I’ve Had Enough

Help me, user.

I moved to Los Angeles from Europe to be a screenwriter. I knew the Hollywood memes but I thought they were exaggerated.
I was a dumb liberal but I’ve since been red pilled and now I cannot unsee.
I broke up with my hot Kong. I got a job working for Veterans, but that meant working for the state. So I find the SEIU.
I just moved into a nice place with a tolerant liberal. I didn’t care. It is a nice place and I was very excited. Now he wants me out because of my politics. 3 days in.
Everything turns to shit.
What do, user?

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You're a complete fucking moron and you deserve whatever you get for insisting on denying reality repeatedly and making terrible and selfish choices. You made your faggot ass bed now lie in it.

Literally a slide thread, sage this shit.

Not very bright are you?

Don’t hold political positions.

No such thing a nazi



I celebrated my birthday last night.
My conservative friends fed me tequila and I talked politics with my new roommate.
It didn’t go well. Now he wants me out.

Usually I try to keep my politics to myself.

Feel like becoming a hermit. It’s the only way I can be myself.

Maybe not. But I mean well.

Move back home. California is a shithole.

Home is just as cucked and liberal.
And wetter. No prospects.

You're a fucking idiot.

That’s the consensus.

I feel you user, but we have a problem: lack of right wing networking. If there are no anons to help you in LA then try to get out.

North, to the San Joaquin Valley. The farther north you go in CA, the more water there is and the less poz (Bay Area excepted). If you're a writer, it shouldn't matter where you live. Try Auburn or Placerville, NE of Sacramento. Or there's Clearlake. If you're in love with the desert, try Phoenix.

Convert to Religion of Cuck™, go back home. We don't need any more immigrants, fuckface.

Whoa whoa hold on.

You broke up wiht your hot kong. Why?

Move to Australia.

*real answer I promise*

Step 1: quit being a faggot.

Step 2: get some real skills. Your skill set seems to be sucking Jewish cocks. All Holly-jew trash skills are that. Trash skills.

Step 3a: If you are not white then YOU HAVE TO GO BACK TO EUROPEISTAN. Really. Do you pass the paper bag test? If not then leave now or expect to get drawn and quartered when the dam breaks here. Not kidding. You will get murdered.

Step 3b: If you are white then take real skills, like welding or farming or logging or geology or engineering or oil rig roughnecking or gun smiting or diesel mechanic or truck driving or heavy equipment operator or electrician or commercial lighting or electronics engineering or computer programming or stock (crypto currency?) trading. OR FUCKING WHATEVER that does not involve sucking jew/nigger/butch Dyke trannys cock.

Step 4 :get the FUCK out of the cities or you will get murdered when it kicks off. Look at rural areas. Get some silver some guns and some land and a good fucking woman whos vag is not stretched out by miles of nigger cock.

Get off the grid and stay private. Connect up with ex military guys and real Americans. Have half a dozen sons and homeschool them so they don't become faggots like you are right now.

move back to europe

Tic Toc

My honest advice, shut your mouth. I live in a different state than you, these leftists rigged it so my phones IP defaults to LA. I went through hell as they posted my information on gay and tranny websites all over the place.

I’m a US citizen, cunt.

Friendly reminder, I am coming for you.

Your friends sold you out.

I’m white. Thanks, user.

Man up and take responsibility for making some of the worst decisions anyone could ever make. Also, beat up your roommate, you pussy.

I want white babies.

Trying to network with right wingers.
They’re flakey too.

I am. I was a clown. Trying to fix it.

When does it kick off user? In our lifetimes?

This is helpful. Thank you.

What can you tell me about them? They try to be my union.

From what I’ve read of them, mainly through Andrew Breitbart, they’re absolute cunts.
They control CA state work. They automatically take from your paycheck. They funnel their cash directly to lib politicians. Who ‘support’ them in return.
I don’t know as much as I should, but everything looks and smells fishy.




I just moved out of LA. I actually found that most non-fag white men are right wing. Many are Holla Forums tier. I knew a few bernie bros but the vast majority of white men I made friends with would admit after a few drinks that they voted for Trump and wanted the spics deported post haste. You're probably more likely to find them in the valley than in hollywood which is basically Tel-a-viv west.

How the hell did you get a job working for veterans as a (former) liberal Euro screenwriter?

That is pretty much universal.

I’m capable. Good at interviewing.
Have worked successfully at several things but no career.

Did you really think a goy was going to make it in hollywood without taking a few dicks?

That's cool but how were you qualified to work with veterans is what I am asking?

As far as your issue, that is the true face of those dipshits and that is how fast they turn on people. So just get your shit, get a shitty apartment in a suburb, save money and don't look back. Same thing we all have had to endure one time or another. It sucks but it's just something you have no choice on but to eat the shitburger and move forward.

Hollywood is on "strike" until trump is gone. Take advantage of that!!!!



Ban this thread now

You do not ever leave your homeland. Especially in the time.of need.


You will suffer greatly.for.making this thread

It is not fucking.fun and games

Do.you understand?


Slide thread

Sorry about that. We've been invaded by CIA agents hellbent on killing all whites. Example:


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Fuck off, kike.

Literally, so many incoherent tard kikes.



Fuck off, autist


It takes no qualification.
Admin bullshit is admin bullshit.
They don’t quiz you harder because it’s around the heroes who saved lives.
It meant a lot to me though.
Now, I’m less sure.

Why can't you get a pic related?

Bullshit. Being yourself is the only way you can know friends. Get the fuck out of LA.

An European was let into America, and with work permit?
This does not sound right.
America's bureaucracy hates Whites, then you must be an Arab refugee.
Lie to me. Tell me I am wrong.

Agreed. He should leave. But he may not be able to leave immediately. Decisions have consequences. Here's an excellent alternative to living with a liberal fuckhead:

I’m white and a US citizen.


So what.. i had literally had tequila and scremed about niggers to the world in front of many many liberals. Thing is u cant back down now. I do not however relay on other people for my housing or employment so there is really no way to hit back at me. I also dont post shit online… rarely even here.
There are alot of people who will be glad to have u even in LA. Also i dont think is legal to evict someone for poltiical views… try to set him up and get a recording where he tells u he wants u out for politics.
Take to housing board or equlivalent and fuck him over. Making sure u are not a faggot and have 1488 shit social media before hand would be good idea.

I laughed at everything in the OP until I read this
FUCK YOU. You come to my country and then leech off the tax payer taking care of old worn-out zog-bots? You are a piece of shit and I hope a gang member shanks you in an alley.

What did you say lool?

I wish this were true for me. I have almost been fired from my minimum-wage job (which I need) for daring to open my mouth even a little bit.. even though the rest of the guys that work with me can say all kinds of offensive things, I'm the one who gets singled-out. How do you guys do it?
I want to be self-employed so I can speak my mind with no worry of repercussions from trigged leftards, but I don't know where to start.

CAfag here. You have no idea how fucking hard it is to get rid of a tenant. Unless you've been filmed actually trying to burn the place down, you're entitled to 30 days' notice. Even then, there are options. If you have a lease, my advice is to get an eviction in writing, move, and then sue the shit out of him.

We grew up in a multi-cultural society. It teaches you how to dissemble like a pro. It also means your loan officer might be 110% 14/88, and you'd never know it. You'd just keep getting turned down for that home loan if you look like a nigger.

Fuck off we're full.

what does that even mean?


I think op got drunk and fell asleep.

I’m here.

Just got back from a business trip in L.A. Kill.Them.All. All of them. Burn the fucking city down, and gas everything in SoCal. If you're white you should have left by now. Get out user. Get out now. Go to a nice Red State.

Ride the tiger, user.
I'll join you in the US in about a year, USA will be the first nation to end and the easiest to rebuild and shape into a traditionalist heroism civilization.

Yea, just not Texas because of fucking spics.

Where should I go?

Back to hell, Satan

I’m a US citizen and I fought for this bullshit low pay job because I love American veterans more than you and everyone you know.

Good one, faggot.

Nice projection

Now go suck some spic dick to pay rent you dumb fuck loser


Colonize the Baker Island

population grows at an exponential rate. Food growth does not. There will be food shortages as soon as population growth vastly out paces food production growth. War is eternal. Heck before the food shortages begin there will most likely be an airborne respiratory pathogen that gets released.


No wonder the white people are fleeing from Commiefornia.

This isn't always a solution. One often has to be even more careful then, as your company associations/clients/customers come under fire too from leftcucks.