Redpilling/Reaching out to normalfags

What are some effective ways that we can bring attention to the issue of white genocide to normalfaggots? Brainstorm thread.
My ideas so far:
any anons have ideas? I think using the internet would be most effective.

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Top kek you'll just drive them away like that. May as well blow yourself in the name of the ethnostate

Casting an empathy net around anything that affects them directly. Like jobs, money, homes,(women) all things the lemming craves and believes is theirs by promise for goy behavior, and the reason why they won´t get any.

Arrived at 8ch doesn’t know how to reach others using the internet.

Something is wrong with this.

I've recently started making edits to Wikipedia, just in a subtle way adding well sourced facts which push back against the (((narrative))). I do it because a lot of normies trust the website and check it first.

Give it a go, carefully. Don't edit Adolf Hitler to say he did nothing wrong, or Hillary to say he's a lizard person. Instead, just add a reference alleging that the Nuremberg defendents were tortured into confessing. How about adding news reports of Haitians burning their daughter to rid her of demons and putting it into the section on Voodoo. Dozens of tiny changes like this can make a big difference in repilling over time.

Note that none of these suggestions are on pages which i have edited. When i get to about fifty edits in place, I'll start a new account so that no-one puts them together and reverts all my changes at once.

By selectively making the opposition over-state their case.

Slowly and carefully. Do not tread into the JQ instantly, rather lead them to ask why they are so poor in comparison to the (((Rich))). Show them the (((Banking System))), and point out by name, without mentioning race at first, who is behind these. They'll start to notice a pattern of (((rich oligarchs))) de facto running many, many countries. Point out that those oligarchs often have connections to Israel, and that they are disproportionately Jewish, although there are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.
Basically, slowly nudge them over by talking about the systems the jews have set up first, before going to the jews themselves

You can't just dive straight into the hard truth like that. You must first de-program their mind with softer truths. Think about how you went from normie to initiated, lead them along the same path.

Spam is always bad. Blending in is better. Blending in gets people to drop their guard, any programmed knee-jerk reaction where they wouldn't think twice about ignoring you.

Look at the spammer guy on Holla Forums, spamming his script that starts with Fix Holla Forums censorship or something like that. He was the guy that shat on /polk/ for a long time because he got banned for spamming his OC. So why did people believe his lies about /polk/ and not his recent one about Holla Forums? Because his story blended in with the board rivalry. He took his ban message, spammed it on Holla Forums and framed it to look like they were anti-white or whatever.

So why is he failing now? Because this time he doesn't blend in. He spams the same script over and over but now he has no one to cry too when he gets banned. He can't blend in when he spams his script. When he first tried framing up /polk/ when Holla Forums was hacked and we had a bunker up on, he made the mistake of revealing how much of a sperg he was by responding to people and getting proven wrong by the /polk/ BO. When Holla Forums was back he stuck to quick (1) and done messages with the ban image and only did it a few more times so he didn't overstay.

Again, spam is bad. Blending in is good. Only autists forget this.

Good plan. I hope you're using a VPN and keeping track of the IP to what account is used. It sounds like you have a good plan going but that could protect you from the many accounts to one IP trap.

What a good fucking idea.
Ant's work, subtle, simple.
Great idea, user. That is good first step with endless oportunities

Can be added to first anons idea

Just be funny and self assured about it, you quadruple thundernigger.

I'm just a stupid chink with sympathies for the plight of the white people. One day China shall be free of the communist scourge that plagues it. One day, the mandate of heaven shall be restored in its rightful day, but until that day comes, we must fight against (((the usurpers))) and ensure they can never return.

There is a team of Hasbarats combing Wikipedia day and night precisely to undo the good work of people like you. Make sure your edits do not (((mysteriously vanish))).

Don't forget #wikigate and the people like Ryulong it revealed to be de facto in charge of Wikipedia.

Never trash yourself or your own people like that. That small change in mindset is the first step to getting your own people back on track.

We once ruled the waves, trade, and science. We were once the foremost power in the world. When Rome fell and the middle ages came, we held on. When Religion of Cuck™ invaded the Middle East and North Africa, we kept going on. We are a great people, with our own civilization, culture, and achievements.
Something happened in the Ming dynasty. We were having our own age of exploration, only for one day for it to stop. We discovered parts of Africa. We saw great sights around the middle East, yet we never made it around the cape to meet Europe directly. We were aware of Rome, but not its successors, its children. We eventually succumbed to stagnation, only to be rudely awoken by the First Opium War. We have only been catching up ever since, but I doubt we can undo the damage of centuries of stagnation in decades. It will take time, or perhaps…
Super-intelligence? Super-Strength? Super-Agility? Traits we all dream of having, given to our children from birth. Could we, with a generation of super-children catch up to the west? It is a risky bet, for the west toiled in misery for some time, and suffered through plagues, terrors, and horrors of the middle ages, yet it was this hardship which made them strong. We… We have never faced that much hardship, not until recently. Keep the pressure up on China, but not until it destroys our culture. We must also bury the hatchet with Japan, for if we are to war over each other, it shall result in the end of two great civilizations. What remains will be a mockery of what has been, as in Germany.

jews own you.

What are you saying is the religion of cuck? christcucks are the religion of cuck but it was christcucks who were invaded in the middle east and north africa by muds.


yeah, yeah, i know a lot here who cry shill and "reported," but it is my assessment of christcuckery based on christcuckery.

I'm not Asian, but I have a lot of respect for the cultural accomplishments of the Chinese. I have also been to China and seen how far it has fallen. I really do hope that you guys are able to free yourselves from the cultural destruction brought by opium and communism.

*China, but not the individual person. Not until they have debts to them.

Don't derail the thread, Religion of Cuck™ is not the topic at hand, nor is religion. We can get to it AFTER talking about the rest: Governmental policies, ideals, economics. This is a thread to consolidate fascist ideologies, not to further cloud it!

Really bent on pressing the issue of Christ and religion later, but for now we discuss fascism and its finer points before moving on to what it needs improvement on.
We are only human, after all.

White people is a code word for initiates of the brotherhood of freemasonry. It does not mean white people wake the fuck up or be beheaded by freemasons as they are trying to kill all niggers all uninitiated people. The freemasons are the ones behind marital law and fema camps. TO SET UP GUILLOTINES TO BEHEAD THE UNINITIATED. BY ALL MEANS FIGHT FOR CAUCASION PEOPLE BUT DO NOT FALL FOR MASONS SAYING WHITE AND MEANING THEM.



I've responded directly to a pozzed statement by the chinaman, that isn't delrailment. You want to complain, address him.





Don't derail: Focus.
etc, discussion of the doctrines and ideals of fascism.

Also, I mean fish-lam, if you get my gist.

I am that chinaman. Lurk moar, I'm not gonna spoonfeed you as to why, I lurked here for 2+ years before I started posting, and if you can't identify individual posters, GO FUCKING BACK. Filtered.

You don't even need to. YT is pretty much ours. I'm not even kidding.
IOTBW has already been done and is more normie friendly than "white genocide" because it brought out the knee-jerk reaction of those who want white genocide.
This one is okay. Just remember that social media like Facebook is full of snitches and shit and once you start getting postblocked and having to make back up pages and groups, you're effectively preaching to the choir again.
I don't know much about Discord but is it even a thing with normalfags?


Thank you.
Ignore the other user by the way, he can't seem to differentiate between two posters.
This and his rhetoric about Christ when I am talking about Fish-Iam is rather fishy…
Fuck word filters, but there are always ways around them.
For instance, when Google was still a thing in China, I searched for Tain an men square instead of Tian an men square in China. That got me the images we see around the normal web, lol. Tank man and whatnot.

Have kids
Keep them racist
Redpill other kids

I was surprised back in the day when I was in China that even though sites like youtube and google were blocked, I was able to access 4chan without any problems. This was long before the exodus, of course. What's up with that? Seems like it would have been at the top of the block list.

listen newb ching chong, you don't get to spew bullshit without getting called on it.
this place is never going to be your safe space, sjw.

China rewards those who are intelligent. Notice how the MSM and all these US deep state places like Twatter, FB, Google are all blocked?
It's not just muh censorship. It isn't for "Da evilz". China seemed to know about PRISM before it went public.
I noticed I was being followed when I was talking about twitter after Snowden's leaks.
I loudly mentioned, "Why censor? To protect us from the NSA and American Shenanigans. We do not want our national interests compromised."
Then, they stopped following me.
Top kek. Would still avoid going to China if I didn't have to accompany my parents occasionally for business trips though. They're both Chink, although my Dad may not be pureblooded to my great-great-great-grandparents.
Mom's side was rich, lost it all during Chiang-Kai-sek and the Japs. I harbor no ill will to the Japs though, for we must bury the hatchet and work towards a brighter future. Together.


That actually makes a lot of sense. Never put it all together in my mind that way before.

Kindly fuck off.

skip to 27:33

and in case you're rather dense and don't get the significance of this: It's christcucks throwing Whites under the bus.

Another gem of anti-White christucks in action:

Good point. I didnt use a vpn, but will with the next account.

>There is a team of Hasbarats combing Wikipedia day and night precisely to undo the good work of people like you. Make sure your edits do not (((mysteriously vanish))).

I did anticipate that, which is why I'm trying to be discrete about it. I've only modified a few diferent articles so far, but I'll be sure to pay attention to the edits I've made. If nothing else, I'll be increasing their burden.


embedding rejects the time command, been this way since forever, be nice if someone got around to fixing this.

Oh look it's the "white" vandal again.


christcuck is anti ethnic identity, rejecting that doesn't make you a jew. You insist on that and christcuckery is back to rejecting science/biology, ethnic identity is an evolutionary developed trait.

Science was invented by Christianity. None of your shit would exist if Christians didn't invent it. LARPaganism could not exist if Christians didn't record history. Atheism is nihilism, it is the epitome of the Left.

You have no culture. You have no faith. You LARP. Race is not going to magically create an identity. Especially not when you start deciding who is white or not.

You'll just be jews worshiping yourselves as some chosen race.

Proof that nazism and communism are not different

Impressive how all the ancient civilizations before christcuckery managed to do what they did before science according to you. Holy shit you're a dumbass.

listen kike ..the first european universities were created by church .

Asymmetrical warfare is all we've realistically got. Anything that sells itself like Atomwaffen is a honey pot. You want to play pretend and fight this war? You have to do it on your own, of your own volition, with your own plan. Anything that is larger than lone wolf units working coincidentally towards a similar goal is going to either get shut down or infiltrated. No exceptions.

no science before universities circa ~800-1k ad, doubling down on being dumbass you are.

Hey how about you go read a history book brainlet.

You can’t. At best the ideology would be a popular fad to be worn on the normalfaggots sleeve. Normalfaggots will always follow the one who is in power. The most efficient way to “redpill” the masses would be to seize the media and government and gas the kikes. All revolutionary movements are perpetrated by the radical minority. Thinking we can “redpill” enough people into being able to vote our way into power will never work because the normalfaggot will always ultimately follow the ones wielding the power which right now are the kikes.
Requesting the WLP graphic on lemmings.

feel free to elaborate on what he goes over in the video is supposed to be wrong.

The Tao sages of your nation created some of the most complex and comprehensive systems of medicine, spiritual development, martial arts, and self-mastery. Your culture has the same ancient root as did indigenous Europeans once have: The Yogas and the Vedas of the Indo-Europeans. Your part of the world achieved greatness for the same reason that ours did; we share great and noble ancient ancestors. Jewish communism wreaked immeasurable damage on your land as surely as they are doing to us now, and they are damned for it

It's not what he is saying is wrong - it's the fact that he implied the invasion of the Religion of Cuck™ic world only took place in the Near East - without recognizing the breadth of history in that it was also spread by the sword in the Far East. And the context was of Chinks.

Bad idea. The first results are wikipedia and the ADL.

He doesn't imply that. He has also addressed complaints of not covering everybody that muds have attacked. He has a lot of detailed info in regards to what he does cover and offers people to contribute for him to give the same treatment for the other places muds have ventured.

This user is a D&C shill

is either a bot or a retard. (((Someone))) doesn't like this thread. Let's get it back on track.

I disagree with the OP that using the internet is most effective. The vast majority of people do not use the internet for anything political, other than virtue signaling on Facebook. Political discussion of any value does not occur on social media. Warski Live has some great introductory redpills thanks to JF, but the fact that they are 3 hour livestreams of debates about genetics and culture make them inaccessible to normalfags. Sometimes there will be lengthy arguments in the comments sections of MSM websites, but they are polarized to the point that nothing gets anywhere.

You're doing God's work, user. I haven't the patience or enough nuanced knowledge to pull that off. Keep it up.

I have found this method to be effective with people on the left, the sort who are prone to righteous outrage over economic inequality or foreign wars but are not full blown ideologues. My experience shows me that people who don't already give a damn about the world at large will not express interest in it when I try to talk about it. If you can get a conversation with a person going about the banking system, the petrodollar and how it all ties in with foreign policy (in particular how Hillary Clinton utterly ruined Libya), you can activate some almonds. I've used this as an avenue to talk about CIA mind control, black ops, and how Israel is involved, but I have yet to try dropping the JQpill on someone irl. If someone makes it to InfoWars or the Corbett Report, they will see people naming the Jew in every comment section. If they aren't braindead, they will get sick of Alex Jones pretty quickly and seek out more informative sources. The Ronald Bernard interviews are some fine redpill material.

Or some user with balls of steel could try pic related.

Except I'm not. What is it going to take to get though that there are people who reject cuckstianity because of cuckstianity, not jew, not d&c, that cuckstianity is what's leading to downfall. Most every White was on the cuck train, that's led us to here, because cuckstianity is marbled with fatal flaws. There's bad shit you can shave off by doing stuff like getting rid of the scofield bible, but it doesn't get rid of everything. Get on track? Get rid of guilt for recognizing White ethnic identity, embracing it, protecting it, but guess what this conflicts with?

This line of thought is very short sighted. There are genuinely curious people out there who are looking for the truth. While it's true the majority will never really be convinced since they'll never actually think, you can still convince many others who sense that something is wrong and that they are being lied to. If physical, armed conflict is inevitable, then recruiting many soldiers to your side is the most beneficial thing you can do.


All these flyers target normalfags.


always the first sign of a shill thread

newfag detected

I take the same position that you do, and I can and have argued better than you have. You are telling Christians to abandon their religion without proposing an alternative, and you started it with a hamfisted pants on head retarded post, in a thread that has nothing to do with it. If you're not a shill, you're acting like one.

Go make a thread about it then faggot

They should.
Yes it is. Why are you shilling for it in one image and attacking it in another? Are you retarded?

Can you not understand to consider the audience when post propaganda?


Use all of the truth or none at all. You send mixed messages and you'll end up with Sargon-tier cucks.

Not. Response to the chink asking clarification and giving my understanding and giving a video going over what he referenced. Purpose wasn't about trying to convert a christcuck.
If you're going to complain about off topic and the source of going off the rails, you're going to have to go further up the chain all the way to: which is an empty yep good post which the chink followed with another off topic post which another guy followed with an offtopic don't be down on yourself post which the chink responded again with an offtopic us chinks be great and shit post which where I finally come in.

Clearly we both just fail at imageboards

Nice, but you forgot the t in slaughter.

OP you retarded faggot, you don't bombard people with redpills, they'll just kvetch and double down. You have to be subtle, then gradually increase them as time goes on.


If they are curious they will find us one way or another, I can with a good likelihood that the majority of the posters here today managed to find us without any sort of outreach, I would personally rather have soldiers that are 100% behind the cause, flakes make traitors and traitors lose wars.

I can /say/ with a good likelihood

I'm not the same person, but I could easily attempt to do this using the school libraries available at my university.

Is there even a need to spam comment sections anymore? The comment section on any news site looks like pol already. People are aware of the problems, but no one knows what to do about it.

We're past all of the memes, it's time for people to start standing up and taking action, but NOT by joining some Alt-Kike group. Those assholes get exposed almost weekly as either kike shills or just egotistical LIARS/scam artists. It's those fuckwads getting their own people locked up.

They just caught another alt-kike fag who was pretending to be an Iraq war veteran. And, just like they did with Kike Enoch, the Alt-Kikers are circling the wagons to defend him. Why even lie about that? It just shows that these fags are full of shit like the antifa/liberals they're supposedly against.

Hitler didn't have to lie about what he did in WWI. His wound badges and Iron Cross spoke for him. He was a good man and we desperately need good men like him again. Men who fight for their people, not these scumbags who want to stroke their own ego and fill their kike bank account with shekels.

To sum it up

Fuck a Hui guy brought down the last remnant of the Majapahit empire.
It makes me feel angry deep inside.
It's worse that I live where Majapahit was.
It was backed by China so Majapahit didn't usurp their mandate of heaven too. Ended undoing the work of OUR Bismarck. OUR unification.
Where the Rhine, both East and West are Germany (fuck you Frogs Alsace is German), the same should be true of the Seas surrounding Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi, Papua, the Sunda islands, Maluku, and whatnot for Indonesia.

Tactics are great and all, but this is where it's at. People generally don't stand on very solid ground, so they flock to people who do. Being angry/outraged whilst delivering your message is a sign you do not stand on solid ground. Being funny and calm shows you do.

People need to start marching on political institutions. Holla Forums showed up to the Federal Reserve with rifles.

If you're looking for something to do that will have impact, the amount of off the shelf and ad hoc surveillance equipment, devices, and methods is overwhelming.

"Google Kalergi Plan" might be a good one

Natural selection is solving the white genocide problem.

Whatever you do, don't make us all sound like annoying little cunts. I'm not talking about PR in the sense of "let's not name the jew" but PR as in talking to individuals about the issue rather than spamming people who don't want to listen. Also - use memes, and related causes (you can do a lot of good by making "globalists" look bad to the general public, and pointing out who they are).

TL;DR Nice Guy National Socialism.

Get out

It only takes a tiny crack in the narrative to splinter the hold it has over a normie. But the crack must be well placed. Don't worry about making them go 1488, you can for instance talk about how much money could be made with refugee resettlements. "No way user that's all charity work", "Actually Normie look at the money the international refugee center brings in off of grants alone, maybe we should get in on the action" "wtf user that's immoral I thought refugee work was noble".

And down the rabbit hole they go.