We can't keep sitting idly by - the time to act is NOW

I expect shills in swarms but I know there are still real and genuine people here despite the very well funded and pervasive D&C and astroturfing, I know there are still people who want to do something, who care about our future and will not stand for the kikes winning. We MUST ACT.

We are literally the last bastion of free speech, we are the ONLY ONES who both know enough and are stupid/brazen enough to actually try to make a change in the world. The question is this - How in the fuck do we spread our message and these ideas without being v& ourselves? I'm willing to do a great deal to contribute personally and I know others out there are equally if not more engaged, how do we create media that is able to redpill but at the same time able to spread as memes do? I think we should meme the Jewish hypocrisy and blatant racism of words like "goy" and "shiksa" so our people and everyone else knows just how badly the kikes think about us. We MUST make them a viable target again - antisemtitism and muh holocaust has been a reliable shield from them but even the average normie is sick of hearing about it - we can cleave that defense in two with enough evidence of the hatred the kikes harbor for literally the rest of the world as evidenced by their own word "goy/goyim"

Let's save the world anons.

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This is related to politics in a very large way so before our very potentially kiked mods remove the thread for that premise - this is related to the Memo which we were all looking forward to and hoping would begin the collapse of the ZOG but through redaction and sophistry they're trying to evade it. We can't allow this, nor can we allow the public to remain blissfully unaware of the rotting cesspit that lives within this world. This is related to ALL the fucking bullshit that the kikes have been trying to pull, it is our duty to act before it's too late to do so and our voices are forever silenced.

The point of this thread is this - we live in an age where censorship is fucking rampant, look at Twitter, look at Jewtube, look at fucking EVERY MAJOR PLATFORM, all 100% kiked, all 100% controlled, we can't voice an opinion of dissent without being labeled a bigot or otherwise and that for whatever reason instantly turns people off and makes them tune out to truth.

I just want to preserve the 14 words and make a fucking stand against the kike cancer that is rotting our beautiful people - the end goal is clear for anyone paying attention, a pure and whole Jewish people, "Diversity isn't for Israel, Israel must stay a Jewish state" and they deport Ethiopians and get away with it because ZOG media doesn't cover it, meanwhile they push "Diversity is strength" everywhere else. They want the ENTIRE WORLD to become a fucking muddy mess, and they be the only different ones as rulers of what is left behind. It is disgusting, and as last night proved for me personally even normies who are still sipping at the teat of the media RESENT THESE IDEAS and that it is illegal to boycott Israel - these are things any normie would be like "What the fuck? WHY?" and would make really powerful and potent redpill material.

We NEED to find a way to communicate. I was thinking of recording some sort of thing and trying to explain in simple words the grave nature and severity of the problem, but no matter what filter or mask I put on it it can be undone and anonymity erased. I considered doing TTS like Moonman because that is not as easy to trace, but how do you export and upload it for widespread distribution anonymously without getting fucked by the ZOG army?

bump, I've thought about posting fliers for a white nationalist book club around town and universities. No different than the coffee houses of the colonial age. A Jacobin club if you will. Call it a Ethnic European Culture Club EECC.

That's a solid idea but it will 100% get infiltrated and libshits will muh nazis and try to destroy anyone and everyone sympathetic to the cause

That's the crazy thing about this day and age, you're literally not allowed to do anything that goes against the ZOG, people are so indoctrinated that any buzz word triggers a virtue signaling mob mentality. I realized last night though that we have some very real fracturing points, some that I saw were very real:

Israel's Anti-Boycott Law, reference Lorde's debacle so it's a news based thing, simply asking "Why?"

Sweden, massive influx of refugees who didn't integrate and instead created enclaves, crimes like rape, assault etc skyrocketing as soon as they arrive

The long term beige horizon that even the kikes are proudly waving about, yet Israel "must remain Jewish" hypocrisy, suggest the long term effects being that it ends up being the Jews and everyone else, they play both sides, educate on what "goyim" and "shiksa" etc mean and how nasty and racist those terms really are

I was talking to a normie about the immigration and HE suggested having a place like a big camp to resettle refugees in or near their home country, I'd rather throw money at that and keep them the fuck out of our country than pay to bring them here so 100% that's something palatable to normies, still get the "muh help muh feels" but also get the "stay the fuck out of my country" results

lots more, we should compile a list of such topics and begin memeing them in whatever ways we can, I saw last night that there ARE ways we can make it acceptable, the hypocrisy is the thing that will allow us to break the holohoax muh antisemitism spell, I had a legitimate discussion about ZOG openly naming the jew with a left leaning normie and he was receptive and actually contributing in ways I never expected because the approach just works. We need to utilize this.

I'm pretty pessimistic when it comes to a mass awakening of any sort. The best realistic thing to be done is to make 3 or 4 solid racial allies. Through the club idea, infiltrated or not you're bound to make at least 1 ally. Its not a book democracy, simply say you have a book list for the year already fill it with red pilled shit and that settles it. If they don't like it find another book club.

I was very pessimistic about it as well, but last night genuinely gave me hope - I thought about it, and three of my friends, all of whom lean left ALL dislike the jews already. One is openly antisemitic, another refused to watch a physics video because it was taught by an Israeli professor because he is against Israel, and the last last night was totally on board with things that were undeniably antisemitic and unapologetically so.

We have a chance, as long as the odds may be that mere fact that people intrinsically know the kikes are evil despite all the propaganda means that we already have points of entry. We can do this.

Honestly, theology and metaphysics. WLP was right.
Whites are spiritually bankurpt and doubt their own soul, so are the churches; the kabalist charlatans that try to fill the gap aren't much better. Faithless people don't reproduce, it's that simple.

Trap thread is trap thread

you should definitely give it a try, though - but find a way so that it is sort of "disguised" so it doesn't set off any alarms for hair trigger "muh nazi" SJWs - be careful with the images you choose and the words you use in your flier but having a redpill book club would be a very interesting way to get people to become better educated on the true state of things.

Either way, be careful user, the tolerant left will literally try to destroy your life, have you fired from your job etc etc if they see you as a target, they are weak effeminate soyboys and trannies but they are vicious fucks who turn mob mentality and can push and pry people into your ruin. Just be careful, user.

Theology is kiked sadly, I don't think there is a mainstream religion that isn't promoting kike ideals because they have infiltrated via various means for example through intentional mistranslation in Christianity, Catholicism etc promoting cuckery and shit

Oh, another big one that leads thought in the right direction - the Federal Reserve, ask them literally "What do you think it is?" and redpill them, how it is, then point out that only 3 major countries don't have a federal reserve bank, Syria, Iran, and North Korea - lo and behold, those are the three countries we are pushing conflict with. Almost seems like there are some ulterior motives here!

Can talk about JFK assassination for trying to get USA printing its own currency again, Libya Iraq Afghanistan etc all installed Federal Reserve banks, 1913 Fed instated and same year income tax was instituted, point out that dollars are literally a measure of debt

Lots of others, all easy enough to get normies on board

Open False Flags as well, Libya as an example or the UN and that little Syrian boy who they spun as a victim of Assad when it wasn't the case all to push a narrative

Point out that something like 98% of all media is owned by essentially the same people and that media can drastically alter the behavior and opinions of people, movies, music, TV etc

one study I cited was a psychological effect wherein people who watched kino with a likable person of a given kind whom they identified with, black tranny gay etc would act more favorably toward that given group in real life, changing opinion and behavior through media

"You can't talk about it, because they make the rules" etc

We have resources, we have things that work, it is up to us to utilize them and help the redpill spread because people bandwagon, if we can create enough of an impact it will spread itself.

Fucking christ OP, you wrote 2000 words just to say "we should do stuff but I don't really know what". By the way if you're even need to ask what to do then you've learned very little from Holla Forums.

Yes in hindsight it was a lot of words but I did suggest things to be done, however, I am also asking what can be done because to put it simply we are not doing enough as it stands.

wars are fought in the dreamtime
integrating the shadow self
psychospiritual warfare

It creates an immunity to psychological conditioning. The real war is waged against your mind.Your being fucked with in ways you can't imagine by people you would never suspect.
Start becoming resistant psychologically and notice how fucked up people suddenly start acting around you.

Don't watch it. I stopped 20 years ago. Anywhere I got like the doctor or dentist that has a tv is showing the local channel. Of course making money isn't the purpose of CNN and such but if they bleed for long enough like the NYT has, things change in some positive ways. They'll never die off but we can contain them on life support.

If you want to target them… target their social media I guess. Or execute some executives. That's all up to you. Anyone still watching this shit at this point probably has mental illness or a brain tumor.

Legal revolution.

If things don't take off here pretty soon for me I may as well be the fucking first. Never forget the value of Lost Spies, as Sun Tzu mentions. Those with nothing to lose are much more dangerous and effective than those with everything to lose.

Digits say do it, faggot.

Not everything has to be done by one person, brainstorming threads are still important. I have personally found most millennials in general, regardless of political affiliation, already have latent apathy and disdain for the state of Israel. I have had great success in redpilling by just tapping into the evil deeds of the state of Israel, then expanding it into how their "operatives" infiltrate other nations. After they are convinced of this, the rest comes more naturally.

I have managed to get the ball rolling with several friends of mine on this already. After that I diffuse any guilt about the holocaust via the following:

I never directly make any direct claims, just state the facts and let them figure it out themselves, once the holocaust guilt is diffused (but not quite denied), it becomes much easier to connect the dots between "Isreal" and the "Jews" at large. Pics like what OP included suddenly become much more ominous than they might have in the past. I think in general stating the truth and letting people figure it out for themselves is really the only way this stuff is going to work.

Its a matter of working our way up, we are at step 2 right now and attempting to transition to step 3. The first steps are always going to be the hardest.


Get the media to attack themselves?

The autism is strong with this one.

Take this list of Jewish surnames

Then search for these names for people in your area with services like

You will proceed to locate these people, preferably at night when they are off of work so you can have a more in-depth conversation. Explain to them the error of their ways and that they, the chosen people of the Earth, are truly promised heaven.

The main enemy we have really is the media…. that's it. They are the keepers of the sleepers, find a way to shut them down or totally discredit them will greatly benefit the movement.

get out there and start shooting libs in your area and lighting tire fires

t.the fucking FBI