Fortress Minneapolis

Largest Super Bowl security operation in history underway in frigid temperatures with the FBI on high alert to potential extremist threats from the city's Somali community

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Fucking WHAT

somaliniggers are violent kebabs; who could've predicted this

We should meme this against the left, need a picture of the most soldier'y looking ones and have some sort of caption such as "Is this what you wanted? Morons?"


Shit, fucked up formatting. Yeah, make sure to mention the reason for the security

Take 3rd world people, get 3rd world problems. Still, absolutely shocked that my cucked as fuck home state would be such bad goys as to point out how statistically violent and extreme these fuckers are. Maybe there's hope for Little Sweden after all.

Two years? is that normal?

The Perks Of Diversity

I'm not sure if I'm just too paranoid but this doesn't feel right at all.
This feels like the set up to a misdirection joke.

It's the biggest dog and pony show in a country filled with dog and pony shows, it is probably normal

What do you do?

Obviously crash his squad car with no survivors
And i have seen alot of cops doing this as of late….

If I pull that off, will you die?

What's next for baneposting?

starting the fire

Someone in a 4chan thread posted this and said damn look at the number 24. But I don't know what they're referring to? Anyone have any ideas?

Nvm, are they referring to XXIV?

IT would be extremely painful.

You're not so big.


We had a thread on this and it seema to have been deleted or slid.

It seems very likely something is planned. And some fishy business has been around this event ever since its venue was announced.

Do you feel in charge?


2/4 is the date


Normiebowlers are most likely already pissed or scared, especially under the influence of beer. It's not hard to point them into the left direction to vent their anger on.

I know that this is a little off topic but the Patriots should be Holla Forums's team. I know most of you don't give a shit about sports but -and I say this as a lifetime Pats fan- lefties and footballfags in general loathe the Patriots. If you remember last year in the Super Bowl when they were getting stomped by Atlanta lefties were as smug as could be because Bill Belichick (the coach) and Tom Brady were apparently Trump supporters and the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, is a friend of his.

Reasons why you should support New England are the same as why leftists detest them:

>bonus reason: if the Eagles lose there should be lots of chimping in Philly even more so than there would be if the Eagles win the game

What does it say about Muslims and liberal controlled cities that it takes this much to secure something in the fucking United States.

First thing that caught my eye. Everyone around him smiling and his face is covered with some suspicious looking eyes going on. I don't think he is happy the feds are in town.

The fruits of diversity

Posting in the Superb Owl thread


>proceed to strip away all the American citizens' liberty with (((largest security operations in curryent year)))
How about not letting in Religion of Cuck™ists in the first place? Fuck you, FBI.

Been saying it for years, Somalis are easily the worst. They aren't even a sub species but are the fucktarded offspring of a gorilla that fucked Hector Hammond who fucked Alison Rapp who got a tumor on their head which was passed down through the ages to give them a warped looking head, offspring of a giraffe raccoon hybrid duck mix.

I don't think it will happen. If it does, expect big bad Assad, Putin, Norks and Iran to be blamed.

This is what I've been thinking as well, user. Having a "white domestic terrorist" attack here is a simple way to say "See? We don't need to get rid of muds, they're not violent. These whites on the other hand.." Just like they been doing.


This would be the perfect opportunity for a false flag. I won't be surprised if it happens

I don't expect them to attack the stadium directly but there's sure as shit going to be some (((random violence))) afterwards with many missing people that will be slid off the news cycle within a week.

money is on at least one of the four

I know it's preaching to the choir, but I'll lose my mind if I don't say it.

They're doing more to protect this niggerball stadium than they've done for our borders in decades

Try centuries. I don't think the border has had physical military grade security since Santa Anna chimped out.

I don't know, a century ago most borders has forts and minefields on them at least. But since the wars of betrayal, they've been nowhere near this good, save for maybe in Berlin.


We might be fucked. It would be great if something happened though. All of that effort and still the football niggers get enriched.

Tensions are high enough right now that a false flag might inspire copy cats, I don't think (((they))) can risk it anymore.

That video was kinda B/S. I actually work for a sports authority and I'm worried a lot of people are going to get the wrong idea about how things get off the ground. You see we don't exactly use tax dollars or give the leagues free stadiums. We take out a massive loan on behalf of the municipality, it gets paid using the profits from leasing to these teams along with other shit. The NFL isn't getting a free stadium. The city is just taking a risk that would normally be taken by the private sector. Real estate and bond rates give us an unfair advantage. Also zoning, we could block any private interests to have a monopoly on these venues.

Seems terribly familiar

Stadiums do get paid for with tax dollars, both at the local level and with state/federal level subsidies.

So why did they decide to have the Superbowl at some terror town?

Of course it was "kinda BS". It was a Vox video.
I only posted it for the peculiar imagery in the thumbnail.


No they get funded with loans. It's only when the venture isn't profitable the city or state helps to pay for it. We take a risk on behalf of taxpayers. Most are profitable enough to not need tax dollars. Unless you're Detroit.

Even the chance of paying for niggerball with tax money is reason enough never to take that risk.



I DO NOT PARTICULARLY GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS BUT IF (((THEY))) PULL SOME BULL SHIT on our SHEEPEOPLE IT GOING TO PISS OFF THE WHITE FOLK such a sad shitty world it has become that i shall type such things but it would not be if REASONS



Why is it going to be a white terrorist? Why can't it be a nuke to give the Jews their war?

Is the arena covered?

Seats are, field isn't.

Scratch that, all covered.

I wonder how long in the making new vegas was

I wish that they would play superbowl game in snow just for a varaity.

The three letter agencies need something to remind the public how important they are now that their corruption is being exposed

Well Mien Führer, I can't argue against that.

some definite red flags going on here

Just a stoned thought on a Sunday morning.

stop that. it limits your perspective

There is a huge antifa presence in the area and if I recall correctly this is the area where all the gun stores were robbed when antifa started saying "rob gun stores, fellow commies"

How the shit did I miss that?


It was about february last year, antifa made a series of calls for commies to acquire firearms and shortly after a bunch of gun stores 'got robbed' There were rumors that the robberies were entirely fictitious and it was actually cover for a much larger arms transaction if you recall about the same time there was a huge international shipping situation going on where container ships were just sitting out at sea doing nothing what an amazing time to shuffle the cargo of ships**



the fuck does selling tshirts have to do with building stadiums?

What about the number 84 in the lumber sign as well?

Looks like a shitskin SGT giving whites the stinkeye. Perhaps that is one of the snackbars getting ready.

I work full time, broke ties with most all of my degenerate associates, and have it in the works to start working for myself in a couple years. If people can go home and get trashed on shitty macrobrews and watch sportsball I see no problem with smoking weed, listening to music, and reading a book when I have downtime.


Got a link re: that antifa thing. Sounds accurate.

Don't justify bad behaviour with more bad behaviour user. We really ought to hold ourselves to a higher standard, not sink to their level.


checked. pic related

Depends on the stadium. Some cities give straight up cash to build them. For instance when the current Cincinnati stadium lease is up the Hamilton county tax payers will have coughed up over $1 billion dollars for the most recent stadium built + yearly expenses.

I hear you and I would not recommend my lifestyle to 99% of the population. I do not see an issue with my behavior as it does not get in the way of literally anything. I used to shoot 5 bag shots of heroin. I am now a proud nationalist and functioning member of society. Dudeweed culture is trash and most people should not experiment with mind-altering substances. Consider me an Alduous Huxley. I'm literally writing a book about drugs and run a harm reduction group that, according to our last political thread, is majority in the upper right quadrant of the political compass.

TBH I really don't feel like having this argument today. Can we agree to disagree?


Blacklight Shirts.

The Day of the Hemp Rope approaches!

Inhale Victory!

sage for double post

I don't say it bring you down, but to put it in the heads of the younger lurkers waiting for their two years to be up. Having had a bit of a degenerate past myself, I know full well how important it is not to let these things stand unchallenged. Stay strong brother, you'll need a clear head once this thing goes hot.

That is entirely valid and I have said similar in my aforementioned group. Cheers user.

But muh ethnic food, rite?


Just because they can does not mean they should. Watering down your thoughts with booze and pot is to sabotage yourself. It limits your perspective, if your perspective is limited you will never see what is going on at a higher perspective than what you are on now.

People foolishly think that drugs are the best way to 'escape this reality and see the other realms' that right there is the reason that they think those other realms are other realms and not a less blind view of literally this one.

..Or you can continue to be a normalfaggot. Ya know what ever.. what is it that the niggers say? "Do you"


Reported. Blow your fucking brains out, degenerate. Everything you said is a lie.


Y'all are derailing the thread. I said I didn't want to have this argument.

Holla Forums should really read that there post

What and clue people into the suitcase boomer they put in the time capsule? Why ruin the surprise?

Please let that happen please let that exact thing happen
Dirty bomb motherfuckers kek

Just ignore it. It's just some holier than thou, no fun allowed fags that likely aren't even in shape. I smoke a bit of herb here and there as well as have a fondness for psychedelics but I don't touch the drink so this makes me a degen as well.


That is a Delta Force member on the left with the beard, would bet anything on that.

Football is religion in this country for better or for worse. The death of the NFL otoh would be delicious. The "XFL" is coming back too. Decentralizing handegg will at least to an extent wrestle this religion from (((their))) hands.


Best case scenario, some drunk football fans walking down road notice some Somali asshole's who talk shit where the fans talk shit back and they fight only for the undercover Delta Force and ICE members to start pouring out of the woodwork to literally arrest and vanish the Somali's without anyone realizing and no report can be made because no local cop shop can locate which feds took them and no video can be found to corroborate because Delta scrambled all camera units with a portable.

Just sent Delta into that part of town with ICE and let them go to fucking town because they would love to.

Eagles also have a fuck ton of older bluecollar white fans and they're in a state that just flipped red. Granted the team is still nigged although the only reason they got success now is because there's actually white people on the team now, but in this case I'd say it's 50/50 considering (((Boston))) is a hive of kikery and every NFL team is full of niggers regardless.

On topic, we have this discussion literally every fucking year, but that's because if (((they))) were to pull something, doing it on the Super Bowl would be a good opportunity to get the masses behind whatever bullshit is peddled in the aftermath. Plus the thing with the fuckers that hired Omar Mateen taking over security has me very worried, and it's in Minneapolis. Even if there wasn't an attack planned, Somalis might just chimp and create one anyway.

Oh the Eagles fans are well known to not fuck around. Actually so are the Pats fans come to think of it. So those Somali fucks may want to tread very carefully because Philly fans are known to travel well and get into a ton of fights on the road… as are the Boston fans. May not even need law enforcement with Eagles and Patriots fans roaming around.

there's definitely people in SF who still remember exactly how that botched job went

kind of why I think they highlighted the Somali community the way they did. there's already a party to blame
but user, it's the Somalis, the old ones will chimp as soon as a black hawk touches down
300 minutes until show time.

I know, which is why the thought of a few dozen fans getting shredded by a nailbomb is rather titillating.
It really would be, more people getting outside and playing, rather than watching roided groids smash into each other like crash dummies.

The left really needs the surge of patriotardism, I could see them using something like this to go full neocon.

It won't work.


More and more there's expectation of attacks on public events, and we all know enough people thinking a thing can manifest that thing in a sense.

Attempts at manifesting such an inherently negative thing will simply not work.

Indeed but at the same time that city was full of skinny's and this one here has a few thousand. That is why we better handle it now before it spreads.

I mean, fuck, the mere fact a city in the US requires this due to a group speaks volumes about them. I personally hope covert activity takes place and they just start to kill them all. I know it will never happen but I don't give a shit and really hope the fed or some attached group begins to clean house in cities, no mercy, and bury the trouble makers.

That first nigger has the rifle stock on his shoulder.


The feds will never do anything for the benefit of white America. The only way to solve the nigger and spic problem is mass deportation/extermination, which certainly is an easy thing to do if you have people willing to do it

I don't think we should attempt such a thing. I'm saying it's arguably prophesied by these expectations. Why do you think it's not impossible to manifest something negative?

*not possible

You know ICE has actually been fucking destroying communities like this the past few months. I could definitely see them removing a shit load this weekend considering how much law enforcement is in the area. In fact if ICE didn't use this weekend to scour that city I will be furious considering how much recognition and eyes we had on the streets. They god damn well better have used that.

I want to see some niggerbowlers get blown up. I'm gonna be pissed if there isn't a happening today.

Female cop

That's a female beaner cop. I can tell easily from the mongoloid eyes and the fact she's wearing like fucking two jackets cause spics can't handle the cold. Probably smells too, definately not a big guy.

Yeah I'm in the Philadelphia area and work with several of the types, the thing you have to realize about Eagles fans is that unlike Patriots who win all of the time, the Eagles have never won a super bowl so they've been blueballed for decades. If they win, they'll be happy although very rowdy so it could get dicey. If they lose shit will definitely hit the fan as thousands of angry boomers and niggers rage for the next few days. If there's a falseflag or even a legitimate attack, it'll be like a 9/11 nevah forget situation. Honestly I hope Trump doesn't pick a side in this even though he's good friends with Brady because there are just enough spiteful people out there that it could cost him Pennsylvania in two years.

Fuck… no… no no no… guys… it just dawned on me. You know who that cop is? We do… oh yes, we have seen that cop before and there is a reason they are masked up. Anyone know who I am referring to?


Impressive quad dubs user

That would be something but the masked officer strikes me as female.


Negative sir, D will be securing high profile targets and directing efforts, not patrolling with the rest. Unless they have intel that puts them there in which case they would just go stomp a mudhole in a stinky and move on.
Dude was probably SF and likely a current fed CTD/SWAT.

Thing is, Noor was celebrated because he was the only Somali officer and that remained at least three months back. So unless they have a new Somali officer, that is Noor in my opinion.

The shitskin does have very feminine eyes as is common with their kind. However, look at the brow. Not very feminine even for a nigger bitch.

perhaps - is he a lieutenant?

it doesn't work that way. there are too many variables, too many people, just too much to influence based on numbers and pure thought intention
if it were possible, it would have been done
people got free will still
things can be done to influence free will but to manipulate one's free will is to become that which is most evil
it is the watchers and sages who are responsible for calling out obvious sacrificial stages and rituals for what they are.
a blueballed cabal is a reckless one because they cannot create, only destroy
230 minutes until show time

I'm not seeing LT bars anywhere.

Better one here

user I…

Could this be a good venue and set-up for Blue Beam first contact? The needed equipment to fake the Ayys could be easily disguised in a bunch of TV vans. Nigball is not as profitable as before. Ayys can be a wonderful sponsor and the stadium area is small enough. 100k insta-witnesses.

I highly highly doubt this. Your average Swedish man is very reserved and humble. I would imagine it would be like 10 to 20 times more likely.



Confirmed. My anger is very high, but it only makes my resolve stronger.

Yeah that is him, no doubt, no wonder he is masked up.

Why are Somalians so short?

Nothing is confirmed. There aren't even LT bars.

I can find no primary source showing him to be a LT and for him to be an LT that would be the quickest progression in the history of the police given he was on the job for a year or two. Source he was an LT?

We realize this is just kikes tricking us into watching talmudvision in the hope that something happens, right?

Im pretty sure streaming it will not help their numbers.

I was going off what the other user said, I don't have a source. I just don't think it can be confirmed with that picture. I still think it's a sheeboon tbh.

If some supervillain came onto the field during the Super Goy and said they had a nuke, I'd be the happiest man alive.

Well we can figure this out as we already proved before that a mask is no obstacle.

Of course it will. They can get indirect stats from streamers pirating it, at least. Those always factor into their calculations since the Nielsen ratings are totally invented.

Don't watch niggro sports, give them zero views, and zero dollars. Go watch a white sport played by whites.

Yes, failing at finding and thwarting an attack will inspire many feelings about how important (((they))) are. Everybody loves losers right. Let em fail at finding yet another attack to cement the uselessness of their jobs.

smug tonsil or a flouride-free pineal gland, I'll bet you a shekel mohels be lining up to give it herpes.

Oh well. Ain't gonna stop anons from watching the pirate.

Such as the Six Nations Rugby tournament that is on. Only nigger I've seen is on England's surprise there

It's almost like that post is a shadow

my bad, that should have said sergeant as per guess I got too excited writing that previous post

So does the rank match or no?

Is rally still a white man's sport?

The jew blames the nigger in advance before he strikes you?

We would need a more recent photo. However, his graduation photo shows him with a stripe already (no fucking idea how that happened) so I don't think it is beyond plausible at all that he would have gained two more over the time he has been in and especially so as they claimed he acts as an ambassador to that fucked up community.

All seems very plausible.


38 minutes till kickoff.


Something, ain't it.

Yeah, its something alright.

nah there would be evidence of hair going on under that nose smock

And going buy the skin tone, nose size and surreptitiousness in the whole mask and sketchy eyes going.. and ya know.. with my expert tutelage.. Holla Forums class of '11 u fuggin jelly m8? Im gonna have to say that the person wearing the nose hider is in fact an israeli.

Why in the world are they having the super bowl THERE? who the fuck made that lousy decision?

Anyone got a solid stream so I can watch this shit show?

But Jews want them to come here so they can kill us.

Don't get mad at the retard animal. They are just animals. Get mad at the people who brought them to your door step. Can you guess who?

not surprising in the slightest. Also you should add some names or cations to that if you want to redpill more people



Were like 20 minutes from kickoff and this is the stadium.

Who could have guessed america's favorite pass time would lose viewership by being full of niggers openly denouncing america.

Commies are on the move outside the stadium lads.

No fucking way?


What are they protesting now?

Can't you tell by their chants?

"hey super bowl we're at your door, stop the war, on the poor"
I honestly have no idea what they are protesting.

The chant is not working.

But we can be sure it's something to do with how much they hate Trump and Trump supporters.


With the "stand up fight back" it sounds like they are protesting literally everything including the weather.

Are they going to kneel?

same lady who pals with clinton foundation and helped cover up seth rich murder is head of nfl security

literally a nigger spic police chief. and a kike mayor

they use g4s which does awan/cia dirty work.

hope dod has accounted for all this shit

Oh that fucking weather!
Hey hey! Sun go away! Come back another day! HEY HEY!


Twitter said that none of the Eagles knelt. Don't know about the Patriots.

The fact that the Jews are willing to sacrifice literally hundreds of millions of dollars in profits per year in order to piss off white people makes me wonder if they're actually as smart as they're made out to be.

And now it's just another drum circle.

Pat's are mostly white if I remember right.

Agreed. Why not try to work with Trump until they can regain control 4 to 8 years from now. Goes to show how fucked up in the head they are. ZERO compromises. They will kill us all. Maybe.

not calling anybody cia you fucknut

everything i wrote is a fact you fucking stupid fuck

Anyone have a stream for the game? I want to watch this shit in case the Somalis drop in for a visit.

Is some faggot wearing brazilian carnival getup in the winter


it's hilarious because no, i actually think genocide is necessary. no really

people like you who ACT like anybody who calls for genocide is dot gov…you are stoking fear and discouraging white unity. kill yourself.

genocide is absolutely, 100% necessary

and yes, everything i wrote is a fact. all the scum shit traitors trying to take down trump run the superbowl show.

i hope trump's dot mil people worked around all of it, especially lanier

Im looking out. I'll post when they come up.



Huh, guess I was wrong.
I wonder why, when pointing out the supposed racism in the NFL, nobody ever acts in outrage at the lack of spics


I can't find an updated

Niggers care about having a presence in sports way more than beaners do. Beaners aren't nearly as athletically gifted but they're also a lot more mentally capable. As such, they're much more able to consider actual careers, and the ones who are good at sports are mostly going to be interested in either baseball or soccer. What do niggers really aim for and try hard to get into, other than welfare and prison? Rap music, acting, and pro sports. If the beaners were that upset about not being in football they'd have whined about it by now. If you take sports away from niggers they have virtually nothing to be proud of and nothing they excel at as a race.

NBC is actually streaming it free, Just have to turn off your ad blocker.

beardo has the look of a merc for sure. Guy in the back.. goatees are certifiable giveaways for cuckoldry..

But.. I gotta say.. Beardo and Laffin Chad both look real fucking familiar. Like REALLY fucking familiar.

National Anthem now.

Nice find buddy, thanks.

Is that nigger Odoms son?

They haven't whined about it because the kikes havent told them to. I bet ya we coudl get them to bitch about it with minimal effort

Kids look like trailer park trash. No dressing up or wearing something nice, hair looks bad. wtf?

I dont know any niggers.

is there a penalties by race?

I didnt see any kneeling. Just a couple niggers without their hand over their nigger hearts.

I can’t wait to see the mega commie asshurt if the Pats win. They hate Bellicheck’s support of Trump. Plus, they’re from one of the whitest places in America, so they got my support

Was that a gay faggot state farm commercial?

implying nigger's have hearts

That wouldn't get them diversity incentives, user

Hillary Clinton tier

There any reason for a happening today, or is this just chimps taking the opportunity to make an event about themselves?

when does the game start?

Like right now.


got a link that isn't botnet?

And threw it on the ground.

Turn your shit off. It works.

Overwhelmingly white men on commercials. Calling it now they will shit themselves over this.

Nigger the internet is one giant botnet at this point. If they want something on you, they'll get it. It's a fucking niggerball game god damn.

niggerball big gayme time

whatever you say, fellow pol user


Already looking rigged.

posting for BaneBowl



Let it fucking happen

NBC stream doesnt show the commercials.

Sprint robot commercial: STUPID WHITE MAN.

Use the link a few up. I'm getting commercials.

Truly a wonder to behold.

Fuck you, Dr. Oz.

M&M commercial Degenerate Danny Devito asking people if they want to eat him. Gets hit with a …garbage truck.


Lots of chatter on 4chan.







Bradys hurt.



His pride.

these commercials remind me of leftist memes. they fucking suck.



NBC just blacked out for like 30 seconds when they cut to commercials. No audio, no picture. It then went back to the game.

If you want to be important…wonderful. If you want to be…

MLK commercial

Happened to me earlier too when it was on commercials.

No Somali aka Jew terror attack. Yet.

May Kek bless us with a happening tbh

The MLK commercial is playing at mine now.

MLK speech for a fucking car commercial.

Holy shit RAM is wielding fucking mlk to sell trucks

So who will cause the most butthurt if they win?

Whatever it takes. But I'm sure BLM will say they are "appropriating". HAHAHAHA!

Didnt RAM used to celebrate "RAM Truck Month" to sell their cars around this time last year and the years before? I guess the blacks weren't too happy about that.

Dubs confirms snackbar attack on superb owl


Is that CIA pose?

Snackbar? or false flag snackbar

Persil? Never heard of that shit.


I don't really care at this point. I just want to see the world burn.

you do have hitler dubs in ID.
I will roll for you though.

Is there a live stream of protesting?


A furfag would get dubs.

You fags aren't actually watching this are you????

In the off chance there is a terror attack, yea. It was watched with much more enthusiasm last year tho.


I did for a bit and then said why. Any happening will be captured by millions and viewable online later.

I said as much didn't I retard?

Congrats for falling for it, faggot.


You keep on using that word…

This. If you haven't weaned yourself off niggerball in general And the Nigger Felons League in particular by now, then WTF are you doing her on Holla Forums?


Last year was whites vs niggers and there was tons of salt because Brady voted Trump and we wanted to put a cherry on the election sunday. and did with some double dubs This year has none of the memetics and is just niggerball.

You guys are way too uptight sometimes. Fucking relax.

Brady looks slow as shit.

I rolled those dub dubs
Patriots take it in OT

After having read this, shit is definitely about go down.

They're actually not too smart. Just sneaky and dishonest.


Go somewhere else then. Filtered.

It was multiple simultaneous gets also people who take credit for things on anonymous imageboards are gay

Great. More disabled people. With no legs and shit.

Could you cite the code for that in the Anonymous Imageboard Book of Rules for me?


Toyota we are all one team. With a Jew driving. Jew colored team.

Fuck you Lindsay Von.

Rollin for nip slip.


Are you faggots actually watching that circus?

Yep. I wasn't confident going into this game as a New England fan. So far this showing has not made me feel any differently. At least they'll start with the ball in the 3rd but my money is still on Philly, sadly. Who knows though; betting against Belichick and Brady is usually a foolish thing to do and I hope it is once more.

These ho's look stank.

Don't worry about what I'm doing.


just had to mention the pulse nightclub didn't he? now I can't get moonman out of my head to focus on the rest of the post.

Not much symbolism. Noticed the color purple.

YOu guys seeing the phones in the crowd?
Theyre going off in choreograph.

Is the stadium actually full?

Wait, it's wristbands and necklaces.

Superb Owl was bound to sell.

good job shuck n jive wigger


I am worried about you, user… Don't you have a bull to prep or something?

Roastie galore up in here

There’s so much disgusting propaganda in these commercials. Holy fuck, once you see it, it’s never the same.

lol every commercial is a nigger commercial.

Oh shit, more than one white person in an ad.


The MLK RAM commercial was blatantly clear how the jews are trying to change this country into something it was never nor never should.

Yeah, it's slap you in the face noticeable.

Was i missing something or is Crown royal a nigger liquor?

Ayo we wuz connoisseurs of top shelf likka nigga.

It's better than hennesy, that's really not saying much though.

Hennesy and Crown are two totally different spirits tho.


Both staples of nigger drinking.


Crown? Since when? I've always associated crown with boomers.

Kind of surprised at that commercial. Jews usually don't bring attention to themselves.

Yeah, i think they're getting too comfortable. Seems foolish how it made them look like the ring leader of this multiculti too.

It's the one other glass bottle I have seen at parties organized by niggers aside from hennesy. I usually dd when I figure out my friends are relaxing around blacks because I sure as fuck wont relax around em.

uh ok


Someone has to be the tard wrangler for my white friends.

if they like hanging out with niggers you might want to reevaluate your friend group

Yeah….but is it actually a thing for niggers to drink this? I'd have never thought they would buy this. Especially at bars.

Nah nogs drink rhum and Ciroc

They don't do it often, maybe 3 times in the past 6 years and I have been whipping them into shape for the dotr, only one of them is a civnat but we all give him shit for it.

johnny depp is acting as steven tyler?

I don't understand why nogs think french stuff or words that sound like french make them fancy


Mid life crisis demo as fuck.

Can't blame ya user, i live in a nigger containment city, and from time to time friends try and chill with niggers and i simply just wont have any of that. My friends were bottle fed ZOG lies since birth so it's kinda hard to do anything about THEIR choices.

where is the peridcope stream of the celebration riots in philly? anyone know



Openly reference your moves as tard wrangling them. Its fucking brilliant. You don't convert normalfags by logic anyway, you do it thru emotion. And calling them tards is pretty fucking bad ass at expressing how disdainful their actions and thoughts are while showing you care.

But what do I know, Imma fucking retarded autist.


hahahha holy shit fuck drumph and fuck white people>>11230420


Better way to do it is to just call them bitch. And I don't mean in a nasty or confrontational way, just instead of using their name or "Hey man" or whatever, just call them bitch, as if that really truly was their name. I don't even do it to convert my friends, I just did it to fuck with them, and I very quickly became the decision maker in my group without any sort of conflict.

The commercials haven't been subtle at all this whole time but T-Mobile ad was fucking atrocious.

Shame is a very useful tactic. The left shouldn't have a monopoly on this. Read "the hammer of the patriot". Great book, quick read, and directly talks about how shaming is critical for persuasion.

You called it, butthurt leftards on Twatter made that exact kvetch.

This is the type of shit yall call me and other anons crazy for back in the day.
The reason government enjoys increasing crime rates is so that it can take away your rights.
northafrican and middle easterners, all calling themselves somalis or syrians being mass imported/invading is just a bruteforce way of achieving this
directed noise, water cannons, and other crowd dispersing tools will be used as well as the rest of the militarized police toys


Another funny thing is the NFL ran a video before the game of players who died in 2017 and had BLM shirt wearing tard niggers all around it. One of the players they honored was Aaron Hernandez who was convicted of murdering a nigger. So I guess black lives really don't matter to the NFL. Of course the niggers are too stupid to catch on to that one.


you have the type of autism that isnt useful….

That shit was only missing the hammer and sycle

Go back faggot


Doubt it


Thats more in line with talking like an nigger or spic. Calling them an tard works on several levels and encompasses the same inference as bitch already. And its also funny so others will join in from outside your group when you shit on them for it, while most cowards would hesitate from doing so when you reference them as a bitch. Also, if you are an male, calling another man an bitch, makes you sound like an faggot to real men. Like an little yappy dog barking at an Rottweiler. So your comment could easily work against your social standing.

DAILY reminder that the jewing of the NBA means scouts pass up athletically superior white males to take on nigs for their teams. White men mostly don't care because they can go on to make way more money in any other avenue using their intelligence.
NBA and the meme that blacks are better at jumping is all a jewish cuck fetish.

12-15% of the population.
75% representation in every commercial.


This one?

muh reparations

Literally indoctrinating babies.


There a funposting stream for Anons?

Was pretty lulzy yea.

Expect over 100 kike-bait articles kvetching

Jesus fucking christ, this can't be legitimate.

it's blatantly saying "fuck you white people"



Oh Jesus fuck, based Gronk put us up by 1 for the first time tonight.

Try to get to that video by hitting the back button or through any other means than a direct link. It spits out "the video has been removed by the user"

I was waiting for a punchline to the joke.


Holy shit that Alexa commercial just wtf is even going on its so blatant.


So no happening? Just anons getting mad at commercials? Oh well


I just got back and don't even know what stream to watch. Is it over?

youtube comment had some dark nigger bitching that there wern't enough darker skinned nigglets, and claimed this wasn't "true (((diversity)))".

It's like the scriptwriter just woke up after a long night of protesting, remembered there was going to be a commercial shooting today, and scrawled all he could remember being shouted by some soybean shouting in a megaphone.

Still about 6 minutes left in the game. Pats with the lead, Iggles going for it on 4th down… and fuck, they got the first down. 5:30 left.

The punchline is that this is real life, and someone was paid to make that garbage. A lot of these ads are extremely lazy. I'm not sure if the price per spot is cutting into production budget or if these companies phoned it in due to the NFL turmoil, but something is different. Trying to gather them all. This one is from Kraft.

Anyone know how the ratings looked compared to previous years?

Would Run a Wizard Orphanage out of/10

Who are we rooting for, and why?

wow…..that was…

Bane, because the fire rises.

Noticed that. It is seriously nigmercial night.

Pats; have done so as a kid in Ontario. Even if I didn't already I would due to the giga-salt they cause.

"True diversity" to unmixed niggers means they want to only see people who look like they just got of a plane from Kinshasa, darker than coal on a moonless night and speaking in clicks and pops. 100% African blacks is diverse but having 4/10 Whites is White Supremacy and Quadruple Hitler.

Verizon; very diverse.

kikea-cola trying to out-jew t-mobile apparently.

I really hope Vince McMahon is able to wreck the NFL while they're down.



Pizza Hut

The people in the Tide ads are actually white. Weird.

Asking once more for a decent stream. Gloom Tube is down.

I think (((they))) are trying to pander to white guilt as hard as possible. Make whitty remember why BLM matters…..fucking retarded. Nobody who's spent more than 5 minutes around a nigger can see these commercials in a positive light.

Tides are turning?

Diet Coke sticks kike in a blond wig and has her dance to nigger beats.

Pats are about to win.

I think Tide knows their market.


Well it's all over. Pats lose.

They put all these cops out there… To protect the niggers FROM US. Just keep that in mind at all times.

The cops keep us from rolling into nigger neighborhoods and burning them down then slaughtering them when they come running out. Many cops are not on our side. They are paid to be in the side of the niggers and criminals to protect themselves from armed hardcore Americans looking for blood.

Like any of us give a fuck about which nigger team wins.

Most of us were just waiting to see if we could laugh at a bunch of foolish fans get bane'd IRL. Commercials are just filler while we wait for the next happening.

That sucks lol

Speak for yourself fag. I wanted the salt from a Pat win.

Who's ready for "YAS KWEEn! Patriots defeat is huge blow to white supremacy!" Articles on Buzzfeed, or "Brady losing the ball means end of Trump administration!" On Huffington Post?

There's still a slim chance for Brady but I'm still calling it as being over.

Aiight, Pats are gonna have one chance. Calling it now, they'll come back for the W.

They would be fucking retarded to do that because Foles is apparently very Christian and probably right wing as well.

Miss that kick.

NFL theme for this year

Just from the marketing perspective this is fantastic. Get consumers attention, point out a fact that the can zero in on in every commercial, and leave them with the suggestion that they should look for that one detail in every commercial rather than paying attention to what the other commercials are trying to sell.

That should be our goal: Grab attention, point out fact that can be found in almost every situation, and suggest that people see how many times they can spot it. Keep it fun.

explain this counter…..

They're gonna have to get a TD and a 2-point conversion now. Just to tie. Anything less and Philly wins.


Holy shit are anons on here actually caring about niggerball? for fucks sake it's bread and circus for the goyim and you're consuming it.

Number of times each word is used in the song

Youre better than everyone here user, dont ever forget that.

sorry my volume was muted….unmuted and instantly feel retarded.

boomerposters get off my Holla Forums

Dubs confirm. Boomers worst generation.

It would be easier to stick them all on a boat back to Africa. Our government goes out of their way to bring them here, then does everything ass-backwards to make life around them livable enough so we don't demand they be kicked out. Retarded as fuck.

Commies I know everywhere are crying with joy. Fuck you, defense


Eagles win! Niggers are burning down Philadelphia tonight!

That she-boon is getting really upset and it's not even carpet.

Isn't the Eagles the whitest team in the NFL?


True. But the Eagles won because they didn't take knee at the anthem

Except they're paying the niggers millions a year, granted the niggers waste most of it but still.

dis webm is mine


hello headlines

Yeah Eagles are the whitest team in the league but the commies especially hate the Patriots since Trump is close with Belichek and Brady is a Trump supporter. So either way the commies were going to be pissed.


Did the commies and Nig Lives (Don't) Matter actually accomplish anything with their faggy protesting? The game started on time, it happened, and it ended without any hiccups.

That should be the meme, because I know lefties hated the Patriots. Why was it? Tom Brady supported Trump or something, so they all turned on them, then they won last year? I don't really remember this dumb shit too well. I just remember they hated them, so they're going to brag now. So the response should be "the whitest team won!"

Who knew Christians would be the biggest consumers of bread and circus?

Yeah in the end of the day it's still nigball, but this was another case of we win either way.

They hated the Pats already because prior to last year's Super Bowl the Pats had already been to six so far this century (winning a lot = evil). Then when Brady and the head coach, Bill Belichick, were known to like Trump and the team owner is a friend of Trump's, that really got people in a tizzy. They never turned on the Patriots, they only ramped up their hatred of them. And then when they were getting their shit pushed in by the Falcons, the blackest (or at least close) team in the league, the leftists were practically soaking themselves with glee. When the Patriots came back with the most impressive win in history they were crying because something something white supremacy.

Rabid sports fans, although politically retarded, are aggressive and violent, so I doubt a bunch of limp-wristed protesting university faggots and the assorted welfare trash are going to dare fuck with them. Plus this is a huge event. Loads and loads of money behind it. A legitimate terrorist attack couldn't likely happen, let alone it being interrupted by a bunch of scrawny, do-nothing faggot lefties. This is pay day for a lot of the elements that incite and fund these protests as well.

Speaking thereof a thread got hijacked for the after game happening.

Gotta kill time somehow till they get their heavenly reward for being good goyim for Israel.

i almost punched my pc watching that, fucking subhumans.

To be fair, if a niglet powerchucked over my floor like that, I'd probably wring the little cunt's neck.

It mainly because of muh deflategate and the fact that they win all the time. Anyone hating them cause of Trump were already pretty jaded and hated sports

Thanks user.


This one too:

The mustache is different. TV guy has a full mustache and the police guy has a gap right under the nose.

looks a bit too chubby. But gaining/loosing weight is not that hard to do.

he better be ready to be water boy on DoTR then




Your analysis is dead on, sure. Calling another grown man a bitch only works if you yourself are anything but. If you lack natural confidence or are some scrawny effeminate manlet it won't work. Do it right, and it has an effect of "I am your friend and am clearly fucking with you, but you won't prevent me from doing so if you don't like it because you are, in fact, a bitch" Retard definitely is more applicable for use for the average person.

""""Alt Right"""" terrorist attack, these articles will blow up over how the "racist cops victimized innocent immigrants instead of concentrating on the real threat".
I'm genuinely surprised """"we"""" haven't been false flagged more already. I guess they need to lay groundwork first.

When you weigh 85 pounds the 7.62x39 has the same recoil that an RPG would have on a normal sized human.

Everybody who got fed up with little Sweden has moved across the border into Wisconsin and bought guns. Breddy comfy out in the boonies.

beards are like tattoos, just because you have it doesn't make you look tougher.