Red Ice is a Psychological Operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and U.S...

Red Ice is a Psychological Operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

1. Lana Lokteff worked for C.I.A. agent / music producer Miles Copeland immediately after she left college:

“Sure. Well uh, I, my last two jobs with Miles Copeland – he was from I.R.S. Records. He, he is, the family that’s responsible for putting out like Oingo Boingo, The Clash, R.E.M., basically that whole new wave movement. And he came from a C.I.A. family. So I was his operations manager at his record label, Arc 21 Records, and he was managing lots of bands, so, I helped oversee all of that. And then I also worked for Martin Landau, who was an actor at Miracle Entertainment. So I worked as a producer’s assistant, and I did various jobs on movies, from assistant, to cameraman, and makeup, to art department.”

2. Lana Lokteff worked for a company called U.S. Allegiance, Inc., which she sued in 2007 for sex discrimination and sexual harassment. U.S. Allegiance, Inc. (Steve Crawford, president/owner) is a contractor corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense:

Steve Crawford
Owner, ChirpOn, LLC
Bend, Oregon | Consumer Goods
U.S. Allegiance, Inc.
1980 – 2015 (35 years)
Leading producer and distributor of licensed consumer products with sales at various times in all U.S. military PX’s worldwide, specializing in products for deployed troops to send home to families, 10,000+ USPS lobbies, and iconic American sites such as Gettysburg and the Alamo. Holding licenses over the period of time with Disney, Marvel, GM, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the USPS, the Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines, Department of Defense, etc.

3. Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren utilized a military personnel travel company called Happy Tails Travel, Inc. to transport their pet cat Bijou when they relocated to Sweden several years ago. The proof of this is contained in the following series of images:

4. There are two newspaper articles in the New York Times that mention two of Lana Lokteff’s possible family relatives in connection with their efforts in assisting Russian immigrants to resettle in the United States. The activities of these two individuals are typical cover jobs for C.I.A. operatives:

It has been impossible for the city, already struggling with growing unemployment, to digest this huge and sudden influx. Few of the immigrants speak English well, and most have been unable to find work and are on welfare, said Nadia Lokteff, who offers social services through the local branch of World Relief.

Some attribute the immigrant influx to the shortwave radio religious broadcasts that for years were transmitted to the Soviet Union from Sacramento by a few earlier refugees. One of them, Michael Lokteff, president of the Slavic Community Center and whose radio ministry, “Word to Russia,” dates to 1972, said a more important factor was the relationship he and others formed with American churches to offer housing and other help for refugees. “We prepared a network of people who were able to receive the first refugees quite well,” said Mr. Lokteff, whose family was sponsored by a Sacramento family in 1950. “There was a welcome mat.”

Other urls found in this thread: ISRAEL JOSEPH LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6"sting"_operations

That explains why the Alt-Right folks are pushing Fashwave so much.

That is quite the assertion.

Actually you made the assertion. I made the casual observation.

Interesting stuff. I never paid them much mind, but it looks like maybe I should. Is this Lana Lokteff the founder or creator of Red Ice?

No you made the implication

I always had a weird vibe watching their vids.

They came out of nowhere and suddenly talked about most extreme shit. It is like they targetted a particular group on social media and had a big budget to do that.

I dropped their ass after few vids. Thank God.

Yuri is always right. Instead of focusing on things that make a difference in the life of their viewers & listeners RIR focuses on obscure topics that are for the most part irrelevant. Timesink is everywhere.
When you're battling obese women & crazy-eyed leftists, when you're reading up on irish stone inscriptions and following the latest he-said-she-said news cycle you don't have time to focus on things that make a difference in your life and you certainly don't have to time to focus on the power structure which is constantly conjuring up new golems for you to waste your time on. Priorities and timing matters,

It is time to reject timesink topics.

That forced fashwave cringe isn't Holla Forums. Here's a hint. Look at some of the garbage now being pushed by companies producing their own flix. You are seeing more and more of the "retro" 80's neon "aesthetic" being pushed again. The kikes are trying to drag you back to a time when you were blind to all around you because of the pretty colors of flashing lights.
Some of us remember the 80's. It sucked ass. Some of the worst lefty eurotrash garbage came out in the 80's. It was a degenerate progressive push for the modern "sophisticated bohemian HIPPY." The 60's they had a firm hold of with the hippies, 70's the people started to push back, 80's they redoubled efforts. Now they are latching onto the "vintage" revival trend. 80's, vintage. fuck I feel old and I'm not even a boomer
Fashwave is a completely inorganic shilling attempt. They don't know how to meme and it shows.

Incorrect, I made a statement that was own for interpretation. You inferred what you wanted from it to fulfill your own baser desires about this exchange.

Red Ice unabashedly calls out jews and promotes ideologically accurate national socialism.

If they are controlled opposition, then they certainly haven't acted against us yet. Also they post videos on lacto-fermenting vegetables which is cool. Stephen McNallen also started a white *families* only Asatru group.

I'm 100% behind Red Ice for now, if they continue to keep up the good work.

Thats because of the stringent regulation Sweden has for bringing in animals. You're other points are arguable but this one misses the mark for me.


I am leaving anyway.

Fuck, bringing animals into some STATES are a huge fucking issue. Try taking your animals to Hawaii. Your pupper has to be quarantined for 6 fucking months either before you leave or when you get there.

If these two are cia, they're a poor man's trs, while trs guys are more informed and johnny on the spot with info and references than I am, these two can barely get through explaining one thought without stumbling then resorting to using general terms because they don't know the material.

They called for an alliance with BASED nationalist jews and did a whole show with Grindr Greggy in defense of sodomy.

I'm thinking the CIAnigger Psyop is OP. My biggest complaint is Henrik's faggy haircut.

That could be it, but it could also just be younger people idealizing a time in which they either didn't live, or were children in. I was born in the 90's but don't harbor any illusions about the era. Everything since basically 1945 has been a progressive downward slide in terms of mass culture, because mass culture itself is a cancer.
I didn't know that, but that's interesting. You said the 70's were a time of pushback and I think that's true, it's also when the kikes first STARTED to invent the "neoconservative" brand, i.e. unquestioning acceptance of supply side economics, pro-israel, pro-war, pro-evangelical, anti-racialism. Then the republican party changed into a vote-farming machine for blue collar white people, plus the Arab Oil Crisis gave them an excuse to destroy U.S. manufacturing permanently…. the 70's were very important.

Reminder there's a difference between fashwave and futurefash

Yeah, there's a lot of truth, but there's also a lot of 'entertainment' and irrelevant shit. They're doing the same thing that infowars is doing on a different scale with a different audience. They're wasting people's time with irrelevant & obvious topics. The solution is not to smear them, but to spread better content and force them to up their game.


Aaaaaaand it's nothing. Red Ice must have done something to trigger Shlomo into posting this desperate nothing burger. Le doggie might have been my favourite part.

Do you think zionist jews like Nadav Salomon are our BASED allies?


Very little of the art-works have aut-right themes. A minority are christian, some focus on tradition, but the vast majority push for national socialist values and codexes. If fashwave at one point was inorganic and pushed by a hostile faction, that move backfired hard.

Why don't you give it a rest alex jones.Your a fucking asshole for even posting this. red ice red peals the fucken normies on a daily bases on fucken youtube,go to hell kike

That still isn't a reason for them to have been included on the "military testimonials" page.

The hippies and their kids were pushing back from the war and they saw a lot of people dying here at home because of it with all the opium addiction etc. that followed the vets. They didn't clue in to the cause (jews) but were sold on promises of making things better and were convinced things were getting better and they were being listened to because they got a few scraps. They got complacent which allowed the real fuckery to begin. jews really went to work and they went after the kids again. Continuing the bullshit from Dr. "ignore a misbehaving child" Spock, we had to endure antisocial behaviors, and then it became culture and diversity.
And of course there was the whole PC push that never stopped, it just got worse with hiring quotas, discrimination against whites, sexual harassment in the workplace, litigation after litigation. People were bitching the whole time but the powers that be tended to do their own shit regardless of what the people want and have made efforts to consolidate their power and means of maintaining it.
Everyone has their limits and we're finally beginning to see it. The right has never made this much noise about anything for many fucking years even thought we have been enduring countless browbeating over things we never did.
They have no clue what we as a species are capable of. They have no idea just how much restraint we have shown. Thought Hitler was bad? He helped focus and temper his people. Now the entire world wide right is getting pissed. Normies are beginning to add their voices. The left is looking for a gun to fellate or quietly trying to slink to the back of our lines to hide like cowards and hope they survive the cull.

utter DnC nonsense

RedIce has got far more integrity than some anonymous (((OP))) who spews ridiculous bullshit about them being agents of subversion

This is why no one cares about Holla Forums. Fuck’s sake you called Murdoch Murdoch controlled opposition.

Holy shit, finally someone who gets it! The kikes and their shabbos goyim once they have power, don't respond to what "the people" fucking want. So they distract white people with D&C (the entire cold war and american "patriotism") so the CIA and state department can continue their drug trafficking. I think you're right, we're coming to a critical breaking point where those of us who want to effect change need to be prepared. my feeling is that it's gonna start in eastern europe or the balkans, and spread from there.

The fuck is Red Ice?


I can’t speak on either.

"Happy Tails Travel"

The fuck….


Not an argument fam.

the fuck are you on about with rightist libertarians you retard.

Do you think "fash" really means fascist? Straight from the TRSodomite lexicon.

t. CIA

Ha, IRS records made Stiv Bators change "Bolshevik greed" to "religious greed" in one of his songs. It's pretty clear who they're working for.


Good point.

And I gotta say I tend to have a pretty good instinct for people and they seem like a genuinely nice couple. I haven't watched many of their recent videos because they got sucked in too much with the whole aut-kike circle jerk instead of just doing interesting interviews on various topics, however I do not believe there is a sinister motive behind them.

Okay, to what end?

Originally their theme was historical revisionism. Particularly ancient lost technology and stuff like that. I'm talking levitation devices to build the pyramids and things like that.

So you're saying that the CIA pays them to waste people's time?
While anything is possible the CIA is likely becoming increasingly incompetant as it becomes more diverse it seems unlikely that the CIA would spend much energy on that. Merely seeding a subversive idea is dangerous and nothing is more dangerous than an attractive White woman saying that she is proud of her race and you sould be too. Adolf Hitler used attractive women liberally to attract young men to his cause.

Another idea might be that the CIA simply wants influence over a nationalist radio network should they need something in the future. Much of the international spying system is based on "gift giving" and favours.
If I were in the CIA, I'd be looking to curry favour with what I thought was a nationalist organization on the off chance that the zionist-globalist System collapses. Should one end up on the wrong side of a revolution, well…

The US defense industry employs millions of people. Everyone who works for someone who works for someone who works for the Pentagon isn't a trained COINTEL operative. Especially not if they end up suing that employer.

You are a disingenuous pedant without either argument or point to argue.

They had been around for years as a libertarian-leaning conspiracy theory podcast until they got redpilled. They had money when they moved to the racialist right because they already had a large subscriber base.

I find them boring myself but this "everyone not on 8/pol/ is a CIA agent" needs to stop.

It's been around much longer than them on 4chan where they stole it from like everything else.

No it wasn't, you can verify for yourself on 4plebs. Pretending libertarianism is fascism is a TRS original.

A CIA / globalist honeypot.

The word you want is "plagiarizing" and they don't do that. When they pick up a meme they usually mention where they got it. Memes are culture, not your intellectual property.

Lana Lokteff's Jewish Ethnicity

‘Lokteff’ / ‘Loktev’ is a Russian-Jewish-Israeli surname. Addtionally, Lana Lokteff’s father’s full name is ‘Ruben Joseph Lokteff.’ ‘Ruben’ and ‘Joseph’ are both Hebrew names/surnames: ISRAEL JOSEPH LOKTEFF&l=&sloc=&in=6

Except it isn't as you're told every time you post this.
McFucking kill yourself.
If I find a news article about Mr. and Mrs. Retarded Fucking Faggot I'll assume they're related to you OP.
RedIce probably is controlled opposition but your shitshow of a thread is strong evidence it isn't.

They fully acknowledge the difference, openly discuss how they shifted from libertarianism to white nationalism, and mock libertarianism as a bankrupt ideology. Last month they did an entire show on the follies of the Mises institute.

You are just repeating thirdhand slanders. The purpose of which is ensure you never actually listen to anything they say.

I'm not talking about their gay definition, I'm talking about the term "fash" itself. Who cares what these homosexuals think it means. (Although at this point the term is pretty much irredeemable I'll give you that.)

Reading about Irish stone insciriptions is important unless you want to be some uncultured fucking nigger.

Is this the designated retard containment thread?

Everyone on the right is trying to claim synthwave as their own, fascists, libertarians, transhumanists, the_donald, nazis, etc. I'm trying to avoid the term 'alt-right', but most if not all synthwave followers seem to be on the non-traditional right. I'd like to see a good explanation as to why that is, because it all started a few years ago with apolitical italopop & vaporwave.

Timesink is without a doubt one of the most employed shill tactics of all time.The entertainment industry was created for that purpose.
Get people to talk about fashwave and you don't have to worry that they bring up the dirty laundry and skeletons in your closet.

Bring me up to speed on fashwave? How does it waste your time?

Not when you're bleeding to death. It is more important to have discernment & priorities than to absorb information indiscriminately.
Your time on earth is very limited.

For about a year after they dropped dropped the insane ultra-conspiratorial stuff they were doing decent work, but as soon as they went full aut-kike, they got cancerous fast, and then claiming jews can unironically be our greatest allies is unforgivable. The fact that someone who's so blatantly working for the enemy like Jared Taylor trusts them enough to let them cover his events also speaks volumes.

I was using it as an example. When people talk about fashwave they have no time to discuss the topic at hand, which is RIR.
Distractions are distracting.

A subscription-supported Swedish podcast that's been around for about 13 years. They used to cover new age conspiracy topics until they became race realists. They lost a lot of supporters when they did but gained a lot of new ones. They've redpilled a shitload of people about race along the way. This is why they're the target of this shill thread, and why OP can only reply "lol" when he's called out on (((his))) bullshit.

There's a difference between useless timesinks and threads on fun and/or non traditional topics, irish stone inscriptions, etc. So long as it has good discussion and meaning unlike these threads they're perfectly fine. Try enjoying something occasionally, you'll remember what you're fighting for in the first place

They can have fashwave, whatever.

Not gunna lie, I put loads of bullshit on my resume to fluff it up. You got a case with the other points is all I'm saying. This one is just rather weak.

You're correct that the kikes use their control over the media to distract the lemmigs with trivial trash like sportball games and sitcoms. However the key word here is "trivial." Having the lemmings waste their time thinking about which nigger caught a football or which fictional woman is cucking which fictional White man with his black "friend" on a soap oprah is useful for the System because it distracts from important issues like race. Too, it allows the medium to moralize the lemmings against thinking about racial pride.
However RIR has an attractive White woman talking about White genocide and race. That's not unimportant. And the more the lemmings start thinking about race the better. Paying people to talk about racial consciousness would be like the Catholic church paying heretics to preach Protestantism in Germany back in the 15th century.

It's just synthwave with fascist aesthetics. CyberNazi and Xurious are two of the biggest artists.

Is the OP a renegade? This seems like their work…

It actually might be possible but who knows. I agree that the CIA is definitely trying to establish comfortable nests in various nationalist groups.

Jews always accuse their opponents of what they're doing.

Alan Watt is a piece of shit conman himself, but he had some interesting things to say about Red Ice:
>"I have so much of the inside scoop, I know so much about what goes on, and I generally don't talk about it. I've had the offers from the big boys themselves, and in fact I was promised lots and lots of money if I just joined them. And I'm talking about all those that run the whole new age and all the rest of it. And even those who do their videos for them, there's always a connection between the person who does the mainstream big videos for these big characters. And he phoned me up and talked for two hours and was going to do a documentary of 2 hours on me, if, at the very end he asked me, "the alien agenda" what I thought about it, and I told him what I thought. In other words I wouldn't go along with it. And if I had, I would of been on every major talk show across the planet on a weekly basis on one of the bigger shows. And I got them from the other guys who put out books as-well, I said I wouldn't join them, I wouldn't mislead the people. And then they threatened to get me off different radio stations if I didn't go along with them. That's just happened by the way with Red Ice."

You act like they had a choice in the matter. The crazy kosher conspiracy theories (except the ones involving crisis actors) fell out of fashion. Shows about how Obongo was really a clone of Akhenaten just weren't paying the bills anymore.

Yep, jew confirmed.


That's what I thought it was. If it can be used to create art then it's merely a tool. One can use it to kill time or talk about White genocide.

Well, possibly. I 'm sure our ancestors knew things we don't. However I don't believe that they were levitating stones. If they had such fantastic technology, why would they have such "backwards" weapons technology like chariots and bronze swords. I'm not saying that they were stupid, nor am I saying that Bronze technology isn't beautiful and awesome. I'm just saying that compared to modern technology that can't levitate stones, swords and arrows are primitive.

Better to spend that time as a cultured invididual then, so that when the time comes you can actually create something useful instead of having some sort of pleb revolution.

You're contradicting yourself in a desperate bid to prop up your argument. Your narrative is pure bullshit.

Red ice has long history of naming the jews, and being racially aware. They have solid track record.

They started as a gringe conspiracy show, but in the process red pilled themselves and their listeners. Also they have connections with nordfront, which is NS-party in sweden. They are ledgit.

The quote's from 2007.

He's not on about anything. He's just throwing chum in the water.

When the time comes you'd wish that you had focused on impoertant things. Ask yourself: Does your future really depend upon you being a 'cultured individual'?
Young people think that they have all the time the world, because they have so much free time. They don't understand that their free time will all but disappear as soon as they start a family or a career.

This thread has all the hallmarks of an agree/amplify D&C effort.

man kikes really are terrible at hiding their pilpul level


Correct. And that only obviates their status as deep cover intelligence operatives, because it is stereotypical behavior of intelligence agents to radically alter their personas / activities / politics on a dime in accordance with the changing assignments given to them by their agency handlers.

Exactly the pet company, which also services military isn't a valid connection. In fact it's largely a retarded one to make in the first place. So are OP's MSM news sources. Since when did they become based in truth, or is it only when it's convenient? She says her family fled from Russia to the USA to escape Communism and never has hid that, but now she's a CIA agent?

I hate half-assed attempts at drawing facts from correlations that are without context. It's your typical Renegay'd approach to saying everyone's a jew.

Its not like kikes havent shot themselves in the foot by trying to be clever before.


wonder if we'll ever move on from the phase of calling anyone with a public pro-white identity a CIAnigger or a kike. Would be nice

t. Jordan Peterson apologist

Or they were simply people in search of the truth and in looking into politically incorrect ideas they discovered White genocide.

No one is born a National Socialist these days. Every one of us here once believed in something else and only after discovering the truth did we change our behavior. That does not make you a hypocrite. That makes you honest.

They are if they have any involvement in radical left wing or radical right wing politics.

They weren't "redpilled." Their PSYOP assignment changed.

4 years isn't a "long history" and calling jews our allies destroyed whatever track record they had.

8/pol/ itself is owned by a CIA/SOCOM agent.

The future depends on all of us being cultured individuals. Without culture, we are nothing. Without culture, we might as well die.


Jared Taylor is 2nd generation CIA. There's a very good reason that Jared Taylor works so closely with Red Ice.

Your right, it's reddit.

We judge people based on their past behavior and we tend to give people who mess up the benefit of the doubt if they have an otherwise clean record. Shills use this to their advantage: They starting out honest when their following is small and they turn as soon as they have a large following. Very devious.


That’s great, your making points that are self evident, what’s that make you?

that would require getting a public pro-white identity person who actually wasn't a kike or CIANigger.

I just have to ask how can you be sure they are shills and not just people being targeted as the result of their speaking out?

What is it with you people. Why is your disinfo so stupid.

Henrik Palmgren created Red Ice with his brother around 2006, I think. Lana Lokteff came along 2010 or so after she married Henrik.

Originally Red Ice was politically unaligned. They just did interviews on all sorts of conspiracy stuff. Some of it, maybe much of it, was silly, but I think they were genuine. After Lana Lokteff got involved they turned Libertarian/Anarchist and when the Alt-Right started to become a thing in 2014 or maybe earlier, they jumped on that band wagon.
I think that Lokteff glows in the dark. Possibly the marriage was somehow arranged to co-opt Red Ice. Perhaps they blackmailed Henrik, Lana seduced him, or maybe he just sold-out willingly.

They also promoted TRS and Dicky Spencer. That's where I first heard of them, and probably even the Alt-Right.

And yet Alex Jones still makes a great living. You're just full of shit.

Yeah, her father is definitely Jewish with a first name and middle name like that.

I don't know if her mother is Jewish or not. I think her mother might actually be an ethnic Russian Slav.

So Lana is most likely 1/2 Jewish.

It’s called disinformation. Half the people of not more are either non-white or boys. You think there’s enough White people sitting at their computer all day shitting up pol or do you think it’s more likely that there are a bunch of JIDF, Jamal’s, and Jose’s on the CI funds to do so?

But.. Thats like vehemently defending Dr. Pierce.. Yea he did great things for the movement, but the last thing he did was purchase a kiked up record-label made for low-iq skinhead faggots and then brought them into the fold resulting in the WN movement falling the fuck apart when the skinheads pushed all the normal membership out.

At the end of the day the kikes tend to get (((their goy))) into positions of leadership because most of us wouldn't want the job.

Holy shit autocorrect fucked that post

We don't post like that.

Do you feel in charge?

Atleast put some effort in

Would you want to be a politician? I mean seriously, look at the crap they have to put up with to get elected.

Effort into what? Do have any idea what my situation is right now? No? Then sit in your box and work on yourself.

All European right-wing nationalist political parties are controlled by U.S. / Russian / Israeli military intelligence. No exceptions.

I am not sure that they are shills, but i know that they their list of topics is heavily geared towards entertainment. Maybe that's the only way to reach people, but it's far from ideal. To me it doesn't matter if they're shills or well-meaning people, if they're bad leaders, they shouldn't lead.

theres only one metric by which to judge anything: helps kikes/hurts kikes. If it helps the kikes in any way it goes in the oven too.

aside from being very obvious?

The propagandist never makes an effective leader. There’s a good reason why.

So do you use a CAC card to log in, or an ISOcard?

Skinheads came and went long before Pierce bought Resistance Records.

She's 2nd generation CIA, like all of these alt-media people are. She comes from a family of CIA/DoD intelligence operatives.

>hey don't call my disinfo stupid. i have a lot of it!

All that stuff proves is Taylor got bamboozled by Jews at one point. You asserted he's "2nd generation CIA". You're using bait and switch to prop up that lie and we both know it.

It sure as fuck is a valid connection. They screwed up their OPSEC on that one.

One would thing that the fact that alt-right leadership is enough of a clue for some people.
Realism is good enough for me as is everything that depicts nature as it is. Not through a postmodern lens.

Kyle Hunt himself is a transparent CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative. I don't know if he or his handlers fully understand just how blatantly obvious he is.

I think all of this can be reduced to two metrics. Does it benefit Europeans, and if so, does it also avoid damaging other peoples.

That's one hypothesis. Mine is another.

Which hypothesis do you think has the higher probability of being correct?

Holla Forums already knew that but you did a great job providing the details. Top tier thread. It's worth an archive.

He continues to protect them, the only people who are "bamboozled" are his followers.

Learn to read IDs. I know imageboards are confusing to people who are used to reddit, but that's no excuse.

Jesus Christ, son. Get it together.

It's because Retrowave and '80s æstetic are the shit you turboqueer…

He is right about building alliances and choosing wisely when and where to fight.
The nazis fought three empires at the same time. Not a good idea.

You yourself are a transparent CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative. I don't know if you or your handlers fully understand just how blatantly obvious you are.

I like your brand of bullshit. It's easy to do.

Which will never happen.

Except that I have very specific reasons for saying that Kyle Hunt is an obvious CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative, whereas you're just trolling.

There's a whole aesthetic aspect accompanying it. Which is full on faggot propaganda and pushed by faggots.

If I recall that genre was popular in the gay community. I prefer Pantera.

You mean the race realist statistics ("Color of Crime") written by one of his Jewish CIA handlers, Edwin S. Rubenstein?

Probably the one that doesn't rest on baseless assertions of special insight into the byzantine world of highly-classified psych warfare.

Yes, this among other reasons.

Good overall post too.

So you believe it would be possible to form an alliance with the jewish enemy?

Our messiah has already been born. He is out there.

You're a little too late to shill for them, CIAnigger. OP exposed Red Ice's connections to the CIA and USSOCOM in detail.

You're 12, aren't you.

This is the most retarded shit I have ever read.

You're a little too late to shill against him, CIAnigger. I exposed your connections to the CIA and USSOCOM in detail.

Metal's in sad shape nowadays, sadly. Fucking Nuclear Blast.

Note that William Pierce gave up a tenured track physics professorship at the University of Oregon (or Oregon State University?) to move to the opposite side of the country to work for CIA/DoD contractor Pratt & Whitney.

Holy shit a Jew wrote that?

BLM was right after all.

according to random anons on the internet, everything possible is a psyop. Shut the fuck up, seriously. What isnt a psyop? Please, answer me this.

OP can fuck off and is the one that is the CIA faggot. Notice this came out pretty quickly after Jordan Peterson was being called out as controlled opposition - he's the one that's the threat.
Lana isn't very bright or articulate but the ladies, my wife is one, seem to like and listen to her, she calls out the jew and since women have strong ingroup preferences Lana and other ladies actually help reinforce the message we are teaching our women. Lana and her ilk are doing good work - women like my wife are completely isolated from other women due to not following ZOG and connections with even e-celeb online women is important to them and help them not feel alone amongst their own sex.

While that is certainly possible, it also is a terrible idea from the perspective of someone trying to avoid a Goyim waking up scenario. Before about 10 years ago the pro-White struggle was a disorganized mess. Not only that but it was uncool and unattractive. Now there are White nationalist marches in the streets near the capital of ZOG. This is happening today because formerly disorganized pro-White forces are organizing and rekindling the racial consciousness of our kinsmen.
Only through organization comes power ~William L Pierce

If the CIA is funding attractive pro-White speakers and funding pro-White podcasts, radio stations, and artists, that either means that the CIA is led by mentally retarded individuals, or someone or a group of someones within the CIA are anti-ZOG.

As for Kyle Hunt's mysticism before he became pro-White. Well, I don't know much about Hunt. But do I think it impossible for a hippie to become a Nazi?
Think about it.
Maybe some wandering hippie might go through life, even join the army and eventually discover the truth about the kikes and go on to do some good for his People. Does that sound unrealistic?

Mine obviously.

You would too. Being an engineer for a defense contractor pays roughly double.

Having a large family.
Supporting white businesses and communities.
Removing invaders.
Disregarding usury.
National Socialism.

Hahahahah oh come on CIAnigger, at least try.

Hahahahah oh come on CIAnigger, at least try.

So Muslims are not a psyop?
Also, you could have 12 kinds and not come close to overthrowing ZOG.

That doesn't overthrow ZOG either. You may support only White businesses, but your effect upon the System's economy will be irrelevant.

Name one organization that does that.

Again, you may avoid it, but the System's economy is larger than that. The only thing that will bring down this beast is direct action. Passive resistance is a loser's tactic.

Name a national socialist organization.

You have listed a bunch of memes. That is not an argument. You didn't answer 's question.

I've watched a grand total of approximately 5 minutes worth of Red Ice programming. Gut told me to not give it attention. Seems I was right.

Is this what the CIA has been reduced to? Jared Taylor shills his ass off for the kikes, making him an obvious asset. Game over.

This is why shills on 8/pol/ will shit on literally everything that isn't a Hitler post.
They want nothing more than to corral white nationalists into repeating every mistake they've ever made.

It's a mistake not to form alliances with jews?

Except that my hypothesis doesn't rest on baseless assertions of special insight. It rests on long term (15 year) behavioral observations of white nationalist and alternative media personalities including confirmed CIA/SOCOM intelligence operatives such as Alex Jones.

Is this what the CIA has been reduced to? You shill your ass off for the kikes, making you an obvious asset. Game over.

Now that White nationalists might actually prove a threat to the establishment, they need more leaders they can control, so the CIA niggers can stay in charge.

I found this Rainbow Alphabet interview on Renegade's website of all things. Just listen to this and say that this guy isn't pushing complete bullshit:

Hunt was also interviewed on Red Ice back in 2009:

If this Alan Watt quote is genuine and true, then I suppose Red Ice was always controlled by (((them))) or CIA niggers.

Just out of curiosity, why do you claim Alan Watt is a conman? I don't know a great deal about him. I've just heard a few interviews.


"The Jews? The Jews are fine by me. They look hWhite to me." -Jared Tayler, (((CIA))) asset

Religion of Cuck™ is a psyop.
Doesn't make it a psyop.
I'll still disregard usury.
The Golden Dawn.

Does it seem they are reflecting from the (((Jews)))?
Does it seem they are not telling enough of the struggles of white genocide?
Are they just not aggressive enough?

Always trust your gut.

"Jews have a valuable role in the work of American Renaissance" -Jared Tayler, (((CIA))) asset

"The Jews? The Jews are fine by me. They look hWhite to me." -You, (((CIA))) asset

you need to go back, magapede.

So in other words they're just another group of kike controlled dissent like Alex Jonestein and Andrew Anglin before them?

Thought so.

This. The whole thread is fucking retarded, and the 'evidence', such as it is, is pretty weak. You can actually look back through their catalogue and see how it grew slowly more redpilled over time, until eventually the show had taken on a completely new character. I don't watch much Red Ice content because it doesn't particularly appeal to me; but they are solid behind white identity and call out kikes, so I have no problem with them.
Really, the only thing Red Ice has done that pissed me off was the episode where they interviewed that fat kike and allow him to shill for 'based judaism' for two hours. That was a mistake. What made it worse was they doubled down on twitter about it afterward, in defense of their decision. But that said, they haven't done anything like that since (to my knowledge), so despite some initial bravado they learned from their mistake.

"I think Jews can very much be h'White people" - Jared Taylor, (((CIA))) asset

hahahah. It's histrionic redposter doing yet another "everyone is a shill" thread.

This is it for me. I know the real 80s doesn't substantially reflect my nostalgia-driven image of it, and it was in reality part of the long line of degeneracy being pushed by kikes. But the decade, particularly its aesthetics and sound, are too tightly linked with my childhood for me to not enjoy things with an "80s feel".

What's the matter? Does it frustrate you when I point out that Jared Taylor is a (((CIA))) asset? Don't blame me. Blame him for making it so obvious. He shouldn't go around insisting that kikes are white if he wants to maintain any kind of illusion that he doesn't work for (((them))).

When you call someone a shill, at least make an argument so that your post is not completely wasted.

Usury is a canard. There are always people who have more resources than others and use their resources to accumulate even more resources. This is not unique to banking or the financial sector? The alternative would be to waste or give away resources instead of investing them.

Yeah I'm sure it had nothing to do with Sweden being subverted and invaded you dumb twat.

Wait until people find out you were seen talking to a black guy in Junior high. Almost certainly for gay sex purposes.

Your career as a prominent white nationalist publisher will be finished.

So the CIA funded pro-White individuals and organizations, thus creating the anti-ZOG movements that we see today so they could stay in charge?
Why? Do some individuals or groups within the state department want to use White nationalists as a tool against (presumably) the jews? This is possible…

Well, I think it's weird and irrelevant. The only thing I'm concerned with is securing the existence of my race and if at all possible, exterminating the jews. However lots of people are concerned with the occult, even on Holla Forums. Why? Because it's interesting. And I agree. The National Socialists themselves were very concerned with the occult and I suspect they had good reason to be concerned. Maybe there is more to our history than we are aware of. Maybe our ancient ancestors really did levitate stones into place through the power of acoustics. I don't know much about acoustics. To me it sounds kind of crazy, talking about a "magical alphabet" and the "isisian codes" but I suspect that ideas like these were openly discussed in Berlin back in the 30s.
Hitler was no conservative and he was capable of imagining pretty much anything.

Naw. It amuses me when I get a glimpse of how few of you retards there actually are.

Go back wherever you came from. We have standards here.

Is sucking cock literally all you talk about?

How does your fanbase not see what a homo you are?


Yet they have large families.
Besides, as I pointed out, you could have 12 kids and not come close to accomplishing anything. You might be a shit father and all 12 will go on to become self hating cucks just to spite you.

So are you saying that ICE, shich is a federal agency serving ZOG is fighting to secure the existence of our race? That's teh best you could do?


Well, I'm thankful you at least don't think that Golden Dawn is a psyop. However Golden Dawn is in Greece and I am in America. Are there any non-federal agencies that operate in America that are National Socialists according to you?


That thread is coming, don't you fret.

Is that really the best you can do? Go fuck a nigger and get GRIDS, then.

Trust me, I know. I've started several GD threads myself and have seen such shills trying to inform me that GD is really a jewish controlled opposition. Every goddamn time.

I kidd you not, I've even been told that dead White nationalists were shills. This is unusual because logically, the kikes shouldn't attack dead White leaders. Instead, they should use them to attack living ones. A dead William Pierce for instance does not threaten the System. However, living White organizations are a threat. Yet several times I have been told that William Pierce, George Rockwell, and even Adolf Hitler were jewish agents.

Implying OP is an actual Holla Forumsack and not a giant faggot.

yeah you're not from here.

How is it not?

Not sure if you're just dumb or a glow in the dark nigger, but the alphabet organizations create controlled opposition, so that genuine people would not become that opposition, or at least the genuine people become soldiers, not leaders, in that opposition. If they did not have controlled pawns directing the narrative, White nationalists, or whoever that oppose the status quo, might actually manage to do something. It's not that all of White nationalism, or the idea of returning Western countries to natural ethnostate status, is itself a CIA nigger scheme, but they notice that this sentiment is growing in the people, and they cannot merely suppress it, so they try to subvert it.

Just look at someone like Alex Jones. Do you think he's genuine, since some of the stuff he says makes sense? Also refer to Frank Collin as an example. Someone might think that the government is out of control, maybe I should do something about it. Oh, Alex Jones is already on the job. I don't have to bother, and he's more professional than me anyways.

I didn't claim that interest in the occult in itself is somehow inherently wrong or that only CIA niggers are interested in it. I was talking specifically about the "rainbow alphabet" stuff. Listen to the interview, and you'll (hopefully) understand what I mean.


uh oh did someone do more than shitpost on Holla Forums again?
kvickly, tear them down, fellow go…guys


b9314a is an obvious CIAnigger considering his defense of Jared "WOW THE JEWS SURE ARE GREAT AMIRITE FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE" Taylor. So don't pretend I'm calling him a shill for unjustified reasons unless you want to look like a retard.

Are you a leader or a soldier?

You claim that the CIA is funding RIR and other groups in order to stop White nationalists from doing things. Yet before they began doing this, White nationalists were accomplishing nothing. How do you explain that?

If the CIA thinks that to subvert White nationalism means paying attractive women to talk about White nationalism, the CIA is functionally retarded. Perhaps all those diversity hires are taking a toll.

I've been listening to your interview. It sounds crazy to me. Though it's less crazy than the idea that funding attractive White nationalist leaders harms White nationalism.

People like you tell me that every single pro-White organization under the sun is really a CIA plot to undermine White nationalism. Yet if that is so, if all of these hundreds and thousands of White activists and organizations are all secret CIA agents, then there really aren't many White people who hold racially conscious views. At least not pro-White ones.

I think it's far more likely that you're working for the CIA than every pro-White organization under the sun is.

Oops, meant 77342a

Nice strawman shill but Anglin's "crimes" are far more serious.

He's like ramzpaul and that metokur faggot a.k.a "Jim" that most chan tards worship in that Anglin is an open and avowed race mixer and thinks its alright and a subject to be laughed about and ignored.

Yeah Andrew why don't we just ignore your ongoing racemixing and maybe homosexuality and pedophilia too? Your kike buddies Milo and Jared Fogle would like that I'm sure.

Anyway though far worse than even this Anglin was caught on youtube video saying in a serious fashion that wished the white race would just be bred out.

Plenty of you shills can claim he was "only joking" when he said this but that was not the case as the little bastard did everything he could to try and get that video scraped off of youtube which condemns him eteranlly for being a phoney balogney piece of shit.

BTW while I'm outing frauds/shills such as yourself the Holla Forums collective should know that Alex Linder of VNN forum is a literal kike and Don "Shalom" Black leader of Stormfront according to many of his ex mods took a pay out of upwards of $20,000 from a now dead Jew named on his forum JohnJoyTree (JewTree) which is why they began banning swastika avatars, why Jew tree was made a moderator and why many threads containing indepth research and evidence exonerating the third reich of the holohoax and pointing out and documenting many other Jewish crimes and lies were then systematically deleted.

It's real, the full transcript is on his website.

I don't remember all the details of the Watt drama, but it came out that he plagiarized parts of his books from the mentally ill writings of Glenn Kealy. And there were other things, like his supposed hermit lifestyle being an act and him editing critical calls out of his show archives.

What has white nationalism accomplished thanks to (((Red Ice Radio)))? I bet you can't answer that question.

Perfect image for your post.

pic 1 is Youcis cunt that makes degenerate cartoons and has vids on her channel masturbating in a furry costume, living in utter filth and consuming drugs. Someone pls link to the newgrounds vid. All of this was easily found with a quick search but they somehow decided she was a good representative to host the NPI livestream. Remember they push the trad life and non-degeneracy constantly but hire this freaking slut.

During Heilgate Lana was openly mocking all critics of that shitty move saying shit like
never once questioning how stupid it was and the cohencidental timing right before the election.

I think she pursued him all the way to Sweden if what she said on the show a couple years ago is correct. I'll try to find it if anyone is interested. I can paraphrase it:
Henrik has always been a typical Swedish beta into new age shit see oldest RI shows for proof. There's no way someone like him would turn down a hot blonde.

Another tidbit is that RI was propelled into relevance by the Art Bell show long ago, like pre-Y2K times. I like Art and miss the old good shows but I have to be honest that he was probably an agent too and the death of Ramona was possibly connected.


Didn't know that, just found them one day in my recommended videos and they started talking a lot about extreme right wing views and had really small audience and a really big studio, good cameras, a lot of budget…

Red ICE has proven time and time again that they are /ourgoys/. They have valiantly answered the JQ, they have exposed videos of kikes' machinations and have fought with their pen for the people a lot of times.

What is it you filthy kikes are afraid of? Did they find out some truth about you? I'm going to watch their latest videos now.

It's difficult to say but I suspect that many young men have become more racially conscious do to their quality videos.

What have you done for your race?

Heilgate was after the election though, was it not…?

A guy who makes unsubstantiated "muh controlled op" accusations against his competitors turns out to be a failure and a fraud. What a shocker.

What has white nationalism accomplished thanks to (((you)))? I bet you can't answer that question.

And then this retard shows up. This is the perfect shill thread.

Thats like saying Jonestein is good/ok because he may of got some people on the awakening track.

In anycase this does not make Jonestein or Red Ice "good" or "ok".

Every charlatan piece of shit out there needs to build for themselves a little bit of "street cred" to attain and gain followers that they can then misdirect.

For example:

Jonestein: Rah! Rah!! RAAAAAWWWRRRR!!!!!!!!! THIS GOVERNMENT IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listeners: Hmmm, that guy is speaking the truth, I think I'll follow him now!

Jonestein after attaining said follower/s: BTW, did you guys know that its the arabs that run Hollywood? True story.

With Anglin its the same routine ie post a few humorous articles in relation to certain nigger and Jew crimes and then afterwards its on to fellating kosher controlled candidates Vladmir Putin and Donald Trump as the saviors of white western civilization and going on to blame Muslims for 9/11 instead of the kikes and Bush family who actually collaberated together and carried it out.

Shove that strawman up your ass. I was talking about Renegade, Red Ice and TRS (and Frank Collin's stuff back in the day).

They might have accomplished something without interference. The sentiment was rising. There have been many movements over the years that have been against the globalist ZOG-establishment, whether or not they were explicitly calling out the Jew, such as the "truth"/conspiracy movement, Libertarians under Ron Paul, and now White Nationalists. Although the world view of these movements are different, but ultimately they want the same thing. Yet all of them have failed.

Sage this JIDF nonsense. Standard projection tactics, and not even very creative.

so in other words…. you want me to get off Holla Forums?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Do you know how i know you are a Jewish oven material?

Your bullshit diversion and fallacies do not work here. Show us your actual worth or actual logical proof about the claim that a channel of 170k people on Jewtube is some sort of conspiratorial mastermind.

Yep, but not in a way that affects the masses which is what we need. If anything they create marginal extremists rather than useful citizens.

Yes, sorry, it was. But he had just been elected not yet sworn in and the immediate association of Trump supporters/Trump with nazis was pushed hard. That's about the time the nazi accusations went full tilt. Also The Atlantic being there filming and writing about it after propelled the entire situation into the mainstream. Thankfully RIR was there with full video hosted by the pistacio pusher/beastiality animator.

It was. The "Hail our people, hail Victory, hail Trump" cheer was celebrating the election win.

"Heilgate" was the Jewish press calling their political opponents bad people. What they do and will always do to literally anyone who speaks up for whites. I would like to be shocked that Holla Forums was full of people falling for this ancient Jewish trick, but sadly I'm not.

Every day there are threads on Holla Forums repeating Jewish narratives. This one for example.

Yeah, interesting that he's said that.
From what I have seen they have a lot of decent information, but something has always seemed off to me. My (((sense))) has been that they are a sort of sleeper operation (like virtually any "alt-right" public group) intended to slip more and more sleepy pills in with the real shit as time goes on. To help steer and divert the "movement" so that people's time, energy, money, and efforts redirect into kosher avenues.


So you can't explain what white nationalists have accomplished thanks to (((Red Ice Radio))). I was absolutely right. Funny how you're defending Red Ice so hard but when you're pressed to explain how they've helped white nationalism accomplish things, you can't. I think we've got another TRS situation on our hands here with Red Ice sending their kikes in to shill on Holla Forums

>What has white nationalism accomplished thanks to (((you)))?

I expose controlled opposition and steer white nationalists away from traps and false prophets. I'm also one of the many anons sliding the overton windows towards gassing the kikes and pulling the trigger on every nigger. It's because of people like me that white nationalism is finally starting to win.

It's KEK faggot. They should fire you (pun intended).


Are you saying Red Ice existed already in the nineties? I thought it came into existence in mid-2000s.

>So you can't explain what white nationalists have accomplished thanks to (((Red Ice Radio))). I was absolutely right. Funny how you're defending Red Ice so hard but when you're pressed to explain how they've helped white nationalism accomplish things, you can't. I think we've got another TRS situation on our hands here with Red Ice sending their kikes in to shill on Holla Forums
Spot on. Just like TRSodomites. "Kike Eunuch has done so much for the White race." What exactly? Accept your shekels.

I have a feeling that Red Ice is going to learn the same very painful lesson that TRS did before long.

And I said "people like you"
And that is true. Literally every single pro-White person out there has been accused of being a shill. And teh same arguments are generally used every single time. When you've been here as long as I have, you start to notice patterns.
Are you saying that the groups you named are the only controlled psyops? Can you name one non-psyop in America?

Not without attractive speakers and organization. Funcing White nationalists and providing them with attractive women, money, and leadership allows them to reach more people and shift the zeitgeist. RIR has done its small part in this war.

Essentially, what your saying is that the CIA saw that White nationalists were this unattractive, disorganized and small group that MIGHT have been growing. So they decided, "hey, you know what we should do? Let's fund them, build them up, provide them with money and resources"
And after they did this White nationalism grew in power. And you're saying that they did this to harm Whites.
That is stupid.

Yeah, thanks to creating content makers like RIR and thousands of others.

I already did. We grew in number.

Nice dubs but it actually serves our interests for Trump to be associated with Nazism. I don't just want Donald Trump to be called "Nazi" over and over. I want every Israel-loving cuck in America to get punched in the face by a screaming kike.

The more viciously the Left attacks fence sitters the more will jump over to our side.

KEK, i actually laugh at your attempts. I'll build you an oven express for your effort.

They said we should form an alliance with "jewish nationalists".

They're probably from TRS. TRSodomites shilling for Red Ice after the reactionary jew interview was what led to the jimpact in the first place.

These (((people))) will respond to any part of your post but that. They never answer that one. Unless they're talking about dead people. There isn't a dead white nationalist they don't love.

that documents were leaked last year showing that ShareBlue is planning to run D&C tactics against us along similar lines to the OP.

The fallacies are weak with this one, young Kikes.

And Trump literally said "Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth".

They use dead White nationalists to attack live ones. When today's content creators are dead, they'll use them to attack the next generation of White activists.

Goyim aren't allowed to own anything. Allowing even the slightest element of hope is forbidden. Everyone is CIA, everyone is a shill.

Prove that Red Ice is responsible for that. You can't. You even admitted your claim that Red Ice helped white nationalism is only a "suspicion" because it's based on fucking nothing.

Red Ice wasn't quoting someone else when they said "nationalist" jews were our allies. That's the most autistic argument I've ever seen.

It's based on the same logic behind every meme created on Holla Forums. Attractive White people talking about racial consciousness and producing quality content brings more people to the cause.

Name one pro-White organization or individual you don't want to shut down.

It was a great meme but he was talking about how bad Isreal's enemies are and how much we need to support the Jews.

Which you currently have to do if you're a conservative running for president. You can't win without the dispensationalist christcucks. The margins are too narrow.

I know, i was arguing against that retard's out-of-context claims with an example.

Daily reminder that George Lincoln Rockwell was murdered by a former ANP member who was convinced GLR was controlled opposition.

Oh. Sorry.

I just wanted an excuse to post it really.

I can't speak for others.

These are the obvious psy-ops I know of. I'm not American, so I don't know much about the genuine groups out there as they don't usually get promoted as heavily as the glow in the dark ones. There probably are genuine ones out there, but I don't give a fuck about promoting some podcast or group to follow. Adopt the values and ideas that are relevant. That's what matters. Follow proper values and pursue the truth, it will yield fruit, but if you hop from one leader or group to another, you clearly haven't gotten the point.

Well, Holla Forums is a non-psyop group that I would promote to a degree. It's about promoting ideas, not people to fawn over, but it's been going downhill recently as is evidenced by the abundant presence of people who defend groups like Red Ice and TRS.

Now I'm gonna sleep.

The CIA really loves to use that canned line to defend their fake "white nationalist" assets, don't they? Red Ice could livestream themselves sucking off a line of rabbis and CIAniggers would be telling us they were "doing more for the white race than Holla Forums ever did".

It might be more accurate to say these Red ice shills are so similar to the TRS shills because TRS and Red Ice are tentacles of the same (((octopus)))

Come on, fella.
Also, keep an eye on what your woman consumes.


The real ones. And no, I'm not giving you any intel on them. Sorry :^)

And that's what traditionalist movements which don't have a religious guidestone for ethical behavior will always devolve to.

Yeah. You don't have to tell us you're not an American. It's obvious which Levantine country you're from.

This is a shill thread, obvs.
They just use the same words and tactics again and again. It really exposes them for what they are.

I was an avid listener pre-Y2K and stopped soon after so my estimation is correct. This was pre-website days, or maybe it was on geocities or something. Henrik was a regular guest and his subject of expertise was strictly new age stuff.

Yes, the CIA really loves to say "Kike eunuch" over and over.

Other phrases they're fond of is "controlled op", "aut-kike", "TRSodomites", "fake white nationalists", "CIAniggers", "glow in the dark", and virtually any other buzzword that casts shade on white people advocating for white people.

Daily reminder that's still isn't true, just like the last time you posted it. Are you so autistic that you saw pic related and took it seriously?

Do yourself all a favor and let this thread die. The shills are out in full force to defend red ice.

Are you projecting here … kike?

Yes, but the intention was to derail Trump enough to prevent the swearing in. The Atlantic had the video along with RIR. Never before was an NPI conference livestreamed. The Atlantic reporting on it fueled the left and that's the point when the Nazi accusations escalated and now everyone is a Nazi.


Are you a new hire? An intern maybe? Because you're really bad at this even for a CIAnigger. Can I speak to your manager? Because I want to complain about your subpar service

1) I've never posted that before.
2) It's true.
3) Which is why you've seen it posted before.

Don't you think it's more valuable to keep this thread alive so can attract plenty of (((Red Ice))) shills for the mods to gas?


Nice try, shlomo. We all know who you are and what you are trying to do.
We know your game, and it is revolting.
You cannot stop our movement. It will crush you and depose you. You are finished.

this is getting interesting

This is the jewish plan in case of a true rise of White nationalism. They'll divide up every group against one another, whispering poison into the ears of the leaders that everyone other than them is an enemy, and they'll whisper into the ears of the followers that the leaders are all traitors. They plan turn every group against every other group. They cackle with glee knowing that if the Goyim rise up against them, we'll be killing each other more often than we even touch a kike.
This is their plan and it may work. All we can do is be rational.

My values are that I want to rekindle the racial consciousness of White Peoples everywhere. My values are no more brother wars. RIR is not the enemy. Jews and those that seek to weaken us by slandering everyone else are the enemy. Also non-Whites and shabbos Goyim on the left and the right.

The point, the singular issue of which I concern myself with at the moment is rekindling the natural and healthy racial consciousness of my race.
Wringing your hands and slandering White activists does not serve that purpose. At best it is irrelevant. At worst, you are helping the jew sow the seeds of a bloodly civil war in which only the jews will emerge victorious.

Holla Forums is accused all the time of being controlled opposition.
Also, Holla Forums is not a group. Holla Forums is an anonymous image board where we can discuss things.
And even if Holla Forums was a group, it would be terrible at rekindling the racial consciousness of White Peoples. Holla Forums is a place for people to gather online anonymously after they already have been awakened. RIR and other content creators are the thing that awakens people.

Examine ((( ))) for instance. This kike shills against EVERY single pro-White person on earth. I've asked (((him))) twice to name someone (((he))) doesn't want to shut down and (((he))) can't answer because (((he))) shills against every and all pro-White activists. Kikes like this bitch slander everyone because they know that the best way to mitigate the rise of White consciousness is to turn people against everyone who does anything.
This hook nosed, penis sucking kike is using our own paranoia to direct our attention away from jews like ((( ))) and turn our energies against other White people. This is literally the same fucking shit that they used in 1914 on a smaller scale. Stop falling for kike bullshit.

And (((you)))
Someday you will not be able to keep (((your))) precious multicultural society in check. Even if we lose and our race dies, the non-White races (((you))) and (((your))) degenerate tribe of psychopaths plan to rule over will come for you and tear your limbs from your bodies. Your temples will be demolished and the world will return to a savage state. But at least there will be no jews. (((You're))) not even a real jew, you fucking kike. (((Your))) ancestors were penis worshiping pagan Khazars. (((You))) are a race of cowards and thieves. You deserve to die.
And (((you))) will die. (((Your))) entire disgusting cult will be destroyed and it will be (((your))) own fault. As usual.

What people don't realize is that 007 never existed. Pic related is as handsome as spies get.

You're defending Kike Enoch, a self-admitted jew. You might as well post your CIA ID card. or is that lump of shit your CIA ID card?

>I don't like that and it frightens (((me)))

Stay mad


I'm sure it's just a big cohencidence than that a completely made up story just happens to pop up in threads that attract TRSodomites.

But Red Ice said jewish nationalists were our allies?

It's an extremely old game. See

Every opportunity to infiltrate an anti-jewish organization and accuse everyone of being Jewish they've taken. They worm their way into every venue possible to control the narrative about Jews, and they've been doing it for centuries.

Anyone who thinks Jews wouldn't spend every hour of every day posting slander on an anonymous WN board is a fool.

It takes a lot of chutzpah to accuse others of being jews while defending a platform that said Whites should form an alliance with jews.

If you thought they did it for free, you'd be a fool. Shills like you get paid shekels for this derailing shit.

Go on, tell us all how red ice isn't glow in the dark

Why the fuck are you fixing on Peinovich?
Nobody is interested in ecelebs, dumbfuck.
Is this jewposting?

OP is a jewish shill here to make sure white nationalists never bind together. the goal is to keep whites seperate and afraid to speak the truth forever. this is why we dont have leaders or anyone we can respect besides Hitler and GLR. hell…even the shills say Hitler and GLR are shit or jews or whatever.


I actually saw that interview. They interviewed an "edgy" Zionist who wanted to ally with Whites against muslims.
That does not make RIR a CIA agent. That make them like most people; Imperfect. Essentially it is like those White nationalists who wanted to ally with the Black Panthers against the jews. Many Whites who are coming out of the Zio-matrix still unconsciously seek approval from non-Whites and hold onto a mentality that "oh wouldn't it be nice if we could fight together"

Are they right? No. But being naive doesn't make you CIA. Most people are naive.


No one says this except the "fix Holla Forums" shill. Anons simply do not want to unite with muh based kikes. Why don't you go back to your own site and leave Holla Forums alone, or lurk 2 years until you don't stick out with the way you type

Do you have brain problems, user?

Personally some of the “fashwave” music is quite good because it reminds me of the 80s/90s games that I played. I like electronic music is “fashwave” is like a retro electronic/trance

In 2003 I held the door for a Jew at Walden's books. This was part of my CIA training, though.

He's right on every other count though.

Living in your head rent free.

Claiming we can "fight together" with the race that's trying to genocide us is much worse than just being "imperfect". That's a line that should never be crossed.

Got a copy of that memo?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Consider hwndu, it was mudshits and hapas politely explaining 3rd grade tier memes to dopey leftists in an organic setting. Even that was too much to handle, they shut it down pretty damn quick. Telling that the white males I saw during that period kept their faces covered and didn't pipe up. We've really yet to get another wlp let alone glr.

You're correct. It's naive to think that you can use Zionist jews to fight marxist jews. However such a mentality is to be expected in a race that is coming out of deep psychological conditioning.

Look man, I get that you're probably a shill like ((( ))) and like ((( ))) you can't answer simple questions without demolishing your argument, but I'm curious. How do White nationalists cause White genocide?

Are you saying that White nationalists fighting back against the kikes causes the kikes to try to kill us off with immigration?


Anyone that promotes White Nationalism is an enemy of Whites. WN is a Jewish psych op and has been for decades.

LMAO that last image.

Honestly, aside from a couple times a week just to keep up, that's something that'll probably do you a lot of good.

WN are useful idiots for the Jews. Never once has WN or alt.right ever helped on White to get a job, home or any real life resource.

While every other ethnic group has hundreds if not thousands of organizations that network in real life.

Yeah but a White nationalist is simply a term used to describe a White person who is pro-White.
Is your problem with White nationalism the word itself?

Go back to wherever the fuck you came from.

No, it's a vulgar representation of White interests promoted by Jews for a reason.

Fuck off, everyone knows this guy. Curiosity is a White quality. Not that you'd know, dumbass.

See, you cannot answer for or defend your infantile movement.

1. Alex Linder is a CIA agent and FBI informant.

2. Don Black and his wife Chloe Hardin are CIA agents.

Pics related.

I genuinely don't have a reaction image spicy enough for this, my man, you win.

They've been trolling the threads, picking fights.

I think you've got that a bit backwards, newfag. Holla Forums is the place that makes all the content that they parrot their content over. Holla Forums is the place which I wager most became redpilled with, that or people come here cause of news coverage with "le underbelly of the internet" or the natural progression of visiting sites such as twitter-> reddit-> chans. RIR and similar fanbases are comprised probably a majority of chan users.

If that's true, then that's just more evidence that Red Ice is a military intelligence PSYOP, because Coast 2 Coast AM is a CIA/SOCOM project.

It's actually USSOCOM that directly runs all of this stuff, not the CIA. The CIA has a more deniable, arms length role (as is typical of the CIA).

Who? The niggers like or the Holla Forums censorship guy who's been reposting that for about two months?
I am curious how White nationalism is supposed to be causing White genocide. I've seen this post for months over and over again. I want to know what he is trying to accomplish.

I doubt that. As an experiment, I challenge you to go to any random thread and ask if there is anyone who is not already a National Socialist. Converting National Socialists to National Socialism is not "rekindling" our healthy sense of racial pride. That's preaching to the choir. Holla Forums is the place where pro-White memes like IOKTBW are created. And of course they influence the zeitgeist. However so too do real people.
Are you saying that the thousands of content creators out there have no influence and that everything the people believe is related to Holla Forums?
I think not. So no, I am not mistaken.

That's not true. Look at the number of unique IPs here. A few thousand last time I checked. Compare to Twitter which is in the billions. You'll reach far more people on Twitter than here. That is why the kikes are shutting down pro-White Twitter accounts and not touching Holla Forums
If this was the place where people were redpilled, why haven't the kikes touched Holla Forums? Hmmm?

While that is possible, I doubt it. Again, there are at most a few thousand of us. I'd hate to think that racially conscious Whites are so few in number.


.Holla Forums does nothing IRL meme
This has to be bait

I fucked up formatting. Going to go commit sudoku now

quality over quantity, everytime.

in other news…

So how is it unrepresentative of white interests and what's (((the reason)))?

A very good point that bears repeated mentioning.

You told him to commit a puzzle game?

Lurk two years before posting.

New. as. hell.

They literally have no way to explain why this supposedly controlled op media names the Jews. They want you to believe Jews are paying dozens of people to draw attention to their pernicious influence for… reasons.

This narrative is completely hollow. The only thing that props it up are insinuations, old associations, and circular arguments.

What content does Holla Forums produce? This is a meme that gets repeated a lot on here, and it seems like most things that get posted on Holla Forums come from someplace else.

That may be so. But that is not a reason to not seek to change the zeitgeist by producing quality content.

If a small and powerless minority were able to overthrow a government without organization or networking, the kikes wouldn't have wasted all the money they do on TV propaganda.
You and I both know that even YOU don't think that we have the quality or quantity of people necessary to overthrow the System. So the only thing we can do is disseminate pro-White propaganda in video, podcast, meme, and any other form in order to rekindle White racial consciousness.
You cannot rise in revolt if there is no environment of revolution in the population.
You know that.

I believe in God. How about you?

I forgot that another thing that props it up are outright lies. Like "so and so thinks Jews are our friends" when that person spends ten hours a week in front of a microphone talking about how to overthrow Jewish power.

Now this is new information that I didn't know before. I thought Henrik started Red Ice in 2003. So this proves that Henrik was part of the alt-conspiracy media psyop long before 2003.

Thanks for the info.

You really don't get the concept of controlled opposition do you? It's about figureheads usurping major influence, and either diluting the message to where it has little to no impact or tilting the other direction to where you radicalize youth into stupid decisions and events ala Charlottesville that blueball or destroy any message you have, and any prospects for members to advance themselves in life

Eh, not much nowadays save for a drawthread, IOTBW and MBMC poster campaigns which were pretty low energy to me. But back when there's redpill threads or best of Holla Forums threads that don't get deleted you can see the type of stuff that comes out.

So it's controlled opposition when they're not radical enough, but it's also controlled opposition when it's too radical for you.
So in your opinion, what is radical enough but not too radical for you to not accuse them of being controlled opposition?

Here's the extensive evidence that Coast2Coast AM is a CIA/USSOCOM intelligence operation:

The only thing Holla Forums has produced since the election are memes no one else wants, and endless false predictions about how Trump is throwing all the liberals in prison tomorrow.

No because it's a buzzword, not a description. You have no mechanical explanation for how it works. Someone builds a political movement and you claim this is a distraction from a real political action. Which you cannot point to or describe. Because it does not exist. Not even in your imagination.

Now you're getting it. It's "controlled opposition" because it actually exists.

Who could have guessed

Also probably a robot. or a vacation bible schooler

so you have diluting the message

then too radical, which like I said, getting youth to do stupid things instead of being constructive examples and disallowing them to have lives and white children. It's moreso the types of things they do. Radical is good, just have to do it right. Things like Charlottesville are a no-go, thinks like Nehlen getting more and more extreme causing Twitter to kvetch is good. Now you could say Nehlen is controlled opp with his Zionist comments, but the fact he isn't ruining any young lives by leading people to do dumbshit should be telling and also how he's getting more and more extreme. By their fruits ye shall know them, it's about being smart.

one time remainder Red Ice is openly identitarian.
this movement is jewish psyop intended to replace your healthy ethnic nationalism with meme of euro gulag.
large dose of gas recommended

jesus christ, pic related the thread.

I'm surprised that you don't think Nehlen is a controlled opposition. What do you say to all the people who insist that he is?

Also, it's interesting how you determine whether or not someone is a controlled opposition. It seems to revolve around your personal opinion of what they are saying. That's not an intelligent way of determining whether or not someone is an agent. That's just your opinions.

Do you think it is possible for someone to have opinions that are pro-White but not quite as radical as you that is not controlled opposition but merely a person not as far along the path as you are?

Red is homosexual?

I would call it more of a Zionist PSYOP, but yeah.

What if this was the CIA's plan all along? The CIA was pretty much founded by Nazis
What if their plan was to slowly introduce new movements that are progressively closer to the truth?
Think about it. The JQ can't be addressed until whites have a racial identity, are aware of why liberalism is bad and know who pushed it.

Not only does C2C have literally nothing to do with anyone you've accused, this website is mostly garbage and doesn't prove anything about C2C either. It's a lot of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I've spent almost ten minutes reading that enormous article and haven't seen anything but insinuations, and the shocking revelation that elites hobknob, media personalities cross promote, and kooky bullshit is popular.

Every guest on C2CAM is some sort of military or civilian intelligence agent/contractor.

You're a fool.

Hi, "Hipster Racist." Go back to your 6 million free WordPress blogs, you 2nd generation DoD spook.

If Jewish nationalists want similar things why would it be wrong to ally with them?

My opinion moreso revolves around them leading others astray in potentially life harming things. I don't think Red Ice is controlled op, I'm moreso addressing that thinks because they say bad things about jews/the government, they must not be jews/CIA/whatever! Podcasts themselves are fine, as RIR seems to be pretty genuine. People like Spencer and Enoch, who also run podcasts, glow profusely cause they organize shitty events on top of claiming to be radical

That would be quite a twist.
If anyone could have done it, it would have been the Nazis. They understood networking better than any other group. The first German agents could have promoted like minded Americans and networked control over the instututions indefinately in the same way that the kikes took control of the media. Maybe they were waiting for the moment when their control over the CIA was secure. I just wonder why or how ZOG would tolerate a hostile CIA.

It's amazing how much effort you people put into your garbage.

C2C is a venue for crackpots, cranks, lunatics and charlatans. If Nancy Lieder and Sylvia Browne were getting paychecks from the CIA I'll eat my hat.

Holla Forums isn't your nation and no one gives a shit about your secret club. Which isn't secret or a club.

Time to stop JIDF

Good job user

Kerry Thornely was certain the intelligence community which killed Kennedy was trying to create a form of "Nazism without a Hitler".

Big if supported by any results whatsoever.

At least on our side. Remember the Russians are well versed at extremely talented was of infiltration. We have fucking fur fags, fur fags goddamnit!!!!!

This is true and I agree with you. Spencer's events are pretty shifty and he is no radical. In fact he is narcissist unprepared to lead a serious organization and in my opinion, kind of a dork.
On the flip side, I disagree that Charlottesville was a bad thing. At least not in principle. Yes, obviously the retards coming out with their LARP gear and fake German uniforms and Klan outfits was cringy. However mass rallies are a good thing. Golden Dawn did not win the hearts of 400,000 Greeks by hiding in the shadows. They did so by going out in public and demanding Greece for the Greeks and foreigners out. Sadly, most people in any race are lemmings. Even if a White man thinks politically incorrect thoughts to himself, if he feels that he is isolated and that no one agrees with him, he is less likely to do anything about it. However a mass rally of pro-White activists shows him that he is not alone.

The unfortunate thing that we need to accept is that when you stage a rally like this in America, weirdoes, LARPers, drama queens, and clowns will show up along with all the good people. And the media will of course focus on all the freaks. But a few hundred White men wearing a uniform marching through the streets does have a good effect on people.

Outside the normal (((media))) in the anti-White club, there was lots of worrying about the uniforms that the protesters were wearing. It symbolized a shift in this cold war. And the jews weren't the only ones who noticed.

Interesting. I'll have to do some research. Thanks for the info.

Paul Nehlen has worked his entire adult life for U.S. Dept. of Defense contractors. Paul Nehlen is a CIA or USSOCOM intelligence agent.

Tell that to

No it isn't. It's a sophisticated intelligence operation run by the CIA and USSOCOM, and all of the guests who appear on the show are intelligence agents.

Is that supposed to some sort of argument against the overwhelming empirical evidence that the alt-right is a Zionist/Pentagon psychological operation?

The chubby bald man user posted was an analyst, not a field agent. Ian Flemming was a naval intelligence officer and the early Bond novels were semi-autobiographical.

In their defense that larp gear was absolutely necessary and they needed more of it. Shields and helmets saved a lot of lives.

Millions of people are employed by the defense industry. This line of bullshit only works on people so low on the social ladder they don't know anyone who knows anyone who works for a defense contractor. In reality at least a quarter of American engineers work for a company with defense contracts, and over half have interviewed for such a position. Nehlen is one of these. William Peirce, whom you accused earlier, was another.

You people are really offensive for absolutely no reason.

Richard Spencer is part of the CIA/Regnery intelligence complex.

Well I know one group of people who passionately despise Christians.

And when it comes to the supposed Holla Forums pagans who throw around "christcuck" all the time… I know more than a few pagans IRL and never heard a single one insult Christianity, even in jest.

good to see someone at the CIA is on our side then you filthy kike rat.

some itt are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good as far as propaganda people hear. Red Ice is normie friendly I have used it to start many on their path.

absolute purity is only necessary for the NS party when it comes around.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You can't actually be that retarded.

I'm not claiming that every person who works for a Dept. of Defense contractor is an intelligence agent. That would be ridiculous (and impossible). What I am saying is that every person who works for the Dept. of Defense (or Dept. of Defense contractor) AND is involved in radical left-wing or right-wing politics is an intelligence agent. It's the special combination of working for a DoD contractor and being involved in radical politics that marks a person as an intelligence plant. And yes, this does mark Paul Nehlen as an intelligence agent, as well as every other single WN leader, both current and past, as intelligence agents. I'm not aware of any WN leader who doesn't have extremely heavy connections to the U.S. Dept. of Defense and/or U.S. intelligence community.

Nice strawman logical fallacy attempt though.

I should add though if ends up being true, along with the fact that happened, don't color me surprised when there's another major speaker with jewish connections

No no no. Shields, helmets, and batons are not LARP gear. That's just self defense and necessary as American democracy descends into violent street clashes. When I say LARP gear, I'm talking about the faggots that wear fake German uniforms in order to show how edgy they are. That and the fucking klan outfits. It's not scary, especially when so many of these idiots have fat bulging out of the sides of their halloween costumes. They couldn't even all wear the same bedsheets either. Each person seems to design their own individual Halloween outfit so it just looks sloppy when they're all together.

Fuck off and talk about your CIA bullshit to someone who cares.

…I really think you should exit out of this webpage. You're supposed to lurk 2 years before posting, don't you know.
If you can't take the heat ??? you belong in the oven.

Uh that's just a perfectly plausible coincidence goy, h-heh heh…

USSOCOM runs the Pentagon's domestic psychological operations, you idiot.

You appear to be somewhat upset

You wouldn't AnonThey don't work for the JIDF

About 30 Years too late Champ

I think it's kinda obvious he's being sarcastic ya mong

(((You're))) that kike who shills against every single pro-White person or organization and then runs like a butch when I asked (((you))) to name a pro-White organization (((you))) and your (((tribe))) don't want to shut down.

They don't even pay (((you))) to shill. (((You're))) doing this shit for free.

Just want to say that I listened to redIce from the very beginning, have been subscribed to the YouTube channel for quite a long time and before that went directly to their website for content.
There was a noticeable drop in the viewership after they went full white nationalist and comments for the videos around that time often express bewilderment at the change in content. They definitely started to have guests that weren't afraid to broach the JQ even on /x/ tier subjects so it wasn't completely out of left field. I think Henrik was honestly curious about it.
But yeah, there was a major shift in focus, production value and content in a relatively short amount of time.
Lana is absolutely a fucking honeypot. I have NO doubt about it. Let's face it the blond pretend trads attract lonely, frustrated white kids like flies to shit. She's an angler fish. Women are catty af and hate any woman who seemingly does better than them in any avenue of life, so all these "how pickle your whatever" vids are just a front imo. No woman is watching fucking Lana Lokteff and emulating her and her purported lifestyle.

Make sure to attend Richard Spencer's and Mike Enoch's next "street action" LARP fest, you useful alt-kike idiot.

Then why have they done so many shabbos things?

And you go fuck off back to Palestine you fucking kike. You keep trying to talk to me. If you don't like being told to fuck off, just fuck off and go be a fucking kike somewhere else.
I do not give a shit about your CIA bullshit. Go shill at someone more gullible.


Is it no longer kosher to use the echoes?

Sadly, your mentality is fairly typical for low IQ internet WN whiggers.

>(((You're))) that kike who shills against every single pro-White person or organization

Nah, I only expose controlled opposition. But considering you're a glowing CIAnigger I can see why that makes you salty


Are you okay, CIA? Your brain appears to be breaking

Filtered for being a fucking kike.

Might want to step away from the computer before you have a heart attack, agent

Yet that is exactly what you're doing when it comes to white nationalist politics. In your dialectic if someone ever had a day job in the defense industry, and was prominent white advocate, their status as a CIA/USSOCOM agent is axiomatic. You require no other proof, and have none to offer.

Fair enough. Unite the Right was a coalition of people who had never met and were trying to show off to each other. Fringe politics (and white natioanlism is still fringe) disproportionately attracts weirdos with eccentric tastes. Maybe someday there will be a large, highly-organized political party with uniforms designed by Hugo Boss.

Some groups like IE and TWP do have a uniform requirement.


From his total of 2 posts there's really nothing to indicate sarcasm. Only cluelessness.

8b2493, do you have your white polo shirt and khaki pants washed and pressed? You don't want to disappoint implicit Dickie. He likes his twinks to look fresh and clean.

Thank you for some honest answers. Holla Forums frankly just seems like a bastion of inertia, unjustified inertia given he lack on analysis and discussion, an instead mostly low-iq shitposting.

Spencer calls himself a white identitarian, not a white nationalist. He uses "if Jews can have an Isreal whites can have their own countries" as a rhetorical tactic. It's super effective.

You are pretending that means he's controlled by Jews, and it's a lie that only works on people who don't know otherwise, and are convinced never to look.

Well, the historical pattern is obvious and unmistakable.

What do you think the random odds are of every single WN leader, both past and present, having direct or indirect family ties to the U.S. National Security establishment?

The odds of that occurring by random chance have to be millions or billions to one. Think about it.

Yes, it's super effective at legitimizing and authenticating Israel in the eyes of American white nationalists. It's a clever Zionist PSYOP.

America is a republic dipshit. Giving anyone who wasn't white and land owning the vote was a fucking mistake, supporting anything than that deserves a keelhauling.

Richard Spencer's mentor is/was Jewish academic Paul Gottfried. Paul Gottfried is also one of William Regnery II's longtime personal friends. These three men have had a close association with each other for many years.

But you probably didn't know any of this.

Why can't I use echoes?
Tell me more.

This is unfortunately true. Ultimately I feel that we should seek to emulate the Golden Dawn approach, as I call it. They wear a black tee shirt with their symbol on it obviously a symbol is a contentions issue as everyone will be fighting over which symbol should represent "the movement." But still… and military pants.
A uniform creates unity and intimidates opponents. In addition and this is vital it sort of "hides" the weirdoes. Johnney Weirdo looks a lot more intimidating if he's in a group of other men all wearing the same tee shirt. Besides, if he is in a group, he's less likely to try to "prove" himself by trying to be edgy.

I like TWP but god damn I wish Michael Heimback would work out more. His chubbyness makes him look like a tedybear.

So are you saying that William Pierce was a CIA agent? He used to work for the government and was associated with many people who did.

You know what I fucking mean when I say democracy. Would you feel better if I said "The Constitutional Federal Republic of the United States of America and its territories"?

Holla Forums likes to talk about Jews controlling the government, and liberal conspiracy theorists like to talk about Nazis controlling the government.
What if we're both right?
Could the government have been infiltrated by agents loyal to Zion and those loyal the Reich?
If one group can infiltrate the government, why not more than one?
It's easy to spot the former, but how would one spot the latter?
If you were a secret Nazi agent, where would be the best place to hide?

I have not once ever heard this line of thinking from even the zaniest of zany liberal conspiracy theorists and I work with several fags who I strongly suspect are antifa. Maybe this was the sentiment during the W. years?

Liberals to a man believe government has their best interests at heart in protecting them from the evils of Trump.

The pattern is "obvious and unmistakable" because you have a cognitive bias. You have zero evidence that the people you accuse of being employed by the agency you're fixated on actually are.

Again, it's argumentum ad Kevin Bacon. Prominent people tend to be related to other successful people because intelligence is hereditary. The defense industry employs a lot of smart people. In some major metro areas practically everyone is related to someone working for the defense industry.

I am directly related to about ten people who work for defense contractors, and to one person with a career at a three letter intelligence agency. In my region I am also a well-known white nationalist activist. By your logic I am employed by the CIA. By your logic every white nationalist from DC, Maryland, or Virginia is employed by the CIA.

I wish they were paying me for this shit. White nationalism needs every dime it can get.

Read these links and things will start to make more sense to you.

Perfect cover

It's a generational thing. In the aughts there were millions of anti-war people and most were willing to believe this. In the Vietnam anti-war movement the government being run by Nazis wasn't even up for debate.

About the truest thing posted in this thread

Anecdotally, I find that to be bullshit. Some of the most retarded engineers I've known were all defense contractors. The competent ones might dip their toes in there for a while, but they all jump out for peacetime sector shit ASAP. The soul-crushing incompetence of all defense-sector related jobs, especially as it relates to software, drives intelligent people to sheer despair.

I'm not aware of William Pierce ever working directly for the U.S. Government. When did he do that? I'm just aware of him working for DoD/CIA contractor Pratt & Whitney.

Oh, by the way, how do you explain William Pierce's two agent provocateurish novels, The Turner Diaries and Hunter?

you already posted that here

Reposting the same Jewish propaganda about your enemies doesn't make it truer the second time around.

But user, to the liberals, George Dubya Bush is a Nazi.
So their critical theory has no merit. though that's not to say there's no merit to the idea of covert 14/88 men in the soup, but they would certainly be playing on hard/deadly mode 24/7/365

It's mainly the boomer Chomsky types. Some of them have pretty convincing evidence.

So what are you saying?

That bad, huh?

The pattern objectively exists independently of me or any other observer. "Cognitive bias" has nothing to do with it. The only subjective part here is how the pattern is interpreted.

Hard evidence of deep cover intelligence operatives doesn't exist, as you well know. If it did, then their cover would be blown immediately and their careers would be instantly over. The only kind of evidence that exists for deep cover intelligence operative is indirect and circumstantial. And that's by design.

No it isn't. All of the connections I refer to are one degree of separation or less. But for some reason you keep repeating the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" straw man logical fallacy like an idiot. You remind me of that WN blogger "Hipster Racist." He continually uses the exact same straw man logical fallacy. In fact, I think there's a good possibility that you are "Hipster Racist."

True but irrelevant.


I'm not surprised, since all prominent white nationalist "activists" are CIA/DoD intelligence operatives, with no exceptions.

Read though the rest of this thread. That is the extent of his proof.

These people have no plausible theory for why the intelligence community would employ people to advocate for white nationalism, against its own interests. This is why all their arguments rest on guilt by association and circular logic about muh controlled op.

Private industry has plenty of that. Just try working in IT.

There are millions of highly intelligent people who stick with jobs they don't like for the money. Which is very good on the MILSPEC side.

I also don't trust your assessment of the intelligence of engineers.

An intriguing theory. It's certainly possible and if so, amazing. I want to believe. I really do.

Image related

It's not "propaganda." It's a collection of fact based sources. You just want to dismiss them because they directly challenge and undermine your talking points.

It is almost like they want whites paralyzed into thinking big brother is an almighty god with agents everywhere

Hey, believe that if you want, but are you sure you know which board you're posting on?

I always felt there was something strange about that woman. Especially her face, it just reeks with that "feel sorry for me" expression that merchants wear all the time.

It's an objective fact that the American white nationalist subculture was created by a family that helped create the U.S. National Security State, i.e. the Regnery family. It's also an objective fact that every single American white nationalist leader, both past and present, has had direct ties to the U.S. National Security State.

Now, how you interpret these facts is up to you. But the facts themselves are not up for debate.


And the solution is to shitpost on Holla Forums and never do any political work in the real world.

The U.S. Dept. of Defense has an annual budget of $700+ billion. So in practical terms, relative to you or any other single person, the U.S. Dept. of Defense is an almighty god with agents everywhere.

We all know what your sources are - a bunch of click-bait Zionist CIA/Pentagon trash:

Fox News
Breitbart News
Druge Report
Zero Hedge

But in impractical terms it is at once a monolith with a single overarching, malicious agenda, yet is constantly promoting and creating political movements contrary to its interests.

At least by your logic.

Okay. You are some kind of lefty, and you have reached the limit of your script.

real world is control op. i got sources

They're not contrary to its interests. They're manufactured internal enemies that give it an ideological justification for existing and receiving an increasing share of taxpayer dollars, the exact same function that manufactured external enemies like Sunni Wahhabi terrorism serve (which was manufactured by the CIA and the Pentagon in cooperation with Saudi Arabian intelligence during the 1980's and 1990's).

That's where you get your news and information from and you know it. Don't be ashamed.

I knew it. I've been saying this for years, the elite want to spread racist division to stop people going after the real villains, the vague nondescript new world Nazis and Saudis.
Nice work, OP. You cracked the case.
My wife's son will be so happy(he's been getting a lot of abuse because of his dad's African ancestry).
Remember when

She has a (((Sarah Silverman))) nose


It’s quite obvious you’re not a regular. Don’t have enough evidence you’re a shill, but the subject line is for OPs only. Also your opinion is shit. How do you not factor in past behavior when judging someone? If I shot your dog last week and promised to bring you a pie tomorrow do you ignore the canine brains on your front yard? Me potentially bringing you a pie absolves my sandnigger tier behavior if we follow your logic.

It doesn't mean they're for or against the organizations they create or infiltrate, it's about having a finger in every pie.
might be able to get you banking records
might be able to get inside targets house and install bugs
can go to lots of different countries with the band and meet with all sorts of 'random' underworld people you want him to meet with
Can learn more about who joins the group, what its plans and capabilities are
t. Spook

A lot of spook stuff is not very obviously relevant or spooky. Funding modern art, etc.
Most of the non-anonymous e-celeb people who have any significant staying power are probably controlled opposition or at least handled.
When the time comes, the handler can say, hey, look, you know I've been your biggest fan and supporter since you got your start, would really appreciate it if you could help me out a little bit here because I really need your help.

Both are true. It's like the Jews. Are there Jews controlling left wing groups? Yes of course. Are there anti-communist Jews controlling Nationalist groups? Yes of course. Can Jews use their Jewish connection across diverse organizations and movements to advance Jewish interests? Yes of course. Some industries and agencies and governments are under control, others are just infiltrated. Within any organization you have different factions vying for control, trying to get the upper hand, trying to manipulate things behind the scene.

exposing timesink
exposing "old friends"
These are legitimate points. One way to neutralize something is to sow a lot of internal bickering, get the group chasing its tail, find something stupid to argue about. Classic D&C.
Another way to control a group is to have a good "loyal soldier" out there as a sleeper for years, basically being good and reliable, gathering a good reputation. Then when you need him to he can get the group to go fuck itself up whenever the time comes.

I don't, and doubling down on your basic bitch lefty talking point isn't doing you any favors.

Fortunately you don't have to answer for whatever your politics were ten years ago because no one knows who you are and here you can pretend to be anything.

>therefore X,Y, and Z must be assets

Very interesting.

Technically you might be correct. A traitor is worse than an enemy.

Are you a Liberalist? Holla Forums is a group, or a group of people from all over the world visit Holla Forums. You can say Holla Forums has no truly unified view or doctrine on many things, but it has done something "to rekindle the racial consciousness of White Peoples everywhere" whereas "attractive" glow in the dark niggers are riding on the coattails of that.

I'm well-aware that Holla Forums is infested with CIA niggers like yourself, but that also helps people to learn about their enemy, whereas most of the shekel-making podcasts just tell you to trust anyone who shares your hollow platitudes.
It is also curious that you are suggesting that Holla Forums is controlled opposition, whereas you defend any popular podcast out there. Makes those turnips tingle.

good work not reading the thread, but I had a laugh anyway.

This is the cornerstone of the d&c tactic which has shit this board up.

The jew is in work again trying to divide us. First it attacked "celebrities" trying to undermine our media reach. Then it attacked other white nationalist communities against each other like they did with TRS and Holla Forums.

Now we shoul attack Red Ice because they were once New Age-conspiratards.

You know OP is a shill and everyone who supports OP's ridicilous claims by asking them one simple question: if red ice is shill infiltrators by CIA, then how have they tried to derail our cause? What concrete disinfo or shilling have they made that is detrimental to us?

The truth isis that they have not attacked us. They have red pilled far more then any of you guys and keep red pillung mire then you guys.

Fuck off shills.

If it helps kikes a little but helps us a lot, should it go in the oven? Do you think Trump needs to be gassed, despite everything he's done for White America? Serious question.

Kill yourself, kike.
And your strawman too:

This has been answered in the thread.

No it hasn't.

if red ice is shill infiltrators by CIA, then how have they tried to derail our cause? Supporting fashwave, or naming the jew? What concrete disinfo or shilling have they made that is detrimental to us?

Damn, this board has fallen completely apart. It's almost worse than half-chan at this point.

metokur is unironically one of the CIA niggers fucking with Terry Davis, he sent his entire fanbase of 12 year old gaymurgate niggers to go troll Terry and now he lives in a basement and is running from the feds because of numerous DUI charges and failures to appear.

And I heard rumors that this is a new words that shills are going to use to blend in, fuck off schlomo you are not getting a single shekel for this




youre such a cum guzzling queen. fuck you, nigger. the way I type? what the fuck does that even mean? Ive been on this ching chong image board for way too long than Id even care to admit and youre giving me shit about i need to lurk for 2 more years? why dont you go browse reddit or something if you want to be a pretentious, prancing faggot and critique the way a stranger on an oriental image board types

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He wants to be one, but he'll never be the real deal. He's just a homo with a nigglet grandkid.

Yeah, the stuff outlined in the OP didn't really seem to add up to much or substantiate the OP's claim.

That would not surprise me in the slightest.

Precisely. This thread is the creation of jtrig. Very obvious.

>Implying (((TRS))), run by a self admitted kike, is a white nationalist community

You're glowing so hard I'm going to need sunglasses, CIA.

spies are fantastic actors
often their life depends on it

Maybe, but not as late in the game as they were when they did it. There's no excuses, and no one should trust them after that. They never even admitted they were wrong or denounced the interview, his doxing is the only reason he wasn't back on for what was intended to be a series of interviews.

True. “Shit Opinions” is an awful argument. I retract my self defeating statement. Reasoned arguments, even those one disagree with deserve a better response than “LOL DIDNT AGREE”. Waste of a post upon review. Here’s my attempt at a less halfchan reply.
I believe that allegiances in the world of politics are very fluid, even between members of a same “side”. Its important to be very critical of any supposed change of allegiance of any notible actor in the twisted web of politics. Bending to the pressure of a powerful actor(like RINO’s who have capitulated to Trump) is different than a willful dynamic shift where the actor “sees the light”. Both happen, the first probably a lot more. Suspicion of all players in the political game is vital, a Cult of Personality makes excuses for the image of the leader. Holla Forums is the Cult of No Personality, you’re no one. I’m no one. We’re only as real and permeable as the words we post, the argument only rests on its own merits. “No Girls on the Internet” could be expanded, essentially identity politics is impossible with no identity. “Im a billionaire, you’re a Jewish newfag” is both a false statement and irrelevant even if it was true. It doesn’t matter who you are because you aren’t here.

I haven't been able to find any evidence that Henrik Palmgren was interviewed by Art Bell back in the nineties. Do you have any evidence of this?
Also how old is he? He would be quite young if he was on Coast to Coast back in the nineties.

Good goyim.

What's with all these e-celeb slide threads?


They were listed on the military testimonials page, and moved after people noticed it.

This CIA thread is so funny.
It’s using the kike tactic of accusing of being .

You don't need to always be consuming the latest music/literature/vidya etc. Metal is in a bad shape now but there's still great music from just ten years ago and even sooner.

Excellent post.


Interesting how they call out the Jews without getting shut down like Murdoch Murdoch for example. They seem fine to me. Autists want people on YouTube to just yell HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG into a camera but that won't actually red pill Normies. People have either made up their mind totally (be they with us or against) and it's the undecided that we have to target. A gentle approach will win over more people but without mentioning the Jews is basically pointless. I don't see any problem with red ice but ultimately they're just a youtube channel and not super important. No brother wars. If they're white they're alright.



when will the altists learn that their entire movment is phony and jewish?


So just because the feminist kike coalburner (((Sinead))) from Renegade media doesn't like Lana for some petty woman reason no man should care about we have this thread


Follow the money, how do they sustain themselves.

Why the fuck would 2 far righters move to sweden in the first place ?
A marxist muslim shithole where whites are discriminated. If you speak up against the invasion or the jews and have a public sector or unionized job secret police will arrange to have you fired.

we've seen this line before, this thread got linked in a TRS discord.

If you're referring to Red Ice, Henrik is Swedish, and I think nowadays they spend a lot of time in America as well.
They've made a decent amount of shekels with getting subscribes over the years, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have gotten help from (((somewhere))) else.
But it is curious these e-celebs don't get arrested for their "hate speech". At worst they lose their Twitter account or something.

It would be interesting if someone knows how to dig into their financial matters. I'm also been wondering about Henrik Palmgren's parents. Who are they? Are they just random Swedes, or do they have interesting connections?

Sinead McCarthy of (((Renegade media))) is a feminist nigger loving kike roastie with a mulatto kid. She has an open marriage fucks niggers and her sodomite cuck husband watches and masturbates in the corner.

She is 100% jewish controlled opposition and completely deranged

the gay community also likes hugo boss, just exclude those faggots from the genre, fag.

nobody's defending this whore here lad, she's controlled op too.

Yeah sure thing (((Moarpheus))) you mentally ill sandnigger. Go back to cuckchan with your autism you white knight cuck kike nigger lover.

lmao. fuck off TRSodomite, go back to whatever aut-right honeypot you crawled out of.

Suuure, it's just that they're not on here. Actually, they already acted as controlled opposition regarding the resurgence of Odinism. They censor serious people, one of whom I personally know, just like Asatru faggots censor serious people.

Controlled opposition is a major fucking problem.

However, I also was not so quick to just assume everything about them, as this user says. Literally anyone who has even been in the military has worked for the government. I have worked for the government most of my life. That doesn't make me less NS or less redpilled. The real problem with Red Ice, and the only objective piece of evidence I know about, is their controlled op on the resurgence of real European White religion.

That is actually more serious than them having worked for the government–a lot more. It would be great if even more of us were embedded in the government. Has it not occurred to many of the slower ones who wandered in here that they would have had everyone fucking killed by now if there weren't lots of us embedded?

The kikes would have massacred the White US population if loads of us weren't constantly embedded in the US military and other government structures. They would do it immediately if they thought they could.

Tim Murdock successfully predicted years ago that the best way to recruit White bluepills was to do conspiracy-type shows and material and gently insert redpills via metaphor. It's obvious that CIAniggers would try to coopt that eventually because it works.

Traitors never act against you openly until you have a dagger embedded in your back and it is already over, you fool. McNallen is a shill in Odinism. Seana Fenner is the legitimate Odinist.

Thinking that kikes don't want to d&c the only thing that will actually defeat them (a pro-white worldview) is folly. They absolutely have shills embedded in anything they think is a threat to them. Not all shills have to be feds, either. All that matters is that they act loyal to the kike instead of our race.

Anyone well-funded is suspect. Anyone allowed to operate openly is suspect. You naive children.

Good post. That was more shilling.

And she and the rest of them post openly anti-Christian garbage and promote LARPaganism.

Everyone should be aware of the trend.
If they hate Christianity, they are jewish. No exceptions.



and im saying that specifically to piss you off since this is clearly a derail attempt and you're trying to shill for the aut-right by making all of their detractors look like whackjobs of one variety or another

I'm not chasing after an illusive perfection. I'm interested in rekindling White racial consciousness in real life. People make mistakes. So long as they're waking up White people, that's fine with me.

Besides, it's not like us disliking them matters. Let's say you convinced me that they were kikes and now I hate Red Ice Radio. Grrr!
What does it accomplish? Are we going to assassinate the dude? I forget his name
Are we going to hand Lana over to a rape gang?
Are we going to plant a bomb in their studio and blow it up?

No. We'd just be one of the mob of people on the internet who believe that everything imperfect is a shill. Would that bring anyone over to our side? Nope. Would that hinder the kike media? Not in the slightest.
The only thing this could possibly accomplish is depressing everyone by being one more pair of people who think that everything is a shill and that outside of Holla Forums the jews are in complete control. But they're not. There is hope. Lots of hope.

If you really believe that Red Ice Radio is a jewish agent, go make your own news channel. I am not trying to be snarky, I legitimately want more quality pro-White news channels out there. But if you do, please don't be one of the idiots who think that being vulgar and talking with an ugly, gruff voice with no catchy visuals makes you interesting because it's not original and it's not attractive. Put some effort into your videos.

That's the first time I have been called that particular ist or ism. Thanks for the new wordism.

Holla Forums is a group in the same way that the comment sections under a youtube channel are a group. If your aspirations for the White race are a group of anonymous people online, congratulations. However I'm more interested in actually overthrowing the kikes than internet games. That takes real life organization.

I never said it didn't. So has RIR.

They say they are anti-CIA, what they are is anti-logic. Anti-CIA is a code word for anti-logic.

Re read my posts.

Oh for fuck sake, when did I say that? Strawmanning is not an argument.

Reported for intl. Thanks for outing yourself.

Ever since Dick Spencer became the face of it, I don't want anything to do with it. Vox Day was one of the only people I followed because he was explicitly Christian, and he actually produces something.

The rest of them are a bunch of Occupy-tier retards.

confirmed for shill, he shilled for based nigger shit all the time. stop trying to derail with this. it won't work

protip: National Socialism accepts both Christian and Animist(not heathan/pagan/fringe-tier regenay radio) values if you're retarded, animism is merely nature worship and contributed to a lot of the more environmentalist aspects of the third reich
also, Jesus was a white levantine much like the current strain of Aryans present in Syria. He would have looked like Assad with lighter hair

reminder that occupy was actively trying to goad jewish bankers into jumping out of their office windows before subversives infiltrated their movement and turned the whole thing into a progressive stack 'no rape zone' contest. Much like what happened with the alt-right.

Clear derail attempt to counter the images I posted with your own - good spam. You know this is a fracture point and are trying to capitalize upon it.

He is said to be from a place called kungälv
palmgren is a old fake name (((palm branch)))

LARPaganism has been shilled on 8/pol/ since the first few months we came here, and continuously ever since. There has been an active campaign against it.

So you're an anti-white traitor.

How ridiculous you "I came out the womb wise to all jewish deception" people are.
However his name should have been a red flag Vox Day, Vox Dei, Voice of God. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow them, indeed it's important to watch and listen to where the talking heads want to take this next, for preparedness, for sabotage.

and that's how you know he's a kike. fuck the alt-right.

I know the BO of that board, great guy.

also: smiley the fringe BO and the BO of cuckianity are friends, so is the BO of cuckianity and the BO of asatru. they're all migrants that came here.

hotwheels used to post on and most of the 8ch originalfags were chonners

Confirmed shill


confirmed newfag who doesn't understand where this site came from.

cuckianity bo isn't a shill, asatru bo isn't a shill, fringe bo is a literal schizophrenic who cuts himself, imageboards are populated by weirdos who don't always agree on everything. big surprise.

someone praying to wotan doesn't make them a shill, especially when their board is 90% dedicated to spotting retards from /christ/ and /christian/ trying to turn Holla Forums into a christcuck hugbox.

dead kike on a stick


Fuck glowing in the dark, y'all glow in the daylight.

fuck off alt-kike cancer

Having the most basic of standards isn't perfectionism. Pro-White leaders shouldn't be zionists, jews, or married to jews.

that poster is trying to derail this thread into religious D&C so it moves away from exposing the aut-right as a jewish controlled op movement.

he's a shill for vox 'based niggers' day.
btw vox populi is some commie lolberg trash, so fitting of alt-right idiots to adopt commie lingo

Where the fuck did you get that from.
Vox "you're just jealousy because kikes are better than you" day is a kike worshiping anti-white, anti-nationalist racemixed mongrel.
He's even worse than the alt-right, he's alt-light.

"___ is compromised!!!"
JIDF, JIDF never changes, reported!

< First post.
Reported as well.

< Fashwave is shit!
< Don´t you see? The kikes WANTS you to push all that 80s stuff!

r/incel, FAGTOWs triggered.

Don´t you see the kikes are behind that aesthetic stuff??!

They push the JQ because they want to subvert you, fellow White person! -D

That is the worst Pepe I have ever seen.
You should be ashamed for getting those Hitler dubs.

A. Wyatt Mann himself drew that pepe, you absolute retard.

Hi, intl. Reported.

fuck right off with this. i woudn't be surprised if you were actually /int*/ since every pose you've made itt has been a one liner shitpost.

Lana was always the dry robotic one. Keep digging I think palmgren mostly wanted the truth. I don't think he's full CIA nigger, just his weird wife possibly.

I know what he is and I know what he says he is. The point is listening to what anybody has to say isn't anti-white, not realizing what they are instantly isn't anti-white either. Your verbal aggression and arrogance combined with your supposedly pro-white stance is repulsive and therefore ant-white. That's where I get that the fuck from laddo.

>ignore this idiots anti-white existence because he does so much for the movement
yeah fuck off

Is that how you cope with somebody disagreeing with you, pretend you need to translate what they just said to you in perfectly understandable english.
I hope people don't ignore you, and take note.

They are CIA, fellow goyim! They are CIA! Lana is jewish and Assange is dead. Anyone who disagree with me is a shill!

Hitler dubs! Shills really are much like jews.

Anyone who's okay with having 'reactionary jew' on their podcast and saying we need to align ourselves with based nationalist jews is an enemy. fuck off.

The fact that you think attacking an anti-white, anti-nationalist mongrel and people who shills for him is repulsive tells me all we need to know about what side you're on.

National Socialism is not Right-wing at all. Period. Socialism will never be Right-wing. Even your own shills acknowledge that. You call it the Third position. It is not Right-wing.

Whether or not Lana is CIA, the people here shilling hard against henrik's pro white messages are typically darkies larping as Nazis.
It's certainly helpful that Holla Forums is looking for every last slip up, but there's a another element to it as well.

Nice projection, strawfag.

Anglin doesn't have kids and advocates white children. In his early 20s before he was redpilled on race, he fucked around with mongrels. You are conflating his past with the present, making up shit about his fake racemixed children, and piling same-sex and child-sex on top of it because muh diversion.

The only thing serious here is the need for you to kill yourself. Suggest you step in front of a moving train since you're too much of a faggot to deliberately off yourself. Fucking coward.

Holy shit has his quality gone down over the years. Some people just don't know when to quit.



Updated to reflect it. Thanks kike shill.

Also 8ch Holla Forumsacks are from GG Exodus. 4chon cucks came later.

Doesn't look like it. At all.

The dynamic between them has always seemed so off. At first my assumption was something like "she's cheating on him" but after awhile it became "he's been roped into her world"
he's still being cucked


What in the fuck is with all of these kike threads? Lana and Henrik are Glow in the dark CIA Jews, jew is Jew, Paul Nehlen is a jew. Either the shilling is at levels that souldnt be possible, or the CIA are "our guys."

Future Funk was always the true genre of the Alt Right


Nice job using the exact same tactic. Not obvious at all. Filtered.

Oh shit

< Everyone is controlled opposition!
< Anyone who disagree with me is TRS/Int/RIDF/etc.
< Shills, shills, you are all shills!
T. Le0.02ShekelFace.

Everyone doing any sort of organization is controlled opposition, goy, just shitpost and wait for the next Hitler!

Stop attacking Irish people, you anti-White piece of shit.

They have to be NATO military intelligence operatives or something similar.

Yep. Lana Lokteff actually told the owner of Happy Tails Travel, Inc. to move their testimonial out of the military section and into the civilian section.

That was some major damage control, but it was too late.

Indeed, they are nothing more than trained, professional actors.

Yeah, except for the cult of your orange crypto-Jew.

I find this cap to be relevant. Can't pin my finger as to why

Direct proof that someone is a covert intelligence operative doesn't exist, as has been repeatedly explained to you. The only evidence that exists for covert intelligence operatives is indirect and circumstantial, for the obvious reason that covert operations are designed that way.

OP here.

Your observations are absolutely correct.

If you really are a spook (and I think you are), then I want to pick your brain.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Hi, retard.

Half-Jews on their father's side who hide that fact are crypto-Jews.

Look at all those sources.

Right. Like the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

The Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) was an anti-communist advocacy group founded in 1950. At its height, the CCF was active in thirty-five countries. In 1966 it was revealed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency was instrumental in the establishment and funding of the group.[1]

Historian Frances Stonor Saunders writes (1999): "Whether they liked it or not, whether they knew it or not, there were few writers, poets, artists, historians, scientists, or critics in postwar Europe whose names were not in some way linked to this covert enterprise."[2] A different slant on the origins and work of the Congress is offered by Peter Coleman in his Liberal Conspiracy (1989) where he talks about a struggle for the mind "of Postwar Europe" and the world at large.[3]

I have plenty of sources. That's how I know that Fred Trump was a crypto-Jew in the first place. It's because of all the sources indicating that.

There's a weird hive of Russians in that area, like the article says a lot of it was this baptist evangelist. The joke is that their emigration out of the USSR was essentially the Soviet "Mariel Boatlift" – a chance for the Soviets to get rid of a bunch of cheats, morons and lazy fuckers. I can't say I saw much to dispute this. Sacramento Russians are straight up snow niggers.

I don't really buy why the CIA would completely set up an alt-right media network… and then make it completely bland and boring. Red Ice has great graphics but the shows are dead dull. Everyone agrees about everything with everyone. They have a member's site and maybe more interesting shit goes on there but I can't imagine they have many subscribers.

I could be wrong, I really don't have any dispute with anything they broadcast but it's just so dull.

You're right. It was set up by USSOCOM, not CIA. The same as Infowars.

turbo shilling.

"If you say [white] in public youre controlled opposition"

sage in all fields – abandon thread.

okay but you missed the key part

I'm a loser that spends way too much time immersed in media and I pretty much never see their shows referenced by anyone. They have great looking cameras and sets and pro-level graphics to be sure, and then it's just a bunch of background noise.

What's the point of making a honeypot when your primary activity seems to be putting aspiring young nationalists to sleep?

Yeah. That's an observable fact, not a claim that I made about Holla Forums.
Again, point to an actual claim that I made instead of trying to strawman me.

Yeah. And he likely was. Or just an idiot. And by the way, YOU accused ME of being a CIA agent. So what are you saying? Are you saying that making wild accusations as you did is evidence that you think that Holla Forums is controlled opposition?

Actually, the Red Ice defenders make far better and more arguments than the anti-RIR people do. In fact, much of the "X is a CIA agent" arguments simply come down to non-arguments and calling everyone who disagrees a shill. I make arguments. I have been making arguments for a while now and always back my beliefs with logic. The only posts I make that do not back up my claims are in response to idiots and shills. The kike I was responding to demonstrated that he is either an enemy of our race or a blithering idiot. He shills against ALL pro-White organization to trick dupes into doing the same. You can easily spot a kike by asking (((him))) which pro-White organizations he doesn't shill against. If he gives a (((bullshit))) excuse like that kike did, then you have found someone who shills against EVERYONE in the hopes of sowing defeatism and paranoia in our ranks. The trick though is to not come out and say that you shill against EVERYONE. Instead, kikes shill against each organization individually.
And yes, I call it a kike. In truth it could be a Shabbos Goyim or even a complete dumbass who is simply here to troll. But the fact that he tried to squirm away from my point blank question is proof that he is arguing in bad faith.
Are you fooled by such jewish bullshit? Maybe.

You accused me of being a CIA agent, remember? And RIR is not a CIA agent either. The "Everyone is a CIA agent" meme likely originates from the CIA (or the FBI or JIDF etc)

I never once suggested that. Stop strawmanning people.

Did Sargon actually use the term "liberalist?"

It's dishonest to say that they're zionists. They're not. In fact their most recent video is them commenting on the hypocrisy of Israeli jews attacking Whites for wanting an ethno-state. Nor are they jews. And so far as I am aware, they're not married to jews.

Why is this thread still up if the mods aren't complicit in this?

The history is pretty interesting, I didn't know much of this. Like most people the just seemed to pop into my feed within the last couple of years.

That explains some of the slick presentation – they've been doing this for a long time, just in a different field.

I can't speak of this guy in particular but the whole Savitri Devi thing draws in New Agers like a magnet.

Think of it this way, Crowley was attracted to "extreme" movements (including National Socialism and Communism) because they were subversive and disruptive, what they believed was almost beside the point. You come into contact with these types all the time. They jump from fringe to fringe. They don't really believe in anything other than wanting to be "subversive" or "disruptive" so they have no problem with extreme ideological shifts.

These CIA/SOCOM covert intelligence psychological operations are limited by the acting abilities and talents of their operatives. Some of them are very good actors, like Alex Jones, and some of them are not so good actors, like Lana Lokteff.

Lana Lokteff is almost certainly half-Jewish, and Henrik Palmgren is supposedly married to her, which means that he is married to a partial Jew.

This is true, but Kyle Hunt's elite educational background (Amherst College B.A. theater and psychology) and elite professional background (Silicon Valley start up entrepreneur and Google technical recruiter) are highly suspicious when combined with his current status as a non-paid internet radio conspiracy theorist/white nationalist. There's about a 90% chance that Kyle Hunt is a CIA or SOCOM intelligence agent.

Please use the updated and hugely improved William Regnery C.I.A. chart located here:

I doubt that.

Then you didn't read this:

Very flimsy evidence. Loktev is also a Slavic name. Lots of Europeans with that name.

If she is a jew, which is doubtful, she is doing a shit job of it. Calling out the double standard is good. Naming the jew is good. Being an attractive woman and saying that White racial pride is a good thing is also good.

So far the worst thing she ever did was have an interview with a zionist who wanted an alliance with "us"
Which is a ridiculous concept not just because he was a kike, but because you cannot make an alliance with an idea. I'm far more worried about "right wing individualists" than I am about that jew. People like Sargon and Freedomtoons have the potential to lead many otherwise moral and healthy White men away from the struggle than he did. That's not even mentioning large figures like the jew (((Ben Shapiro))) or Paul Joseph Watson. They are doing real damage by promoting an anti-racial doctrine to White people and ONLY to White people while the jewish media encourages identity politics amongst all non-White groups.
THAT is a problem that I concern myself with.

Y'know who also was a semi good looking woman and preached white pride? Lauren Southern. She ended up being jewish and preached for forgiveness when she tried to get her beta orbiters to make people accept that she fucked a nigger.

You mean the very basic minimum required to pass as right-wing. Yea, they've learned what to say.
Lokteff has no female features at all and is probably a tranny.

Lauren Southern is a man. Picture is him at 16 years of age, prior to breast construction surgery but on puberty blockers in preparation.
All of the "women" fed to the young right-wing lads by the Kike Ezra Levant, are transgenders. If they can corrupt the sexual attraction profile of the most racially aware of our men, they can taint the last vestige of resistance.
The only biological woman they recruited was Evalion, and they soon got rid of her.

Also, what world do you live in where the right wing is pro-White and anti-Kike.
Because I want in. Let me into this dimension where I'm not screamed at by "right wingers" for not worshiping Israel.

Interesting. Say do you think that Paul Nehlan is a CIA agent?

Did Lauren Southern preach White pride? I never followed her much but to my knowledge she didn't.

Ignore Imkampfy

Neck yourself. Besides, a strong jawline is a desirable Aryan feature.

Red Ice Shoah'd my Jewtube account for posting that video about a year ago.

Pure, unadulterated faggotry.

The dirty secret, here, is that the CIA, and IC in general, have their hands in everything. Some of the most influential communist magazines in the 60s were CIA-funded. Gloria Steinem was a CIA asset. I would venture to guess that pretty much anyone that's gotten popular at all, outside perhaps independent youtubers, is connected to the Intelligence Community (IC) somehow. It pervasive.

That's why the only way forward is sowing chaos


I want you all to study up on the Great North War of 1700. It will clear some things up.

They're trying to get us to kill our brothers and sisters in Europe again. Don't fall for it.

Gas yourself.
You're ignoring the context that I mentioned about your earlier post:
'Holla Forums is accused of being controlled opposition. Look, this guy is a shill.'
It's also an observable fact that water is wet. How is your comment about Holla Forums being accused of being controlled op relevant to anything? Maybe I misunderstood your point, but now you're strawmanning me for allegedly strawmanning you. This just sounds like pilpul shit from you.

I called you a CIA nigger.
Citation needed. Of course they could use this tactic in some instances, but that does not refute the fact that cointelpro exists.

First of all some people were trying to derail the thread into discussion about fashwave being controlled somehow. Like this guy This is completely irrelevant to the thread.
Then there's people like this that simply say 'Red Ice is doing so much for the movement… ignore anything suspicious about them':
Look at the great argumentation this guy provided to defend Red Ice:
Or this guy:

You stop strawmanning me. I didn't claim that you said we should follow e-celebs, but you do seem to be implying that as you are defending these hokey "pro-White" groups. If that's not your implication, learn to argue your points more clearly.

I'm done with pointlessly arguing with you.

Who are you asserting are the present day sides? right vs antifa? The program has always been if/when shtf orchestrating jews are first on the list, not dwell on pawns.

Apparently Red Ice started already in 2003.
However somebody in this thread said Henrik Palmgren was promoted on Coast to Coast pre-Y2K, but I haven't been able to find verification for it.

Reminds me of one main stream history book I once read about the Third Reich. It recounted the story of a British guy who visited his acquaintance in Germany in the thirties. The German guy took him to his room which was full of National Socialist paraphernalia. The German guy said that a year ago he was a communist and had a bunch of commie fanboy stuff. Sounds like a teenager who has posters of his favourite pop stars on his walls.

I'm suspicious of "her" femaleness as well. Transvestigation is needed.

Good post. If you want to learn how to be useful, learn infose\c and specialize in 1 thing like ro0/tkits.

Nigger tier.

You did God's work, user. I'm pretty sure that video being on jewtube and thumbnail coming up in image search was why he ended up going dark.

2006 is when, which most of their older videos seems to link to, was registered (April 22 2006 to be exact). But some of the articles go back further. Most URLs on the site redirect to redice.tiv but some are static HTML files left there probably for SEO
straight copy from infowars, 2004
retarded Mayan calendar shit, 2004
a channeled message from "Arcturians," very very batshit crazy stuff even by New Age standards, 2005
"lost land of the lizard people," self explanatory

I have no idea if they believed some, all or none of this shit but this is pretty bughouse. It definitely wasn't just meditation and conspiracy and chakra energies but some really goofy shit.

They were originally

Good god you're stupid.

Piss off. I'd done with you. Not even reading the rest of your retarded post.

regardless of this being a normalfag faceberg-tier meme at this point i still get a kick out of them

Bell's show was 5 hours every night and he began the show with several smaller guests before the main guest. There are fans who recorded the early shows on cassette and used to pass them around before everything went boomer-easy digital. The company that advertised the Beijin radio on the show also sold a dedicated double cassette recorder for Art's fans. They still pass around the oldest shows (still not all digitized and some sell their cassette collection for anyone who wants to digitize them) but it would be difficult to find the ones with Palmgren because he was always a minor guest and frankly not very interesting. Boring monotone about the same shit every other crystal merchant was pushing. People wanting to listen to those shows do it because of McKenna or some other popular guest, I doubt Palmgren would even be noted as making an appearance.

The old time fans used to hang out at Fantastic Forum, don't now if they still do. Asking about RI there might get a response. GLP is another place to ask. Voat also has an Art Bell board.

Seeing the retards younger anons gravitate to is pretty sad. At least Bell was an incredible interviewer and seemed to care about his listeners. Once in the wee morning hours he was ranting and angry during the call-in show and a sobbing teen called him and expressed his hopelessness wanting to kill himself. I figured Art would carry on with his anger and hang up on him but he talked to him for quite a long time and was wise and empathetic. Eventually the kid stopped sobbing and was able to work through some of his shit with Art's help. Sad that the bar is so low now glow in the darks in a similar situation would probably take bets between themselves on who could make the kid an hero first.

I believe you.

This means that Henrik Palmgren was starting his intelligence operative training directly out of high school (or whatever they call high school in Sweden).

Right. Like Ramparts, which was edited Jewish Zionist neo-con David Horowitz, who also worked for CIA front organization USAID in the late 1980's.

Guess who worked for David Horowitz in 2011 "over the course of the entire summer"?

Matthew Heimbach.

I'm glad that some people in this thread get it.

Yeah, and it's also an Israeli-Jewish-Russian name.

And Sargon of Akkad is Jewish too. His real name is Carl Benjamin. He works for British military intelligence (MI6), just like Milo Yiannopoulos does.

None of those bitches are trannies, you idiot. And Lauren Simonsen isn't Jewish. Because of Christianity, that surname and many other Hebrew derived surnames are very common among European gentiles, e.g. the surnames "Jacobs" and "David."

But they do all work for American/British/Canadian intelligence agencies. In the case of Lauren Southern, we have her own admission that she was trained by Canadian military intelligence.




Hi, intl.

Not really, it’s no different from a pied piper. One you faggots willingly followed back into Camp LeftRight instead of using your gift of autism to come up with a better solution. You fags are just buying back into the old system.

The only gift the past has for us is showing us what not to do.

Or you know, the Thule society.

Even if Lana wasn't some sort of co-intel military spook, RIR is a bunch of coma inducing swill that promotes niggers like Justin Garcia who is Puerto Rican ffs…

Yeah and it's also a Slavic name.
So the evidence that she is a jew is flimsy.

As for Sargon, Yeah. I know. Except for the MI6 thing. That sounds fanciful. Look, I'm going to assume that you've been here a while. If you've been here for the required two years of lurking alone, then you have seen people call literally every single person, organization, or event part of the CIA.
Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that everything is controlled by the CIA? That there are no people who do anything (other than you of course) in public who are not being paid by the CIA? Do you really believe that the CIA are that powerful?

Because if that's the case and I don't believe that then there will not be a race war. And if there was one, the CIA would control every aspect of it. So unless the CIA are secret Aryans, and are unaffected by the kikes, there is no hope for victory.
They're like God. You cannot defeat God.

Does the CIA have its fingers in the alt right? Of course they do. Do they spy on White groups? Obviously. But do you really believe that it's impossible for a concerned group of White people to produce videos on their own without the help of the CIA? Are White people really such cowards that unless we get funding from the CIA we will not lift a finger for our race and future?

William Pierce once made a radio broadcast called "seeing the forest" and I think it's a great listen.
It covers this topic. William Pierce did not believe that everything and everyone was the CIA and that the CIA was an all powerful, omniscient organization that funded everything and everyone except him. Why is it that so many people push the meme that everything is controlled perfectly by the CIA and that White people do not publically do anything without funding from the CIA? He believed that the CIA was a hostile organization working against the future of the White race. However he didn't believe that every pro-White organization or content producer other than himself was the CIA.

I believe that the meme that everything is the CIA is pushed by the CIA themselves, or rather the FBI and JIDF as a means to fool concerned Whites into thinking that there are no pro-White organizations out there not controlled by the CIA. Thus stopping thousands of creating and dedicated White activists from doing anything outside share storied on Holla Forums and make memes on the internet.

And before some retard give me the
please don't misunderstand me. I don't believe that. Just as I don't believe that Holla Forums is controlled by the CIA or that the mods are CIA agents. But the System cannot be brought down by memes shared on Twitter. I'm sorry if it hurts but it's just common sense.
The System will only be brought down by physically dragging it off its pedestal and stabbing the beast to death in the real world. And to do that, we need pro-White videos, speakers, radio shows, podcasts, art, posters, groups, organizations, and yes, I'm going to say it; political parties

But if everyone thinks that all of these things are CIA agents, the White race will perish.

Fortunately, most pro-White activists aren't on Holla Forums. Most aren't under the illusion that everyone is a CIA agent. They're out doing things that promote the rekindling of our racial identity. They're putting their faces out there and making videos and posters and even trying to form political parties. It's a slow process, like the slow progression of city states into kingdoms and then into great empires in our past. But it is happening.

That is politically incorrect to say here. But it is a fact.

I don't know why but I absolutely love the virgin and Chad memes.

Here's another one I made for this thread.

from the archive link:
>We have an incredibly knowledgeable resource of information being taken out of a spotlight supposedly because he won't talk about aliens. Now these same people are affiliated with Michael Tsarion which you can tell by the fact Michael's forum is hosted by them.

Tsarion has done many shows with RIR going way back. He's another huckster and a very strange character. I volunteered at a couple new age expos back in the 90's and all the hippy ladies wanted a turn on his dick.

That whole thread is a good read


My thoughts exactly, well said. If everything is CIA controlled opposition, then why fight? The battle is already lost.

omfg thanks for letting me know OP!!!!
Do you have any other media outlets or movements that are pro white but controled op by any chance?


Found the interview. Timestamp begins sacrifice talk. or 5-6 minutes in vid related
Palmgren seems like he just goes along with whatever his guest says and then throws in some shit from his imagination.

lol kys you useless cunt

This does it for me.
With this knowledge Iam joining OSF antifa and voting hillary 2020

Thanks for the info OP.
You are changing the world for better disrupting these Holla Forums alt right pepe nazis

Forgot to add spam Henrik with cartel gore if you have extra twitters and ask him how it's "all about sacrificing the illusion that keeps us stuck to a certain plain of consciousness"

2007 the illegal spics hadn't yet arrived in the US in the millions, 2008 and Obama gave them the OK. Fucking Mayan calendar shit was all over the new age at the time and now this shit. Nice of Henrik the cuck Swede to help poison the minds of goodhearted Americans by suggesting that these spics are anything but low IQ inbreds that fuck their children and behead their friends and neighbors.

I've listened to Hunt for quite a while now, but he's very unlike all the other alt-right shill personalities who are constantly trying to shill their goods and taking worthless 'kosher' positions that eschew taboo topics. The only disagreement I have with Kyle is that he entertains flat earth.

For what purpose would an agency keep him on a payroll?

Do you know of any alt right meetups that aren't full of homos and jews by any chance?

Joe Blow (anybody else remember him?) did an exposé on Tsarion years ago, he apparently used to fly in male and female fans for sex, and had a myspace page where he identified as bisexual.

Futurefash was created here. It was not a psy-op. Freemason-chan didn't even own 8ch back then.
Later faggot Catholics or Russians took the art and turned it into shitty crap with Jesus pictures and called it "fashwave" which sounds like Synthwave.

Palmgren would of probably been in his early teens if he called into Art Bell back then, very doubtful unless Palmgren was a ham radio geek, or trucker in N.America and also most of the callers and guests were geriatrics back then and have become worm food long ago.

Art Bell was the best despite knowing it's all disinfo bs, tfw listening to Art Bell through a crappy AM radio at 2am.

There was a huge fight on his myspace page when some hippy chick bragged in his comment section about some kinky shit they did and then other women who I guess thought they were his only one got mad.

He looks about 40 to me user, old enough in the mid to late 90's to call in and drone on about nothing. Let's say he's 35, still old enough to make a phone call in the 90's. Agents have to practice their spiel somewhere. Bell's audience was worldwide because it was broadcast worldwide, and during open lines more teens and young men would call in than anyone else. You would know that if you'd ever listened to the show or bothered to check YT. you're still a boring monotone cuck Henrik


Besides Futurefash being created here and not by the (((Alt-Right)))… Dugin's chaos theory is anti-KEK's chaos theory. In fact the only way RedIce is CIA is if they are KGB through Duginism, like Spencer.

The truth is if CIA was this concerned (unlike our resident KGB) with the HARD RIGHT CHAOS/KEK WIZARD MAGA Nazis then they would of hired most of the anons on here. We would of been hired when we BTFO of Ted Cruz's sad CIA crew Memonics Inc.
Instead we sit in shit and watch fucking Jordon Peterson try to mind fuck white boys into submission like so much Saturn-Baby Boomer-child-eating-Baphemot-Preistly-parasites do.
Smiley is busy promoting his sad youtube channel on cuckchan. WTF happened to Shhinead or echos and ashes? And where is the princess of Holla Forums Ashley? Where is my Hotwheels!? Where is Redskull and Baphomet and Xurios, and Gex!?

I'm kidding, but the point is 8ch/pol/ created all the best memes and changed the world with our true magic (not magick). And this is what these (((Alt-Right))) Bolshevik-Bannon-Spencer faggots STOLE! We will never forgive you. We will never forget what you did. Please forward post to CIA headquarters if Trump drains (replaces) the swamp because real anons know who to hunt down and kill in the crypto-fake-right movement.
Holla Forums will NEVER BE (((altright))) and always be the REAL RIGHT. And Trump's 666Kushner staged show can use a little chaotic pathos. If RedIce is Deep State it is Finland-Dugin Deep State. Which is sad because I really liked their show a lot and they've been around doing cool book interviews for a long time.

And remember Dugin, you are a shit philosopher compared to many of us. You are a Boomer poser fake, old re-run of the past, nothing new, nothing FutureFash, and below the wizard craft of real Holla Forumslacks.


OP. I dont care.
I listen to a few red ice programs. I literally dgaf if it is 100% cia hell jews could run it.
If a jew made a catchy WN song id listen to it too. Stop being a pansy.
Wtf are you so terrified about?
"Omg omg red ice did this program on ancient cities that show white people lived in the such and such blah blah… But its all cia! Ooohhh noes. Wut do? Is it to make me look silly? Is it to trick me somehow"

Thats how you sound.

This thread is attempting to create a narrative that "everyone is CIA!!" so that no one is CIA. That's what's really going on.

Also this is what RedIce gets for being trendy and claiming to be Alt-Kike. Same for Murdock Murdock. But we know that the Alt-Kike are always promoted and scorned at the same time by the MSM, never banned, never really "shut down" for good unless they are deep state who didn't pull in enough attention.

Nehlen just did RI

Better not post anything anti-Israel in his comments section. He'll have you perma-banned in seconds.

Because it is that mentality which enables pol to reject controlled opposition and limited hangouts so effectively. There is no compromise, so either you get with the program or you get called out. Shills and CIA niggers can never actually tell the full truth, so they can never really infiltrate.


pic related, brainwashed alt-cuck

Murdoch Murdoch is a project of Mister Metokur according to /baphomet/

Do you know any other pro white movements or mediaoutlets that are controlled op by any chance?

What is your motivation for posting this?

How much PPP?
Do you think we are stupid?
Are you?

the entire aut-right, including TRS, Dickie, Mike Enuch, and anyone who identifies themselves with the phony alt-right movement

what's your motivation for defending these faggots?

you know we have IDs here, right? also sage is not a downboat.

ID ac3542: aut-right shill

You have confirmed yourself as

NO U is a retard comeback.

Kill yourself

This is the actual common day theme on this board these days.

I dont think so. Not his style and too many feels for a chaotic neutral.

Apparently Metokur is dying, closed his Patreon saying he was too sick to go on. hopefully he's really OK and just changing identity again


Y'all ain't from 'round here, ahre yas.

wtf I love CIA now.


Good work.

Nice. Here, have these pictures of Lana Lokteff from her previous intelligence persona of a rock band singer/songwriter. She was in two bands that she created with her brother Joseph Lokteff: Thirty Day Notice and "Magdalene's Dream.'' Lana and Joseph traveled extensively in the third world during this time period, including in African nations, which is stereotypical behavior for CIA operatives.

No. Murdock Murdock is a project of [[[Timothy Gallagher Murdoch]]], the creator of the "Anti-Racist Hitler" cartoon, among others.

Of course CIA and SOCOM intelligence operatives are going to tell you things that you want to hear and already believe. Otherwise their psychological operation would not be effective.

stop typing like a stupid fucking nigger

All of them.

And it isn't just right-wing/pro-white entities that are controlled by the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the C.I.A. It's also the left-wing/anti-white ones as well. And on top of that, the entire U.S. mainstream media is controlled by the DoD and CIA. The American newsmedia is just as government controlled as the Russian or Chinese news media is. The only difference is that in America the government control is much more covert, hidden, and deniable whereas in China and Russia and other third world nations the government control of news media outlets is openly admitted and not a secret. Everything about American culture is much more deceptive and insidious.

No surprise there. Nehlen works for the same two entities (CIA and SOCOM) that Red Ice works for. And I know this from Nehlen's work history, which he so conveniently provides for us in a nice compact graphical summary on his website (thanks, Paul).

impressive score, user

So by your logic, since I've done work(subcontracted) for Gaytheon and Lockheeb among others that I'm a CIAnigger or SOCOM asset? Damn, I better ask for a raise tomorrow. ;-)
That's just ridiculous leaps user. Most US manufacturing is tied to the "prime" contractors and DoD because as commercial manufacturing became outsourced more and more, they became the only game in town. Did you know the 9/10 machine shops in the US have closed in the last 10 years?

So are you saying that the fact that they aren't shut down is proof that they are a CIA controlled opposition?

Nah, they're good for nothing except posting interracial porn here.

faggot thread for faggots

Pretty good for a band that has no live vids on YT of any of those places and the ones on YT have very few views. Amazing considering most burger bands choose to travel through America where they can build a fan base and cheaper costs. Shitty music and singing too, ffs Lana you suck. I can do better than this and so can most people vid related.

Wrong band here but I can't seem to find theirs. For nobody untalents they had funds to tour in Africa?

Last one. The others are on YT. Bonus if you can find a live performance.

Lily Allen is better than this shit tbqh.


CIA and USSOCOM have plenty of funds.

Agreed user, although this is late response


You don't need talent when you come from a CIA family. Doors open automatically for you.

If the spear tip fits, stick it.

Aryo Emaranizadeh Rezaie, the Iranian Kurd from Houston, Texas? Yeah, I remember him.

He entertains a lot more than the "flat earth" PSYOP. He entertains pretty much every stupid conspiracy theory PSYOP known to man. And before he was a "white nationalist" he was an esoteric conspiracy promoter, which he still dabbles in even today. He has also been given airtime on RT television network, which is a Russian Govt. intelligence front. There's no way in hell that Kyle Hunt isn't an intelligence operative. It's not possible.

Does Michael Tsarion have any intelligence agency connections that you know of? That would be something to investigate.

RT will put anyone on who goes against the current US power structure (ZOG), because it helps destabilize the nation by exploiting schisms and fracture points.

Kyle subscribes to some kooky theories, sure, but he's not really that well known or promoted heavily. Certainly he has a niche following, but he hasn't received the same push that obvious shills such as David Duke and the more recent and kosher Lauren Southern get. Is it really so hard to believe that guy who dabbled in /x/ thinking found his way to Holla Forums thinking? I mean we even have an esoteric Hitler thread on this board. I just need to see a smoking gun before I can write him off as a shill. Also Hunt made hellstorm, is that really a documentary a shill is going to create? If he was harmful, instead of promoting flat earth, fagism and giant prehistoric trees, we'd see him leading the charge against antifa, "the left", boomers, or even niggers; he'd be attacking everyone but the true enemy.
This channel "rubin" has the vids, sort by oldest.

Don't know but he has been discussed and criticized widely for many years. Should be a cinch to find those convos.

What makes you think that William Pierce himself wasn't a covert intelligence operative? He gave up a tenured physics professorship to work for a CIA/DoD contractor (Pratt & Whitney), he was a member of a CIA front organization (the John Birch Society), and he wrote two violence promoting agent provocateur type novels ('The Turner Diaries' and 'Hunter').

This whole website is literally owned by a CIA/SOCOM operative (Jim Watkins).

You already have one. It's called the American Freedom Party and it's chaired by a covert CIA agent (William Johnson).

Uh, no, you have it exactly wrong. RT only puts on agents who are part of the U.S. power structure, i.e. U.S. Govt. intelligence operatives, such as Alex Jones. RT is a Russian Govt. intelligence agency front and works ONLY with U.S. Govt. intelligence agency assets and operatives. Now I know that sounds weird to most people, because supposedly Russia and America are mortal geopolitical enemies, but it's a fact nevertheless, and is a big mystery that I've been trying to solve for a couple of years.

It's irrelevant whether he's well known/promoted heavily or not. These are relative terms anyway. And do you have any idea how many dozens of confirmed CIA/SOCOM agents are currently infesting YouTube and the rest of the internet who are totally obscure and receive no promotion whatsoever from television news networks or large mainstream media outlets? I can name several of them just off the top of my head.

Watch his interview with Jeff Rense promoted "conspiracy" artist David Dees. If that doesn't convince you, then nothing will. Oh, and David Dees is a CIA or USSOCOM operative. I know this for a couple of reasons, one of which Dees gave away in that Kyle Hunt interview.

It sure is. How many past and current crypto-Jewish CIA spook "white nationalists" promote(d) Nazi LARPing and Hitler worship? Pretty much all of them. Do you need me to give you a list?

Promoting asinine conspiracy theories like flat earth, giant trees, and fagism and combining them with legitimate news/information is one of the most insidious PSYOPs that the CIA and SOCOM have ever developed, and Kyle Hunt is certainly not the first intelligence operative to employ this tactic.


Alright, thanks.

Not an argument. I'm willing to admit there is a theoretical possibility to pretty much any nonsensical theory as I like to keep an open mind, but if you have to start your sentence like that, it usually implies it's not true, but you want it to be.

Check Kyle Hunt's Rainbow Alphabet interview that has been already posted in this thread. There's a difference between esotericism and the crap Hunt was pushing.

You should not assume that X is a friend unless someone can prove they are not. Trust is earned, not given.

Hellstorm was pretty good. It is possible that Kyle does believe some of the stuff he pushing and is genuinely sympathetic to the cause, but I still think he did not arrive to it by his own volition.

Yep, that's why only Republican Party talking point conspiracy threads are stickied here.

This is basically breitbart/pol/.

Here's something interesting for the Kyle Hunt defenders here.

In a recent "round table" discussion on the Renegade Broadcasting network, Kyle Hunt and his co-host Matthew North blatantly plagiarized the recent revelation about Infowars' and Alex Jones' surreptitious connection to U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) via Infowars' "tip of the spear" slogan and USSOCOM's emblem/seal, which depicts a literal tip of a spear. Kyle Hunt and Matthew North stole this information directly from the website without attribution, and when one of the other callers/co-hosts of the show ("Rollie") mentioned the name of that website on air, Kyle Hunt later edited the audio recording of the broadcast to remove part of the website name, so that the words spoken by Rollie end up sounding like "alexjones_info". Now why would Kyle Hunt partially edit out the name of that website from the final audio recording of this broadcast? This is a rhetorical question, of course, because I already know the answer.

Alex Jones & Donald Trump Military Intelligence Operations Matthew, Kyle & Rollie

I'm indifferent, I say that because I was also interested in studying esoteric truths before Holla Forums, so it's plausible to me that others will take the same route.

Please share what gave him away.

This guy is an interesting case. He claims to be a cage fighter (even said Octagon which implies UFC), but I've heard him give away his age, and place of residence. That's shockingly poor opsec for a guy who wishes to make a living as an athlete in a sport that is literally run by Jews. One would expect him to inoculate all aspects of his real identity, not just use a fake alias. He has a distinctive voice too, so that will give him away if he ever gives an interview. If he's not larping, he's taking incredible risks associating with Hunt's show.

Now that certainly is suspicious.


If that's all true, then he has to be an intelligence plant. That reminds me of a very similar situation with "Karl Radl," who freely does internet radio interviews where his voice is clearly heard undisguised, yet he claims to be a modern history professor at a university in New York City. He's also a longtime poster on Stormfront, VNN Forum, and has had a free Google blog for about 10 years ('Semitic Controversies').

He said that his brother was a U.S. Navy pilot. That fact by itself wouldn't necessarily mean anything, but if you combine it with the other red flags gleaned from David Dees' bio, then it signifies to me that Dees is a USSOCOM intelligence agent.

So what do you think the purpose of Kyle Hunt is? Is the strategy to have shills waiting to net people at progressive levels of awareness? Ranging from basic opposition to niggers, all the way through suspicion of "globalists" (enter Alex Jones), and finally concluding with those wise enough to see the ultimate level of world Jewry and Hitler did nothing wrong.

Yeah, something like that, I guess.

But I think it's actually more devious and sinister than that. I think it's the Empire, i.e. the U.S. military industrial intelligence complex, manufacturing artificial internal enemies for itself since it doesn't have any actual, legitimate, organic threats (either internal or external).

Of course you have to also entertain the possibility that if anyone legit does pop up, then the intelligence agencies would spread disinfo about them, as we're doing in this thread, subsequently raising doubts in the minds of their followers.

It makes everything incredibly muddy, and ultimately you end up trusting no one.


One thing I forgot to mention is that The Fudgehammer obsessively reads 8/pol/. You can be sure that he's intently reading every single post in this thread.

I'm kinda that way myself. I want fanatical ethnocentrism for whites, all others belong in the oven.
National Socialism or bust.

I believe that's it. Renegade presents a lot of good stuff but at the same time a lot of schizo stuff. Hunt and Sinead oppose patriarchy, and I don't need to say how white patriarchy is fundamental to sort this shit. I've read somewhere that Kyle once defended Polyandry in the chatroom and started banning everyone that called him out. So the guy might be a cuck. He kicked VeGAINator because he defended that patriarchy was needed to get rid of the Jew problem and that males were the builders of civilization.
His gf Sinead is completely nuts, you only have to read the coments on the last VeGAINator broadcast to see it, but that's not surprising as she, according to her own words, was in a brainwashing facility(search for WWASP) and, of course, she's a flat-earther, probably to discredit any other sound theories. There are some claiming that she is a Jew going by her facial features, and that she lives with 2 blacks.
This movement is a minefield, it's either these faggots, the ZOG emperor worshippers, or the race war fags, like the Jews wouldn't love seeing blacks and whites killing each other. In fact that's probably their end game.

Another interesting group are the Christian Identity guys. I found amusing thread in which they are also feuding with Kyle Hunt or 'Khunt' as they call him.

For those that don't know, Christian Identity = We (Whites) wuz Israelites. A minefield indeed.

Something many people still happily fall for. Lots of genuine people on twitter all love watching these worthless, 3-hour "debates" going on recently that argue nothing beyond basic-bitch race-realism. Also explains why TRS found it so important to start making nearly daily 2.5-3hr shows talking about next to nothing important.

The time-wasting tactic also is seen in videogames if you don't know, CIAniggers have their hands deep in every large developer with the explosion of "open-world" games that take 100+ hours to complete.

I love these wild theories. Dude, why? That's the ultimate question here, what would the CIA gain from it?

This thread is some serious autism. Apparently literally everyone is a CIA agent.

Just as infowars expanded to 10 hours a day of coverage. Kek, you know some tards watch all of it, every day. And yet what does he ever tell you? Zero.

All you have to do is look at who has not been banned off youtube/ twitter yet to figure out who is controlled op.

Yeah, and the shills spend most of their time interviewing and promoting each other. If they're not up to that, they're staging fake and worthless conflicts between factions to bifurcate the audience. Redice vs Renegade for instance.

This is defiantly a thing.

You think William Pierce was a covert intelligence operative? Just because he wrote two fictional novels doesn't make him a CIA agent.

Plenty of National Socialists had security clearances after operation paperclip.

if you hadnt figured out that the autright was controlled op since at least they were caught shilling here youre retarded and shouldnt be posting anyway

How hard do you think it would be? A CIA agent comes to your house and says 'You know I could just kill you and your family if you don't start doing what we say, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it, because we have the power of the US gov behind us and you're just a clown in his basement…. so work with us and everyone will be happy"
It's not that difficult. That's the reality of their power projection right now and globalisation in general.

Quick, someone make a picture of Kyle Hunt hiding out in a cuck shed.

But on the other hand, those stupid YouTube debates allow you to identify other intelligence operatives by simply observing which individuals are debating the known alt-right WN intelligence spooks (Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, etc.).

I've used this technique to identify dozens of intelligence agents whom are connected with Alex Jones.

Here's a few famous individuals whom I've identified as CIA/SOCOM intelligence agents because of their connection with confirmed CIA/SOCOM intelligence agent Alex Jones:

- Mike Judge
- Vivienne Kubrick
- Louis Farrakhan
- David Bodnick (owner of Startpage)

There are many others, but these are just some of the famous ones.

No. Just literally everyone in the American mass media.

You've obviously never heard of Operation Mockingbird. This is Operation Mockingbird on meth and steroids.

The only time Alex Jones says anything factual and important is when he starts talking about the intelligence agencies.

Whenever he starts talking about that subject, listen up, because he's about to tell you something important. He does this because he knows his audience is too stupid to understand the significance of the intel agency information and it thus goes right over their heads.

No, because he was part of the controlled John Birch Society, that is why I believe he is.

Yes, this is how I identity entire networks of CIA/SOCOM intelligence agents. All I have to do is identify one agent, and then look at whom that person associates and works with, and there you go. It's just that easy.

Pierce was a vocal critic of the B'nai Birch Society.

Yeah, the John Birch Society was a barely disguised Cold War CIA front organization. Robert Welch named the group after a U.S. Army intelligence officer who was killed in China in the 1940's. All the well known old/deceased WN leaders were JBS members, including:

- Revilo Oliver (also a U.S. Army intelligence officer during WWII)

- Tom Metzger (an FBI informant who had a talk show on Hal Turner's old radio network)

Oh shit. Coupled with the fact that he records his radio show in his garage, that makes me wonder what's going on in the house. It's probably because he has a kid and wants a quiet space

Are Sinead and Kyle even married? I sincerely doubt it. And I also doubt that Lana Lokteff and Henrick Palmgren are married either. They just live together. This is another pattern I've observed with these various male/female intelligence agency couples. They live together for years but rarely marry. And just as an example, Alex Jones lived with his first wife Kelly Nichols for six or seven years before they finally got a certificate of common law marriage from the state of Texas in 2007.

Some site quoted Sinead as preferring "creative contracts" to marriage. Personally I don't care what their arrangement is, as long as it's not cuckoldry or involving any sort of faggotry (naturally).

A creative contract is literally nothing. Renegade makes me laugh though. It must be the only network in history with more hosts than listeners.

Condensed view of Matt Heimbach's CIA connections (posted online for the very first time):

CIA -→ USAID -→ David Horowitz -→ Freedom Center -→ Matt Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Workers Party

CIA -→ William F. Buckley, Jr. -→ Young Americans for Freedom -→ Kevin DeAnna -→ Youth for Western Civilization -→ Matt Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Workers Party

I posted that new information here because I know a shit ton of spooks are reading this thread (including the Fudgehammer).


"Traditionalist Worker Party"

Just in case anyone overlooked the information in the organizational chart, Red Ice / Lana Lokteff / Henrik Palmgren are part of the CIA/Regnery intelligence complex via their ties to, which is published by William Regnery II.

He was part of the Birch society briefly and became a vocal critic of it. Just because these societies are controlled doesn't mean that all their members are, and few have been NatSoc all their lives.
We have to be aware of the intelligence operatives and try to expose them but if we start accusing everybody of being an agent we risk dividing the movement so much that it becomes a huge pile of nothing (which it already is). Everyone has been accused of being an agent from Rockwell to even Hitler.

Who the hell has time to listen to 2-hour podcasts? Most of their followers are from the renegade tribune.
What she probably means by creative contracts is Monday this guy fucks her, Tuesday it's Kyle's turn, Wednesday it's Tyrone's turn and so on.

The movement is is all LARPrs and always has been. Even Pierce was larping half the time with his compound. If ZOG thought someone was a real threat, they'd already be dead.

Oh, snap! It's on.

Sinead, you gonna let that guy talk shit about you like that?

Fun fact: the suburban house that Kyle and Sinead live in is jointly owned by Sinead and her M.D. father.

This is true and a justifiable reason for hope that there are allies within the CIA. As , , and a few others in this thread point out. And while I am not convinced that the CIA is a friendly institution, I do not deny that it is possible that the National Socialists that they Absorbed could indeed have networked to help put crypto-Aryans in control positions.
It's an interesting theory.
If true, that might actually explain why the kikes have decided to speed up their plans recently. Speeding up your plan is a sign of desperation.

So are you saying that you believe that whenever any pro-White activist does anything to garner attention, the CIA shows up at your house and threatens you into compliance?
It's certainly possible.

Just because William Pierce was a member of the JBS doesn't make him a CIA agent. Pierce made no secret that he was once an individualist (libertarian). He grew dissillusioned with the ideology and moved further to the third position. I don't think he was a CIA agent.

Sinead was pretty good when she called into Richard Spencer's radio show, eviscerating him for associating with faggots.

More like crypto-Hibernians.

Speaking of Hibernians…

In men. A "strong jaw" in a female does not give her skull a male profile. The reason you get away with arguing that these created monsters "look female" is by presenting comparisons with other created monsters, i.e Hollywood "women" who are themselves male.
And who said that they're being outed as men on the basis of just having the jaws of men? they aren't, there are dozens of indicators

Of course, it's pure (((cohencidence))) that they all have male voices, they all have adam's apples, they all resort to wearing caked-on clown makeup out of necessity in the hopes of passing as female, they all have male-pattern brow bossing, male pattern hair (huge forehead), male-sized craniums, huge male ears, gigantic paddle-like male hands with male digit ratios, shoulders wider than hips (a trait which only naturally occurs in non-White women) etc, etc, etc.
Your entire argument is that kikes wouldn't stoop so low as to deliberately debase the sexual attraction profile of young White men. You ignore the massive abundance of male features and basically present an argument from incredulity.
It's too late (((ezra))), the sheeple have awoken and it's only a matter of time before the TRANSVESTIGATION doctrine achieves critical mass memetic penetration of the normiesphere.
Once that happens the cocks of your thirsty male donors won't be the only things which shrivel up - you can kiss goodbye to donation income streams.

16-year-old girls cannot have pan-flat chests without even a hint of breast buds (which are evident from around the age of 16) then suddenly, in the space of a year, "develop" fully-formed "female" breasts.
Even if there wasn't a total abundance of forensic evidence by way of physiological markers, one need only look at the associations these people keep.
These freaks surround themselves with the homosexual and the openly transgendered, because birds of the feather flock together.

They're colleagues, you gullible dummy.
Contrived opposition is one of their most basic tactics. You actually think she would have been allowed to freely speak if the pantomime show wasn't pre-arranged and scripted?

More like a wheat field.

You might be a tare.

the fuck is even going on in this thread

It's part of the national policy, (and probably most empires) to project as much power as possible at all times using all available means to do so. If you can be "got to" as they say in godfather, they will get to you.

But as for the specific question. I think most pro-activists are their own worst enemy (dysfunctional personalities, juvenile approach, cultish leaders etc) so there isn't really a major need to micro-manage. Besides, the "System" might consider them to be good pressure valves (see Architect-Matrix 2) and not even care as much as you think.

If you believe the Jews about who they are, you are believing the Jews.

It has been said the holocaust was their greatest money making scheme, however, this isn't true. The biggest lie from which they are profiting and have snared the minds of the people, is the lie that they are the people of Israel.

There is literally no evidence to support their claim. Even less than there is the lolocaust.


This thread is showing the more paranoid face of Holla Forums is not the OP that I'm talking about, I'm talking about the constant back and forth of people accusing each other of being fucking kikes.

Let this thread die already, please. This is just fueling the actual shills to come out and fuck shit up even more.

Even if OP is 100% wrong, Red Ice still said Whites should build an alliance with BASED nationalist jews. That's more than enough to completely discredit them.

holy autism. Holla Forums has become so obsessed with fake conspiracy theories shilled by the left that they are willing to eat their own. Just think about this. Why is there not a single person from the "alt-right" that doesn't have a single piece of dirt or a smear campaign against them? It is because the left has found out what Holla Forums and other people from the right like. We like conspiracies and finding the truth. So left has developed a plan to make everyone a shill of some sort. They even say jared taylor is a jew or is married to a jew; it is all to divide to right and make us weaker and to cause infighting. It is blatantly obvious. Also working for the CIA is supposed to be a boogie man or something? Fucking christ 8/pol/ wake the fuck up and look at why these conspiracy theories are occuring. It is literally made up by (((them))).

Like the insanity that Red Ice trafficked in for about a decade?

"Even"? Controlled opposition doesn't get much more obvious than Taylor and AmRen.

you make my point exactly, thank you. He has named the jew in other videos, just doesn't go to the autistic length of blaming the jews for everything because he does not want to end up like his counterpart David Duke. He realizes naming and screeching about jews does not help his cause of race realism. His reach is far greater now than if he were to be a complete anti-zionist.

But he goes autistic lengths to take the blame off them for everything, both privately and publicly, and sabotage events where "anti-Semites" are present.

The jew is the most important issue, but even if you were right, then he just wouldn't talk about jews, instead of defending them and claiming they're "h'White" the way he does.

Not really, he wants to America to have what israel wants, a homeland for Europeans/homeland for kikes. I agree that the jew is the most important issue because they have the most control even if their numbers are small compared to blacks and hispanics in the US. The problem is once you name the jew you are labeled an anti semite and you have the entire ADL and SPLC spending their shekels to try to stop you. It is not a great strategy in the long run in my opinion, not now at least. I think that people over esitmate the jew and are not focused on where we are going to be in 2050. In 2050 , spics will make up 30% of the USA. that means no one from the right will ever be elected again because spics always go blue. Worrying about hispanics and blacks from controlling the us is probably the best thing for people to focus on. If they do get control then whites will have to have a civil war to get the country back. Our time is running out. We need to act fast and efficently.

Stop derailing the thread with your trans conspiritard shit.

You know who else pushes this stupid trans conspiracy crap?

Agent Fudgehammer.

Well, would you look at that. British Israelite niggers on jim/pol/.

I can't imagine that anyone would say that Samuel Jared Taylor's wife Evelyn Rich is Jewish. That's completely outrageous.

Correction: "common law wife"

See, there's that pattern again of male/female intelligence agent couples living together for decades without being married.

Does anyone know what this phenomenon is about?

No. You like conspiracies (real or invented).

But finding the truth? Not so much.

This is how I know that you have no idea what's going on.

The ADL and SPLC are intelligence agency fronts for the CIA and DoD. And because of this, the ADL and SPLC work very closely together with the leaders of the American WN movement who are also CIA and DoD intelligence agents. This is how the U.S. Govt. intelligence community orchestrates the PSYOP known as "white identity politics" against the American domestic population. The PSYOP requires two components to work: a "racist/pro-white" component and an "anti-racist/anti-white" component. The PSYOP can't really function otherwise.

Andrew Anglin even admitted that this is how the process works in a WordPress blog post from September, 2017. He said that he invented his white supremacist neo-Nazi character with the "enthusiastic" assistance of the SPLC and the Jewish news media. Anglin spilled the beans on his blog because he had mistakenly thought at the time (September, 2017) that his particular PSYOP was coming to an end and he was about to be reassigned (as an anti-racist or a David Icke style conspiracy theorist), but it turned out that Anglin was a little ahead of schedule because the CIA/DoD decided against abruptly ending his PSYOP at that point, instead chosing to gradually end it slowly over a longer period of time to better coincide with the SPLC's civil lawsuit against him.


Whatever Renegade's real purpose is, I've certainly received a lot of useful information from them. I first heard about Rubushkin from them, while Trump's pardon of that rat was being suppressed and shilled to hell on Holla Forums.

Sure, I also follow them, they have great content, but that doesn't change the fact that there is something fishy with them.
About pol, this site is controlled debate, the fact that people are banned for pointing out that Trump is a zionist should be enough proof. But this is another level of shilling, at this point where a great part of us are National Socialists to be shilling for a candidate coming from the two party system (and if you criticize him you are shareblue and are implying that we would be better with Hillary) promoted by all the controlled opposition, infowhores, David Duke, Jared Taylor and friends and again implying that voting works is unimaginable. If it was Reagan's first term this guys would be shilling for him, instead.


William Cooper, Commander Rockwell.

Stop defending a race mixer, you Jew.

i am thinking that just like the art bell radio show, it is to get people that are naturally skeptical to be misled just enough to not notice certain things. What those thing are, idk. I will say, being SORT OF of on the inside of low level shit that the government as a whole is very good at giving out just the right info for people to look in the wrong places for things(and make incorrect conclusions). I do not watch red ice but have they ever mentioned this?

Not even a single flowchart,OP? Back to endchan you go!

I know nothing about paganism but if you think that worshiping a god that commands mutilating genitals (which is equivalent to condoning the act, inb4 muh not the new covenant) is something whites should follow or is worthy of respect you may be forgetting about all that talk that there is no jew nor gentile and that you are all one in Jewsus Christ?
You are a idiot if you think that because they have raised some opposition to their older psyop it means that it is a threat to (((them))) or the "truth".

"____ is CIA!"
"____ is National-Bolchevik!"
"____ is controled opposition, fellow Whites!"
It is one of those. Reported.

1. Bill Cooper was a 20 year U.S. Naval Intelligence officer with a top secret security clearance. He was also a covert CIA agent.

2. George Lincoln Rockwell was a U.S. Naval officer and probably Naval Intelligence as well. He was also an FBI informant.

An organizational chart isn't necessary for CIA/SOCOM spook Lana Lokteff and her Swedish live-in boyfriend.

But an organizational chart for Matthew Heimbach is forthcoming.

Gas yourself kike.

Answer to the argument. The anthropometric evidence is actually quite compelling, and I say that as someone who doesn't have a stake in that particular conpiratorial domain.

It's a documented fact that Rockwell was an FBI informant. He worshiped J. Edgar Hoover ("Heil, Hoover!") and he voluntarily informed the FBI of all the American Nazi Party's activities.

No. It's only compelling if you're mentally retarded or an intelligence agent pretending to be mentally retarded, e.g. Agent Fudgehammer.

and a freemason

You're the CIA poster.

Lack of arguments and counter-evidence duly noted. I think I'll look a bit further into the whole issue.

alt-kikes aren't welcome here

its a mistake to trust jews

Have a bump OP

Check out the other thread I made, TRS is Mossad/CIA just like
Fellow rightwingers.
Next in my series:
Holla Forums is CIA and pol is mossad

Check out the other thread I made, TRS is Mossad/CIA just like
Fellow rightwingers.
Next in my series:
Holla Forums is CIA and pol is mossad

Not a shill.




This is

SO ORGANIC! HAVE A BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discredit them from what? Being the leaders of the White resistance to ZOG?
Red Ice Radio is (assuming that they are not some super-duper reverse psychology magical jewish psy-op) a pro-White youtube channel. Their goal, I presume is to spread the idea that loving your race is a positive trait. And they accomplish this reasonably well.

No it's not. We created it here and we're not letting you (((Alt-Kikes))) use it against us. You did have a little success when you stole it for your fashwave (((christian))) version that took out the futurism, but most of the futurism has remained.

You will know them by their fruits. And so far they've produced a lot of good videos and nothing bad.

They did. They do… So does everyone. We know what their religion states. We know what Religion of Cuck™ states. And we know what Christianity is all about now. A Zionist 25yr old is a hell of a lot less dangerous than some pastor that preaches Khazar theory on one end and race mixing on the other.

You want to know how to tell if it's CIA or not?

Study the overall agenda. The (((Alt-Right))) wants you to do activism like posters and rallies. That's because they are prepping you to become the next BLM under Dugin. Red Ice does paganism shows and that triggers (((christians))). Well, you trigger me by worshiping a fucking rabbi as the one creature in the universe that created everything and existed and is my King and rules over me. It's pure fucking cancer. Always has been, always will be. But if you use it to take down ZOG then fine… Race mixing Christians can be allies when we are all fighting the most wicked enemy the world has ever known.

It was goofy as fuck. So someone who wanted to be in the entertainment industry and a young musician worked with a producer that had ties to the CIA according to OP. Well, guess what kiddos, anyone who has EVER worked in industries like entertainment or politics or war has 6-degrees to Kevin Bacon (has worked with them).
That's because 90% of intelligence agencies budgets go into thought control. Hence the (((Alt-Right))) and Dugin.

This thread is a perfect example of how creating a cultural in-group will eventually attract shills/FEDS/ZOG/KGB to learn how to speak like the in-group and radicalize it.

Here is the mission of Holla Forums– always has been – always will be — no one will change this ever as long as we fight for it

1. Get normies to take the FIRST redpill, the holohoax. There is NO other redpill before this. ZERO. You cannot escape the matrix without it.

2. All the rest of the Cultural Marxism

3. Deep studies on the origin of racial suicide starting around 350AD.

4. Deep studies in self improvement to become "the higher man" and herald the Overman.

Anyone who takes you away from that set of goal is the enemy.

ALL JEWS are /our/ enemy. If you disagree you are a kike shill and do not belong here.

1. They're clearly not kikes.
2. The whole, "agree with me or you are a jew" argument just makes you look like a child. Did you lurk for 2 years or just start posting immediately?

Extraordinarily immature. Get some nuance or go back to halfchan

Your virulent anti Christian posting is not lending credibility towards your opinions. A lot of people here actually are Christians and it’s the most frothing at the mouth hatred that keeps people from speaking up. Christianity is inherently anti Semitic and pro Europe. They’ve genocided muslims in the past and provides a framework for pro social values and is pro natalist. Throwing it away as a Jew religion is fucking dumb when there is so much that can help the cause there

china and africa the future, aka Whites thrown under the bus #t=27m33s

taking 10 million shekels a year to ship your "for only a dollar a day" created shitskin hoards into America #t=1h25m40s

Gee, I wonder why, can't possibly be grounds for holding that position other than jew! right?

Kikebach pictured with Jereb of fed MK group RoF
pic2 is the day before the Heimbach organized shitfest Battle of Sacramento with some of his chosen bodyguards. The other bodyguards were a skinhead group called the Sac Skins {possible Golden Gate skinheads too) in pic2 who of course called for violence on their page the day before the Sac "rally". Not even collecting this shit anymore tbh it's so commonplace in all these groups pic3.

pic 2 was supposed to be this. Reminder Heimbach's group is called TWP stands for The Traditionalists Worker's Party and they refer to each other as 'comrade'. Even when it's staring at you right in the fucking face some of you will defend this.

No, there can't. Christianity is the antithesis of the jew. Kill yourself, kikelover.

When will you niggers learn that not everyone who has been in the government is an anti-white or supports anti-white things in an official capacity? This is a real thing. They have shills in all the belief systems, just like every denomination is cucked. The IDEAS they push are the smoking gun for who they are. What they DO proves who they are, not that they used a pet handling company or even were DoD or whatever. We have plenty of people who work for or have in the government. I and many others keep our people embedded in the ZOG all the time. If we didn't do this, they would have already probably just killed all ethnic Europeans like they did in the USSR. I can't believe that no one even pays attention to this when you can look it up. user is also 100% correct about those who are able to operate in the open. Having your service go out temporarily or whatever is not the same as getting shut down.

And if you really want to find out who's who, just talk to these people over the interwebs under pseudonyms and ask them. Look at their pages for what they all have to say. The shills can always be caught LYING about other people. We have to discriminate between crazies, shills, and legitimate people if we are to survive.

No, no, no. Rothschilds always play both sides. Red Ice are the shills to misdirect pagans. CI are the shills to misdirect christians. I don't like christ insanity, but your failure to assess has led you astray.

My opinion on redpills:
1) Mantra logic, being pro-white and not hating anyone
2) Seeing kikes come down you
3) Kikes are anti-white liars
4) Holohoax and massive evil everywhere

Trickles of these can come out of order, like people who listened to conspiracy stuff got trickles of 4 but didn't name the kike. That's how it worked for me anyway.

I 100% agree that the agenda of the group reveals who they are. Faggots openly calling for violence are either shills or mad. Either way, they do not set the platform.

Nice agree and amplify attempt. I guess you thought that would work.

Shills will get you mistrust your friends and trust your enemies. they will blackmail or threaten old timers so they turn on newer members so they can sow mistrust. Anyone focused too much on bringing someone down for petty reasons is questionable. if someone is dedicated to the cause, they will not focus on 1 bad thing that person said if their life work has been helpful. Question anyone who is just looking for attention or money over substance. If you cant count anything substantial a person has done or said against enemies, then be careful. Also, if the enemy is really, truly making an effort to shut that person down, they are not a shill.

forever bullshit, never gets old.

Yawn. Try harder, paid shill.

uh huh, I give valid points, you just blow it off, and cry jews Not good enough.

So one degree of separation is the same as six degrees of separation?

You DoD intel contractors sure do have a lot of trouble with basic arithmetic.

Thanks for the info. Since all patriot militias are controlled by the FBI or DoD, this Jordan Jereb person has to be either an FBI informant or a USSOCOM intelligence operative like "former" Marine Corps recruiter Dillon Hopper/Irizarry, the "CEO" of white nationalist patriot militia group Vanguard America.

I would also note that Hal Turner was an FBI informant/provocateur, whereas Matthew Heimbach is higher level than Turner because Heimbach is working for the CIA. This would explain why Heimbach frequently travels to Europe and Russia just as you would expect a CIA operative to do, whereas Hal Turner never engaged in those types of activities. There are two occupational/professional lines indirectly connecting Matthew Heimbach to the CIA. They are as follows:

CIA -→ USAID -→ David Horowitz -→ Freedom Center -→ Matt Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party
CIA -→ William F. Buckley, Jr. -→ Young Americans for Freedom -→ Kevin DeAnna -→ Youth for Western Civilization -→ Matt Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party

There's one more curious thing that I've forgotten to mention.

Brandon Russell (aka "Odin"), the founder of AtomWaffen Division, was an employee of the Florida National Guard, which is part of the U.S. Dept. of Defense:

Also, and perhaps more interestingly, Brandon Russell lived in Tampa, Florida. Tampa, Florida just so happens to be the headquarters of U.S. Special Operations Command (at MacDill Air Force base):

Daily reminder that Holla Forums Holla Forums is run by jews.

They only support Trump because of his pro zionist policies.

Don't forget about his pro-Pentagon, pro-war policies.

The Pentagon just gained a HUGE boost in funding two weeks ago from the bipartisan Congressional spending increase bill which Trump immediately signed.

Remember red mercury?

How is that relevant in the context of this thread's discussion? You mean like this?"sting"_operations


After figuring out Alex Jones'/Infowars' "tip of the spear" USSOCOM connection, the first thing that immediately came to mind relating to Red Ice was that the term "red ice" itself has some sort of obscure U.S. military meaning or significance. But I couldn't find anything online pointing to that being the case.

It's interesting that you used Jewish caricature drawings of Nick Bougas ("A. Wyatt Mann"), who himself was/is a U.S. military intelligence operative whose cartoons are in fact a clever satire/mockery of white nationalist ideas and ideology.

The FBI employed cartoonists during the early 1970's in its famous COINTELPRO program to create similar such cartoons for the Black Panther/black power movement. Very few people are aware of that. Nick Bougas'/Tom Metzger's white power cartoons of the 1990's and early 2000's seem to be a continuation of this same FBI/DoD intelligence operation, except for the obvious difference that they were targeted at a white nationalist rather than a black nationalist audience.

Good point.goyi mean nazi

Nazis shall never recover.from.this one!


This thread is sooo organic

... thread i made.on.trs fellow.nazis


Go.fuck yourself

Tsarion was heavily involved in the Indigo Child movement in the 90's. In the Berkele area he even sponsored and taught at a school specially for "indigos" and this shit was pushed hard in all the free papers in Berkeley/SF which were read by everyone. I was still reluctantly involved with some new age groups and every parent was virtue signalling that their child was an indigo.

Just checked and the greentext is from 2017 Gaia article so they're still pushing it. Previously they brought the ayys into it claiming indigos were reincarnated ayys or walk-ins. I would bet big money if I had it that this movement is responsible for quite a few special snowflakes.

Tsarion spoke of indigos often and I've found other RI shows where the guest also discusses them. Plenty on YT. vid related is Tsarion explaining the concept.

Called it years ago when they he and his Satanic buddies astroturfed halfchan with the merchant.
Same with Sinead's dumbass songs. Makes nationalists look like immature retards and causes potential friendlies to turn away from the ideology because who wants to join a political group filled with shrieking dipshits.

I left cuckchan when the astroturfing of Big Benny's comics began. Yes, it was not organic, it was an op. I felt sorry for him and it pained me to see his career ruined and him smeared. It turned out OK in the end, glad to say I was in those threads when he visited, but it could have ended very differently.

All of you newfags need to be more aware of consensus cracking and avoid following along with their narrative. Don't be a fucking tool.
pic related archive shows a long list of schools for indigo children.

I'm same poster different node
Grids Cooper on CNN doing a piece on Indigo children, well worth watching. The doctors encouraging it, the aura photography booths which were at every new age gathering/convention.

Oprah did a show on them and unsurprisingly accepts it. Can't find the whole show but she interviews a young child here and the kid has been brainwashed to believe any random thought as coming from a higher plane. Why are all these kids hearing voices in their heads and seeing things? Wondering if it was an op to get the MK's to accept any random order from a handler. This is crazy shit anons, and RI helped spread this garbage.

Hey Shillberg, wouldn't these absurd and unfounded assertions play a little better if you substituted a more compelling and timely "Muh Russian secret agent" for the tired old "military intelligence operative". I mean, ya gotta try and keep your shilling sexy these days. Just sayin'.

Yeah but it was me who got that merchant on to the senate floor

That's a mighty accomplishment that deserves hearty commendation. But don't expect any kudos from these silly shills who pose as Nationalists, but somehow can't discern the difference between blatant truthfulness and "satire/mockery". Theirs is some of the laziest and least inspired D & C to date.

Hi, Nick. You pissed off that your cult leader Charlie Manson died? Too bad, so sad.

I figured Bougas was a LaVey/Schreck minion.


Asalam aleikum