Holla Forums, the "My Borders, My Choice" meme was a total failure. It's influence was negligible. We have to get back to drawing board.

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It's too direct, and it addresses Holla Forums issues, not normie issues. Normie issues are more like "do you feel safe in your neighborhood now? Why?"

Lead with the issue they care about, then get them to draw the conclusion.


TBH mbmc was terrible. The imagery took too long to decipher and was boring, it didn't stick out or strike the viewer.

Normies care about diversity because we're all aware of it and are socially expected to care about it. this looks good because it's simple and makes a clear point.

Simple. To the point. Targets both whites and nogs.

this makes a little more sense imo


I honestly think that hijacking the Rainbow symbol was a way better idea.

why not old school?

This right here. Also we need go redpill niggers that kikes were behind the downfall of ancient Egyptian civilization.


Too complicated. It should be something that you can walk right past it and understand the message.

How about a radically different tactic? Go for the jugular, see how it works put:

Nazi > Communist

It will trigger jews and (((lefties))), but most normies generally just fall back on the weak fence sitter position of "oh they're just both bad." Put the truth out there in blatant simple terms. Most of them already know that commies really are the worse of the two even with their jew skewed view of the nazis. Say what they know to be true and plant the seed for objective hatred of all things communist and (((those))) who purvey it.


was thinking the same thing

Forced memes don't work. They need to be funny or have some aspect that catches attention without coming across as being propaganda. The meaning of the meme needs to be subtle, but realizable upon further inspection.

Yeah this whole thread screams JIDF to me.

No identity politics, for libs.
Go away.

I checked every a good boy might go.

mbmc was kill because the date was too far out. It should have been done the first week it was created, not a month later. The internet moves way to fast to wait that long.

Identity fag detected
Go away

I was thinking about how to disengage normies from the (((media))) and came up with this.

lol wrong pic. Meant this one.


Too late, "who's the retard now?" is the new poster campaign.

You don't know? The best propaganda is true.

is a nice concept but now that the memo is out I suggest we stick with what is fresh in people's minds. I came up with this, figured that its simple enough on its own and if people are aware about the memo's contents then they might just put the two together.

We wouldn't start anything until after the Superbowl. That would guarantee us a fresh news cycle to exploit

Completely forgot about it, dont watch sports. When is the Superb Owl?

I have no idea. I don't watch sports either.

3:30 PM PST
Justin Timberlake performs halftime

If you like the concept, we need an artfag that can get some better variant of it done by monday or tuesday.

It's a good concept, but I feel like its a bit too civic nationalist in nature.


Western men are lost. Focus only on the women.
What is the thing that women care most about?

Just crop out the melting ape and you'll have your meme.

Seeing kikes dangling from lampposts.

No, that's 8/pol!
Think harder user.

Seeing niggers dangling from lampposts, too.


We could definitely target this in our work


It failed because it wasn't being broadcast on (((MSNBC))) or (((CNN))), unlike IOTBW

Stop larping like some youtube cuck, you fag, the memes will come when the memes need to come. My borders, my choice was failure because the underlying message was a cucked one, based on somekind of feminist perspective of, muh stronk women's choice. Organising like this only makes Holla Forums look cringey, jjust to sate your own internet warrior ego. Pol is strong because we are a decentralized fighting force, so improve yourself and adopt the values as a decentralised individual and stop being a fag. Or kill yourself.

Someone do the 'love your race' one using a few skin colors covering all major races for the text and background. Emphasize contrast. Something like big heavy square brush strokes overlapping each other for the background… Using the same ratio of white as there really are white people would be a bonus for the subtle, subliminal reminder of the truth. For the font, use a different happy artsy hipster faggot font for each line. Make the message bold. Lemmings are eating this kinds of shit up lately, especially on social media. They can't get enough of it. Maybe throw a heart in there somehere while we're at it to make it look even more innocent and positive. I can picture it perfectly. Normies are always complaining about division, and if it has to do with race they filter out everything that isn't positive. We need only cultivate a love for one's race. Everything else comes naturally as a result of that. Material like this is very powerful if you can get it off the ground. After all, this idea was exactly how Hitler won the hearts of Germany.

One meme every couple of months is not enough. The clock keeps ticking. Every passing month is one month closer to extinction.

We need ideas. The purpose of this is not to encourage anons to go out decorating their college campuses and towns with memes like a fucking sperg.

The numbers don't lie.

posted over a year ago, but seems relevant


Spread race realism (IQ and crime statistics) and JQ red pills.


This meme sucks. You can do better, anons.


The liberal answer to that is "so what?" Not effective I think.

I think IQ will be automatically blocked, maybe something with achievements before they were contacted by us evil Whites, maybe contrasting how on year x even backwards European barbarians had commerce, roads, etc, while niggers had nothing, then on year y they had that plus whatever and niggers still had nothing. Having nothing would be bad, so add discover fire somewhere.

Alternative version.

Race is implied but not directly shown.


I remember some hilarious salt in that thread.


this is stupid as fuck even discounting the christcuck bullshit.

Anyone who doesn't subscribe to that particular brand of worship will instantly turn it off, doesn't matter if they're fedora tipper or any of the fanfic chrstians

way too obtuse. It makes no sense at all and isn't explained well (at all).

Your acronym bullshit is pointless. its a jesus fish because the whole jesus saga took place in the age if Pisces.

Just couldn't help but point out why I think mbmc failed, so take from it and craft better.
-Too complicated of a message. It was the twist and perversion of an already existing meme but from the ground up. It was clever to do different countries and translations, but now there were hundreds of (if you will) sub species of the same meme, when something like IOTBW is more universal.
-Spread too thin. Almost the same point above. No real direction or vector of attack. Alt right riots are at least the epitome of laser focus meme crafting if not just a bunch of faggots in one place.
-The time delay. Iirc it was pushed back some weeks because of some reason or another. Still had a long start time as well. We need universal memes that can be ramped up relatively fast, to deter a reaction from opposition. People were prepared for what was to come because, a) we're always being watched, b) they were able to journopro people not to react too severely.
Anyways, I love you faggots, but this isn't reddit. Maximize your potential. I'd even go so far as to say fbi it up when you're putting up stickers and posters, razors under it, etc. This is real life and these people want you and your kids raped and killed, and they think it's funny.


Good for faceberg but beautiful is mispelled.

I like this one a lot.

The my borders thing was a forced meme from an outside force, of course it failed. Stop trying to force things, go back to your discord, and let Holla Forums do what it does best.

Forced memes do not work, because they are not true memes.
At its core, the meme is an art form. Ralph Waldo Emerson defined art as "discovering" the truth and giving it a physical form, whether that form is a poem, a song, a sculpture, a painting…or a meme. This is why our memes succeed. The left's memes are created without passion, stale and risk-free. They are crafted to propagate a very specific agenda and message. In other words, they are the memetic equivalent of waiting room paintings. The memes of Holla Forumsacks, in contrast, are created with heart. They distill truth into a medium with a clarity that only the redpilled can achieve, for they see the truth better than any other. Crafted from passion, each genuine right-wing meme provides a tiny window into the creator's soul. Whoever sees the meme will know a small part of the truth that the creator expresses; the memes of the right show a vision of reality better than the most photorealistic still life. In this sense, right-wing memes are like the works of Picasso or the Impressionists.

Do not create memes on command. Rather, they should flow out of you, and then they will spread like wildfire.

We need hope, and they need fear.

The savage pill

OP, you big fag.
You are the failure.
You must fail often to succeed sooner

How else do you expect to reclaim
From the Pyrenaei to the Rhenus.

Very good. But add a question mark. Asking a question avoids the 'hate speech' shit talk jews will try and cover with. Also it forces a fucker to look something up as they'll want to disprove it but oh boy are they in for a shock. Another reason a question is good is because people don't like being told anything. At least in America. So just an honest inquiry.

Also good but probably over normies heads.

We should make a fake ad campaign for a gay conversion therapy pill.

Why not minimize their using historic issues to further their agenda by bringing up the atrocities committed to whites through history?

We better do so soon before Google changes that history as well.

We could also add the fact the only genocide currently taking place is actually toward whites in South Africa which is true.

Or a whole gay conversion therapy clinic, based out of SLC or something. Show photos of chastity butt plugs.

Hold on, hold on. Why not include the very trouble makers into the issue and force them to confront the issue of their own making which will undoubtedly cause them to take a pounding on social media when they can't step up and do it.

My point is, why not start a campaign which convinces morons to show up to one of these companies (ie: Google, etc) or one of these groups (BLM) HQ by making a campaign claiming they are giving away free money or free some shit to anyone who shows up and can prove they are below the poverty line.

People will be coming out of the fucking woodwork for that one.

The thing about IOBTW it was completely innocuous by itself. White identity itself triggered leftist. The very word sickens them.

This applies to Trump nowadays, basically memes boosting Trump

Comparing unemployment rates from 2010 today. Unemployment rate to 4.1% after Trump got office

Simple 4.1% and TRUMP CAUSED THIS


1. Must be simple
2. Must be easy to reproduce
3. Must have IOTBW level impact

What you think guise?
If they rip this down it tells whites that their color DOES MATTER, and what (((people))) think of their color.


gay pride isn't okay though. fuck off with this cucked bullshit.

I'm specifically targeting the beliefs of those viewing it (i.e. it's not for us). That said, here is a variant with your concerns addressed, and another idea.

No kidding. Thing is I don't recall people rallying behind doing that femacunt meme that you say "we" did.

You kikes really love that "I totally know the answer, but why don't you guess"-posting style.
Even though you don't know anything and are only here to blackpill people. Try killing yourself.

It was based on pic related with has gay pride

Was going to use Trump's complicit ad as a starting point but it didn't really go anywhere.

The son pic to clint eastwood looks rather simmler to zac effron tbh, it may confuse the normiefag sphere. 9/11 infograph otherwise

Checked and agreed.

Every image in this thread is garbage. You guys clearly don't understand what made IOTBW work. It didn't bring any ideology with it, the people reacting to it were the only ones pushing anything. The innocence of IOTBW is not present in any image in this thread. Everything you guys are posting comes across as pathetically attention starved. "Look at me, please! This is urgent!" is what I see here. Insecurity.

You know what people are attracted to? Confidence. Stability. An honest, obvious sense of self worth. IOTBW doesn't argue with anyone, it merely states reality. It's masculine, and stoic. It got a reaction because that's actually threatening to the (((subversives))) plan. The nerve of whites to casually state their adequacy as if they aren't monsters, and aren't under attack by most of the planet. How dare they not be afraid.

The crap in this thread is crybaby pussy whining. Post this stuff and you're just confirming to the world that you're scared.

So in essence, something more like pic related?

…thats actually not bad.

They will start calling it racist by comparing it to its okay to be white and say it has racist undertones


I like it.

maybe change to This page was intentionally left White since it will resonate with college kids.

also 'blank' can sometimes be misread as black - only off by one letter.

Use the same font as IOTBW for maximum effect

Don't add more words. We want to be as concise as possible.

Too long, explains itself, and has a logo.

I used Arial bold for simplicity of reproduction. I recall some anons can't into tech had font issues last time.
I'll remake it with IOTBW but will need copy of the font please (I can't remember the name of it and don't have it on this machine)

Mostly this, but some posts have potential

- get rid of Xtreme fonts and 'case closed'. Just two statements on a blank page might work.

- heritage one is good, race mentions are not normie friendly.

- diversity - nice idea, but too wordy and not really IOTBW type of message. allprideisgood - cut to "pride is ok"?


trips confirm
though it could have some slight memetic potential with the right crowd

Distribute as pdf or hi-res png, so consistent copies can be made. Ugly half-assed MSWord remakes spoil 'brand'

How's this?

Bots telling redditors to commit mass suicide to take Trump down.

If you want to be cheeky remove the jew caricature, and replace the text with:
>It's ok to be (((white))) :^)
Or some variation. Brevity, and subtlety.


The other thing about using such a simple font is college anons who can't install fonts on a college machine can still reproduce it.

Anyway I re-did it in the same format as IOTBW
font: "Source Sans Pro ExtraLight"
canvas: 1654 px wide, and 2339 px high

PNG version

PDF version

>It's ok to be (((white))) :^)
kikes function on the principle of "anything is good even if it's a subatomic particle".
Irony is not good when fighting kikes, they are not ironic, they are willfully malicious.

I really think you should change "white" to "okay". It's evident that the page is white without pointing it out; saying it's okay is what worries the insecure loonies. They don't want that normalized.

I think his intention is to eventually meme plain white paper into magic spegtriggers

>It's not okay to be (((white))) :^)

In that case I'm even more entrenched in "okay" over "white", though, I'm open to arguments. Maybe I just need to sleep, but it seems meaningless as is.

Using "okay" instead of "white" makes the statement itself less of an obvious truth and more confusing while it makes the claims of racist undertones sound slightly less looney I know that to us it might feel like slightly less looney is comparable to trying to empty the Atlantic with a teaspoon but the crazier they look the thicker the normie skull will have to be for the point not to get through to people watching the spergout


I'm thinking white is preferable since
1) It is the word they sperged out over last time.
2) Not explicitly using "white" gives the opposition the chance to print "This page is OK" on any color paper.

I've made a "This page is Okay" version for comparison.

It's literally a cut down version of IOTBW, so I don't see it's any worse in that regard.

That is a very good point, to which my only rebuttal is that I got Hitler dubs the first time I suggested "okay".

Alright, you guys win.

Or a variant that emphasizes the word "white" without explicitly stating it, using a newline?

Creative, but aesthetically displeasing, which is what I think ruined the "My borders, my choice" campaign. Those flyers were complete eyesores.

This might be instructive, kids.
Original documentation on what worked in the past. Since they successfully ran a propaganda operation, they might have some answers for you.

True, but it also got Hitler dubs

This. I still remember the original thread, it was openly being pushed by some private discord group and Holla Forums rightly balked. It failed because it wasn't a Holla Forums operation, it was some alt-light discord crap. You can't force Holla Forums operations, they bubble up out of nowhere as the hivemind processes countless thousands of plans in parallel and selects the one that seems most promising. A shitty think tank of a few dozen normalfags trying to replicate that is doomed from the start.

What if we used both? What does it matter if someone puts out nigger paper that says it's ok? If we don't react to it it won't matter.

If simplicity is the objective, then [pic] is what you are looking for.

Bingo. IOTBW was perfect in all the ways you noted, but I'd also add it was memetically perfect as well. For months afterwards I'd see comments crop up every now and then with subversions of it (e.g. "It's okay to like vanilla") and have everyone just get it.

I also think that everyone is trying too hard to replicate IOTBW, which is lame. Think outside the box, do something novel, don't tie it to any previous campaign.

are you retarded?
no they wont
normies just repeat words
like advanced parrots
they never put two and two together
they only know what two plus two is because someone told them
they have absolutly no grasp of the concept of two

check em
make a meme
something new
not rehashed trash trying to recapture an older meme

We are walking the Overton window, taking repeated steps is necessary - but not "replicating".

That states the message is key - aesthetics 2ndary, but both is perfect.

So on review, I'd go with the "This page is white". It has a simplicity and directness of message.
Plus we know it WILL cause a triggering

To clarify, I retract my admission of defeat, and maintain that "okay" is ok, but also think that the two version look good side by side, and could work well together.

And you're probably right, we should be original, though, carrying on IOTBW doesn't hurt anything, and doing subtle variations on it works for the memetic reason you stated: people get it. IOTBW doesn't have to stop.

I concur with these dubs

Then why are you beating around the Bush?
Use this pic, wikipedos need spanking too.





Obligatory 2



Straight to the point

Too obvious into the JQ


First one is better then the second.

Simple and effective

Not for some states.

Reformulate the bell curves to be more aesthetic.

Very ambiguous, "Having more republicans is diversity?"

Classic. Drop the small text please.

This deserves a whole Op on its own.


Easy to understand, not good for grayscale though.

Right at point, do it for the WP anniversary.

Too noisy

Too obvious into the JQ

Swap the italics to "Tradition" and it will get the point across better.
Too much noise

Needs some improvement

These have small text. You could bump the size up.
But it's great to see the idea being used by others :^)

You clearly haven't lurked your 2 years

forget lurking 2 years, you didn't lurk much more than 2 months did you faggot?

Then again, the IOTBW threads were stuffed full to bursting with shills trying to derail the idea or blackpill it into not happening so trying to shut down the continuation of it would probably be in shill manual.

So what is it, do you niggers need to lurk more or gas yourselves for kikery?

others in the original set I made. Spread & share the love even to Pelosi & Schumer ;^)


All memes are ancient. Therein lies their magic.

Do (((they))) still have that royal purple thing going?

Sour grapes.

noob here. only got ideas.
Image: tinfoil detective hats, glued to screen reading Q posts
Imagine: text possibilities
Want to help

Maybe we are looking at it the wrong way. IOTBW was innocent, yet very direct attack at liberal neo-marxist narrative. What if we attacked another of their talking points?

Right now one of the biggest talking points they have, that preoccupies the minds of normalfags is that we need migrants in Europe and America to "do the jobs no one wants to do".
I would counter it "they are not the jobs no one wants to do, they are jobs not yet taken over by the robots and automation". I believe it would be beneficial for us to start a debete on what will all those low IQ migrants do, when all low-end jobs are replaced by the robots. It's not like they are working right now, but in the few years time there won't be even an excuse that they could work.


And if you really want to see some salt, imply that bringing migrants to supposedly work here is just neo-colonialism, which is worse then original colonialism, because back then colonial powers had to at least provide some infrastructure, medicine and education to build up the colony, and now they just import cheap labor. This causes brain drain and doesn't allow the third world to develop as if they would :^)

I wonder if we could get liberals to do the Roman solute whenever the national anthem is played in protest of our “fascist” president…

Yid harder, intl.

I think a better idea is saying there are no jobs Americans won't do, there are jobs they won't do working under the table for minimum wage with no insurance in dangerous conditions. You could also bring up comparisons to slavery, because slaveowners used niggers instead of hiring American laborers and paying them a livable wage.

Add a question mark
That way you can avoid being marked antisemite from get go

Some concepts

Made on my phone in 2 minutes

This is good stuff, I second adding a question mark. Possibly relevant, I had an economic history course where a half black guy named the Jew multiple times when talking about the slave trade. Some of them seem to know whats up.

so the brown pill finally has legitimacy….. wew

Never hateful to love your people and country.

I have a problem when posting my infographic, since yesterday, something about howitzer, anybody have problem ?

Trying to get property of non-object /Holla Forums/howitzer-base/http/post.php:1164

Testing again, posting without graphics works, like above.

OK now without graphic…lets see

Why Holla Forums dont like me posting gfx ?

yeah this is true,i remember doing this since kid i always wondered why became so shit when mixed

Can't drop the star like that in public. Also question mark might be good. Maybe also steer them away from generalized answers like "whites", something like "Which individuals owned the slave ships?".

Can't spread this enough. Though media probably won't pick it up, unless it's really widespread. The advantage is, many normies might be willing to help spreading it. Get someone like JBP to retweet it and you're golden.

Maybe add something about native Americans/white "illegal immigrants" to mess with their minds? Gotta be careful and make sure that that the original message still gets across though.

This is memetic gold, but is the story about jewish ownership of slaveships correct?

I mean this reference gives 15 names which mostly sound jewish… That was out of tens of thousands of boatloads and is statistically insignificant. I've tried to verify jewish control using database.

It gives names of 14k owners of slaveships,

These sound jewish to me.
One unnamed ship was owned by a ((Mr Levy)),with an american registered vessel, and minimal other detail.
A second ship was owned by (((Mr Moses Levy))), also "american", and brought 84 slaves.
A ship "Michael Galley" was owned by a ((Mordecai Living)) , also "american", and brought 190 slaves.

A boat named Abigail Sold slaves in Americas - subsequent fate unknown no owners recorded.
A boat named Crown Sold 201 slaves in Americas - subsequent fate unknown no owners recorded.
A boat named Nassau Sold 322 slaves in Americas - subsequent fate unknown no owners recorded.
Dozens of boats named Elizabeth existed…. owned by ,Bolton, John.

I don't know, it doesnt sound so jewish to me. I just ask because I've seen this infograph on twitter before, and it always gets smashed. There's little or no backup besides an essay by some Nation of Religion of Cuck™ WeWUZKangs type.

Fucking outside your race is suicide. Gene death.No even worse your genes are mutated into a abomination against nature.

History one needs a different font. That one in that color looks anemic
"We share your values" resonates like the "Not X, Undocumented Y" series. I like it.

I used Bebas Neue for this.

how about:
Anti-White Hate Speech
Is Hate Speech

Posting that image of jews in various positions in fox news, msnbc, and cnn is clearly a pressure point that must be taken advantage of

There is no such thing as "hate speech" newfag. It is a perversion designed to police thoughts.

Any "meme" designed by committee is doomed from the start. We of all places should understand that memes are organic, that artificial, forced memes have no life of their own - precisely why the left can't meme.

butterfly attacks from the left. Tanihasi Coates saying "Tim Wise doesn't speak for me"

Like the other guy said, there's no such thing as hate speech, so don't reinforce that lie, but also, that whole phrase flows poorly, and is redundant. It needs to be catchy. Speaking "Anti-white hate speech is hate speech" out loud is a fucking chore. Remove the first "hate speech", so you get "Anti-white speech is hate speech" and it's much easier to say, but the message is still redundant, and reinforces the bullshit idea that hate speech is a legitimate concern.

The major issues with MBMC was that the image looked like boomer - tier clipart and that the message wasn't going to make sense to anyone who hadn't spent years learning about how consistently the public's will on immigration was subverted.

The WeWereNeverAsked hashtag had a better ring to it, and carries the same message. Pairing it with immigration polls and historical evidence for the fact that the browning of America was never supported by the public could be successful. Ideally, we should avoid anything resembling boomer facebook meme aesthetics. Minimalism reigns supreme, especially for the visual equivalent of an elevator pitch.

I'm not a graphics designer, but pic related is my best attempt at accomplishing this.

I like your input. Here's some others, plus a .png template if anyone wants to use it.

Bumping with a few more.

"We share your values"


Powerful and concise. Meme it


Whats the legal definition of "incitement" when it comes to IRL posting? BLM can tell people to shoot cops so this should be 100% in the clear right?

Less is more. The goal is to use a blank sheet and have that represent the alt-right. Then every blank piece of paper in the world is our meme.

Not the orginal artist, but gave it a shot

Another test

Original artist here. I'm unable to contribute for a while, and I love how this concept is being sharpened.

The font is Bebas Neu which can be downloaded for free via DaFont. Godspeed with your ingenuity anons.

I first read it as "We shape your country". Could work better.

Heres a new test with both fonts matching

One word, Austria-Hungary.

White Lives Matter



Lot of stuff on YT (pic unrelated).
https:/ /

It's Okay to be Christian

Is white paper racist?

Life doesn't come with Trigger Warnings
Real trouble has no TW

Don't get Triggered
Don't be Triggered

They trigger themselves in reaction to reality, over ever-more inane topics, that even normies double take at.

Most of all, who actually cares about the myriad causes they champion? They're the monkies who are afraid to climb the ladder because of the other monkies, the original danger has long passed. #MoralMasturbation or some variant can tie a bit of that together.

Hopefully somebody gleans something from my mess.

Would you rather the blue be together?


I like this one a lot, this will let people stop thinking that "NAZIS" were the most evil people of history while commies were actually far worse, which is true.
What about making one thatsays: "100.000.000 murdered and counting" to make it clear that it's not over yet.

How about something along the lines of, "Kill Whites?" If we go in the totally opposite direction making it look like we are inciting against whites, then normies will take notice even more.

No they won't. Half the whites who would see it are demoralized enough to think it's okay, while half the nigs are un-demoralized enough to actually do it. You have no idea how applied memetics works, faget. Lurk.

The communist one has gotten quite a bit of love.

>100,000,000 is a lot more that (((6 gorrillion)))

This is not a very original idea, but it does have the benefit of being easy to recognize (got milk?). "Diversity" should ideally be changed to a one-syllable word for simplicity, I think, but I can't come up with anything.
Also, bonus MeToo picture.

They're both bad. This just reinforces the notion that diversity is good, and that diversity means different colors. There's already an established (a few large youtubers already took that rout in 2016 and it worked well) support for diversity of thought rather than diversity of skin color. Reinforce that, not the absurd notion that diversity is all colors in equilibrium. That's like saying "third wave feminism is bad, second wave feminism is better!"

Way too flashy. It should be simple as fuck and be able to be mass-printed in black and white.

The normie mind will parse this precisely as if it said

Beware the unquestioned premise that law exists in your jurisdiction.

I love these.
I had a lol just now thinking of the idea applied to that "gays are giving each other GI parasites" image



Are ok, but really

Is right, it's about a simple message that any white person can understand immediately. We should carry on with IOTBW rather than most of these shitbox ones.

"Love your heritage" is honorary though if we have to do phase 2

And this is straight retarded. Don't post that stupid shit here unless you are a shill.

I wonder what would happen if I put these on Twitter…

I guess they would be better off in a Jewish Baby-Eater thread, or something like that.

You pushed it for one day retard

which retard?

If you make any meme using that font and that style, they'll have to talk about it in terms of IOTBW and "why it was wrong".

I could tell you why, but you're not going to listen.

first pic is the best in the thread so far

it's because we used an edited version of the left's slogan and gave the countries blue eyes

Simple, quick and efficient rightwing memes have an edge over kike/left memes because they can convey and break left narrative in such simplistic manner, and the reason they're so effective is because they resonate with normies who deep down know that there is something familiar about what they convey. No matter how much they sleep and put their hands into the sand, no matter how good the conditioning, unconsciously they are confronted with reality every day which is why they react so strongly when seeing these memes that could uproot their worldview, like a kid in bed that doesn't want to wake up and keep dreaming. Meanwhile kikes and lefties must flood normies with endless garbage to keep them conditioned.

Ring the alarm bells far and wide lads, sooner or later these lazy kids must wake up, let's make it sooner.

"Jewish people aren't perfect"

Can you really trust him??? target this to feminist and make them more paranoid of their feminist ally men and gays and cause some more infighting.

“My Borders, My Choice” will always be valid so long as skanks are MeTooing and kikes are nation-wrecking. How was it a failure? Were you measuring the global endpoints of it?

You, Schlomo, should go take a ride on the Holocauster

Guys i think that showing people the results of "diversity" with a before after image would make some really effective redpilling propaganda, like showing some nice White neighbourhood as "before diversity" image, and then a picture of looting nigger destroying shit as "after diversity" pic.
I am sure that any sane minded individual would say "fuck that i don't want that shit"

I said gays and blue pilled men , not actual real men Jesus.

although your reasoning is sound, "him" can imply any man that people know. brothers, fathers, athletes. that user called you a kike because your slogan lumps all men, not just blue pilled and fags into one. think man. meme responsibly.

Not an essay, two volumes, citing only jewish sources.

In Dutch, blank is what we call us whites. Guess our government wants to fill in those blanks…

You really don't understand how memes work, do you? They are never fully appreciated the first, second, or even third time they are used. The problem wasn't the meme, it was the amount of exposure it got in the media. They kept exposure local, if at all. For a meme to truly catch hold it must cause an uproar, whether by making people laugh, making them rage, or simply connecting with them and making them feel included. This meme is not dead. It simply needs more expose to mature.

I would also change it to
>this space intentionally left white

I like how when OP created this meme they took explicit credit for it, kept calling it their project, then even took credit for IOTBW. Then when it failed due to OP not understanding memes and constantly cucking on their message, all of a sudden it is the fault of all anons instead of the person who admitted to being an outsider that sent reddit onto this board to "spread awareness and get Holla Forums to join the cause"

It got lots of media coverage, but that was all before the actual postering. It got exposure, matured, and became stale all before the actual poster campaign finally happened. Setting up something this simple several months in advance then moving the date because the previous date was not PC enough is ultimately what killed it. IOTBW had strategy behind it, while this one would accomplish what as its main goal, to show that the MSM wants open borders? Everyone already knows that because they are open and actually say such things themselves.

Something like this? Or more directly portraying niggers destroying shit?

Although I'm not against this diversity poster I think we should continue in the same vein as IOTBW.

Something like whites are not evil or white isn't evil. If the media reports on it, they look retarded.
If the media reports on the diversity they can spin it to be racist in the eyes of normies.

Great job user, these look fantastic!
But i am not sure about calling the before pic "homogeneity", i would like to hear other anons' opinions but i thought that maybe we can all the first part "too White" with quotation marks.
Also, we can do both for better results.
Great job again

I think using OP on it's own (no second pic to contrast, just "Diversity" and some brown squares) could be effective. Some hipster rag already claimed a photoshoot with five negresses was "diverse".

Y'all ever seen They Live?

b-but that's n-not Katie says!
Stop being such a bigot! >:^(
Polite sage for off topic.



Drop the we and make it
Makes it sound like an agressive command from a thug for extra feefee effect.

This one won't convert the normies, just fun for us.

That last one is chilling. You do great work user.


ιχθύς (ichthis)*

Do you think this is an invincible argument?
Took me less than a min to think of 2 counter-arguments.

Doesn't really matter. Formulating counter-arguments is more important than reaching a truth for a leftist. The point of IOTBW was that any counter-argument you made was sooner or later going to make you look ridiculous.

no. they were immediately going to make you look ridiculous and malicious.

For your consideration…

I remember this thread. "Cherished" was the term we settling on for trad-wifing people and pop culture characters iirc. This works because it's the "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" type of troll. Showing the wasted potential hurts way more than just shaming or generalized degrading. It forces introspection (something lefties do not have) and once they realize what they've done to themselves they'll attack themselves far harder than we ever could.
As for general meme assaults, showing the gap in potential and trying to generate thinking into why they/we/society has not fulfilled its capacity beyond "muh gorporate greed". Asking questions is how we all got here all we have to do is push a bit here and there.

I choose homogeneity at random as antonym placeholder, but seems to convey it much better, that's great. Another idea i had is to use a typical SJW buzzword for "backwards fascist cis-white male world with happy families" on the left to emphasize that it is much more beautiful, mocking both diversity and expose their hate for a normal world at the same time around normies.

Don't have access to the Bebas font, but here's a sample. There's some good stuff happening in this thread

I need help to upload a few shill taunt gfx. It failed all the time, any help to repost is appreciated.
Anyone ?

it is actually. from your first:
r: oh, so in between all that time it took to burn bodies and commit atrocities the nazis had time to enjoy the pool? *insert cremation math data*
this is so laughable in the first place the appropriate rebuttal is actually just laughter

This kind of work is terrible. It's boring and means very little, especially to the target audience.

These are much better.

I had to turn off ublock origin to upload pics today.

Ominous as fuck. Much approved.

Ok, trying…..failed, reopening a new tab I guess
Trying….nope, still no luck

No shit. Stop trying to force stupid shit as maymays.

Check your privacy addons / plugins. Something changed here recently.

First image are good, others are crap

I dont know, it was fine about a week ago. Could you post it for me to another thread ?
Even after disabling the blocker still failed, something to do with javascript

I hate to say it, but when stuff fails, I usually go to the microsoft browser.

We will reclaim what has been lost

Nahh its OK, thanks anyway.

We don't have money to burn. We're not fucking kikes.

We have to use the resources that we have, if we are going to print stuff.


How's this?

Another example with source image included


LOL, if you want to affect the normies you might not want to use art of nigger slaves picking cotton. Solid caption though, I like it. Has kind of a "dirty jobs" grit to it.

Might be better if someone was actually working.

Intent unclear. What is the objective here?


What about "It's OK to love your race" or "It's OK to love your heritage"?

Sheeple hate National socialism [NAZI], but love interNATIONAL socialism [Globalism]. Make sheeple realize the globalists are the real NAZIS, and that they are falling under the spell again.

Maybe change "mankind needs something stronger" to "mankind needs something more diverse" or something.

That's a really hard point to make in a concise fashion.

it would be easier to conflate socialism with totalitarianism. By even showing a swastika you are turning off the normies.

FUCK. I did that to a 30 year old childless married women last week at the gym. Her face was both priceless and difficult to endure. I simply asked her Why not? ( implying why dont you have any kids, the topic that we were on) The look on her face user… she didnt talk much after that.

I put the swastika there to get the iNazis attention, but you are most likely right.

Remember something innocuous to the average normie , but that will make the enemy and msm to chimpout.

Average tv head shuts their brains down when someone mentions nat soc or nazis. Subtle redpills,

Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a picture of an american butcher??

Now with readable text.

BTW, here's a tutorial on how to make highly visible "meme text" in gimp.

Good work!

"There Are No Jobs Americans Won't Do" is pretty normie-friendly, so a hashtag could go viral once halfchan and r/t_d are on board.
It would have massive organic support.
Picture thousands of working class Americans taking pictures of themselves doing shitty jobs and proclaiming their willingness to work. Now all we have to do is think of a good hashtag.

I concur, I should have pointed out simple examples as well. These are much better than the ones I quoted in my last post, I'd encourage you to contrast them and consider their relative strengths and weaknesses.

(this one especially is excellent)

Never flinch away from our symbols of Truth, brothers. We're pushing a negative until it becomes a positive.

I feel like I'm getting close to something with this. I want the message to contrast the shame connotation of current year privilege against the strong bonds of heritage.

This is probably the best one in the thread. Simplicity is key.




These are really good

You could also just say ruin instead of making up a word.. Stupid fifty six percent faced yanks.

Butcher, baker, can anyone guess the next one?

"Gender" is an artificial construct, the words "biological sex" or simply "sex" should be used instead.

Do not use the language of the enemy, especially if it isn't something stolen we wish to reclaim.

This is a really good point
The marxists craft a vocabulary and the purpose is to enslave you with it, by using it you are submitting. Always use counter terms or sabotage the newspeak if possible.
Take for example "enriched" that has been made synonymous with crime
This is no coincidence but an effort of people fighting back at the brainwashing.


make it a double
"embrace diversity fellow whites"


This is a good fucking idea start.

Hijacking the lefts euphemisms will help kill their effect.

Trying out a different angle. Whites need to remember their ancestors and realize they have the power to deliver a better future for their inheritors. Any leftist will probably just scoff at this because they have no sense of loyalty or respect for their own. Thoughts?

How about "There are no jobs American's CANT do". That's a nice jab against H1B right there. I propose #WantToWork.

More, more, MORE!!!

On a roll today. Specially made for normie feelz.

We Share Your Values
(We share Your Country)

Is GOOD propaganda, also safe to post anywhere. This can have a good impact.
Meme this more!
Spread this more!
Good job!

that has to be one of the shittiest shops i have ever seen.

The dubs have spoken

Underappreciated post. Keep up the good work user, this made me feel feels.

Keeping this thread bumped

Good visuals. Probably more effective online than printed though.

Operation WOTSS

Get a higher resolution star of remphan (just use a vector image) and cycle through a few other font choices. We absolutely need to make this the next step.


The white women here in California really hate having to bring their own bags to the store. The non-white scourge, who cares, but always forgetting your bags or carrying a bunch in looking like an idiot they all hate, most by now chose not to buy bags again since they've bought so many reusable ones in the past and I see them all packaging groceries in the parking lot.

They probably all voted for it too.

I still can't make heads or tails of this image. I get that it's hijacking leftist vocabulary, but I can't see the argument of "white's are the real poc's because they have more literal color variation in their physical features than other races" as anything more than being disingenuous shitpost to piss of lefties. On the other hand if it isn't disingenuous it reads like a fucking "pretty-colors" guide to white genocide for redpilling actual retards. Idk maybe it's just my autism acting up.

Killing off National Treasures is a WAR CRIME. Our white people are National Treasures.

(My brain don't work no good just now)

The takeaway should be that whites do, in fact, have culture and identity and our own inherent diversity. Instilling this truth in the normie mind would make it harder for leftists to argue "sure the stadium just exploded, but what about our enriching kebab stands?" The response to that should be an automatic "who gives a fuck about your salmolicious dogmeat? We have our own."

Another take on this would be to crop out everything but the palettes, and say "which side looks more VIBRANT to you?" which expresses the same point, but remains a degree or two separated from the desired conclusion. It also fails to expose the (((source))) of the virulently anti-white insinuations that we have no culture and therefore need to import infinity niggers.

How do we express that through an image sharp enough to penetrate the normie skull? I don't know. I am no memelord.

I see, than the image is very ineffective. The culture and identity of whites is not reflected at all in this image, mainly because the other races they are compared to all look culturally distinct. Therefore all the viewer has to fall back on is the color palette in the middle, and the top and bottom text. What most people are going to get out of this image is that whites are the real people of color because they display a wider range of color in their physical traits, and that it's something we should celebrate. This is then followed up with a #whitegenocide hashtag, which will only lead to confusion because the people this image is intended for don't associate racemixing with white genocide. They most likely don't know that it even exists. All your left with is a mixed message; or one that, like I said, is "pretty-colors" guide to white genocide for redpilling actual retards (which no normalfag will buy).

Anyway, point is the image is terrible, and I really think we need to share some reading materials that will help anons develop propaganda. We desperately need it:

Would almost work, but any propaganda we make can't have a star of david. This is immediately recognized as non-kosher and it will be discarded even if the text is provocative. WOTSS is a good slogan, but the watermark will discredit it as an anti-semetic prank.

I'm positive you're just baiting but these are truly awful and derivative.

You're right, good propaganda is never untruthful. But if we just hang up symbols like this we'll end up making this operation about ourselves rather than expose lies and contradictions in leftist programming.

We shouldn't rely on posters that have complex images as that's harder for anons to mass-produce. The slogan is good for increasing tension on immigration issues, but it's not versatile enough for a good poster campaign.


Images and goreshock is not going to accomplish anything for a poster campaign.

Too transparent. You'll just piss off soyboy commies and your average person doesn't give two shits about communism or it's victims, unfortunately.

We need a simple slogan that exposes contradictions in leftist thought. When they are presented with the propaganda, they will have to choose between two equally bad choices; i.e "It's okay to be white" or "It's not okay to be white". The people we want to redpill will see the contradictory response that arises, and will hopefully come to realize that the programming they've been fed is garbage designed harm them. IOTBW was only five little words and it worked pretty well; what other small string of words can we come up with that has the same or greater effectiveness?

Remove the "can you"

No, you're just fucking retarded. I understood the message of the image immediately the first time I saw it.

The message is fucking retarded. Nigs argue "we are vibrant and colorful." Our argument isn't that we are more colorful, but that niggers are 13% of the population and account for 50% of homicides, etc.

This is fighting them on their territory. "We're colorful" is an argument you use when you have lost all the others. We haven't lost all the others, they have, why would we reduce ourselves to their level?

Sounds good


These have legs

How's this one?


How's this. The Star of David is barely visible. People may look at the message and not even notice at first.

FAR can be interpreted several ways. All of which benefit us in one way or another.

truth, nice dubs

nice propaganda skills. remember anons, short and sweet and to the point


I kinda like the angle on this one. It forces normies to wonder what facts they mean.

How about 'facts are now racist'?

I think it needs to be more catchy.

Really? I disagree. In a sense we are hijacking the left's use of the phrase "muh racism," but we are distorting it into something even more ridiculous. It is the simplest way to connect with civic cucks and whites.

I like this one as well


Focus on television/film where more black is called diversity.


Eat shit.

Combine this with the Grammies for maximum impact.


I like it.

I like this one


what are you DOING user?
the only edit that that one needs to be good is to take the second word that says Diversity? and change it to Not diversity

I'm just tossing around ideas.
We found a good option in the other thread:

"The World is a Better Place When White People Exist"

I decided to do it myself, with some changes

Looks good. We have to put it to a vote somehow.

just be sure to touch up the positioning of the text and the inner borders of the below squares first though; I did it in MSpaint

Sounds good, user. I'll do that now.

well, now that I think about it, the picture is actually about hair color
white people can have all of the above kinds of hair, whilst non-whites pretty much only have the below hair, including blacker hair

so the above is all whites and the below is all blacks, and theres alot of kinds of whites, as well as alot of kinds of non-whites, since you're lumping all non-whites into a single category

and hair color isn't the issue, its the actions of the people with the hair

maybe you should just ditch that one

Here's a copy anyway. We might as well see how it looks.

People process negatives poorly. Use the language from the Grammys

Even better. I'll change that right away


I wonder if it would be a bigger hit if it was monochrome. White, Not-White which is what we want people to see.

Haven't been ITT, but, although I get the colors for the fake diversity, I don't get the color choice for true diversity. If that's white for white, yellow for asian, red for indians, etc., then that's just pushing multicultural b.s. If it's too be anything, it should relate to the colors whites have.


this is a very good one

I still find this to be the best, or at least the most effective and edgy


Maybe a common goal here would be a good start. IOTBW affected all the normies, even those that don't know Jews aren't white. When a meme doesn't apply to Jews, it becomes Kosher. Is that what you want, a Kosher meme?

Maybe we could stick to memes that aren't Kosher D&C… All I am suggesting it meme responsibly. If you're going to make a meme in English, make sure it applies to the current situation in White English speaking countries, mainly America.

Now if you just want to make something lulzy, that is just Kosher D&C, and just target blacks, and not Jews, you really need to rethink what your doing with your life, and how it only benefits the Jews.

This meme is natural and organic. It describes (((Hollywood, MSM and the ZOG))), all while not naming the Jew, but to a trained eye, you cannot mistake the Kike on the bottom…

I laughed at it. That is the point of a meme. To laugh, you massive faggot.



The rhyming is good. Normalfags will remember it better due it rolling off the tongue.





Redpilling is the point of memes. To spread propaganda that is going to save our race,

Remember that this is black history month and that Valentine's day is coming up. Base designs around that, something about your date being white.

This is much better. Using a Hammer and Sickle is not illegal, the number is big enough that people trying to pick it apart will have to look at the actual deaths from Communism and "murdered" is an easy to understand word to the normie, compare to "heritage".

Seriously? Stop bringing your agendas into the meme. You can't force it. Instead think of what would trigger the left the most. That is what made IOTBW powerful; the retarded media covered it the way we expected them too. It can't be malicious; you can't come out and say that you want to make the meme for purposes political; then it's not an organic meme. The primary component, THE GOAL WE SHOULD HAVE is how to trigger the fags on the left. From there we can make a good meme.

What about "Our Values in Your Country"

The commie one would have to be the best (or we could put a sketch of Marx instead of the hammer and sickle)

Holy shit! Check ‘em!


Yeah, agreed.

If you do not know of another option, simply twist it. This is even easier to do in text:

Anyone who really felt rebellion and had true hatred in their heart for the enemy could not do otherwise.

No never mind the fact that it helps us speak amidst their censorship to begin with. It is our responsibility to push back full force against their evil.

I think this is the better of the two precisely because it uses the term OWNED rather than funded. Normalfags don't necessarily fund things–that has less impact for them. But owning something has a much bigger immediate meaning. The idea is the same, of course.

Also good. Honestly, I would rather just go full-out with naming the kike at this point though. Honestly, I just want to all caps "OY VEY I'M A VICTIM WORSHIP ME GOY YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS EXCEPT TO BE MY SLAVE," but I'm not the top poster user, kek.


This is absolute trash, you retard.

I remember when something similar was going around, a comparison between hitler and stalin, some (((user))) was adament not to push it, with the argument that the nazis would have killed more, had they more time, and so were worse. Nobody called him out, anyway this is a good idea.

a sad meme, it's a shame Donald Trump was just a jewish meme


That physically hurt, user. Please meme more responsibly in the future, or maybe put a trigger warning on that kind of thing, jesus christ.


Isn't there a decision at the Supreme Court pending about fag marriage/cake baking?
How about
A gay wedding cake is not a human right
Despite fucktons of propaganda many people are unfortable with fags and the fucking lawfare behind the whole wedding cake business has cost them extra sympathies. At the same time it's exactly offensive enough to provoke a shitfit from the usual suspects.


New idea


Eh, I'm not feeling it. Picture of nogs helping someone. If they are getting ready to throw him off a building, picture needs to show that.

However this one turns out, afterwards can we do something akin to "resist Jewish Supremacy"? By coopting their rhetoric and using their own logical fallacies against them. I.e. When they say this is anti-Semitic you can respond that it is not targeting Jews but the supremacy of Jews in our society. This can also simultaneously fragment the white-supremacy lefty meme by letting them know that many of the "whites" in power are really Jews. The one difference though is we can actually point to legitimate evidence if the campaign attracts genuine discussion from fence sitters, whereas as the left/Jew side has no facts and resorts to shaming.

JIDF Spotted

If you have to explain your meme, then your meme is a failure.

Why not focusing on real/fake stories of blacks that went in the western world and learn how to be civilize and THEN they went back to their country to improve it? Focusing on the fact that they are the heroes that make their shithole country a better place. Finally they can be the kangs for real.

Like this story :

Sorry for my bad English btw

These are all re-hash of old school Holla Forums meme's
pic related.
I saved that in 2012.

But don't get me wrong:

There is a lot of potential in this thread.

I actually did the math, and my conclusion was much higher.

sad part is, I made it for image board sharing (size wise and what not), so I skipped the sauce.
So, a bunch of faggots claimed it was invalid.


The best part is that i ties into the kangz movement and the golems may start spreading it on their own. Golemmancy should be a goal of ours: turning the kike golems against them.

All is fair in love and war, and the kikes need to be destroyed at all costs. Not just for our children, but for the countless billions that they exterminated.

I think so too user. Let's hope we are blessed with some good may-mays.

Thanks for the pic user. God knows how many it was. Perhaps If we added a "+" to the end of the 100,000,000 it would appear even more threatening. I think the anti-communist and slave ship posts are the ones with the most potential.

Definitely. By popping some actual facts about slavery to the Kangz, we might be able to wake some of them up to the JQ.

Loading diversity …

The most powerful one here. You can't argue with it. A normie can back this up, and there are plenty of soviet fetishists to REEEEEE about this.
The first 10/10 idea I've seen proposed in this sort of thread.

Willing to contribute to this. English cities are full of Communists, faggots and Communist faggots that I'd love to trigger.
Also seconding, "150,000,000+ Murdered and counting"

100,000,000 murdered under communism

See, this has the potential to be the next IOTBW

There is not really a message behind it though. It's not really informative, nor does it enlighten the viewer in any way.
Honestly, it leaves me thinking "Wtf does that mean?" XD

How Holla Forums thinks normalfags will react:
How the normalfag indoctrinated in egalitarian from the cradle actually reacts:

Agreed. This is simple and would be easy to print and post up everywhere. The Communists are shameless and relentless with the imagery they expose normies to in public places. Creativity must advance off the boards and onto the streets if you want to win.

How about something like this?

Would need to be cleaner and more professional.

Seems simple and is a big redpill. Only issue i see is that it needs color ink.

Now is the time of challenging. We need to be doing every sort of meme assault right now, as the left is struggling against the FISA scandal. They have multiple fronts open, and are defenseless.

Every opportunity we have to redpill or trigger we should be jumping on. They are too busy trying to cover up their wrong doings that they can't counter shill. More importantly their base is demoralized so our memes will go farther and cause more mayhem. So the wost thing that happens is we trigger a faggot and mine salt.

Even a simple meme where you put an XX on female signs and an XY on male signs is effective. The regressive are demoralized right now, so anything no matter how little will go far. The worst thing we can be doing, is being inactive.

Before Diversity is a great one. this one is okay too

Absolutely. Look to the left and understand the level of conviction and faith they operate on, then exceed it in the spirit of truth. Physically exposing the public to truths that challenge them should give you a reason to wake up every day, and inspire your actions

I like this idea. Consider more succinct phrasing that forces the reader to answer a question. Perhaps ask, "Can truth be hate?"

Professionally, I would avoid identifying logos. Without a logo, there is no quick way for someone to immediately label and ignore what you have to say. They will be more likely to process what they just read. If you have a link to a website they will automatically question the personal agenda behind it.

With that said, feel free to promote a personal project with the logo and web address alone. I personally find a well designed logo intriguing enough to find out what it belongs to

A few thoughts I had. I know they are shades of what has come before. I thought they might make good posters. I have seen the 911 plane with echoes on here before, and have thought that it could make a good thin edge of the wedge type message to pique peoples' curiosity and get them looking into 911 more. maybe

Never sell a lie like this because it will only make it harder to shift the overton window down the line when you have to start explaining to normalfags truth about liberal democracy and (((capitalism))).

How about using Uranium One as a theme for a meme? Its big news and still fresh and if you target normalfags it could actually take off. I can't think of anthing right now but for any anons that are more artistic then me who need ideas this would be a good one.

Murdered need translation, and would be disputed.
The essential message your'e conveying is
Communism kills many
So by attaching a price tag to the hammer & sickle any time a viewer sees it the hammer & sickle, they will subconsciously consider the price of the product (remember you are aiming this at a consumerist society? They really dig price tags ;^).
Pic related.
The hammer & sickle should not be large, because this is not the most important part of what you are conveying. The many DEATHS due to communism is the most important, and therefore should be largest.
You could add a strap line below such as
Everything has a price
if desired.

1. This is simple
2. Uses readily understood international iconography
3. Needs no translation to interpret
4. This wordless statement embeds itself in the subconscious immediately

Adjust/refine as necessary.

The font change works well.
Good emotional (& also visual) contrast to the image

and attempt was made…

That is very nice.

it's about trggering leftists into sperging out like they did during IOTBW

revealing their hate will alienate more normies on the fence.

Whats happening in number 3? I dont see any obvious brown hands. Is this Syria?

Working on something else here.

or Israel…

This poster is good to place in Marxist/antifa-infested shitholes like American universities, but not elsewhere since most people don't care about communism. Might be good if you're slapping on multiple posters together though

I think that A. Wyatt Mann's cartoons aren't good for showing people because they can give the impression that you're a "trailer trash wacko".

Imo is the best version of the colored blocks image because it makes the normalfag viewer ask the question of "is a sea of brown diverse?" and doesn't outright tell him the answer. The normalfag will reach the (correct) answer because of how obvious it is, you don't need to clarify this image further or add some satire or whatever to it like the people posting the "most diverse" images.

On another note, I think we are missing a big opportunity by not using Fashwave in our propaganda posters.

In my area, there is a church and close to it there is an antifa craphole building. The whole area is littered with Antifa stickers and one of them seems to be a printed image of the "80s text generator" saying "class struggle" or something to that effect. Holla Forums obviously can produce images better than that, so why shouldn't we? Fashwave can attract interest just because of how different it is to the average street poster/sticker and simply because it looks nice. The only possible downside I can think of is the inking cost because of how much there is going on in the average fashwave image.
Heck, some images are already ready to go. Think of the ones saying "equality is a false God", "protect your homeland", etc.

There are two categories of images that affect the public most. Simple images and memes that pose a statement or question which force the reader answer/respond, and visually appealing/inspiring work that reminds them there is a foundation behind this new viewpoint they've been exposed to.

The fashwave stuff is cool, and draws on the nostalgia of a better time that many want to return to. Beauty, skill, and strength are themes that should be present if you take an artistic route. Normies and fencesitters need to sense that traditions of our past could potentially be a better path than the chaotic changes they're constantly told to accept for contemporary society to become utopian.

in that regard, what do you think of

Dam, I didn't think about that, thanks for the idea!!

Two points:
The message is too far removed or abstract from the image.
It will make perfect sense to you (which is why you made it) but will not resonate with your target audience (normies?). The words and image will seem unrelated to each other, and requires your current viewpoint to make sense of it, thus it cannot move them to your viewpoint - as it would only make sense if they were already had the same view.

When any nation gives up it's identity then it will fall to invaders. So even if your message was clear, it is a black pill like dead-end, for example "You are going to be shot", which would immunize your audience to any further information from you.
You need to encourage the viewer to reject the (((narrative))) for a better alternative. "You'll be shot. Dodge now!".

You'll see other memes ITT have a clearer image to text coupling, and encourages people to reject the (((narrative))) for common sense views instead.

I would use a less decorative text, such as a sans serif, and keep the statement short and concise. The content of your messages is pretty close to these:

Something like, "would you share your home with me?" Or "let us in" juxtaposed with 3rd world culture makes it personal. A typical person would likely say no, but get hung up on the race issue they try hard to be progressive about. You have to make them conclude in their heads, "no, I wouldn't want to live with those people…"

I would also trim your first one down to, "are instincts racist?" Placed on a picture that would stimulate the average normie's instincts for safety

How about "Let us in / We promise to vote Democrat"

I don't think normies are as far removed from the topic as you might think.
Normies may not be red pilled, but they most certainly have heard more than a few conversations about immigration and 3rd world shitholes.

I am not targeting college liberals or anyone else who is completely brainwashed, that is a dead end.
but the fence sitters…
Those who may parrot the (((narrative))) in order to not be rejected by society, but haven't made up their mind…

They aren't all that detached.
and they aren't the imbeciles Holla Forums seem to think.
having been in a few kikeberg groups and posted red pill images, I can tell you, they do know how to use basic reverse image search.

which i why image 3 is pretty good.

image 1 will hit home with Europeans, even if they don't like it.

and image 2 is pretty self-explanatory.

But okay, which images would you prefer?

Too partisan. They'll brush it off as being some quack right winger conspiracy. You want them to conclude, "Well, I certainly wouldn't let THOSE people in" That pushes them one step closer to discernment, while allowing them to believe they were not told what to think by who they currently see as their ideological opposition

I don't see how I could make any of my messages any shorter, save for resorting to 1-word text, and some brilliant user did that years ago.

pic's related.


It's ok to be white was brilliant.
But most of this shit will only alienate normalfags and get us some pushback.
Most of the macros posted have kike/newfriend fingerprints all over them and could be effectively countered by using the same text but substituting pictures of sad shitskin women and children.

tl;dr ishygddt

inb4 misspelled kike name (a telltale sign of extreme newness btw)
inb4 TORpedo - like it's my fault the brown paper bag test failing mods think joke permabans are funny

Okay, boys, you heard the TorPEDO…
pack up your stuff and surrender to the jews, there is no point in fighting back, so just give up already.

If you're going to critique, step up and contribute as well.

At least we understand why the TORpedo was banned in the first place

The 2nd

I'm just saying this could easily backfire.
And I'm not sure it wasn't designed to do just that.

Why not stick with it's ok to be white until it sinks in?
I thought the idea was to provoke a reaction that would make normalfag eyes begin to open to the hypocrisy of the prevailing narrative… and not to make things that could be easily reconfigured to counter that goal.

I'd love to, but I'm not allowed to post images.
How about that?

I was banned because the mods are shitskins and cryptokikes (srsly look into it) and I have the nerve to not fall for obvious subversion like this thread.
What do you think the reaction would be if you hung a bunch of these macros in a public place? Would it help us in any way or would it hurt? How about after they're altered with pictures of women and children?

How do you guys not see this coming?

because it is already old news, faggot.

what I meant with the question "which images would you prefer" was do you have any images you think might work better, and which text would you recommend?

Why? Because we did it once and you have a short attention span?

It's the only one so far that will help achieve the goal.
The My Borders, My Choice was kiked because it kind of mocked the pro-abortion crowd, which would be fine in another context but it only detracted from the basic message… and it failed.

One was maybe going to work but we're supposed to abandon it because it was already done once?
And I'm the faggot and the kike?

We share your values.
Any high definition captures from youtube videos with the migrants into Europe could work. There's plenty of them fighting and rioting in Italy and Greece. In France they do too, but are 2nd 3rd gen N. African mostly.

the world has a short attention span.
we live in a 3-second society where everything that is more than a day old on the internet is labeled ancient.
it got the media coverage we wanted, and did what it was suppose to do:
expose the liberal anti-white hate.

sure, you can re-post it in a group or whatever, if you are out and about red pilling on social media, but that's about it.
My boarders, my choice can also be used if the context is right
Now we need something new.
hence this thread.

Sure, it is easier if there is a happening event, but we should have these brain-storming sessions every so often.

how's this?

kek! :D That works.

If we want to trigger the liberal anti-whites like in IOTBW this raw simplicity would do the trick.

Simple statement. Simple truth. They couldn't tolerate because it has the word "white" in it.
Imagine them ripping these down, and trying to explain it! Even the MSM would out their agenda if they supported taking them down.

An extra bonus is - you can't print with white ink unless you go to a signage company & pay $$$. So anti-whites can't print "This page is black" on black paper. ;^)

Exactly. How can It's OK to be White be stale when they've already forgotten about it?

It could have been more effective if there were more anons whose main motivation wasn't simply media attention who gave it another go or two until more something more than a little campus outrage was made of it.
The general reaction was negative. Salt is funny but it's not really what you want from good propaganda.
If user had stuck with it and forced people to talk about it, devoted time to countering the spin that was put on it, it could've been much more effective.

The macros posted ITT are fine for imageboards. I saved a few and I really like them but they're not for mass consumption. They'll be off-putting to the average normalfag and dismissed as racist, pushing people even farther from seeing the truth.

And suppose someone slaps We Share Your Values (or any number of possible responses) on pics like these:
postimg. org/gallery/nougu8ho/
What then?

The only one that's pretty much unassailable, that really exposes the hypocrisy is It's OK To Be White. And I don't think the well is dry on that one.
If some anons absolutely have to seek out IRL (You)s, I think it would be smarter to go back to that until we come up with something that matches both its simplicity and palatability.

Exactly. How can It's OK To Be White be stale when they've already forgotten about it?

It could have been more effective if there were more anons whose main motivation wasn't simply media attention who gave it another go or two until more something more than a little campus outrage was made of it.
The general reaction was negative. Salt is funny but it's not really what you want from good propaganda.
If user had stuck with it and forced people to talk about it, devoted time to countering the spin that was put on it, it could've been much more effective.

The macros posted ITT are fine for imageboards. I saved a few and I really like them but they're not for mass consumption. They'll be off-putting to the average normalfag and dismissed as (((hate))), pushing people even farther from the truth.

And suppose someone slaps We Share Your Values (or any number of possible responses) on pics like these:
postimg. org/gallery/nougu8ho/
What then?

The only one that's pretty much unassailable, that really exposes the hypocrisy is It's OK To Be White. And I don't think the well is dry on that one.
If anons really are trying to persuade people or even if otherwise well-intentioned anons just want some IRL (You)s, I think it would be smarter to go back to that until we come up with something that matches both its simplicity and palatability.

Posted a draft due to lack of sleep.
The second one reads nicer.

They already did with IOTBW

they haven't forgotten about it, nubnuts, just moved on.
and therefor, we must do the same.
The (((MEDIA))) reaction was negative, but there are literally millions of people who saw that and went "Wait, what? It's NOT okay to be white??"
it was such a bland and non-aggressive text that when the kvetching started, it didn't need a defense force.
it was it's own lion.
Just go fuck off and die, you massive faggot.
swear to God, you are one jewish cocksucker


See the sheeny squeal at an attempt to subvert his subversion.

the chan's don't work like that…

New official water of the Alt-Right

As others have said, we're at a point in this game that requires maintaining constant pressure against the narrative, and claiming a regular presence in the media. The left pushes their agenda with such regularity it isn't news. Regardless of how low quality their propaganda is, it creates a sense to the average person walking the street that a leftist outlook is shared by the public. They are surrounded by it.

Sitting around waiting for lightning to strike twice is what people of great faith but little action do. To fight back, we quite literally have to carpet bomb public spaces with thought provoking material. Some of it is good enough to be reused, some will be expendable and short lived. As always, the best will stand out and resonate, but we'll never find it without testing it in the real world.

I sage because I don't think this conversation is important enough to bump the thread.

And just look at this:
That is the kind of shit your faggotry inspires.

I respectfully disagree.

was for

I have to sleep now.

Yeah, this is my current favorite as well. It's demanding, intimidating, and when paired with the right imagery generates a "no I don't want to" before passing the PC filter


This guy ^ get's it

This guy ^ is a jew

kindly gas thyself

made some alternatives…
But they didn't quite turn out as I hoped.

Read the cover of the manual before posting from the scripts therein.

This guy is barely literate.
He also sucks really bad at propaganda.


Typo does not mean the repeated demonstration of a complete lack of understanding of how apostrophes work. That's a pattern… and it's one of a few obvious signs that you're a dumb fuck.

And calling someone a jew is not an argument.


Both of you need to chill out. He may not be concise with his messages, but he's still contributing ideas that others can help him refine, or sharpen themselves.

My personal critique is that others have presented the same content in a more direct way, and using decorative fonts is something you see in Facebook memes. I commend you for offering up some ideas though.

Critique is healthy, but the do-nothing peanut gallery that can develop in these threads is one of the most tiresome aspects of board culture. If you don't like it, make something better and share it so others may learn from your example.

I keep seeing the "100,000,000 murdered" macro, and I saw the exact infographic from posted on Holla Forums once (no, I'm not Holla Forums, but know thy enemy), but they were very quick to counter it. They didn't turn into a sputtering mess, they didn't blow their tops and start hurling accusations of racism. They just dismissed the figures by saying that they're inflated numbers taken from some book that counted natural deaths under socialism or communism as having been caused by them, and if the same standards were applied to capitalism, its death toll would be much higher.

My point is, Holla Forums is probably full of shit, but if they can dismiss the numbers that easily, then we need to be more prepared to back them up, otherwise any mention of "100,000,000" is just going to become "100 gorillion" to normie onlookers.

This is pretty good, might shake a few trees…

You have a fair point, and I have experienced that exact thing.
Normies can not wrap their heads around 100+ million, because they only heard about the 6 gorrilion in school.

The problem?
including the sauce would be wall-of-text tier.

It's at least 2 years ago since I went trough the numbers (I was diligent) but I didn't write them down.
I just made a whole day of it.

A archive link at the bottom could work, since they are quick and simple (usually), and then the debate will go "just check the link", "No, I won't bother", "well, then you haven't adequately refuted the point" etc…

But I honestly don't know if I have the time and energy to gather all those sources and line them up in such a way.

The portion of normies who won't look much further than the societal collapse Communist regimes bring is worth the effort of spreading that imo. There's plenty of information to call into question the rate at which a body is burned to ash with an oven, but it doesn't stop the power of fear and belief in the general population.

At the very least, exposing people to deaths connected to Communism generates doubt, and forces the opposition to explain themselves publicly. That in turn opens up more fronts to attack. When BuzzFeed publishes "Why Capitalism is still worse than Communism" you raid that comment section and call into question whether they are implying some deaths are less worse than others. Keep the rats running

Off topic, but BuzzFeed actually posted a article about why you shouldn't cheer on Best Korea during the Olympics, because Gulag.
And they did so the same day that the New York Kikes published a tweet or whatever about how Rocketmans sister was more dignified than Mike Pence.
How weird is that?
Buzzfeed is less cancer than the NYT.

What a fucking timeline…

It was over.
It was over but now I have to call you a faggot.

Maybe this isn't for you either.

Better yet, a QR code. No one wants to manually type in a link that they see in an image (especially an archive link that's just a random jumble of letters and numbers), but people will do QR codes. We would just need to compile that information into one link, which as you've noted, is not really a one-man job unless you're a mega-sperg.

Stop talking about puzzle pieces and start talking about the big picture. The meme we should be spreading is White genocide. It is more effective. Post the mantra and mini-mantras, poster them, spam comments and flood the internet with them.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Diversity is a codeword for White genocide

Sometimes only the court jester can speak the truth.

I wouldn't stop to scan a QR code on a Holla Forums meme posted in public. You think a normie that is slowly getting redpilled has the balls to do so?

Haha, incredible. These are the missteps that are worth capitalizing on. While the situation we find ourselves in is dire, the act of fighting back is one we should have fun with. Especially when you have dishonest organizations who are incapable of keeping their values consistent.


Contemporary lefty propaganda. This is what your message and delivery is up against.

This is a good source for knowing what you must be countering. Broken link fyi

More Marxist progressive propaganda and sticker bombs

that's an improper construction, btw. it should be badly. retard

a super short archive link or a QR code.
And I already did my mega-sperging, I don't know if I could repeat the effort.
(New thread?)

how weird is that?

I think they lack the common sense not to, especially with something like commie murder stats.
"It's just the history of the soviet union and other past events, what harm can it do?"

How did that turn out for Europe?

Excellent direction.

Tried several variations on the pronouns, With all the pic related, maybe this impacts with the right balance.

2nd pic is based on your pitch.

This is definitely a good development. How can it be made less open ended? If I had no awareness beyond what I see on mainstream news, I would think this is either

A) something vaguely referring to not sharing the country with Nazis

B) something inferring that immigrants don't share my values, but my Gambian neighbor is ok so whoever posted it is wrong

The values of many Western countries have become so fractured, the term does not mean the same thing to everyone. How can the message be made more direct and less likely to be misinterpreted?

picture nr 2 here ..?

Try if "if you share your country, you will obey OUR values" or something. Still think the broken/shattered text is too distracting. 2 is Def your strongest.

Here's another progressive attempt at propaganda to motivate and aggravate you all

I used shatter-text for emphasis, originally meant on the "YOUR COUNTRY" parts, but okay…

How's these?
I like shatter-text, so sue me…

kinda breaks away from the "but it's their tradition, user" narrative…

If you want to win the propaganda war, you gotta crack out the kike. Follow edward bernays advice. For effective spread we need 1. Bait, get msm to advertise for you, 2. Repition, easy enough just get the posters all over the place. 3. Appealing to the people by appealing to there desires, easy enough, write messages treating the white race as an extended family, all these lonely goyz will lap that up. And finally, appealing to leaders, now that’ll be prety hard, we need to get a redpilled celebrity to agree with our message, no idea how to do that.

In my opinion one of the most important things we can do is create a sense of the big extended family that is the white race, make whites the tribe that all these sadboiz never had. Someing like: “Protect your family” with white people in the background. It’s insanely triggering to the left, so msm will probably bite on the bait.

They don't make their propaganda follow any sort of overarching canon, so one day you can say traditions are bad because they block progressive change, and the next you can say accepting a 3rd world tradition is a form of progressive change because we have no right to judge. Of course when someone disagrees with that, you can judge them in order to feel morally superior.

It's chaotic and appeals to the conceited nature of the audience, with the only rule being that revolutionary change is always positive, unless that change reflects past traditions that induced stability. They never consider how the changes they stand behind will interact, just have faith that change is progress and progress is good

This is good. It'll trigger the soyboys and cannot be attacked.

Admirable goals, but how do you suggest we do that through weaponized autism and shitposting?


Solid post, it sums up the newspeak and double.think in such a great way.

nice work.
/r/ing a version with "152 million", since that was the number I arrived at.

This would be good to bring our Asian brothers on board, which is why it says, "OUR OKAY" - it represents unity against the negro. We should run with this.




MBMC failed because men don't give a shit about having more "muh consent" drilled into their brains, and women invite rapefugees for the very reason that they aren't afraid to rape and will get away with it. Whoever came up with it was likely a tradcuck who fails to understand females entirely.

This one's not going to work because it's too offensive. IOTBW worked because it had only a positive message, and the only way to oppose it was to shit on white people who've done no wrong. This one just shits on non-whites, so cucked normie whites aren't going to like it (and before you go "muh normies", ask yourself why you're putting up posters if not for normies to view). Make one instead that praises the various shades of eye color and hair color that white people have. These colored features are universally desired and envied, while the diversity of skin is not, since white skin is the most attractive anyway. Something like pic related.

You have to go back. Gay as fuck. >>>Holla Forums

I think the white box needs to be a lot smaller, but whatever…

here is my contribution to it.

I used the real global proportions after a very quick calculation.

Pop Europe & Australia & Canada = White
Pop S. America & W. Asia & Mexico = Brown
Pop Africa = Black
Pop E. Asia = Yellow

+ United States demographics

Better? I kept the Black v Brown v White ratios the same, and no one cares about the chinks.

They're very abstract and fall under degenerate "art"
the average retard will dismiss it as he does with modern "art" because of how uninteresting it looks, the one-in-a-thousand sjw/art-kike might get triggered but it would never blow up as our other ops

not anymore…

I thought of suggesting it, but I'd feel bad doing so since I'm nowhere near autistic enough to actually contribute to it. This from the guy who was telling people they need to be able to back up their figures to begin with.

New Thread Begins Here

2nd pic is one of several that I had in mind, yes.

Perhaps less open ended might be "Share your Country? Bear our culture." Of course it's the choice of background imagery that would help direct the message.

Europe is still more than 85% white and so is Canada m8 don't know what crack you're smoking. The Kikes are only really far ahead of the game in the US. And Scandinavia will inevitably be overwhelmed through low birth rates and the fact that their population was already minuscule to begin with.

this is boomer tier

victims of communism have been trying this for years and it hasn't worked.

The "ripped jeans" of fonts

Oy vey, don't even try goyim!

Make it say "carsharing". It's a popular meme of the left against private transport and will generate even more salt.

The leftist ruling class aren't communists. They're globalist capitalist jews.

It isn't the 1960s and there isn't a soviet union. There hasn't been a 'looming threat of communism' in several decades. The anti-communism stuff only appeals to boomers.

It only makes sense to bring up communism if you show the double standards the west has for Germany vs the crimes of the USSR, but this poster doesn't even mention it.

All he did is put is a vague number of deaths caused by communism with a hammer and sickle. Most of which were probably chinks under Mao.

Communism has literally been a dead ideology for generations outside of north korea. This ebil gommunism poster idea just reeks in boomer magapede shit.

Nice improvement for the tear value. This one has some legs.

Don't just copy&paste the same black eye and hair for comparison that foils the message.

That's because I am one… Commie China is a tragedy and it would be great to redpill the overseas community (of which I am a part of) about these monsters running them right now.
You see it as a dead ideology, I see it as a monster waiting to strike. Antifa and the like are only going to keep trying to spread their "revolution" until the idea is finally fully discredited in the minds of all.
Nice ad homenum with "ebil boomer". I'm a millennial and I find that even in Asia my generation are more prone to liberalism and communism than our "boomer" generation.
I didn't get redpilled overnight, neither will the masses of normies/normalfags.
There's an Israel, same thing. Jew-run state seeking world domination.

Me neither.
Nobody did.

Will we will turn failures into our fortunes.

I am not that poster but a quick dictionary check says that Ruination is a word. Sorry user but you fucked up

Look up this quote haha

here i'll make it easy for you.

I can fight only for something that I love. I can love only what I respect,
and in order to respect a thing I must at least have some knowledge of it.

Just throwing this one out there.

I have nothing better to do whilst rotating on the earth.

So longs as it triggers jew and sjws.

Just gonna leave an idea here

"Why is only one okay?"
follow it up with 2 iconic images

New idea: Just as X as you

This is commonly said by shitlibs over here in Europe. Sometimes they even say someone is MORE X than someone else,
e.g. "Mo Farah is more British than Nigel Farage".

It's another spin on the "We share your values" meme but regionally customisable. It also highlights the absurdity of ascribing an alternative ethnicity to non-white immigrants.


This is clever and concise. The message is easily digestible. It doesn't insult the reader's intelligence for believing in the holocaust, instead it implies you've been taken advantage of because of your morality/honesty (law abiding man.) It also conveys that you might be a square for believing in it, or behind. When a normalfag views this meme, he may not realize the racial implications of it depending on his prior knowledge of jews. It might just pique his interest on why (((anyone))) would perpetuate this lie, he'll do his own research and then down the rabbit hole. I think this is great work, user.