Insurance or (((Insurance)))?

What do you think Holla Forums? Is it a legitimate aid to consumers in society or is it just more jewish money magic designed to stealth wealth? Is it a safety net for niggers to nigger?

Low effort thread
But i hate insurance and think it should be banned
We live in adespicable age where insurance is required, so by law to own a house or car you are forced to hand over your money to kikes
I think in a natsoc society all gambling with strangers will be banned
Casinos could be state run as an outlet.
As for car or house insurance
The state guarentees everyone owns a house
And cars you just pay for what you break. Decided through the courts.
If you cant pay you get banished

Certain types of insurance are vital, and others are jewish scams.

Most people can't afford to self-insure their home or car, which is a big problem. Health insurance is a massive scam and has contributed greatly to the skyrocketing cost of healthcare in the US.

Insurance is literally gambling
I enjoy a game of chance from time to time.
However forcing you to gamble at gunpoint is bad.

Yeah, I pretty much agree. Nice dubs btw.

Reminder everyone on the road needs 500,000$ worth of (((coverage))) in case they run into a building or something.
Reminder the private business owner should have to pay the insurance to cover the cost of random people driving through his shop, not the other way around.
If you put a 10 billion dollar X next to the road, thats on you. Not me for my brakes crapping out when I happen to drive by it, and you having no bollards to protect your property.

Health insurance in its current form is a fucking scam. Parasitic middle-men that suck up government funding and ever-rising premiums from the public while effectively refusing to give any of it back to the hospitals they're supposed to be paying or the people they're supposed to be covering.

Health insurance in its current form is the second most successful scam ever invented, right underneath credit. We can't live without it because there's no other system in place. Not 'better' system, but no other system period. People won't LET it run out or go away because then millions of nogs will die of heart attacks and strokes from all the buckets of fried chicken. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies destroy those of us who actually can remotely afford medication, manufacturing addictions that ruin the lives of millions of people with virtually no media coverage.

All the while, politicians kvetch about muh 2 million immigrants not getting amnesty through an illegal presidential overreach program because reasons.

We could easily fix the state of health care in this country with the right regulations. Insurance companies being forced into not making a profit lol good luck or making damn sure that they are forced to provide good coverage to people and give a fair amount of money to hospitals. Cutting into lobbyist dollars would help here, and in several other areas, but that along with pork belly spending regulations would garner massive negative backlash from the 1%, who undoubtedly control our lawmakers at this point with all the money they give.

I agree with the rest of your post but WHERE DO YOU THINK WE ARE I mean yes, their rich pets have something to do with it but they aren't calling the shots.

even single payer health care run by a benevolent government will fail
there are 2 problems with healthcare 'insurance'
first in a mandated form, there is little incentive towards overuse and unhealthy lifestyles are no punished
second: healthcare is not insurance, insurance in its basic form is a lot of people pooling each a little money against the occurence of a catastrophy happening to one of them, most car insurence and fire insurence cover this pretty well
the problem with healthcare is the probably of costly disease rises exponentially with age, thus turning protection against catastrophy into garantued payment of inevitability
an unstable system, only held aloft this long because demographic trends of growing worker bases versus old people, now that trend is flatting out the ponzi of healthcare will collapse
the more immidiate problem is that the insurance scheme has made healthcare unpayable, so in the transition period to a new scheme expect to see a lot wailing

of course all of this is ontop of all the rentseeking the eternal jew performs on any financial transaction in the current year +3

This is the real reason why healthcare is so expensive. People are encouraged to not have self control, so they let themselves go and make horrible choices. The fastest way to fix healthcare is to have two tiers, a cash and insurance tier. If you like to pay cash, you only pay for the base cost of the services you ised plus whatever the doc and hospital charge for service. If you have insurance, you pay similar to now.


If we didn't have kikes pushing for litigation of every fucking action people make, there would be no need for insurance. It is a corrupt industry fed by corrupt law makers and enforcers all to keep funneling shekels into the kike's pockets.
Sage because you're a fucking nigger and need to go to half with this shit effort.

Very false dichotomy. Just because a few of their prize cattle are in the 1%, that doesn't mean you won't find it a nest full of jews.

Go back to kikechan.

Yet another reminder that (((academics))) come here to study us. This is the third thread in 24 hours (that I've seen) to ask for spoonfeeding the official Holla Forums position
Report. Filter. Sage.

If it's mandatory you know you get jewes by gov


Some states have no-fault. While you are technically required to have insurance, many people don't pay for it. No-fault covers your own stuff so if you don't have it and your cars gets fucked, that's on you. Your hospital bills? Bummer, on you. The good thing though is that you don't have to pay for the other party or to fix their crap etc. It is a little less kikey but they manage to find ways to fuck you for going against the system when shit hits the fan.


How many advertisements do you see promoting "binge watching" or other unhealthy lifestyles? Big companies are using their reach to promote unhealthy lifestyles for sure, lobbying scientific groups to obfuscate the truth either by tunnel-visioning the narrative or deflecting from uncomfortable facts. Media companies are complicit when they run stories about these illegitimate studies and advertisements promoting bad lifestyle choices, or when they simply refuse to acknowledge that this is happening and speak out against it.

Health care is expensive because our country at its core is diseased. Between an unhealthy populace, a parasitic middle-man, and a soulless hook-nosed and hand-wringing upper class, the state of this country only gets worse and worse. People at the top put a fucking quick bandage over the problem and tell the public they fixed it until the symptoms show up the next day twice as hard, when they just put another bandage over it and repeat until the problem is so widespread that they have to acknowledge that it is broken and gangrenous or risk the people revolting against them as people fucking choke and die, diseased and impoverished.

It doesn't help that Democrats have campaigned for many decades on the platform of, "If we don't get our way, millions of people are going to die!"
>If we don't raise taxes, then the government can't provide for the people, and they'll somehow die!

this only shows their impotence, let them come in and study our viewpoints all but the kikest rats among them will be swayed to our side if they stay long enough
we are not waging a false propaganda campaign that needs constant reinforcement, we are spreading the truth

usecase for the endgoal look at the state of the british NHS
healthcare is being carted into a hospital while people in the correct uniforms that you expect look at you while you die
it pretty much resembles a cargocult at this point, there exists no money for real care, so they put up a show with the correct decor and people in the correct robes performing a little theather
healthcare for the masses is regressing to voodoo tier level, all according to (((their) )) plan of course

You should ask pic related if it's a scam.
He should know, because he did this exact thing.

It wouldn't be a scam if the (((people managing the programs))) didn't take 95% of the money and still demand more money from the government to cover the loss of 2% of their profit going away because the system they created is complete shit.

Insurance companies should, by default, be non-profit organizations. Every cent, with exception of costs and pay to include executives making maybe 100-150k a year each compared to multiple millions a piece plus benefits way better than that they give their customers goes back to the people, the government, and the hospitals.

Instead, we have parasites draining us dry and pointing elsewhere when people demand answers.

They are seeking our fracture points to better reduce us to pointless squabbling. You and I both know these fracture lines exist, and how easy it is to derail a thread over d&c shit. I choose not to assist them in their research.

Another sage.

There was one insurance company that was exactly how you describe.
I have relatives that did business with them.

Prior to the inclusion of women and niggers they were alright.

In general: Insurance is a scam. If something routine for the common man is too expensive for the common man, an honest and protective government would step in to identify the problems and fix it.
It shouldn't cost 14k to have an appendix removed, it shouldn't cost 20+k to have a child.
It shouldn't cost 10+k to process a dead relative, and it shouldn't cost 9+k for car bodywork.

Insurance is a perfect example of jewish tax. It would not exist if lending was limited.
The loans that jews love drive up expenses beyond average incomes.
Insurance then acts as a protection racket for those who do not want to take out loans.

Just like vegas, the crooks are in the business to make money and play the odds. They set the system and the games based upon the odds of payout vs payin. The house always wins.