The Turner Diaries

I had ordered the book about a week or a week and a half ago after readig something about it here. I even ordered it right on the spot, posting that I had just ordered it here on this board.
I started reading it at about 1630 and finished it at 2330.
It took me 6 hours to read the whole thing.
I could not put it down.
It was an amazing read.
I really can't express how I feel right now.
Although it was a work of fiction, I see how much of what he wrote in 1978 has come to pass today - not with the exact dates that he used, just slower.
If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend purchasing it.
I recommend purchasing the actual book/paperback to read it. Hopefully you will find another user to hand the book to.
Thank you so much my brothers.

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self-bumping - in hopes that some other user has read this

I've read it as well. Great book. Now you should read Dr. Pierce's other book, Hunter.


great book where did you get it in print?? unfortunately you are definitely on a watch list, but being a white straight christian male (possible veteran) you are already on several.

I've listened to the aduiobook read by William Luther Pierce himself. I think it was on internet archive. It's very far from being a literary masterpiece, but that's not really the point. Pretty entertaining though. Especially hearing Pierce doing the voices for the kike and nigger characters.

Its a fun book, pierce wrote it well, made me laugh a few times too, its on the short side so what I did was read a few chapters a day.
The book is not necesarilly prophetic but as you may have noticed many of the things as written in the book are very true today and many many paralels can be drawn from the book to real life.

Read Hunter its a spiritual sequel. I havent finished reading hunter though I think Im still in the hotel party chapter

I bought in on Amazon, I don't give a shit about a watch list.

I like your style, cousin Tim would be proud

I always like to look at the reviews of books on Amazon for books that are considered "wrong think" and (((they))) are so ridiculous in the reviews.

The Camp of Saints is an amazing book that seems prophetic as well, though it is not so hopeful as The Turner Diaries.

reported for muh booooooks.

nice slide thread, CIA Nigger. this book is anti-government and Holla Forums is the government now that Trump is in office. fuck off.

I listened to the audiobook on a 10 hour drive for work. Really enjoyed it. Kind of serendipitous, but about 6 hours in I passed a white man in his yard wearing a White Pride t-shirt and playing with his daughter. I drive a lot for work, so audiobooks are better for me. Although it isn't narrated by Pierce himself, I did find an audiobook of of Hunter.

Hard to tell if you're retarded or the AI on shill bots is getting better.


lol always, look into the book series "A Distant Thunder" by H.A. Covington. A little too perfect case scenario occasionally but still a good read. also "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" by Matthew Bracken, super good trilogy as well.

"Serpents Walk" is a great book written by an anonymous author and published by the National Alliance back before Pierce died. If you don't already have it, the Jews have banned it. Premise is that the SS went underground after WW 2 to slowly reemerge and take on the Jews at their own game. You can still find a PDF.

Thanks for the "Hunter" audiobook. I also drive a lot; much better way for me to ingest words.

It's still on Amazon user;

I have only ever seen it one time at a gun show at one booth. You're not wrong that it can be a challenge to get. And the quality of the one I flipped through was poor, but I suppose that goes with the territory.

No problem, brother. I hope you and I both enjoy it. I also hope that the narrator doesn't inject any of his commentary and just sticks to reading the text. I am still a bit disappointed that Pierce won't be providing his hilarious voices.

You mean Harold Covington of the NWF? Isnt he a crazy boomer or something?

I bought it in the same thread OP. Still waiting on my copy. I bought it from fleabay and not cia honeypot though.

If this is a general book thread, has anyone read pic related? I bought it because Stanley Kubrick some time ago. Recently seen an interview with the author and hes a kike, even said so himself. Makes me suspect the book.

inb4 >muh books

If this is a general book thread, I strongly urge people to read "Hitler's War". I know almost no one here reads a damn thing, because even though Irving's stuff is recommended all the time, and I read Holla Forums threads every day, my reading of Hitler's war has been ridiculously enlightening. Been reading on a tablet, but I have a physical signed copy coming in the mail.

The full audiobook read by the author is available on youtube for free.


Well shit, when you put it that way. Let me just hop in my time machine and go back to 78’ so I can read it in the right century. I can tell Dr. Pierce that the future is worse than he could imagine and the the US had a high yellow mullato as it’s president for eight years.


filtered and reported.

Not a bot. Just the zogbot Imkampfy.

Bill Cooper's 'Behold A Pale Horse'

The only book you need.

Pretty sure free pdfs are floating around


see for 2000+ Holla Forums related PDFs

filtered and reported.

reported both of you. Trump is not a Jew.

He sounded like count chocolula doing the voices of jews

Read the other one as well. It adds to the story.

Same. The book made me feel sick with rage, but you can't help laughing at times.

And so are you, so who gives a shit?

Watchlist fearmongering exists to keep us from normalizing our beliefs. In reality, the more people with our views publicly expressing them the better. (((They))) don't want us seeing each other.

Finnally this thread. ANONS NEED THIS BOOK


What's the best way to buy Holla Forums books without getting on a watchlist?

Thats a strange way to spell >>>/pdfs/3 user.

Love the idea of this book, but goddamn if the writing in some places wasn't middle schoool. Too many sentences ending with exclamations! Really made me cringe at the part "have to get to bed soon, so excited!!11!!!". Goddamn, at least it's short.

Your digits confirm

But, its supposed to be a diary, right?

Read it, loved it, redpilled my coworkers, gave it to the best of them.
They read it, loved it, and Kek willing, gave it to their associates and friends.

I prefer physical copies to pdfs. The only time I use a pdf is if the book is really expensive.

No shit, it's in the title.

For got, try Hear the Cradle Song by O.T. Gunnarsson. That book is also worth a read. I'll just copy this shit:

Just to point out before turkroach shoah's the thread, Hitler's War is back in stock on Irving's site. Though when I spoke to him, he made it sound like it was just old copies he got out of lockup, rather than a new printing.

He's also getting them reprinted. So you might have an old one but as far as I know the reprint is just a reprint.

To clarify, I mean supplies are probably limited, as far as I know this is just a few dozen copies he retrieved from Scotland rather than the next batch from the presses.

I'm really hoping he gets that Himmler book out before he shoots himself forty times in the back of the head while shaving, though. His age is getting to the point that we could lose a lot of information forever if he doesn't put it to paper.

If they were going to kill him, they already would have. They set up and killed Edgar J. Steele for doing WAY less than Irving.

True, but they've been acting recklessly lately. I wouldn't put anything past them any more. The Germany case just really drives this home to me. That said, he seems to be keeping up the pace just fine, I hope he does release a new set of memoires though, just so we have all the little bits he's picked up along the way that don't fit into their own books.

This novel is essential Holla Forums literature.

Post ironic irony cuckchan garbage.

I prefer physical copies too, but I don't want my name and credit card details to be associated with this kind of purchase. It's creepy enough when Amazon sends me emails with recommendations based on the books I've browsed. Pdfs can be obtained anonymously and stored in encrypted storage.

I wouldn't be too worried about it. They already know you're a badgoy, and frankly if it's gotten to the point that they're shoahing people for muh books and we haven't already kicked off the race war, then we've already lost.

Anyone read this? Deebly goncerned about the author

Pay your own debt Cheske’s I am not going to support you. I am done.

This is chaos? Looks more like you pretending to be relevant. Who outside of the valley is scared of you? No one.

Just imagine the look that Pierce would've made if he lived to have seen what happened these last two years.

Why live?

If Hilldog won, the Americans among us might have to fear the repercussions of this. Under the circumstances, maybe we'll get a thank-you card after National Rope Day? We can hope!

Trump isn't a nationalist, he's a patriot at best. I don't see either of those great men taking kindly to him, and Dr. Pierce in particular would have a lot to say about the boomer cult of personalty that surrounds trump these days.

he also hasn't gassed all the kikes yet! He's a shill I just know it!

You're the one with unrealistic expectations here. He bought us time, nothing more. But I see your shill, and I raise you a kike.

Let it be known that this poster
was the first to attempt derailing this thread.

The user here had simply called into question whether or not Pierce would have faith in Trump which is arguable either way, in my opinion.


It was sarcasm you retards jesus.


Nah, he’s not a nationalist.

the joke is that the "TRUMP IS A ZOG SHILL" people come to Holla Forums and screech that because he isn't Hitler 2.0 he's a puppet working against white people. You might have autism if you cant't understand jokes

He's as close as a person can be to one with the amount of jewery in our goverment

Do you have any idea what a nation is?

The actual definition is lost to a vast majority of people, even on Holla Forums I surmise.

Fucking kill yourself.

nobody said this why are you creating drama

Pierce obviously would not be in favor of Trump, at all. Look at someone like Kevin Alfred Strom if you want a similar viewpoint.

He was already against Trump if recall correctly. He lumped him in with all the other elite traitors, and destroyers of white culture.

If it was one thing I saw in Pierce's writing was that he thought that there is no political solution.

Pierce's view on Trump would be the same as hell had on Buchanan.
"Leaning in the right direction with immigration, but a little too Josher for my tastes when it comes to Israel"

Funny enough in that same broadcast he did bring up Trump briefly as a "Distraction" in the GOP.

Fuck mobile.

Page 45. President 45. Maga

I just googled it and the entire text showed up on one of the first links. Why waste money?

Pure chance that I shot a photo of P. 45 - I was going to highlight the Women's Lib paragraph. (see related pic)

You're posting on chans. You're already on a watch list.

Why are you talking to yourself?

theres watchlists of watchlists
theres so many fucking lists that its not even meaningful

are you scared of being watched?

I like having a physical copy of everything not to mention that you’re helping the company’s that publish it.

every eye ZOG diverts to people posting racist frog images on the internet is one less eye looking for real threats

What's the worst case scenario for being put on a watchlist? They imprison us with all our Holla Forums brothers and give us room and board while we irl shitpost?

We're discussing the Turner Diaries, did you forget the part where trying this backfired and only served to further radicalize our Volk, and then they all get busted out of prison?

More like being locked up with 50 other bad goys in a makeshift cell at a FEMA camp while we slowly starve to death, if we're lucky

Pierce and Covington both claim that they're not feminist while writing strong proud womyn who don't need no man. Covingtion even included a comptetent, level-headed, smart, street-smart womyn of color in The Brigade.

It's cause they're 20th century people, and feminism only collapsed recently.

Never read it myself, but I was also going to read it because of Stanley Kubrick. However, kike author, so I guess I'll search for a different book on the subject.

You're right, we would be quite fortunate if we were subjected to those conditions. We're talking about insurgency, this is how you foment revolutionary action.

There's five Northwest Front books, I prefer them to The Turner Diaries, far better written (Pierce himself said TTD was rushed) and much longer, plus they have plenty to say about the post revolution society and the effect the existence of such an ethnostate has on the rest of the world (spoiler: it doesn't go well for the kikes).
Covington is well known among WN1.0 for always attacking other members of the movement though, even Pierce (albiet mildly). Though he himself is guilty of the same things (namely hammering at a keyboard rather than picking up a rifle). He also gives Hunter Wallace a starring role as a traitor who sells out the White movement and becomes US president off the back of it.
Also a lot of phrases get repeated by different characters over the books. But he says they're meant as much as propaganda as fiction, so there's nothing wrong with hammering in a point.

The best thing to do is to get on the list, especially if youre not actually planning on breaking the law. The more innocent people they have to watch, the less effective they are at watching.

You're too late:

If any of you haven't read this - go get a pdf and consume. It is very powerful food for thought.

It's worth pointing out that Hitler got the support of the.. (I don't really know what to call them, the modern equivalent would be kosher nationalists, but things weren't so cucked back then) well their version of the neocons on his side because a huge bloc of them were police, and while his lads caused all kinds of problems, they rarely killed anyone while the commies were well known for shooting people, especially shooting police. Gun violence was explicitly associated with communism, especially in Prussia according to Goering who also consolidated his personal power due to that fact.

Oh, but you did, but you did. The energy in your post…it was obvious you really did read it, and you read it, you got it. Now you know. Now you train.

< Muh gommunesm r why the NSDAP rose.
< Not the Great Depression and general behaviour of the hook-nosed ones.
< Holodomore happened in 28-32.
< Was only in the ukraine.
< Leftist violence only started in 32.
< Not already the case in 23, as Hiter detailed in Mein Kampf.
< Leaving out that violence was a usual leftist tactic, not just against the NSDAP.
< Leaving out that Hindenburg blocked Hitler from getting elected.
Conservatism. Not even once.

Alex Linder read it here:

TTD is shit, though I'd love to see it as a TV series. Hunter is much better, should be shot as a movie or two. I really want to see Covington's The Brigade as a TV series.

Vox Day is putting out great, much more modern i.e. less feminist stuff right now. Go buy People's Republic and Indian Country by Kurt Schlichter, and Victoria: A Novel of Fourth Generation War.


Do report back if you find one on the subject the CIA/FBI tried to censor this one so i don't expect it to be pure propaganda. I'll read it even though the author is a kike, he might not be a zionist. Even the kike history books are openly candid because they don't expect anyone to read them.

James Mason "Siege" is good. OP you should definitely check that out too.

Do you have links to the audiobook red by WLP himself?
Requesting hunter and cosmotheism as well.
The ones in VNN forums sounds sketchy.

Few months ago, I dreamed that I was talking with Pierce and Rockwell about what living in 2015 was like and when I said "Obama", they both laughed hard af

Quit shilling this awful book. It's cringe as fuck. By the time you've wasted your time reading this garbage you could have already started with the Greeks

A.) You never read this book, or
B.) You are a Jew or a Nigger and are shilling this thread yourself.
Either way,
DOTR for you.

okay retard. I've read the book. All it does is portray larpy violence and say the word nigger a lot. Wow. What a masterpiece! No.

When there are better, pro-white books out there, you're just wasting your time. It sounds like it was written by a 12 year old stormshit from the 90's.

We should do a bookclub tbh. If we read something like 3 chapters bi-weekly and had a discussion thread at the end of every second week I'd do take part in it. We could do a book nomination that decides which book we read via a poll.

This, just not with this abomination and embarrassing excuse of a book. There's also /lit/, so.

I was under the impression it was a requirement before posting.

Really I suggest book threads, similar to what Holla Forums has, if you haven't seen theirs.

Why? Just download the mp3 and listen. Then discuss whatever in it you want to.

I've been b& 3 times for book threads. The mods don't like them.

Yeah, I've noticed those threads don't last long. Utter autism.

Camp of the Saints is distressingly accurate.

Bumping with this month's Holla Forums book pack final edition

Forgot pic

it's also very French, thus the leftoids in it are particularly tendentious to Americans, and it's pretty tl;dr. Listen to Alex Linder's audiobook edition at 2x speed if you've finished listening to all the Daily Shoah for the week.

Onward Christian Soldiers in Alex Linder audiobook form was great, if you want to know what was going on in the interwar period in the Baltics.

We don't need more non-fiction to read from 20c people. We need fiction to read for pleasure, and the better non-fiction in audiobook form.


Please tell that's an actual word, not that some idiot fucked up spelling "hierarchical" that badly.

typical of r/K theorists. Is there any way we can switch to saying food-limited and territory-limited, and stop implying that liberals have more kids and put less effort into raising them properly according to all the modern science of cutting their dicks off than conservatives?

Seriously, this. I'm think of recording myself as I read through Holla Forums books. It wouldn't be professional, but I'm sure no one would mind having something like "Hitler's War" read to them even by a random user.

Wheres the fun in that, faggot?

I never understood how this crap was suppose to work. Why not vote on 1-3 different books instead?

people are so hungry for content give earballs to all kinds of random trs shit, and listen to robot voices and Carolyn Yeager's scratchy old lady voice

I would love that, user. You should really consider it. I'd even tip you if I had a way.

I'll give it a shot.

I accept adolfcoin.

be careful taking money for reproductions of 20c works. Book publishers are often controlled by Jews and they will buy the rights to books to suppress them

also requesting audiobook version read by WLP himself

Trash book. Most ridiculous thing I've ever read. You want to read a white separatist book that is actually decent? "The Brigade" by H. A. Covington.

Agreed, well at least I'd like to see more Right themed fiction. This will be the last book pack though. Maybe get involved with the The Incorrect Library, get more fiction added.


It's not really a reading list or a book club, more about making a whole host of interesting Holla Forums tier books available for whoever wants them/can't afford them. Nobody could possibly read the whole amount of books in there.


Can you name a title other than Hunter, Turner Diaries, the Northwest Novels, or the stuff Vox Day is selling right now on Amazon? If so, please do, I want to read it. Don't say Camp of the Saints, that's depressing.


Victoria: A Novel of Fourth Generation War trades some cuckservatism for breaking up the US. People's Republic pretends that jews are just caught up in leftism instead of being the left. The Northwest Novels and TTD are pretty feminist despite being beyond what a normal person is currently allowed to like. Hunter is excessively philosophical.

If we go beyond explicitly right-wing literature, we find Space Brits taking on the Space Soviet Union, but in exchange the Space Brit captain has to be a woman.

We can mine the past: Brave New World, 1984, and Animal Farm are extremely right-wing, though liberals all pretend otherwise, and old fiction that isn't explicitly leftist sounds rightist now. Tolkien in particular was a christcuck and a centrist. Lord of the Rings has no female action heroes or noble savages, and Tolkien didn't even include christcuckoldry.

What I want is two lists: all explicitly pro-White literature, and great and implicitly pro-White literature

I won't do it for money. In fact I fully encourage buying the books on Holla Forums lists if you can. This stuff needs to spread, and be kept safe.

it isn't about how you feel, it's about whether the jews can jail you for commercial copyright infringement. ask whoever owns the copyright for explicit permission if you're even thinking about putting a donation link on it. if your voice is good enough, of course, you might even be able to do the official audio version to sell on amazon, getting people to buy it or forcing amazon to explicitly ban it would cause a lot of tuchus trauma

Turner Diaries is what a random user on an amphetamine binge writes. Regardless, Turner Diaries, like all redpill writing material, is worth the consumption to form your own bottom line.

Audiobook found here:

Not the guy you are replying to but 200 years together is a good read if you want a bit of history on what our enemy was like in the Russian empire.

I have the PDF but this board doesn't accept the format. I'm sure you can find it on the PDF board.

nigger, with what Pierce writes in the Turner Diaries, you can probably make a mortar or homemade bombs.

r/K theory is ecological theory and is used to describe species. All humans are K select. Using it in this context is pseudointellectual. 'r select' isn't producing 6-7 offspring, it's producing 600-700.

The Brigade by H. A. Covington. First in a series about a near future white ethnostate in pacific northwest

already mentioned. first one you should read, i don't remember if it's the first chronologically

Once you're done with TTD, read Unintended Consequences. You're already on a list, go hog wild.

The Brigade and A Distant Thunder are the first two, set during the uprising. A Mighty Fortress is set towards the end of the revolt, and Freedom's Sons and The Hill of the Ravens take place afterwards.

Divine-horror grey alien faeries verses brain-in-jar cyborg jihadist not-warlocks, both consider themselves human. A righteous war against benevolent oppressors, also pirates. Only the most hyperbolic timeline will prevail, gas the greys; galactic war now!


What's that? Author and synopsis plz.

Just finished reading Rod Dreher's Mutiny in Space, in which a young space mechanic whose family was killed by space commies has to fight the space commies.

police raided my house awhile back and took my copy of Hunter and two papers I had. one disproved the out of Africa theory and the other was one by based satoshi kanazawa. fucking filthy kike agents

Theres an audiobook on youtube. Its great listening to him impersonate niggers.
If you want a real pro white non violent book that you can give to family without fear of reprecussion but still perfectly written try Which Way Western Man? By William Gayley Simpson.

Now thats prophetic

Thats like asking to get them stolen. Butwhyndid they come?
Fucking kike dicks

It's sort of a history of gun control in the United States, centered around a few men who are gun enthusiasts. Eventually the abuse of power by the BATFE and other agencies gets to be too much, and they start offing federal agents.

Here are a few redpill books from my library. I highly suggest Julius Evola and Protocles of Zion, don't know when they will ban that book

Nice collection.

Just like I say every time I see
I have nothing but disdain for cowards who keep their little faggot lists and act like that makes you tough. Being a revolutionary like us is what makes you tough.

Kek–what a faggot.

They did. It was called Operation Werewolf, and the Germans never told a lie. Plenty of them have been up to things, and everyone normal is joining independent groups to counter infiltration. Consider yourself informed.

Why don't we lure mass amounts of normalfags onto lists in ways that appear disorganized to outside observers? It would be even better to get anti-whites to gawk at le ebil natsis sometimes.

Sage for doublepost.


It was written by John Ross and as stated above gives a rundown on the history of gun control in the United States. Worth reading just for the (not)Janet Reno jogging scene alone.