Holohoax Denier Set to Win Republican Primary in Illinois

Art Jones is the only candidate in Illinois' District 3 Republican primary. Occasionally tells verifiable truth about Holohoax "racket." Guilty-feeling white Republicans shitting selves, will doubtless sabotage him at the eleventh hour

>The chairman of the state party, a gargantuan kike named (((Timothy Schneider))), issued a statement to the Sun-Times in which he said: “We strongly oppose [Jones’] racist views and his candidacy for any public office. Now, if you don't mind, my asthma's kicking up and I just want to take my shekel home and go to bed.”

>(((Schneider))) added: “The Illinois Republican party and our country have no place for Nazis. I mean, they're both owned by Jews! Can you just imagine if we let an actual white through the gap? The rabbi would pickle my pupik!”

Unironically Based as Fuck

Okay, Holla Forums – how are Republicans going to blow this opportunity? I say it'll be a combination of the following:
1) Zero funding or support from the RNC (like how the DNC always refuses to support woke candidates)
2) No endorsements from other Republicans
3) Media will treat him like a sideshow freak without mentioning the fact that he's right about everything (and a Trump critic! What's not to love, MSM?!?!?)
4) Slanted polls showing he has 5% support
5) Beaner overload at polls
6) In the impossible event he wins, Speaker Ryan refuses to certify the election and seat the winning candidate

So why bring this up at all? Simple: Some of /you/ nigger still think we're going to vote our problems away, while others seem to think public image is irrelevant. The fate of this heroic white man will give the lie to both of those conflicting beliefs.

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What a fucking time to be alive.

His website has a holocaust section

TL;DR you somehow turn /ourguy/ having a chance at getting a congressional seat into a "STOP FUCKING VOTING GOYIM LET THE KIKES WIN DONT VOTE FOR DRUMPF OR ANYONE EVER AGAIN" thread.


um, glow in the dark much??????????????

how the fuck does that make sense

I'm loving this font. Excellent kerning.


How do we help this hero


Based FEDs.

I live in Illinois, what can I do to help this man win?

Not silly correction.
You meant:
His website has a holohoax section

Start with raising awareness. Tell everyone you know, and a few that you don't, that he's being slandered by the lying media. Go to the 3rd District and knock on doors, drop flyers, and engage to show voters he's not a damn lunatic.

We're lucky here, because of the very odd politics in that area. The incumbent is a soft-bellied Blue Dog legacy who's been coasting his whole life to easy victories. You might even get a few Bernie Bros by pointing out that /our/guy is actually less likely to cooperate with Trump than the Democrat.

YES. When I see men like this winning I get a glimmer of hope for politics. More anons should think of running for their local politics.

Dropped, probably controlled opposition

Look at his nose…

Actually I can't tell, his Holocaust section seems pretty genuine, but goddammit that nose…

It's big, but I've never seen a jew with such a pointed nose. His nose is then, protruding, and sharp. The Jewish will have a more pronounced slope throughout terminating in a downward sloping bulbous tip. As well they tend to be wider than that.

The ears are of concern though, and his eyes don't really look kikish but are rather strange. I would almost bet he's some variety of Anglo.

It helps if you quote the whole thing so we can all laugh at you Schlomo

Usually these stories are bullshit to shoot down the candidate but this one here is totally real and he is not shy about it either.

how does the blackpill taste nigger?

He looks like Heydrich. He's got SS physiognomy written all over his body.


Old white turks look like that


By your logic Hitler was glow in the dark too

That's a good example of an aquiline nose.

Fuck off with your bullshit ahmed

Finally, someone who isn't a faggot. I thought we were doomed to be surrounded by mischling podcasters and their "huur what did you do for the movement !!"

Here comes the "wait for hitler" shills.

Shaping up to be the first real win we've had yet.


Oy Veh Goyim! Unless someone is physically perfect in every possible way, they're a jew.
The only people not jews are marble statues apparently.

I think he could actually win that part of chicago. The easternmost areas around blue island are very blacxican but that whole swath of land to the west and south is one of the directions chicago's poor whites had to white-flight to when the south side became enriched. This means shitloads of polacks and other based eurotrash who don't give a fuck about standard libshit signalling. If we can meme it, it will come. If you honestly think he's controlled op get over yourself, this shit would be hilarious either way.


Doesn't matter if he wins, we can meme a shitstorm here.

He’s pretty well known and been exposing the holohoax for years, vid related was in 1992. Any kike shills saying he’s controlled ops is D&C. However he’s never had much success, but this should prove how far the Overton window has shifted or how much farther it can shift.

Bump. Would be hilarious to see you burgers get this guy elected.

Haha my nose is like that, like concorde.
Probably has French ancestry or German.

user you can hooktube embed now.

This getting slid.

I tried and it didn’t work

At least you posted the link.

"White" turks exist, in the sense that they are not really full-blooded turks. Turks took a lot of european children, made soldiers out of them, then led them against their ancestral homelands later.

Fellow Illinois user here. Nothing.

The district is gerrymandered to hell and has been blue for decades. It sure as hell isn't going to flip for any republican, let alone this guy.

First day here?

Dude every time I think 8/pol/ has reached the shill saturation point a new line of shilling appears.
The mod bans do nothing, and even encourage it.

Some things that can be memed, mention he’s anti-Trump wisely. Trump is a stronger political talking point than he’s a holohoax denier among normies. There’s plenty of videos of him running for Congress decades ago, a compilation of his words always works well.
Another vid of him, this is a 4 part video where he sounds a lot like how Trump could have been.


Clickbait really?

A rabbi undercover, no doubt.

"Set to win Republican Primary." Are you actually so retarded that you can't read an entire sentence without your nigger-brain starting to scream? Get the fuck out of here you goddamn waste of oxygen.

You mean Simon Liesenthal and eLIE Liesal amiright? Based website

It's not that i disagree, but wouldn't a flat tax rate be "Every citizen pays / in tax"
And a 10% be linear, while an exponential tax rate would be what most western countries currently suffer under?

Sow discord and infighting between the democratic candidates to such a degree that their ties cannot be fixed. All the while rallying Republicans with change.

Paul Nehlen should do a live stream or something with this guy.

Hmm, you’re actually right.


Let's take a closer look

The real hilarious part is Jones responding with the tale of how 25000 kikes were gassed in Auchwitz a day which would lead to 41 million dead jews, and the whore with the mic simply says “I’m not gonna argue the facts with you.” The war words hasn’t changed in over 25 years, all truth of the holohoax is shot down because nobody can truly defend the great jewish lie beyond blind emotional denial.

Dude has SS nose

I don't believe this for a minute. The district is 73% white, for one, so there isn't a huge nigger or spic vote to ensure (D) success. Also, never forget that only around half of America's eligible voters even fucking bother – mostly, I think, because it always seems like a waste of time to choose between two Jew-approved candidates. Somebody who doesn't mind telling the truth about the 50-foot electric chairs and masturbation machines certainly represents a change from what usually runs, especially in absurdly safe districts like this one.

In other words, he might be different enough to expose a wholly unexpected white voting demographic here. If successful, appealing to the 1488 vote might become a viable strategy elsewhere.

Remember – 50% of whites don't bother voting. They're waiting for a real choice. If a full-blown, fuck-your-holocaust redpill candidate actually wins in a permanent blue district, all bets are off nationwide. We might see more of this shit popping up in places like New York and San Fagcisco. Wouldn't that be funny?

Just about every one of these proposals is a winner in public opinion. The public has weakened on the fag issues, thanks to decades of normalizing propaganda, but everything else on this list could have been run by Bob Dole.

Fortunately for the kike lugenpresse, he says bad and wrong things about the 6 gorillion, and everybody has seen Schindler's List 80 trillion times, and Hollywood never lies, so. . .


As opposed to all the fine work you've been doing to save the white race? Fucking your waifu pillow doesn't actually bring victory, blackpill.


He will win, and it will be remembered as a step back up for us all.

every last shitlib will be voting just to signal against Trump if not for any other reason

Funny how all the shills flood in once there is finally a guy who says the right things. We'll win this, and then go on to elect more like him until the last trace of neocon cuckery is purged.

OP is definitely not a faggot. But have no fear user, most of us are just lying in wait. We got funs, fit, fists, and lists. Nobody is waiting for hitler, everyone except for the newfags understand how bad things actually are. Just have your diamonds ready when the day comes brother.

A battle should never be conceded until fought.

kiked lügenpress will only have as much effect as is permitted. A similar Trump effect can happen with Jones, normies may be redpilled as kikes kvetch 24/7 about the 6 gorillion. Plus don’t forget how even a good amount of leftists hate jews and kike central.

How do we get the Boomers to vote for him?

lefties hate and don't hate whatever is convenient at any given moment
just look a the open arms welcome to anti-Trump neocohens who were war criminals just ten years ago

they don't hate jews, they hate the Current Year South-Africa they think Israel is

It's marxist thirld-worldism.

not really. the democrat party is coming apart at the seams. only the most hardened (retarded) are still on board with the russia nonsense. the rest are pissed that the dems ran a corrupt piece of shit candidate who cheated in their primary and then went on to lose to a gameshow host. not only that but the same corrupt pieces of shit haven't had the decency to slink away in disgrace and let someone else run the party.

The priority shouldnt lie strictly on the boomers but the millenials, boomers are stuck in their ways, cant teach an old dog new tricks etc etc

Okay but we actually do need their votes right now - and they fly off the handle at anything that even remotely questions Judaism.

Then we’ll use their hatred of Trump against them, Jones is anti-Trump. Go sage elsewhere, kike.

Get him to talk about the holohoax with a based nigger boomer?

Doug Jones just became the first democrat senator from Alabama since the early nineties

We need to find a way to turn questioning this into something Boomers can "agree to disagree" about. Because otherwise they're going to go in hysterics and turn plenty of Whites against our goy.

Please for the love of fucking god stop referring to your racial kin as Jewish cattle. Seriously, leave that shit at TRS.

Take your meds.


Because having an openly anti-zionist politician running can help to normalize our views. Otherwise the only exposure white people get to pro-white views is Richard Spencer (filtered through snarky buzzfeed articles). Do you want that?

There's a very common myth being perpetuated here, and it's that white people in American don't listen to, or care about, traditional media anymore. It's completely and laughably false. Traditional media, i.e. newspapers, now include basically every fucking site on the internet that can be remotely politicized, and it's led to a great homogenization of views among white people regarding what they feel they can or cannot express. Our reach is a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the mountains of kike propaganda that whites get deluged in daily, and if you don't think that has an effect on them, you've got rocks for brains.

but that's not the word the "traditional media" will be using

No it isn't.

Awe shit y'all, dems won one seat in a special election out of the 7 or so this year.
Blue wave confirmed.

I'm sure amnesty shilling on an election year will go down well with republican voters

It really is tho. Theyre broke, their CEO just resigned, their entrenched players aren't letting woke POC in the game, Bernouts are jaded as fuck, their fundraisers aren't pulling in shit and now they got the memo levied against them in their role in pushing a fake dossier. Dems are in a pinch.

Sure it has an effect; that's why Papa Soros keeps investing in it. But lies change daily, while the truth is like a rock. Do you even know what happens when one of those normalfags brings their head full of delusions into a free and open forum for a good argument, only to meet someone like /us/?

They wind up having to block us and report to Twitter or Facebook for all the hate speech. They can't answer a fucking thing, because they live in a bubble.

Progress can be hard to see sometimes, but it happens. I myself became redpilled because I found I couldn't answer the points made in Bhutanese yak-herding forums like this shithole. From that realization, it's basically a test of character whether you'll go home and go to bed or take the red pill and see how deep it goes.
Jews. It goes as deep as the Jews are to blame for everything. End of rabbit hole. It's the Jews.

Drumph is finished for sure.

Shut up retard.

what is your pic supposed to prove?
this is shit liberals unironically believe
it might sound crazy to you but not to them

Take your meds.

Have we finally found the art?

take your boomer quips back to facebook


1.lmao at all these faggots thinking the fbi is an institution of the state via the constitution
2.lmao at all these faggots trying to vouch for mueller, the bagman for the Uranium 1 deal, the guy who helped cover up the saudi(israeli) families involved in fucking 9/11
3. lmao at all these faggots who keep talking about the russian boogeyman with NO citations, NO verification, and NOTHING to even pin on the russians. What's wrong with Russia? Why are they an enemy? these questions can't be answered by these mouth breathing bottom feeders, and nobody has had the stones to call these faggots out on their literal parroting of msm ledes. it's all so tiresome.

lmao lets see how a iggles super bowl win and a twitter botnet transfers to the ballot box.

ok kike rhodes

by republicans providing them millions of new voters by passing amnesty



Cry harder for your precious demoshit party you bitch made faggot.

To return to the point of the thread, unlike these derailing faggots, I can't find any 2016 voter registrations based on age. I have a vague idea there are lots of boomers, but since District 3 extends into the city of Niggertown I believe there will be more millenials. Most of the district voted heavy red in 2016, besides the middle of Niggertown of course. Like anons have mentioned, the district is +70% white, but there's also a large amount of spics that were (((cohencidentally))) added when they reworked the district.

I seem to remember a time when Holla Forums was smart enough not to shill for either


Antislide bump


You fuckers don't even try any more, do you?

I've been considering an OP to saturate the web with propaganda (exact content tbd) that will reach apolitical voters and also avoid censorship:
Massively drop redpills in unexpected places. Retards vote/base their decisions on what they perceive is the prevailing opinion: if they encounter at least entry-level Holla Forums views in many random places, they'll think it's organic and widespread.



The last time we let an election slip we let Macron win.
Let's not let that happen this time Holla Forums.

have this thread if he wins or has decent results, otherwise this is just a person running in an almost guaranteed democrat victory

Defeatism only works if you know which battles to loose.
This one is one that has much to gain and little to loose, no one expects him to win but if he does then we have more influence, if he doesn't then everyone just shrugs and says "Obviously the nazi wasn't gonna win goy." so in the end it's a battle worth fighting.
I suggest deliberately targeting Illinois online communities, start off far right as possible then go more and more left until we hit hard liberal territory and stop.

I've noticed a crime of omission on the checking of these digits.

Isn't winning a republican primary in Illinois like being the skinniest kid at fat camp? Most of the time when a fringe guy gets to run in the general it is because he does not stand a chance. Too bad there are not busloads of illegal republicans we could bus in to vote like the opposition does.


that's not a Semitic nose at all.


sage nigger

This. They're only against Israel for different reasons, like how they occupied Palestine and killing off ragheads by which they keep comparing it to le ebil gnatzees and the Holohoax. In the minds of Leftists and shitskins it's all about black/brown skin=opressed and White skin=opressor. Since Israeli mostly don't have brown skin, I might suspect the Leftards think they're actually White, if so then they are just as stupid as niggers and shitskins.

Also the way Leftards debate is absolutely baffling. I once saw a Carlos Latuff (a well known Marxist Arab huezilian cuckold, I'm not joking) cartoon where he critisized the "Alt-Right" with a man holding the Confederate flag who looks like that kike-approved "redneck inbred" maymay saying "I hate Jews but I support Israel.", with some guy (presumably some well known kike or something) accepting him as a friend while calling a BDS activist a Nazi. I mean, who the fuck says that? It's like me saying I hate niggers but I support Zimbabwe or some other niggerdom nation. Then I found out why he put that in, apperantly he's trying to convey the idea that the movement he supports, which is BDS, tends to be anti-Israel but not anti-kike because again the guy is a Marxist who still hates le ebil gnatzees and thinks Whites are always the opressors. Pic related is his criticism on the NRA which is outright saying "Dem niggers dindu nuffin, dey ar gud bois 'n shiet, fuck Whitey muh dick!". And like any Leftard he thinks US police are always "racist" and want kill off niggers and shitskins if only, and of course he thinks the only ones poor in the US are non-Whites because again, #FuckWhiteyMuhDick.

Non-Whites are such goddamn stupid, literal cum-guzzling faggots. Sorry for the rant.

I was being sarcastic.

In case anyone's wondering, this is what the Illinois third congressional district looks like, while it has been gerrymandered it appears to have been specifically made to encapsulate whites in the south west suburban area. Now while this looks promising whites could also include "white" Hispanics.

red dots are whites, black blacks

The fact that youre not banned pisses me off.

pic related is people who identified as Latino.
more green=more Latino

Dems are reduced to begging republicans not to vote for their party. They're looking more fucked by the passing day.


keek @ that Uncle Sam. Where did he put the shoulder stock? Behind his ear?

That looks like Time magazine font. The NYT and NPR try similar stunts. Self styled conservatives don't read or listen to that garbage. I honestly wonder, are they so arrogant as to think they have wider pull than they do, or are they just peddling smug satisfaction to their readers by preaching to the choir in an effort to push talking points.

nevermind I just looked it up its the Atlantic. 6 of one, half dozen of another

It makes English majors feel really smart and connected to society. Remember that most of the propaganda in 1984 was aimed at the Outer Party, which is the equivalent of what Atlantic readers are. The Proles got trashy pornography.

You way overestimate the number of people sympathetic to our views. This guy has a snowball's chance in hell of winning in Chicago. You aren't going to get them to vote for anyone that questions the holohoax in any way. The Illinois GOP and the local media are all going against the guy, regardless of his message. As already pointed out, the only reason he's even considered to be in the race is that no other republican bothered to run because it's so deeply blue.

Anyone who genuinely thinks he has a chance is like a naive lolberg that during every election thinks this is gonna be the year Ron Paul wins.

Found the Jew.

you still haven't realized trump and the media colluded to 'win' him the election and it's just a charade? kike trump actually gets along great with the kike media

Kill yourself kike, you’re over 100 replies late to being first

lel the demoshits are fucked and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

I don't understand what this yid is trying to pull unless its green text related.

What are you? Some variety of kike?

Sure, he won't win, but his running does expose the lie most everyone on this site lives under: That if they expose themselves as "anti semitic, neo-nazi, racist, nigger baby killers" they'll be ruined and nobody will like them.

Meanwhile, this guy is just like: "Fuck it, I'm running for office and the kikes are liars. What are you going to do about it?" And NOTHING happens to him except for some kikes kevetching in their usual way.

The only way the kikes can even get you is if you're a fucking retard and do something illegal.

Thats not necessarily true. Look what they did to Bobby Fisher.


Are there any televised debates for these things? Any extra sound bites from him would be good material

Gerrymandered around traitors is the same result as niggers.


What's important is that he wins the primary silently. If too much attention is raised then some neocuck will swoop in at the last minute as get 6 gorrilion dollars from McConnel. But if he wins then heavy meme'ing, groundwork by Chicaganons, and outside money might be enough to catch them by surprise. The fact that this is a mid-term also helps us.

This is our chance to pull a Doug Jones on them and snag a "safe-seat" purely based on how unexpected it is. Even better if we can trick the niggers into voting for him. The Nation of Religion of Cuck™ might be able to help out, aren't they active in Chicago?


I just emailed the contact on his site to say I admire him and his efforts. Even though he probably won't win, the fact that he's running is great. It's important candidates like this to run, as these ideals enter the public consciousness. It pushes the Overton window.

CNN brought him on