertly
It is my favourite hobby. No ones knows it even my parents because if they find out they won't be happy :)
I stalked woman on FB from 18-26 age in my another account and threatened them for not adding me has a friend.

I need gf especially from 18 age and wanna touch young woman in public also sleep with them.
I wanna f*** young woman with their consent anyway

How to get a gf on internet? I am single 18 years old don't have any friends.

I am sexually frustrated and need gf from 18 also I wanna sleep with her. I wanna touch woman.

I hate marriage and it is b* to me.

I hate arrange marriage. I hate all marriage.

I wanna to sleep with woman and I prefer to have more woman friend mostly from that shares same age I have. 
I am not against to have male friend but I prefer woman friend that shares same age I have. You fool.
I like hot sexy good woman.

I kiss my smartphone screen when I see beautiful woman sexy pics especially when I see pictures of beautiful woman in FB.

Most Indian Gym don't allow opposite sex interaction.

Most Indian don't allow to rent their room if the roommate is unmarried opposite sex. Only some Indian do rent their room with unmarried opposite sex which is rear.

I want to stalk woman in real life? How to do that without getting caught.
How to masturbate beautiful woman on public without getting caught?
How to have premarital sex? I wanna lose my virginity.
You have a gf for males or bf for females? Both of you should beat each other.

Fat woman are so ugly even beautiful fat woman are ugly too.

You should beat yourself.

I do masturbate in 3 times a day.

How to get a gf.

Do you f*** yourself everyday?
I am not pajeet.
I have toilet in my house.
I don't shit in street.
I do bath daily.
I look beautiful.
I am sexually frustrated and I need a gf that shares same age as me so I wanna f*** her with her consent.
I am not in college still in open school class 12.
N.I.O.S thug to pass.

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Don't breed, you're worthless if you can't achieve what is a trophy to your self

you obviously dont deserve to please a women, you subhuman. things happen for a reason.


Motherchod you should be reported

Prostitution. Play it safe and use an "escort" from a trusted source.

Do this enough and soon your confidence will soar! If some bitch rejects your advances in life, you can just laugh and go have sex with a ho. This is why ugly man-hating feminists hate prostitution and try to invent fancy made-up words like "human trafficking" to refer to the local 20-yr old sleeping with men so she can afford a fancy new purse (TOTALLY A SLAVE, AMIRITE?), because it ROBS women of their power. Fuck them! Escorting allows you to fuck women w/o dealing with the relationship BS. Just use a condom and play it safe.

eat pant

I am not against prostitute but won't sleep with prostitute.
I don't f*** prostitute.
F*** you.

I imagine this is what OP wants not to be talked about

It's simple.

Other right wingers are better than Trump except alt right.
I hate left and right wing.
One of my friend is the worst right winger and wanted to kill me if I don't support Trump. Even other right wingers are better than him.
Now let's leave talk like this.
I need a fucking gf


If you just want easy sex, just rape some pajeet, or even better a hijabi girl. Rape the muslims who have been raping you! Some cucks are probably going to try to say "rape is for niggers user" No rape is a show of dominance over an adversarial group, this is why subhumans rape whites. Not because "muh dick" it is usually a deliberately hateful act. Hell a couple of weeks ago i found this young sheboon (about 13-15) and well ;)

Just conceal your face and wear gloves and bring a condom. Recommend tying her up first as it takes a moment to get hard in such a situation. Bonus points if you smash her head with a rock when you are done. Leave a note reading Allahu Ackbar and the blame will fall on the poor oppressed muslims. I personally use coal based coloring for the eye pockets and skin visible around the mask and a pair of brown eye contacts. Although i imagine you are already brown so your tracks should be easier to cover.

Your friend sounds cool.

Maybe he could be your wingman?
You could have one of his sloppy seconds.

I will f**** woman with her consent.
I will not do rape.
Fuck you

He is no longer my friend when I exposed his biased.
He unfriend me
He is an Indian descent born in US but currently live in India since 2011.
He is an american citizen support Trump.
Even other trump supporters are better than him
F*** you.
I need gf
I am happy.

I can see how Fujiko Mine ruined your brain. She is guilty of booby trapping.

Literal cuckchan thread

Enjoy getting arrested when she revokes that "consent". Men are rapists no matter what these days

I think the "White Victims of Black Crime" threads broke me. I no longer have a scrap of empathy or remorse for anything that isnt white

OP isn't real. Stop replying to it.


git gud shill



What does it matter? Threads here last for several months, whatever thread died it was just that threads time mate.

Ill care more about board sliding when we steal our anons back from /qresearch/

I never posted in 4chan and 4chan bans my ISP even I didn't posted it.
F*** you.
It is not copy and paste.



This one is going in the oven along with OP as soon as the mods wake up.

If they fell for the Q psyop then they were never our anons to begin with.


Going fag will not solve problem.

No one can trap me. In the past lot of people tried to trap me but failed to do that.
You motherfucker.
You fool.


Also user the last 4 pages are full of bumplocked threads and obvious kike threads like this.

Its ok to shitpost when our numbers are low and nothing important is really happening

You always will be White Trash.
Listen I am not against white and black people. I oppose white and black hyper nationalism.
You dumbfuck and I wish you get bite by tigers.

Goddamn you are a fucking cuck.

India is doomed to be BLACKED in 20 years tops

Deal with it
You motherfucker.
Can I stalk your gf?

Black victims of white crime and White victim of black crime are bad.
I hate double standard.
I am centrist.

someone took time out of their life to write this

Ill rape ya mum, ya granmum, ya sistahs, ya aunts, ya nieces and ill rape the future gf of yours too ya cunt

you're a currynigger. it's in your genes to be a disgusting street-shitter.

you lie, you don' bath and besides being autistic as fuck you look disgusting, you will never get a girl because you're a fucking loser who asks for dating advice in a cantonese cartoons imageboard.

Go buy a gun and frenchkiss it while you pull the trigger. I promise you won't regret it, maybe a woman will go to your funeral to steal the flowers near your coffin and that will be the closest you will ever get to one that isn't your mother.

literal pajeet datamining thread
just like the incest thread that appeared on Holla Forums and /r9k/ at the same time as this Bollywood production

You motherchod.
Curry is tasty.
It is good.

I do bath. You fool.

You won't find me where I live even I give hit.
I live in a place that formely known as a south suburban municipality.
F*** you.


Pajeets and their butthurt inferiority complex never fail to make me lose my sides

*Hint not hit.
You won't find me.
Fuck you

just message random people on fb and say nice bobs

Tel her tat u wana lik her faga an tuch her bobs wen she tak of the cloth ur dik get hard

I am stalking woman on FB. I don't have any friends.

I think I see the problem.

Screen cap this thread, it has existed before and will pop up again. Call this nigger a pajeet and he’ll only respond with the last body of text in his OP. Watch

OP is a pajeet poo-in-loo, kill yourself faggot

Like all men, you are cursed. We are born addicted to pussy by default. You must mold yourself above mere human, we must become superhuman, ubermensch; take a shit ton of meth like Hitler and ruin your endromorpin receptors so you never think about sex, destruction of lesser races will be your only goal. Trust me m8.

Christ, LMFAO


F*** you.
I need gf.

F*** you

Kill yourself, pajeet

You won't find me where I live even I give hint.
Here is the hint :

I live in a place that formerly known as a south suburban municipality.

F*** you.



Is this some sperg who believes that being as obnoxious as possible will proclaim himself to be as some sort of a winner?
Or is this a literal cow on suicide alert?

F*** you bitch

I am an atheist.
I lost faith in god since 2014.
I don't worship cow.
Fuck you

You people are horrible. You should be giving this poor kid some helpful advice instead of abusing him. I can give some actually serious tips:

1) Replace your facebook profile with a picture of a white guy. Chicks love white guys. When you meet up in real life do it at night somewhere with bad lighting. Talk about how you just got back from a beach vacation.

If that doesn't work to get a girlfriend, just get married. Chicks go crazy for married guys. It's like being prescreened. PUAs do it all the time.

If that doesn't work, go gay. I know you have it in you. You're probably getting hot right now just thinking about it and you'll never be alone. Best of all it's healthier for society since it minimizes the chances that you accidentally reproduce.

Let us know how it goes!

Is this some new sliding tactic by the shills? How's the weather in Tel Aviv Moishe?

when i first started reading OP i thought it was some /r9k/ copypasta but then i saw: >Most Indian Gym
that explains it!

peee epeee poooo poopoop

I have seen this unhealthy obsessive behavior pattern, often. Now, understand that it is a couple of lines that you have crossed that make it unhealthy, not the desire for a woman alone.
First, the rejection of fellow male companionship. We are a pack species, and a male without a pack is a poor mate, you must learn to be one of the pack, before you can be a man. Second is the focus on yourself and your desires. Your emotions, your wants, and preference must be controlled and used as tools to fulfill your duties. Your desires are the personal demons that must both conquer and make subservient to your will. Third, rejection of marriage and especially arranged marriage. While in the modern society our elders are as if toddlers, perpetually concerned with the self and attention, once we win we will comprise an elder class that must guide our young. Most of the broad masses should not decide their mate. Fourth, stalking before you have conquered yourself, is like hunting deer in deep snow naked. You are not ready, and will not be until you have mastered yourself.

fuck, this land has got to me, what do they put in the water in Australia?

For all that blue deities love, is your English comprehension that of a burrito merchant?

Are you sure this isn't a bot?
Pretty sure OP is a bot and everyone is falling for it

Stop replying to a copypasta pajeet thread without saying, you stupid niggers

You are a genius. Have a (You).

Smartest post I've seen on Holla Forums.

You go to kindergarden like everybody else

great bait, OP.

Better start saving up for one of those sex bots, OP. You're never going to stick your penis into a real woman.

op is a botfag anb a bread bide for biss
sage to save breads

I think op wants the babs and vageen. Fucking pajeets and pakis are sickening.