Creepy T-Mobile propaganda

The like to dislike ratio was so high on the first video that they deleted it and uploaded it again. Trigger warning: the cradle music and condescending voice of the woman speaking makes this advert extremely creepy.

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Use hooktube.

They've left it unlisted for some reason. Don't they want to stand by their own advertising?

Probably just testing the waters. If it goes bad they can always memory hole it and wait a time until they try it again.

Low-effort thread but maybe we can turn it around into something useful? How about
Example, "Moonpig" card company, UK.

Would rather watch THOTs make out.


The blanda upp commercials are so obviously shoved in people's faces, that if people can't see the white genocide agenda, then they probably don't deserve "saving".

How does this shit sell a cellphone?

Weird Jew (((psychology))) creates to vex and control the goyim.

They're getting pretty blatant huh.

Are Jews smoking crack?

It reverse sells it, I'm cancelling with T-mobile as soon as I can. Let them sell to all the pink-haired SJW tumblerinas who default on all their contracts anyway.

Hahahahaha They've disabled comments and likes!

I really wish I could have seen the comments on the first video. YT comments have always been good, but lately they've been red as fuck.

I just switched to T-mbile not too long about for a free phone, welp, time to Switch once again

webm or fuck off

(((They))) are afraid, that it's not just a tiny "fringe" group of racists like back in the 80s-90s when they thought it would die out. Remember 12% of the US pop alone openly supports far right and nearly half of them agree there is an anti-white bias, the numbers are only gonna grow from here.

Just more bombardment of globalist hive shit. Is this a superbile ad?

This is a nice little dubs thread.

Shame the comments and likes were disabled so fast, that is one very blatant brainwashing attempt

No. we are not.
This anti-White propaganda is going to backfire.

Anyone who actually watched the supercuck after the year of negroes taking the knee should go to a camp where they can concentrate on their life choices. Anyone who "watches for the ads", gas gas gas.

The process we all go through here is hard on the soul. Nirvana was very important to me when I was a teenager. Going back over the music, it's really difficult to admit how degenerate it was. That song, for example, promotes nihilistic self-destruction and the abandonment of marriage.

Even going back over Metallica and Megadeth, I realize they were anti-war pop-environmentalist hippies who overbought black leather and shouted a lot. As for Green Day, which has always been my favorite musically, don't get me started on where they've wound up.


I take comfort imagining the heights our music will rise to when the degeneracy has been purged. Perhaps we will breed another Beethoven or Mozart? It's not too much to ask for 200 million whites who don't have to support niggers anymore, is it?

Just have kids they said.
phones aren't evil they said.


Maybe so. However without a large support base amongst the general population, fighting an asymmetric war is next to impossible.
Without large public support, political aspirations become difficult to achieve.
Without a large support base amongst the people, funding becomes difficult especially since we lack support of the wealthy capitalist elite.
Without support from a large segment of the public, even becoming mayor of a small town is near impossible.

Those are some happy little I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss(happy to oblige)

There are niggers in China too, but they aren't Chinese.

that's weird



What I mean is, what is UPP?


If you need any more proof of the cultural marxist agenda its adverts. At least here in the UK anyway. Pretty much every advert these days is cultural marxist propaganda and many don't even seem to care that much about selling you the product they're meant to be advertising. Like that T-Mobile advert for example. Where are the phones?

To see the massive contrast to how adverts used to be just watch this video of a collection of UK adverts from the 80s. They're cultural marxist free and most if not all of the people in them are white.

Why is she such a cute?

You can still "dislike" any Youtube video where the like/dislike feature is "disabled". They don't show the dislikes publicly but whomever controls the T-Mobile Youtube account will still see them.

It's not wrong though.
Hating this degenerate establishment is not only fine but good.
I'd rather promote hatred of everything than love of the current state of affairs.