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Just found this on board Holla Forums of Holla Forums

They say they found it on 4chan /biz/ by someone talking about cryptocurrencies

Seems like a ruse? Tor is compromised?
What do you think? Want to call the number and check it out? I am yuropoor so will not waste my money but if someone has voip they could do that?

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impressive digits

How can they ever recover?

We knew this from day one.

Tor is absolutely compromised, everyone involved is literally Jewish. Find a different way to obfuscate traffic.

Thought this was well known, its part of what caused monero to rise in price so much.

I don’t get it, why would anyone think anyone is anonymous in this day and age?

This. I always was under the full assumption, being a Navy program and all, that it was insecure as fuck if you're trying to hide from the government. Using it for other purposes is another story. Remember reading a ton of articles exposing TOR back in 2009/10.

rofl, I wonder could have leaked this

Because its backed by the US army?

Because it utilizes ring signatures and stealth addresses, which they're kvetching about needing more R&D to address in point 2 of the memo.

I can see his picture and name right on there clearly.

Because they're stupid. The only option is to compete in normalizing your worldview.

I guess so. My worldview is pretty nonexistent though. I see things with how people present them, which is that most people are willing to be completely assuming based on preconceived notions of what they think people are like.

A good example. You

I let people prove to me that they are stupid, and disgusting

Also, I have never used Tor. I know better. There are far better methods to encode messages and communicate across a spectrum of media.

I'm seeing a brainlet.

Ah, not you again..

Sure, now I get what you're saying.


Oh great, a nihilist. There's no need for zero confidence nothing-doers.

This is what I got when I googled CAC.

Have could we have known?

You’re going to tell me that you’re secure using a network where the military, intelligence agencies, and Jews own all of the nodes and control enough compute power to track and decrypt the whole thing is secure.

I laugh in your face sir. One cellphone can MITM any router with easy. Just one single crypto coin network can crack any encryption method you can devise. The whole BTC compute network could be leveraged as a decryption weapon if they chose to, and they could do it without anyone even being aware of it.

Not at all, I just don’t take people at face value.

What the hell are you even on about? Lol

Those digits are scaring the shit out of me, but I have to say that document reads nothing like an official memo. Calling fake.and/or gay

(((You))) have never been in the Army. That's formatted exactly like a memo for record.

The only army I've served in spoke German.

Noted. Memos for record are rather open ended in their structure and what they include. They're "for record," so they can be about anything. The formatting such as font size, margins, and so on appear correct.


even for AES-256 there is 2^256 different keys possible, do you know anything about modern encryption standards?

Meh. It doesn't define 'success' against Tor or I2P in any meaningful way. Even if this document were legit, which I doubt, I would be a stretch to infer from this that either protocol had been compromised. Fake and gay.

HAHAHA. Every thing I say on here is completely satire too!

Its okay. You soon come to accept that the government has all of your information.

I thought this was an ad for Monero/XMR?

It was released near the final waves of Segwit, UASF, BCH, and soon after those failed roughtly, the exchange options went online.

from plebbit


https www deepdotweb com/2018/01/31/leak-shows-us-army-nsa-compromised-tor-i2p-vpns-wants-track-monero/

It is memo-dated JUL, sign-dated AUG, release source-dated SEP, 2017. All around the same time as these releases:
www newsbtc com/2017/08/23/former-bitmixer-io-operator-recommends-people-switch-monero-want-privacy/
www forbes com/sites/haroldstark/2017/08/17/chaos-ensues-as-bitcoin-splits-into-two-separate-cryptocurrencies/

So again, it reads like an ad. One of the largest any-coin exchanges is bithumb (Seol, South Korea, BTC Korean Co. Ltd), which saw a nice pump from the release (no verification if price movement was from XMR/BTC or XMR/$ANY or even XMR peroid). Also, throughout the 2016/2017 quarters inclusive, XMR was touted for shilling as "eventually we're all going to go darknet cap being majority XMR", if I recall correctly. Overall, release is indistinguishable from the ad campaigns.

No novel info.

Then why is Monero not even a top 10 coin?
It would seem it has utility if not even the US government can track transactions done with it.

1. Y'all are checked
2. Whose DoD ID Card is this? It's in the card reader in the photo too, but nobody is paying any attention to this.

Unless the leaker is truly fucking retarded that is one of their random coworkers.

Or maybe it was added for "authenticity"

Between this and the money funded memetics this the definitive proof that CIA niggers are indeed retarded.
Holla Forums oldfags were right from day one TOR is useless compromised POS

All Niggers and Jews Must Die anyway.

It is. Or was, XMR hovered around #7 or #8 for months. Looks like ADA, XLM, and EOS have made gains since I last checked, pushing XMR, IOTA, and DASH out.

Being originally a Navy program doesn't automatically make something compromised if the technical details are open and sound. Its much easier to get people to stop using Tor than it is to somehow compromise the network.

If there are still doubts about it I feel its better to audit the source and technical documents independently before suggesting it should be cut off entirely. This applies to any piece of software being used for opsec.

I can say with certainty though, that it is much better than a VPN. Most VPNs are just honeypots.

They talked about tor being compromised ages ago newfag.

Talk is cheap. Show me an exploit, then I'll pay attention.

Tor, ah
makes sense that there is so much kiddie porn, drugs and fraud involved if the tribe have a hand in it

that is the Mr. White character in Spectre….

you are a kite dancing in a hurricane….find the l'american

Except nothing was presented for it to be denied. Exectly what's the exploit that unmasks Tor users? Explain it.

What other way? How is it compromised?

I know enough to know that you only need to right once, and the odds increase as time goes on.

They run the nodes that track data and direct it. If they want you off the net they cut your access off at the nodes directly. It’s how they keep knocking Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack off of Tor.

Reality check. Everything I say is accurate and honest here.

You’re a nigger. I am a White Aryan whose work you stole.
Michael is also a nigger, but you knew that already.

Technically speaking, what they mean is all TOR, I2P and VPN are compromised except they couldn't figure out how to exploit crypto currency that do not rely on node.

The fact is that even without TOR the Military and CIAFags can look at all my shitposts and porn. The real question is, can my ISP sell my shitposts if I use TOR? I think not :^)

A soldier's US Military DOD ID Number is his Social Security Number

He's fucked

They did away with that a couple of years ago
It's just a randomized id number associated with you now

He risked all.
He will be remembered.

It's fake. The text is not written at a professional level. Dank me me though.

Just Go to Yasha Levine twitter.

Better systems are coming.

The text is written by someone without familiarization of how funding works. A mere dank meme (a lie).

LOL look how worried the CIA niggers are about this.

TOR is useful for hiding your habits from companies and probably shithole country tier surveillance efforts, it's not going to work on the people who created it.

< using Tor
< to shill against Tor


I use Tor to avoid the Google niggers, thinking that I'm avoiding the very NSA who made the product is just dumb.

You must have a very simple brain if you can't grasp this.

The NSA didn't make it. It was the Navy.

The NSA is a department of the Navy.

This screams a fake. The Army never sends a memorandum out in this format while including any words longer than about five characters in length, as per standard SOP. The words "anonymous" and "cryptocurrency" are both larger than they can fit onto a memorandum of this type. Also, the way that things are overall structured and some of the phrasing looks very off in other senses.

Still, what it says - that Tor, etc. are compromised - is definitely accurate. But this particular document is a forgery.

The NSA is under the DOD.

Yeah. It's written retarded. It's an interesting op, probably CIA (the CIA intentionally puts out lower-quality manipulations, because that way nobody will ever believe it was them.)

Welp, this proves the NSA isn't involved with TOR.

< lie
< then indicate that even the truth doesn't matter

Anyway, op's image is fake. How can I be 100% certain? The style of language is not consistent with professionals in the security industry.

Better systems that allow ISPs to break TOR? You must be joking. You do know what a ISP is, right? Why would an ISP even bother? The huge investment on their part would give them very limited returns. Only a small portion of the population even uses TOR.

How can they even communicate then? There are a lot of instructions that would be difficult to convey with only small words.

Even the below example I had to break Muhfuggen into two words, which probably at least keeps the intended meaning.

Mup Da Doo Didda Po Mo Gub Bidda Be Dat Tum Muh fugen

Seriously? Holla Forums feel for this shit "leak" troll posted originally to cuckchan that's not worded like any gov document…

How close is Tor to the BBG, a CIA spinoff that also happens to be its biggest funder?

Here's a peek: In 2008 Tor's cofounder Roger Dingledine asked the BBG to recommend a new member to Tor's board of directors.


More to come.

Tor is only ever compromised if deep state niggers control the exit node you're utilizing. As there is no way to confirm who has control of an exit node it is always best to assume they all are, or as says you can use a VPN or some other obfuscation method to hide your logical address and then use Tor. That way even if they do have control of the exit node they have an incorrect logical address. You can also not be a nigger and just do incriminating shit away from your physical address while using Tor…


Whether this memo is a legit leak or not, Monero is well worth getting into regardless for all the reasons people have pointed out here.

I would bet good jew sheckels that Tor IS compromised, but what I see is the rank and name of the "creator" of the document a CW 4 Henry, James.
If memory serves me right, CW 4 is Chief Warrant Officer forth class, or in other words a guy nearly at the bottom of the officers, but nearly at the top of the enlisted. It just seems to me that something this important would not be handled by someone that junior in rank.

Of course, inb4 Mr. Snowden.

XMR will be the number 1 coin in a few years. It has everything BTC promised, but never delivered.

warrant officers are masters of their specific MOS, think specialization to the enth degree,

Suck my CAC

You don't join as a CW, it normally takes 15-20 years to acquire that rank

Guys the world is ending and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. I'm incredibly lucky and blessed to have a good enough job to support my family.

I'm self taught with no degree and I'm doing help desk. They're going to move me into development since I'm self taught. I'll eventually get my degree but with the way the world is going its pointless to try and hoard wealth. The Satanic false Jews run everything through their banking system.

Idk how much time we have left. I'm 30. Will I live to see 40? Will I get to build my house?

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you seem kind of – i don't know – glowy? maybe?

That's entirely up to your own efforts ofc user. But as to the implication that somehow the world will end in ten years or less I consider that ridiculous. I don't feel the prophesies contained in the Bible can possibly be fulfilled before the roughly 2060 time frame or thereabouts. Far to much left to organize for Satan to orchestrate everything in place for the AntiChrist yet, and at this moment in history it's patently obvious that the Holy Spirit is plainly still restraining him.

Chin up user.