#TheRealRussianBots and Petition Manipulation-- A RedPill for my People

#RealRussianBots (Or should we start calling them #DemBots?) And another piece on how the Democrats are rigging petitions to Impeach 4 10 20. NOTE: It is not Illegal for Private Websites such as facebook to target Conservatives.

Keyhole hashtag tracking system: keyhole.co/
Keyhole doesnt just track hashtags. You can also set any keyword to track. Do not forget what Q said "Everything has a double meaning"
So is it ironic that Keyhole Security systems also have 8 known contracts to the DHS? Who is connected to the DHS?
(Backdoors and windows may be needed)^^^^^


Not convinced? developers.facebook.com/docs/workplace/integrations/custom-integrations/bots

Yes. These bots are designed for replying to conversation chats but can also be programmed to halt certain things like #TheMemoLink from being sent to someone or being posted on facebook, twitter, etc..
Here is an example of a facebook bot that can easily be manipulated: bitsdroid.com/facebook-bot/

Its not simple but can be done by the right person. Remember when #TheMemo came out? Did you notice that you could not send it to people and or share it? HUH I WONDER WHY. Do you also wonder why Conservative platforms arent as popular as they should be? :

For any normies reading this —– Your word or link is targeted. It then triggers the tracking system. The tracking system then sends out an alert, to a shutdown bot, to target and deny your links or posts that does not fit their narrative.

Here's another quick redpill on how petition websites are using their signatures TO GET NAMES ON A PETITION TO IMPEACH TRUMP. Only problem is these petitions are for Animal rights, GMO bans, Community issues etc.. But hidden as such to get signatures.
Here is the link. Read the reviews anons.

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Nothing is happening. Nothing was ever going to happen. A cuckchan LARPer is not one of the ONLY TWENTY PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING WORLD with a specific level of security clearance and “full knowledge of this plan.” Someone that important is not posting on 4chan. Someone that important–if he actually has knowledge he wants to disseminate–is also not going to type cryptic bullshit that looks like it came from multiple people and ask questions that he doesn’t answer. Someone that important is, statistically, owned by jews, even if there are some patriots left up there. Out of 10 of the most powerful people in the entire fucking world, the redditors on 4chan expect one of them to not only be “#ourguy”, but to leak the proceedings of FUCKING NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW and–surprise surprise–the arrest of three quarters of the US government.

Why, that’s exactly what we would want! Happy day! All of our dreams are coming true, and we didn’t even have to put in an ounce of work ourselves! Hooray! It’s over! We’re saved! Don’t ever question the validity of these claims! Just spend MONTHS ignoring everything else that is ACTUALLY happening in the news, never mind your own wildly successful campaign of “It’s okay to be white.” Because nothing ever came from YOU doing an honest day’s work!


If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Why, given the massive flight risk all globalists are, would anyone want to leak the proceedings of such an event in advance? Why would someone ostensibly leaking the proceedings not actually leak any information? Why would someone who claims to be on our side not give us a playbook for how to operate during the event? Why isn’t he telling us how to become leaders of our community to calm the terrified millions around us–who will inevitably exist once the media starts reporting on the “Trump coup”, or when they see their favorite media reporters arrested by the military live on air? Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.

Fuck off, redditors. Hero worship somewhere else.

* Claims Trump is magically insulated during what will be painted internationally as a soft coup, and that he will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history.
* Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL, so why did they let the last 70 years happen).
* Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely.
* Claims martial law inbound.
* Claims mass arrests of the government are inbound.
* Claims the EBS will be invoked.
* Claims no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will arrest itself, with all trials dispensing actual justice.
* Claims Obama went to North Korea and may be there right now.
* Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia (proven false).
* Claims Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…”
* Claims the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account.
* Claimed that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s Asia trip (proven false).
* Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events).
* Claims elections no longer matter.

No proof of any of his claims has come to light, and no explanation of them or what he means by them has ever been given.

This isnt a happening. This isnt a prediction. I dont give a damn about Politicians because I know it's all some big ass plan. Like I said. Goal is to RedPill normies.

I love it. I give you evidence of a large petition website using signatures for a different petition and you say its no proof. KEK. ShillsGoHome

Blow your brains out. No evidence of anything ghas been posted. Q is proven fake. Nothing the group of paid shills has said is true. Nothing is happening. You are sucking Trump’s cock just like every non-Holla Forumsack.

Redpills are facts. You have posted no facts. Get out.

"Nothing is happening" "No evidence of anything has been posted"
Why dont you do yourself a favor and click on the links

So you're telling me these reviews are false right?


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Im guessing you still havnt taken the liberty to actually look into it. What ever happened to "Dont judge a book by its cover" ? Open the damn book.

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