Is half chan Holla Forums still being overun by shills and liberals?

I haven't been on half Holla Forums for a year ever since the brainwashing of Holla Forums happend, shills or libs try to convince anons that they never supported trump in 2016 which is bull, i was part of that journey supporting trump up till he got elected, trump memes of giving him our energy and shit, has the shills stopped shilling?

No, it's actually more bearable than this place really.
This place is just for shitposting.


Yes. /thread.

Yes, I made a point of going over there to hide threads until I could get a full page or at least a handful of not-obvious slide threads. I had hidden half the catologue before I gave up. Some times of day are better than others, but generally it is being salted and burned to the point that no actual discussion or organising can occur.

le reddit upboat! chans are for shitposting! reddit 4 real talk lol.

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Why are you not fighting them while crossposting here?

It's been good the past few weeks for some reason. Could be related to some other things. I'm aware the DNC is basically bankrupt at this point, there was a market correction, and leftie NGOs are trying to find narratives for the post-SOTU address timeframe.

Yes. It's psyops central for the most part.

Im not going to have another battle of psychology against them, its too much to handle.

Every good post is another normie pushed closer to the slippery slope. Keep doing it. Every day some halfchan faggot comes and asks for more redpills or posts his post-T_D redpill story. It's working. Not at full efficiency but it's working.

It's immeasurably worse
t. Browses cuckchan for photoshops and art.

Why is this thread here?


Look at the catalog now. See the degenerate title pictures the mods leave up.

Where can I buy half-chan related patches for our upcoming 2nd American Civil War?

I think you are a contributor.
Reported for being a mulatto.

You belong on cuckchan.

Proving his point.

yes, at least 2 out of every 3 posts makes me want to puke and commit battery simultaneously
libs/ lefties disgust beyond anything I ever experienced
I hate them more than muslims and at least as as much as I hate jews

It has gotten better but what you have to remember about Half Chan is that unlike here; they have serious ebbs and flows of shit content. Just because the site is markedly more popular - and has way more lurkers, so the shills come out in force whenever they need to slide shit. And they have shills posting on the board regularly with the same images and text. I go on both - but full chan is inarguably better.

Godamn newfags go back to

H8chan is for when I feel like trolling.
4chan is for serious disscussion.


into the oven with you newfag

Is water wet? Fucking go back there. We left you assholes for a reason.



How's Tel Aviv Goldstein?


Both have their perks, both have faggy mods in their own ways. I'd say more oc is made on halfchan as well as more breaking news. I get more chuckles there as well. Lots of spam tho.
Here is more solemn, doom and gloom posting but insight can be found. Lengthier threads that get packed with good info you can find weeks later if you need to.

Theyre both tools and useful in their own ways.

It end and flows. Seems the bots and shills are paid for by the hour. Depends on media cycle really.

I was going to type a wall of text, but instead I'll say that 4/pol/ is pretty tolerable if you're going there for the conversations and know whether the post you're replying to is or isn't bait. Its diversity is great in this regard. If you're an oldfag, you should already know what is and isn't bait and should only focus on the serious shills, the ones that don't make it obvious enough like 'former Trump supporter here', but actual agents with actual skills and experience. We need to protect the newfags from these (((guys))).

For real though, I agree with you on the brainwashing part, but it isn't that 4/pol/'s opinions radically changed, but that their capacity to create and appreciate well-thought out and original content has greatly diminished.

I'm new to 4chan and Holla Forums, but since I'm from ATS, I learn fast and within 2 week, converted from communist to NatSoc. I see 4chan/pol is really on terrible state of attack and shilling. I'm on single person campaign to deal with the matter, Nuking threads seems doesnt work much, so I decided to hijack the shill topic itself. I require help from this Holla Forums, its about providing me "whats should be discussed by them",

I require everyone to provide me a good discussion topic for half chan pol to discuss, Preferably about NatSoc, Nazi, self improvements, Zionist/Jwish plan, supremacist benefits etc, you know your stuff, you know the deal.

Please give me a lots of good topic, please tell others about this too, I need topic brainstorm..
Preferably in this format, so much easier for me to copy and paste.
A topic title
A paragraph detailing about the problem
Questions or suggestions for that other Holla Forums to start.

As a return gesture of thanks,here I provide 45 of 55 shill taunting gfx for you guys to use (or not), if you find the pix bit offensive, it was meant to offend the shill. .

Files are name z00_title.png, z so it doesnt mix with your current meme, title for easier identification.
I do have problem upload gfx at Holla Forums, I'll try to post somewhere else and provide the link, Archive it if you think its good.
I'll be checking later in the days/week to collect the topics, good day from vuzereus.

Pic uploading failed, need help to publish, anyone ?