2 dead as train carrying 147 people crashes into freight train in South Carolina

2 dead as train carrying 147 people crashes into freight train in South Carolina

The Amtrak train, which was operating between New York and Miami, had 139 passengers and eight crew members on board.

Amtrak said there were “injuries reported” among those on board the passenger train but it is not yet clear how many. Lexington County Sheriff’s Department later revealed that at least two people had died and more than 50 people had been taken to hospital with injuries.


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An awful lot of train incidents happening. Pure coincidence I'm sure.

Curious who was on board

nah lad amtrak is just breaking under its own weight

every time i was on one i thought it would be my last, i've been on light rail systems in third world countries that were more stable and organized than amtrak.

california is the worst, they always overbook the trains so there's people sitting on the floors getting drunk and high, the bathrooms always smell like weed and actual shit, and it takes six hours to get from LA to San Diego. a car takes 4 if you time it correctly and GTFO of the 405 before traffic hits

Is this another pure coincidence?

Daily Reminder: King Nigger still has his allies controlling the Surface Transportation Board. Chairman Daniel Elliot has been unironically "missing" from Kikepedia.

Third incident involving a train in the last 2 months; seems very organic.

there are lots of trains
railways are getting old

I have a buddy that works BNSF. The horror stories are crazy. He's out every day driving the tracks and looking for problems. And unfortunately a lot of the rail needs replacing and updating to modern standards but no one wants to spend the money.

THIS. who was on there?

Clearly not the DNC or Trump would have been a bit more successful than they were in their attempt.

Passenger rail is a huge nuisance on freight lines tbh. It isn't really profitable, makes it harder for us to get work blocks, and forces us to use continuous welded rail so the passengers get a smoother ride, instead of bonded rail which would be bumpier (no effect on freight because no passengers) but would provide expansion/contraction tolerance that'd make broken rails far less common. The only reason companies like VIA or most of Amtrak exist is because of government mandate and subsidies. We do have a profitable passenger rail line here, called GO, but GO operates on separate tracks, is provincial, and is built up to match consumer demand rather than just following wherever the freights go (which is often not profitable for passenger rail). Our business would run a lot more smoothly without passenger trains on our track.

tl;dr get that shit off our tracks already we've got freight to ship

t. CN Rail S&C


this is what happens when your country turns third world
constant blackouts is next

And there are no assurances provided by the super secret software makers that the software pilot is actually programmed to do what they advertise.


There's a lot of anti-train propaganda floating around these days, I wonder why the media seems so obsessed with reporting every train accident but not the constant tractor trailer accidents all over the place? Around a hundred people a day die in accidents on the highway in the US alone. Reminds me of how they'll always report if a white man kills a nigger but are completely silent on all the black-on-white crime. Still salty about Deutsche Reichsbahn shipping their hook-nosed brethren off to containment camps I guess. I shit you not I've heard kikes kvetching about MUH EVIL RAILROADS COMPLICIT IN THE SHOAH YOUR ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS GUILTY.

Actually the recent crashes were caused by PTC not being installed and conductors/engineers being the slacking subhuman monkeys that they are. I'm personally looking forward to the day we have autonomous locomotives and the only conductor vermin we have to put up with are yard bitches.

See you on the dole.

I work in S&C, so no. If anything the advent of automated trains will open up even more jobs for us since we'll be the ones handling their upkeep, troubleshooting, and repairs, just like we already handle LCS.

There is no reason for Amtrak to still exist. It is nothing but billions in squandered tax dollars that have never turned a profit.

To be fair (((someone))) profited off it.

Now's a good chance to institute a nation-wide maglev train system.

Because they want to spend that kind of money? May as well wait for the literal pipe-dream Musk has with his hypoloop.

That was great user. What I was thinking was GOP was on last train. Who could they be trying to scare or kill that was on this train?

Road Amtrak only a short distance, matter of about 300 miles, and felt a very strong jolt as rail was obvsiously not safe enough. What concerns me is that Amtrak has been in the headlines for train crashes in the last wekk or so.
Either the agenda is getting pushed that we need to rebuild our infrastructure, or obongo and deep state are using it as a tool to keep the niggers scared.

Nothing just seems to happen anymore. Usually always a large nose sticking out from behind the tree.

Yes. the time has come for a transnational highspeed overland.

Passenger trains are complete anachronisms in the US. The only places they even start to make sense is in huge metropolitan areas. Amtrak uses the freight rail infrastructure which has been dying for decades and is only profitable for things shipped in massive bulk like pulpwood and coal. There is not enough money in the rail network to maintain it safely. It is too much cheaper to use surface trucking.

hail satan!

Vac Train or no train.

Top speed: 5000 mph




Modal Trigger
A high-speed Amtrak train bound for Penn Station broke apart as it was moving at top speed through Maryland.

So 145 lived? Pretty good odds for a train wreck desu.

What the hell is going on. There's a train derailment almost daily now.

the GOP train was pure coincidence goy!