Successor to IOTBW

So I had a notion for a successor to the it's OK to be white campaign which I think has strong potential to flip some yid lids. The premise is extremely simple: put up interactive fill-in-the blank posters with "as a jew," as in the posted image. The phrase "as a jew" is pretty well guaranteed to trigger merchant and that reaction should serve to drive it home to more normies that any mention of jews, regardless of negative or positive content, causes a significant oy veying in the media. It also brings to the fore certain negative aspects of jewish public behavior (i.e. as a jew, i speak for the goyim).

What do you think, lads?

I think this is enough for them to think it's an Auschwitz fence.

That's what I figured. The idea that anyone could speak for jews in the first place I think is triggering to them and it has a certain amount of potential for fun normie involvement. It's like a remixable meme IRL.

I think its too confusing for people to reconize instantly what it means. Which makes it a bad marketting message.

The simplicity of IOTBW is what made it so successful.
The far left journalists had to use lots of logical twists and turns in order to portray it as a white supremacist message (because its not one).

So to normies you have one side with a really simple message that nobody could disagree with.
And the other side seemed like desperate bullshitting.

The flaw with IOTBW is that some of the smarter news companies knew it was designed to make them look bad and didnt take the bait.

well, they really love playing the white card "as a white" and pretend to know what whites should do, it's a fun idea to reverse this. I still can't see this being worthwhile for the simple fact we fight jews with truths, going straw man fliers would be fun, but not effective. At least if you are genuinely pretending to be a kike with it.
However, it would really work good if ya used it to expose their Agenda, or the hypocrisy

Yeah, I hear that. The meaning may not be immediately clear but there isn't really one to begin with. It gets people thinking about jewish identity and invites them to participate. I do think that there's the same risk of not getting coverage, though. I think the trick is to plaster them at universities in order to get that sweet sweet official opprobrium.

That's sort of what I was driving at, and I think the possibility of participation is what gives it some potential. Some people may decide to write some red-pilled material on there, and even benign stuff gets people thinking about the jewish taboo.

Good one
how about pointing out kike audacity with something like

There are more triggering configurations outside of the normal platitudes but that can be left up to individuals with a bit of flair. Even mundane stuff like "as a jew, i love bagels" works in our favor because if people are freaking out over other iterations pics of the mundane ones help in narrative disruption.

Why not do the original again, maybe it will have an actual impact this time. I work on a college campus and no one has ever brought this up. Since it is still under the radar you don't have to change anything yet save it for when you need to

This is horrible. You can't manufacture a meme with the same formula ans expect it to be big. Hell, MBMC had a hard time attracting media attetnion besides blogs and twitter ass hurt.


Honestly, I like this, it's pretty funny, plus then it allows people to put in things like Anons above posted, "…open borders for Israel" or "…"love is love". It's still just as innocent as IOTBW, and it's different enough that people won't make the connection.
Ignore the other people OP, this isn't a bad idea at all, not like the reiterations of IOTBW, some of those were awful…

Okay while I like this idea because it's lulzy - I don't think this is an effective angle, and that if you wanted to put up posters you'd just put up more IOTBW. We should be focusing on USB drops that have subtle yet undeniable evidence of certain Red Pills in them. I personally and I know I'm going to get shit for this - don't like bringing up the JQ with normies, it's just such a complex and misunderstood subject - and from my experience, you can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. If we can red pill people up to a certain point - they'll just figure the JQ out on their own anyway, it's fucking clear as day once you start really opening your eyes.

Fist one great
2nd cut the anti-racism
is more powerful in combination with diversity for goyim

IOTBW really doesn't need a successor. If you want to do something go post more IOTBW posters.

I support ongoing IOTBW postering, but sometimes it's nice to make something fresh if it's fun. Any strategy your team enjoys is a good strategy (t. gommie anarchist).

I thought it was pretty good, but ultimately it's up to anons who'd like to participate. In my view there's no harm in fielding the idea.

To be sure, this approaches the JQ from an angle so oblique that it doesn't necessarily trigger the same response, and if it does trigger that response the content is so banal that the response becomes the message. Same deal with IOTBW.

No harm in kicking the ol' can around a bit, user. I agree that IOTBW is good as an ongoing project, but if it's combined with a fresh push every once in a while then it has a better chance of getting into another news cycle.

Nah. Even if it is factually right, don't roleplay as jews. We should rather put up satirical or informational posters, instead of inversing 'hey rabbi' memes and using jew-jitsu ourselves. The European man has a noble spirit and is honest and kind. Embrace it!

God dammit, you faggots. Stop thinking like a Holla Forumsack and start thinking with the normie part of your brains. Think outside the fucking box for a change here.

What made IOTBW so successful was the fact that it was a low-impact message that meant nothing to normal people, put a smile on our face, and made Jews and leftists foaming-at-the-mouth retarded with rage that the goyim/white man would dare have pride in themselves.

It stated a simple fact that a select group of people do NOT want you to understand. Do not be ashamed of the color of your skin. You can't change the fact that you're white. Anyone fighting against instantly made themselves look like a rabid fucking dog barking at something. The meme itself was so benign that it was destined for greatness simply because the phrase was intentionally loaded to be infuriating to leftists and completely pointless or meaningless to everyone else.

The biggest takeaways for this?

Simple facts that the majority of people understand and are wholly willing to accept.

I admit, as much as any of us here want to plaster "The Jews are responsible" on every meme we can, Jew is a loaded word that will instantly get shut down, right next to any words that garner a negative reaction out of even part of normalfags.

IOTBW worked because one of the major sticking points in colleges right now is anti-white rhetoric. Everyone who isn't a brain-addled leftist either believes that race doesn't matter or understands that white people aren't to blame for the world's problems, so why is the left calling something so benign hate speech?

Go with the fucking flow. What are simple FACTS that just about every normal person agrees on that would trigger the Jew and/or the leftist so hard that it would polarize regular people, both left AND right, to fight back against rabid Progressives™ or elite figureheads?

Right now, some of the biggest issues are immigration, party politics, government corruption, and unnecessary political injection. The two-party political system gets virtually no attention, despite the fact that most people know for fact most congressmen are multi-millionaires. The best tool to fight will be something that unites the people, both left and right, not something that will divide the normalfag public along the lines we already know exist; border walls, immigration, government corruption (Russia probe vs. FBI/CIA/DOJ/DNC collusion) are good ways to get people to argue harder.

We need to unite the majority. A simple message, a simple fact that is certain to trigger people. Even many leftists should agree with it, even if we fight against them. I propose party politics as the topic. Picture included is a simple mockup that can be further simplified and refined, possibly with facts included like these; nobody can fight these facts, and the message included is a very simple message that flies in the face of party politics to demand serious action from the people who have sat on their thumbs.

If the media takes the bait (because someone will), then it will simply bring more attention to normies, no matter which side of the debate the media takes: if someone picks it up and publicly agrees, it's great, and if some CNN faggot denounces it, you can point at Democrats during the SotU address and say, "What about these people voting against everything just to win?"

Thoughts are appreciated, including criticisms. pls no bully, over 9000 hours in mspaint

I guess not. But IOTBW is so good that trying to top it or even equal it seems kind of futile me to. Maybe you could make posters pointing out that the jewish population is tiny and yet kikes own the media. Or instead of basically making up quotes take actual quotes from kikes promoting open borders etc.

Why not take baby steps toward a popular consciousness of the jewish taboo, though? "as a jew" is pretty innocuous in itself because the content is entirely neutral. The only thing assumed is that jewishness is an identity, and if public discussion of that identity gets oy vey shut it downed then it strikes me as a good thing. This isn't exactly plastering swastikas up and saying the jews did 9/11. The problem with your image as I see it is that it's basically normie tier berniebot memes and those get no real attention because to say that the rich don't care for the poor is a truism in 2018.

No reason any of that can't be brought up on this poster and photographed to spread on twitter. A good mix of triggering hatefacts on posters and completely benign ones would work best in my view, and the content as printed is completely neutral.

Another advantage IOTBW had was it grew organically after seeing leftist butthurt on the media with a very simple pro-white poster. IOTBW triple distilled that poster into the blandest possible message and was able to use it to trigger.

Forcing the meme won't work to the same degree and attempting the same tactic might not be the way to go. The trick is to look for any meme already producing a double-think immunoresponce, isolate the triggering meme, and then deploy with a target in mind.


The closest current project that fits this pattern is here

If you specifically want to target das Juden, look for a memetic allergen they are already sneezing over. There should be plenty of them.

I agree. We shouldn't try to top or replace IOTBW. It was wildly successful in its current iteration. If anything, there needs to be another round of the posters taped up in colleges as it already is.

What we should be trying to do is subvert leftist propaganda to galvanize the normal people against it. We either unite the people with a simple message nobody can argue against, or we make the brainwashing faggots expose themselves like IOTBW did.

There's no need to replace a good meme. Just add other good ones next to it. Braindead cock gobblers won't be able to connect the dots without doing extensive research, and normalfags aren't likely to question whether this is part of something bigger or someone just genuinely being angry.

At this point in American culture, the people most likely to pick up on Jewish overrepresentation are still too young to really make a difference. Generation Z is young enough to absorb these anti-Semitic ideas, especially since they're not only growing up only knowing the age of instant transmission of information, but only seeing massive amount of kvetching. The majority of Americans right now are brainwashed enough to simply look down with disdain at or turn a blind eye towards anyone and anything that attempts to discredit the Jew, so attacking the name directly only hurts.

I'll give you credit that my idea seems like a Bernout meme, but I feel like working with the idea would bear some fruit. A lot of people in America are divided based on really stupid shit; the media screeches endlessly over DREAMers, FBI corruption vs. the Russia probe… It's only been recently, with the State of the Union and maybe a little before, that the media has put ANY focus on the opioid epidemic and America's crumbling infrastructure, which are desperately important topics that congress has all but ignored.

People need to know that congress is not talking about things that matter the most to us. They need to be made painfully aware that these multimillionaires are bickering over stupid bullshit and doing every little thing just to fucking "win", even if it means sacrificing any shred of honor they have and the PEOPLE they were elected to serve to do so.

The object here is not to introduce anything new to the public. The object of these memes is to make leftists, Jews, and the ultra-rich kvetch hard enough to make the regular people stop and shake their heads in disbelief: how could something so bland cause people to cry about hatred? What's wrong with being white? What's wrong with the little people wanting better representation?

In this respect, remember that our target is NOT the normie: our target for these memes are the people we are trying to agitate. In creating these memes, people need to think two-fold: what concepts are simultaneously milquetoast to the normie and rage-inducing to the leftist, the media, or established government? Many facts and truisms are perfect for this kind of meme because the entire idea is to find the ones that make journalists and news anchors lose their cool the most while generating virtually no buzz among the little people on their own.

I think you're a cock-sucking faggot trying to drive yet another wedge between us, kike. It won't work. If you don't want a proper response from Holla Forums take it back to reddit where you belong.

This is a fucking terrible idea. Normies will just think "anti-semitic bullshit" and move on. IOTBW was good because of the innocuous message, but this is directly attacking a group.

One thing everyone in here also has to remember with proposed op's like this is that the BBC and other members of the lugenpresse will try to bait us into predictable PR' campaigns that they can spin to their content. Not saying this is one of those attempts - but it's something everyone needs to be wary of.

Which is why I say our target should be the media, not the normies. If you trigger the niggers and fags enough with a message that is, generally speaking, a truism to 95% of the public, you'll generate more outrage than if you make something that riles up the regular people. When the foaming-at-the-mouth leftists and media figureheads start to cry about something enough to give a milquetoast message media attention, then you will see why IOTBW worked so well.

If you want to target the media, attack their legitimacy. How about "Who controls the media?"

I really like the image results when you google that.

Mbmc was weak as hell. It was shilled all over the normiesphere by kekistanis for like a month before it happened. Antifa put out bulletins about it before it happened.
It was a non-organic and non-Holla Forums meme.

IOTBW worked because it was not about hating anything but stating our existence is not a crime. When you go off on - even the deserving you lose the moral high ground.
IOTBW was so simple so pure the fact it made them angry is what made it work for us.

It did nothing but prep Dugin's useful idiots for group activism.

This meme is much better

It needs something like #HaavaraAgreement though


Four line…six million jews. You might as well have put a swatika on it.

Who fucked that?!